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'-:..'- II I-" V
j 2V . ------ -- . . - - ..?".
. - f .T i ,. r
1 '
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Land Ottico at North Platte, Neb., )
November 2Sth. 1894. S
Notice is hereby given that the followinp
named st-ttlor has tiled notice of his intention to
make final proof in enpportof hie claim, and that
8id proof will be mado before Register and
Receiver United States Land Offico nt North
Platte, Neb., on January 5th, 1893. viz: James
Anderson, who made Homestead Entry No-14,506
for the east half northeast quarter east half
southeast quarter sertion 24, township 9, ranpe
31. He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultifiition
of said land, -viz: Michel Uhrin, Charley Hitninn.
John Kugler and Albert J. 131ougher, nil of Well
Beet, Nebraska.
476 JOHN F. HINMAN. Register.
Land Office at North Platte. Neb, I
November 27th. 1894. f
.Notice is hereby given thatthefollowing-Bamed
settler has filed notice of his intention to make
final proof in support of bin claim, and that said
prcaf will Ik? made before Register and Receiver
at North Platte. Neb., ob Jaaaurr lOtk, -1S95,
viz: Frank Jira. who made Iloiueetead En
try No. 14.413 for the soath aalf northeast
quarter and porth bfclf Koatneafltqaartersectiaa.
8, township 17 north, range 29 west. He Banc
the following witnesses to prove hie cootiaaons
residence upon and caltivation of said land,
viz: Edward Kishor. William A. Rishor, John
K. Main and George YonnR. all of Nesbitfc, Nob.
476 J OHN V. H I N MAN, Hegister.
Laud Ofllce at North Platte, Neb., ?
December 17th, If 91. )
Kotlce Is hereby piveu that the following-named
settler has filed notico of his intention to mule
final proof iu support of Ms claim, and that said
prooof will !e made before the Register and Re
ceiver at Korth Platte, Nebraska, on January
26th, 189.1, viz:
who mndo Homestead Eutry No. 14041 for the
sout!-c:st quarter section 10, township li north,
rango Oil wort, lie names the following wltuo -res to
provtihis contiunous residence upon and cultiva
tion of said laud, viz: Edward Easion, Walter K.
Covell, Charles Keen and Frank Ebcle, all of North
Platte, Nebraska.
506 JOHN F. UINMAN. Register.
Land Office at North Platte. Neb., )
December 0Ui, 1M. J
Notice is horoby given that tha f:!!o'.Ting-named
settler has tiled notico of his intention to make
final proif in support of his clnlm, and that said
proof will be mude before the Register and Ro
ceiver at North Plutte, Nebraska, on Februarj
4th, lfc'53, viz:
who mado Homestead Entry No. 15.rD7, for the
East half of the Northeast quarter of Section 10.
Township U North, lianue SO West, lie names
the fitlloning witnesses to prove his contiunous
residence upon and cultivation of said land, viz:
Fritz Koester, Bernard iuiilcr. Frank Ha7age and
Gottfried Klcinow, all of Wi-llfiect. Neb.
M5 JOHN F. I1INMAN, Register.
In the matter of the estate of Wilson W. Yates,
In the County Court of Lincoln county. Ne
braska, December 31st, 1891.
Notice is hereby given th.t the creditors of said
deceased will meet the Administrator of said
Estate, before the County Judge of Lincoln county,
Nebraska, at the county court room, in said county,
on tho 2d day of May, ISO."?, on the 2d day of Juno,
18f5, and on She 2d day of July, lb'9o, at 1 o'clock
p. m. each day, for the purpose of presenting thoir
claims for examination, adjustment and allowance.
Sir mouths are allowed for creditoas to present
their claims, and one year for tho Administrator
to -mule said estate, from the 2d day of January,
1395 Ihis notice will be pubthed in The Nobth
Plattx Tbibune, a newspaper printed in said
county, for four weeks successively, on and after
January 1st, 1895. JA3IE8 M. RAY.
County Judge.
Farm- and Spring Wagons,
Buggies, Road Carts,
Wind Mills, Pumps, Barb
Wire. JEtc.
(First published in The Nobth Platte Teibuse,
January 1st, 1895.)
In the District Court of Lincoln county. Ne
braska. The State of Nebraska to Samuel D. Weaverling
Susaonah II. Weaverliug and William Edward
Swentzel, greeting:
You aud each of you arehereby notified that you
-have been sued together with The Anglo American
Land, Mortgngo and Agency Company, Limited, a
corporation, Milton B. Whitney, Charles 8. Fair
child, Harry E. Mooney, Sanford B. Ladd and
Frank Hagermnn as Receivers of The Lombard
Investment Company, a corporation, by Emma K.
Flynt as plnintin in the District Court of Lincoln
county, Nebraska, and that on or before the 11th
day of February, 1895, you must answer the peti
tion iu chancery filed herein against said" defend
ants by said plaiutiff, in which the plaintiff asks
for a decree foreclosing the mortgage given by
defendants Samuel D Weaverllng and Susannah
M. Weaverling to the Lomhard Investment Com
pany, dated May 10th, 1889, and covering the
following described real estate situated in Lincoln
county, state of Nebraska, to-wit: The south one
hundred and forty-flve (145) acres of tho east half
of the southwest quarter and of the west half of the
southeast quarter of section twenty-two (22), in
township fourteen (14) north, of range twenty
eight (28) west of the Gth principal meridian; that
said petition further prays that all tho right, title,
lien or interest of all of the defendants in or to
said lands and every part thereof be decreed junior
and inferior to the lien of the aforesaid mortgage
now owned by the said plaintiff and that -said land
be sold and the proceeds of the said sale be applied
to the payment of the costs of the 61 e and of said
action, and to lae amount due plaintiff upon said
mortgage, and that all of the defendants be barred
aad foreclosed of all Interest ia or lien upon said
land; and unless you answer said. petition as afore
said, the facts therein alleged will bo taken as true,
and a decree will be rendered as therein prayed.
Witness Biy Band and the seal of said couri by me
affixed at North Platte, Lincoln county, Nebraska,
this 31st day of Deceaber, 1894.
Clerk of the District Court Lincoln County, Ne
braska. PzBJtx & Skaixand and Pcuctkb & Alexandre,
Attorneys for Plaintiff, Concordia, Kaaaas,
Snhsp.rihft fnr thfi Semi-
Locurt Street, between Fifth and Sixth I Weekly Tribune,
iT Floats
Every Nebraskan is Interested in What
it Does.
The coming session of the legislature
will be especially interesting. After six
years the republicans aro again in con
trol of both houses. A United States
senator will be elected and a host of
other good things should be done. No
matter what your politics, ou will want
to read about the legislature. No mat
ter what paper you read at other times
you should read the Lincoln State Jour
nal during the legislature. It is printed
at the state, capital and devotes more
space to legislative doings than all the
other stato dailies combined. The Jour
nal has jumped away up in the lead,
having the largest circulation in Ne
braska. It is spending more mouoy for
news than its competitors. Col. Bixby
is its daily poet. It also has Walt
Mason. Wm. E. Annin, its Washington
correspondent, serves up Washington
stuff as no other correspondent employed
by Nebraska papers has ever done it
Annin knows Nebraska people and No
braska politicians like a book; his letters
are a great feature. Stories are fur
nished by Conan Doyle, Rndyard Ki .
ling,and a host of others who are regular
contributors to tho world's groatest
magazines. Tho Journal's price has
been cut to 50 .cents per month, without
Sunday, and 65 cents with Sunday. You
should try it awhile. The Semi-Weekly
Journal is only 31.00 per year, and is a
great family paper, almost as good as a
daily for a large class of people The
Journal's phenomenal growth is duo
largely to the reduction in price Jind the
po!icy of attending to its own busmesr,
not presuming to bo a dictator.
Through passenger train?, through
freight trains, quick lime via the Chi
ago, Union Pacilic and Northwestern
Liae to the principal cities eaat of the
iMiseouii Kiver
Secretary Morton's su?-p-estion
that an improvement be made in the
manner of collecting" agricultural
reports will be received with favor.
While it would be expensive to send
ag-ents to the farms every spring- to
collect data concerning yields, stocks
and general conditions, such re
ports would be of real service to the
farming and commercial classes
and would undoubtedly be worth
their cost. There has been entirdy
too much imagination in the reports
of the agricultural department in
the past, and the introduction of
scientific methods would be an un
mixed blessing to the country. Ex.
' qi :
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any case of Catarrh that can
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J. P. Cheney & Co., Props., Toledo, O.
Wo the undorKicrnerL ha
J. Cheney for tho last 15 years, and be
lieve him perfectly honorable in all
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able to carry out auy obligation made
by their firm
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Toledo, O. Walding, Rinnan & Marvin,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, phio.
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mucous surfaces of the system. Price
75c. per bottle. Sold by ail Druggists.
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Call and see these goods at
Geo. Casey's residence.
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Curtains, Rugs, Silverware,
and Notions Suitable for
Christmas Presents.
Orders taken for Pastel Por
traits, which are fine.
127 Sixth Si. Cor. of Vine,
Board Aaxieaa to Settle the Matter Before
Commissioner Da? Retiree.
Des Moines; Dec 81. The hearing
before the Iowa railway commission of
the application of the railway companies
came to an end Saturday evening and
the matter now rests with the commis
sion for decision? It is expected the de
cision will be reached inside of the next
two weeks, in order that Commissioner
Day, retiring member, who has given
much attention to the matter, can join
in the decision. The case has been pre
sented very fully by the attorneys for
the shippers and jobbers, ex-Commissioners
Campbell and .Smith and S. F.
Prouty. The railway companies have
apparently not gone any further than
was necessary to make a case in accord
ance with their desires', and have been
strongly accused of suppressing farts
which would materially Weaken their
Newspapers Should Improve.
New York, Dec. 31. The Rev.
Charles Parkhurst preached a sermon
Sunday morning in which he made in
direct and incidental reference to the
work of the paat yean The people had
learned, he said; that a politician was a
man of expediency and that he might
arrange things in such a manner as omy
a mighty uprising of the people could
undo. In looking over the field of the
future, he said the people should look for
an improvement in the character of the
newspapers. The papers, he said, that
daily serve up a mass of undigested mat
ter, without discrimination, to then
Says He Wandered Away While Hii
Mind Was Unbalanced.
Resncmbers Kothlas; af His Trip From
West Utiles to IacUaaapoUs MlMtaff
Ioara Ex-CenffressBaatt Tells His
Story Is Perfect! j Saae.
readers, were rapidly
becoming a public
Debs Murdered, by Inclianc
Tucso.v, Ari., Dec. Jl. Frank Debs,
formerly a resident of Tucson, was mur
dered by Yaqui Indians in the state of
Sonora, Mexico. Debs established an
Indian village at the San Francisco Mid
winter fair last summer, but left San
Francisco before the exposition closed,
failing to pay the Indians he had brought
from Arizona and Mexico and leaving
them to return as best they might. Two
of the Indians were with Debs at the
time he was killed and thr-pinion pre
vails that they killed him out of spite
for his having failed to pay them what
was due. -
Teaman HI1 as Accessor.
Colorado Springs, Dec. 81. Syl.
vester Yeaman, part owner of the Black
"Wonder-mining claim in the Cripple
Creek district, on which Richard Newell,
chief engineer of the Midland Terminal
railroad, was recently shot and killed by
A. W. Van Houten in a dispute over
right of way, has been held as an acces
sory to the murder. In default of $10,
000 bail he was committed to jail.
Bishop Afarty Goes to St. Paul.
St. Paul, Dec. 81. Archbishop Ire
land has received the formal announce
ment from Rome of the removal of
Bishop Marty from Sioux Falls to the
bishopric of St. Cloud, Minn., succeed
ing Bishop Zanerdelli, who was made an
archbishoD of Bushrest. Bishop Marty's
Buct:esfor at Sioux Falls has not yet been
Slater Savings Bank. """""f?3H
Marshall, Mo., Dec. 31. The official
statement of the defunct Slater (Mo.
Savings bank was filed in the recorder's
office here. Only $451 in cash waa
found in the vaults, and a careful
perusal of the report proves its condition
rotten to the core. IUT liabilities 'will
amount-to upwards of 40,000.
Sank a French Bark.
Gibraltar, Dec. 31. The British
steamer Oxford, from Palermo for New
York, has arrived with some of her
plates damaged. She reports having
been in collision with the French ba k
Marie Louise. The bark was so badly
damaged that she sank. Five of her
crew were drowned.
Robbed or a Ten Thousand Draft.
Dns Moines, Dec. 81. John Shane,
real estate dealer of Coon vRapMs, la.,
reported to the police that he had
baen drugged and robbed of a draft on
the First National bank of Chicago for
$H,(iUu. He ha'l gone to the southeast
ern part of the city to look at some prop
erty. Asking For Benjamin's Release.
Cheyenne, Dsc 3). W. H. Utley of
O'Neil. Neb., appeared before Governor
Osborne and asked for the pardon from
from the peniteutiary of a young man
named Benjamin, who was sent up from
Johnson county in 18J8. Mr. Utley rep
resents the grandparents of the young
Confessed to Embezzling- 910,000.
Hudson, N. Y., Dec. 31. W. F. Rose
man, Jr., bookkeeper of the -National
Hudson River bank of this city, wa3 ar
rested on the charge of embezzlinz $10.-
000. He confessed to talrin
uutu v-a la
and said he had spent the monev in stock
speculation in Wall street.
Rock springs Coal Output.
Rock Springs, Wy., Dec. 51. The
mines at Rock Sprinirs are at uresent
putting out between 6,000 and 7,000 tons
of coal monthly, the lanrest induction
of any one coal minincr district west of
the Missouri river.
Bnrglars at McCool Junction.
McCool Junction, Neb.. Dec. 31.
L. D. Decius' general merchandise store
was broken into. The thieves took
gloves, hats, cap3, boots, dry goods,
groceries and tobacco to the amount
of $600.
North Carolinians Will Aid Nebraska.
Raleigh, N. C, Dec. 31. A call waa
issued for a mass meeting of the citizens
of this place for the purpose of. securing
food and supplies to be sent to the desti
tute districts in Nebraska.
Judge Seevers Very 111.
Oskaloosa, la., Dec. 31. Judge "Will
iam H. Seevers still lies verv low. It is
difficult to tell whether he is improving
or not. The probability is that he will
not recover.
Indianapolis. Dec. 3i. Ex-Congressman
Walt butler of West Union, la.,
whose wife had offered a reward for his
body on the supposition he was dead, is
here and very much alive. Butler acci
dentally noticed the reward in a Chi
cago newspaper and immediately made
himself known at a local newspaper
office. In explanation of his sudden dis
appearance from home two months ago,
he says that the morning of Nov. 22 ha
awoke hearing a trainman call out In
dianapolis.- He says that from the time
he dismissed the school he 'was teaching
in Iowa on Nov. 20 until he arrived here,
his mind was a perfect blank. He says
he at once wrote to his wife but the let
ter was miscarried. Butler has been
working as a book agent. He seems
to be perfectly sane.
When it was suggested that friend3
here might assist him he said he would
not consent to go home on borrowed
money, and expre33ed the determination
to stay till he was ab! to pay his own
fare. He referred frequently to his fail
ure to recall any events attending his
leaving home and his trip to this city,
but frankly admitted that it was all a
"There was no reason, whatever," he
said, why I should have left. I have a
nice home at West Union, a kind, lov
ing wife and one child, and
no man's domestic relations were
happier than mtne have always
been, The only Wriy 1 account for the
uneasiness is that my letter failed to
reach my wife. It seems strange, though,
that no one of the many people I met
did not say something to me about the
inquiries that were made for me. I
made no concealment of my name or
place of residence. I called upon Mr.
Matthews, Mr. Taggart and Mr. Bynum,
having served with the latter in congress,
and none of them mentioned the fact
that my absence from home had caused
and comment In any ot the papers"
Oelwein, la., Dec. 31. James Butler,
brother of Walter H. Butler, who is hero
conducting the search for the missing
ex-congressman, stated when interviewed
that he placed no confidence in the re
port of the finding of his brother at In
dianapolis, and he believes now, as he
has for the past few weeks, that his
brother is dead
Killed on a Railroad Bridge.
Cedar Rapids, Dec. 81. Mr. and Mrs.
William McLachlan, while crossing the
Burlington. Cedar Rapids and North
ern bridge across the Cedar river, sonth
of the city, were run down by a paseen
ger train and both "were killed. Mc
Lachlan had both legs cnt off and was
badly mangled. The trainmen saw Mc
Lachlan, but were unable to stop the
tram soon enough to save him. His
wife was found dead on the ice below.
Borne distance from the bridge.
Woman a Justice of the Peace.
Fort Dodge, la., Dec. 31. Mrs. L. E.'
Castle of Callender has qualified aa jus
tice of the peace, to which office she was
elected for a term of two yea're. Her
husband conducts a drug store there in
her name, and the intention last fall was
to nominate him for the position. Mrs.
Castle's initials were used by mistake,
and to the general surprise it was found
that the wife was elected instead of the
husband. As there is no legal obstacle
in the way of her filline: the place she
was sworn in.
Noted Iowa Woman Dies.
Council Bluffs, Dec. 81. Mrs.
Amelia Bloomer, from whom th Bloom
er costume, one of the first.efforts toward
dress reform, was named, died at her
home in this city. She was also in her
younger years a noted lecturer on tem
perance and woman's suffrage. She es
tablished at Seneca Falls, N.Y., in 1849,
a paper called the Lilly, the first paper
in this country owned and edited by a
Grain Elevator Burned.
Hemingford, Neb., Dec. 31. The Al
liance elevator of this city was burned
to the ground, with its full contents of
about 6J0 bushels of wheat, 10,000 pounds
of flour, 500 bushels of oats and a great
amount of feed. The origin of the fire
is unknown, s it had stood idle for 24
hours. The elevator was owned by the
Alliance Milling company of Alliance.
No insurance.
Dentil of Hon. John Fitzgerald.
Lincoln, Neb., Dec. 31. Hon. John
Fitzgerald, ex-president of the Irish Na
tional league, and one of the most exten
sive railroad contractors in the country,
died here. He had been in poor health
for a couple of years and had practically
He was a native
of Limerick, Ireland
Crashed Into a Carrlaeo.
Chicago, Dec. 31. A Cliicairo. Rock i retired from business
e t : t i i
lsianu ana .Facinc nassenDrpj- nwch he-
ing rapidly switched into the Rock Isl
and depot crashed into a carriage at a
crossing. Five persons were badly
SHTLOH'S CURE is sold on a guar
antee. It cures Insipient Consumption.
It is the best Cough Cure. Only one
cent a dose. Twenty-five cts., 50 cts.
and $L Sold by North PlattePharmacy.
after this date Park's Sure Cure will re
move fill ftlaaa nf V. ...tmnficm 1riA.rr,
troublo or liver complaint, from the
ncor Tf ia v J i j: : .
is guaranteed to cure these diseases or
no nav. Pari. 'a
North Platte Pharmacy. .1
Farmer Accldently Kills Himself.
Belle Plaink, la., Dec. 31. William
Rubic, a farmer living near here, waa
hunting rabbits. He shot one, which
crawled under a culvert. He started
after it, pulling his gun with him. It
was discharged, the contents entering
near his heart and causing almost instant
Fort Madison Waterworks Sold.
Keokuk, la., Dec. 81. At sheriffs
sale the plant of the Fort Madison water
works was sold to Alexander New, rep
resenting a committee of bondholders,
for $41,0(0 in partial satisfaction of a
judgment for $255,000 in favor of the
Central Trust company of New York.
To Command the State G. A. R.
Superior, Neb., Dec. 8). H, C. E.
Adams of this city has announced him
self as a candidate for department com
mander of the G. A. R. for the depart
ment of Nebraska.
1895 JANUARY. 1895
Blood purifier gives freshness and clear
ness to the Complexion and cures Con
stipation, 25 cts., 50 cts., and $1. Sold by
North Platte Pharmacy.
Su. Mo. Tu. We. Th. Fr. Sa.
6789 JJI 12
13 U JJ5 16 17 JL8 9
20 21 22 23 24 25 26
27 28 29 30 31
Annual Neir Tear's Revel on the Chicago
Board of Trad.
Chicago, Dec. 31. The annual New
Year's revel on the board of trade was
observed today with unusual enthusiasm.
The market waa neglected during the
last hour and at the tap of the bell at
noon every trader on the floor was long
on Racks of flour and short on dignity
The galleries were crowded with people
who had come to see the fun and the per
formance wa3 fully up to expectations.
When the market closed the ball opened.
The festivities began with a series of
bloodcurdling yells and a vivid imita
tion of the ghost dance. A short, fat
trader with a high silk hat, who was
leading the vocal exercises, was sudden
ly cut short in his musical flights by the
swift descent of a bursting sack of flour
With the Bignal every man on the floor
entered energetically into the attempt to
pound every other man with a sack of
Hats were battered and hurled toward
the ceiling; coats were torn, men were
upset and for half an hour a merry war
was waged in a mist of flying flour.
When the stock of flour was exhausted
the sample tables were robbed of barley,
oat3 and corn and the air was full of
flying missiles until the exhaustion ended
the fun. When it was over the pit
looked as though it had been struck by a
blizzard and the traders resembled a
choice collection of tramps.
Visible Supply or Grain.
New York, Dec. 31. The visible sup
ply of grains December 29, as com
piled by the New York Produce Ex
change is as follows: Wheat, bS,56i,
000 bushels, decrease 510.000; com,
9,630,000, increase 792,000; oats, 9,062,
000, increase 6V.O0O; rye, 445,0( bushels,
decrease 7,0o0; barley, 8,09::,000 bushels,
decrease 213,000.
Mrs. T. S. Hawkins, Chattanooga
Tenn., says, "Shiloh's Vitalizer 'saved
my life.' I consider it the besi remedy
for a debiliated system 1 overused."
For Dvppepsia, Liver or Kidney trouble
it excels. Price 75 cents. Sold by North
Platte Pharmacy.
Cash In the Treasary.
Washington, Dec. 31. The cash bal
ance in tne treasury at the close of busi
ness today was $153,022,092; gold re
serve, $86,870,145.
Ismail Pasha, ex-khedive of Egypt, is
Congreseman-elect Edgar Wilson of
Idaho is dangerously ill.
Mrs. Antonio Navarro, formerly Mary
Anderson, is now convalescent.
Judge Randolph at Emporia, Kan., de
cided that teachers who were given a
Thanksgiving vacation were not entitled
to pay.
Lieutenant Colonel Park died at Fort
Omaha from injuries received in a runa
way accident.
The president has approved the act to
establish a national military park at the
battlefield of Shiloh.
Guy Baker was acquitted at Muscatine,
la., of the murder of George Rexroade.
The jury was out 18 hours.
Judge J. W. Scott was killed by his son
in-law nf ar Greenville, Miss. He i3 a rela
tive of Senator Joe Blackburn.
At Telluride, Colo, Nicholas Gerrons
and James Burns, miners, were killed by
falling 550 feet in the Union shaft.
The comptroller of the currency has
authorized the organization of the Ameri
can National bank of Deadwood, S. D.
B. L. Banker was arrested at Sionx
City charged with defrauding an A. OvTJ.
W. lodee at Portland, Ore., out of $2,000.
The Rev. Sam Small's paper, the Nor
folk Pilot, is threatened with a libel suit
by the American Book company because
ofastatemeut regarding the manner in
which Virginia contracts were secured.
Chicago Grain nnd Provisions.
CniCAco. Dec. 31. Wheat opened firm on
steady cables; northwestern receipts wero
small and there was a moderate decrease on
passage. Mai started unchanged at 57?gc,
droppod He on soil In? led by Pardridge and
reacted to 57?c. It was expected that the
visible supply would show a small decrease
and that actod as a strenertheninff factor.
Corn started steady, influenced bylthe firm
ness in wheat, with May unchanged to Jgo
higher at 4848Hc There wa3 some buying
by commission hous33, but tho elevator in
terests were sellintr freely, causing the market
to fall off to a nioderate extent.
Oats weakly followed corn. .May opened
unchanged at 3155 and sold off W&Kc-
Provisions started with a show ot strength,
encouraged by light hog receipts and an ad
vance in prices at the yards. May pork
opened 5c higher at $11.82. and soon added
another 5c to its value. May lard started with
a 5c gain at $".02 and May ribs opened at 58.U3
WHEAT December, 53c: May. 57?ia57c;
July, 53c.
CORN December, 45Js: January, ihz:
May. 48c; July. 43c.
OATS December. 2&ic: January. 286c;
May. 3l5sS31?ic: February. 23-c.
PORK December, $11.45; January. $11.52$;
May. $11.95.
LARD December. $9.32: January. 58.82K;
May. $7.05157.12.
RIBS December. 85 80; January. $5.80;
May. $6.05.
Chicago Live Stock.
C.nickan. Dec. 31. HOGS Receipts. 18.000
head: quality fair: market active and firm at
6310c higher prices: sales ranged at $4 03
(54.55 for light: S4.204.60 for rough packing;
$4.3S4.70 for mixed; $4.4534.81 for heavy
packing and shipping lots; $2.65&t.25 for pig.
HATTLE ReceiDts. 11.000 head: shipments.
not given; best grades active and strong at
53U'c advance: common lots steady.
sHEEP Receipts, 11.000 head: demand fair;
better quality 510o higher.
.Flavor - '
.K i
Consumers of cheWiig tobacco who
are wtng to pag a liflle more tk
tk price cbged for tKe ordinanj
trade tobaccos., will ftadtbb
brand superior to all Gibers-
'it .-1
n Hnmnhrcvi' SbccIHcs are scientifically and
carefully prepared Remedies, used for years la
private practice and for over thirty years by the
people with entire success. Every single Speclac
a special cure for the disease named.
1 FeTera, Congestions, Inflammations.. .'25
2- Worns, Worm Fever. Worm Colic !S5
3-TeetaiHg; Colic, Crying. Wakefulaess .25,
4 Diarrhea, of Children or Adults 25
7 CoHgas, Colds, Bronchitis .25
8- NearalgIa, Toothache. Faccacba, 25
a-Rnininniip.. Kipt Hcndachc. VertlKO.. .25
lH-OJysBcpsia Biliousness, Constipation. .25
11 SaaaresKca oriraiaiai reneaa...
t Wk itv. Too Profuse Periods .25
13- CroHp, Laryngitis, Hoarseness 25
14- Salt Racam, Erysipelas, Eruptions.. .25
15 KhcHBiaiisBi, iweumauc rams .xa
1 ft Halaria. Thills. Fever and Asrue .25
19-Catarrfc. Influenza, Cold In the Head. .25
2-Waaa4ac Caa...., .25.
97Klaaer Diseases M
9S-Xerraa Debility l.M
M-Urlacrr Weakaeaa 25
Fat ap la small bottles of iltanat aalata, Jatt ac
jour veat ywm ,,
9m. HcirBiiii' Mavuai. ilt (km,) aiuti yaaa.
nu..a FOR SEX. Thh roasly
ffSsSaS S15 lAPCted dltecilr tii thaseatof
2XVti W thmo diseases oitiieGenlto-UriiiaryOr.
1 1 1 g n3, reqalrw no ctanjo of filei or
lsincsto be takes intetnaily. Wfcsa
bj cither sex i 1 1 1 impossttls to contract
any venereal tlrsssa; bet ia tho cuo of
thoso already UsroiTojuuLT Ammzo
with Gonorrhcra and Gleet, vre guards
tea a cat". Prieo by mai 1, postag pw
I psr Iks, or C toscs I or $i
Sold by A. P. Streitz, Druggist, North
Platte, Neb.
$500 Reward!
WE will pay the above reward for anv case of
Liver Complaint. Dyspepsia, Sick Headache In
digestion Constipation or Costiveness we cannot
cure with West's Vegetable Liver Pills, when
the directions are strictly complied with. They
are purely Vegetable, and never fail to give sat
isfaction. Sugar:oated. Large boxes, 25 cents, .
Beware of counterfeits and imitations. The gen
uine manuiactured only by THE JOiiN C. WEST
Sold by A. F. Streitz, Druggist, Nortq
Platte, Neb.
South Omaha Live Stock.
South Omaha, Dec. 31. CATTLE Re
ceipts, 1.000 head; 1300 to 1500 lbs.. Jl.5035.25;
1100 to 1300 lbs., 54.001.50; 9Z) to ilOO lbs..
$3.234.00: choice cows. $S.253.25; common
cows, S1.0a2.2r; good feeders. J2.50S3.aO:
common feeders, 3002. 40. Market 10c higher.
HOGS KeceipU. 8.UXJ head: light, $i.9Qa
4.30; mixed, $1.10i.85; heavy, I4.25S4.55.
Market 5c to 10c higher.
SHEEP Receipts, 103 head; muttons. $2.00
03.00; lambs, 3-'.50&4.00. Market strong.
SHILOITS CURE is sold on a guar
antee. It cures Insipient Consumption.
It Is the best Cough Cure. Only one cent
a dose. 25 cts.. 50 cts., and $1.00. Sold
by North Platte Pharmacy.
About coughs and colds in the sum
mer time. You may have a tickling
cough or a little cold, or baby may have
the croup, and when it comes you ought
to know that Park's Cough Syrup is the
best cure for it. Sold by North Platte
5EF0P.E '
nr. . C. Wcs'.'s f.'orve and Brain Treatment
t sold undor positive written pnarsntee, by nuthor
:ed agents only, to cure Wealc Memory; Loss of
rain nnti Kerve Power; Lost Manhood; Quickness;
ilght Losses; Evil Dreams; Lack of Confidents;
f orvousness; Lnssitn-le; all Drain?; Los3 of Power
jf the Generative Organs in uitlrcr ses, caused by
iver-exartion: Youthful Errors, or Recessive Upo of
obacco. Opium or Liquor, 'ffhich eoon lend, to
'riser, Consumption, Insanity and Death- By mail,
'1 a bos: G for 55; Trlth -written Runraiitco to cure or
ofund money. WEST'S COUGH SYIt UP. A certain '
ure for Coagh?, Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, Croup,
Whooping Cough, Sore Throat. Pleasant to take
Small pizo dicontinued; old. Site, slza, now2c; old
il f z-. now JOc. GUARANTEES issued only i
A. F. Streitz, Druggist, Xorth Platte
ro tho original nnd only FRENCH, safaondre-
uiuiu euro uu uut loaruci. rncu $x.uu; oeuu uy
nail. Genuino sold only by
A.F. Streitz, Druggist, No. Platte, Neb
i No More Back Ache
!AVELro5 J
; a
For Sale by A. F. Streitz.
Hmoirs BroMem.
t&I j & Brant 'or Nervous or Sick
Headache, Brain Exhaustion. SleeDlennes
.special or general Neuralgialsofo?Bh
tunciui or general JNeoralgia: also for Ithco
matoa. Gout, Kidney D&rder Acid d
Anpaoto lor Alcoholic
Efferent03353" .d)ceat
1 51 S. Western Avenue, CHICAGO.
Sold by A. F. Streitz. Driifwiaf Tcni.tu
ItU artlrl em tL amawTvfA-V r
and U th best Cough and Crotm Cuta.
Sold by North Platte Pharmacy,

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