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Star Boot & Shoe Store
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Boots, Shoes, lippers, rjle.
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unfailing cure for many diseases in which medicine fails. Liver,
stomach and kidney diseases, dieases of the blood, catarrh,
skin diseases, lung troubles, rheumatism, female com
plaints, paralysis, nervous debilit seminal
weakness, impotency, .tc.
A Permanent Wall Coating, adapted for Solid Wall Relief work:
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Manufacturers of MEN'S
We are prepared to supply a long-felt want, and for this shoe we
FECT FITTING SHOE MADE. It fits on the foot like a glove on
the hand. It is not cumbersome like the button shoe that has four or
five thicknesses of leather over the instep, but tY' shoe has but one
thickness and presents a seamless, glove-fitting front, comfortable to the
foot and pleasing to the eye.
This shoe differs materially from the "old side lace." That had from
18 to 24 eyelets, double cord, and pulled on sideways, while this shoe has
but eight eyelets, pulls on straight and is held in place by a low gore,
inserted on each side of the shoe, which is covered and protected by the
top, and is adjusted to the ankle by lacing on the inside, giving to the
foot a very slim and small appearing form. This shoe cannot break hi
the bach and neither are you inconvenienced by constantly re-sewing
buttons or repairing button holes. This shoe is being placed in all good
towns, aud its success and popularity are assured. We feel confident if
you will try a pair of these shoes you will not be satisfied with any others.
"Would" be pleased to have you call and make a personal inspection
of this shoe aud think it will interest you.
Yours Respectfully.
P. H. McEvoy,
Carries in stock a fine line of
Special attention given to repairing
and engraving.
Insect Scavengers. ,
"Under the microscope," says Mr.
Henry J. Slack, F; R. M. S.f "it is seen
that as animal and vegetable matter rots
away, swarms of ferments come into
existence. For example, in a drop
water the flesh of a dead water flea was
noticed in commotion while the writer
was engaged on this paper. Thousands
of U shaped vibrions were living upon
it. All were in brisk motion, straighten
ing and bending their bodies with whip
nice hicks, inoy were a company o!
scavengers, sweetening the water by a
cnemical process necessary for their own
nutrition. Our rivers and ponds would
become factories of deadly poisons, and
all tho earth's soil would be contami
nated, if inexpressible myriads of mi
nuto plants and animals did not attack
,dead organic matter and cause its ele
ments to enter into now and useful com
binations. If wo find thousands of such
littlo ferments at work upon a fragment
no uiggor than a lull utop.of this print,
what must bo tho numbers in operation
whfcn tons upon' tons, are dealt with in
tho contents of our sewers, in the ma
nures wo put on our fields, and in the
vast, multitudes of human and other
bodies that perish on land or in sear"
Now York Telegram.
Too Modest to Be Honest.
"Are you the editor of the paper?"
"I am. What can I do for you?"
"Well, I just thought I'd step up and
see how you are. My wife and I are
going to Capo May to-morrow."
"Yes; but I wouldn't have anything
said about it in print, of course. My
name is Simpkins Azariah Simpkins."
"Glad to meet you, Mr. Simpkins, I'm
"Now don't go toputtin' anything into
the paper about our going away. We
start at 4 o'clock, and I reckon we'll be
gone-pretty near a month. I need the
restfatid Mrs. Simpkins was getting kind
of run down. Of course I know how
anxious you newspaper men always are
for an item, buc we're plain people and
don't want any notoriety. My wife al
ways likes to see 'Simpkins' spelt with
out a 'p,' but the old fashioned wav is
good enough for me. Well, I know an
editor's time is valuable, so I'll say good
day. If I come across any murders or
anything while I'm gone I'll let you
know about them." Washington Critic,
The Elevator in European Hotels.
The "lift" is not displayed ostentatious
ly in the great German houses. It is he
hind iron doors, to be detected only by
inspection, and is moved by clanking
chains. Ths deliberation of the proceed
ing is its most distinguishing character
istic. You stand in the great hall of the
hotel where a reconnoissance has located
the laboring "lift" and silently await de
velopments. Everybody else has the
greatest plenty of time. Presently from
the unknown interior iron doors fly open,
and a soldierly looking servant with
brass buttons on his cap, preoccupied
with his responsibilities, steps forth with
an air of majesty. The doors clang as
they swing, and the lift is there, rather
primitive but elaborate in construction.
Perhaps there may bo five passengers
ready to get aboard. When four have
taken position the master of the elevator
waves the fifth backward with an awful
air of authority, and if the rejected one
is an American urgent to go up at once,
he is told peremptorily that there are
places "only for four." The iron doors
are banged, the engines heave and the
massive machine moves. Safety is con
sulted! Here is a masterly mechanism
that might swing a pair of elephants of
the size of Jumbo, but an attempt to lift
at once more than four persons would be
regarded as an affront to the empire.
The thing's impossible! The French
have the same elevating methods. There
is usually an iron gate as well as an iron
door to the ascenseur in France, and in
some of the first clas3 establishments
they will risk taking up as many as five
passengers at a time. The chains that
arc rigged for the security of this multi
tude of irresponsible things are of links
of wrought iron two inches in diameter.
Murat Halstead.
Savins a Life.
An old soldier, a lieutenant during the
civil war, was walking down the street
of a town when he was accosted by a
fellow, half soldier, half beggar, who
made him a most reverential salute.
"God bless your honor," said the man,
whose speech betrayed him for an Irish
man, "God bless you and long life to
"How do you know me?" said the lieu
tenant. .
"Is it how do I know you, your hon
or?" responded Pat. "Good right, sure, I
have to know the man that saved my life
in battle."
The lieutenant, gratified at this trib
ute to his valor, slipped a fifty cent piece
into the fellow's hand, and asked him
"God bless your honor aud long life to
you," said the now doubly grateful vet
eran. "Sure, an' it was at Antietam,
when, seeing your honor run away as
fast as your legs would carry you from
the rebels, I followed your lead and ran
after you out of the way, whereby, un
der God, I saved my life. Oh, good luck
to your honor! I will never forget you."
Youth's Companion.
DUmh of the Heart.
In diseases of the heart which persist
for a long time and finally end, as a very
large proportion of them do, in slow de
cline and a lingering death, dropsy al
ways sets in. In the lata stages it is a
most intractable symptom, and adds
greatly to the suffering experienced. In
the treatment, physicians have been
wont to depend largely upon a diet of
milk, which, in cases where it is well
Bucklin's Arnica Salve.
Tho beet salve in the world for cats, braises.
sores, ulcere, salt rneam, xever sores, tetter.
chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all bjod
eruptions, ana positively cares pues or no pay re
quired, it is guaranteed to give satisfaction or
money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For
sale by A. F. Streite.
about the Superb Pullman Dining
Cars which have been recently
Dlaced in service via the Union Pa-
borneand can be persisted in, always acts uThp Ovprianrl RnnfpP" Tf
well But there are many patients who, nn i,nvo n j mnni. f af 0 OM,f
for various reasons, cannot be kept on a i i-i j. i- .i n. j m
milk diet for any length of time. To jous meal while travelmg.don t fail
some it becomes abhorrent after a while, to take "e tram 011 which these
and others really cannot digest it prop- Diners run. They run on the fast
erly, as simple food as it is. And besides Vestibule Express between Council
wiiM,, u lunn. met ia reuiijr unsuiiea to no Diuits ana JLfenver ana on the uver-
land Fiver between Council Bluffs
and Portland.
Meals, which cannot be surpassed
in any of the first-class hotels in
the country, are served in these cars
at 75c each.
small proportion of patients affected with
cardiac diseases. We have reference to
those who cannot be kept quiet, but in
sist upon oeing up ana aoout, oiten in
the open air, if not engaged in light
Professor German See, of Paris, has
long been engaged in study to learn
what elements in milk render it such an
admirable agent to stimulate the kid
neys, increase the flow therefrom and
hence prove of such great service in
dropsies. As a result of his investiga
tion he is convinced that the one im
portant element is sugar of milk. Acting
upon that tneory no selected twenty-five
patients with heart disease, in all of
which there was more or less dropsy.
To each he gave 100 grammes of the
sugar of milk a day, dissolved in two
quarts of water. In all these cases a
marked effect upon the kidneys was felt
within from twenty-four to forty-five
hours, and the dropsies diminished rap
idly, and almost all such swellings dis
appeared altogether after a series of
treatments lasting from six to eight
days. This discovery is likely to prove
one of the most important which has
been made in the medical world for
years. Boston Herald.
A Safe Investment,
Is one which is guaranteed to bring you satis-
fatcory results, or in case or faunro a return of
purchase price. On this safa plan you can buy
from our advertised druggist a bottle ot ur.
Kind's Now Discovery for Consumption. It is
rnnmntf-ol to tarinir relief in every case, when
used for any affection of the throat, lungs or
chest, such as consumption, inflammation of tho
lunpi?, uroncmus, uaunuu, wuuuiuub
croup, etc. It is pleasant and agreeable to teste.
nnrfoftlv KllfP finfl WiTl fllWIlYR DB UEDeHUtU
u pon. Trial boles free at A. F. Streitz's drug
store. 1
Marvelous Success.
Ballard's Horehound Syrup has been a marvel
ous success from its inception. There is no
cough it will not relieve. It is guaranteed to re
lieve all throat and lung ailments and for croup,
soro throat. whooDine cough, and all coughs its
action is very remarkable. Ask for BALLARD'S
HOKEHOUND SYRUP and take no other kind.
and yon will not be disappointed. A. F. Stroitz,
Agent. 1
Land Office at North Platte, Neb. )
September 4th, 1889. )
Notice is hereby given that the followinsr-
named settler has filed notice of his intention to
make final proof in support of his claim, and
that said proof will be made before Register and
Koceiver at Norm rlat to. JNeo., on November
19th, I&s9. viz: Jamen Laughlin on Homestead
Entry No. 13872 for the southwest quarter sec
tion 31. two. 16 N. range 33 W. Ho names the
following witnesses to prove his continuous res
idence upon and cultivation of said land, viz:
William Roberts. F. E. Potter. Temnln Rmith
and P. O. Buchanan, all of Birdwood. Neb.
3.) Wm. Seville, Register.
. Lii.eut s iiXTKAcr of Tar and Wilu Cheiir
is a safe, reliable and pleasant remedy for coughs
colds, bronchitis, asthma and all throat troubles;
will relieve and benefit consumption. To it
and be convinced. Every bottle warranted; price
TOc and $1 per bottle. Sold by all druggists. Pro
ired by the Lmmert Proprietary Co., Chicago.
Ha py Home Blood Pdrifieu is the people'
popular medicine for purifying the blood; pre"
venting or caring dyspepsia, biliousness, head
ache, boils and all fevers and malarial diseases.
Price ;() cents and one dollar per bottle.
The new vegetable remedy for the cure
of Dyspepsia, Indigestion. Sick and Ner
vous Headache, Female Weakness. Rheu
matism, Catarrh, Dropsy, Scrofula, Pimples
and Face Eruptions and Blood, Liver and
Sidney diseases . It purifies the blood and
through It acts upon all organs and tissues
of the body, and strengthens and builds up
the system while it eradicates disease. It
Is the most economical blood purifier and
pleasant to take. Price SI: Six bottles $3.
Prepared by J. W. COLE CO.
Blaok River Falls, WU,
Apo and Looking Glass.
A looking glass is a mvstery, an ob
ject of intense interest to many animals,
and it is often very amusine to watch
their maneuvers. Professor O. Robert
son describes the behavior of a large ape
in the Jardm de3 Plantes.
He was in an iron cage lording it over
some smaller monkeys. Ferns and other
things had been thrown between the
bars, which the ape attempted to seize.
At length a small hand looking glass,
with a strong wooden frame, was thrown
111. ine ape got hold of it and began to
brandish it like a hammer, when sud
denly he was arrested by the reflection
of himself in the glass.
After looking puzzled for a moment,
he darted his head behind the glass to
find the other ape, which he evidently
supposed to be there. Finding nothing,
he apparently thought that he had not
been quick enough in his movements.
So he raised and drew the crlass nearer
to him with crreat caution, and rlirni.
with a swifter dart, looked behind: and
again finding nothing, he made the at
tempt once more.
He now grew very angry, and began
to beat the frame violently on the floor
of his cage. Soon the class was shat
tered, and pieces fell out. Again ho was
arrested by his own imago in the piece
of glass still remaining in the frame, and
he resolved to try again. More carefully
than ever he began, aud more rapidly
than ever was the final dart made.
His fury over this last failure knew
no bounds, and he crunched tho frame
and glass together with his teeth till
nothing but splinters remained. Youth's
Merit Wins.
We desire to say to our citizens that for sears
we have been selling Dr. King's New Discovery
for Consumption, Ur. lung s JNew late Pills.
Backlen's Arnica Salve and Electric Bitters and
have never handled remedies that sell-as well, or
that have given such universal satisfaction. We
do not hesitate to guarantee them every time,
and we stand ready to refund tho purchase price
if satisfactory results do not follow their usn.
Theso remedies havejwon their great popularit
purely on their merits. A. ir Streitz. druggist. 1
Land Officoat North Platte, Neb., ?
Sept. 20th, 1889. f
Notice is hereby given that tha follnar;n(-
namcd settler has filed notice of his intention to
make final proof in support of his claim and
that said proof will bo made before Register and
Heceiver at North Platte, Neb., on Dec. 12, 1889,
viz: John E. Evans. Administrator of tha Vatata
of Richard Bascombe, deceased, H. E. No. 2230
for the east hf southeast or and sonthwesr nr nf
southeast qr section itt, town 14 N, range 30 W.
ne names the foUowing witnesses to prove his
his continuous residence nnon and
of said land, viz: A.B. Hall. Walter K. CovelL
William Hnbartt and Albert ConlpHpwill nf
North Platte, Nob.
37b Wm. Neville, Register.
Land Office at North Platte, Neb., )
. . Sept. 18th, 18S9. f
Notice is hereby iriven that thn fnllnwJnfr.
named settler has filed notice of his intention to
make final proof in support of his claim and
that said proof will bo made before tha RpmRtnj.
and Receiver at North Platte. Neb., on Decem
ber 9th. 1839 viz: John V Tlhnnria H,t,
stead Entry No. 7036 for the northeast quarter
section 21, town 15, range 83 W. He names the
following witnesses to prove his continuous
residence npon and cultivation of said land, viz:
Benjamin A. Dikeman, John Coker, Theodore
E. Potter and David G. Potter, all of Binlwond
87(5 W21. Neville. Register.
State of Xebkaska, I
Lincoln C.h'.ntv. f
In the District Court thereof of the Tenth Ju
dicial District.
The Nebraska Loan and Trust Co..
Georire M. Bobbitt, Anna L. Bob-
bit t, his wife; U.K. Ottraan and
Thomas Killihcr. Defendants.
The above named defendants, Thomas Killihcr
and II. R. Ottman, and each of them, are herby
notified that the above named plaintiff has tiled
in the above named court its petition against
them and the other defendants above named,
the object and prayer of which petition are to
foreclose a mortgage bearing date October first.
I8K, executed by the defendants, George 31.
Cobbitt and Anna L. Bobbitt. his wife, to the
plaintiff, on the north-west quarter ('4) of section
twenty-four (24) in township twelve (12) north,
raiiiic thirty (HO) west of the sixth urincinrl meri
dian, in Lincoln county. Nebraska, and to have said
real estate appraised and sold to satisfy and dis
charge the dent with interest and costs which said
mortgage was given to secure. The said defendants
Thomas Killiher and H. R. Ottman are further
notified that they arc required to anuear and
answer said petition on or before 3Iondav, the
14th day of October, 1889.
The Xebhaska Loan and Tkust Co.
iUM By John 31. Raoan, its Atfy
When men and maidens seek the sport
They find around the tennis court,
Or when upon the diamond field
Their bats the champion players wield,
When walks, or rides, or bending oars,
Bring perspiration from the pores,
Then people all should bear in mind
The best and purest soap to find,
For after some such exercise
The system most in danger lies,
Absorbing then both swift and sure
The poisons found in soaps impure,
And those who keep for face and hands 4
Or general use as time demands,
The Ivory Soap, need have no fear
From exercise throughout the year.
There are many white soaps, each represented to be "just as good as the ' Ivor
they ARE NOT, but like all counterfeits, lack the peculiar and remarkable qualities of
the genuine. Ask for " Ivory" Soap and insist upon getting it.
Copyright 18SC, by Procter & Gamble.
Notice to Voters.
"Wagons, Carriages, ZB"o.grgrIes,
the Celebrated
Agents for
Goodhue and Challenge Wind Mills
Agents for Union Sewing Machines.
North Platte,
National Building,
A Dutch Tjalk.
She was massively built of varnished
oak, with bows so bluff as to be almost
square, a straight sided box, made, like
all Dutch craft, to slide over the water
rather than through it, and with im
mense wing like lee boards on each side
to let down and supply the place of a
keel when going to windward. A tall
mast bore a lofty narrow headed main
sail with a short curved gaff, and a fore
staysail from the bow. The great rudder
bore along its upper edge a grotesquely
carved and gayly painted lion couchant,
tho most common of all the rudder decor
ations and of as much importance as the
familiar figurehead in seagoing ships.
Hull and spars were brightly varnished,
with casings of polished brass, and rings
and scrolls of red and blue paint wher
ever there was room. The staves of the
water barrels were green and white, and
marvelous landscapes were painted on
the ends. There was a neat raised cabin
at the stern, gayly ornamented in green
and yellow, with little white curtained
Qower decked windows, through which
one caught glimpses of a spotless doll's
house interior, with shining pots and
pans and quaint shapes of blue and brown
earthen vessels. Of course all the items
of household life cooking, washing, the
baby's toilet, and soon were performed
in the most open and unconcerned man
ner on deck. Blackwoodfs Maorsjrfno
Ballard's Snow Liniment.
Tiiis wonderfnl remedy is guaranteed to euro
Neuralgia. It is a positive cure. It will euro
KhmimntiRm nn matter of how lone standing. It
-will cure the dull aching pain in tho small of the
back. It rill care all sprains and braises. It
will instantly take out the fire from a scald or
burn, and stop all pain. It is the most pene
trating liniment in the -world. It is good for all
inflnmation. It is guaranteed to do all claimed
for it or money refunded. A. F. Streity, Agent.
Tho grc&ddaughtar of Abraham Lin
coln, the daughter of higaom Robert, will
make her entrance into "society this
winter. Miss Lincoln is a little above
the medium height, and has a well
rounded figure and bright girlish face,
in which there is no trace of the rugged
features of her great ancestor.
The Rev. Hugh Callan, M. A., of St.
Andrew's cathedral, Glasgow, Scotland,
has just returned toiiis native land from
a tricycle tour through Palestine. Turkey,
Bulgaria and Servia. He wheeled about
2,700 miles. His tricycle created aston
ishment and dismay in many places, and
in Jerusalem the people became much
excited orer it.
North Platte, Neb, Oct. 1, l8SfJ.
Notice is hereby given that the Super
visors ot Kejnstration m ana iorlNorth
Platte Precinct No. 1, North Platte Pre
cmct No. 2, and North Platte Precinct
No. 3, will sit for the purpose of re"ister-
inr voters on
Tuesday, October 8th,
Wednesday, October 16th,
Thursday, October 24 and
Fridav and Saturday, Nov. 1st and 2d,
from 8 o'clock a. in. till 9 o'clock p. m
of each of said days, at the following
In Nortu Platte rreciuct iNu. l, at tr.
R. Hammond Elose House.
In North Platte Preainct No. 2 at B, 1.
Hininan Hose House.
In North Platte Precinct No. u at Wild
"West Hose House.
The boundaries of said precincts are as
North Platte Precinct No. 1: Corn
meuctng in center or j?ront ana opruce
streets, runnmc tuence along spruce
street to ouarter line between Peniston's
aad Miller's additions, thence south to the
South Platte River, thence down bouth
Platte River to -junction of South Piatte
and North Platte Rivers, thence up North
Platte River to wagon road and railroad
bridge, thence west along the center of
said road and Front street to place of be
uinning. North Platte Precinct No. 2: Com
mencing on South Platte River at the
west boundary lino of Precinct No. 1,
running thence west along South Platte
River to the line of Nichols Precinct,
thence north along said line to center of
U. P. R. R. track, thenreeast to west end
of Front street, thence east in center of
said street to center of Spruce street, then
south along west line of Precinct No. 1
to place of beginning. i
North Platte Precinct No. 3: Comrnen-j
cingat the west end of the railroad bridge j
across JNortn riatte river, tnence aiong
the bank of said river in a northwesterly
direction to the east line of .Nichols pre
cinct. th ence south alone said line to the
Union Paciflc Railway, thence east along
said railway to the west end of Front
street, thence along the center of said
Front street and the road leading to the
railroad bridge to the place of beginning.
By order of the city council,
City Clerk.
Showing the cost aud profit to be derived by the borrower of 1,000 in
five years. The borrower having been a shareholder six months, and
holding thirteen shares, has made application for a loan, and his applica
tion has beeu accepted and approved.
He receives in cash '
He has paid in admission fee on thirteen shares at $'2,00 per share ,
He has paid six monthly installments at 60 cents per share, amounting to
$7.80 per month '
He has paid two quarterly installments of 23 cents per share, amounting to
$3.25 each
Now he pays on the last Saturday of each month a monthly installment of
60 cents a Ehare 7.80
AI60 his interest at live per cent per annum on $1,000, payable monthly . 1.16
Also his Drf-minm at five Der cent ner annum on Sl.COO Darable '.
monthly 1.16;s
As all protective installments are returnable, total monthly payment even- ;
tually, except such times as there may be a quarterly installment .' 16.13H
In fonr and one-half years (or at montnsj the balance 01 tne unexpired (
" time of iivo years, ho will havo paid as installments, interest and pre- ,
mium : ,
Also add the remainder of quarterly installments, eighteen at $3.25 each... ;
To amount invested, aside from protective installments, which are return- ;
able owing to tho return protective installment plan adopted by the '
union !
The certificate of shares having matured is worth $1,300, which will pay the 1
loan and leave a surplus of $300, thus eventually the borrower has had j
the use of $1,000 since six months after becoming a shareholder, and
has cleared a handsome profit of , 291.00
B 15 JFL TT Or Gr I S Tjm
Notice to Bridge Contractors
Sealed bids will be received up to 12
o'clock noon of Thursday October 31,
1889, for the erection of a single track
bridge across the South Platie river on a
public highway upon the half section line
running north and south through sections
27 and 31, township 14. range 32 west, in
Lincoln county, Nebraska.
Said bridge will be a pile bridge about
2000 feet long.
Plans and specifications have been
adopted by the board of county commis-
1 .... i . a : ,1
sioners ana an oms wiu ue muuu un uu
Said nlans can be seen at the office of j
the county clerk at North Platte, Neb.
The board reserves tne ngni to reject
any or all bids.
By order of the board of County Com
missioners of said county.
Orders from the country and along the line of the Union
Pacific Railway Solicited.
Merchant Tailor,
embracing all the new designs, kept on hand and made to order.
Spruce Street, next door to Post office.
Beick Liyeet Stable,
on short notice and at reasonable rates. Horses boarded by the week or
month. Careful and competent employes. Stable opposite the Hawley
House on east Fifth street,

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