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ff ( . - r- - - '-;:' ,...- - TC T "C r. . . . . ...
- .s.. l?Ja President. Cashier.
r .. V- ;sfe -jI mu. n.j ni.a
-T H '-T lf rWM JOT HMTaniH I Sl J"-Ji SH l ra CT B-E
1L L ILL. II I. IL IK .KILL XII ll li r. .
i . -7-?ii'',5-J
-.-....-- . 'r
, v.
K paid in Advance, only $ 1.00 per year.
One Year, if not in Advance, $1.50.
ix JHontns, in Advance, - - - .75
inree Months, in Advance, - - .50
Advertising Rates on Application. YOL. IV.
RASKA, JULY 21. 1888.
NO. 27.
1 U.'l -a t
ivi V" fSPte JLept.8:15 A. M.
J-J9rDA1'''- " WO p.m.
S0-?-!!1 " 8.-25A.M.
no. a Freight " 10:15 p. at
gp.onlyat Ogallala, Jolesborg and Sidney on
Estray Notice.
Xaken np on the 23d day of June. A. D. 1RR8. ns
b stray on section e, in townsnip u nortu, range
29 west, ih Lincoln connty, NeLraska, by the snb-
ecnDer who there resides, one bay horse, branded
u on left nanlr. weisht. abont 800 Ins. Has hmn
handled and is gentle.
ine owner of said property can liavo the same
byprovinf? property any paying expenses.
Dated this 28th day of June, A. D. 1888.
W. ii. VOTAW.
4 UTerlMWl irlvor TVnK S-1S v
Mull ami Kmnu r.K t. v
StoMonatHom CkyKearney and Grand j
TOaOy except Saaday.
0. Ferguson. Agent.
Office otkb Foley's Store.
. B. I. HnnuN. T. Fulton Gantt.
Wul practice in all the courts of the State.
Office over the PostoBice.
Physician and Sunzaon.
OrnoB: Ottenstein's Block, np stairs. Office
hoan from 9 to 12 a. m., 2 to 5 and 7 to 9 p. m
iteeioence on west Sixth Street.
Br virtue of the laws of the State of Nebraska.
I hereby offer a reward of Fifty Dollars for the
capture and conviction of any person charged
with horse stealing in Lincoln county.
II.' A. tS&hsuli,
Notice Timber Culture.
U. S. Land Office, North Platte, Neb., )
July 3d, 1888.
Complaint ha vine been entered at this office by
Mary . Sayr asainst Jacob R. Caster for failure
to comply with law as to Timber-Culture Entry
No. 7374 dated Sept. 21st. 1885. upon the southeast
quarter section 14. township 11, range 31, in Lin
coln county, Nebraska, with a view to the cancel
lation of said entry; contestant alleging that said
Jacob II. Custer has failed to break or cause to
be broken five acres of said tract during the
second year after entry and has failed to cultivate
any portion of said tract daring said second year
1 i A. A? A t .
ana sacn zauares exist at me present time: mo
said parties are hereby summoned to appear at thin
office on the 1st day of Sept. 1888, at 9 o'clock a.
m., to respond and furnish testimony concern
ing said alleged failure.
war. jnevxlle, Jiegister.
In the District
Office in Hininan's Block, Spruce St,
Does a general practice. Chronic Dis
eases and Diseases of Womea a Specialty.
m:. geay,
Has now associated with him Db. F. L. Cart,
late of Omaha, who is an expert crown and
bridge worker and a ftretalaas operator.
AU work will be guaranteed satisfactory and
prices moderate.
Office over Conway Sisters' Millinery Store,
Notice is hereby given that I will examine all
persons who may desire to offer themselves as
candidates for teachers of the common schools of
this county on the THIRD TUESDAY of every
County Soft.
Prof. N. KLEIN,
Instruction on the Piano, Organ, "Violin or any
Reed or Brass Instrument.
Pianos carefully tuned. Organs repaired.
Pure Crystal Lake Ice delivered in
any part of the city.
Ice Cream made to order from pure
cieam and delivered.
Leave orders with R. A. Douglas.
In the matter of the AppliO
cation of John K. Evans, Court of JLoncoln
Administrator of the Es- County.Nebraska,
tate of Richard Bascombe, Y at the April Term
deceased, for License to thereof 18888, to-
seU Real Estate. J wit April 1888
Whereas.- the amplication of John E. Evans.
administrator of the estate of Richard Bascombe
deceased, ha vine been t resented to the District
Court of Lincoln county, NebrasKa, ana it ap
pearing from said application mat the said John
E. Evans of the connty of Lincoln and state of
Nebraska, is the administrator of the estate of
Richard Bascombe. deceased, late of said county
and state, and that said John E. Evans has bled
in the office of the clerk of this court a duly cer
tified cony of his aoDointment as such adminis
trator, and that the said Richard Bascombe, at
At a.: j .T j. i r i i
uie ume or ins ueaia. was uie owner ol comracis
No. 58,994 and 58,995 for the purchase of the north
east quarter of the southeast quarter section 25,
township 14, range 30 west, and southeast quarter
of the southeast quarter section 25, townsnip 14,
range 30 west, and the east half of the south
east quarter and Eouthwest quarter of the
southeast quarter section 24, township 14, range
30 west, situated in Lincoln county. Nebraska.
and that it is necessary to sell the same for the
payment of debts and charges of administration
as more fully appears by the petition of said
John P. Day now on filo in this court. It is
therefore ordered that all parties interested in
said estate, to-wit: Mrs. J. B. Loveland, Mrs.
Lydia Simpkins, Fred Bascombe and Frank
Bascombe and the Union Pacific ltailwny Com
pany appear before the District Court of Lincoln
county, Nebraska, on the first, day of tho next
term thereof to show cause why a license should
not be granted to the said administrator to sell
so much of the said east half of southeast quar
ter and southwest quarter of southeast quarter
section 24, township 14, range 30 west, and north
east quarter of southeast quarter section 25,
township 14. range 30 west, and southeast
quarter of southeast quarter section 25,
township 14, range 30 west in Lincoln county,
Nebraska, and the contract for the purchase of
the same as shall be necessary to pay said debts.
It is further ordered that a certified copy of
this order be nersohally served uixm all persons
interested and shall also be published four
successive weeks in the Lincoln Counti
Tribune, a paper published in said Lincoln
LA true copy.J
The Palace
L. F. SIMON, Mana
iiit to'
IT riiTj. -fi 11 ft
Jons E. Evans,
Clerk of the District Court.
CauncH &Bixleb,
lackmitb and Wagon M.
Horse-Shoeing A Specialty.
Shop on West Front Street, west
of the Jail,
Bismark Saloon
Billiard and Pool Hall,
J. C. HTJPFER, Prop..
Keeps none but the finest Vhiskies,such as
0. F. G. TAYLOR.
Also fine case goods, Brandies, Rum, Gin
Etc. St. Louis Bottled Beer and
Milwaukee Beer on draft.
Corner Sixth and Spruce Streets,
Sample :-: Room,
'Having refitted our rooms
throughout, the puhlic is invited to
call and see us.
Choice Wines,
Liquors and
Kept at the Bar.
Ageot for the celebrated
nolo xiioui Usui nm,
from Soda Springs, Idaho.
Keith's Block, Frost Street,
Notice Of Attachment.
Thomas Brown wUl take notice that on the 2d
day of July, 1888, Albin Stolle, a Jnstice of the
Peace of Lincoln county, Nebrpska, issued an or
der of attachment for the snm of $12.83 and costs
in an action pending before him, wherein Philip
Kienk is Plaintiff and Thomas Brown is defen
dant, that property of the Defendant consisting
of money has been attached under said order.
Said cause was continued to the 10th day of Jnly,
1888. Philip Kxknk,
ByT. R. O'CONNOLLY, his Att'y
North Platte, July 10, 1888. 265
Probate Notice-
In Uie matter of the estate of
Amelia Tingley,
Notice is hereby given. That the creditors of
said deceased will meet the Executor of said
Estate before me, County Judge of Lincoln coun
ty, Nebraska, at the county court room, in said
connty, on the 10th day of January, 1889, on the
11th day of January, 1889, at one o'clock P. M.
each day, for the purpose of presenting their
claims for examination, adjustment and allow
ance. Six months are allowed for creditors to
present their claims, and one year for the Execu
tor to settle said Estate from the 10th day of July,
1888. This notice will be published in the Lin
coln County Tribune for four weeks suc
cessively, prior to tho 10th day of Janu
ary, 1889.
J. J. O'Roubke,
County Jndge.
Notice Of Sale.
Notice is hereby given that by virtue of a chat
tel mortgage dated the 13th day of April, 1888,
and duly filed and recorded in the office of the
connty clerk of Lincoln county. Nebraska, on the
19th day of April, 1888. and executed by Charles
Leeder to Klenk and Gntward to secure tho pay
ment of $200.00, and upon which there is now due
the sum of $200.00; default having been made in
the payment of said sum. and no suit or other
proceedings at law having been instituted to re
cover said debt, or any part thereof, therefore I
will sell the property therein described, viz: One
kettle and cauldron, one 6ausage staffer, one lard
Eress, one counter scales, three meat racKs, one
eating stove, one fish box, one lard-can, one
oil can. two writing desks, one now shop block,
one rocker, one rocker block, one smoke house,
three 6cnxn doors, three cleavers, two meat saws,
one steak knife, one chair, two lamps with chan
deliers and one book with all running accounts
therein, also one front window curtain, at pub
lic auction at the North Side Meat Market,
in the city of North Platte in Lincoln county
on the 4th day of August, 1888 at one o'clock, P.M.
of said day. '
Dated July 13th, 1888.
Klenk & Gatwaiid,
By Nesbitt & Gbimes,
their Attorneys.
We are making Sweeping Reductions.
We are knocking them out;.'
We are slaughtering goods.v ;t
. .. ;
We. are in the lead. a j- f
We are determined to sdllT
We are Leaders of Fashion.
- v'5-
We will save yon money.
Sell the "Sweet Orr" Overalls.
Have reduced. our boys' waists
Intend to See you all.. n
' .- . tier
Shall make it interesting.
Are - selling clothing at cost.'
The Palace
L. F. SIMON, Manager.
Tho lease contracts to the following described
educational lands in Lincoln Connty, Nebraska,
have been declared forfeited for non-payment of
rental and will be subject to lease at the office of
the County Treasurer of said county, on tho 4th
day of August, 1888, at 10 o'clock of said day and
bo continue from day to day until leased, viz:
Lot 2 in NE qt of NW qr and lot 3 in SW qr of
NEqrof 16-13-29.
All of 36-16-20.
Lots 1, 2, and 3 in SG-14-34.
AU of 16-11-80.
All of 36-11-30.
All of 16-11.31.
All of 36-13-32.
All of 16-16-33.
All of 36-11-31.
AU of 16-15-32.
S Vt of 16-13-27.
AU of 16-162.
All of 15-164U.
AU of 36-16-32.
Provided the owner of lease contract to above
land may redeem the same by paying delinquent
cy and cost of advertising at any time before the
land is subject to lease and until a bid or appli
cation has been made to lease the same, but said
owner will not be allowed to redeem after a bid
has been made. A bid or application from the
owner of forfeited sale or lease contract will not
be considered or received.
Joseph Scott,
Com. Pub. Lands and Buildings.
i C. E- Osgood,
County Treasurer, Agent.
City Appropriations for 1886.
At a regular meeting of the City Council of
North Platte, held July 2d. 1888. the following
appropriations were made upon the taxes to be
collected from assessments for 188 J :
Salaries $ 2 400 00
Street work '4 500 00
Water 3 000 00
Incidentals 500 00
Bv older of the Council.
iS. li. WARNER,
$10 400 00
City Clerk.
Rock Springs Nut,
Eock Springs Lump.
Pennsylvania Anthracite,
Colorado Anthracite
Colorado Soft
c o
It did not take five years to discover that the
Jewel Grasoline Stove
was the only safe gasoline st'dNife made, but in 1887, the first year it was
introduced in North Platte, FORTY-SIX were sold, more than was sold
of all others combined. We have them with either drop tank or the
pneumatic, and in the language of the poet, "no pump to get out of or
der or gas forced through the room," but can prove that less gas escapes
from it than any stove made and can show it has many points, of supe
riority over all others and prove to you that the Jewel is
Tiie : Best : Stove : DCad.e.
They are all guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction and will consume
less gasoline than any stove in the market. Call anil mmino' ftiA lsf
improved Jewel and be convinced and you will buv nd'btherr5" 1
Friday, July 6, 1888. Board met pur
suant to adjournment. Present full
board and county clerk.
It is ordered that the following amounts
for improvements on lands be stricken
from the list:
Lot 4, section 7, tp 13, r 29, $100.
S-e qrn e qr sec 10, tp 13, r 29, $20.
Lot 2, sec 10, tp 13, r 29, $20.
S-e qr of s-e qr sec 12, tp 13, r 29, $300.
S-e qr s-w sec 5 tp 14, r 30, $200.
S-e qr s-w qr sec 5. tp 14, r 30, $75 .
N-e qr n-e qr sec.8, tp 14, r 30, $100.
8-w qr s-w qr sec 9, tp 14, r 30, $200.
S-w qr n-w qr sec 18, tp 14, r 30, $40.
Lot 3; sec 20, tp 14, r 30 $100.
S-w qr s-w qr sec 22. tp 14, r 80 $200.
N-w qr s-w qr sec 24, tp 14, r 30 $100.
S-w qr-o-W4)rsec 26tpl4T r 80, $300.
Lots 1 and 2 sec 8, tp 14, r 30, $25.
S e qru-w sec 33, tp 15, r 31, $100.
N-w s-e s-e 34, tp 15, r 31, $100.
S-e s-e sec 35, tp 15, r 31 $40.
S-e s-w sec 4, to 14, r 31, $75.
Now comes J. H. Hershey and com
plains that the county sold s hf n-w qr
sec 18, tp 14, r 32 for tax for the vear
1886, when not proved up until 1887; or
dered that tax be refunded.
On complaint of T. S. Nowell by F. D.
No well the assessments of sections 1, 3,
and 11, tn 13. r 23. reduced from 2 to 1
dollar per acre.
It appearing that the North Platte
Water-works company returned only
$1,000 for engine and boiler, and nothing
for their other personal property, there
fore it is ordered that said waterworks be
assessed $5,000 for their other property.
It appearing that the North Platte Irri
gation and Land Co. made no return of
their personal property, and that it is a
wealthy corporation be assessed $5,000 on
their personal property in addition to
$2,812 returned by the assessor of North
Platte precinct No. 3.
Whereupon the Board concluded their
work as a board of equalization and pro
ceeded to make the annual levies as re
quired by law as follows
County general fund 9 mills on the dol
" road " 24 " "
bridge " 2
Outstanding indebtedness 1 mills on
the dollar.
Principal on South Platte bridge bonds
1 mills on the dollar.
Court house principal, 1 mill.
Court house interest three-tenths mills.
Funding bonds, interest, seven-tenths
North Platte bridge bonds, interest,
five-tenths mills.
Jail bonds, interest, four-tenths mills.
O'Fallon precinct bridge bonds, interest
2 mills.
City of North Platte general fund, 10
City of North Platte, water fund, 5
School district City of North Platte 14
School district No 2,
" 3, -
4, -
to pay
12 mills.
20 "
20 "
7 "
6 "
10 "
20 "
13 "
Thursday, July 12th.
Board met pursuant to adjournment.
Present full board and county clerk.
Commissioners Walker and McAllister
having been appointed a committee to
inspect the location fcr a bridge across
the Birdwood creek, make the following
report: That they proceeded in company
with the county surveyor to Birdwood
Creek, and that they found the most
practicable place for said bridge on the
township line between townships 14 and
15, range 33; that they found upon meas
uring that said bridge would be about 100
feet long; that they marked said location
with stakes and mounds.
It being necessary for public use it is
hereby ordered that a public road be
opened, beginning op tho northwest cor-
ner of section 6, township 14, range 32,
and running thence west on said section
line two miles and terminating on the
northwest corner of section 2, twp 14,
range 32.
Comes now bylvanus Wilber and pre
sents a petition for a road signed by S.
Wilber and thirty others living along said
road and it appearing to the board that
the public good requires it, the petition
is hereby granted and the following sec
tion lines are hereby declared a highway,
viz: Commencing on southeast corner of
section 34, township 9, range 33, thence
north on section line to tiie northeast cor
ner of section 3, township 9, range 33,
t . .
mence wesi lour mnes to nortuwest cor
ner of section 6, township 9, range 33.
The petition of Isaac Lamplugh and
others for a road was considered, and the
clerk ordered to appoint a commissioner
to view and report on the feasibility of
said route.
Adjourned until to-morrow.
' Friday-. July 13th
C. P. Ross, city engineer, is requested
to survey and stake out location for jail.
The board commenced work on consid
eration of bills
t t mi -
s.u. inomson requested to maue a
report in writing to the board the changes
he considered necessary for the safety,
strength and durability of the jail build
ing about to be erected. . ,
Saturday, July 14th.
Petition signed by P. L. Harper and
twenty-seven others, citizens of Waltace
precinct, praying the board to publish
the proceedings of the county commis
sioners in the Wallace Herald. Prayer
granted and ordered that proceedings be
published in said paper,also all other pub
lishing in which the people of the south
part of the county are interested, provided
it will be done at the same rate-as is paid
each paper of North Platte.
Clerk ordered to advertise the county
windmill, tower and tank for sale to the
highest bidder.
mi .-. .
ine commissioner appointed to view
and report on the feasibility of a public
road for 1. Lamplugh and others, re
ported that the route was not practicable.
JLi33. 02X G-3.a.ttolS-
Accoants solicited and prompt attention given
to all .business entrusted to. its care. Interest
paid on timo deposits.
:fa:r,:m: loicts
Made at the Tory Lowest Rates of Interest.
"Who would have thought when John
Brown was hung at Charleston, Va., that
SO years from that time, John S. Wise
the son of the man who ordered old
"Ossowatomie's" execution Gov. Wise,
would be clamoring for a seat in a Re
publican National convention. Atchison.
The Milwaukee Sentinel says, regard
ing the mugwump vote: "The mug
wump of 1884 who Is a free-trader, will,
of course, yoto the democratic ticket this
year. As Jir. t;urtis remarked many
months ago the reform issue is overshad
owed by the free trader will support the
candidates of the republican party. The
mugwump as such disappeared from the
scene With the nomination of Harrison.
This year he will be a democrat or a re
publican." Mr. G. W. Smalley, the able London
correspondent of the New York Tribune,
summarizes the English view of our
Presidential campaign very clearly when
he says : "I have not met a single En
glishman who does not wish for Mr.
Cleveland's election, not one who does
not believe that English trade and manu
factures will benefit by his triumph."
Twenty five years ago it would have been
equally difficult to meet an Englishman
who did not believe and hope and pray
that the wac for the preservation of our
Union woijld be a failure. But the re
bellion was put down and Mr. Cleveland
will be defeated in spite of British
The disposition of some of the demo
cratic leaders to appeal to Mr. Randall
for help has called attention to a fact
which some of the free triders don't
know. That is. that Mr. Randall has in
his possession letters from the democratic
committee, written during the last cam
paign, urging him to come to their help
and to make protection speeches in New
York, New Jersey and Connecticut, while
about the same time tho committee wrote
to Abram S. Hewitt, of New York, who
had contemplated entering the campaign,
urging him not to proceed to those states
to advocate his views upon the tariff.
Possibly Mr. Mills may receive letters of
that sort before the campaign shall be
over. Mr. Randall is not talking for
publication to any one, but it is known
that in recent private conferences with
some of his more intimate friends he has
expressed the opinion that Mr Cleveland
will most certainly be defeated, and that
the party cannot hope to win upon the
platform laid down in the house by Mr.
Mills and. Ms free-trade allies from the
south. Bob Iugersoll told the crowds at
Chicago that when the holler was out of
the lungs the sense would come to the
head. The time has now come for the
democratic party. The holler is out of
their lungs and the sense has begun to
come to their heads, aud with it there are
premonitions of defeat. Ex.
ness to district 25, 2 mills.
School district No 13, - - 25 "
" " 15, - - 25 "
" " 16, - - 25
17, - - 25
18, - - 25 "
" " 19, - - 25 "
" " 20, - - 20 "
" - " 21, - - 25 "
22, - - 18 u
" " 23, - - 18 "
24, - - 25 "
" : 25 25 "
" 26 25 "
" : 27 25 "
" 28 24 "
" '! 29 15 "
' -30 25 "
31 . 25
- 32 25 "
' - : .34 25 "
" 35 25 "
" t' , 36 25 "
"., 38 25 "
" " ' 39 10 "
" " 40 25 "
" " - 41 20 "
" " .42 25 "
43 25 "
44 25 "
" 46 18 "
" ....: 47 25 "
48 15 "
49 25 "
" " 50 25 "
u i 51 20 "
' " " 52 25 "
" " 53 20 "
" 4f. 54 25 "
55 10 "
, " " 56 25 "
" " 4 bond, interest.
" 21 bond, interest.
Wednesday, July 11th.
Board met pursuant to adjournment.
Present full board and county clerk.
In compliance with the resolution of
yesterday the board proceeded in compa
ny with the connty surveyor to locate the
bridge aboat to be built acrose the Bird
woed creek.
- - 'tSC
vi '
--'yt .?u-
, r
fE 1U i
1 T 'I I
Patented. Lands.
The following list of land patents were
received by the U. S. Land Office at
North Platte last Saturday. These lands
are in Lincoln county.
Monroe Smith, 6e nw and lots 3, 4 and
5, sec 6, tp. 11, range 26.
Charles Swenson, o hf nw qr w hf ne
qr 18-11-26.
Allen Couse, sw qr 24-11-26.
Joseph Solomon, sw qr 14-11-20.
George W. Parsons, nw qr 8-11-20.
Anna Vosa, n hf se qr and se se and
lot 3, 34-12-26.
Lucien Stebbins, s hf nw qr and lots 3
and 4, 8-11-26.
Irving B. Bostwick, ne hf se qr and w
hf se qr and lot 1 4-14-32.
Frederick Smith, ne qr se qr w hf se
qr ne qr ne qr sw qr 34-13-29.
Isaac N. Wells, s hf ne qr and lots 1
and 2 2-11-27.
Samuel S. Ballinger, e hf sw qr aud
lots 6 and 7, 6-14-31.
HenryH. Pell, s hf ne qr and s hf nw
qr 34-13-29.
Isaac Folk, sw qr 8-11-2G.
Eliza J. Richards, nw qr 24-11-20.
John Mehlop s hf ne qr and n hf se qr
August Anderson, s hf nw qr and lots
3 and 4, 2-11-27.
Olaf Johnson, sw qr 2-11-27.
Charles O. Lind, ne qr 12-11-27.
unanes ausua, e nt sw qr and lots 5
and 7, 6-11-26.
Alexander England, nw qr 8-13-31 .
John Carlson, lots 1, 2, 3 and 4, 26-12-27
John K Eshleman, n hf ne qr and n hf
nw vr 34-13 29.
Isaac Lamplugh, so qr 8-14-30.
Bridget Connelly, nw qr 24-13-30.
The Democratic party is tho queerest
political compound on the face of the
earth. It is composed of free traders,
Copperheads and Confederates; and is
frantically supported by every English
newspaper, by every English free trader,
by English manufacturers, by every
American free trader, by every carping
mugwump, by nine-tenths of the saloon
keepers, brewers and distillers of the
United States. Its head, dictator and
candidate for the Presidency is the most
nollossal Chump this country has ever
produced. Its nominee for the Vice
Presidency is an old Ohio Copperhead,
whose chief distinction lies in the fact
that he has a record as an "obstructionist."
Its emblem.is an old red bandana. Its
history is the aggregated political crimes
of the United States for the last seventy
five yean. What do intelligent Ameri
can workingmen and American patriots
think of this unique aggregation. AtcM
son Champion. r
The One-Horse Farmer.
The one-horse farmer has a life-long
ambition to gain a reputation for wear
ing a dirty shirt.
He will alarm the neighborhood by
getting up two hours before day, then sit
around and not go to work till after sun
He will complain of hard times, then
tear his pants climbing a fence where a
gate ought to be.
He will pay 3 for a bridle, then let the
calf chew it all to pieces before Sunday.
He will get all the neighbors to help in
getting a cow out of the bog, then let her
die for want of attention.
Stock will get in and destroy his crop
at a placo in his fence that he has been
putting off repairing for six months.
lie will sprain his back lifting some
thing to show how strong he is.
He will talk all day Sunday on what
he knows about farming, then ride around
the neighborhood Mondav huntinr spod
-i 3
He will go in his shirt sleeves on a cold
day to show how much he can stand, then
return homo at night .and occupy two
thirds of tho fire place till bed time.
ne will ridicule the mechanism of a
cotton planter, and then so out and mash
his thumb nailing a board on tho fence.
Ho will go to town on Saturday and
come back with fifty cents worth of cof
fee, a paper of pins, a dollar's worth of
chewinir tobacco and his hfillv fnll of
By reason of tho state of chronic in
credulity in which many men pass their'
lives they miss half the good of this
world. They seem to think that doubt
and unbelief are proofs of wisdom, "and
through fear of being deceived reject
much that is true aud good. To such
minds tho statement that Dr. Pierce's
Golden ?.I.edical Discovery is a real and
proven cure for all disea5es caused by
torpid liver, bad blood or scrofulous hu
mors carries with it "its own condemna
tion . They do not believe it, apparently
because we say so; and yet what more, or
less, than this can wo do ? We know the"
facts, and if we did not make public the
great value of this remedy few would
profit by it. We try to do our duty in
the matter and it remains for the doubter
who needs help to overcome his preju
dice and, give it a trial.
$500 Reward for an incurable case, of
chronic nasal catarrh offered by the man
ufacturers of Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy.
P0S DYSPEPSIA, and liver complaint yotf
bave a printed ' guarantee on ever? -
SMlok'a VitaliaGr. Itl.never; fails to care.ilW
ealebyA.F. Btreitz. U..
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i fall ' "ifP-"
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