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STEVENS & BAKE, Editors akd Props
WEDNESDAY, OCT. 9, 1888.
For Treasurer CHAS. . OSGOOD.
For Sheriff DAVID A. BAKER,
For Coanty Jndge JAMES M. BAY
For County Surveyor IRVINE A. FOBT.
For Clerk District Court WM. C. ELDER,
For County Commissioner ED. D. MUBPHY,
The Paxiou Republican is the
name of new paper issued at Pax-
ton, A. GL Tyler, editor. The
paper presents a fine appearance and
is strong editorially. The Teibuite
wishes it success.
The slender Republican majority
in the next house will be increased
by the new states sending fine
additional members. Their votes
will not be counted until after the
organization .
The Baptist denomination is en
musiasnc over tne quicic response
or monied men to the call for one
million dollars with which to build
a university at Chicago. Six hun
dred thousand dollars was given bv
J. D. Rockafellow, of New York,
and three hundred and fiftv thous
and by the Chicago Baptists. The
remaining fifty thousand will be
ready long before work can be
begun next spring.
Accobding to a North Platte
correspondent, J F. Wellington,
editor and proprietor of the Sidney
Democrat, visited North Platte last
May with a scheme to dispose of
his paper. He canvassed the town
and secured a number of six months
subscribers at $1 each, with the un-
standmg that the plant of the Dem
ocrat should be raffled off to the
holders of the subscription tickets
1 J 1 m .
at ine expiration or. six months
About a month ago the Democrat
ceased to exist and in its place came
a sample copy of the same sheet
under a new heading. The sub
scribers have the experience and
Wellington the money. Lexing
ton Pioneer. And there are more
suckers left to be gulled by
sponsible newspaper fakirs.
Under the new registration law
if a vote is sworn in two witnesses
must be present who will be com
pelled to make oath that the person
desiring to exercise his franchise
has been a legal voter for a year
prior to the election. As the law
in Nebraska only requires six
mouths the clause is clearlv uncon
stitutional. Omaha Republican.
The Republican does not read the
law with sumcient care. The law
proYides that when a voter is not
on the registers and presents him
self to vote on election dav he shall
,V IU i.T,t 1 . I'l , ib IS U1UCICU I
rrJ" uf 1S ieai. V0I?r treasurer strike from the tax list all
m uuc uicuuuir v uere ne aesires to
vote, and his
The Republic Judicial District
Convention for the Tenth District
will be held in Lexington on Toes
day, Oct. 15th. Lincoln county is
entitled to nine delegates.
John M. Dver has sold the Tele-
aranh to Chas. F. Iddines. who is
understood to represent a syndicate
of capitalists report says composed
of J. W, Bixler, Wesley T.tWiIcor,
George E. French, J. S. Hoasland,
R. F. Forrest and C. H. Hoge, the
latter gentleman to have charge of
the editorial columns. The politics
it is said will be changed and the
boys will have an organ that will
boom them for office at any and all
Saturday Sept. 28th, 1889.
The board met pursuant to ad-
iournment. Present full board
and deputy county clerk.
J. Lisco and Co.. withdrew their
bid for the construction of the
Bradv Island bridge.
The bid of John L. Means for
the construction of said bridge
being the next lowest, the contract
was awarded to him, subiect to the
fixing of the details between him
and the board at the next meeting
of the board.
Adjourned until Monday.
Board met pursuant to adjourn
ment. Present Commissioners
Walker, McAllister and Oberst and
Deputy Clerk C. P. Dick.
The clerk was directed to nohf v
the clerk of Cheyenne county
that James Brily, a resident of said
Cheyenne county, giving his home
as on 28-17-52, is here sick and is
being cared for at the expense of
said Cheyenne county.
Bill of Mrs. David Brunk for
nursing McBurney, allowed $22.30.
The commissioners together with
John L. Means, contractor, were
engaged the remainder of the day
in determining upon plans and
specifications for the Brady Island
bridge. Adjourned to meet Oct. 1st.
Tuesday, Oct. 1st, 1SSU.
Board met pursuant to adjourn
ment. Full board and Deputy
Clerk Dick present.
Plans and specification or Brady
Island bridge prepared bv II. D.
Thomson and heretofore approved by
the board, were amended so as to pro
vide for a bridge fourteen and one-
half feet between the railings and
with other minor changes which
appear in sam amenaea specinca-
Contract was entered into with
John L. Means for the construction
of said Bradv Island bridge at S3.84
er lineal foot, with a deduction
rom the total amount due of S4.10
for each two-pile pier ordered by
he superintendent.
R. D. Thompson was appointed
superintendent of construction for
said bridge.
The bond of said Means for the
construction of said bridge was
It is ordered that the countv
oaui must oe corro
borated by two freehold in g witness-
es who have resided in the precinct
tor the twelve months last past
ine clause is all right:
personal and real taxes
against U. A. Daugherty.
The commissioners selected sixtr
names from which to draw jurors
for the November term of court.
The petition of the Wellfleet
Real Estate and Improvement Co.,
and others asking for the location
of a public highway was considered
and the clerk directed to adyertise
the same. Said proposed road
The Democrats of Lincoln coun
ty went through the motions of
nominating a countv ticket on
Monday afternoon, full proceedings
Ot Which 1HE IBIBUNE gives else- dmll 1 kneixvn vnnd NTn
where, as the party has no Organ at 111 nnrl ns nrnvPil for is lnnnfprl
1.1 i - ?i i -n ii j r
me county capital, uor a JJemo- follows: Commencing at norfch-
cratic convention, the proceedings oncf. nnrnm spp.fi nn !Fv town 0
Ttrat iinnimlliT iinni-AJ 1L M 1 I A .i
hcic unuouaiiy auimatcu. LUC UUVS I vnrwra M l thPiiftP nsisf. jiq iipov as
being in excellent humor. Of Lnhlp fn sprtfnn Hup. to nnrtfiPasf.
1.1 i i O 1-1 ill .
vuuroe me presentation or a ncKet corner seetion 10, town lJ, range 2U
is a mere matter ot torm. -Lon nio;m f W T Wilonv eaiaw
1 V1UIIU V A- 1 1 JAKClrl. 1 IKJ
Ixraves, the candidate for clerk, Lmmh nf.fnrnpv. fillnwpd SfiS 00
macuj a ganaut run two years ago, Adjourned.
out was so badly worsted that he North Platte Oct. 7, 89.
aon t care to go through a like ex- The board of commissioners met
penence again and said in effect h racrnlar session. Presp.nf, Oom-
Platte river in sections 11 and 1,
14-33, with voting place at Union
Pacific depot at 0 Faltons station.
On petition of Casper Bolish and
sixty-seven others, town 10, range
30, is created a road district to be
known as No. 47.
The countv treasurer is renuested
to release James Sullivan and Au
gustine Camp from their assess
ment from road tax, they appearing
from the certificate of physicians
on file to be not able bodied men.
The clerk is directed to draw a
warrant in favor of the Lincoln
County Agricultural Society in the
sum of $283.20.
Plans and specifications for the
Nichols precinct wagon bridge as
submitted by R. D. Thomson, arch
itect, are adopted.
Notice is hereby given that on
Tuesday, November 5th, 1889,
there will be held in the several
precincts of Lincoln county, Ne
braska, a general election for the
purpose of electing state, district,
county and precinct officers, which
election will be open at three
o'clock in the morning and will
continue open until six o'clock in
the evening of the same day, Vot
ing places in the several places will
be as follows:
In North Platte No. 1
In North Platte No. 2
In Noi-th Platte No. 3
Bird wood At school house in
district 36.
Brady Island, at the Uniou Pa
cific depot in Brady Island Station.
Buchanan, at residence on sw qr
Cottonwood at school house in
district 2.
Deer Creek at Deer Creek school
Dickens at school house, dist 60.
Fairview at Excelsior school house,
Fox Creek at school house dist 12.
Garfield, at school house dist 14.
Hall at Ball school house.
Harrison Those residing in town
16 range 26 at school house on
sec. 7; those residing in town 15
range 26 at Kilmer post office.
Maxwell at school house dist 7.
Medicine at Davis store in Wellfleet
Miller at school house dist 39.
Morrow at Bateman school house .
My lander at Log school house.
Myrtle at school house dist 29.
Nichols Electors residing north of
South Platte river at school house
distil; those residing south of
South Platte river at Mills school
house dist 26,
O'Fallon at U. P. station.
Osgood atBratt school house.
Somerset at B. & M. Depot.
Sunshine at resideuce of Charles
Walker at schoo I house on 5-9-26.
Wallace at Fred Bentlv's law office
in town of Wanace.
WeU at schooL house dist 24.
Whittier. residence of D E Johnson
Willow at Keeler scIiool house.
Vroman at schooL house.
Antelope at Spannuth P. O.
Pe'ckham at scoool house.
Gaslin at Red school house.
This precinct was a deadener on
the railroad bonds. Bv the aid of
some hard cider the bonds got five
Dr. smith is erecting a fine
dwelling near town. Carpenter
lems or juincom is the builder.
A lively trial was held before
Squire Finch on the 4th, Ed. Smith
and Joe Morion being the litigants
mi i i . .
ine elevator is completed and
receiving grain daily.
C. A. Glaze has sold, his stock of
general merchandise to J. M. Bai
ley. Glaze, will engage in another
line of business here.
H. P. Bishop has traded his
homestead to Frank Kruger.
The population of town 10 has
been increased by the arrival of
two new homesteaders.
C. E. Finch is building a large
soa nouse on nis Claim, we may
expect a weaamg there some day.
0. 0. Hawkins went to Kansas
City the other day on business rela
tive to the dam to be built across
the creek at this place.
James Chittick, father-in-law.
and Sam Chittick brother-in-law of
A. H, Davis are in town. They
are favorably impressed with this
country ana win likely locate here.
Morgan Davis is back from
trip to North Platte.
James Mcuonaughay has been
working tor J? rank Marshall, of
Maywood, but he thinks his best
place is at the home of his brother.
The first of a series of lectures to
be delivered during the winter
Tir-ii-fi i n i
enings m weimeet win be given
bv Rev. Yv. G. Hawkins next Sun
day afternoon, Oct. 13th, at three
o clock. Subject: "A Sunday with
Canon h arrar m Westminster Ab
bey, London
President Harrihon s hesitaucy
about appointing a successor to
Commissioner Tanner is giving the
tools ample time to expose them
selves and making it the easier for
him to select a good man when he
does make the choice. The gentle
men who are conducting the pres
ent ad ministration know pretty
well what they are doing
The plan for taking water out of
the gravel, below the level of the
sand in the river, is the one now
successfully employed by the canal
people at Kearney. It is by the
same process that Ogalalla will re
ceive the water supply for the great
water-power canal, which is al-
readv contracted for and for the
completion of which responsible
parties have given a good and suf
ficient bond in the sum of fifty
thousand dollars. The contracts
read that a sufficient supplv of wa-
i 1 ni li l i".i
ter snau ue aenverea ana it is ex
pected that the water will be flow
ing by the 1st of January, 1890.
The future policy of the govern
ment, if it s,hall conform, with the
that he could not devote anjr time
to the work. Jimmy Grace is
about in the same boat. But Grady
and Snelling are old hardened cam-
missioners waiter, McAllister ana
Oberst and Deputy County Clerk C.
P. Dick.
Bill of Thos. Hanrahau, road
paigners and don't mind being turn- work, allowed 23.50.
bled about in the mud of a political On petition of Thos. McDermott
fight. Major Walker will also and 21 others the voting place in
show fight, but he will hardly reach Walker precinct is fixed at the
the distance post when the gallant school house on the southeast
Hid. Murphy passes under the
quarter 5-9-26 .
Ordered that the voting place
Pow- Buchanan precinct be at the resi-
has dence on the southwest quarter ot
Grand Master Workman
derly, of the Knights of Labor
come out fairly in favor of closing 4-9-29.
saloons on Sundav. He delivered n Also that the voting
lecture last Sunday in Chicago to a Birdwood precinct be at the
very large gathering, the body of house in district No. 36.
place in
the audience beinsr almost excln- On petition of C. F. Preitauer
siveiy maae up or workingmen. and others Antelope precinct is or-
many of whom were accompanied ganized to consist of town 14, range
oy tneir wives ana ennaren. Their zo, tne north halt ot town Jo, range
faces as well as their neat and tidy 26, the northeast fourth of town
garments showed that they were 13, range 26 and the east half of
largelv members of the conservative town 14, range 27. with voting
and law-loving portion of the work- place at Spannuth postoffic
ing classes. The presence of wo- V rom an precinct is organized to
men neatly if not richly dressed, consist of the south half of towns
indeed, gave the impression rather 12 and 11, range 26 lying north of
of an intellectual entertainment of the south bank of the Platte river,
a popular character than that of a with voting place at school house,
meeting assembled to listen and Peckham precinct is organized to
discuss questions which, however consist of the north half of town
important, are not always pooularlv 10, range 26, and that part of
attractive. Not only was every towns 11 and 12 lying south of the
seat occupied witk attentive listen- south bank of the Platte river with
erti. but every foot.of standing room voting place at school house.
in (the aisles was occupied, and it Gaslin precinct is organized to
was estimated that there were fullv consist of the north half of town
3,000 people present. In the course 10, range 27, all of town 11, range
of his remarks Mr. Powderly said 27. and that part ot town 14,. range
tbsit he hoped the time would come 27 lying south of the south bank of
wlilen the week would be divided the Platte river with voting place
into five davs for work, one dav for at the red school house.
-re and one dav for religious wor- O'Fallon precinct is organized to
shin. If we onlv.-thoncrht so this consist of that part of ranges 33
could be done now iust as well as and 34 between the North Platte
not, and the world would be hap- and South Platte and including that
mer and iust as rich. A part ot the island in tne norcn
Now that several of the new
vessels of war have passed through
the various ordeals of docking, bot
tom cleaning and speed running
trials, the department. has at last
begun to talk of sending them to
sea to join the several depleted
squadrons. That this action can
not be taken too soon is painfull'
apparent from a glance at the naval
ship list which shows only sixteen
ships distributed throughout the
five squadrons, and few of them
Jworthy of the name. The Ameri
can navy is represented in the en
tire Europe squadron by one ves
sel. The fleet of the Asiatic sta
tion comprises five ships, the South
1 i f 1 T f 1
Atlantic two, tne l-acinc six and
and the home station four. The
Chicago is to be the first vessel to
go to a foreign station. The At
lantic is to follow speedily. Both
vessels, it is stated at the navy de
partment, are booked for the Euro
ppau squadron. mere are six
other new vessels that should be
readv for service between now and
-w -d mi ir it
Jauuary . The loriitown is
practically ready for a cruise. The
Baltimore, Charleston and Petrel
are on the eve of being accepted by
the government. The dynamite
cruiser Vesuvius, if her furnaces
1 All t 1
work successfully on- toe coming
trial, should also be readv tor ser
vice before the close of the 7ear.
recommendations recently made by
j the Utr.h commission, will be more
rigid than ever in dealing with po
lygamy in Utah. Among the
many suggestipns of the commis
sion is one to debar any person
from making settlement upon pub
lic laud who refuses to make affi
davit that he or she is not practic
ing polygamy. All loyal citizens
will accord this their approval, as
well as the policy to exclude from
our shores the blatent hordes who
come educated in advance to hate
laws and institutions.
was badly
New York will flaunt the Na
tional League flag next
Saturday the Giants
Cleveland and Boston
beaten by Pittsburgh. The exact
percentage of the leading clubs is:
New York, .658; Boston, .648. Chi
cago takes third place and Phila
delphia fourth. Cleveland and
Pittsburg tied for the fifth, In
dianapolis is seventh and Washing
ton has the undisputed cinch on
the tail end honors.
- Q -
Reports from financial centers in
dicate the state of trade to be very
favorable. The last four weeks'
export trade of New York exceeds
that of the corresponding period of
last year by 200 per cent, and a like
increase elsewhere will make a bal
ance of trade in our favor for the
pst month of 9,000,000. Interior
points report a sulficient supply of
currency for all legitimate needs
and no stringency anywhere. The
stock market which for the most
part of the past month was compar
atively inactive 'made a sharp ad
vance of fifty cents. In the dry !
goods line there is a growing confi
dence t that there wilL be an im
provement, and taken as a whole
the outlook is better than it has
been for months.
P. D. Armour, the pork magnate,
wlio refused to testify when sum
moned to do so by the senate com-
miLtee or investigation, assumes
that the United States governmen
has no business to inquire into his
business methods. Armour's case
will come up in the senate, charg
ing mm with contempt. Like
other defiers of government author
ity he should be brought to time
His refusal to testify in reference
to trade conspiracies, of which he
- i ii
is suspecieu, is interpreted as an
acknowledgment of his guilt.
Mr. VV. L. Scott is an adept at
n aiianng ngures, and he uses them
with all the confusion possible to
show that the Spring Valley min
ers can make more money than the
miners at Braidwood in the same
vein of coal by accepting less
wages. It requires three columns
of this jumbling of figures to make
this satisfactory even to Mr. Scott,
i ii ill i t n
out ne couia nave staiea tne ques
tion in much less space. The vein
of coal at Spring Valley and at
Braidwood is the same as Mr. Scott
admits. The Braidwood operators
pay their men 7z cents per ton
for mining coal and 15 cents addi
tional for the brushing necessary to
get this coal out of the mine to the
shaft. Mr. Scott asked his men to
accept 75 cents a ton for the coal
and do the brushing for nothing.
To the ordinary mind here is a dif
ference of 2i cents, which Mr.
Scott offers his men for doing that
which other operators estimate at
15 cents worth of work. He asks
the public to believe that 75 cents
of his money is worth more than
87 cents of the money paid by the
Braidwood operators. The old say
ing that figures will not lie is hard
to believe when thev are handled
by Mr. Scott, the great free-trade
advocate from Pennsylvania. His
defense of the Spring Valley Coal
Company is as confusing as his ad
vocacy of free trade, and his con
clusions are just as unsatisfactory.
Inter Ocean.
Harper's Weekly has published
a careful estimate of the compara
tive cost of running street cars
with horse-power 'and electricity.
It takes for the purpose of com
parison a line running fifty cars.
The result is that such a line costs
in running expenses when horses
are nsed $303 75 and with electrici
ty $68.50. The difference is $231.25
in favor of electricity, or $4.62 per
lb Star's tal lour
day saving on each car run. These Ha villff boilffht a larffe StOCK at One-half
fiemres indicate the earl v nissrmpar-1 O
figures indicate the early disappear
ance of street car horses from the
municipal horizon.
A hale old man, Mr. Jas . Wilson of
Allen Springs, 111. , who is over sixty
yeare of age, says: "I have in my time
tried a great many medicines, some of j
excellent quality ; but never before did I
find any that would so completely do all
that is claimed for it as Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy.
It is trul v a wonderful medicine ." For
sale by A. F. Streitz and Dr. Longley,
North Flatte.
its value we will open the fall season
with bargains never before heard of.
We will sell for cash and
one of the most " complete stocks of
Clothing, Furnishing
Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes ever
Henrv Ferguson, a wealthy col
ored man in Texas, has completed
arrangements for taking a colony
of several hundred famiiies of col-1
ored people to Mexico, where each
head of a family will he provided
with nine acres or land and as much
more as he can purchase by his
own savings. This has brought ah nwn woof nf P!hinaon finer: frolic flio fol
the white planters of Texas to a I " - - UXAO ucti
realization that there is no danger
rf n vnno wni in fnnf. cfnfo finrl fcrmf.
the negro is a very necessary addi- cent, so do not cieiay out come at once and
LIUII LU tutJir uopuutuuu. JLIlt;
white men of the south alwavs open
their eyes when their own interests
are concerned.
We will save you at least 25 per
Mothers wiU find Dr. Winchdl's Teething Sy
rnp jast the medicine to have in the house for
the children; it will care coughs, colds,
throat and regalato the bowels. Try it.
Etxebt's Daylight Litkk Pills are a boon to
enfTerers from sick headache, soar stomach, tor
pid liver and indigestion. Sugar-coated, pleas
ant to take and warranted to go through by day
buy your goods retail at wholesale
prices. We have no competition, for
can sell these goods lower than
they can buy them. Remember you
ceive one dollar for every fifty
cents you spend with us this season.
A. D. Buckworth.
C. F. Iddings,
Vice Pres't.
Goozee. Asst. Cashier.
ine Union Pacific Railwav. also
known as The Overland Route, has
lately added to its service a number
of new cars (which by the wav are
U. t-Un , 1 J r ii
uuub uy iuc wuuu lamuus ruiimau Mtxri ott n
Company) entitled colonists sleep- We CC V OllITier,
comfort are but little behind the
handsome Pullman Palace Car.
The cars are designed for the use
and comfort of the colonist, who
ll 1 f !
wicu nis raranv intend movmcr
"... o
west to grow up with countrv.
The only diilerence between these
cars and the regular first-class Pull
man is that the colonist sleeper is
not upholstered. There are four
teen sections in each car, and sep
arate toilet rooms tor ladies and
gentlemen. At night, by means of
means of sliding head boards and
heavy damask curtains, as much
privacy is secured as if in the regu-
ar first-class sleeper. Plentv of
fresh clean towels and a good sup
plv of water is also to be found. A
uniformed porter accompanies each
car to look after the comfort and
attend to the wants of the passen
gers, and no smoking is allowed.
It certainly seems that for cheap
and commodious sleeping accommo
dations, while traveling, these cars
cannot be excelled.
J. E. Evans,
North Platte National Bank,
E. W. Hammond,
C. F. Iddlngs,
M. C. Lindsay.
M. Oberst,
R. D. Thomson,
H. Otten,
O. M. Carter. ;
J. E. Evans, J
A T T- .
t. U. DUC&WOKIfl;
. r 1 T -r . .
iur. su. r. .Loveioy, a large dealer in
general merchandise at Wabuska, Nevada,
says : "I have tried St. Patrick's Pills and
can truthfully say they are the best I
have ever taken or known or used." As
pleasant physic or for disorder? of the
lver they will always giTe perfect satis
faction . J?'or sale by A. F. Streitz and
Dr. Longley, North Platte.
A General Banking Business Transacted. Interest Paid on
Time Deposits. Choice Farm Loans Negotiated.
Immediate and Careful Attention Given
the Interest of our Customers.
A. IT.
The endorsement of Barman Hvmn in nnrair-
unuiiLu. iiu nm uuuueu iwy ujbiiinoniaiB re
ceived dnnng the last six months. Read them
Mny 6avo yoni life.
Uncle Sam's Condition Powder will cure dis
tempers, conehs, colds, feTere and most of the
diseases to which horses, cattle, sheep. hogB and
poultry are subject. Sold by all druggists.
Db. Jaques'-Gebxan Wobm Cakzs destroy
worms and remove them from the system. Safe,
pleasant and efibctivtt.
Corner Sixth, and Sprnce Streets.
Absolutely Pure.
strength and wholesomeness. More economical
than the ordinary kinds and cannot be sold in
competition with the multitude of low test,short
weight, alnm or phosphate powders. Bold only
Street, New York,
Iaiung Powdkb Co., 106 Wall
In the matter of aDDli cation of Vpii;a
man, guardian of the estate and heirs of late de
ceased Wm. N. Freeman, to mortease certain
lands in the City of orth Platte. Neb.
This canso came on to be heard in rhnmhom nf
North Platte, Neb., on the 24th day of Septem-
Der.ibsy, npon the petition and affidavit of Nel
lie Freeman, cnardian. and the conrtbeinir nntia-
fied in the premises that it is best for the heirs
of said estate of Wm. N. Freeman, deceased, tn
mortgage Lot No. Four (4) in Block No. One
Hundred and Twelve (1121 in the town fnnnr
city) of North Platte, Nebraska. It is therefore
ordered that duo and legal notice by publication
be given to all parties interested
be and appear at the next term of the district
court of Lincoln county, Nebraska, on the 11th
day of Isovember, 1889, at 2 o'clock p. m. to show
cause if any why license should not be granted
toNe11'? Freeman to mortgage said lot No. Four
(4) in Block No. One Hundred and Twolvo (no
in the City of North Platte. Nebraska, to-wit:
Ada Freeman aged ten years, and Willie Free
man aged seven years.
. , , , A. H. CHTJBOH,
One of the Jndcos. 10th .TnHiriol nt.f.t
T XXT r T.M. 1 I. il. 1 - , . .
1. . ' i iue aisuict court in
and for Iancoln county. Nebraska, do hernhv
certify that the foregoing is a trne transcript of
the order entered of record Senternhnp 5Uh inao
at a term of court in chambers of said district
court upon the application of Nellie Freeman
iraum of the estate of William N. Freeman
eased, as recorded in mv office.
In testimony whereof I hare hereunto set my
hand and the 9eal of said district court this 7th
uay oi uciooer, im
Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry,
Watch- Repairing and Engraving.
Exclusive Watch Examiner for the U. P. Ry.
McDonald's Block, Spruce Street.
La tli,
Rock Springs Nut,
Rock Springs Lump.
Pennsylvania Anthracite,
Colorado Anthracite
Colorado Soft
c o -A.

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