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If pid in Advance, only $1.00 per year.
One Year, if not in Advance, $1.50.
Six Months, in Advance, - - - .75
Three. Months, in Advance, - - , ,.50
Advertising Rates on Application.
No. 1 Mail and Express Dept. 8:15 A. x.
No. 3-Overland Flyer. ' 9:10 p. x.
No. 23 Freight ' 825 A. .
No. 27 Freight " 7:15 p. M.
.No. 21 Freight " 10:15 p.
Stops onlyat Ogallala, Julesburg and Sidney on
No. 4 Overbad Flyer Dept. 5:45 A. M.
to. uocai express sa a. m.
XI o j tf. ...nr.. r.rr
Stops only at Plnm Creek, Kearney and Grand
TWil v arnanf. Hniwlav.
J. C. Ferguson. Agent.
Omat ovkb Four's Stokk.
T. Fulton Gantt.
hinman & gantt,
A.ttoxXLeys - at -
Will practice in all the courts of the State.
Office over the Fostcffice.
Physician and Surgeon.
Office: Ottoaetein's Block, np stairs. Office
hoars from to 12 a.m., 2 to 5 ana 7 to v p. m
Residence on' West Sixth Street.
Office in Hininan's Block, Spruce St.,
Does a general practice. Chronic "Dis
eases and Diseases of Womeu a Specialty.
Ess now associated with him Da. F. L. Cakt,
late of Omaha, who is an expert crown and
bridge worker and a first-class operator.
All work will be .guaranteed satisfactory and
prices moderate.
Office over Conway Sisters' Milliaery Store,
Notice is hereby given that I will examine all
persons who may desire to offer themselves as
candidates for teachers of the common schools of
this county on the THIKD TUESDAY of every
County 8 dpt.
Prof.,N. KLEIN,
Instruction on the Piano, Organ, Violin or any
Reed or Brass Instrument.
Pianos carefully tuned. Organs repaired.
Pure Crystal Lake Ice delivered in
any part of the city.
Ice Creammade to order from pure
cieam and delivered.
Leave orders with R. A. Douglas.
Biackniih ad Wtgon Work.
. Horse-Shoeing A Specialty.
Shop on "West Front Street, west
of the Jail,
NO. 31.
Road Notice-No. 62.
The commissioner annotated to locate a road
asked for Chris. Berup and others, coameaciBg
at northwest comer of section 24. town IS, range
SO, thence south on section line one mile, thence
southerly along old government trail to north
east corner or section 11, town 12, range ),
tnence soutn one mite on section line oetweea
sections 11 and 12, town 12, range 30. to intersect
countr road No. 27. has resorted in favor of the
establishment thereof, and all objections thereto
or claims for damages must be filed in the coantar
clerk's office on or before noon of the 4th day of
October, 1888, or such road will be established
without reierence thereto.
Dated Aue. 1.1888.
29-4 J. E. Evans, County Clerk
Road Notice-No. 03.
The commissioner aDDointed to locate a coon'
ty road asked for by Thos. McDermottand others
commencing at the southeast comer of section
20. town 10. ranee 2B. then down the so-called
Gilm an canyon, crossing sections 21, 17,10, 9, 4, t,
S4 and 27, and terminating at the sooth west cor-
ner oi tno souineasc quarter oi secuon a, in
town 11, range Jo, nss reportea in ravoroi me
(wtahluthmnnt thereof, and all obieetioBS thereto
nr olaimn for damages mnst be filed in the coun
ty clerk's office on or before noon of the 4th dar
of October. 1883, or each road will be cstafclfefea
withoat reference tnereto.
rtatm1 An. 1. 1888.
29-4 J. E. Evans, County Clerk.
Road NoticeNo. 64.
Ttrn Rnmmissioner aoDointed to locate a road
asked for by George 11. uugnes.ana outers Com
mencing Bfc nunueaou vuriier ui bwuuu t-t, uiwu
IX. ranee SO. thence in a northeasterly direction
crossing sections 2, 3, 9. 10, 16, 17 and 10, town
14. ranee 29. sections si ana 35 town id. range .
sections 2, 3, 9, 17, 20 and 19, town 15, range 28,
Mcnnnft 2.1 ana aa. own id. ihukb ob. bbcuohs iv.
20 and 17, town , range , to section line be
tween sections IS and 17. town 18, range zi.tnenoe
north on section line one and three-quarter miles
to the northeast comer of section 0, town is,
rnnm 27. thence east two miles on section line.
terminatinc at Garfield, has reported in favor of
the establishment tnereor, ana ail objections
thereto or claims for damages must oe nied in
the county clerk's office on or before noon of
the 4th day 01 October, ltssa. or sncn roaa wiu oe
establisbed without reierence thereto.
Dated Aug. 1st, 1888.
J. E. Evans,
29-4 County Clerk
Road Notice No. 7 1 .
The commissioner annointed to locate a road
asked for by Elmer E. Beese and others, com-
mencing at ine noruiweet corner oi secuoa 1.
town 10. range 29 west, thence nearly oae mile
east to Well canyon,, thence in a southeast
direction alonp Well canyon to iwctioaHne be
tween sections 7 and 8, town lu, range zv, tnence
south to the southeast comer of section 30, same
town and range, thence one mile east to the
onntheniit corner of section 29. thence three miles
south to the southeast comer of section 8, town
9, range 29, thence one mile east to the northeast
comer or section 10, tnence two mues souui to
nnnthwest comer of section 22. thence one-half
mile east to the southeast comer of southwest
quarter section 22, thence one and one-hair miles
soutn to center 01 section at, wwu. v, itvage et,
fhennn in dinsnnal sontheikst direction to countar
line, has reported in favor of the establishment
tDnrnnr. ana ail omecaons uereto or ciaimfl
for damages must be filed in the county clerk's
office on or before noon of the 4th day of Oct.
1888, or Buch road will be established without
reierence thereto.
Dated August 1. 1888. .
29-4 J. E. Evans, County Clerk.
In District Court, Lincoln County. Ne
Ouveb H. P. Buchanan
Bismark Saloon
Billiard and Pool Hall,
J. 6. HUPFER, Pbop.,
Keeps none but the finest 'WTiiskies.sucli as
0. F. G. TAYLOR.
Also fine case goods, Brandies, Rum,' Gin
Etc. St Louis Bottled Beer and
Milwaukee Beer on draft
Corner Sixth and Spruce Streets,
Sample :-: Boom,
Chabis L. laanTNEB. ;
Charles L. Liehtner. defendant will take
notice that on the 1st day of August. 1888. Oliver
H. P. Buchanan, plaintiff herein, filed his peti
tion in the .District court or juincoin county,
Nebraska, against yon. the object and prayer of
whirh Is to foreclose a oertain mortsase exe-
eated by you to, Wlc M. Bwkins upon the
west qaarter gl tae soaurwest quarter aaa tae
southwest quarter- of; the northwest- 'quarter
section 11, townsmp v uorui, xaags go weev, va
KAmrn the TMvment of one certain Dromissory
note dated January 11, 1888, for the sum of 300.00
aue ana payaDie in six monuui uxun um uaw
thereof, that said note and mongagewas auiy
transferred to this plaintiff the 6th day of Jane,
1888, for a valuable consideration, that there is
now due upon said note and mortgage the sum
of $316.75 for which sum with interest from this
date plaintiff asks judgment and decree that
defendant be required to pay the same, or that
said premises may be sold to satisfy the amount
found due. You are required to answer said
petition on or before Monday, the 10th day of
September. 1888.
Dated Aug. 1,8888.
By Nesbitt & Grimes,
29-4 his Attorneys.
1 Twt.j un
Order Of Hearing.
State of Nkbbaska, ?
IiTNTOLN Countt. S
At a County Court, held at the County Court
Boom, in and for said County, august 3d . A. u.
Present J. J- O'Bourke, County Judge.
In the matter of the Estate of Octave Chamber
lain, deceased. .
On readinir and filing the Delation of Irving h.
YanDoran, praying that Administration of said
estate may oe grantea w mm as nommwirawc:
DitnKBKD. That Ansnst 24th. A. D. 1888., at one
o'clock P. M.. is assigned for hearing said peti
tion, when all persons interested in said, matter,
may appear at a County Court to be held, in aad
for said County, and show causo why the prayer
of petitioner should not be granted; and that no-
Lice oi uio peaueacjr ul oaiu iwuuuu huu uia
hnarincr thereoL be siren to all Dersons interested
in said matter by pubUshinga copy of this order
in the JuiNcoiiN county iibunk, a weemy
newspaper printed in said County, for three suc
cessive weeks, prior to day of hearing.
A true copy. J J. J. O'Boubkz,
County Clerk.
By virtue of two executions issued by J. E.
Evans, clerk of the district court of Lincoln
county, Nebraska, upon transcripts filed in the
office of said clerk of two judgments rendered
byJohn Hawley, justice of the peace, in favor of
"The McCormick Harvesting Machine Co.."
against David Cash, I have levied upon the fol
lowing real estate as the property of the said
David Cash, to-wit: Lots two and three both in
section six (6). township thirteen (13) range
twenty-nine (29), in Lincoln county, Nebraska,
and I will on the 27th day of August 1888, at one
o'clock p. m. of said day, at the front door of the
court house of said county, in North Platte,
sell in separate lots said real estate at public
auction to the highest bidder for cash to satisfy
said executions, the amount due thereon in the
aggregate being the sum of $127.30 and $5.00
costs and accruing costs.
Dated North Platte, July 25, 1888. .
D. A. Bakeb, Sheriff,
23-4 J. W. Mebbtman, Deputy.
1 I
s. )
Having refitted our rooms
throughout, tne public is invited to
call and see us.
Choice Wines,
Liquors and
; Kept at the Bar.
. Agent for the celebrated
from Soda Springs, Idaho.
Keith's Black, Front Street
In Distriot (Jourt of Lincoln County, Ne-
Linda Lewis,
Uinmr T.uwwg
To Harry Lewis non-resident
V , V.n-V.T. nnfSfinri that- nn tha 9&1 ifav
of July. 1888, Linda Lewis filed a petition against
you in the district court of Lincoln county for
a divorce from the bonds of matrimony, upon
the ground that the defendant for more than five
years past has been a habitual drunkard and has
been guilty or extreme cruelty wwaro pisuiuk
nrl n1m.wnomaa and twiincr rtf cnfVutABl: Kiltfv
miiA . ' n I M .I .11 ' I V. 1 M. J
to pro vide suitable maintenance for plaintiff,
. . , 1 I 1 1 A 1 J
nas wantonly, giwaiy cuiu crueuj nuuntxA turn
neglected to do so, all without any just cause or
to answer said petition on or before Moaday,
September 10th, 1888.
Linda Lxwis,
By Nesbitt & Gbdos,
28-4 herAttys.
Notice of Sale.
Notice is hereby given that by virtue of a chat
tel mortgage dated the 24th day of April, 1888,
and only filed and recorded in the oBceof the
county clerk of Lincoln county. Nebraska, on
the lMh day of May, 1888, and executed by Tl w
kiah W. Davis and Arinda J. DBYis.,hiB wife, to
A. H. Davis and assigned by A. H. Davis to
Moriarity, Trimble & Co. to secure the payawat
of $270J0. upon which there is how doe $277.28;
default having been made in the payment of said
sum, and no suit or other proceedings "having
been instituted to recover said debt or, any part
thereof, therefore I will sell the property thereia
described, viz: One frame building 18x42 feet
need aa a blacksmith shop on nw qr aw qr section
15, town 9, range 90, also all of the took aad ma
terials belonging to said shop, at public aactioa
in the town of Wellfleet eoaaty ot Lincoln and
state of Nebraska, on the first cky of September,
1888, at one o'clock p, m. of said day.
Dated August 11th, 1888.
Mobiasttt, TantBPJi & Co
by H. L. Chenowete.
their Agaat.
' 2'
Palace mm
L. F. SIMON, Manager.
ml -
' - 1
are now arriving and we are top busy to
write an "ad" for this space. Watch for
an announcement next week.
Clo w Co.,
L. F. SIMON, Manager.
Rock Springs Nut,
Bock Springs Lump.
Pennsylvania Anthracite,
Colorado Anthracite
Colorado 'Soft
C O X-j .
It" did not take five years to discover that the
Jewel Grasoline Stove
was the only safe gasoline sbam made, but in 1887, the first year it was
introduced in North Platte, FORTY-SIX were sold, more than was sold
of all others combined. We have them with either drop tank or the
pneumatic, and in the language of the poet, ."no pump to get out of or
der or gas forced through the room," but can jproye $3UfW gas escapes
from it than any Btove made and can show ifc has' mutr points of supe-
iimihj over an otners ana prove to you that tne Jewel is
They are all guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction and will consume
looa mMrklina 4-tax r i.U i n n ? 5 .
-o"-ryK.w "j bwvb in me miri. ana examine tne late
mproved JeWel and be convinced and you will buy no ofc.
lUOrXillf UAiUX, ,
The Republican County Conven
tion for Lincoln county met at the
court house in this city Saturday
afternoon, August 11th, according
to the published call. Chas. P.
Dick, secretary of the county cen
tral committee, in the absence of
the chairman, called the conven
tion to order.
E. B. Warner nominated W. C
Elder, of Medicine, for temporary
chairman. He was elected. Nor
man Jackson,' of Wallace was then
IrHitM-temDorarv secretary.
H:- Onofesmovedthairthe
chair appoint a committe of five on
credentials. The chair appointed
Messrs. (inmes and Besack, of
North Platte, Brittingham, of Deer
Creek. Keith of O'Fallon and
Beatty of Brady Island.
C. F. lddings moved that the
chair appoint a committee on per
manent organization. Carried, and
the following gentlemen were ap
pointed: Messrs. lddings, Thoel
ecke, Nation, McClellan and Camp
Stimson moved that the commit
tee appointed on permanent organ
ization wait until the credentials be
approved before reporting. Carried.
Chair announced that a recess of
fifteen minutes would be taken; no
objection and recess was taken.
At the expiration of that time
the chair called the convention to
order. The report of the commit-
1 1 1 1 1 A t
tee on credentials was read as fol
lows :'
Your committee respectfully re
port that they have examined the
credentials and ftnd that the follow
ing named gentlemen are entitled
to seats in the convention:
Garfield, W. F. Campbell, Geo. H
Hughes; Sunstnne, J. W. Shoup;
Brady Island, Wm. Beattv, A. J.
Dill; Morrow, W. T, Bowen; Wil
low, J. W. Nation; My lander, Fred
Kade; Nichols, Thos. Stimson;
Wellfleet, W. C. Elder, Casper M.
Bolish; Buchanan, J. L. McAllister,
W. B. Votaw; Peckham, Monroe
Smith; Osgood, L. D. Thoelecke;
Wallace, J. G. Beeler by C. H. Ja-
cobson proxy, J. H. Jordon, Nor
man Jackson, .Vy. S. Hill; Hall,
iWmH-ubarttf QFallonr--W.- H.
Dudlev; Walker, Thos.McDermott;
Spannuth, F. C. Spannuth; Miller,
Henry Faka; Myrtle, L. P. Derby;
ueer ureeu, j. rtntnngnam; L;ot-
tonwood, B. F. Baker; Fox Creek,
F. G. Schick; Fairview, John Keith;
Well, O.A.Bacon; Gaslin, J. M.
Marcott by Alfred Way, proxy;
Vroman, B. L. Familton; Birdwood,
J. R. Ritner; North Platte No. 1,
John Hawley, C. H. Stamp, E. B.
Warner, B. b . Humes, A. E. Hun
tington; North Platte No. 2, Mar
tin Oberst, B. L. Robinson by H.
M. Grimes proxy, I. E. anDoran
by A. D. Buckworth proxy. A. 0.
Kocken, C. F. Iddings,R. D. Thom
son, Joseph Smallwood by C. P.
Dick proxy; Worth Platte No. 3,
James Snyder, Alex. McClelland,
Louie Peterson; Nowell, I. B. Bost-
Mi. Stimson moved that the
temporary organization be made
permanent, and the motion was
Mr. Jackson desired to be ex
cused from serving as secretary,
but the convention declined to ac
cept his resignation.
W. U. Hilder, as permanent
chairman, made some appropri
ate remarks, and he then read the
call as published in The Tribune.
The following order of business
was then submitted by Mr. lddings
as a motion and carried:
1st, Delegates to State Conven
tion; 2d, candidate for county at
torne'v; 3d, candidate for countr
commissioner; 4th, delegates to sen-
atonal convention; oth, delegates
to representative district; Oth, reso
lutions; 7th, appointment of county
central committee.
Mr. Hawley offered the following
Whereas our fellow-citizen and
townsman James Sutherland has
made and is making a successful
canvas ior oiaie Treasurer, ana
whereas he is a staunch Republican,
one of our most accomplished busi
ness men, eminently qualified for
the position, therefore be it Be
solved, That Mr. Sutherland be re
quested to name his own delegation
..i it i lilt
to the state convention ana tnat
this convention hereby approves the
Adopted unanimously.
Mr. Warner moved that a com
mittee of liye on resolutions be
appointed. The chair appointed:
Warner of North Platte, Jordan of
Wallace, Bacon of Well, Dudlev of
O'Fallon, Thomson of North Platte.
Mr. Grimes presented the name
of Wesley T. Wilcox for county at
torney. Mr. Peter&on of North
Platte No. 6 nominated it. Jb". For
The convention proceeded to bal
lot with the following result:
Wilcox ....39
Forrest ,...10 .
Mr. Wilcox's nomination was
made unanimous.
Wilcox made a very neat speech,
thanking the convention for the
honor and promised to fill the of
fice honestly and conscientiously to
the best of his ability.
Mr. Sutherland named the fol
lowing delegates to the state con
vention: A. D. Buckworth, W. T.
Wilcox, J. S. Hoagland, A. 0.
Kocken, Chas. Osgood, C. F. Id
dings, F. C. Spannuth, John Keith.
The convention proceeded to
nominate a candidate for county
Mr. Nation, of Willow, moved
that we-proceed by-informal ballot:
On division the motion was lost,
18 for. 19 against.
Mr. Kocken placed in nomina
tion Martin Oberst of North Platte
and he was nominated by acclama
tion. Mr. lddings moved that the con
vention proceed to ballot for sena
tor and that the gentleman re
ceiving a majority of the convention
have the privilege of selecting del
egates. Hubartt moved to amend by
making first ballot informal.
The amendment was carried and
the motion was then adopted.
Nesbitt " 22
Patterson 13
Hoagland o
Buchanan 9
Nesbitt ' 27
Patterson 16
Hoagland 6
Buchanan 1
On behalf of Mr. Nesbitt, Mr.
Grimes submitted the following
names and they were approved by
the convention: H. M. Grimes, J.
E. Evans, A. H. Church, C. C.
Babcock, E. B. Warner, Wm.
Beatty,- W. C. Elder, Capt. B. F.
Committee on resolutions sub
mitted the following, which were
unanimously adopted.
Resolved, The Kepubhcaus of
Lincoln County in Convention as-
"'sembled, hereby renew their allegi-
ance to tne grana principles or tne
National Republican party; and
hereby heartily endorse the late
platform of the Republican party
adopted at Chicago; that we favor
he protection of American labor
from competition with the pauper
abor or Jhiurope; that we favor the
highest wages to workingmen in
;he United State; that we are op
losed to free trade and favor the
building up of home industry, and
herefore oppose the pernicious in
fluence of the Mills bill the tendency
of which is to make American labor
the slave of English manufacturers;
that we favor home rule in Ireland;
the right to cast a free ballot in
every portion of our country and
that everv ballot shall be honestly
counted; that we enthusiastically
endorse the nomination of our
national standard bearers Harrison
and Morton, and pledge them the
hearty support of the Republicans
of Lincoln County; that we oppose
the sneering, reckless and heartless
vetoes of pension bills by President
Uleveland, and unite in a ceaseless
warfare against the policy of the
present 'administration until our
efforts shsll be crowned with hon
orable victorv and Harrison and
Morton shall be honorably and tri
umphantly elected, and the North
and the South shall be united in
fraternity, lovalty and full citizen
ship as common citizens of our Na
tional Union.
Besolved, that we favor such laws
as shall keep monopolies in subjuga
tion to the interest ot the people;
such legislation as shall best secure
sobrietv and promote morality
among our people; that we favor
such legislation as shall secure to
abor its just recognition in compe
tition with aggregated capital, and
favor arbitration in conflicts be-
ween labor and capital; that we
are opposed to pauper labor in com
petition with the free intelligent
abor of our own country.
Resolved, that this convention
has heard with profound sorrow of
he death of General Phillip H.
Sheridan, and mourn his'loss to the
Nation as a calamity; that his noble
deeds will ever remain a monument
of patriotic devotion in the hearts of
his countrymen, and an incentive
o deeds of lovalty to the rising
Besolved, that this convention
recognize the able, valiant and patri
otic services of General Chas. F.
Manderson as U. S. Senator, for his
faithful service to our State, his
oyalty to the soldiers of the Re
public in the defense of our flag
and country; his unwavering devo
tion to republican principles, his
stalwart convictions in behalf of
free government, as well as his com
manding influence in the highest
councils' of our nation', and that we
Made at the Very Lowest Bates ot latere.
heartily favor his re-election to the
Senate of the United States, as a
proper and fitting recognition of
the services of a loyal citizen, a true
republican and a worthy servant of
the people.
Resolved, that we pledge our
hearty support to the nominees of
this convention.
Moved and carried that the dele
gates to the senatorial convention
be also delegates to the representa
tive convention.
Geo. E. French, of North Platte,
was elected chairman of the county
central committee, and the follow
ing gentlemen were selected as
members, by the respective precincts.
North -Platte'No.T, EB. - Warr
ner; North Platte No. 2, J. H.
Fickhardt; North Platte No. 3, A.
McClelland; Birdwood, J. R. Rit
ner; Brady Island, L. Rice; Bu
chanan, J. L. McAllister; Cotton
wood, B. F. Baker; Deer Creek,
John Bnttingham; Fairview, J. H.
Hostetter; Fox Creek, R. Hanson;
Garfield, C. C. Babcock; Gaslin,
Olaf -Johnson; Hall, A. B. Hall;
Maxwell, W. H. Plummer; Medi
cine, W. C. Elder: Miller., Thomas
Rowley; Morrow. G. M. Bobbitt;
Mylander, John R. Ishmall; Myr
tle, L. P. Durby; Nichols, T.J.
Stimson; Nowell, Sidney Robb;
O'Fallon, W. H. Dudley; Osgood,
Chas. E. Osgood; Peckham, Allen
Close; Somerset, G. Chissy; Span
nuth, F. C. Spannuth; Sunshine, J.
H. Johnson; Walker, C. Brads haw;
Wallace, John G. Beeler; Well,
0. A. Bacon; Whittier, R. S. Ran
derson; Willow, Isaiah Beam; Vro
man, B. .Familton.
The convention then adjourned.
W. C. Elder, Chairman.
Norman Jackson, Sec'y.
Several weeks ago the Ogalalla
News published a statement giving
the rainfall of past twelve years as
recorded by the officers of this sig
nal station, and the editor in his re
marks stated the rainfall m West
ern Nebraska was increasing each
vear. A copy of the paper was for
warded to the signal office in Wash
ington, and last week Observer
Piercy of the North Platte office
received the following from Jno. P.
Findley, the Recording Officer of
the Signal Department:
"The rainfall of Western Ne
braska and adjacent states lias not
increased of late years, but has been
better distributed throughout the
year as shown by increase of the
number of rainy days.
"The breaking up of the hard
prairie lands and subsequent culti
vation has checked evaporation and
enables the rainfall to penetrate the
earth and thus increase its value to
growing crops."
The North Platto Creamery Company
has been duly organized under the laws
of the State "of Nebraska. Its principal
place of business is North Platte, Lincoln
county, Nebraska. The general natnre
of its business is manufacturing of dairy
products and dealing in dairy products
and dairy supplies. Its capital stock is
$10,000, of which there is $7,500 paid in,
and the balance is subject to call of the
directors. It began business on the first
day of May, 1888, and will continue forty
years unless sooner dissolved. The high
est amount of indebtedness that the cor
poration may subject itself shall not ex
ceed two-thirds of the capital stock. The
affairs of the corporation are managed by
a board of five directors, president, vice
president, treasurer and secretary.
D. W.Baker,
29-4 Secretary.
By virtue of an execution issued by J. E.
Evans, clerk of the District Court of Lincoln
County, upon tho transcript, of a Judgment ren
dered in the county court of s&id Lincoln coan-"
ty and duly filed in said. District Court of
said Lincoln county in favor of Spooner It.
Howell against Patrick Walsh, I have levied
upon the following real estate as the property of
Patrick Walsh, to-wit: Lot one (1) in block ono
hundred and forty-one (141) in the City of North
Platte, Lincoln county, Nebraska, and I will on
the 15th day of September, 1888, at one o'clock
of said day, at the front door of the court house
of said county, in North Platte, sell said real es
tate to the highest bidder for cash, to Ratisfv
said execution, tho amount d&e thereon being
A. I . AHWt fit A . . .
me Bum $.w wiui ien per cent interest
thereon from January 17, 1889, and $5.20 costs
and accruing costs.
North Platte, Neb.. Aug. 6th, 1888.
D. A. Bakkb.
30w5 Sheriff of Liacoln Co.
Fine Boot and Shoe Maker,
And Dealer In
Perfect Fit, Best "Work and Goods as
Represented or Money Refunded.
Spruce Street, bet. Front and Sixth,
Mini Bred Horses,
Standard Bred Mares in foal to
Fashionably Bred Stallions. A few
choice young mares and geldings,
broken to harness, .and suitable for
track or road.
Jno. W. Watt,
Farnam, Neb.
il ' SI
turn 1 1 " I
if t.

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