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Everything goes at the
Within the next 15 days.
Come and make selections before
sizes are broken. Never such op
portunity offered before. A f.
pair left of those Ladies $6.00
Hand Sewed Shoes for $4.00, in
the New York and Opera lasfe,
Sixth street, three doors west of
Spruce. Look, for the sign Bank
rupt Shoe Store."
Large Stock of Furniture
just received at Conway &
to anyone that can equal me in dress-cutting.
By my new system of tailor meas
urement l teacn draping, sewing and the
tailor button holes. Remember, ladies,
I cut and fit as only aVlady can. Beware
of cheap charts and --models called tailor
systems. My sleeve role perfect. In
TTIV SPt CtTirvnl T mill ..Ali ITanotnMnn
Roman, Brillianta, fegftTtertn
uuugmpu, ijanascspe . ana many outers.
Live agents wanted for "my goods. .
Removed to Conway Sisters Millinery
Use Sherwio& Williams mixed paints
on your house this spring. It is the best
and guaranteed by
A. F. Streitz, Agent.
The best quality of Beef, Pork, Mut
ton, Lamb, Veal and all kinds of sausage
at Charley Leeder's
North Side
tf. Brooklyn Market.
Look at Conway & Keith's
show vrindow and see that
beautiful new bedroom suit.
3 camoabs or iuwm
Also, Rod Breaking Plows of home
Deere, Hapgood, )
Moline, Brown, CULTIVATORS
Union, )
Dayton )
Little Yankee,
Hifgood, " sttl .nr
ttt Must
STEVENS & BARE, Editors and Props
VIC VflCSUUf ' J' -
The ladies of the Baptist church are
prepared to 'fill orders for apron sad
boanets. Order of Mrs. F. IE Gray.
Go to Grady's opposite the postoffice
for choice groceries.
Washburn flour at Grady's opposite
the postoffice.
North Side Store.
I call especial attention to my large
stock of Canned Goods, consisting of the
beat brands and in great variety. I am
offering them very low to reduce stock :
104 V. VonGoetz.
Don't forget to call at Con
way & Keith's and see that
Combination Folding Bed.
Just received at Guy's Place, five
barrels of Hermitage Whisky, of the
spring 1881.
Contractors don't forget to
let Conway & Keith figure on
your hardware bill if you
wish to save money.
I have purchased the Union Gallery
of Mr. Mathewson and will hereafter
run the business and endeavor to please
my patrons. Call and see my work and
get prices.
tf W. H. Broach.
I shall remain here permanently, and
there is no need to be in a hurry on
account of the weather. We will have
plenty good weather to finish pictures
during the spring. But if you want a
good picture, give me a call. I am bound
to please. W. H. Broach.
Two hundred bushels of French .Imper
ial Seed Wheat. "Jt always paystobuy
thebest Address, J. R. Chapin,
3W North Platte.
Bemember .the world-renowned
oline Stove, the safest and
most economical stove made,
is sold by Conway & Keith.
Austin Powder.
W. L. McGeeis 'agentin North Platte
for the Celebrated Austin Powder,
and dealers can get the same at Omaha
and Chicago prices. Sportsmen will also
make a note of this.
j My Motto;
j I Will not lie Undersold. !
Oats, Corn, Bran, Shorts, .and. & full
line of Flour at Grady's opposite tha
postoffice. 1 .
the celebrated
' w a v. t spool mil
This cotton is the OLD RELIABLE
CLARK'S THREAD upon white spools,
never otherwise. Ladies of North Platte
call forit. It has become very popular
and is the smoothest running cotton on
the sewing machine and" for hand use is
the best. Once used always used. This
cotton cannot be sold for less than five
cents a spool retail. Dealers who sell
for less does a stupid business. Ask
your dealers for this famous cotton.
C. A. Diamond, of St. Joe, spent
Dunaay with friends in this city.
C. W. Brooks has bought out a hotel
in u&ndy and will, we understaud, run
the house.
t . "S. D. Wadiworth. with headmiarters
X txiUDClr KlnffM nun TiMn finpnrtino- sev.
iratMays in town.
Miss Marie Downing left Monday-
evening for North East, Pa., to spend the
summer witn relatives
Joe Hawkins came up from the
ranch Sunday and circulated with city
mends for several days.
The water works company have
rented & building on Locust street and
are putting in a complete stock of plumb
ing material.:
S. P. Delatour on his wav home after
a month's visit in the eastern part of the
state, stepped over Tuesday and briefly
interviewed his old friends
Harry Bershey says that the storm was
very moderate up at Ms ranch tne wma
wasn't strong enough to blow a "grass
hopper off a-sweet potato vine."
Charley Leeder is doing a fine busi
ness at the North side market. He keeps
the best and knows how to please his
H. M. Grimes arrived home from Wash
ington Sunday morning. He thinks - the
prospects for-tne nassage oi tne juaiCMt
district bill are good.
A good many people -were in town
this week from Wallace and Red Willow
precincts to buy goods. They know
where they can get the cheapest goods
Josenh Kalis, of North Loud, was
in town this week on land business. The
land in Question is in Blaine county near
Brewster. He had to travel by rail about
230 miles.
Conrad Scharman, late of Lincoln,
has accepted a position as dry goods clerk.
m Foley's store. The young man is well
and favorably known here.
The water work company has not yet
commenced on the deep wells, Mr. Walk
er, who has the contract, not being able
to come out. He is expected in a week
or so.
The Masonic sociable was postponed
on account of the storm until last evening,
when the members of the order and a few
invited friends enjoyed a very pleasant
There is considerable inqniry for
work horses, but buyers are inclined to
hold off until warm weather. Those hav
ing horses to sell will find that it pays to
let the fact be known through The Tribune.
Two wagon loads of brooms came in
from Calaway, Custer county, last Mon-
rinv On thinf that North Platta onht
fc. - o
to have is a broom factory. Lincoln
county is noted for the good quality of
broom corn straw it produces.
We are informed that we have a real
live author amongst us a young man
writing a novel which is soon to appear.
Several young ladies who have seen ad
vance sheets pronounce it "immense and
The snow drifts made several jal the
roads leading out of town quite bad in
mi, i
Tm Ron ftnrman returned on 'last
Thnradftv from O'Neil. Neb.
Judge Snelling goes down to Gotton-
wood to-day to cry tne saie iur vju
Baker. .
New and large assortment of spring
styles in wall paper at bottom figures, at
Streitz'-s Drug Store.
R. E. Haskell, of Arthur county, was
in town Monday and gave this office a
pleasant call.
Albin Stolle was quite sick with an
attack of pneumonia during the whole of
last week. V
Mrs. W.'H. McDonald is" erecting: a
commodious' house on her lot on -Fifth
street east of the Hawley House.
Horse breeders who desire to secure
some good stallions will oe interested in
the advertisement of F. J. Feltz of Qgal-
It is now about time to commence the
spring work of painting, papering, jsc.
Those having goods in that line should
advertise them in The Tribune
L. Worthington, of Ogalalla, was in
town Monday and as is the case with all
visitors, thinks we have a city of metro
politan tendencies.
C. C, Coates. formerly a land agent
of this city, died at his residence near Pax
ton on Friday night of last week.
The strike on the "Q" system has
materially increased passenger traffic on
the overland flyer, 4 an additional coach
having been added to the train.
One of the engines attached to No. 1
Sunday morning jumped the track at the
east end of the yard, causing a delay of
the train for half an hour.
Aug. Anderson of Cottonwood pur
chased a fine Durham, cow and calf of
Lewis Peterson" this week. Cottonwood
is likely to soon become head quarters for
nne siock.
Every contracter and carpenter in the
city is pushed with work already, which
is good evidence that when the season
fairly opens building operations will be
exceedingly lively.
A traveling artist has been doing
some fine work on saloon mirrers and on
show windows in the city. Specimens of
his work can be seen at Hupfer's and
Laing's saloons.
H. T. Crockett sold his residence on
east Fifth street this week to Mr. Hansen
for fourteen hundred dollars. Consider
ing the age of. the building, this is an in
dication that city property is not depre
Several wagen loads of movers
passed through the city Tuesday. The
weather was not very pleasant for trav
eling by wagons, but the occupants
seemed to be enjoying life.
Well diggers and others who contem
plate putting down wells and desire tools.
&c, should write to M. K. Lewis & Son
of Hastings. Examine their advertise
ment for particulars.
Squire Hawley went up to Stoddard's
residence in Nichols precinct Tuesday
to officiate at the marriage of Albert C.
Walsh and Alberta Stoddard. After the
ceremony the invited guests had a dance
and spent a merry evening.
The National Range Association will
oe neid in uenver commencing Marcn
28th. Excursion ticket good only on
date of sale going March 26th'at one and
one-third fare for round trip. -,For par-
ticulars call at ticket office in thifcity.
The public drinking fountaia to be
erected by the water company are to be
placed one at the northeast corner of the
public square and -one at the corner of
We' are tatlwrizedliB?
m. K. Hammond u a
ice mat
I respectruiiy annnuncjweir.. as a
candidate for re-elction to thepfflce .of
City Clerk. " EBarnek--
I respectfully announce myaeii as a
candidate for tke oBce dfOKjIretr
at the approachinc; city .rittta-sdri?
We are authorized to anMflujce; Chas.
P. Dick-as a candidate fofc3e--omcoTof
Eds Tribune": Pleas 'announce that
I am a candidate for :h;Qfic; City
Engineer, to be elected at the approaching
municipal election. ' Ceb. P.Roes.
I herebr announce- myseKj; as Ja- candi
date for the offlce.of Police Judge df "the
City of North PJatte. , , iV'.
!- Geo, Ui-&elling.
Eds. Tribune :Pleae.inoomnce John
Hawley as ft candidate for Councilman in
the first ward. , t.MAjnc, Voters.
Delivered to any palrtpf the city
at the
S3 V
Prices very Iowfojjbiay wlks'l
Remember' tha$ tiie-'only
perfect Gasoline Store is the
QUIOK MEAL sold and r
ranted by Opnway KeiL
This is" the language of. me)n
who:do a stmlghtj .legUlmate
business. They hise no pre
tentious names ta deceive
their customers or defraud
their creditors. BearlihU in
Kate Wood & Co. have been? (and are
now), selling at cost all Ladjes' Fjjrkibh
ino Goods to make room for' aew land
increased stock of Millinery- which, has
just arrived. ' '
Just received a lot or. New; ipprov.ed
Domestic Sewing Machines. '
-A new line of perfumery jtriif received
J. Thacker's.
Warner's Peerless extSnslfttt Pillow
Sham Holder should be in eyf - house.
Nickle plated, strong -aMOdyrre; will
not sag, and can be folded into a small
space. Buy no wortniess acuce wnen
you can get the best'ma:4ifflnlyr$l.
Samples can be seen at the office of J3. B.
Warner. F. E. Warner.,
Mahufactilrer; KoltthlKfatte.
Address White Bros , t Aroira Neb.j or
call and see J. J&'Wliite it ;rthet Hawley
House. Agentt,jwafSliijiit l?4
ran siwLET som rrojp . .
1 Situaa-liimvtAitTmifle to
run the house. 4 Will tell on easy terms;
Will take
part cash, partjn jpattlft JW
I real eaUte Ito Nbrnf Platte.
caMeo as talf en. Cak aiy of our smart
achoel teachers maintain the affirmative ?
We are requested to announce that
farmers desiritfg seed wheat can get the
same on time by applying at Hershey &
Co., M. C. Harrington's store, or at the
Roller Mill.
The aquarium in the window of
Thacker's drug store is the work of the
popular young gentleman, Harry Blick
enderfer. The fish therein are the pro
duct of a days angling by Wm. Whitlock.
He has promised to bring us a mess the
next time he goes out.
Two omissions were made by The
Tribune last week which cannot be rem
edied by apology. One was the adver
tisement relative to Capt. Baker's sale at
Cottonwood, which takes place to-day,
and the other was relative to seed wheat
The State Teachers meeting convenes
at Fremont Tuesday. County Supt. Lang
ford and Prof. Allwine will represent this
county and take parts in the discussions.
The reputation of our county will be in
good and able hands.
The members of the A. O.U. W.
and the Select Knights will give a ball at
the Opera house Monday evening, April
2d. A meeting of the lodge was held last
night and "arrangements completed.
Further particulars will be given next
Manager Baker, of the creamery
company, informs us that material for the
building is on the ground and work will
be commenced at once. The gentleman
who will act as superintendent is now in
the city looking over the ground and get
tfng acquainted with the people .
The first of several land excursions
under the management of Sam Knox, of
Princeton, Ills., well known in this city,
arrived in Conucil Bluffs Thursday. Lin
coln county will no doubt catch a number
of these homeseekers. "
M. C Lindsay is making several im
provements in his stable on Front street,
putting in floors, &c. He has a number
of good horses for sale, and those who
contemplate purchasing should see him
The orange sociable at the residence
of Mr. Robinson Thursday night was
largely attended by the Methodist people
and their friends. It is needless to say
that it was a pleasant gathering. Mr. and
Mrs. Robinson spare no pains to make
people- at home when gathered in their
John Neary, we understand, has
settled with John Hinman. thus removing
one of the incumbrances in the way of
improving the valuable lot on the corner
of Spruce and Sixth streets.
Mr. Neary believes he will have up a
brick block before fome of his neigh
bors who have been talking about build
ing for years.
The coal trade has been brisk during
the past ten days, and the supply was
good. Iddings received seven cars of
soft and one car of Pennsylvania hard at
one time. Freights are right brisk too,
judging from the fact that he had to pay
$189 for transporting one car of hard coal.
C Bradshaw, of Walker precinct,
was in town Saturday, having brought up
his daughter to pass examination for
a teacher's certificate, Being an expert
fifer, he entertained the old boys at the
G. A. R. hall in the evening with some
fine marches oh that instrument. Com
rade Bradshaw is always welcome at the
0. V. Coulter came very near having
an accident last Monday. As he Was com
ing across the North Platte river, he
broke through the ice and lost his gun and
as he was reaching down after it, the ice
broke all around him, but he got his
footing and saved himself. O. V. says the
man who won't work for the bridge is a
fool. Pixton Pilot.
Buy mixed paint of J. Q. Thacker.
Fine Cigars at Thacker's.
was in town latt 5 Wednesday lame
iaja large supply of groceriM ad other
goods. He reports that cattle-are doing
well. He is an. eatiiusiaadc believer in
the agricultural resources of his section.
He recommends mixed farming and will
cultivate over 100 acres this year.
Claus Johnson, f Gaslin, came in
Thursday to subscribe for The Tribune,
saying "I have been taking another paper
but they all say The Tribune is the best
and that is what I want." Mr. Johnson
is almost a native of Lincoln county, hav
ing resided here since he was four years
of age.
A resident of the First ward, during
the snow storm of last Sunday, saw about
fifty robin -red -breasts trying to find pro
tection in the trees and shrubbery near
his residence a sight, our informant
says that carried him back to the scenes
of "his early youth. The coming of these
pets to dwell among us makes settlers
from eastern states think that they are
still in America.
The snow storm of Sunday night and
Monday covered the plains from Omaha
to Cheyenne, the snow fall being five or
six inches on the level, but as the wind
blew at the rate of about forty miles an
hour, it drifted badly, making travel on
country roads quite difficult for several
days. Railroad trains on the Union Pa
cific were more or less behind time, the
passengers being generally pulled by
double headers. It was not cold, the
mercury on Monday morning being 28
above zero.
The play of Rory O'Moore rendered
by the St Patrick's literary society on the
evening of St. Patrick's Day, was a little
too heavy lor the members of the society
to handle with ease. The character of
Rory O'More was well sustained by Frank
Redino nd, his actin and g estures being
good, while'his form is well fitted to the
character. A fault, common to ama
tuers, was speaking in too low a voice.
On the stage the actors should talk to the
man in the back part of the house. The
singing was good, especially the operetta
"We will have to Mortgage the Farm."
The net receipts of the evening were
about $75, which is to be used to repair
the old church , St. Patrick's Hall.
"While taking a trip to North Platte this
week we had a chat with some half-dozen
farmers on the other side of the sand hills
and were agreeably surprised to learn that
even within ten miles of the county seat
they are coming here to do their trading.
They say enough can be saved in the
difference of prices to easily pay for the
thirty mile drive. Selling goods under
North Platte's nose and buying corn from
Hayes Cuntre granaries surely warrants
our boast that the little winged insects
known as flies do not use Wallace as a
roosting place."
The above from the Wallace Herald
sounds very pretty and no doubt tickles
the editor nd a portion of its readers
amazingly, but there is a woeful lacking
of an essential element, truth. While the
editor was taking the trip aforesaid he
whistled to keep up his courage and
spirits, the half dozen interviews being
tne result of his imagination. When the
item was written, the following quotati ons
tell better than words what farmers will
do. In North Platte they could get 30
tn 35 cents for their butter; in Wullana 1S
cents and hard to find buyers at that.
meir eggs Drougnt zu cents per dozen in
North Platte, while in Wallace the sale
was hard at 10 cents. North Platte gave
them 60 cents per bushel i'or potatoes; 10.
bushels supplied the local market in
Wallace. Poultry was worth $4 per
dozen in the Platte; a half dozen birds
glutted the Wallace market. And so
with everything the farmer produces. The
Platte is his market and he knows it.
A fine crayon portrait of Mrs. A. Ferguson,
executed by her daughter Mrs. Emma Babb, is
displayed in Conway & Keith's show window tku
Broke Jail.
Jack Tatum,confined in the county jail
on the chare of incest, broke out
Wednesday night and made his
escape. tie had not oeen iound or
any trace obtained .of him up to Friday
morning. .Although the lau has often
been condemned, Jack is the only prisoner
who has escaped, from it in a number of
sears. For holding prisoners it is consid
e'red better than the patent steel cells, out
of which They generally walk at leisure.
.With the aid of an iron bar whtrn he
secured some way. Tatum broke down the
wooden "partition between his and another
I cell, that was unlocked and thence escaped
do the corridor. There is reason to
9 ' .....
some one near town until tne searcning
parties have returned, when he will
quietly slipaway.
Tne Jail Bonds Sold at Far.
The State Board of Public Lands and
Buildings has agreed to take the jail bonds
avpar at 5 per cent interest, the money
.coming irom tne permanent scnooi ruod.
1 his is a good sale considering the close
ness of the monev market, and will be
considerable saving to the county, the" vote
bywhich they-'were authorized allowing
u jjct.i;euL lumresi. ui ue num. i.1 also
shows a confidence in the resources of the
county that is flattering. Indeed, the
credit.of the county is in excellent shape.
It has never failed to pay interest on its
bonds or state taxes when due, a fact that
goes a, long way with financial men when
a, county, goes into the market for a " loan.
Among The Churches.
Communion services will be held at the
Presbyterian church one week from to
morrow" Sunday, April 1st. Preparatory
services will be held the preceedingeve'n-ing.
Passion week will be observed in the
Lutheran Church next week. Service
every evening. Communion on .Easter
Sunday. All invited.
Rev. Edward Thompson, L. L. D. will
preach in the Methodist Episcopal church
next Sunday morning and evening. The
many friends of Dr. Thompson will be
glad to learn he is the honored Chancellor
of Mallalieu Univpfsity, '
Unitarian church will be ; open on
Sundays from 2 to 4 p. m., for reading
room and for library purposes. Lay ser
vices and Sunday school from 11 a.m. to
p. m., every Sunday.
'Morning service subject, "The Last
Supper"'; evening, foryoung people; sub
ject: "The jNeed of the flour."
Our Candidates.
"Our" is a possessive pronoun, but we do
tnot wish it understood that the' candidates
belong to us the captiou may be under
stood in a negative sense .
Mayor Hammond makes his announce
ment as fi candidate to the -office he has
filled the past two years. He believes in
progress and has been active in urging the
adoption of a system of water works. In
some- tbiugs he is conservative, perhaps
too much so.
E. B. Warner is again a candidate: for
city clerk. "Doc" has made a good clerk,
and it is likely he wiil be returned.
J or tne responsible office of treasurer
B. C. Dixon will go before the people as a
candidate. Mr.. Dixon has. served in the
council more or . less for the oast five
years, and he .thinks he is entitled to pro
motion, an idea with which most of his
fellow, citizens will coincide.
-rWhUe the office ofcity engineer is.oae
riot-lBoked upon as of much' imporUftee,
kt requ ires , neVerth eless.a person of. tkHl
has an immense stock of bulk seeds,
Oats, Wheat, Seed Corn,
Timotby, Clover, Blue Grass, Al
falfa, and an endless variety Garden
Seeds. You can get more for ten
cents than would fill a dozen pack
ages. We are also increasing our stock
of groceries for people will buy
where they can get
and our trade is increasing wonder
fully. We want the farmers to
make our store their headquarters
while in town.
At the Farmers Exchange.
Having received a large and complete
line of millinery, we will be prepared to
snow tnera to our customers ana any one
desiring to be satisfied in the millinerv
line on March 29th, 30th and 31st.
Conway Sisters.
N. W. McGee is making a toor of the towns on
the B. & M. Cheyenne extension this week.
F. E. Warner, of Amsterdam, N. Y., accompa
nied by his wife, is visiting his brother Dr. War
ner, of this city.
Mrs. George McAdam, nee Florence Ormsby, .
of Lodge Pole, spent Bovoral days in town this
weeic visiting her parents.
Father Barrett, of Sidney, formerly stationed
in this city, was in town the latter part of last
J. S. BToagland went down to Hastings Thurs
day night to Institute an encampment of Odd
Fellows in that city.
James Belton was a visitor in Kearney Satur
day. Mr. Belton seldom leaves his place of bus
iness long enough to even visit the surrounding
Mrs. A. F. Streitz has been confined to the
house for a week or so by severe indisposition
but at this writing is much better.
W. A. Bradley, the. photographer, hitched his
car to No. 3 Monday and will summer along the
line of the U. P. in Wyoming and-Idaho.
Frank Klenk, a brother of Phil M.. wears a
handsome gold pin presented to him by a num
ber of his friends on the occasion of his twenty-
first birthday which occurred last week.
Mr. McMaaters, of the train dispatcher's office.
went up to Pocatello, Idaho, Tuesday for the
purpose of bringing his family to this city.
Rufus Briggs, who had been at the U. P. hospi
tal at Denver receiving treatment for rheuma
tism, returned home the early part of the week
vastly improved.
Iu B. Bolles. formerly of this city, has been
appointed contracting freight agent of the F.,
E. & M. 7. road with headquarters at Omaha.
-Sia friaadi haw-wiU. W ,giad.-to kaca of tub U
. Kensington,
At My Booms, Go&ner Willow
and Third Streets.
Mrs. EtfM4BABB
i Trjii-ri j-Lj-unj-Li-L i-i-r-Lr-Li-i Qri i. - fy-i - T i m m m.
, :;;iH3oVr,v"V:T
Per Cent Off !
Ml goods are ihbJied
in plain figures ; d&dwct
25 per cent and ytipfoave
our prices to-day' and
until April 1. -
What does the $dy,c
tion mean. Thmgpdds
are perfect dn&bnljf
such as we are ' dbtigea
to carry for first-class
quality and tlieuindie
rial is all right. Wool
goods are lno rckeper
cotton is no cheaper) yet
we make this great of
fer. We reserve " no
goods from this gredt
sale. Silks, SaUnand
Shoes and all ga M this
reduction of 25 'cents off
on the dollar.
Buy what you ,iqant.
The pHces on goods tell
you what to payesCB
per cent ' off and' off
everything. Great-bargains
to select . fyom.
Buy early. A-'f-
Re -'H!ts Droven
'Miapmlfv worthy and capable, and he will
;raaftM7good treasurer.
Ex-Jodge Snelling announces that he is
a candidate for re-election to the office of
Police' Judge, a position he has filled for
a number of years. A man of discretion,
his decisions are tempered with modera
tion, and charity for tha weaknesses of
mankind. ;.
t Meeting of Assessors.
About half the assessors were present
at the meeting Tuesday. Only. the valua
tion of certain properly could be agreed
upon. After a comparison of views it
was decided that common horses were
worth from 50 to 100 dollars; ponies 40 to
60: cuttle yearlincs. 10; 2-yeur-olds, 15;
3 years old and over, 20 to 25; sheep,
li50 to 2 .00 hogs' three cents per pound
Unimprovea Jnnas $2.oU per acre; im
proved land according to improvements
and location. Other property will be,
about the same as last year.
The following assessors were present:
C. P. Dick and John Keliher, North
Platte; G. W. Roberts, McPherson; Hen
ryoFakn, Miller; Allison of Fairview;
Wells of Nowell; J. L. Pell, Mylander;
John Kinkade, Osgood; W. D". Lyle,
Gaslin; H. W. "Ilecay, Peckham; Thos.
McDermott, Walker: John Ritner, Bird
wood; Loren Stnrgis, Hall S. G. Diehl,
Whittier; Loomis Rice, Brady; Giles
Bennett, Vroman.
C. P. Dick acted as chairman and G.
W'. 'Roberts, of McPherson, secretary of
the meeting.
The storm of Sunday night and Mon
day' probably prevented the attendance of
a good many.
City Council Proceedings.
. mi. :., .. : i ui,i i -
W -mw r-r .
iunnaay evening. mayor nammona,
Councilmen Walsh, Dixon, Blankenburg
Roche, and Clerk Warner being present.
After reading and approval of the min
utes of the.jrevious meeting, the com
Tnittee to whom was referred the subject
of numbering the houses reported, that
there was roucli encouragement and were
given further time to complete the work,
r An -.ordinance amending Ord. No. 2 of
the revised ordinances of 1885 was read
and passed under suspension of the rules,
as Ord. No. 69.
A communication from B. I. Hinmnn
Hose Company naming John McCabe for
chief of fire department was received and
placed on file.
A communication from Mrs. H. M.
Kirhy, protesting against including her
property in the proposed extension of the
city limits was read and' placed on lile.
The following bills of C. P. Ross were
presented, approved and placed on file.
Surreys on Spruce st $52 52
Work on Poplar st 70 00
Hauling dirt.". 54 20
Hjinling dirt. Sixth and Spruce sts. 40 40
The following bills were approved and
placed on file:
UuC. Dixon, hauling dirt $11 29
James Snyder, hauling dirt, labor. . 21 15
Luke Haley, boarding prisoners. . . 56 00
Bill of Davis and Cowill of $5 for dog
tags was allowed and"warrant ordered
drawn on general fund
The bridges on Oak street between Fifth
and Sixth, and on Front street opposite
tho DroDertv of Samuel Goozee, were
ordered removed and the
with dirt.
HersbeV & Hollman were granted per
mission to move their building near the
corner of Spruce and Fifth streets to the
Spruce street line..
One of the public drinking fountains
.was. oraerea piaceu ui me uunueuai,
corner of the court house square ana one
'at the corner of F rout and Locust streets,
opposite McDonald's property.
After which the council adjourned.
sloughs filled
Jas. Belfon
Is prepared to furnish tne public
with the
Casoline Sim.
The best that money can buy; the
best because it is made by the IN
and has improvements that manu
facturers of other stoves CANNOT
OBTAIN and still with all its
it costs no more than inferior
stoves purchased elsewhere.
If you would see a splendid line of
call and examine the stock that has
been manufactured this winter at
James Belton's Tin Shop.
Everyone can have a
by taking water from the North
Platte Water Works Company.
I am now receiving Dlentv of Rock
Springs coal to supply all the demands of
this season of the year. Can deliver
promptly and will guarautee courteous
treatment. C. F. InniNQS.
House with two rooms.
Cox Shermax.
The sausage of all kinds manufactured
by Klenk & Gatward has achieved a wide
reputation for excellence. They ship
large quantities to dealers up and down
the road.
Any person desiring a second hand
sewin!; machine can find a good one, by
applying at this office, and it will be sold
almost at the purchasers price. tf.
Cheap Coal Oil.
150 Test Oil 20 cents.
175 Test Head Light 25 cents.
G. R. Hammoxd.
Two houses and lots. One hloclc from
business part of town. - Applyto
. -' ,
roots to China and Japan. - Mr.'-McGregor-is
about fifty years old and over onc-hnlf of his life
has been spent in traveling through foreign
countries and will continue his travels until too
old to take care of himself.
Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Simon arrived in the city
Tuesday night having been married at Chicago
the Thursday previous, an account of the wed
ding being printed on our first page. The young
couple are at present occupying rooms at the
Pacific Hotel but in the courso of a week or two
will move into a house on Fifth street now in
course of construction. The groom is too well
known to need an introduction at our hands
he is a gentleman in every particular and a popu
lar one at that. Mrs. Simon is a lady of true
culture and refinement, having been born and
reared in Chicago, andwill.no doubt receive, that
recognition in North Platto society she deserves.
The Tribose extends a .hearty welcome to Mr.
and Mrs. Simon and wishes them a bright, hap
py and properous future.
An independent cavalry company has been
organized in Garfield precinct.
One of the best signs wo have seen lately was
ono painted by Peale for Charley Leedcr's butcher
The county commissioners wero in session on
the 20th, but the business transacted was not such
as to make much on the record.
The performance of the Georgia minstrels at
the opera house Friday evening of last week was
not very enthusiastically received.
Dr. Duncan smiles over the advent of a girl
which took up her residence at his home Wednes
day. Henry Fogol and John Ottorstedt havo
opened a blacksmith shop on West Front street,
and being good mechanics will receive plenty
Another week will closo the Lenten Season
and a revival of social amusements is likely to
occur. The Apollo Club will givoVdance some
evening during the week following Easter
One week from to-morrow will be Easter
Sunday and the churches of the city will no doubt
be crowded with ladies appareled in new suits and
hats, that day usually being the inaugural display
of spring costumes and styles.
A small boy by tho name of Dalson fell from
a wagon Tuesday and sustained severe injuries
which threw him into a spasm and for a while
fears were entertained of his recovery. Ho iB
doing nicely now, however.
A continuation of tho present pleasant weath
er will no doubt awaken the base ball fever,
which lies dormant 'during the chilly blasts of
winter, and result in tho formation of a home
talent nine. Paid players will be too expensive a
luxury this summer.
Lester Eells contemplates making additions
to his house, will repaint it and in fact renovate
it throughout, and while these changes are being
made will move iato the large and elegant brick
iu the east part of the city known as the Barton
Boildino Notes Geo. Sherman has about
completed an addition to his house on west Fifth
street.. ..Jno. Hinman is rushing his new house
on west Fifth stieet to rapid completion.. ..Sum
Adams is completing an addition to his house in
the south port of town.. .Work on H. C. Rennie's
house in the southeast part of the city is progress
ing finelj and it will soon be completed.... Dr.
Buckworth has let the contract for his new house
in the west end to George Casey.
Mr. Thompson is at work on specifications
for the jail which will probably bo ready next
week, when bids will be invited from contractors.
The money will be ready by the time tho contract
can be let, when work can commence early in
April. The suggestions of The Tribune have
been adopted by the commissioners, the intention
being to bny as little as possible away from
home that enters into tho construction of the
building. The foundation stone of courso will
come from the mountains, but all the iron work
that can be made hero will be used, furnishing
additional employment to home mechanics. Tho
walls will be of the best North Platte brick.
35" $
price of cream wilrbe frocria lo lo cts
per gauge. A gauge will make one pound
of butter, we will pay as much as any
cre.amery in the state. Farmers should
milk all the cows they own; there is
money in it.
For information address,
North Platte, Nebraska.
Lovers of a good smoke, will find that
A. F. Streitz carries the finest dears to be
had in the market, and his patent "re
frigeratorL' case keeps them in prime
Telephone communications can be
had with Bang's Livery Stable by stepping
into Streitz's drus: store,
Telephone communications can be
had with Bang's Livery Stable by stepping
into fctreitz's drug store.
One hundred head of "Western Horses
for sale. May be seen at Wm. Coker's
Ranch, five miles west of Bratt's Birdwood
Ranch. Post office address North Platte .
4w Eugene Emery.
Klenk & Gatward are slaughtering
CORN-FED Beeves exclusively. Step
into their market and be convinced.
I desire to call the attention of the
ladies to my stock of Fine Stationery.
These gcods are of latest styles and have
been carefully selected. I also have a
fine stock of Artists Materials, which
I would be pleased to have you examine.
A. F. Streitz
Go to Guy's Place for an A No. 1
fine cigar.
Of nice corii-fed steers were received
by Klenk & Gatward this week. They
will have no others.
Try that Hermitage, spring 1881. at
Guy's Place. Guy guarantees it to be
just as represented.
Phoenix-like, 1 am out of the fire, and
have my new place nicely fitted up, all
the rooms papered, painted and comfor
table in fact I am again prepared to en
tertain my friends in first class shape.
The bar is stocked with the very best
goods and choice cigars. Spruce street,
opposite Foley's.
Yours truly,
lm J. W. Hintoit.
Telephone communications can be
had with Band's Livery Stable by stepping
into Streitzs drug store.
The Union Pacific has just arranged
with its eastern connections for a series
of semi-monthly excursions to all points
on its lines in Kansas and Nebraska, and
as far west as Sterling, Colorado, on the
Nebraska division. Tickets for the round
trip will be sold at the rate of about ono
limited fare by way of all Missouri River
points over the Union Pacific. Ten days
will be allowed going and five returning,
and the tickets will be good for thirty
days with stop-over privileges within these
limits, over the Union Pacific lines in the
suites named. lm
Bucklin's Arnica Salv.
Tho best salve in the world for cuts, bruise,
sores, ulcors, salt rheum, fever norea, tetter,
chapped hands, chilblains, corns aad mil skiar
eruptions, and positively cures piles or no pax ie
quired. It is guaranteed to give wax
money refunded. Price 25 cents perl
sale by A. F. Streitz.

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