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the. NOiim-m
Exclusively to tl
r-One Million People
V vi J
. i mmm Fair umxaa&
Unhrsaliy accepted o tts
Flac Coffee ef the WOf id
Sells tlie above Coffee
together with a complete line of
Prices Always Eeasonable.
Paid For Country Produce.
Wall Paper.
Paper Hung by Peale.
Paper Cleaner at Peale's.
-The Schrambling- restaurant
on Front street has been closed on
account of lack of trade.
B. I, Robinson is improving"
his residence in the west end by the
erection of a picket fence.
Mr. and Mrs. John Minor were
host and hostess at a pleasant card
party given a few evenings ago.
Major Lester Walker, who was
critically ill with pneumonia for a
week or more, is now convalescing".
Several land buyers were in
town yesterday, but whether they
invested in irrigated tracts, we did
not learn.
Water has been turned into the
Cody & Dillon ditch and the flow is
found amply sufficient to water all
land under the ditch,
Dr. Butt does crown and bridge
work, also metal and vulcanite
- Alex Adams went toXexington
"Wednesday to have an examination
made by the board of pension ex
miners with a view of getting a
pension, He was accompanied by
W. C. Elder.
Tickets for the Engineers' May
Party are selling" rapidly and there
is no doubt but this event will be
largely patronize. The concert
6(iMby,;Bartlinsr's orchestra, which pre-'
Pn??- - - - - - ......
m' --cedes the grand march, will be
worth more than the price of admis
"5 -
rj". -
Watchman Sawyer claims to have
driven thirty-nine tramps out of
town night before last. This ac
counts for the present scarcity of
tourists around town. If "Buck"
keeps up the good work during the
summer season he will deserve the
thanks of bur people.
Last Saturday evening one of
'M.. C. Harrington's children ran
against and knocked over a piano
lamp which resulted in igniting the
window curtains. Prof. Garlicks,
who was present at the time, ex
tinguished the flames, but in doing
so had his hands somewhat burned.
Dr. Butt, dentist, willloca.eiu
North Platte about April 15tth
Office in McDonald's block.
A telegram was received from
deputy secretary state Evans Wed
nesday stating that he had sold the
$8,000 warrant, drawn in favor of
Lincoln county by the state, at par.
The brokers have raised a question
as to the validity of the relief bill
else the warrants would sell at a
At a meeting of the fire depart
ment Wednesday evening S. L.
Bristol was elected chief and W. H.
C. Woodhurst assistant chief. It
was naturally supposed that H. O.
Evans would be re-elected, but he
failed to secure the necessary num
ber of votes. The new officers are
thoroughly competent and the de
partment will in no way suffer by
their election.
Every man and women in North
Platte should attend one of the sev
eral churches next Sunday. This
journal can assure them that such
action will result not only profitably
but pleasantly, bermons appro
priate to the day will be delivered
by the pastors, and as is always
the case, specially prepared music
will be rendered by the choirs.
Another attraction will be the new
gowns and hats worn by the ladies.
The Tribuxe of May 3d will
be issued solely by the members of
the ladies' auxiliarv of the Y. M.
C. A. Not only will the ladies have
charge of the local and news col
umns, but of the advertising
columns as well, and all revenues
from the latter source will go into
the treasury of that organization.
There will be local, telegraph and
society reporters, advertising soli
citors and proof readers, and the
isse of May 3d will undoubtedly
eclipse any paper ever issued in
North Platte. We trust our busi
aeos -ate will respond liberally to
ike iraqHtstsJor special advertise-
Have you seen that $50 Ladies
Bicycle at I.e.-M. Newton's.
The,, bright sunny days that
have caused, the merchants to
resurrect their canvas awnings.
Wm. Hayes, head push of the
North Platte broom factory is visit
ing friends in Peublo this week.
Ben Dikeman a few days ago
purchased 320 acres of railroad land
in town 15, range 32 northwest of
The Cody Guards are having a
little tempest in a teapot with - one
of their officere, which will probably
not end every seriously.
Prof. Garlichs has organized a
five-piece orchestra and will soon
be in position to furnish music for
dances and entertainments.
. C. P. Boss and Prank Mc
Chesney are in Keith County this
week surveying, an irrigation ditch
on the rancli of M. A. Daugherty.
The bicycie dealers of the city
seem to be having a good trade,
and the fellow who does not have a
wheel is not in the swim to any ex
tent. W. N. Gooden, ot Eaton, Colo.,
passed several days in town this
week and while here sold the "coun
ty relief commission five carloads of
seed potatoes.
It is semi-officially announced
that one of our most pleasant young
ladies will be wedded on Monday
evening next to a young man
living in Cheyenne.
Walter Ross, 'formerly con
nected with the Sidney Telegraph,
passed a few days in town this
week. Mr. Ross will start for New
York next week on a bicycle.
A director of the agricultural
society informs us that it is a ques
tion whether a county fair will be
held this fall. If the season proves
a favorable one for crops a fair will
be held, otherwise not.
Miss Mazie Cunningham and
Asa Fairchild completed their
course at the business college yes
terday and were given diplomas.
The latter will go to Denver some
time next week to look up a posi
tion. Dr. Vorhees Lucas, who grad
uated last week from the Omaha
medical college, arrived in town a
few days ago and will locate here
permanently. The Doctor, it will
be remembered, formerly clerked in
Longley's drug store.
Easter at the Methodist Epis
copal church will be an interesting
occasion . Besi des the morning ser
vice with the usual offering to mis
sions, there will be. a special s'ervice
in the evening conducted by the
Sunday school. Everybody is wel
come. Don't forget that a new dentist
will open an omce in McDonald s
block about April 15th. Give mm
a call.
The annual parish meeting of
the Church of Our Saviour will be
held on Easter Monday evening at
seven o'clock. The usual reports
will be made, and a new vestry
elected. A full attendance, not
onlv of communicants, but of all
members ot the consrrecation, is.
earnestly requested.
On the evening of the 19th inst.
a public ball will be given at the
opera house in connection with a
gift presentation now being pre
pared by several young men. Prof.
Stuff will have charge of the dance,
which insures an excellent time
for all participants. Prof. Garlichs'
new orchestra will furnish the
It is hoped that the attendan.ee
at the concert to be given by the Y.
M. C. A. next Monday evening will
be largely attended. Not only be
cause the programme is an excel
lent one, but for the reason that the
funds thus received are badly
needed by the association in order
to make improvements in the rooms.
The price of admission is placed at
so low a nsrure that anybody can
afford to go and hear this musical
Dr. sutt, who win open an
office in McDonald's block, does
first-class dentistry m all its
Sunday, Easter day, there
will be the usual Easter services at
the Church of Our Saviour. Holy
communion at 7:45 a. m. Full Eas
ter service with holy communion at
10:30 a. m. Children's service with
carols and missionary offerings at
3:30 p.m. (the two Sunday schools
uniting in this) and evening sevice
and sermon at 7:30. There will be
baptism of children at the after
noon service. Everyone welcome to
all services.
Messrs. Spaudling & Jennings,
of Gothenburg", have been in town
for several days with a view of pur
chasing H. S. Keith's stock of hard
ware. Up to noon to-day the deal
had not been made, but it is likely
the transfer will ocoir. Mr. Keith
will retain possession of the stock
of furniture and continue ia that
business. Messrs. Soandlinsr &
Jennings are energetic business awn
and as such Tms Txnrojte
The city council will meet in
regular session nextMonday even
mg. The home, of Geo. G. McKay on
West Third St. was gladdened on
Tuesday of this week hy the ar
rival of a bright new girl baby.
The show'window of the Fair
store has attracted a great deal ot
attention this week by the splendid
manner in which it has been draped
by the clerks.
We are requested to invite all
members of the Grand Army of the
Republic to attend the funeral ser
vices of Wm. "Emerson to be held
to-morrow afternoon.
As some of the members of the
cornet band will be out, of town,,
and other wise engaged the proba
bilities are that a concert will not
be given to-morrow night,
H. S. Stuff will resume his in
structions in dancing next week.
Quite a number are desirous of
learning the new dances which will
be introduced at the May ; Party
and have secured Mr. Stuffs ser
vices." From the manner in which
nursery stock is being received this
week it is evident that an unusual
number of trees will be planted in
and around the city this spring. A
large part of the stock received con
sists of fruit trees.
By one of those annoying little
errors which occasionally will creep
into even the most carefully edited
newspaper, the types made us say
in Tuesday's paper that "Fred'k
Barber" would sing a solo at the
Y. M, C. A. concert. It should have
read Fred'k Baker.
A telegram received from Nor
folk yesterday announced the death
of Wm. Emerson the night before.
The deceased was adjudged insane
last summer and taken to the Nor
folk asylum. The remains will ar
rive here to night and the funeral
services will be held at the Metho
dist church to-morrow afternoon.
The funeral will be in charge of
the Grand Army of the Republic
of which the deceased was a mem
ber. Mr. Emerson wss a resident
of North Hlatte for many years and
was well known in the city and
It is believed that a large num
ber of farmers of Iowa and the east
ern part of this state will take ad
vantage of thei excursion rates
which the Union Pacific offers from
Omaha to western Nebraska. These
low rates are offered land seekers
in order that they may investigate
the irrigated lands of this section.
It is therefore likely that we will
have a number of the excursionists
in town the early part of next week,
and it is only proper that they be
shown the country by our citizens,
and especially by the owners of
; - - a- i
; . : - ,ir . . . s H .
Mrs. D. W. Saxe went to Omaha
this morning.
Lester Eells went to Omaha
terday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Hershev
in town to-day.
Fred Marti left the early part of
the week for his old home in New
York state.
Rev. J. C. Irwin spent several
days this week in the eastern part
of the state.
The family of Receiver Doolittle
will arrive in the city next week to
remain permanently.
Dr. Hatch, a recent graduate of a
Chicago medical college, has been
the guest of H. V. Hilliker for sev
eral days.
George Goodman, who had been
visiting his father for a week or
more, left for Philadelphia Wednes
day night.
Mrs. H. V. Hilliker, who had
been attending a church convention
at St. Paul, Neb., returned home
last night.
Miss Maud Hinman, who is at
tending the Convent of the Sacred
Heart at Omaha, will be home Sun
day for a week's vacation.
Wm. Killion an old time meat
market man and crack pistol shot,
of this city, but now of Big Springs
Idaho, was in our city yesterday.
Dispatcher Croxton left to-day
for a brief visit in Omaha. His
wife who has been visiting in that
city will probably retnrn with him.
Mrs. Warren Lloyd and Miss
Nellie Donahue, who were called to
Cleveland by the death of the lat
ter's mother, returned home last
Frank Murphy and family, who
had been visiting North Platte
friends for ten days, left last night
for their home at Medicine Bow,
E. B. Warner returned Wednes
day Iroat a business trip to Omaha,
the nature of which was to assist
in making transportation arrange
ments for the meeting of the
National Faaeral Directors' Asso
ciation to be lield" at Little Hock.
faster Tide netfb to Qfyrishmas.,
is the most appropriate season for making, your
friends an elegant and appropriate, presetuita-
.ble to the occasion. Cwnton the Jeweler
wishes to fix the attention of the public upon the
fact that he has an unusually large and handsome
line of Silver Novelties adapted to those in
search of something of this kind. His prices
upon the same would almost lead one to believe
that we are approximating the era of free, silver g
to all, rich and poor. r K c
CLINTON, The Jijweler. .
si i
Thmembers ot the Gordon
cornet band will be entertained
next Wednesday evening at the
residence of J. J. Sullivan. Some
Omaha friends of the family are ex?
peered to be present.
Rev. A. W. Graves went to
Ogalaila last week to deliver an
address before a Sunday-school
convention,, but on account of the
storm the convention was m post
poned until the 19th and 20th inst.
Appropos with the bright spring
season the dental parlors of Dr. F.
J. Morrill are undergoing a siege of
house-cleaning and remodeling and
when the decorators have finished
their work the Doctor may well
boast of .one of the coziest little
offices in the state. The rapidly
increasing patronage of this pop
ular jourig dentist demands more
commodious quarters and increased
facilities. By strict business in
tegrity and superior workmanship
he has built around him a remark
able practice in a short time,-
necessitating the securing of an
assistant in the person of Dr. E.
E. Northru'p, of Chicago, an ex
pert in mechanical dentistry. Time
was when people thought it neces
sary to go to Lincoln or Omaha
when in need of the" services of a
first class dentist but those days
have passed. With, an equipment
ot the most modern and "up-to-date"
style and the services of a
competent assistant anything in
the way of dental work may be
relied nponAto be' handled in a
legitimate, responsible and satis
factory manner.
E. F. Gibbens took a trip to
Kearney Mjonday... ..J. H. Giffin
and Wm. Mclhtyre drove- dpwn to
Gothenburg -Wednesday Morris
yanTylenttde run.ito Cozad and
oacK on :niSWAci:- &ursaaY n.
ceived aboa
part of the?
isbeen, so-
Antelope precinct,
ay. He re-
bushels of oats
spent the-latter
atXKearnev A.
W. and GDQCatliewson attended
an lrrigatiottjfBeeting at Maxwell
on Monday Mrs. J. Hr Giffin
visited friewrjlat Gothenburg
Wednesdyj'Cn Miss Shade, of
GothenburgiSAvisiting her sister,
Mrs. Erick'this week... The
high schooljif closed this week,
Prof. Culleneing laid up with the
rheumatism ii .E- L.L. Matthew
son spent Monday and Tuesday in
Maxwelii .Jjrs. Erb, of Gothen
burg, wasaJ guest of J. H. Giffin
WednesdayjvfVG. D. Matthewson
was in theftatte Thursday
Hearty and aairphy snipped a car
of cattle to -Oakaha on Wednesday.
Easter Scryices will be held at
tne jvi. Hi. cawrcn ounaay nignr.
Wiggins. .
Rev. Frankan, of this circuit, of
ficiated at 'thkfuneral of -Mr. and
Mrs. E. E. Gibbeas' little baby on
Tuesday of !ithis week.....S. W.
yanDoran', -ife North Platte, who
has been plastering the Paxton &
Hershey tenant houses, returned
home with his tools the fore part of
the week.. ..Stock is doing fairly
well on the oung and tender grass
at the present' time Mr. and
Mrs. J. O. Cbft are rejoicing over
a new son who arrived Thursday
Will Brooks shelled corn for N.
B. Spurrier Friday, of which 400
bushels were sold to the county re
lief commission at seventy-five
cents Ben Lay ton came up trom
Brady yesterday and purchased
fifty bushels of seed potatoes of N.
B. Spurrier 'at "seventy-five cents
per bushel v'PK'BL-W. Brown has-re-
turned to the; McPherson county
ranch Mrs. ,R. W. Calh oun visi
ted her parents'north ot the Platte
the fore part of the week Al
Davis and WillPark, two of thr
Platte's jolly, nimrods, tried their
luck a few davs,asro shootinsr crane
and brant in -this vicinitv a few
days ago This week will about
wind up the seeding of small grain
in the vatfeVU.VWiiare told that
Lew Hoover will takea trip to Col
orado in the near futre. . . A band
of hunters in awaJonV. drawn by a
team of mules passed through' this
locality W ednesday evening. , They
crossed theBridge -and went over
into the southfhilIs.-..T-Kev. Graves
of a. North PJatte church, upon
Baptism" in ia the Maccabee hall
at Hershey next. Sunday evening at
tne usual hour,. . .Mr? tsimpson, of
Logan countjiwhb rented a farm of
axton & Hershey" has thrown it up
and will remaMinthe sand-hills
another seasoaT'Mr. Magnetson
win wonctne sa
Ai. you make tb
limn .TmltAtr
anp vm
Horses for Sale.
A number of horses and mules of
all ages, among the assets of the
North Platte National Bank, are
for sale. These horses are of all
kinds, suitable for farm horses,
drivers, or saddle ponies. Will be
sold very cheap. Also for sale, a
lot of second hand farm implements.
Enquire at the bank,
alas Milton Doolittle, Receiver.
Homeseekers' Excursion. One fare
plus two dollars to all points south
or west in Nebraska, Kansas, Colo
rado, Wyoming, Utah and Idaho.
Tickets on sale April 23d, 1895,
limited to continuous passage in
both directions. Extreme limit of
20 days from date of sale.
For rent, for cash, a well im
proved farm under irrigation, ap
ply at this office.
Overshoes good and cheap at
Otten's Shoe Store. Ftf
When Buying
Why not get the BEST?
Washburn's Superlative
Has no superior no equal. It is the result of studied urn
,provementin milling machinery the product of the hard,'
excellent wheat of the north. If you are not using the
Washburn Flour, try it. It is sold by
rRemember in order to get pure,
clean and healthy spring water ice,
contract with Harry Eamplugk.
Studebaker Wagons at
Hershey & Go's,
My residence and all my personal
property. G. R. Hammond.
All accounts due H. Otten &
Co. are payable at Otten's Shoe,
Store. The firm having dissolved,
a settlement is urgently requested,
tnat books may be balanced.
r u
. . . For
. linnrTinTT.,.'n "WA
I desire to sell the hay crop for
1895, on the large Sidney Dillon
Island located at Sutherland, sec
tions 2, 3, 4, 5, town 13 north, and
sections 33, 34, 35 and 36, in town
14 north, all in range 34 west, to
the highest bidder for cash. Bids
will be received up to July 1st,
1895, and reserve the right to reject
any and all bids. N. B. OLDS.
Early Seed Potatoes!
Vick's Earlu Jtfarket,
Trovillo's Favorite
The earliest and best Seed Pota
toes in America. 500 bushels on hand
for sale by
$25 Reward
Will be paid for anyone giving in
formation leading to the arrest and
conviction of the parties who poi
soned my greyhounds at the Scout's.
Kestancitnejatter pjirtptrjebjj
ruary. , .colv.vv. jj . cody..
For Sale or Trade,
The White Elephant barn. Also
several vacant lots. Will trade for
ditch or hay land, or cattle. The
above property is clear of incum
brance. Inquire of
Two houses and lots, one is situ
ated one block east of Hotel
Central, and the other in Miller's
addition; for sale after April 27th.
Will sell cheap for cash or will trade
for stock of goods, cattle, horses or
chattels of any kind.
Snelling Bros.
In search of a good cigar
will always find- it at J.
F. Schmalzried's. Try
them and judge.
For sale, a six-room house on
school house. . For priceand 'tefms'
apply'tb Mrsr-F. Barraclbugh.
Of the Season is here, is unpacked, is marked
low, and is ready for anyone who likes a
good thing. We are simply asking for busi
ness that will save buyers money. Just look:
All Wool B usiness Suits at - - $6.75.
Imported Clay Worsted Suits,
(In Black and Gray.) .
Boys' Suits from $2.50 up to $10.00.
Mothers, we ' can sell you a Child's Suit for ONE
DOLLAR that is worth double the money.
Boys' Knee Pants at FIFTEEN CENTS a pair.
Wood working Shirts for TWENTY-FIVE CENTS.
A good solid pair of Shoes for ONE DOLLAR, worth
at any time one-half more.
Hats 'and Caps at all Prices.
We have not space to quote you all, but all we ask
you is to call and see us and we are
. . .. sure we can save you money. s
The Model Clothing louse
Foley"s Old 3ttxi.cL

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