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the Itttawe.
STEVENS & BABE, Editors aud Props
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Baptism at the Baptist church next Sunday
Tom Ferguson is clerking in Ormsby's grocery
3 ;.
" - : ' streets
J. H. Fonda is building a porch to the front of
Mr residence. -
i Dr. n. W. All wine has formed a partnership
-wMi Dr. Ayers.
Engineers1 Hay party at the opera house to
bwrow evening, Slay 1st.
A number of young ladies and gentlemen were
keeked for a period of pleasure at the Goosee
feesao last evening.
Win. Edis has secured the agency for steam
paaaps suitable for irrigating purposes. Notice
h4s advertisement elsewhere.
On last Tuesday quite a party of young people
a very pleasant evening at the home of Mr
Mrs. W. 3L THrnnnn west of the city.
Master George Hatchings was thrown from i
Sunday before last and sustained injuries
confined him to the house for three or four
Kawberries put in their first appearance in
tUe market Saturday. They were of rather an
laterior quality but sold readily at thirty-five cents
per box.
The fact that there are few, if any, idle men on
tae streets speaks well for the town. Willing
workers hare little trouble in obtaining em-
C P. Davis Is finishing up the real estate ab
stract for Mr. Patterson begun by Mr. Bay, who
xaUaqnished the work on account of pressure of
Miss Leatbio Cnlbertson, who resided in this
. about a year with her sister, Mrs. Wherry,
married recently at her home in Peru to Geo
rs of Council Bluffs.
The ladies aid society of the Baptist church
wul give a strawberry and cream sociable Thurs
day evening. May 8th. The place, of holding the
aaaae will be announced next week.
Tne guess of The Teiluke relative to the
4aM held at the opera house on the evening of
Arbor Day was pretty correct Attendants voted
Hw affair a very successful one.
Saving finished decorating the Casino with
Irtairtlne, George Slmklns will shortly decorate
the aew bank building with the same material, he
havteg taken the contrrct to do the work.
Tne party at the Foley residence on Wednes
- day evening of last week is reported by attendants
to have been an exceptionally pleasant one. About
thirty of our young people wore present.
While indications do not point to as much
Mlding in the city this year as last yot new houses
are going up on all sides, while minor improve
ments are almost too numerous to record.
Don't get discouraged if business is a little
;dmlL An era of prosperity for North Platte is
bow materializing, but the scheme is not quite
raady for publicity. All things will come to him
-TaMBtiae Dewing, aa ylpyee of the round
fell froata task latto the mit below 8atar4ay
sBstalaimg aetare at the richt arm mad
'Uttmwhtg ate aek. B wlH be laM p for sobm
Jat eoate.
. The MothesVet sociable gives at the radiance
at Mr. aad Mrs. Frank Tracy oa last Ttanday
mmlug was well aKded la gptts of the bad eea-
of the weather and those preat report
: had a pleasant time.
The county commissioners will be in session
Meaday next and considerable business will b? up
before the board. Action will be taken on one or
twe reads, bids for the fencing around the court
aasja jrard will be opened, the Nichols bridge n fr
aud other matters transacted.
Why not have aparade of the city fire depart-
3 swat occasionally just to bring oat a crowd 'oa the
and to show visitors who may happen to be
ia the city what a fine department we have? Or
better still have the companies get out and do a
little active practicing. Almost any Saturday af
ternoon would be an appropriate time.
To-morrow is the first of May and the month
will open auspiciously with a ball in the evening
under the management of the railroad engineers.
That this May party will be a success goes without
aayiag. Tickets are placed at $1.50. Supper will
be furnished by TTrbach & Schuff at 11.50 per i
At present there is nothing booked at the opera
house until next fall, but perhaps there may be a
company or two come along before the close of
this present theatrical season. Several home en
tertainments will be given in the future, but as yet
the dates, we believe, have not been decided.
It is said that among the questions to be asked
by the census enumerators is: "Are you indebted
to your local paper!" Now to be forced to answer
the question in the affirmative would certainly bo
mortifying, therefore it would be well for Tkibunx
delinquents to call and settle before the enumera
tor starts on his rounds, which will be June 2d.
The V. P. conductors who attended the meet
ing of the railway managers at Cheyenne last
week report all grievances on the mountain
division satisfactorily settled. The officers of the
Missouri River division claimed that the power
for a final settlement was out of their hands, and
in the absence of Vice-President Holcombe, was
laid over until June 1, when it is believed all
differences will be amicably settled.
The poles on which the fire alarm wire will be
strung are being distributed. The probable loca
tion of the alarm boxes will be as follows: One
near the residence of T. C. Patterson on west
Fourth street, one on east Fourth street, one at
intersection of Fifth and Spruce streets and the
other on north Locust near Yon Goetz's store. It
is expected that the system will be in working
order inside of two weeks.
Hall is an unwelcome visitor to farmers, and
in this county as well as others they have in the
past suffered considerably from it. It is best for
the farmer to have his crops insured, even though
the premiums ore stiff, and to this end we refer
our farmer readers to an advertisement headed
"Iasare your crops against hail." The company
represented by Mr. Patterson is thoroughly relia
ble, aad its plan of doing business very fair.
Last Saturday Mr. Crane's bird dog was taken
sick aad for safe keeping was locked in the coal
house. Early Sunday morning Mr. and Mrs. Crane
west oat to examine the animal's condition, and
jast as they opened the door it sprang out and ran
around the yard frothing at the month and dis
playing other symptoms of hydrophobia. Consid
erably frightened the couple rushed into the house
when Mr. Crane took up his gun and put an end to
the deg's life. It was a narrow oscape as there
was bo doubt but that the dog had hydrophobia.
According to appointment ex-Senator Van
Wyck spoke at the court house Saturday afternoon,
the room beins too small to accommodate the
aaoieace of which farmers composed about half.
Ia his speech the Senator assailed the railroads in
hts usaal forcible manner, alluded at some length
to the silver question and strongly advised farmers
to stick close to the alliance, keep aloof from the
two political parties and elect their own members
of the legislature. During his address, which oc
cupied about an hour and a half, the Senator was
loudly applauded.
Last Sunday night about twelve o'clock a fire
Broke out in the front of Lane's livery barn. The
alarm was given by Mrs. J. M. Marcott and Miss
V) star a Bondrie, who ran to the nearest neighbors
and awakened the men. Before assistance arrived
the are was under too great headway to be checked
sad the entire building and three vehicles were
aesarered. The drug store and residence of J. M.
Marcott being only twenty-five feet south of the
barn was in great danger and was only saved by
i finking- water from the upper windows against the
side Bxt the fire. That wall is badly scorched
aad stalled but not greatly damaged. Mr. Lane's
loss Is about one thousand dollars upon which he
had an insurance of five hundred dollars in the
Phoenix of Brooklyn. There were no horses in
the buiMiag aad bo baggies that were not insured.
The origin of the fire is not known, but is supposed
to have started from the oAce stove. Brady Blada.
8. D. Wad-worth was la (own y aster day.
Chae. gaita was down from Dearer yesterday.
C. E. Gunnell, came down from Paxton yesterday
Miss Mamie Van Camp has recovered from her
late illness.
Louis aad Charley Burke west down to Omaha
Monday evening.
Mrs. 3. S. Trnesdall. of the Pacific Hotel, was
visitor in Omaha Monday.
County Treasurer Osgood returned Saturday
from Des Moines, Iowa.
Geae Fry, of Cartts, a weU-kaowa old-tiaMr,
spent Saturday ia the city.
Chas. McDonald spent several' days ia
the latter part of the week.
C. O. Hawkins, cf Wellfieet, was a visitor in
town Saturday and Sunday.
. P. B. Gavin, of Wallace, was in tows Wednesday
and gave Tax Tamnrz a call.
G. W. Collins, of Dillon, Collins ft Co., has .been
spending the past few days in town.
Mr. Browning, s young man lately from Omaha,
has taken a position ia Noble's shoe store.
Ted McEvoy, of White Tail, was a guest of his
brother P. H. several days last week.
Presiding Elder Amsbary leaves to-day for
Moorefield to bold quarterly conference.
Henry McGlone came down from Bawlins the
latter part of the week on a visit to friends.
Dr. McNeil Smith came in from Wellfieet last
week to attend the ball given at the opera house
A brother of Chris. B rod beck arrived from
Germany Monday and will make his iwme in this
Wm. B. Bisse went down to Omaha, Saturday
evening where he had business before the district
J. I. Nesbltt and H. M. Grimes left 8aaday night
for Grant county to attend a session of the dis
trict court
Mrs. J. C. Costello came down from Cheyenne
Monday evening to spend a few days with relatives
and friends.
J. L. Oliver and W. S. Prickett, of Fairfield,
were in town on business yesterday and gave these
headquarters a call.
Mrs. Cary and Mrs. C. E. Gunnell, of Paxton,
mother and sister of E. A. Cary are guests of that
gentleman and his family.
J. S. Hoagland returned Saturday night from
Arapahoe, where he delivered an address before
the Odd Fellows on Friday.
CP. Boss left yesterday for Keith county to
finish up ihe work of surveying and classifying the
lands of Jno. Bratt & Co.
Charley Horn, the expert roper, has resigned
his position with John Bratt & Co. after having
spent eight years with the firm.
Miss Lyons, of Ellenburg, Wash., is the guest of
her brother W. M. Lyons and will probably remain
in the city during the summer.
Ira Brown, an inspector from the general land
office at Washington, is in the city, enroute east
from a trip to the Pacific coast.
Wm. Hubartt, who had been spending several
months In Pittsburg looking after his fire escape
machine, returned to the city Friday.
F. D. Nowell returned Monday morning from a
business trip to Omaha. Mr. Nowell and family
will shortly remove to the ranch west of the city.
Oscar Hughes, who has been braking on the
Cheyenne division for the past three or four
months, came down Saturday. He will probably
stay teas time.
Ber. J. J. Eeeler, general missionary for Ne
braska, presented the cause of domestic missions
at the Baptist church Sunday morning and receiv
ed aa offering for the work.
Jae. Beatty, of Gibbon, formerly of this city,
was a west-bound passenger yesieraay morning
enroute to Portland, Oregon, where he was going
to take a look at the country.
Miss Calla MeConnell who had been the guest of
Mrs. T. J. Foley for a ceuple of weeks, left for her
home in Omaha Sunday on jeeeipt of a telegram
announcing the death of a friend.
II. 8. Boat wj te -l)a' vec" Saturday algt?
and after inhaling the mountain air for thirty -eix
hours returned home Tuesday morning. His wife
and sister will be home the latter part of the week.
Bev. Bewick, of the Baptist church, has been
granted a three weeks vacation beginning May
19th, and in company with Mrs. B. will attend the
Baptist national anniversaries at Chicago. They
will also visit relatives in Wisconsin.
John Bratt started Monday evening for Hyannis,
Grant county, to be present at the trial of several
men arrested for stealing and killing cattle belong
ing to the firm of which Mr. Bratt is a member.
The chances are the prisoners will be sent "over
the road."
Will Nauman left for Salt Lake City Monday
evening to accept a position as salesman in the
clothing house of Vollmer It Wolter, former North
Platte boys. The firm is doing a fine business and
Mr. N. is fortunate in securing the position.
Arthur McNamara, assistant cashier of the First
National, expects to leave in a few days for a jaunt
to the Pacific Coast in company with his brother-in-law
Mr. Barkalow, of Omaha. The young man
is certainly entitled to the lay-off and that he may
come home feeling refreshed, reinvigorated and
rejuvenated, is the wish of this journal.
H. L. Harvey, general agent for the Interna
tional Encyclopedia is now in the city canvassing
for the work and we understand is meeting with
very good success. The International is one of
the standard encyclopedias of the day; in fact for
the price it stands at the head. It is a work that
should be found in the library of every man who
desires to be well informed.
1,200 Plants to select from, at Shxpabd's.
The two little daughters of Mr. and Mrs. W. B.
Conklin who have been sick with scarletina are
rapidly convalescing.
"Damon and Pythias" will be presented at the
opera bouse within a month by the dramatically
inclined young men of Maxeppa Lodge K. of P.
We predict the d. 1. y. m. will prove equal to the
Herbert J. Mott and Miss LiUle J. Watkins,
both of Fox Creek Precinct were married at the
Hinman Lodging House Sunday evening last, Bev.
Amsbary performing the ceremony.
Cut flowers for the May Dance at Shxpakd's.
A communication signed "Honest John" is re
jected on account of not bearing the signature of
the author and by reason of its personal references.
The poetoffico; clock arrived yesterday morn
ing and was placed in position by Jeweler McEvoy.
The timo piece is neat in appearance and fully
guaranteed to keep correct time.
The newly elected city office rs take their seats
at the meeting next Monday evening, and Tax
Tbtbckx suggests to Mayor-elect Warner that he
establish a precedent by delivering an inaugural
A pleasant party was held at the Weinberger
residence Monday evening which was largely at
tended by the friends of Andy and his sister.
Bounteous refreshments were served during the
Local stockmen hail -with delight the gradual
rise in the price of stock believing that bed-rock
has been reached and that better values will here
after be obtained. The market has been ruinous
ly low and as a result many raisers have been in
straightened financial circumstances but as the
worst is undoubtedly passed they may yet regain
their feet.
Advertised Letters.
List of letters remaining uncalled for In
post office at North Platte, Nebr., for
the week ending April 90, 1810,
Calvert, John D
Johnson, Joe
Difewsderfer, M
Jones, B W
Sangsdoorf, H A
Miller, J B
Mahn, Joreph
Maher Thos
Morr, George 31
Rost, Wm
Shartridge, Elmond
Saydor, O H
Hanptora, Mrs Emms
Letters held for postage: Chase, Geo
O Toncray, C II
Persons calling for above will please
say "advertised."
Harvey Hill, of the Paxtoo Sepubli-
om, transacted business In town Monday.
Dr. Dullard made professional visits
to Gothenburg, Cozad and Lexington last
Job a M. Dyer received a quantity of
near beet seed Monday which he wittH
distribnte to farmers wishing to expert
ahent with beets.
You cu court 1,300 plants at Sbep-
ard'a or. get all you want for nothing.
Ajaneir the probable future entertain
ssettts at the opera house are two by home
talent: oa by the G. A. R. and the
other by Mazeppa Lodge K. of P.
WAjmsD: Girl for general housework.
Apply at residence or
J. I. Nesbitt.
Shall we hate a district reunion ? If
so, preparations should begin at once. The
counties west of us are anxious that North
Platte make a move In this direction.
Improve the nutritive functions of the
scalp by using Hall's Vegetable Sicilian
Hair Renewer, aid thus keep the hair
from falling and becoming gray.
Hershey & Co. report good business
in the line or farm implements, wagons
and buggies, their sales extending over
large territory.
During March the net earnings of the
union Pacific Road were $998,752, an in
crease of $55,596. The expenses show
comparative increase of $559,592.
Button Hole Bouquets for the dance
will arrive Thursday moraine. May 1st at
Wm. Mahan, of Kilmer precinct, was
In town Saturday in search of several head
of horses which had strayed from his
farm. A description of th9 animals will
be found in our advertising columns.
John Keith was in town Monday per
ambulating tne streets witn tne aid or a
cane. While riding a horse the other day
the animal fell, throwing Mr. Keith with
much force to the ground. He sustained
severe bruises.
Will exchange one of the best quarter
sections of deeded land in Lincoln connty,
situated six .miles from North Platte, for
unincumbered city property. Inquire of
Geo. T. Snelhng.
Wanted: A girl for general house
work. Inquire of
Mas. D. C. Congdon.
In the case of the State of Nebraska
vs. Wm. and Lester Winslow, charged
with setting fire to a stack of hay belong
ing to the Big Springs Land & Cattle Co.,
came to a close last Saturday night at
about 11 o'clock, by the jury finding a
verdict of not guilty. This case created
quite an excitement in our town, and the
court room was packed full of people
ytbo were anxious to hear the trial. The
case was very ably defended by Messrs.
Day, Bixler and Grimes. Messrs. Halli
gan and Short were the attorneys for the
prosecution. OgalaUa Selector.
The little four year old daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Malnnn wna hurned to
death last Monday, April 21st. On the
Sunday previous she was left alone in the
house with her infant sister and two year
old brother for a short time while her
parents went into the garden, a short
distance from the house. Soon the child
came running out enveloped ia flames
which burned off every stitch of her cloth
ing except the collar of htr dress. The
supposition is that &he was playing with
matches. Dr. Bartholomew was immedi
ately sent for and did all in his power to
assist but after ten hours of agony the
poor child breathed its last. Madrid
. .j.SJreJae Tsar Kane.
If tire lpcnan who seat me a letter
signed "Taxpayer," relative to opening
Cottonwood street, will write me signing
his name in full, the matter will receive
attention. Stl. Friend,
At her home near Vroman, April 23d,
1890, Mrs. Elizabeth Hopke, aged 60
years, 3 montns ana 11 days, ine de
ceased was the mother of U F. Preitauer,
secretary of the farmers alliance. The
remains were Interred at the Lutheran
cemetery north of Gothenburg Friday, C.
E. Weideranders officiating.
TOeestrlck Sehnle."
The ladles of the Presbyterian church
are now at work getting things in readi
ness for their ' deestrick schule" entertain
ment to be given in the near future. The
entertainment will prove an interesting
one. representing a session of district
school such as was held fifty years ago.
The bad D03', the timid girl, the dunce
and the gray-haired master will be on
Church of Our Savior.
The services next Sunday will be as
Holy communion, 8.30; Matins and
second celebration holy communion, 4 p.
m.; shortened evensong, 3 p. m,; confir
mation class, 4 p. m.; choral vespers, 8 p.
m., with lecture on Romanism, Anglo-
Catholicism and the Reformation.
A class to be confirmed in June will
be formed on Sunday afternoon at four
o'clock. Everybody is invited to attend
the class lectures.
me n
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the met
a success
1 lodge
' last week
eceipt8 be-
r repaired
hours were
Hotter amuse-
In the Police Court.
The vag who stole the pants last week
had his hearing Wednesday and not hav
ing the wherewith to pay his fine, was
given ten days on the streets.
Unarly uoyer was called to lace His
Honor Saturday on the charge of being
drunk and disorderly. He was sentenced
to do service for the city to the amount of
ten days.
A young fellow named uiartc was run
n Monday afternoon as a plain drunk.
He paid $7.50 and departed a wiser and
poorer man.
The Bain Fall.
The rain fall of last week was 3.80
Inches which is more than fell during the
the whole month of April 1888 or 1889.
The total precipitation for this April is
4.48 inches, which is the greatest since
1875. when It was 6.21 inches.
The records of the signal office fail to
show any dally rain fall for April as heavy
as tne one mat occurred Aiondav night
April 21, when it was 2.80 inches. The
nearest one to it occurred April 28, 1875,
wnen z.? incnes leu.
Malignant Lying.
The Tribune does not chamnion the
North Platte Club any more than it does
any honorable institution or firm in the
city, but it does protest against the mallg-
nan Mnn mUUI. 1 t .1 I
uaut .iua triiivu iimvtj in uio pasi auu are
still being circulated in regard to the
club. The reDort that liauors are used at
the club rooms is utterly without founda
tion, and any one circulating such reports
maliciously and wilfullv tells an untruth .
The same is so in regard to other state
ments made by the slanderers. The
membership of the club includes a large
majority of our business men. and it is
scarcely possible they weuld retain their
membership did they think the rainrta
clrcalated were correct. But notwith
standing the attacks upon it, the North
Platte Club goes st-adily forward, gain
ing new members each week. .It furnishes
a place of amusement for those who,-were
it not for the club rooms, might possibly
frequent the saloons.
Wo area
attended t
itenv of jlaat"
were freatedf
from thel
the men!
J. M.l
editorial '
Ray was i
men of thsn
ed the
James Mrhaei
j!... 4 1 ' -
oicis law op
paper will ba;i
will contianifl
J. J. Mcli
few days to
can be done-lit 1
payment of j
State Bank of
fact that tsjJ
holds ait
$8,000 upon:
unable to.
for Sidney 1
ing. Sidm;,
ton oi our
restates their
.courtesy hud
felled to walk
Several of
There is,
satisfaction. ,
men of Brady li
of the town stts
price of lots to i
.! 1 1 . 1
ucauy put '
to a certain
the prosperity of
the Dusiness asest
a point that they
of a new tovra sKeiI
The raias of last
days. Several" o
very soft b titer
and it was near the
the roads were yen
but the sua aad
them. The rain was:
etation, and with th
proper marafyinc
grass grov and the
at intervals during;
we will need.
precinct new' to
& Co at ts
to MisrFi
with bfe:
ago ana
the Iai
that g6e
ilest assumed
jfv$h. .Mr.
fully conduct
or. Uyers
IB welcomes
felon-and pre
rement the
.Mr. Rav
OmahA in n
ir anvtning,
forcing the
given as
of the late
Lview of the
stiunal Bank
Fit Johnson for
littierto been
the outlook
ry encourag
3 ilUal
.;-,V, . .
a little dis
the business
recent actions
in raising the
tent as to pra".-
! market, thus
riiy hindering
several Of
ht up to such
'the laying out
of five
streets were
torn to them
the country
several day 9,
rapidly drying
boon to veg
oc a glass of
can see the
Such rains
er is wnat
of Fox Creek
of Jno. Bratt
south 9ide, was
of last week
arrived from
nald parted
nine years
ijr years of
eacn. other
ave' reached
ad patiently
If ponny Bride
Mr, and
the tweoj
spend. the
lrrirana .
that it was
and his good wife received
friends ''to,
kin: and "a
ame8, danc-
do-all- ;fee!
Jolly George
many hand
some preseats-from the assembled guests.
That Mr. and Mrs. Nauman may live to
celebrate their fiftieth asarriage anniver
sary is the wish of Thb Tribune.
Arrested for gtoaUag.
Two bums were run ia. Saturday after
noon for hypothicatiag goods from a box
car in which they hMseeq riding. As
soon as the train arrived in town conduc
tor Palmer discovered that, boxes had
been broken open and at oace commenced
a search for the theives. Pretty soon be
saw a seedy- youth on the streets with a
pair of new shoes,.and as one oi tne boxes
broken open contained shoes, he at once
took the fellow in charge and turned him
over to the police. Later he run across
the other oae who was detected by the
several plugs of tobacco he had on his
Will OBservfl ;Day.
Sunt Baker, of the McPheraon Na
tional Cemetery writes Tiie Tribune as
follows: 1 .
"I wish to inform the many readers of
your paper that every effort is being made
to have the largest gathering at this cem
etery on Decoration Day that has ever
been here.
Hon. J. 1. Nesbitt will deliver the ora
tion. Judge Church will also be hero if
possible. I am informed that Gothen
burg and Btady Island will , be here in
force, and so far as I hare been able to
earn nearly every one from the country
will attend. All are invited."
A Pleasaat" Evening.
The ever hospitable Mr. and Mrs . S
Goozee entertained a party of friends
Thursday evening in a very pleasant
manner, leaving nothing undone which
would in any way redound to the enjoy
ment of the guests. The party assembled
early and at once surrounded the card
tables, high-five being, at a majority of
the tables, the garner Refreshments were
served about halfpatt tea, and' a fine lun
cheon it was. After all had their fill the
tables were cleared and the card games
renewed and coatiaaed until twelve
o'clock when the guests took leave of the
couple who had furnished them such a
pleasant evening.
George Ansa! a Charmed.
On the occasion of George Austin's
birthday anniversary Friday, about fifteen
couples of his friends gave him a sur
prise party, and agreat surprise it was.
After Mr. A. bad. recovered his presence
of mind, W. H. Fikes arose and in behalf
of the company assembled presented him
with a handsome watch charm. This se
cond surprise almostkriecked George off
his feet, but he rallied sufficient to thank
his friends for thisevidence of good will.
The guests then? sagaged in the mazy
whirl of the waitzto music furnished by
"dot little German-band." AfteF refresh
ments had been served, the guests de
parted wishing George many returns of
the day. -
A BrMfee at Maxwell.
The Tribune is creditably informed
that a petition .will be presented to the
county commiekera.early next month
from residents of Maxwell and Cotton
wood precincts, asking" Itat a proposition
be submitted toypjp prticinct bonds to
aid In tie constraroion of a, bridge across
the Platte at orVnear Maxwell. At pre
sent the j peoplsjpf Cottonwood precinct
are compelled tofgo ten or, twelve miles
east or fifteen, west, in order to get to the
railroad which, hi , pretty good evidence
that !a bridge vjis: needed i The people
living taeJitfsod would plso be able to
market tle nawhich grows so luxuriant
ly there Itj&etimated (-mat the, strac-
ue HftignDornooa oi
if inilt a village
f at Maxwell.
Strack Oil.
Last fall a well was bored on the home
stead of Joseph Beuhman, about three
aad a half miles northwest of town. At a
depth of 125 feet water was found. For
a time all seemed well, but the water had
a peculiar flavor to it and later got so bad
that it could not be used, and finally it be
came so disagreeable that stock would
not drink it. Mr. Beuhman cleaned his
well but all to no purpose. The water
continued to get worse . He then hoisted
the water and let it stand in barrels, when
he discovered, to his great surprise, that it
contained oil, and, that be was the owner
of an oil well, equal perhaps to the fam
ous, wells, of the oil regions of the
east. The well will be sunk deeper at
once and the water analyzed. This will
likely prove a great find and all will wait
impatiently for further developments.
Wellfieet Standard.
A Census Pointer.
The fact of when taking of the census
begins and ends cannot be too often im
pressed upon our readers, for almost
every man and woman will be called on
for information of some kind. These
calls will begirt on Monday, the 2d, of
June, and will be completed before Sun
day, June 15. The purpose is to carry
the work forward with every possible
dispatch, and the hope that every man
will be fully prepared to give the infor
mation expected of him. The census in
cludes much more than a mere count of
population. In matter of fact, that is
but an insignificant portion of the work
to be done. The enumeration will in
clude complete statistics of all the indus
tries, professions, trades and institutions
in the country.
Lincoln county has been divided into
the following enumerating districts:
North Platte, each ward to constitute a
Deer Creek and Fox Creek.
Medicine, Buchanan and Wells.
Somerset, Dickens and Willow.
Nowell. Fairview and Sunshine.
Miller, Osgood, Baker, Plant and My-
Cottonwood, Gaslin and Peckham.
Vroman, Antelope and Kilmer.
Brady Island, Maxwell and Cox.
Garfield, Whittier and Harrison.
Myrtle, Hall and Hinman.
O'Fallon, Nichols and Birdwood.
It is expected that enumerators for
these districts will be appointed by Supt.
otouffer early the coming month.
Nebraska News.
The Missourri Pacific railroad bridge
across toe r iatte at Liouisvme came near
being burned down last week. Fortu
nately the Are was discovered by trainmen
and extinguished before serious damage
was done.
Thurston county's commissioners have
ordered a special election for the purpose
of bonding the county in the sum of $24,
000, which is to be expended in the erec
tion of a court house.
A respectable young lady moving in the
very bebt circles of Hastings society has
been made the victim of an insnlting let
ter, and the citizens threaten to deal with
the writer as he deserves.
People of Covington and Stanton who
own buildings near the river bank are
moving them back for fear that the land
will be cut away during the June rise.
The high water of last week washed, in
considerable sections of the river front
lots and if the water comes up in June as
it usually does it is feared they may dis
appear entirely.
A. B. Starks, who was arrested and
placed in jail at Red Cloud, was released
last Friday. Judge Gaslin said in his
charge to the jury that in allhssreBagri;
ence as ludge ne nad never ajaaasteei a
man of that offense under similar c&ettav
Standaeludgerplay fully remaafcostamatj
tie would release marks on his own recog
nizance for $50,000 and told him to go
After Aristocratic Gamblers.
Judge Ryland of the Missouri circuit
court some weeks ago charged the grand
jury to take special notice of progressive
euchre and such social games, says a
Kansas City dispatch to the New York
Herald. The judge then went to Pettis
county aud enlarged upon his former
instructions and included in his denuncia
tions the game of "high five" and church
The people of Sedalin laugh over the
judge's action, particularly the members
of the high five club, one of the toniest
social organizations of the city. Hut to
day that laugh has been turned into ex
clamations of terror. The grand jury
yesterday sent out subpoenas for the most
prominent members of the club and to
night the young ladies who were subject
ed to the terrible inquisition of that body
are terror stricken, for in addition to the
fact that they have been compelled to tell
the names of those who participated in
the games they have been sworn not to
reveal any of the secrets of that examina
The ladies at whose houses the club has
held its meetings are in doubt whether
they will be hanged or just sent to the
penitentiary, and some of them have gone
so far as to make preparations to leave
the city.
As there was a notable raffle at a Cath
olic church fair last January it is thought
the grand jury will indict some of the
church members. Bee.
In a case just disposed of, the su
preme court of Indiana has decided that
a will made on Sunday is valid. It holds
at the drafting and execution of a will
are akia to the execution of a marrige
contract and solemnizing the marriage.
'The statute," the court notes, "makes it a
penal offense to be found engaged in com
mon labor or in one's usual avocation. It
certainly could not be contended that a
minister of tue gospel engaged in solemn
izing a marriage on Sunday or a lawyer
emplov ed In writing a will to be executed
on Sunday would be subjected to indict
ment or prosecution for a violation of the
" m w
ture would
$15,000.1 Ii
will likely
Merit Wins.
We desire to say to our citizens, that
for years we have been selling Dr. King's
New Discovery for Consumption, Dr.
King's New Life Pills, Bucklen's Arnica
Salve, and Electric Bitters, and have
never handled remedies that sell as well,
or that have given such universal satis-
action. We do not hesitate to guarantee
them every time, and we stand ready to
refund the purchase price, If satisfactory
results do not follow their use. These
remedies have won their great popularity
purely on tneir merits. A. r. Btreltz,
The cigarette has proved itself as
fatal as "Rough on Rats" in many in
stances. It seems to bo especially dan
gerous to immature boys. Smoking cigars
seems to have few or no harmful effects
on mature persons, but case after case of
cigarette poisoning is reported. Perhaps
moderation would not prove so harmful,
but one of the evils of the cigarette habit
seems to be an uncontrolable tendency to
run into excesses. .
Smokers can always find a good cigar
at Schmalzried's manufactory. He man
ufactures his cigars from the best of leaf
That V. Von Goetz carries every thing
in the grocery line canned goods of all
kinds, nice fresh dried fruits, imported
and domestic. My stock of pickled goods
is always full and of the choicest variety.
Send me your orders.
North Platte, Neb., April 7th, 1890.
Bids will be received at the county
clerk's office for the fencing around the
county courthouse until 1 o'clock p. m.,
May 5th, 1890. B. Buchanan,
Co. Clerk.
Lots 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 block 75, North
Platte. Neb. Inquire of
Rowland Thorpe.
610 north 17th street, Omaha, Neb.
Money to Loan
Lowest Rates, Best Terms
A carload of Bug
gies, Phaetons and
Carriages at Hershey
& Go's.
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Oils, Gasoline, Coal Tar, Crude
Petroleum, Mica Axle Grease,
Rochester Lamps, Etc.,
"We can at any time supply customers
with the choicest cuts of Beef, Pork,
Veal and Mutton. Also Fish, Oysters
and vegetables In their season. The
finest line of all kinds of sausage in the
city at all times.
Brodbeck & Guhiann.
I am now receiving a full line of
Plows, Cultivators, Harrows and all
kinds of farm implements; also a
fine line of buggies, road carts, etc.
I have the oest stock of stoves,
hardware, etc., in the city, all to. be
sold at cold blood prices.
Hershey & Co. have just received a
full line of Deere, Canton and Hapgood
Farm Implements.
Lincoln county's prosperity has just
begun and I want a share of it, and have
opened a real estate office in room 8
Land Office building. City and country
property bought and sold.
Union Plaster
Sulky Plows at
aad Little Yaakee
Hkbshkt Co's.
The billiard tables at the Casino are the
best in the city. The room is lighted
from front and rear and players are never
inconvenienced for want of light. Col.
Hupfer will always be on hand to look
after the interests of his guests.
North Side Grocery Store is the place
to buy groceries cheap. I take special
pains to keep nice fresh country produce,
and will not sell anything in this line un
less I can recommend it.
Dr. Ayres is a graduate of the Ohio
College of Dental Surgery at Cincinnati.
fine improved tannine land, desirably loca
ted. Has an abundant water supply. For partic
ulars call on or address
North Platte, Neb.
The Casino prides itself on the choice
brands of cigars carried in stock. Lovers
of a luxuriant smoke should not fail to
call at the Casino for there they can be
sure of getting a fine article.
All farmers having Fat Cattle, Calves
Chickens, Sheep or other farm products
suitable for our line of business, will find
it to their interest to call ou us. The
highest market prices paid.
Brodbeck & Gibmann.
Just Received.
Spruce Street .-
Rock Spriags lump or nut coal.
C. Iddengs
The patrons of the- Caa$pp
pts wxaaj
aaeUllic aad
woedaa caskets aad aoaial-
kiads and sizes, ikn eam a
stock of shrouds, linings, trimmjfngs, etc
BThe finest hearse in the west and
runs free to all burial grounds adjoining
the city.
Embalming guaranteed in every case.
Prices guaranteed to suit everyone
who is in need of the above goods.
Open day and night.
Sam'i. Adams.
Office on Spruce street, North Platte,
lasHaaatru.' ' "Wii J.WT
Road Carts at Hershey &
Money to Loan on Chattels.
G. T. Field, Rooms 7 and 8,
Land Office Block.
on Chattels by Wm. Brown. Room 1.
Land Office Block.
Just received, a carload of the old re
liable Glidden Wire at
Houses for rent. John M. Dyer.
See Dr. Ayres for fine gold fillings.
Broadcast seeders and Drills at
Hershey & Co,s.
Just Received.
Spruce Street.
Spruce Street,
"A !20ne block south of Postoffice.
all Kinds.
Baskets, Children's Carri
ages, Toys, Etc.
Trieycles and Yelocipedes.
First National Bank,
ing horses or mares can find them at the
Cody ranch. 80 me fine team? f oar to bix years
old. Will sell on six months' time- Mast have
one-third down; balance bankable security.
Will take steers aa part par at market price.
Tex TaiBOTus office.
I have in a fine line of Bed
room Suits for the Spring
Trade, and I am sure I can
suit both in designs and
prices. Call and see them.
Agent for Decker Bros.
Pianos and White Sewing
At the original, North Side Grocery
Store. Also feeof all kinds, and Fresh
Country Produce. Give me a call.
I waut 50,000 bushels of wheat, 75,600
bushels of corn, 75,000 bushels oats and
30,000 bushels of rye, for which I will
pay cash at highest market price.
Lumber, Coal and Grain
A good second hand Wind Mill and
large tank. J. K. Ottexstein.
opposite Idding's lumber and coal yard
Horse shoeinga specialty. I do all gen
eral iron work, wagon and carriage
repairing. I solicit a share of the public
patronage . W.J. Loftus .
Co to Hershey & Co.
for a fine Columbus
buggy or Phaeton.
All goods down to bed rock at Ormsby's
Cash Store.
One hundred car loads potatoes, hay,
grain etc. Highest price ; spot cash and
reference given . Tnos. Keliuer,
1850 Larimer St.
4 wks Denver, Col.
Horses for Sale at Hershey
& Co's.-
Rooms To Rent
By the Day, Week or Month at the Lloyd
House, first door east of Opera House.
Lodging 25 and 35 cents,
tf W. Lloyd.
Call and see Dr. Ayers, over Brown's
clothing store, room No. 1.
For Good Meat Call ou
Brodbeck & GmxAJra.
Buy a Good Cigar
at Thacker's.
Monet To Loan on Chattels,
H. S. Boal, Rooms 7 and 8, Land Office
North Platte flour is the best,
mill companys price list.
Dr. Ayr6s makes a specialty of the
preservation of the natural teeth.

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