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'Wfeea Bridat rises in feer Tgrfp-fr-t
Aad ralcwberbclfttt sadden, flight
"Then. Fer tmlers tie damairr
"Where Bridget erst -xns Trout to roiss.
To rescne ns front tensry plight
,fifee plunge in unequal Szhs
j "Willi pots and pw, -crMle rrith delight
-'.JLad pride I Tratch. and grorr quire T3ia
Then Peggy coots.
'tjfaw darn til j- ihf botw, and. ligutl
-31 knew Trimte'er she does is rudit
.And -vriioGy free from mar and stain,
,AtT yet niT yet I find. Fa fain.
To ffm down, town upon the night
When Pesjrj" coofc3-
jaarco Jiorrow ra v tat-to Eai.
3Iackthom -was a bachelor cf mod
- exte views and moderate talents. He
wrote for a variety of magazines, and
&e wrote for 20 years, and Marine those
atyyearsjiotirinjr in particnlar happened
to'laira, bur as the end of the 20 years
iefell asleep in a carriage on the un
ciagrotmd railway and -went past
Glcncester rosdV where he should have
changed, and got out at South Kensing
? toe
The incident was trivial enough but
for its effect on Blackthorn's life and
death. Had he on that day got out at
Gloucester road, as he intended, all
might stOl have been well with fcim.
it is, he will be hanged tomorrow
fec'the murder of the Rev. Julian Sib
welL .When Blackthorn got cut at South
Kensington, station, he found himself
reached on the shoulder by an elderly
parson. For the momens recognition
jt "An I to be cut dead by my own
epheV? the parson asked in a pleas
Ht voire.
Uncle Julian! exclaimed Bhick
.thcrn. 'I am delighted. I should have
'Tecogaized yon in another moment,
though it's J no, 12 years since we
He was net deligbtcd at alL It em
barrassed Iiira ro meet on terms Gf warm
family intimacy a man who was in
reality a complete stranger to him. The
Rev Julian Sibwell had a parish, i
molc and northern, from winch he very
rarely stirred. The two men were noth
ing to each other. They had te pretend
to be something considerable to each
other and to pretend it at once.
"Twelve years?" echoed Uncle Ju
lian. "It's in, to be accurate. Time
fiies even faster than we think. Let us
hope the number mayn't prove un
lucky," he added with a jolly lacgh.
""It's the merest chnnce that we have
jet now, uncle. I should have got out
at Gloucester read, but I fell asleep
"I see. My lawyer brought me to
Ia&ndcu-and the old passion mineralogy
tthecoIT tion near here. Bat come,
if you have nothing better to do you
most lunch with me; a hanscm to JEIe
- gent street. "
Blackthorn gave in to tbe friendly re
lated bore, and as thev clro'e off Uncle
Julian asked, "And what are you doing j
still at literature and journalism?"
"Still at it," said Blackthorn.
The old gentleman grew inquisitive
and pgurjed snr questions. When did his
nephewwerk cijgbt or morning? Both?
Any tiaK? It was remarkable And
what sort of work was it? GbaeSy stcP
sges? Things txt ctiins own hed And
an .areragg. henr mocJi ma-TcrK?,
Men t Jrrt tei Die. bwr Uccla: Jntin
paused on the -RTcnl " but" sod shook
his head.
- Over the luncheon table he gave a
-,friendly warninc One mizi't go on
'writing ann making np, bur one was
bound to come to the eni of ic Had his
nephew no fear -af-coming to tha bot
tom of th iag?
"I'd never thought of ir," said
Blackthorn. "It seems as satural te me
as fr yea to do yocr work. With the
day comes the idea."
Bet I don't do my work any more
not the ori-imal part; olI sermons al
ways. I've written 2,000, but I sha'I
never bring it to 2,001. There was :v
time when the sight of sheets of gocd
writing paper made me want to put
writing on "hem, bat that's cone, ad
sermons don'c demand the same orig
ieality as stories. You should make
provision for the time to come, for the
day when yu pet to the bottom of the
bag. It's bound to come, and for all we
bow it raoy come suddenly. Tweaty
years you've beea writing it's wonder
Ifily woftderfuJF'
-et'3 tal aboat ?Kaeihiir mora
t faeerfL " saw Bfcfkthora.
Toward the end &i tencheon he psk-
h4& bdcIc te 4ie with htm. on the ini?
lowing evfaing. The Rey. Jalian it
veH was eagused, bat The dinner was
arranged for the evening after that
Then Blackthorn went away. He had
a feeling of uneasiness tbac he had
never had before, for which he cursed
his nscle. The idVa of "the bnttom of
the bag" was absurd, provincial, ia
artisiic, materiaL Suggestion came a
frm the life about one, was tnos
f armed and used. The bog was always
emptying, r it was also always fitl
pg. If wonfcl always have something
n it for him sq long a life lasted.'
There was, be teld himself, no reasoa.
why he sbpald get iitfq this ncrvong j
state, baf he reniamed. in fha? state. 1
Pe remembered, authors wfaq had Mwrit-
Jen themsel-rs Da. " This gift for re- i
pejviija; stimulatins suggestions, this
enpacity fcr splecttn? the righp detai, ,
meht bnak dfiwn, and tbeq gne would
epwe ki (he bottom or the bag.
And quite suddenly he realized that i
far him all the eloquent crowded strept j
was niutE and empty. The phrase over
heard no longer told him the rest of
the eoiryersntion and the lives of the
speakers. The feeactifnl women passed i
by and left no thenghe or descriptive
word in his mind. All the life had
dropped oot ef the scne and left it arid
and bare. Nothing that met his eyes or
ears seemed really to penetrate or to
lead to aaythinc Nothing -was sug
gestive. Everything was isolated. Fer
the first time ia his life Blackthorn
found himself consciously trying to ob-
serve. Selection and deduction had gone.
In something that was nar to panie !
he did the very wcrst thing that h i
pouM hare done. He drove back to his j
chambers and fneq. tq write.
Of coarsn be cculd pos write, wor
ried bj his fears tb paralyzed by a
wlf distrust that was pew tq him. He
fciwffc hi eyes and tried to call up a pic
tare. He ccaH see nothing bat an aged
jirson hovering over a green speckled
etaelet, waving a hairy forefinger and
saying: "You will como to the bottom
f the bag, my dear boy. You should
make provision. It may be quite sud
den." He sat bolt upright and tapped cn
rhe tafils with hSsnail?. "imsss puH
9-r s.
aayseif together, " ie said. He relucted,
that there had .been nanny other occa
sions ck which he had been KHable ta
write. Ee had also to refiect thtkb there
had always teen a reason; thaiho had
been mentally or physically tired cr ill
oc distracted by. something which for
the moment absorbed iris mind, and
that now there was ro reason which, be
could trace.
He made no further attempt to wurk.
He paid a call, dined cut, went to bed
early and slept peacefully fcr ten hours.
He felt when he woke that he was in
the best of health, but he also felt that
ids mind was blank and arid. He had
an hour's work to do before 4 in the
afternoon a story to finish. The story
was already half written, and that
comforted him he would not have to
make a start; It would only te neces
sary to get into the vein and go on, and
he remembered that it wus a splendid
story and that he had? found ills previ
ous work on it fascinating: and delight
ful. He read and read again what he had
written. Yes, It -was gcoI, but he could
not for the life of him remember how
he had meant to finish it, nor could he
think of any end that was at all satis
factory. His thought had stepped like a
thread cut short. The story began well,
but it was like z story that had been
written by another man. It seemed to
him to lead to nothing.
At 3 o'clock he wrote a note of ex
cuse. His work had never been late be
fore, but he said that he was Hi. Then
he tried to occupy his mind differently.
He had bought a quantity of Japanese
prints, and he turned them over. Then
he put them away, turning out a big
drawer in an old cabinet for the pur
pose. There was a lot of rubbish in the
drawer relics of holidays abroad, an
old silver crucifix, a little branch, of
coral,, a handful of foreign coins and
the little red bulb that the mad Ameri
can had given him, together with a
somewhat fantastic story.
The day waned and the next day
came. The waste paper basket was
piled high, and Blackthorn rising from
his seat looked out at the dawn. He
was quite sure now that he would never
write again, and he hated his uncle as
he had never hated any man. "He has
taken away my nerve, " he said, "and
that is all that oue wants nerve, the
belief that one can do it. " His cheeks
were pale aad his hands shook. He
really was ill now and he had not
been, to bed. He went into his bedroom
and locked himself in. Then in the
early morning he dressed for the even
ing and sat on his bed waiting until the
evening came, admitting no one, send
ing his servant away, turning over in
his hands the little red bulb. He would
bold it ever the clarefi gloss between his
thumb and the second finger and break
it. It would not show tf he held it like
So theBew Julian Sibwell died iu a
Begent street restaurant and Black
thorn's death by hanging will take
place tomorrow.
In the interval between the death of
. the man who tcok from him hia nerve
and his; own. execution he is said to
have written much which is far above
the-level cf his" prerios-wcrk; stnri u
deed BOatito genius. But this:
iMMcrBKry Fa'nr in Black , ami
Chemists sometimes have queer expe
riences. The following facts were told
by a professor in one of our western
universities: "For about ten years I
have made a specialty of esaminiugand
reporting upon cases of real or suspected
pcif oning. As a number of my cases
have been coimected with murder trials
I have bad considerable notice in the
daily papers. This reputation for mak
ing analyses for poisons-has brought me
a queer class of patrons.
"Every year I have one or more old
men come to me with samples of feod to
be examined fcr poison These men,
without exception, have married young
wives, nod when the husband is taken
sick and doe? not recover as quickly as
he thinks he should he begins to suspect
that his young wife wants to get rid of
him and is poisoning him gradually
through the media -n of his food. Of
course he does not want his wife tq
know of hfe suspicions, so he quietly
gets a sample of the food he suspects,
anjji at soma unusual hour for work,
generally either early n the morning or
very late Th ffce evening, he eomes to
joe and tells ne very secretly fjint he
wishes IB have au esaminaeiou for poison
Xdw the edd part is hut though I
"have made a nuaiker of such analyses I
have never fevad poison present la any
case Tht B the hssbund is very much
afraid that his wife will find out he sus
pected her, aad be gets out of my Iabc
ratery ia the qak-krst and quietest mar
ner possible. So every year I expect tc
see some elderly man coming apprehen
sively up my oftce stairs with a well
concealed saatpfc of food about him tc
be examined for poison. Every year i f
t omes, ever year I make my anaiy5
and Sad aq poison, and every yeqr rhf.
pki gentleman gets mforiHsiiioH that he
considers cheap at the price. ''Chicago
SaiVberrT ProQt?
A Senlucky strawberry srowee ser
parts a eJettrpcaa this season ctf 720.60
on sevsa acres of ground.
The Poet Woe,
Alas, for the poet a wees.
Hia let tH tiu Ufe v hard.
Fr aa ede'a gidMtkni c? kj the biR forjaa.
nr! r love sung- pays for tent
He barns tbe ml n the audnisht. hacrs.
HWdiJa awaj frcTi vmsw.
Binss of the d".v on tke marmng flowers
TH! even tfee rent tall tine
Ee wrU not nf.wr Isr the scrsM ef fame.
Bat the cask that's m the tML
Ee mtrst rest content rend hia came
Cn the tap- f a yiteery hiSL
Alas, fr the poet's wxps. a las I
Eis lot ta this life is bard.
Ee must sin? ta the shminjr ?ed? far ?as
And send the muse Jar lard.
Atktnra Os;tutioti
3allard3 Snffc i-
Tb;i WQES Liinitnent is known
from the Athmttc to the Pacific ana
fratntheXkeeta fee Gulf, It
pr-rt peuetratinff liinhnent in the world
It will cure Rheumatism. Neuralgia.
Cuts, Sprains, Bruises, "Wounds. Old
Sores, Burns, Sciatica, Sore Throat, Sore
nuuf nrd nil inflammation after all
others have failed. It will cure Barbed !
Wire Cuts, and heal all wounds where'
nmnl flesh has set in. It is eauatfv
elficient for animals. Try it and yoa
wilt not be withouL Price 50 cents. "
Sold by The 2orth Platte Pharmacy,
.T tL Bush. Mct. . Z
r-r .
- A- -1j,.ijtfrii -
IPi d I in II Ifcin Ml1 I li M IHII h 111
Toot Little Waiti3 and. tlxe Gizl VTkf
Ctolceti a. Catamount- -
"I understand," inquiringly remark
ed the able editor cf the HawviHe Clar-
icrr. who wrs in search, of news, "thai t
yen attended a wedding cut at Frozen.
Man last night, Ike?"
"Iwentthar fcr that pcrptEC," re
plied Alkali Ike.
"Give me the names cf the happy
CGtrpIe, please.
Waal, it was popularly supposed
that Tuck Wadkins and 3Ss Lilliel
Strcdcer ras goiu to
te name tar
IndeedI What was the cause cf the
"I reckon it may te charged to the j
discretion cf the bridegroom.. Tell you
how it was. Yon. seer Wadkins is a ;
skimpy little feller, a trifie over 5 feet ,
tall and slim in proportion, and Miss (
Lfllie is celebrated farand wide as bein !
the maiden who choked a catamount to !
death with her bare hands about a j
month ago. The bride and her friends !
was so busy all the afternoon getrin !
ready for the ceremony that they didn't '
pay as much attention to the bride
groom as they ort to have done
"The best snan neglected his duty
and gave the bridegroGm time, to think
it over, and when the critical moment
came he wasn't to be found. Cactus
Jack, who jest came in from the Pan
handle this inorniii, reports that he met
the Lappy man along toward midnight
about ten miles back in the Flint hills,
goin in the general direction of Lower
California as the crow fiies, hittin only
the high places as he went and them
mighty infrequent. " Tom P. Jlorgan
in New York Sunday World.
A. Fable Up to Date.
A fierce cat trace assailed a 'large
mastiff and used most abusive language
toward the canine The dog listened
for a time and then walked away
"Why did yon tamely submit to such
abuse?" innuired a friend- "You could
have eaten tnat cat without any trou
ble.' " vTelT. p'raps I could," answered
the dog. "If you think so, I am sure of
it. But what was the use? It would not
have added to my honor one bit, as
every one would expect taut I would
whip the cat. Then I might have been
whipped, you know Chance blows on
the solar plexus will work wonders
And I would have been eternally dis
graced had that cat conquered me."
3IoraL That is the reason Fitzsim
moiis will let Corbett alone. New
York Truth.
Insanitj- VTas Hta Flea.
A murderer, who had been attended
by a physician, addressed the fofiowing
pete to the hitter from the jaiL-
"Dear dectcr. please make ant your
bill and send it to me right away ATy
trial comes off next week, aad I am to
fee insane at that time ami will so con
tinue until I reach the asylum. I want
to pay my debts before I lose my mind."
-Atlanta Constitution.
cins Even Further.
h . .cricks la my judgment, ,no
jeceht to marry Kuril beis. fully ableatb
pert a wile and tour smaU chuaren.---
Sosoerville Journal
Housekeeper to employment agent)
I don t want another young girl Can't
you get me a settled woman?
Agent Y?s, madam I know one
who has bad three husbands and doesn't
wane anv more New York Weekly
The Cmnmlnfvllle Sajre.
"Tke houeymecu may be said so be
over." said the Cunufiiasville sage ia a
fine burst of alliteration, "when the
bills for bacon begin to be bigger thH
the bills fcr boxes and bonfao&s. " Cin
cinnati Enouirer
Stnxssiins With Our Laaffaasre.
German to hostess ) Today I
toki the donkey be brays.
Hostess Yes. that's rigfef; we
iTbe doeey brays,. "
German Yon mean be brays ia the
church. Judy
Domestic Art.
The only and original poster picture
of the servant grrL Yellow Eook.
Dtd Xot Cut SInch.
'I'll take a ave ef at lamp, " he
TUea osdidly -pefee ke,
'Of conrsf. yen lent. v.-, zaiali a se
Woc't czz a& if-e with ":.
'"" u ' veshicJOH Star
Tsieae -rortLi dsawl th Khi she AewC
iiac fcfess to wisfi-f vr rs iImx AEred,
"3iii cf AtfceW. tic cv
Ewtiemfecr $iKL ssr jrei firtH
ri'vr Tik Truth.
fws Toieea.
Hae Ob, Jajwrs, bow grsad tba sea
Hew waaderfei' I do si like tm Imkit tbe
roar of the swan.
He S r I, Sfetfceth. Please keep
qmet. Lnssigea ISatwr.
Too Goad, to Be Trn-
A hirora rapr "tTceaM keT
' i . t-
In- cnJer tfef deposi3THyavid ewe.
ing error??., tiie Usecis bnst of
New York has-published. Aefeflewing list
of "don'tsr"
Don'c draw a check unless you have the
money in the bnfc or in josr- possession
to deposit.
Don't test the ennragg and. gEBerosisy ot
your bank By presenting car allowing to be
presented ynnr check for a larger sura
tfianyonr balance
Dcn'c draw a check and send it to a
Va o te city, expcccfnrr to nrakc
5 Sc I0f: " ra" i
Don't exchange checks with anybody.
This is called "kiting" and is sm dis
covered by jour bank. Itdoep jour friend
no good and discredit. yon.
Don't quarrel with. tt teller- becanse he
dees ncc pry ycu in nienry exactly as you
wish. As. a rule, be djf Sf be best be can.
In all your intercourse with the bank offi
cers treat? tii cm with tre Fame courtesy
and candor that you would expect and de
sire if the situations were reversed.
Don't give your check to a stranger.
This is an open door ta fraud, and if the
bank loses" through jca it will not feel
kindly toward you. When you send your
checks out of the city to pay bills, write
the name and residence of your payee
ihusr "Pay to John Jones & Co. cf Bos
ton.'' This will put. ycur bank on guard
if presenced at the counter.
Dots commit the filly of supposing
that wcnuse you trust the bank with
montjy the bank ought to trust ynu by
paying your overdrafts.
Don't snpposu you can behave badly in
one bank and stand well wirh the others.
ISeniemher there is a clearing house.
Don't think it is unreHPonaLIe if yonr
bnnk declines to discotmfcian HGeonrmoda
tion note- Tf yon wancan accommoda
tion note discounted, tell your bank frank
ly that is- is not In Jucir definition a busi
ness note.
Ffolliot Paget win sIifcr Awcrka Best
month. She will take JPita Proctor Otis'"
place In "The SportlaEBches?."
Brandon: Tbctsas, wtc h bo been
4 heard from. . since "Gherfcr'jJ Annt,"has"
lately finished a -BewcORiedy of London
' "The Tree of Knowledge," which George
' Alexander is to rnidncu in London nc the
, St. James, will Le a return to the problem
; phiy-
j There is a plan on foot in the Pbiyers'
I club, New Yerk, looking- to tbo parrhase
of a bronze- bast of Jchn Gilbert as Sr
Peter Teuxl.
The original of "I'm a :Iawyerr and rov
name Is iiarLs," of rne&Toiu's Cabin"
fume, is living quirtly In Kansas City at
the advnurrd age t.t 83.
Ida ilalle has acceptedTfar early produc
tion in New Vrrk t ot: ira.it musical com
edy rntitka "'lie Ki6coubrette by
Bkbard Bnrke Heirressj
The avirncu -cyjvlry.rpjd tn tbe anchor
k5 rar rent cn gross nxciptg reaching
$U,60Q a week and 8 pay: cent when the
grain? receipts reach ?5,P0q.
R. p. WHtird has enllsred a new leading
lady for Ids rext tour of tf?e Ignited states.
iSss Keith Wukenian, wco Is an Ameri
can vrirh a trlii Louden orrver.
Mis1 Frrrrcs Gratcm llayo, who creat
ed the j: re rf Ft xry, f he l-crntifnl sonsh
em girl In - PudiTnbead Wilson." will re-
! main- In tbc sanre capacity this coming
Tba success cf "rerrit Egrvice'' in Lon-
t - don - 'will donbtk.f!jt wxy for ctfcer
There Is not a 2.:IO trotting stallion oh
tbe Pacific const.
Frank Popish, 2:004, la the fastest
hobbtad pjicer at the ye;tr ta date.
An oner rf 5 12,000 vas usade for Grand
Baron. StlSH. at Clevihind anil refnrd.
Bob Fitz5iiamons, the fcuss bruiser, is
gning gb the running turf with a string
cf bores.
A yerlig pacer by Grand Earon,
2:18, worked an eighth at Grandview,
life., recently in Vt seconds.
It looks as if 3!ikfn 5. A8ii, will be
ne of the great pacers this year. Hisown
er'received $2,5ru for his share of a recent
OnkbiBd Baron, 2rl IK, seenjs to b?ve
regaied tbe woeniScrnt frrni wiich he
hd, es a 2-yrr-oUj, ard be will ptobal Iy
e k 2 :lflt ftttffr.
A greepgrGccp in Elglith uvenuc, New
Ycrb. bss h hr? q tborimchly imbued
with ike kIftKoia babic that Le has
bees vtfetl tn pitt n muzzle on the ani
itml It H5 kS definitely decided that this
is the hst reason the Fketwuud track will
stard. Tfce irarrh of civilization has
dx;n.td the bistarle, edd shaj-ed track,
r.nd ii farre New York lovers of harness
racinr wBl buve te cuk new qunrters.
Tbn bagfi.'-h. or myTiue, has a custom of
pettit g iii.-ide tbe ird and similar fishes
and tiitirtly cnnsHu.iag tbe intrrior, leav
ing only tbe kin and the skeleton.
When Ires ;vznu, qfluens, corkrrs,
drocf? and all U ke w'uirf. rise high in the
air. sbanop jM:ire. kindrt il, everything
forever, and Cbtbing qia swp thum.
Cat- cub m-i !! during sleep- When a
piece ff mvat is plactd tniuscdiately In
lw-ns of a siee.iBir cat's nose, the nstrils
begin to -wurb tke ttnt ! received, and
iti instart lttT tbc tnt -will wake np.
Tbe tsrp's jitth arc set back on tbc
liharyn::. so that it way be literally raid
ti n:.-j.-:Tra?e ts f':d in Irs throat. Tbe
carp, tea, s jicout tbe enly end chewing
.hT tba ecar?t'y swallowed tod being
fcrccd Mp ta rLese throat teeth for com
plete masticatMTO.
A Tim-l Uiet-
Extor For dinner take 40 minutes.
Timid Patient Would it be danger
ens to add a piece of meat and some
vegetables. Fliegeude Blatter.
Courtesies of the Koad.
Biker Hi therel Your wheel's wab
bling I
Beginner So's your
low Book.
tongue! Yel-
Be-rare of Ciiraeaj3 for Catarrh that
contain 2ercary,
j as mercury will surely destroy the seass
Or staeil an. cam.pjet3ly derange the
I whole systsjn when e-nterinsr it through
tHe mosccus surfaces. Such articles
' shoald never be used except on perscrip
I ttooa from, reputable physicians, as the
damage they will do is ten fold to tbe
i good you can possibly derive from them.
Haffs Catarrh Cure, manufactured by
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O , contains
no Ejereuryl and is taken internally, act
ing directly upon the blood and mucous
! surfaces of" the system. In buying Hall's
Catarrh Core be sure von get the genuine
I ih ts LUKea miernaiiy. ana niaue in jo
i ledo, Ohio, by F.'j. Cheney i Co.
Testimonials free.
i Sold by Dro prists, price 75c per
i bottle.
EaBJFanaly PBessaree best-' iy,
T. a t . t . T 3 rrf
First National
Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils,
3Dii3aiaELtSL. Spectacles.
13 entsclie Ap otlieke .
Corner of SDruce and Sixth-sts.
Are selling rapidly. The many good :3
points possessed by them can easily be "
E ascertained by an inspection. ... 3
Are being sold by us cheaper now than 3
f ever before in fact we are marring a 3
uleaderTr of them. We handle the best 13
in the market. Come in and see them. 3
-t ,1
saotrier seasosawe goods xxz-
ml ' '
Order by telephone from Newton's Book Store.
N. McCABE, Proprietor.
North Platte
3Jrngs and iiraggists' Sundries.
Sjj We aim to ba.JItr the best grades of goods
Sell everything at reasonable prices, and
warrant all goods to be just as represented.
AH Prescriptfons Carefully Filled by a Licensed Pharmacist.
Orders frona the country and along the line o the Union
Pacific Railway is respectfully solicited.
First doer north of First National Bank.
wall-paper, paint and oil depot.
Having rentfced our rooai3 in the Ssesi of style, the public
is invited to call and see ns, rcsoWeg eo art eons treatment.
Finest Wines, U ichors and Cigars at the Bar.
Onr b.niio3 hall is s applied -svith the oesv make o tables
aja competent attendants will sop"ir aS your wasts.
34 -
- -
H.S.WMte, - - - President 1
P. A. White, - - - Vice-Pres t
Arthur McNamara, - Cashier.
A general banking: Business
-rW -1 3r
line of Hardware. We still sell Bicy- 3
cles and bicycle supplies- 3
m ' i
J. . BUSH, Manazer
Ul at A A. A. a.- AA
X In search, of a. good dgai
vriR alwajs fed ItatJ.
F. Scinsalxrled's- Try
them arscl jadge.
Yott Need
We Iiave it have plent. -it
and ran fnruish yon any qnarMtv;
desired. Otrr ice is goodne
better and we make prorng&fde-!
Itveries. T '
We solicit yonr trade, feeEagwe
can please yott.
Kellner I Frail
GontFaefop and EmldeF, -r
We have been aJtia:r
North Platte citneae far
years, and or work amd pe'tots wace
not satisfactory we woakl sot be be
to-day. We solicit your trade.
F. J. BR0EK5R.
Claude f mi,
Coa! Oil,
Gasoline, -f
Gas Tar,
And Crads Petrolenm.
Leave orders at oSce
is. Bceekers tailor sEop.
F, 0. &mm Corsets,
American Beauties
Merchaats are akboriaed t
tbe monev if nocset; is out ioand
factory after 30 tlays trial .
Expnrna? not --ri-sssr- r r jc.rA xrtl gar-r.TT',n-
wnte tie JUr i -irr,
Eclipse ami Fairbanks 'Wia2
aiUla Towt-xB. Tsato. Irrft.
Con Our3 . H we. BrttiaK.
rv f rTT' P'r. Fltttoca.
tow. Get tte Cess. Seaditot
WYJi Famam SL. Omaha, eb.
3 J - -
On, E.irh Bax
mn m mm,

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