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' Lu Huck left on No. 2 this
morning to visit his children in
Lester Eells left this morning
on No. 2 for a brief business trip to
J. B. Jeter and wife returned
this morning- from their western
pleasure tour.
A clerical friend from Omaha
of the Rev. Jeanetteis visiting- the
latter to-day.
Sanford Hartman contemplates
a trip to Omaha next week to at
tend the state fair.
Ed Weeks expects to leave next
Wednesday to take m the sights at
the state fair in Omaha.
Mrs. M. B. Cryderman and
children left yesterday morning- for
a visit with Kansas relatives.
Mrs. Belle Broach and children
are expected home next week from
their extended visit Michigan.
Miss Mollie Hall left this, morn
ing for her home in Stromsburg af
ter a fortnight's visit in this city.
Clerk Nelson, of the Pacific ho
tel left this morning for a fort
night's visit to his home in Omaha.
An O. R. & N. special car con
taining railway magnates passed
through North Platte this morning
on No. 2.
Miss Gertie Votaw came in on
No. 1 last evening and is attending
to-day's session of the Lincoln
- county institute.
Ed Baker is now able to navi
srate without the aid of his crutches
having partially recovered from his
accident at the fair grounds last
M. B. Cryderman will take a
load of fun-loving people out to the
residence of Maj. Walker, on the
north side, to participate in the
mazes of the giddy dance.
The visiting schoolma'ams are
exodustmg in large numbers, leav
ing many North Platte youths in a
cave of gloom from which it will
take weeks for them to emerge.
Lovers of good soda-water will
regret to learn the Streitz fountain
will be closed for the season within
a week. But a few days more will
remain to procure the seductive
Patterson & Alexander's ditch
ing outfit expect to start next week
upon the completion of the Sub
urban irrigation canal, the firm
having secured a sub-contract from
the contractor.
The relatives of the late Mrs.
Caroline B. Doneuower wish to thus
publicly express their thanks to
the many sympathizing friends for
the numerous acts of kindness
shown during their time of anguish
and trust that a similar affliction
may be far removed from them.
It is now stated that on next
Sunday in the synagogue in Omaha
Jacob Richards, of this citv, will
wed a Miss Aronson, of the former
place. Upon his return and resump
tion of business in the Fair store
Sam Richards will go east to lay in
a mammoth fall and winter stock
of goods.
R. H. Langford of this city
goes to Madrid, Perkins county to
assist the republicans to open the
campaign. The republicans along
the line of the B.&M. are thoroughly
alive to the importance of the situa
tion, and are getting themselves in
lineto make an aggressive and win
ning fight. A large number from
Madrid went down to Elsie to a
rally Thursday night last, and the
Elsie republicans will return the
compliment by attending the Mad
rid meeting to hear Mr. Langtord
to-morrow evening..
The juvenile orchestra under
the leadership of Prof. E. A. Gar
lichs tendered the schoolma'ams a
very delightful little concert at
Keith's hall last evening after
which dancing was indulged in
until a seasonable hour. A irood
sized audience was present to hear
the first portion of the entertain
ment many of whom, as the even
ing was cool and pleasant, re
mained to enjoy the pleasing pas
time ot treading a measure to the
sensuous strains of the orchestra.
Those in attendance speak in terms
of great praise of both portions of
the programme.
The joint debate at the court
house last night upon the silver
question between Messrs. Ridglev
and Edmonds attracted quite a
good sized audience, although it is
doubtful if a vote were turned either
way. While the former is the more
argumentative speaker and cites
better accepted authorities, yet the
latter is one of your "bawn orators,
sab," and is better calculed to catch
the unthinking ear. In a discus
sion of the money question it is the
most convincing to make a cent per
cent speech, the subject being one
of figures and statistics, yet such
an effort will never appeal to the
sympathies of an audience like the
ratrt'and roar of a populistic prose
lyte yet in the ,end it will have a
more enduring effect.
M Peaches.
Be sure to avail yourself of this
opportunity to get good, sound Cal
ifornia fruit cheap. The peach
crop is reported short and prices
have advanced. A large invoice of
fruit compels us to make this cut
Cash Grocery.
A half fare rate from all points
in the United States to tbe Irriga
tion Fair in this city on Oct. 9-1d
has been secured.
Another train crew was put on
the Fourth district to-day, a ca
boose having been sent up last
night for that purpose.
John L. Minor and wife, and
Miss McCormack returned Wednes
day night from their fortnight's
jaunt in Mormondom.
Brakman Lou Leonard changed
places yesterday with Troutfetter
on the work train, and the latter
will go into road service.
The new goods arriving for the
Boston store are being placed in
the Ottenstein block preparatory to
the removal of the regular stock
Charley Blood is running the
night yard at Sidney during the
vacation of Frank Winkelmau, and
reports say he is making a great
success thereof.
Rev. D. Z. Foulk returned last
evening from his month's visit the
scenes of his boTkood days in the
old Keystone state. He seems to
have eujoyed his trip.
Don't forget that the place to
buy bolts is of The Wilcox Dept
Little business of importance
was transacted at the meeting- of
the woman's fair auxiliary Tuesday
afternoon. The attendance of mem
bers was somewhat light.
Mayor Baker has about made
up his mind to wage a warfare upon
the weeds growing in the streets
and have the cost taxed up to the
negligent property owner.
In handling a valve over in the
machine shop yesterday in some
manner it slipped and severely
mashed the fingers of Joe Todd,
which will lay him up for a few
A. E. Huntington leaves to
night to assume his duties as one
of the gate 'keepers at the State
fair. A. F. Hammond has a simi
lar position offered him if he
chooses to accect.
Within a few da's six swift
stepping steeds belonging- to
Messrs. M. C. Keith, Isaac Dillon
and John Keith will go into active
training at the fair grounds for the
races during the great
Mrs. Sarah D. Jenkins, who
has been an institute instructor for
ten successive years in Nebraska,
and four summers in North Platte,
has been made editor of the "Popu
lar Educator," an educational jour
nal of 60,000 subscribers,
Indications now arc that with
suitable weather the crowd here
during the Irrigation Fair will be
simply enormous. Already the
is making
handhng ments tor satisfactorily
the same.
Rev. W. A. Verner, wife and
nephew arrived on No. 1 last even-
igfrom Apple Creek, Ohio, and
will make this city their future
home, the former haviny accented
the pastorate of the Presbyterian
E. F. Seeberger and W. H. C.
Woodhurst are among those who
expect to attend the state fair next
week. The former, as secretary of
the Irrigation Fair, will embrace
the opportunity to do some adver
tising for that event, and will
probably secure some exhibits for
the latter.
Rev. Foulk is authority for the
statement that in a conversation
with thirty-two democrats in his
old home county in Pennsylvania,
they were unanimously in favor of:
Mclvinley and sound money, while
the general feeling in that party
was anti-Bryan, and that it a third
ticket were not nominated there
would be thousands of democrats
remain at home,.
Is all right, but the X dollar-bill will buy
more Furniture now than ever before.
We have an elegant line of
Now is the time to have your chairs and couches up
holstered. Bring them in and we will give you good
work at reasonable prices.
Grand Display
Elegant line of Ladies' Capes,
Ladies' Jackets, Ladies' Coats,
New Fall Dress Goods.
In our shoe department
per cent off during this sale.
De open on bept. 25 th. I he most choice and elegantly se
lected stock ever shown in the citv. Miss Decker will be in
charge of this department.
Sheriff Miller on Wednesday
night took Dan Murphy to the Nor
folk hospital for the insane for
General Valerez, ex-president of
Guatemala, wife, secretary and suite
of servants passed through this cit'
3Testerday morning on No. 2 on
their way to New York City.
Business is continuing to im
prove on the Union Pacific, and if
it keeps up it will not be very long
before trainmen will not be clamor
ing for free silver, but more "rest."
Yesterday morning the losses
from lightning to the Carl John
son property were satisfactorily
adjusted by the insurance compony
holdiug the risk. The damage to
the building was fixed at $214,
while the injury to furniture was
placed at $192.
12-quart anti rust tin pails 4S
cents at the Wilcox Dept. Store.
The G. A. R. and W. R. C. wil
rire an ice cream sociable in the
Keith block, one door south o
Streitz' drug store, to-morrow even
ing tor the benefit of the soldiers
reunion to be held here durincr the
Irrigation Fair. The purpose is a
commendable one and they should
receive a generous patronage.
The lecture by Miss McKee at
the Courthouse on Wednesday
night was largely attended and the
speaker evidenced a familiarity
and knowledge of her subject which
enlisted the closest attention and
interest of her audience. The theme
was handled in a very able and
satisfactory manner.
The Union Pacific has
selected as the official route for the
time-keepers and judges of the
transcontinental bicycle relay race
to accompany the riders. Facilities
will be afforded them to ride upon
all classes of trains. It is expected
that they will reach this city -about
Sunday night or Monday morning.
Another train crew was added
to the Third district workinjr force
yesterday, Henry Gilfoyle being
thej nlucky man, with brakemen
Bretemitz and Mason. James B.
Jeter has taken a short lay-off and
gone up into the mountains for
recreation, and Dick Williams now
has charge of the former's crew.
Smoke Wright's Royal Sports
and Havana Rose 5-cent cigars.
The members of the Episcopal
Sunday school highly enjoyed their
picnic 3'esterday afternoon at
Struthcrs' grove. A class in the
lization will take a few
days outing in camp over north of
this city during next week. A
young son of E. McLernon, of Sid
ney, will be a memoer ot tue party.
Rector Beecher will accompany the
boys upon their outing.
The secretary of the Nebraska
Irrigation Fair has just received aj
letter from the general passenger!
and ticket ageut of the Union Paci
fic that an agreement has just been
reached authorizing an open rate
of one fare from all points in Ne-!
braska on Oct. 11th and 12th, also
same rates from all points within
150 miles of North Platte on Oct.
6th, 10th, 13 and 14tb. All tickets
to be limited for return to and in
cluding Oct 17th. On Oct. 6th,
homeseekers' excursion tickets will
be sold from all points east of the
Missouri at one fare plus $2.00 for
the round trip. These tickets are
limited for return to twenty-one
days from date of sale. This is
practically a one fare rate from all
points, and the management thinks
that it will bring in many trains
durincr the fair.
Elegant Dress Patterns in the latest
in colors and black.
we offer choice goods at 50
Our millinery department will
in Silver.
Leather Belts with Silver
Buckles, the latest, Ladies'
Shirt "Waist Sets, Buttons and
Link Cuff Buttons, Hat Pins,
Book Marks, Souvenir Spoons,
& Watch Guards, etc. Also a
complete line ot Harps.
I CLINTON, The Jeweler.
Three doors south of old stand.
uuris baw3rer and wire were
made happy on Tuesday over the
arrival of a bouncing new baby boy
at their house.
Mrs. M. Oberst and daughter
- 1 o
left yesterday morning for
visit wrtfr'Gmaha relatives,
attend tlie'State fair.
Mrs. B. 1. Hinman and
' j e t r
a oner
ter Cora left 3resterda3T for a visit
with Fremont relatives, and friends
in the eastern part of the state.
The board of education is hav
ing the several school buildings put
in excellent shape for the approach
ing school term.
Charles Beyerle, a brother of
Mrs. Lucy Newton, will join the
Noble dramatic company here dur
ing the Irrigation Fair, with which
organization ue lias an
The Wilcox Dept. Store have
added a flow blue pattern to their
crockery stock. It is all the rage
this year.
A. P. Carlson followed the ex
ample of old man Gladstone on
Wednesday by cutting down a
number of trees in his yard. They
had become so thick that the shade
was destroj-ing his lawn.
Master Alfred Sorenson had the
misfortune to fall from a horse one
day this week aud break his thumb
and otherwise injure his hand, in
consequence of which he is now
carrying the injured member in a
si in sr.
Master Charley Reynolds gave
a little birthday party to his" young
friends on Wednesday afternoon
upon the lawn of his grandparents
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. McDonald. A
pleasant time was had.
A little informal party was
given Misses Jennie, Delia and
Libbie Post on Wednesday evening
prior to their departure for Omaha.
Some thirty or forty young people
enjoyed the 'festivities incident to
the occasion.
Tom O'Neal and Jim Hall on
Wednesday night each realized that
it was "better to be born lucky than
rich" as they were each presented
with a bran new bicycle which had
been purchased them by admiring
A prominent local horseman is
authority for the statement that if
some of the racing horses are fully
driven out at the Irrigation Fair
that better than 2:30 will be made
upon the new track. This will
make a good mark, if correct, for
horsemen to go after in future
A Chicago traveling man who
regularly visits this city is author
ity for the statement that at an
impromptu joint debate upon the
financial question at Cambridge,
Neb., between Judge Hay ward, of
of Nebraska City, and Cunningman
R. Scott, ot Omaha, the latter was
so effectually silenced that he left
the platform in disgust
. A new river guage has been
prepared and placed in position.
Mrs. Fannie Adams made a
brief visit to Brady Island on
I. L. Miltonberger has
his grocery stock of an .
jobbing house.
Regular Y. M. C. A.
next Sunday at the M. E. church.
Everybody invited.
A. D. Williams came down from
Cripple Creek Wednesday -to see his
new boy in this city. ,
H. S. White and wife visited
Lexington this week, returning
home on Wednesda
I. A. Fort has been promoting
the Irrigation Fair in the eastern
part of the state this week.
"Col." Hayden, the veteran
traveling man, spent Wednesday in
the city interviewing his friends
and in the interests of his house.
Fruit jars and fruit cans at The
Wilcox Dept. Store.
Milton Doolittle and wife went
to Omaha on Wednesday to be
present at the State fair, the former
being a member of the state board
of agriculture.
.--Miss Lena Schatz is organiz
ing a dancing class for children and
will give her first instructions at
Keith's hall to-morrow from 2 to 4
p. m. Terms 25 cents per lesson.
The ladies' aid society of the
M. E. church held a dime sociable
yesterday afternoon at the resi
dence of Mrs. J. C. Piercy, which
was largely attended and enjoyed
by all.
Ray Keith leaves Monday" to
spend the winter inLincoln with his
uncle C. A. Diamond, and in at
tending-school. This is a favorable
opportunity for Ray which he duly
George G. McKay left yester-
dav morning- for Chicag-o and the
eastern markets to purchase his
fall stock of merchandise. Before
his return he will go to Canada and
bring his family to this city.
John Enlow came over from
Gordon last night to accompany the
remains of Mrs. Emily Holmes to
this city. The funeral took place
this morning- from the residence of
Mrs. S. Adams and was well at
Mrs. Amanda Huffman left
yesterday morning for the eastern
mancets to select ner iau ana win-
ter stocK ot millinery. tone was
accompanied by Miss Bertha Yon
Goetz who will spend a number of
weeks in eastern cities learning-the
latest fads in trimming
ing feminine head-gear.
The Irrigation Fair will not
have a more attractive displaj-than
can be seen any day in the crock
erjr and glassware departments at
The Wilcox Dept. Store.
The count' commissioners ex
pect to receive a copy of the court's
order permitting the leasing of the
county roads along the' second one
hundred feet of the Union Pacific
right of way, about Sept 6th, after
which they will decide upon the
matter. The annual rental asked
for the use of said roads is $20.
The regular
evening- at the court house of the
republican club was well attended
and excellent short speeches were
made by Messrs. Hinckley, French.
Inkier, Ross and Langford. The
interest manifested in the atten
dance and the close attention paid
unarks all augur well for the
A uumber of reckless populists
of this city who handle the truth in
a very careless manner have lateiv
been active in circulating- the state
ment that ex-Judge Hairier, of
Kearney, was out for free silver. In
the State Journal the Judge makes
a denial of this charge, and an
nounces that he will take the stump
for McKinley and the republican
B. B. Warner, Dentist, office in
Hinman block, upstairs Spruce st.
On Wednesday evening the
members of the local Christain En
deavor society entertained the
teachers attending the county in
stitute with a lawn social held at
the residence of James Belton.
The beautiful grounds were hand
somely illuminated with Chinese
lanterns and elegant refreshments
were served. Those in attendance
were highly pleased with their hos
pitable treatment
j. ne wncox uept. btore re
ceived a line of new shirt waists
for fall in Persian patterns and
plaids. They are the latest
mat w. hi. lieacii is still in
evidence may be seen by the follow
ing item from the Middletown, N.
Y.. Daily Press: "Middletowners
will remember the fine specimen of
physical manhood who rode with
his friend Buffalo Bill in the parade
on the occasion of the latter s visit
here about a year ago ex-Mayor
Watson .E. Beach, of North Platte,
Neb. He is now visiting his mother
at Milanville, Pa., and was seen by
a Press reporter at the Port Jervis
races Friday. 'Bryan!' said he,
Bryan! Why he will never carry
his own stale. I've got $100 to bet
against some democrat's money
that he will be beaten easily in my
state.' Mr. Beach is confident that
the people will put down these up
starts with no uncertain thud,"
It is worth the trouble to go to
The Wilcox Dept Store and see
their new lamps. They want to
show them to you whether
want to buy or not,
That Hay Rack
You will heed Bolts for it.
Don't send off or pay two prices r .
for them at home. . . . .
We Sell You.
ix3 inch Bolts for.
ix9 .
xl2 44
4x6 "
20-inch screen wire for .... Tc.ayard.
24- 44 44 44 44 ...10ca 44
26- 44 44 44 ..11c a 44
28- 44 44 44 44 12c a 44
30- " 44 . 4 4 44 ...12i a 44
32- -4 44 44 44 , 131 a 41 .
36- 44 44 44 44 15c a 44
Screen doors 2 ft. 6 in. x 6 ft. 6 in. .. 95c.
Screen doors 2 ft. 8 in. x 6 ft. 8 in 95c
40 sheets of writing paper 5c
2 bunches envelopes 5c.
6 slate pencils : lc
2 1-pint tin cups ..v. 5c.
1 plow single-tree 20c,
A 12-quart galyanized pail 25c.
A galvanized wash boiler.. 95c.
A tin wash boiler, copper bottom.. .. v $1.00.
An all copper wash boiler .$2.00.
Hame clips, 2 for 5c.
Hame staples, 2 for -. 5c
A 2-pound plow hammer 45c.
A 14-tooth garden rake. . . ; 22c.
A Maynard irrigating shovel ; $1.20.
Stove pipe, per joint 15c.
Elbows, each -....10c
No. 1 common lamp chimneys 4c
No. 2 common lamp chimneys 6c.
Tubular lantern globes 7c.
A copper bottom tubular lantern 45c.
A set of handled tea cups and saucers 42c.
A set of 7-inch dinner plates 35c.
6 engraved tumblers 25c.
We carry poultry netting, screen wire, tinware,
hardware, notions, hats, caps, ladies' and gents' fur
nishing goods, trunks and valises, decorated dinner
sets, chamber sets, and the largest line of crockery,
lamps and glassware in North Platte. If you pass us
by you lose money. It only takes a call to prove it.
Price and quality talk.
The Wilcox Dept. Store,
North Platte, Neb.
On the first of September the stock of the Boston
Store will be removed to the Ottenstein Block, and prior
to removal we have inaugurated
A Great Slaughter Sale,
at which good goods will be sold at specially low prices.
This sale commences Saturday, August 15th, and will con
tinue until removal of the stock. Here are a few prices:
'The best standard prints in all colors,
former price 7 cents, now 5 cents.
Six-cent muslin nov4 cents.
Towling at i cents per yard.
The best 20 cent feather ticking now
12 cents.
Ten-cent dress gingham at o cents.
Simpson's percales, former price 10
cents, now o cents.
Eight-cent cheviots at 5 cts. per yard.
Outing flannels formerly 124 cents
per yard, r;ow SV cents.
Dress Goods.
Wo furnish 7 yards of 40-inch all wool
serge, with all trimmings complete,
for 83.15.
5G-inch imported serge in all colors,
former price 81.25 per yard, now 70 cents
per yard.
lG-inch all wool silk finish Henriettas,
former price 81.25, for this sale 70 cents.
25-cent satines now 15 cents.
Ladies' fast black seamless hose regu
lar price 20 cents, for this sale 10 cents.
We. have the exclusive agency for the sale of the C. M.
Henderson Ked School House Shoes.
Yours for Pargains,
Smith Clark and wife left yes
terdnv mnrninf for tlietf Home in
Council Bluffs.
Ag-ent Breisch, of Sidney,
passed through this city yesterday
mornirtf on his way to Omaha and
other eastern points for a visit
with friends.
Messrs. Garvey, Tighe, and
Ryan passed through, this city
yesterday morning" accompany-
iir the remains of old man
Ryan to South Omaha. The latter
had been in Denver upon a visit,
and when in the act of purchasing
his ticket for home suddenly fell
over and expired. He was an uncle
I r ti. n r . '
I miu wwi.n ivjuu v. iiiio vtuj . j
: 1
'. 1 IV.
2c. 3c.
Ladies' gauze underwear at 3 cents
per garment.
Ladies shirt waists at 25 cents.
We are making a special effort to
build up a reputation on our shoes. We
havojust put in a large stock of C. M.
Henderson's line, M. D. Well's line, Kon
dall Shoo Mfg. Go's, line, th best mak
ers in the" country.
Ladies' tine Dongola shoes, regular
price 82.00, for this sale 81.25.
All or our ladies' fine 3.00, 3.50, and
1 00 shoes your choice at this sale for
M. D. Well's men's railroad shoe, tbe
best made in the country, every pair
guaranteed to be perfect or another
pair replaced free of charge, standard
price 3.50, for this sale at 2.G5. Wo have
them in lace or congress.
We have placed the odds and ends of
our shoe stock in ope heap nnd will
close them out at fifty per cent" Jess than
cost. "
Men's and boys' goodsboes from 09
cents per pair up.
Boston Store,
J. Pizer Proprietor.
Executed in first-class manner at
forty cents per dozen at the Fong
Ding Laundry. White Shirts ten
cents each.
On the occasion of the Nebraska
State Fair Carnival of the Knights
of Ak-Sar-Ben, and other special
attractions at Omaha, Aug. 27th,
Sept. 5th, incl., the Union Pacific
will sell tickets at very low rates.
For full particulars call on
N. B. Olds. Agent.
Dr. Sawyer; Dear Sir: Having uaed your Pan'-
titles, I can recommend thorn to the pnblic.
have "been at tended. by four different doctors, bat '
one and a half boxes of your medicine has done
mo more good than all of them. Yonrs respect
im,J" 3Ir9 Maggie JoHnon, Bronson, Branch
county, Mich.
Sold br r. H. Longley.

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