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The Hon. William Spurgeon, ex
TJuited States Senator, ex-Governor
of Rhode Island, ex-manufacturer,
and ex-husband of Kate Chase
Sprague, is now Chief of Police at
IJarragansett Pier.
No matter what may be the ills
you bear from indigestion, a dose
of Ayer's Cathartic Pills will ease
you without question. Just try
them once and be assured; they
have much worse dyspeptics cured.
You'll find them nice and amply
worth the price.
"Excuse me, George, but when I
saw you a year ago, your face was
covered with pimples; it seems to
be all right now." "Yes, sir; that s
because I stuck to Ayer's Sarsapar
illa, the greatest blood medicine in
the world. I was never so well in
my life as I am now."
Miss Elsie Hall, aged 12 years,
is the latest prodigy in a musical
way. She is an Australian produc
tion and plays anything and every
thing at sight. A graphic writer
in an Australian exchange says she
would find no difficulty in playing
the hindsights off of Otto Hegner. '
A continual coughing is annoying to
persons sitting near you in any kind of a
gathering; besides, it Is of great damage
to the throat and lungs, and is exceedingly
dangerous at this season of the year.
One-half bottle of Beggs' Cherry Cough
Syrup will relieve any ordinary cough,
and this remedy costs no more than the
inferior grades that are thrown on the
market to sell at enormous profits. A. F.
Streitz Druggist.
Miss Ida E. Bowser is the first
colored female to graduate from
the Department of Music of the
University of Pennsylvania. She
is an accomplished violinist and has
arranged, several creditable musical
The military authorities of Rus
sia have issued an order that caval
rymen shall not wear their cavalry
spurs when they attend a ball. The
spur is as large as a circular saw
and has a disastrous effect on trails
in the wild whirl of the waltz.
The total number of cases of
cholera in Spain is reported at 190,
of which 113 have been fatal.
This is an awful fatality and seems
like a good deal of a reflection
upon the skill of the Spanish phy
sicians. "
It does seem singular that so many
people will let their skin become yellow,
dark and greasy, (finally resulting in
blotches and skin eruptions, as well as a
general drying up of the blood, causing
wrinkles and premature old age), when
this can be remedied at so little expense.
Two bottles of Beggs' Blood Purifier and
Blood Maker will renew and purify the
blood throughout the whole system, leav
ing the skin clear and free from all erup
tions. A. P. Streitz Druggist.
JEhe Farmer's Alliance predicts
iUat it will carry both South Caro
lina and Georgia this vear, and lead
ing Democrats acknowledge that
there is some ground for this confi
dence, in one or two states at
least the bottom threatens to fall
out of Bourbonism earlier even than
the most sanguine of Republicans
have predicted.
We have been hearing a great
deal about England and Germany
capturing Mexican trade to the dis
advantage of the United States but
the official figures do not confirm
those stories. The statement is just
made that Mexico's exports last
year amounted to $60,000,000, of
which $40,000,000 came to the
United States, $13,000,000 went to
England, $3,000,000 to Germany
and $3,000,000 to France.
Justin S. Morrill, of Vermont,
although 80 years of age, will" un
doubtedly secure a re-election to the
Senate. The only point in doubt at
any time was as to whether he
would accept another term,but as he
has consented his re-election is a
mere matter of course. He is one
of the two dozen Senators whose
terms expire next March. No
other man now living has served as
long in Congress as he has, having
entered that body, in the popular
branch, thirty-five years ago. He
will probably die in harness.
Remarkable Rescue.
3Irs. Michael Curtain, Plainfield, 111.,
makes the statement that she caught cold,
which settled on her lungs; she was
treated for a month by her family physi
cian, but grew worse. He told her that
she was a hopeless victim of consumption
and that no medicine could cure her. Her
druggist suggested Dr. King's New Dis
covery for Consumption ; she bought a
bottle and to her delight found herself
benefitted from the first dose. She con
tinued its use and. after taking ten bottles,
found herself sound and well, now does
her own housework and is as well as she
ever was. free trial bottles of this Great
Discovery at Str6itz's drug stor9, large
bottles 50c. and f 1.00.
An old question that was once
agitated in Lincoln is ' about to be
revived in the courts of Omaha. It
is the question as to whether a per
son forfeits a revolver found upon
his person when he is arrested un
less he has first been convicted of
carrying concealed weapons. A
thief named Stratz was caught
stealing. His revolver was taken
from him. While it was in the
posession of the police he sold it to
another prisoner and gave him an
order for it. The purchaser gave
his attorney, Mr. Pierce, an order
for it in payment for services, but
the officers declined to give it up,
claiming it to have been confiscated.
Pierce will bring suit for it, claim
ing that the prisoner was arrested
under the state law and his goods
confiscated under the ordinances;
that; he should have been convicted
of carrying concealed weapons in
order to confiscate the revolver.
An aged lady died suddenly in a
hotel at Birmingham, Ala., and in
her bustle $2,010 w?s found secreted.
The census returns give Phila
delphia a population of a little over
a million, and that quiet, unpreten
tions city is reasonable satisfied.
The full edition of Marshall Mc
Mahon's memoirs, six copies, has
been distributed among his nearest
relatives, with the injunction of
The treasure of St. Clair county,
Michigan, received an envelop the
other evening containing $100 in
money. It was from some con
science strickened man, and the
only explanation enclosed was the
fact that the money wasn't his.
The word apron is said to have
originated in a curious blunder, viz:
A napperon, converted into an ap
peron. Napperon, is French for a
napkin, from nappe (cloth in gen
eral). Some English counties still
employ the word apperon.
A carpenter by the name of M. S.
Powers, fell from the roof of a house in
East Des Moines, Iowa, and sustained a
painful and serious sprain of the wrist,
which he cured with one bottle of Cham
berlain's Pain Balm. He says it is worth
$5 a bottle. It cost him 50 cents. For
sale by A. F. Streitz.
Walt Mason, one of the bright
est writers on the western press, at
one time employed on the State
Journal is a total wreck, from a
too free indulgence in strong drink.
He wanders about the country like
a vagabond, and is now a digusting
specimen of humanity. His career
is coming rapidly to a close.
The original baker's dozen was
the devil's dozen, thirteen being the
number of witches supposed to sit
down together at their great meet
ing. Hence the superstition about
sitting thirteen at a table. The
baker was an unpopular character
and became a substitute for the
devil in the "devil's dozen."
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
The best salve in the world for- Cuts
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever
Sores, Tetter, Chapped hands, Chilblains
Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and posi
tively cures Piles, or no pay required. It
is guaranteed xo give perieci sausiacuon,
or money refunded. Price 25 cents per
box. For sale by A. F. Streitz.
Gold has once more been discov
ered at Aurora, 111., this time all
coined and ready for use. Mrs.
Mary A. Baldwin, an old lady, and
and for many years a resident of
Aurora, died recently. She had
lived quietly with a young girl.
Her friends - in looking about ber
house, found a $500 government
bond on the pantry shelf. Stimu
lated by this discovery they made a
systematic search, and after digging
in the cellar, found a tin can which
contained $5,000 in gold. The
woman in her will left all her pos
sessions to the girl who worked for
Some official census returns have
been received 'from all the large
cities of the country, except
Chicago, which place New York
first with 1,627,227, Philadelphia
with 1,040,449, Brooklyn with
930,671, Baltimore with about 500,
000, St. Louis with 430,000, and
Boston with 417,720. Chicago
claims 1,250,000, and it very likely
has within 100,000 or so of that
number, making it the second city
in the country. Philadelphia in
consequence is abusing Chicago on
all occasions now, taking St. Louis'
place of jealousy, St. Louis having
been carried off her feet some time
ago by the speed Chicago is"
Mr. Van Pelt, Editor of the Craig, Mo.,
Meteor, went to a drug store at Hillsdale,
Iowa, and asked the physician in atten
dance to give him a dose of something
for cholera morbus and looseness of the
bowels. He says: "I felt so much bet
ter the next mornin? that I concluded to
call on the physician and get him to fix
me up a supply of the medicine. I was
surprised, when he handed me a bottle of
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diar
rhoea Remedy. He said he prescribed
it regularly in his practice and found it
the best he could get or prepare. I can
testify to its efficiency in my case at all
events." For sale by A. F. Streitz.
A direful accident to six men on
a hand car near East Helena a
short time ago was only averted by
the intelligence of a dog. A large
Newfoundland dog was in the habit
of following the men on their daily
trip down the road, and like all
dogs it was ambitious to keep up
with its masters. One evening
when the, men were returning from
work the dog took the lead and
there was a spirited race. The ani
mal was only a short distance
ahead, and, instead of leaving the
track and falling in the rear, kept
going at a great speed. The men
never thought of danger til the car
rounded a curve and came suddenly
upon a long trestle with the dog no
more than twenty feet ahead. He
did not realize the danger until he
came to the trestle. The men were
horror-stricken and expected to be
thrown from the tracK and perhaps
killed. The intelligent dog knew
the danger instantly. It flattened
itself between the ties, and the car
passed safely over without ruffling
a hair. It was the most remarka
ble piece of intelligence ever ex
hibited by a dumb animal. It
could not go forward; to stand still
was death to the dog as well as
men. It was too late to jump, so
the intelligent animal crouched,
and saved his own life as well as
the men on the car. Helena Inde
Rev. Dr. Atkinson, of Benton
Harbor, Mich., was licensed to
f reach m 1814. He was born 'in
lemington, N. J., in 1897, and is
thought to be the oldest preacher in
the United States.
It is said that McKibben, the
decapitated purchasing agent of
the Union Pacific, who is accused
of having held up the company for
upwards of $200,000 has retains
counsel and will come back to fight
the case brought against him. And
this is just what the company says
it wants him to do, as it will bring
to light his confederates in an
organized conspiracy to rob the
Union Pacific.
People troubled with constipation
should be very careful what kind of a
laxative they use, as so many medicines
are nut lit) to sell ivhir.h urn nhsnttitolv
without merit or value, and which, if
A .
lauen, win get your bowels In such a state
that VOU will be compelled to kin nn
using physic the year around in order to
eniOV anv hpnlth "Rpcrnra' T.ivar "PSIla
4 ,1 J - " AJ4 1Vk . A AO
will do more to keep a family in good
health than any other pills on the market,
as they are put up with the utmost care,
and are guaranteed to give satisfaction.
A. F. Streitz. Druggist.
The Nebraska senators, Paddock
and Manderson, agree heartily wifch
Secretary Blaine in regard to his
free sugar reciprocity suggestions.
Paddock says, "there is no question
but that something of the kind
must be done." Manderson said,
"I am a protectionist but not a
prohibitionist." It looks as though
ti t - i
we are just Deginmng to nna out
where there are a few screws loose
in the McKinley bill.
Happy Hoosiers.
Wm. Timmons, Postmaster of ldaville,
Ind., writes: "Electric Bitters has done
more for me than all other medicines
conbined, for that bad feeling arising
from Kidney and Liver trouble." John
Leslie, farmer and stockman, of the same
place,,says: "Find Electric Bitters to be
the best Kidney and Liver medicine, made
me feel like a new man." J. W. Gardner,
hardware merchant, same town, says:
"Electric Bitters Is just the thing for a
man who is all run down and don't care
whether he lives or dies ; he found new
strength, good appetite and felt just like
ne naa a new lease on lite. Univ ouc. a
bottle, at A. F. Streitz's drug store.
Gustavius Goward, formerly Sec
retary of the United Stales Lega
tion at Tokio, Japan, has left
Washington with credentials from
the State Department on a singular
mission. Mr. Goward has been
designated as a special commission
er to proceed to Japan and arrange
for a Japanese exhibit at the
World's Fair. He is instructed to
arrange for the exhibition of a com
plete Japanese village including
houses, families, and all the neces
sary domestic utensils, tools and
workmen to display the ordinary
trades and occupations of Japan.
It is intended that this shall be one
of the chief attractions of the Fair.
The final round up of cattle in
the Cherokee strip in the Indian
Territory commenced the middle of
last month and is expected to close
by Saturday night. This strip for
many years past has been the graz
ing ground for hundreds of thous
ands of cattle. Fortunes have been
made from it. But the present
round-up will be the last one. The
cattle must be all driven off by the
first of October. This will end the
reign of the cow boy in the Indian
Territory. It is also suggestive of
the approaching ending of a phase
of life peculiar to the Great West,
a phase of life that is possible only
where there are vast areas of unoc
cupied land. The lands of the
West are being rapidly taken up.
The days of the vast herds are
about over. The last of the great
annual round-ups will soon be held.
The cattle king will abdicate in a
few years. The time when a man
could start out with a broncho, a
lariat and a branding iron and
gather a herd of cattle and accu
mulate a fortune in a comparative
ly few years has already gone by.
The cowboy, with rattling spurs,
his leather trousers, his broad
brimmed hat, his defiant swagger,
will soon join the stage driver, the
hunter, the scout, the trapper and
the mountain explorer in the pro
cession that moves reluctantly to
the quiet, peacable, commonplace
ways of life. Denver Times.
Cholera infantum has lost its terrors
since the introduction of Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy.
When that remedy is used and the treat
ment as directed with each bottle is
followed, a cure is certain. Mr. A.
"W. Walter, a prominent merchant at
Waltersburg. 111., says: "It cured my
baby boy of cholera infantum after sev
eral other remedies had failed. The
child was so low that he seemed almost
beyond the aid of human hands or reach
of any medicine." 25 and 20 cent bottles
for sale by A. F. Streitz.
For Chatauqua Assembly, at Beatrice
The Chataugua Assembly will
meet at Beatrice, Nebraska, June
26th, and continue to July 7th,
For the above meeting a rate of
one fare for the round trip has been
made by the Union Pacific System
from points on its lines within 150
miles of Beatrice. Tickets will be
sold June 26th to July 7th inclusive.
On June 29th and July 6th, how
ever, tickets can be purchased from
all points in Nebraska to the
Chataugua Assembly at one fare
for the round trip, the limit of thess
tickets to be July 9th.
For further information apply to
J. C . Ferguson Agent Union Paci
fic System North Platte.
We can at any time supply customers
with the choicest cuts of Beef, Pork,
Veal and Mutton. Also Fish, Oysters
and vegetables in their season. The
finest line of all kinds of sausage in the
city at all times.
The following - item clipped from the
Ft. Madison, (Iowa,) Democrat, contains
Information well worth remembering:
"Mr. John Roth of this city, who met
witu an accident a lew days ago spraining
and bruising his leg and arm quite se
verely, was cured by one 50 cent bottle of
Chamberlain's Pain Balm." . This remedy
is without in equal for sprains and bruises
and should' have a place in every house
hold. For-sale by A. F. Streitz.
Hon. W.Y. Lucas, Ex-State Auditor
of Iowa, says::' "I have used Chamber
lainyCotnjhtReraedy in my family and
have no hesitatioiyln saying it is an excel
lent remedy. I believe it is all that is
claimed for it. ' Persons afflicted by a
cough or cold will find it a friend." There
is no danger from whooping cough when
this remedy is freely given. 0 cent bot
tles for sale by A. F. Steitz.
Red Front
North Side, Looust Street.
s and Fancy
Canned Goods of all Kinds,
New Sorghum, Choice Honey Sy
rup, Miehigan Cider Vinegar,
' Flour and Feed.
Guarantee Bed-Rock Prices and
First-Class Goods. Call and see
and be convinced.
33. OHjIDS-
Pure Ice !
Cut from Lake filled
by Irrigating.
Lowest Market Price.
I have accented thfe neencv for the HTJFFER
PUMP and will furnish complete pumping
pianta. j.ms
Stekm Vacuum Pump
is operated by steam boilers and is without pis-
cons or any parts to wear oat.. Will pamp from
50 to 5,000 GALLONS Per MINUTE.
With live steam will raise 60,000 gallons of wa
ter aj teet nign witn one oosnei of coal.
No Steam Pressure Required,
Except on a lift above that made by the at
mosphere, which is about thirty feet at sea level,
Will pamp dirty or gritty water equally well, or
. i a. a a. i 1 m
ion, mj sixiy per ceuc sanu or gravel. j.ney
can be bought and put in position ready for
work cheaper than any other pamp of tho same
lifting capacity. There is no loss of power to
overcome friction. No skilled labor required
to run tnem. xney cose no more than an ordi
nary water right and can be operated at nomi
nal expense.
This pump can be seen at my ranch two
; 1 ii. m T 1 1 a i
iimus souin or .norm naive.
North Platte, Neb.
Sample :-: Room,
6" Having refitted our rooms
throughout, the public is invited to
call and see us.
Choice ;!
Win-::, :! Liquors :! and :' Cigars
Kept at the Bar.
Agent for the celebrated
from Soda Springs, Idaho.
Keith's Block, Front Street,
I 111
& F
& 5S & hi
J. O. Ferguson, Agent.
Chamberlain's Eye and Skin
A certain cure for Chronic Sore Eyes,
Tetter, Salt Rheum, Scald Head, Old
Chronic Sores, Fever Sores, Eczema,
Itch, Prairie Scratches, Sore Nipples
and Piles. It is cooline and soothing:.
Hundreds of cases have been cured by
it after all other treatment had failed.
It is put up in 25 and 50 cent boxes.
Call on A. F. STREITZ and be
fitted with a pair of the celebrated
Diamanta spectacles or .bye trlasses
m -a 11 f 1
He carries them in all styles o
Gold, Silver, Nickel,
rubber and alloy. He has been in
structed in fitting glasses and guar
antees a good fit. Call and see
Florist and Gardener,
Can furnish all kinds of fruit and
shade trees, forest trees, and seed
lings for tree claims at lowest
prices. Also all kinds of plants and
flowers. Estimates and designs
given for laying out new grounds.
Yards kept by contract.
The Grand Island
Under the Management of
For tho treatment of all Chronic and Surgical
Diseases and Diseases of the
iE"sr:s and jEjzm
Particnlnr attention paid to Deformities, Dis
eases of the Kidneys. Private Diseases, Dis
eases of Women, Diseases of the Skin,
Heart, Nervous system, Lnntr &nd
Threat, Surgical Operations, Piles,
Tumors, Cancers, etc., etc.
Pleasant Rooms for Twenty
Five Patients,
With Board and Attendance Furnished. Address
The Grand Island Sajsitarium, ,
Grand Island, - Nelraska.
For Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Dogs, logs,
500 Fuse BookonTreatneat of Aalaals
and Chart Sent Free.
cubes ( FeverstConsestiensInBaBMBatlem
A. A.i Spinal Meningitis, Milk Fever.
B. B. Strains, Lameness, RaeamatisB.
C. C. Distemper, Nasal Discharges.
D. D. Bots or Grabs, Worms.
E. E. Coaghs, Heaves, Pneamoaia.
F. F. Colic or Gripes, Bellyache.
G. G. Miscarriage, Hemorrhages.
H. H.Urinary and Kidney Diseases
I. I Eruptive Diseases, Mange.
J.K. Diseases of Digestion, Paralysis
Single Bottle (over 50 doses), - - .69
Stable Case, with Specifics, Manual,
Veterinary Cure Oil and Medlcator, 7.00
Jar Veterinary Cure Oil, - - 1.00
Sold by Druggists; or Sent Prepaid anywhere
and in any quantity on Beceipt of Price-
Humphreys' Medicine Co., 109 Fulton St., M. Y.
In use 30 years. The only sacceasfnl remedy for
Hervous Debility, vital Weakness.
asd Prostration, from over-work or other causes.
$1 per vial, or 5 vials and large vial powder, for 95.
SoLDBX DkucJ GISTS, oroent postpaid on receipt!
rico, Uufflsircj ftciiiclae Co., loa rtUtoa &., B.T. ,
Otten's Boot & Shoe Store
We have added to our stock
K'-5"- 'Js '""$mT
Also handle the REYNOLDS. BROS. LADIES
SHOES and Burt & Mears Men's Shoes.
We are exclusive agents for the
Red School House Children's Shoes,
The Best Shoes Made for Boys and Girls.
We have the largest stock of Boots and Shoes west of Omaha. All
goods warranted as represented. We keep no inferior, shoddy goods.
If you want to buy good goods cheap call at
Otten's Boot and Shoe Store, North Platte, Nebraska.,
Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry,
Watch Repairing and Engraving.
Carlson Block, Spruce Street.
"7"a,grri.s, CamxLstg'es, ZBuigrgles,
Agents for the Celebrated
Goodhue and Challenge Wind ,Miiis
Agents for Union Sewing Machines.
Locust Street,
North Platte, - - Nebraska.
It is astonishing how lightly moat
people regard certain organic derange
ments, so long as the pain or inconveni
ence caused therehy is not excessive.
This is particularly true of the bowels,
which, "next to the stomach, are the
most abused portion of the body. Tho
wonder is they continue for so many
years to perform their important office
with anything like regularity, consider
ing how little attention is paid to their
special demands.
One of the most common ailments is
constipation, which very frequently be
comes chronic for want of proper treat
ment. As a general rule, when a per
son wakes up to the consciousness that
he needs something "loosening," ho
takes the first thing at hand, if it only
promises a speedy effect. The evil of
such indiscreet medication is that while
the dose may causo a prompt and ener
getic movement, the operation is liable
to bo followed by another, and perhaps
longer, period of constipation. If this
again is remedied by a similar treat
ment, it is sure to be succeeded by still
more stubborn inactivity the final re
sult being a permanent weakness of
the bowels in the form of chronic and
confirmed constipation.
Jfow what is needed byway of physic,
in any protracted interruption of the
regular operations of the bowels, is
simply a gentle aperient to bring about
a movement, leaving the rest to cool
ing drinks and relaxing food. For this
purpose, there is no better opening med
icine than Ayer's Pills. Being purely
vegetable in their composition, and en
tirely free from calomel or any other
harsh, drastic purgative, their use is
unattended with those injurious effects
which follow the taking of ordinary
cathartics. On the contrary, Ayer's
Pills are calculated to strengthen as
well as regulate the bowels and stomach,
and also to stimulate the liver, the slug
gishness of which is often the real causo
ol constipation.
Ayer's Pills, being sugar-coated, are.
easily taken and are, therefore, admira-"
bly adapted for use either at home or
abroad. They are recommended by lead
ing physicians all over the world, and,
in countless households, are the only
medicine considered absolutely indis
pensable. They are, without doubt, tha
most popular pills ever made.
Kock Springs Nut,
Eock Springs. Lump.
Pennsylvania Anthracite,
Colorado Anthracite
Colorado Soft
c o
The Patterson Wagon and Blacksmith Shop.
All Kinds of Repairing, Blacksmithing, Etc.
Cultivators, Corn Planters, Plows and Harrows, Hay Stackers,
Hay Loaders, Hay Sweeps, Hay Rakes, Lumber and Spring "Wagons,
Buggies, Phaetons, Carts, Potato Planters, the Improved Red,
White and Blue Mowers. Repairs ordered for all kinds of machinery
Beick- Liyeet Stable,
on short notice and at reasonable rates. Horses boarded bv the week or
month. Careful and competent employes. Stable opposite the Hawley
House on east Fifth street,
IF. J. B R, O E K EH,
Merchant Tailor,
embracing all the new designs,- kept on hand and made to order. .
Spruce Street, next door to Poet office.

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