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Ckaimaa Cfcesey Locking After the Call
fornia Interests ef the Coatpasy.
SAX-I'ofcisco, July 3. Che
ney, Jr., chairman of the reorganiza
tion committee of the SantaJTe raflroad,
is in this city looking after the Califor
nia interest of the. company. Ha says
TronSerfnl success has attended the ef
forts Of She committee. "When asked
for ax explanation of the. provision in
&e plan of reorganization for the building-
of new lines in California, lie re
plied "The provision in the plan for
nefr lines in California fvas a necessary
on&invierof the necessities of the
southern California part of the system
There will have to be soma extension of
these lines, especially if the Southern
'Pacific continues to build in that terri
tory. As for n line to San Francisco,,
nobody can tell anything about such, a
venture, except to say that the new
company, especially if it takes its cue
from air. King and his associates, will
he an exceedingly conservative com
pany, seeking to make the most of its
own, territory before- looking for new
worlds toxonquer."
e At "
-wicra i-aoiic Cuts the Time limit on
Christian Endearorera.
Oakland, CaL, July 3. The Chris
tian Endeavor excursion .train, which
left Oakland: a. m. for Boston, for
the international meeting of the society
carried only about 10 per cent of the
members who had originally intended
to go. The 90 per cent who remain are
saying that they are the victims of
promises made-'to-them on the part of
the Southern Pacific that were not kept.
They claim that the company tacitly
agreed to issue a round trip ticket good
for three months, and after many had
decided to make the trip and made ar
rangements, the company at the 11th
hour gave out tickets good for only
three weela in the east. As a result
only 10 out of the 100 who had intended
-to go left for Boston today.
Favorable Eeport on the Olympia.
San PjiASCiSCO, July 3. The naval
board appointed to inspect the cruiser
Olympia has completed its task and for
warded its report to Washington. The
Olympia was taken to sea for a cruise of
48 hoursv Further tests were made in
port after her return from the trial
trip. "While declining to anticipate
their report to the secretary of the navy,
aeaabos or the naval board admitted
that the report was favorable to the
cruiser. They stated that the Olympia
is perfectly seaworthy and in construc
tion quite up to the specifications in
every respect. Her machinery worked
satisfactorily and the other tests result
ed in tiia approval of the entire board.
Nebraska Weather Crop Bulletin.
LrscOLK, Jnly 8. Winter wheat is
fflnerally beginning to ripen in the
.southern half of the state, but wet
wsather has interfered with the harvest
ing of wheat and rye, and but little
progress has been made during the
week. Oat3 in the southern portion of
the state generally suffered considerable
damage from the hofc weather and
wind early in the week in the north
eaKE section of the state all small
grain has made excellent progress and
5 in unusually promising condition.
jCorjLrhae made bat slew growtk drg
ph yfm!k.m. acoafc of csol wetir,sjL i
HMMirnsu jaa&cwM&xocttfK
k n Mih r'lg'e liii iii ln
sSc0, Jmry 8. Atfcoawy Walkec j
ie another forjKal peiisn. today is
pSsmted States court to allow Greea-
fendant in the whisky trust cases. In
caee the judge refuses to allow this, he
will be asked that they be admitted as co
complainants with John F. Olm stead et
al vs. Distillers in the original case. Mr.
Walker, in his argument, said he was
opposed: to selling 18 or. the best dis
tilleries to the reorganization committee
and leaving the receivers in charge of
dismantled properties.
2retr TorlcStoc!c Market.
New Yoke, July 3. The stock mar
ket "opsned quiet but higher early.
Sugar soon improved , and Colorado
fuel Colorado fuel preferred sold
at 85 against 70 the last preceding sale
made on May 17. An attempt to take
profits -in sugar led to a loss of , and
Chicago gas fell 5.
"Wheat Started T7eak and Closed a
Fraction lower.
riae Weather In tho Wheat Belt and
Wealcncsrs In Corn and Oats "Were
the XnSncnces.
. Chicago. July 3. "Wheat started wank to
day with the trade very bearish. Tho fine
Treacher in the spring wheat conn try and the
weakness in corn and oats were the influences.
September opened c lower at 7lc sold from
Oarn was weak. September opened
lwfor at 4fc and sold from 45?gc to AQcZ"
Otts declined sharply. September opened.
unGhanged at 2-iVJc, touched 2ljgc and dropped
Pcvistona atartod. slightly aigh?r on an ad
vance in prices for live stock. September pork
ptnwl 12c higher af.S12.-v7.
TS-SEUT-Jnly, 63i5Sc; August, 72
14tK eeptembar, 714 V4c; December. 72
OfflSaf July, 4bl4 I5r-: RRntemlier, 46
4&gi Deeember, 375ic; 3I-iy, 35c.
OAS Jcly3?gc: August, 2Sc; September,
2Je: May. Sgc
Chicago !.ive Stock.
CnrOAeo. July 3. HOGS Receipts. 22,030
heatl; lolt over, 3vX) head; market active and
5a litghor; iirht, ?4.755.1i); mixed, fl. 73(33. 15;
neavy, f4JJ55JL'; roush..7iLSj.
CATTLE Becipte, "5.550 had, including
L3S0 Toxans; market strong on most grades
and 1015 higher; Texas steers $2.754.60;
bulk, S3J(54.00.
SHEEP Beceipcs.12,003 head ; market steady.
South. Omaha Live Stock.
Soutii Ojiaha, July 3. CATTL'E Rcceipt3,
100 hoad; 13J0 to 1500 lbs.. J)550; 1100 to
1S0O lb., .233.03; 9M to LU lbs., G54.23;
choice ows, SZTZji 1.03 ; common cows, 5L25.
; common feeders.
HOGSHleccipta, 2,700 ncad; light, ?434.70;
mixed, 54.601.(5 i heavy, J4.70S490; market
5c higher.
SHSEP Receipts, 200 head; muttons, &L2S
ft Rl; l&mbs. ?3.0Cfa5j : market steady.
fe A SM
Loses & Majority of the Iitasoikgi- i
ate Games;
ttiaaiar Tm "WH1 .Accept IX Cfenaf
Tar sa Iateraatleaal Ceatest Crefcer
atakes Aaetker aUss Britasala.
Wis the Bf t Sut.
London, July 3. The annual athlete
games between Oxford and Cambridge
univeriitiea began at the Queen's clut
grounds at 4:30 p. ra. today. The pros
pects or an International contest be
tween the winning team today and s
team representing Yale university
greatly increased the Interest taken in the
contest between Oxford aad Cambridge.
J. G. (Jordan (Oxford) won the 100-yard
aasn. Time, 10K seconds. Watson
(Cambridge) won the weight putting
contest, with 37 ft. 9 in.
G. A. Gardner, Oxford, won the high
jump with 5 feet 9 Inches.
The one-mile run was won by W. B.
Lmtyons, Cambridge. Time, 4:23 2-5.
W. iL. Oakley, Oxford, won the hur
dle race in 16 2-5 seconds.
The quarter-mile run was won by W.
& itzhertsrt, Cambridge, ia 50 seconds.
The running broad jump was won by
Mendelson-of Cambridge, who covered
23 feet 4J inches.
In throwing the hammer G. B. Rob
ertson, Oxford, won with 11 6 feet 7 inches.
The three-mile run was won hyF,.S.
Horan of Cambridge, who thus scored
the victory for his university. The time
was 14 minntes 5 2-5 seconds. The score
at tne end of the games stood: Cam
bridge, 5; Oxford, 4 firsts.
-Prla.ee of Wales' Yacht Wins the SCsli
Challenge Cap.
MUNTEEs Quay, July 3. The big
yachts in the race for the Unix chal
lenge cup finished as follows: Britan
nia, Aflsa and Valkyrie.
The starting of Valkyrie, Ailsa and
Britannia in the race today was a pleas
ant surprise to yachtsmen, as it was gen
erally oeheved that neither of them
would race today, chiefly owing to the
fact that the yachts in this race have
hitherto been obliged to be handled by
amateur steersmen, and it was in thia
race last year that Mr. Clarke's Satan
ita sunk Valkyrie LT, so the Prince oi
Wales, owner of Britannia, Lord Dun-
raven, representative owner of Valkyrie
III, and Mr. A. B. Walker, the ownei
of Ailsa, were not anxious to sail today
under the same rules. Consequently
they made joint representation to the
regatta committee of the Mud Hook
Yacht club with the result that this rule
was waived, and the yachts today were
sailed by their recrular skippers. Prom
the club house on Hunters Quay the
most beautiful scene was witnessed.
The Firth of Clyde was dotted with
white sails. All sorts of yachts and ex
cursion boats were moored or at anchor
near the point, and every point of van
tage was occupied by crowds of pick
nickers. 3tafcMei.
KswxjLwexr Jvir S. Tiia
OASM&a7 4Aa 71karaaev4n'
ari. CrefcecTg XetaJc, wMek, hwrec
ww not piaeed. lr. Porter's Cki&kMrs
won, Mr. Bomjim Baird's Beaefal sec
ond, and Lord Eadnor's Longford Lady
Commissicra to Consider the Xsra Claim.
Madrid, July 3. The Spanish gov
ernment has appointed a committee to
consider the claims of the Unitad;States
regarding the confiscation of the estate
of Antonio Maximo Mora, an American
citizen residing on the island of Cuba.
The value of the property taken from
Mora was alleged to be about f,5GO,000.
This was done during a previous insur
rection in Cuba.
Craiio DlTorce Case.
London, July y. Tho suit for divorcs
instituted hy Mrs. Pearl Craigie, the
authoress, best known hy her pen. name
of John Oliver Hobbs, was heard today.
Adultery on the part of her husband,
who is a clerk in the Bank of England,
is alleged in the complaint. Mrs. Craigie
took the witness stand today, and sob
bing hard, related a terrible story of her
married life.
Prince Bismarck's Condition.
London, July 3. News regarding
the condition of Prince Bismarck is con
tradictory and difficult to obtain. The
London Times correspondent at Pried
richsrnhe confirms yesterday's cable
gram, to the Associated Press, and the
Hamburg Boursenhalle says that the
accuracy of the statement that the
prince is seriously ill is undoubted.
r Cheyenne Shops Will Sesmna,
Cheyenne, July is. As a result of the
conference between Superintendent of
Shops O'Hearn, Managing Kecefver
Clark and other Union Pacific officials,
held in Omaha yesterday, the shops
here, which hare been shut down for a
year, will be reopened and a large num
ber Of men employed.
Xlock Island Bridge Washed Oat.
U C a ld well, Kan., July 3. Last night
a Very heavy rain fell in this vicinity.
Twelve or fifteen miles south of this
place, near Medford, about 1,000 feet of
tho Bock Island railroad track and one
bridge was washed out.
First Shipment to Europe.
Toungstown, O., July 3. A con
signment of 1,000 tons of steel billets
has just been shipped from here to the
seaboard on an order from England.
This is the first shipment of steel from
this point to Europe.
Speaker 3Xeyer Ia Dead.
Chicago, July 3. Speaker Meyer of
the Illinois house of representatives died
at Freeport. His death was unexpected,
although he had been ill for some time.
for 0 cenb
tie largest piece of Good
c jLPZjLZzr isxck steaks; atrsixcsev
Xadtea Felice
Sect Settten
ftea the Se-
1 h-
Pesdes. Neb.. Julv a. Twentr-nve
armed Trajan police were cent out from
the agency by Captain Seek for the
purpose of ejectisf fhoee settlers vfho
had not mads now leases apwcoTed by
the agent.
Four families have feeen removed
feom. their homes and their household
ftoods scattered over the prairie aad
lonr.'he right of way o tfea Oxsa&a
railway between Flournoy and Easrson.
So soon ae those who have been
erfecte arrive here and swear but
complaints against the police there will
be a posse organized for the. unraose at
arresting them and bringing them to
Pender for triaL
The large majoritylof the settlers will
not make new leases with Captain
Beck, as they have already secured; this
year's rent to tne loumoy oapany.
Should they now make leases with Beck.
they claim they would be obliged to
pay rent twice on the same piece at
land, which they cannot afford to do,
nd have organized for the purpose of
defeating the efforts of the government
to secure the lands to the Indians.
8I0BX City Stockyards Sold.
Sioux City, July 3. The Union
Stockyards were sold here" in accord
ance with an order of the federal court.
The entire property, including all the
Union Stockyards property, the Cudahy,
Silberhorn and Helber packing houses,
the Sioux City Dressed Beef and Can
ning company's plant and equipments
for carrying on business, was sold to L
C. PJston, president of the Sioux City
Stockyards company, for $700,000. The
sale grows out of the case of the Mis
souri, Kansas and Texas Trust company
against the Union Stockyards, company
etaL, respondents, and A. L. Stetson,
plaintiff, against the Union Stockyards
Cattlemen Actiaittcd.
Cheyesne, Wy., July S. At Lara
mie DavidWhitaker John, Whitaker,
Jtwmk lBg Sector t XiBt; ad J1mlC.
GaMi. aaHitMMK, wiie met axxtiMLimr
Banc. The defftsctaala were &S mUL
kaowm caitlamtm aad t&eir srxMt
trial created considerable excitement.
Wamins: to Gone Thieves.
Gcthkie, O. T.. July 8. Aft Bins
Hollow .on the hhe of the Creek reserva
tion, two unknown men were found
hansjnir to a tree. Pinned aoro their
breast was a placard reading: "So
perish all horse thieves." Scores of
horses have been stolen in that neigh
borhood and it is supposed the farmers
ramrht the men and Ivnched them as a
warning to others.
Bobbed oa a Public Street.
Clinton. July 8. A masked high
wavmatt held up Mrs. Augusta Ware,
daughter of Chauncey Lamb, the mill
ionaire lumberman, on a leading rosi
dence street, took her purse, in which
was ft large amount of money and es
caned. It was done in the afternoon
and in sight of several people. -The
robber showed ft gun and nobody pur
sued him.
Sosiestead ftoceiTer Suspended.
Dks Moines, July h. Justice Kiane
of the supreme court has approved the
supersedeas bond filed by James JC.
Fierce in The Homestead case and has
ordered all further proceedings discon
tined until after the case is heard on its
merits in the supreme court. Justice
KJnne's order suspends the receivrahip
for the present.
Three Children Poisoned.
Sebgeant, Ky., July 3. Three chil-
aren, agea respectively s, a ana e years
of age, of Charles. D. Cook; of Bock
House, in the northern part of this
county, ate mulberries and were pois
oned, supposedly by spider eggs, dying
five minutes apart from the effects of
the poison. They were interred in the
same grave.
Triple Drowning;.
Jamestown, N. Y July 3. By the
upsetting of a boat on Lake Chautauqua
John Swanstrom and two girls samed
Hedwick Lawson and Christine Hegel
win were drowned. There were five
people in the boat. A man and a boy
gwam ashore, but the two girls clung
to Swanstrom and pulled him down with
Victory- T"or the Taakeec.
Philadelphia, July 3. The cricket
contest between the Ukited Statec
Cricket club, made up cf representativei
of the universities of Pennsylvania,
Harvard and Harreford, awl the club
representing three Canadian colleges,
ended in a victory for the Yankees, who
won by 50 runs.
Fepalkt Directors CiUd t Appear.
Topeka, July U Governor 3orriir
has-c4td TT. J. Kurd and J. J. Barmet,
the Populist directors of the peniten
tiary, to appear before hir Saturday
and show cause why he should sot re
move them. The charges against them
re incompetency and neglect of duty.
Chewed the- Editar's X5ty.
Pendeb, Neb., July 3.- Editor Fried
of The Republic and Photograph tr Mor
gan resorted to a fight to settle an ftc
count. Before they could be parted the
latter had badlrchewed the editor's ear.
. Sa FjmxcJsee Sails, frem Kll.
KacLf July 3.-OraiBsr Iks.
Last year in March we iwipocted
from. Canada 9,855 iosen egs. Tkis
year, under tariff reform, iilMarck
Imported from Canada. 53,566
dozen. Of course it was good for
Canada, butmenca&kenjsxenot
cackling" over it. c
A few days asro 2,000 iead of
sheep were shipped from "Washingr
ton county, Penn., to Pitfebarg
and sold for fifty cents per &ead In
openmarket. Three years ag-o such
sheep were worth S2 or 5350 per
This represents a. sferiMkag-e
seven-eights in the vaie of
sheep, whlcE Is the 4ifaw saa.terialT!
of wool. But there
beenX nd
such decrease in
tlte xncel :,of the
manufactured article as a. risit to
any clothing" store will testify;
Ik 1856 a. band of Skmx : Indians
raided a little colony of settlers who
had built cabins on the shores of
Lake Okobojl In3bwa Tkcj mas
sacred, all the unfortunates except
theee young: girls one ofJ'
Miss Alice Gardner is still; alive.
theOonly survivor of the .-jtsa-gjedy.
She now has a museuEi ofirRlian
relics, in the identical cabix tiat wa s
her home at the time of the as a ere.
MIs& Gardner has secured from
the Iowa legislature ,aa apacopria-
tion of 57,000 for a .monument to
mark the spot, and it Is to be dedi
cated with due ceremony! this
You can get more for your sicmey
In the sure return of health and en-
Joyment at any of tie many resorts
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anywhere else on tkis coattiient.
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agent. Summer Tour ticjeets oa
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Gen'l Pass, and Ticket 5Lgent,
OmahaNeb. al
We oiler One Hundred DeSacs Be
vrard for any case of Catarrh that can
not be cured by Hall's- Catarrh Qire.
J. F, CHENzr & Co., Props., TeMor O.
We tbe undersigned, ha?e kimra F.
J. Cheney for the last 15 years, Hiel oe-
heve him perfectly hoaeeabiegie ail
business transactions aad. fiaekteiaily
able to carry out any efeeatiK asade
by their tarm.
West & Trnas, Wholooah)
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Wholesale Druggists, Tokdexi
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acting airectly upon the
mucous surfaces of tee
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in Connection,
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Mrs. J. ABMSTROff Prop.
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Locust Street, between Fifth and Sixth
Land OtEce at North Platte. Neb,
Jane 1st, 1S95. f
Kntice is hereby piven that the following-named
settlor has filed notice of her intention to make
final proof in support of her claim, and that said
proof will be made before Register and Beceiver
at North Platte. Neb., on Jaly 9th. 1S05. viz:
who made Homestead Entry No. 15,70;. for the
northeast quarter section II, township lt north,
range 20 weet. she names the following wit
nesses to prove her continuous residence npon
and cultivation of said land, viz: Enoch Cnm
mings, Casper Sivits and John L. McGrew. all
of North Platte. Nebraska, and Francis Rogers,
of Neebitt, Nebraska.
-tf JOHN F. HTN1IAN. Register.
William Hennessy, defendant, will take notice
r that on the 1st day of Jnly, 1S05, E. 2T. F. Leflan?,
plaintiff nerein, aied nia petition in the district
coorS o Lincoln county, Nebraska, againet
said defendant, the object and prayer
of which ia to foreclose a certain mort
gage executed by the defendant to the
plaintiff npon the southeart quarter of section If,
township 12, range. 2D, in Lincoln county Neb-,
to secure the payment of one promissory note
dated September 1st, 1SS3, and doe and payable
Jnne 1st, 1894; that there is now due npon said
note and mortgage the sum. of St73 with inter
est from June 1st, lS&i. for which sum with inter
est plaintiff prays for a decree that defendant be
required to pay the same, or that said premises
may be sold to satisfy the' amount found dne.
Yon are required to answer said petition on or
before the 12th day ofAugust, 1333.
E M- F. LEFLANG, Plaintiff.
By T. 0. PArnosojr, fair 'Attorney.
rand Office at North Platte, Nab.,
Jnna 25th.
Notice is hereby siren that the folIowinr-B&niett
settler has filed notice of his intention to maie
final proof in strpport of bis claim, and that said
proof will be made before Eegister and Eeceirer
at North Piatt - Neb., on Actmst 5th, 1SS5 viz;
who made Homestead Entry No. ll&7, for tho
north, half of the southwest quarter, and the souths,
half of the northwest quarter section Hi. townahipx
10 north, range SO west. He name the foUowinfr
witnesses to prove his continuous resitlenca upon
and cultivation of said land, vizr Carroll C "
Hawkins, of Wellfleet. Aeb.. Amisa S. Fletcher,
jonn w. v elcn ana Eaward C. Eves, all of Been
anan. eb.
a-6 JOHN F. nTNlEAN, Eegister.
To Amos O. Alexander. Alexander hiSt
wife, first name unknown, and tho McCormlck
Harvesting-HacMne Co.. non-resident defendants;
Yon and each of you are. hereby notified that on
the 12th day of June,. 1KX Samuel SlarshaU as
plaintiff began an action against yon and other
defendants in the district court of Lincoln coun
ty, Nebra&ka, the object oC which is
to foreclose a certain mortgage on the following
land in said county, viz: The southwest quarter
of section 4. township 10, range 27. made by
John B. Williams and Emma J. Williams, dated
Sept. 2d, 1S9, to secure the payment of a certain
coupon bond of said John B. "Williams and Em
ma X. Williams to The HcKinley-Lanning Loan
and Trust Co. for the sum of 3350.09. which cou
pon bond was duly sold and assigned before ma
turity to this plaintiff by The 3rcKinIey-Lanning .
Loan and Trust Co. There is now dne on said
coupon bond the sum of $llff.a with interest ar
ten per cent.
Plaintiff prays for a decree of foreclosure and
sale of said land to satisfy said lien as aforesaid,
for deficiency judgement and general relief.
iou are required, to answer plaintiff s petition
on or before, the 5th day of August, 1605.
j2Sjl9 By T. C Paxtxbso:, his Attorney.
To John Lnnkenhelmer. Jtary C. Lnniert-
heimer and "WttUam J. Gilbert, non-resident de
Yon and each oi Ton are herebv notified that on.
the 12th daT of Jnne. 1S03. Lvdla Ann. Greetr.aa
plaintiff, began on action against yon and other
defendants in the district court of Lincoln, conn
tr. Nebraska, the object of which, is to
foreclose a certain mortgage- on the following
land in said county, vis: Tho northeast quarter
of section 2S, township 9. ranse 2T. mode by said.
John Lnnkenheimer andIary C. Lnnkenhelmer
aateajiay 1st, imm, to secure the payment of a.
certoin coupon bond of said John Lnnkenheimer
and Mary C Lnnkenheimer to The ilcKinley
Lanning Loan and Trust Co. for the sum of f 600. 60
which coupon bond was duly sold and assigned
before maturity to this plaintlif by the ITcKiniey
Lanning Loan and Trust Co. There la now due
on said coupon bond the snm of S&S5.C0 with inter
est at ten per cent.
PialntlH prays for a decree of foreclosure and
sale of said land to satisfy said Hen as aforesaid,
for deficiency judgement and general relief.
xou are requireti to answer plaintiff's petition
on or before the 5th day of August, 1503.
,no, LYD1A ANN GREGG, Plaintiff.
j2SjlQ By T. C. Batxzbsox, her Attorney.
To John T. Labiile and John H. Savage non
resident defendants:
You and each of you are hereby notified that on
the 13th day of Jnne, 1SU5, Elizabeth H. Diefen
dorf as plaintiff began an action against yon and
other defendants in the district court of Lincoln
county, Nebraska, the object of which
ia to foreclose a certain mortgage on the follow
ing land in said county, viz: The southwest quar
ter of section township 10, range 3D. made by
John T. Labilie- and iloronda J. Labiile dated
August 27th, lfl2, to secure the payment of a cer
tain coupon bond of said John T. Labiile to The
lIcKInley-Lan'ning Loan and Trust Co. for the
sum of $u5C.C0 which coupon bond was duly sold
and assigned before maturity tc this plaintiff by
the iTcKinley-LanningLoonnd Trust Co. There
is now due on said coupon baud the sum of $)$&35
with interest at ten per cent.
Plaintiff prays for a decreo-of foreclosure anil
solo of said land to satisfy said. Hn. as aforesaid,
for deficiency judgement and general relief.
You aro required, to answer plaintiffs petition
on or before the 3th day of August, lSOsX,
j2Sj!8 By T. C. PATEEnsoy, her Attorney.
To George H.Lane. iTariaret Buveraml
Buyer, husband of Margarei; Buyer, whose true
first name Is unknown to piaintiff, non-resident
Tou and each. of you are hereby noticed that oa
the 12th. day of. June 1895. 3 Irs. E. W. Lewis a
plaintiff began an action against you and other
aexeuaants in me atsenct court of Lincoln county,.
Nebraska, the object of which Is to
foreclose; a certain- mortgage on tha following land
ixLsmu.cuuntj-TYizr xuo-souuiwest quarter ct sec
ticnS, townsbip 115, ranga-JS, made by Clement H.
une ami xar u. xane oatee jaa'y tu. I3tg
securwepsywesc ot certain ceapon boM
said Clerant U. Lane to. uc. 3rKtnr r '
couDOa Ixvnd was ikil-r sold. anT hmfnrS
isstwrHc o tk jimisim by Ti 3CeJQy.Lr
BAatc mm im xi c to. xre u mame itm oc
oe or uei-sr hmt wm mmwmC aim(K,
jSSilO Cy T. C. Arwew5 AteSSri
To J. F.Caloupka, non-resident defendant: p
You are hereby notified that on the Uth day of
June, 1S95, T. W. Marshall as plaintiff began an
action against you and other defendants in the
district court of Lincoln county, JTebraska, the
object of which is to foreclose a certain mortgage
on the following land In said county, viz: The
southeast quarter of section 20, township 9, range
7, made by Jerius O. Lewis and HattioA. Lewis
dated March 24th, 18D3, to secure the payment ef
a certain coupon bond of Jeritu D. Lewis to the
McKInley-Lannlng Loan and Trust Co. for the
sum of $800.00, which coupon bond was duly sold
and assigned before maturity to this plaintiff by
the ITcKlnley-Lanning Loan and Trust Co. There
Is now due on said coupon bond the sum of 3St5.60
with interest at ten per eent interest from April
1st. 1S95.
Plaintiff prays for a decree of foreclosure and
sale of said land to satisfy said Hen as aforesaid.
for deficiency judgement and general relief.
Iou are required to answer said petition on or
before the 5th day of August, 1895.
T. W IIAKSHALL, Plaintiff,
j&fiO By T. C. Paxtxbsojt, his Attorney.
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