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sttti Exclosivdy t a
sChrerTweatf-Otte Million Peepte
fte&&fotWs FairQroongs
Unlversaliy xctta e
Leading fl c(ke of the Work!
Sells the above Coffee
together with a complete line of
staple m m mm
Prices Always Seasonable,
Paid For Country Produce
; ,: Smoke the "Royal Sport" cigar.
Methodist entertainment a
. Keith's hall this evening".
; Installation of officers of the
0.dS. S. took place last night
Knights ot .Pythias are urg
ently requested to the meeting to
be held at the hall this evening.
i Thcjcounty commissioners ex
f. pect to be able to commence allow
ingibills next week upon the new
The degree staff of the Macca
bee lodge-of this city goes to Lex
ington to-morrow to initiate eight
candidates into the order.
The loner expected illustrated
pamphlets ordered by the Lincoln
Countyf mmigration Association
will arrive the early part of next
' John Bratt is this week having
put in the head-gate of the Blue
Creek irrigation canal in Keith
county. It is about twenty feet in
The only big Fourth of July
celebration in Western Nebraska
. will be held in North Platte. It
will be worth coming many miles
to see.
Mr. and Mrs. Joaraum cave a
card party to a number of friends
Tuesday evening;, the occasion be-
ing in honor of Rev. and Mrs. Geo.
E. Beecher, of Sidney.
Follow the request of the mayor
and mow the weeds from at least in
front of your premises. There are
a number of places where two ladies
cannot pass upon the sidewalks un
. less they are in bloomer costumes.
A letter received at this office
from Rev. L. P. McDonald conveys
the information that he and Mrs.
McDonald are having a delightful
time. They are now in New York
city and will remain there until
July 7th.
Some complaint has been made
by a property owner of the Second
ward as to the valuation placed
upon his residence, and the county
commissioners are still wrestling
with the question, without having
reached any conclusion.
It is said the judges in the
militia "spelling school" on the 4th
of Julywillbe Ed Elliott, Walter
Hoagland and probably Walter
Coville, all graduates of the state
university who are more or less
familiar with military manouevers.
Services both morning and ev
ening at the Baptist church next
Sunday. Arrangements are being
made to observe "Childrenrs Day,"
and after that a picnic will be ar
ranged for some day during the
week. Let everybody attend the
services next Sunday.
The rain last night and to-day
is said to be a general one from
Cheyenne all through Nebraska.
What is now needed more than
anything else by agriculturalists is
a hot sun for weed-killing purposes
although the present weather is
favorable for root crops.
A Kearney paper claims that
"Water Works Jim" Wilson is
working upon a proper bicycle wed
ding costume. When the good
gray matter in Jim's cranium gets
to revolving at the proper rate of
speed he is liable to evolve some
thing m this line that will be the
. envy ot modistes.
Davis, the hardware man, had
on, ' exhibition yesterday in his
" show-window a healthy J looking
buck-saw labelled "The TL P. Tve
. bustlers Companion." Of course
no respectable tie rustler would ac
knowledge himself as such, hence
there wiil be no boycott on account
of the harmless joke. "A Tramp's
Terror" would be as equally an ap
propriate name.
An epileptic iello w who claims
to be a victim of the Johnstown
flood was asking alms in this city
the middle ot the week. If he could
not obtain money he was willing to
- accept a drink of liquor; in con
sequence ot which he managed to
iget comfortably full and was lodged
in hotel Miller. He is a deaf mute
. and claims to be only able lo write
ia the Gallic language.
Morris Cronen is improving the
appearance of his residence by hav
ing it re-painted.
The various hose companies of
the fire department have been put
ting in considerable practice of
evenings preparatory to the con
tests on the 4th of July.
It has been observed that sev
eral large "bull" thistles are grow
ing upon a church lot in this city.
This is in accordance with the
scriptural idea that the good seed
has been mixed with thistles.
The friends of Mr. and Mrs. A.
McMichael dropped in upon them
Tuesday evening and gave them a
delightful surprise in commemora
tion of the anniversary of the birth
of their host
Manager Lloyd reports a num
ber of theatrical companies that are
arranging for dates the early part
of next year, which is an indication
that they must see brighter days
ahead for them than in the year
Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Baldwin
entertained a half dozen couples of
friends at "fan-tan," a new card
game that is being played exten
sively in the east. Mrs. Noonan,
ot Indianapolis, was the guest of
Millet seed for sale.
Eleven head of running horses
from the Westchester stables in
New York, owned by Colman &
Jones, passed through this city
Wednesday morning in a palace
stable car, en route for San Fran
cisco. They were beauties and
looked as if they were able to travel
rather rapidly.
Dr. Aley, the Lincoln special
ist who for several years made
regular monthly trips to this city,
will be in North Platte at the Ho
tel Neville Monday and Tuesday,
July 1st and 2d, where he will be
pleased to see all his old patrons
and all others who desire to consult
him for any chronic diseases.
John C. Cowin, of Omaha,
passed through this city yesterday
on nis way nomewara irom tne
Pacific railroad litigation at Salt
Lake. In conversion with a Tri
bune reporter in reply to the query
as to whether the government's in
terests were in any ieopardy the
General laughingly - replied: "Oh,
no! They are all right, yet,"
-It appears that the School
Teachers' Fraternal Benefit Asso-
ation, formerly mentioned in these
columns, is having a little trouble
with State Auditor Moore over its
non-compliance with the insurance
aws of Nebraska, with the pros
pect that it will not be allowed to
do business until the requirements
of the statutes have been fully com-
-olied with. As the matter stands
the association practically admits
that it has violated the law, and
refuses to show its books.
r Mrs. G. Tj. Field entertained" a
number of lady friends at a Ken
sington yesterday afternoon.
Information, reached this city
Wednesday of the death at Norfolk,
this state, of Joseph Falls, formerly
of North Platte. For many years
his was a familiar figureabout the
railroad yards and shops in this
city. A few years ago he had his
feet severely frozen, and subse
quently became deranged, when he
was taken to the hospital for the
insane at Norfolk. Hewas, an in
dustrious good citizen, who hack
many friends among his associates.
The remains were brought in last
night, and. funeral will take place
to-morrow niorhing at 8 o'clock;
from St Patrick's church.
Within, a short time the beaut
ful park surrounding the division
superintendent's office will perhaps
be christened the "Dillon Memorial
Park." The reason therefor is the
fact that arrangements -are being
made for the placing, therein of a
splendid stone bust momfment of
the late Sidney Dillon. Kbr some
time past the relatives anc friends
of the deceased have been contem
plating this plan, which will be
completed as soon as the other im
provements now in progress at the
park are finished. We believe the
work will be done by a Lodge Pole
sculptor who has patterned after a
model furnished by a New York
Tuesday night J. W. Reed who
has made this city his home lor a
number of years died of abscesses
upon the liver, after a comparative
ly bnet illness. Deceased was a
widower forty-five years of age,
having one daughter who' is" now
almost grown. For a number of
years he homesteaded upon a claim
south of Paxton, upon which he
made final proof and is still owned
by his heirs. At the time of his
death he was carrying S4.000 in life
insurance in the A. O. U. W. and
Maccabee orders, of which he was
a member. He was also a member
of the Odd Fellows' organization,
by which society he was buried, as
sisted by the other lodges to which
he belonged. The funeral services
occurred yesterday afternoon at
2:30 o'clock, and were largely at
tended in spite of the threatening
in Indies' Blouse Waist Sets, very pretty, not
expensive; also a new line of Cheap Belts and Belt
. Pins,. Side-Combs, Hair Ornaments, and the new
Long Watch-chains. It you want anything in the
way of a neat little present for some one, you can
find it in our line of novelties, from 25 cents to
J e well as high as you wish to go.
When Buying
Charley JPass Wednesday re
ceived anforder f or several hundred
celery plants frflptfayiman giving at
The NprmPatte'basefiall boys
have maderrWgements for a game
on the.4th,of J&ly WithhecHershey
B. I. Hinma'n transacted busi
ness in Ogalalla Wednesday.
M. Doolittle went to Kearney
this morning on train No. 2-
Rev. M. O'Toole made a brief trip
Nb if tU latter only P ie road the first of the week.
. Why not get the BEST?
Washburn's Superlative
Has no superior no equal. It is the result of studied imt
I provement in milling machinery the product of the hard;
excellent wheat of the north. If you are not using- the
Washburn Flour, try it. It is sold by
The city fire department had
an animated meeting last mgnt
which came near terminating in a
small sized scrimmage. The trou
ble originated over the attempt of
a portion of the members to force a
selection of chief, although this
object had not been stated in the
published call. A motion to ad-
ourn was made, which was finally
adopted by the very narrow mar
gin of two votes. It is said the
oratory indulged in was of a very
urid and pyrotechnic character.
According to the figures pro
mulgated by Joe Edgerton, "pop"
clerk of the bureau of labor and in
dustrial statistics, as published in
the State Journal, the farm mort
age record for the year ending
May 31st, 1895, shows Lincoln
county to have filed 5158,046.98,
and satisfied but S62.519.53. Cer
tainly there is some mistake in
these figures, as from a hasty ex
amination of the table this appears
to De ttie worst showing made by
any county in the state, which will
not prove true.
Parties who have recently taken
lengthy rides out upon the table
lands, either north or south of town
report themselves as astonished at
the wonderful growth of weeds this
year upon uncultivated spots which
have been barren of vegetation for
the past two or three years. So
great a growth of these pests have
taken place that the farmers are
experiencing a great deal of trouble
in freeing their growing crops from
them. Corn especially is said to be
very foul, while potatoes are com
paratively free from them.
For some time past a portion
of the juvenile population of the
city have been practicing Tyith the
crafty "nigger shooter" upon the
pigeons which are accustomed to
frequent the cupola of the High
school building. Last night police
man Davis captured one of the
young offenders against the city's
ordinance, escorted him to the jail
and gave him his choice to either
quit the practice or lodge behind
the bars until hecould have a hear
ing before the police judge. The
little fellow promised to reform and
was allowed to depart, . r ; ,
Just a word with our business
men: xne date nxed tor the meet
ing of the Lincoln Co. Agricultural
Ass'n was yesterday afternoon at 3
o'clock. At that time not enough
of the directors were present to
constitute a quorum tor the trans
action or business, it you are a
member of the association it is to
your interest to get the drones
weeded out ot the management, and
workers put in that will annually
give the people of Lincoln county
an exhibition that will be well
worth attending, and be a source of
profit to the society. It is to the
interest of every man doing- busi
ness in North Platte to see that
this is done; and more especially so
this year in the face of the villian
ous reports that have been gener
ally and industriously circulated in
the east regarding this part of Ne
braska. Besides this it is to your
financial interest to have a great
crowd of strangers within your
gates spending their money for en
joyment and in return for which
they will well advertise your town.
The little town of Red Oak, Iowa,
(scarcely larger than this) has this
week given a proof that-it pays to
have a good race meeting or an
agricultural fair. The opening day
of the races there 10,000 people were
present to see the sport; and this,
too, when no great events were
upon the programme for that day.
North Platte can have in a measure
a similar success by following the
example. See that your fair soci
ety officials get a move upon them- j
bring along- tieirbest sluggers and
make the home' team wear them
selves out chasing the horsehide
the crowd witf. Highly appreciate
the sport.
Judging f rbhi the interest taken
in the programnie of sports for the
4th of Julv celebration here those
present will be favored with some
thing good in this line. A number
of our business men are preparing
to recoup themselves for their con
tributions for the occasion, by com
petiting for the prizes offered for
the best decorated float. Taken
all together, if observer Piercy only
does his duty; the day promises to
be unusually well celebrated in
North Platte, and will repay a visit
by those from a distance.
Mamie Watts left yesterday
morning for a visit with friends at
C. B. McKinstry, of Sutherland,
transacted business in this city
Mrs. S. Schwaiger left for Grand
Island this morning for a visit with
Mrs. xj. a. JBreternitz has re
S jiIBj j (.0 DO 1 lot .1100,
Early Wednesday evening the Lexington.
T is a practice, unforunately too fre
quent, for dealers to mark fictitious
and fanciful prices upon goods as a basis f of
turned to North piatte after a pro- reductions and a text for advertising:.
tractea n u l uga luia. Thig jg sometimes done on a arge scale positiTe
Tom Bennett, tne Council Bluffs ., i, 1-1,1 , .1
traveling salesman, called upon his evidence confronts us m which the net result of vaunted
patrons the middle of this week. and much advertised bargains is simply a scale of prices
E. F. Seeberger returned a few ybich are more tban we and otber honorable dealers
DTverfndfother Cotomdo pSnt regularly charge. Delicacy stops the statement here:r
Mrs. f. r. Peaie and daughter remedy f or this "humbug;" is r
Gertie left on No. 4 yesterday morn- . , , J . e
ing for a visit with relatives in VYlbU ULltf rtJUllll UUVBl'S.
auditorium of St. Patrick's church
began filling with interested spec
tators anxious to witness the wed
dintr services of Frank Bon, of
Cheyenne, to Miss Evelyn Grady,
of this city. At a few minutes be
fore 8'oclock the magnificent strains
of the wedding march pealed forth.
Promptly uporf time the bride, lean
ing upon the arm of her father, ad
vanced up the aisle, followed by the
groom, accompanied by Mrs. Grady.
At the altar the fateful words join
ing" the young couple for life were
pronounced W "Rev. M. O'Toole, in
a very impressive manner. The
bridesmaid w2s Miss Gertie Grady,
a sister ot the bride, and the
groomsman was a Mr. Bon, brother
of the groom. The maids of "honor
were, the Misses McCabe, Bon.
Mrs. W. J. Stuart went to Grand
Island this morning to meet Miss
Margaret Gabbert, of St. Joe, Mo.,
Vho will visit Mrs. S.
L. C. Stockton, of the Western
Irrigator, at Sidney, was in this
city the middle of the week in the
interests of his publication.
A sister of Mrs. H. M. Weber,
who has been visiting the latter for
several days past, left for her home
in the east yesterday morning.
Mrs. F. R. Hogeboom, wife of
the Logan county attorney, left
yesterday morning for a six months'
visit with relatives and friends in
Miss Fern Griffin, of Denver, who
has been visiting friends m this
city for some days past, left yester-
Note the following Prices:
4 Thimbles for 1 cent,
5 Lead Pencils for 1 cent,
1 pair Men's Socks, ribbed top, for 4 cents,. ,
4 bunches Hair Pins for 1 cent,
4 dozen Hooks and Eyes for 1 cent,
Window Shades on best spring roller for 17 cents,
Working Shirts for 17 cents,
Ladies' Merrimac Print Waists 29 cents,
Children's Shoes 22 cents a pair,
Ladies' Tan Oxfords $1 a pair,
- Olark's O N T Thread at 4 cents a spool.
Prices and quality talk. If goods
are not as represented bring them
back anLget your moneX. . " .
The only store ffclorth Platte where will
buy 1 00 cents Worth of merchandIfe--
ivfi i m q nni..cnM -. i rim -ill o I- ir i n n i a -m i
-x " l mm i -j m m a a - - m. mm 'vims m m m wr
The wnTcPhnTv rPtrrAfc 4lmf lip was anassenireron No. 7 Wednes- iwuiufc
does not posWss the Qualities of a day morning to look after the prop- Goods. STotionS, Millinery, Stationery, Sh06S,
lmware, Hardware, Queensware, etc.
Austin'andRebhauseh; the pages daJ morning for a visit with triends
master Paur Grady and little Miss 111 Kearney.
Worth or a Redfern so that he
might be able to do justice to a
description of the many handsome
costumes worn, and which is so in
teresting a subject to the feminine
mind. As it is, to those who were
not present we can only say that
you must draw upon your imagina
tions for the details and intricacies
of the toilets worn, and you will
not fall far short of their beauty.
After the ceremony a pleasant
reception and wedding supper was
tendered the principals at the home
of the bride's parents, which was
hie-hlv enioved by all present. The
happy couple took the "Overland
Flyer" for a brief trip to Salt Lake,
after which they will be at home to
their many friends in Cheyenne.
The groom is a prosperous young
business' maiij6f the Wyoming capi
tal, and has hosts, of friends there.
The bride is aJSTorth Platte reared
young lady who is so well and favor
able known as to need no word of
introduction by The Tribune. In
connection wth their small army
of friends we wish them a long,
happy and prosperous life.
Studebaker Wagons
Hershey & Go's.
erty interests in hi
Rev. Geo. A. Beecher and wife, of
Sidney, who were visiting friends
in tins city ior a coupie or aays
this week, returned home Wednes
day morning.
A couple of sisters of Mrs. Lu
Clark arrived from Toledo, O., on
Wednesday night and under their
successful nursing Mrs. C. is mak
ing perceptible recovery from her
severe illness.
W. B. McNealwho has been visit-
-a - :
ing relatives nere ior some time
past, left yesterday morning for the
scene of his labors as timber in
spector upon the Chippewa reserva
tion in Minnesota.
E. A. Cary, of Wilber, transacted
business and visited friends in this
city for a day or two this week. He
thinks that the irrigation ditches
around this city means a bright
future for our people.
John McConnel, of Somerset, was
in this city on business Wednes
day. He reports the rain storm of
some days ago as being unusually
severe, and doing considerable
damage in the way of washing out
crops. ie says ne never saw it
rain before
Give us a Trial.
cox Department
First door south of Streitz' Drug Store, - - NORTH PLATTE, NEB.
son left for-Evanston to take posi
tions. On Wednesday night Phil
Beverle left for the same place to
accept a similar job.
One of the latest to tackle the
buckincr bicvele and try to master
its wickedness is Charley Hall. He
has adopted the Russian practice,
however, of not appearing upon the
streets until he has mastered the
mysteries of the wheel, and one day
this week was takinjr a course of
instruction from a couple of his en
gineer friends.
News reached this city this week
that Harry Alcorn, a former con
ductor out ot here, who was run
ning a train on a Missouri road
recently had the misfortune to have
both legs and an arm cut off by the
merciless wheels. He had many
friends among the railroad men
here, who will be pained to learn of
the accident.
J. B. Quinn, a prominent stock
man of McPherson county, trans
acted business in this city to-day.
The following data for the
We are the People who have
: The finest grades of everything in tie Grocery Line
in the Gityj always fresh and at prices that
Freight business appears to be
picking up a trifle, and gives evi
dence of what may be expected
when a good crop is fully assured.
P. H. Lonergan was seized with
an attack of vertigo Wednesday
mornincr while at work at the shop,
and was compelled to suspend oper- month ot July, compiled trom tne
ations for the day. records ot tne local government
ro. A.tin ir.M. H. Doufrlas signal omce covering a period ot
the benefit of a passenger run by twenty years may give our readers
rlnno-inrr off wiHi him in nrrtprthnt " UL f-
1 e
the former might be present at the
wedding services Wednesday even
Warren Lloyd had a very inter
esting time yesterday morning
with a professional "hobo" who
came in on the trucks of train No.
2, and was determined to try and
ride out on the same train.
Clarence Turner, a machinist
formerly employed in the shops
here but now working in a similar
capacity in Grand Island, shook
hands with his numerous friends
here the middle ot this week.
Restau rant,
Two doors west of McDonald's bank,
Home-Made Bread, Cakes
and Pies.
Regular TAeals Served.
Also Lunch Counter
in Connection.
in which ice cream is served
during the day and evening.
A share of the public patronasre is.
respectfully solicited.
RTvrnTr-Krpff t
in searcn ot a good cigar
will alwavs find it at T.
F. Schmalzried's. Try t
them and judge.
temperature, 74 degrees; warmest
July was that of 1890, with an aver
age of 77 degrees; coldest July was
that of 1891, with an average of 70
degrees; highest temperature was
107 degrees, July 5, 1877; lowest
temperature was 41 degrees, on
July 21, 1883; average precipitation
for July has been 2.82 inches, fall
ing during an average period of 10
days; the greatest July precipita
tion was 8.41 inches in 1879; least
monthly precipitation was. 39 inches
in 1890; greatest precipitation in
any one period of twenty-four hours
was 3.15 inches on July 25,
There appears to be an increas- prevailing winds have been from
ing demand for firemen out upon the southeast; the highest wind
the Wyoming- division. Monday velocity was 84 miles per hour, from
night Bert Winget and John Erics- Uhe west, on July 30, 1877.
Property owners are respectfully
requested to clean their alleys, cut
the weeds and sweet clover and de
stroy the Russian thistle adjoining
their property by the 1st of July
so that the city will have a clean
appearance on the Fourth.
D. W. Baker, Mayor.
For this occasion the the Union
Pacific will make an open rate of
one and one third fare to within 200
miles. On sale July 3rd and 4th,
limited July 5th.
N. B. Olds, Agt.
If you make the trip via the Chicago,
Union Pacific & Northwestern Line.
Fewest changes to Chicago and other
eastern cities. Through vestibuled trains
composed of dining cars, first and second
class sleepers and free reclining chair
For full information call on or address
N. B. Olds,
Agent 17. P.. System.
- ' '-5.. s.

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