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JLRAL BARE, Editor and Pbopbietob
TUESDAY, SEPT. 28, 1897.
Thos. F. Healey, Real Estate
and Collection Agent, Foley block.
Attend Rennie's grand millin
ery opening on Friday and Satur
day of this week.
Wheat yesterday sold in the lo
cal market at 65 to 69 cents. The
Chicago market has been declining
for a few days past.
The ladies of the Lutheran
church will hold their annual
chicken and waffle supper on the
evening of October 17th.
--An adjourned term of the dis
trict court will be held next Monday
and a day or two latter Judge
Grimes will go to the northwest
part ot the district.
Rev. and Mrs. Coslet leave
Thursday for Stockville, where the
reverend gentleman has been
assigned. They will remain over
Sunday and then return to this city
and remove their household goods.
Mail car lloS. which went
uirougu on traiujNo. J, tins morn
ing, had a load or two of buckshot
planted in the side. It was on a
train which bandits attempted to
hold up near Portland.
H. V. Hilhker has given Andy
Picard the contract for erectinjr a
house on his farm west of town and
work will begin at once. C. L.
Boweu and Rutus Briggs will cul
tivate the Hilliker land next season
and also fifty acres belonging to E.
W. Murpliy.
Last evening's Kearney Hub
says: C. L. Williams of North
Platte, came down on the fast mail
this morning to look after matters
on his farm down east of town.
His grain has been threshed and is
now being marketed and Mr.
Williams came down to pocket the
proceeds. He will return in a day
or two.
Fred D. Wright, who has been
doing the local work on the Daily
Telegraph for several months past,
will accept a similar position on
The Tribune on October 1st. Mr.
Wright is a very capable 3'oung
man and his work on this paper
will be appreciated by its very
large list of patrons.
The Jewish New Year was
ushered in Sunday evening and w?s
observed yesterday by the Boston
store and Eagle clothing house.
The Jewish new year does not com
memorate any great event in the
national religious history of the
race. It is purely a day for spirit
ual endeavor, the uplifting of man
above the concerns of the material
If you wish to buy or sell real
estate see Thos. F. Heale
Advertising paper for the Delia
Pringle company, which will open
a week's engagement at Lloyd's op
era house next Monday evening,
was put up yesterday. ,This is one
ot the best repertoire companies on
the road and promise to give us a
series of entertainments which will
prove highly satisfactory. The ad
mission prices will be 35 and 25
WSS? ,yo" Chamber Suit of C5
I presume you would. We cannot sell you one for that money
but you can purchase a good one for a little more money. We
have the finest lice of FURNITURE ever shown In the city,' Call
and see our new Couches and Lounges. We have something cheap
in an extension table, and our dining room Chairs are the best
made for the money.
I hall buits
15 We believe in LETTING PEOPLE KNOW
l5 WHAT we have. That's why we show our big
$10.00 line in our Show Window.
!C " - people to see what we are doing, and to think it
! over, so we put plain PRICES on EVERY
SINGLE SUIT and call people's attention through
S ' the newspapers. ONE PRICE AND FOR CASH
ONLY. Money back if not satisfactory.
Opposite Postoffice Across the street from old location.
Elmer S. Dundy, Jr., clerk of
tiie u. court at umaha, was in tf
Van Brocklin property in the south
part of the county. The land was
brought in by the mortgagee.
Dr. Galbraith, of Omaha, who
had been in this section for a day
or two shooting prairie chickens,
returned home this morning. Last
Saturday Messrs. Galbraith, Bar-
num, Park and Dillon killed an even
hundred chickens.
A number of ladies will meet
u.b iut uaiumii icaiucutc xuui&uciy i
afternoon for the purpose of organ- bination price on
izing a literary and social club
which, it is proposed, shall hold
sessions at regular intervals during-
the fall and winter season.
Smoke Wright's Havana Rose
five cent cigars.
Maior C. P. Scharmann of the
Second regiment and Capt. H. O.
Evans of Co. E., have been invited
Our Grocery Stock..
' Has just been received and is being" marked and shelved.
Down goes the com
to go to the centennial exposition f$
Package Coffee
is only
p pkts. for Q5 cts.
JUST OPENED $1500 Worth of the choicest
Millinery ever opened in this city.
French pattern hats, walking hats, and hats and caps of every
description, now on sale. Miss Tulley, of Chicago, has arrived,
and will take charge ot the department. "All ladies are invited to
call and see the choicest line of Millinery ever exhibited in North
Platte, at
O. K. Peck left last night for
the Cripple Creek gold field, where
he will investigate the mining prop
erty owned by the gentleman who
has been in town for a week selling
stock. Mr. Peck makes this trip
at the solicitation of a number of
railroad men who desire to invest a
few hundred dollars in mining stock
but desire to have the property ex
amined before making the invest
ment. Upon returning from the Lex
ington confereucelast evening, Rev.
and -Mrs. Coslet found about fifty
friends assembled at their residence
and also found that a very fine sup
per had been prepared. These good
people were nearly all from the sev
eral appointments on the North
Platte circuit, over-vvhich Rev. Cos
let has so faithfully and earnestly
presided for two years past. The
guests also presented Rev. Coslet
with a purse of money and several
articles as a token of the esteem in
which he was held bT them.
The saloons were closed last
Sunday but it was not through the
eiforts of the city administration or
Marshal Morgan. The saloon keep
ers got together Saturday and de
termined to keep their places closed
and as a result not a glass- of beer
or whiske was sold on that day.
The Tribute was largely instru
mental in influencing, the saloon
keepers to keep closed doors it suc
ceeded in doing what Marshal Mor
gan was apparently afraid to do.
The Tribune has no fight against
Messrs. Laing, Healey, Waltemath
.aud. Sparling: it simply desires
along with all or nearly nil of cur
citizens that they keep closed, doors
on Sunday. This they have started
in to do; let us hope that it will be
continued. .Marshal Morgan did
not figure in this action; he deserves
40 credit
Dr. R. R. Arnold and wife, who
had been visiting Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Letts, returned to Iowa this
Thos. F. Healey has removed
his real estate and collection agency
to the Foley block, occupying desk
room with W. H. C. Woodhurst.
Considerable wheat irotn Logan
county has been marketed in North
Platte during the past week
Much of the wheat irom tnat sec
tion is excellent.
Hoyt's "Milk White Flag" will
be given at the Kearney opera house
next Thursdav eveninjr. Several
from North Platte talk of goin
down to see the famous play.
Rennie's milliner' openin
next Friday and Saturday.
Bishop Graves came up from
Kearnev Thursdav niarht vand in
company with Rev. Beecher devoted
Fridav and Saturdav to hunting-
prairie chickens. The Bishop
preached at the Episcopal church
Sunday ioreuoon, and in the after
noon went to Sidney.
The case against Dr. Thorpe,
charged with practicing medicine
without a certificate came up in
Judge Ray's court yesterday and
was dismissed, the Doctor having
been examined by the state board
of health since the local suit was
first instituted.
Some baled hay which had been
hauled from the scene of Frida
night's fire to the Murpliy premises
on east Front street, and which
had been more or lessburned.broke
out in fresh flames Saturday night
and resulted in calling out the fire
department. Baled hay holds fire
many hours without making smoke
or flame.
For Sale Residence property
in all parts of the cit Apply to
Thos. F. Healey, Foley block.
The Junior Endeavors enter
tained the Junior Epworth Lea
guers at the Hilliker residence Sat
urday evening from four to eight
o'clock. There was a large attend
ance of members of the two socities
and their merry voices indicated
that they very much enjoyed the
hours. A short programme was
rendered about 5:30, followed by
refreshments and of the latter the
little tolks partook very liberally.
When Fred Grau entered his
house Suuday morning after the
absence of himself and family at
Omaha, he found evidence of some
one having been in the house dur
ing his absence. The transom over
the front door had been opened, and
he also found a window in the
kitchen had been left partly open.
A diligent search through thcliouse.
however, failed to how any article
missing, although Tred says his
wife when she returns may discover
some things missing which he has !
failed to detect. The house is sup- j
posed to have been entered on Wed- j
nestiay night of last week; !
Guy Laing and son Gordon re
turned Sunday from a visit in Den
A girl baby was born Sunday
to -Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Zimmerman,
of the south part of to-vn.
It is expected that W. J. Bryan
will make a- speech at Lexington
the latter part ot October.
Howard Jeffrey and Chris Sawyer
returned Sunday night from Omaha,
where they successfully passed the
examination for locomotive
The Iddings elevator is receiv
ing considerably more wheat than
is needed at the roller mills, which
at present is 2frindinr about 300
bushels per day.
Mrs. Carl Johnson is not im
proving to any great extent, aud
Mr. Johnson will dispose of his
property here and remove to a lower
Grand opening of elegant mil
linery at Rennie s on Fridav and
Saturday of this week.
A stock car at the stock yards
caught fire at one o'clock to-day
1 ..1. 11 . 11
out tne names were quickly ex
tinguished and the hose companies
made the run without doing good.
Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Wilcox ar
rived from Kansas Saturday. Mr.
Wilcox will have charge of the
grocery department of the Wilcox
Dept. Store.
Peckham was the first precinct
to hold a republican caucus and
recommend to the county judge
candidates for appointment as
members of the election board.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wells, who
were maried in Wallace last Thurs
day evening, arrived in North
Platte Sunday -and will reside here.
Mrs. Wells was formerly Miss Mary
J. Richard Banjrs left the latter
part of the week for Pueblo, Col.,
where he will probably buy a couple
hundred head of cattle with which
to stock the Braugh ranch, which
he recently leased.
M. L. Lambert came down from
Logan county the other day with
tour hogs which he sold at an aver
age of $14.12 each. That is as much
as a good cow was worth one year
ago. Times have changed. Mary
Colonel Hupfer has on exhibi
tion at Streitz's show window a
sample of the potatoes which he
raised on his farm north of town
this season. One of these potatoes
would make a meal for a good
sized family.
I at Nashville, Tenn., this week as
members ot Governor Holcomb's
staff. Both gentlemen, however,
found it impossible to leave their
Those who attended the Metho
dist conterence at Lexington from
this city were: Rev. Coslet and
wife, Rev. Suavely, Miss Irene
Hartman. Miss Eunice Babbitt,
Mrs. W. C. Reynolds, Mrs. York
Hinman, A. M. Mason, S. W. Swan-
son, F. L. Mooney and John Ray-
-Friday and Saturday will be
red letter days at Rennie's. It will
be his fall millinery opening.
John Sawyer was out pike fish
ing Friday and caught seventeen
big fellows. He returned the fol
lowing day Saturday and landed
hfty-one weighing from one to two
pounds each. John is a very suc
cessful fisherman and catches more
pike during the tall season than
any ten men in town.
It will pay ladies to attend
Rennie's grand fall opening next
Friday and Saturday. Latest
When David W. Crane resigned
his position fn the dispatchers' of-
nee in tins city ooout turee years
ago. to become a Methodist minis
ter, this paper predicted that his
zeal and enthusiasm would win him
success. His labors in 0?alalla.
wuere ne was nrst stationed, were
wonderfully successful and from a
Lexington paper we clip the follow
ing account ot his work there for
the last year; Church debt "of $165
: j it 1 -9 r
uuiu; ct.ouu raised tor cuurcu tm-
provements; $122 for benevolent
tuuds and a new. onran: S950 lor
minister's salary being $125 more
than was promised him. One Ep
worth League of 85 members organ-
izea: conversions: 145 acces-
sions to tne cuurcu; present mem
bership 2S0.
On 1 nday evening next at
Lloyd's opera house the Juvenile
Orchestra, assisted by local talent,
including Mrs. Hershev. Mr. and
Mrs. Doolittle, Miss Jessie Bratt,
Miss Lena Schatz and others, will
ive an entertainment at tne opera
house for the benefit of the two fam
ilies which suffered loss in Friday
eveninjrs fare. Mr. Llovd has
Will give you more bargains in this line as soon as we have
completed marking the stock.
Your Trade Solicited.
The Wilcox Dept. Store.
tSDelivery wagon will be run in connection with store.
went to Lexington
H. S. White
this morning.
Judge Grimes goes to Gandy this
week to hear a case in chambers.
Judge Davis returned the latter
part of last week from his business
trip to Valentine.
W. C. Elder went to Wellfieet
yesterday to look after a law. case
in a justice court.
Mrs. Frank Tracy and daughter
returned the latter part of the week
from their visit in New York.
Judge and Mrs.
Hoagland are ex
pected home the latter part of the
week from their month's visit in
Miss Lenore Cummings came in
from Clifton, 111., Saturday night
and will visit her aunt Mrs. M.
Mrs. Wm. Whitlock, who has
been visiting in Colorado for sev
eral weeks, is expected home to
morrow. Mrs. Lew Leonard and children
left yesterday for Lincoln. Her
husband is braking on the B. & M.
between Lincoln and Ravenna.
Mrs. John Bratt was called to
Peru Saturday night by the illness
of her daughter Elizabeth, who
suffered an attack of pneumonia.
Mrs. J. B. Aveline, of Chicago,
arrived in town Saturday night and
will visit friends in this section.
and at the same time look atter her
property interests.
Mrs. Will Millard and sister Mrs.
Rollins, of Omaha, arrived Satur
day tor a visit with their uncle M
C. Keith. The ladies were former
ly the Misses Barton of this city.
Mr. arid Mrs. E. B. Warner re
turned Fridav nisrht from their
kindly donated the use of the opera trip to Philadelphia. Enroute they
house, and those who will take part visited at Chicago, Niagara Falls
and New York City, and
trip was an exceptionally
say tne
in the programme have willingly
given tueir services. rue pro
gramme will be an attractive and
pleasing one. and the obiect for
which the affair is given should call
forth a crowded house. The ad- year for fourteen cents per
mission will be twenty-five cents.
01 ii t r 1 1 1 . 1
ouoriiy oeiore twelve o ciock The case of
1 I - I M I- , 1 I - I - . a. .a .
v nuay nignc a nerce nre was ais- acfainst tne city was called in
covered in the frame building on Judge Ray's court Friday and con
eastbixtli street owned by Harring- tinued until Monday, when it was
ton&Tobin. The fire Avas first again continued until to-morrow..
1.: 3 1 " . T , 1 I
uuliccu oy men in xvuing s saioon, j0lin Combs and Peter Brosius
and thev verv nromotlv crave
-The Sidney Poniard says James
McConaughy sold his wool clip this
Nine months ago the sames;rade of
wool brought seven
W. R.
All you guess about difficulty in sell
iug Stark Treea iu;iy ba wroug. If you
wish to know the truth, drop postal to
Stark Nursery, Louisiana, Mo., or Rock
port, 111. Name references. Cash pay
to salesmen each wees the yea? round.
Outfit free takes no mcuey to tky the
work. Also want ceub jub!k get
iheir tres tf&el
tne alarm. rue department re
sponded with its usual alacrity. but
the flames had gained much head-
way.and the building was not much
more than a charred shell when the
e was extinguished. The ground
floor of the building had been used
as a warehouse by the owne
and at the time was filled with
baled hay, rock salt, ground feed,
alfalfa seed and bale ties. The
rear of the building" were used as
stables for six or eight horse
lese animals together with the
harness and wagons were gotte
out without loss. The second floor
of the east room was occupied as
living apartments by Mrs. Johnson
who lost all her furniture. The ad
joining building occupied by Geo.
Nauman's meat market on the lower
floor and by Wm. Brown and family
and Mrs. Neir and familv on the
second floor was badly scorched,
the two familes losing a good part
of their furniture by fire and water.
Mr. Nau man's loss was very
light. Harrington & Tobin es
timate their Joss at $2,500 partly
corered by msurauce. The building
being very old and dry burned like
paper, but the members of the fire
department fought the flames in an
efficient manner and sustained their
reputation .as suctessful fire-fight-ers.
' ?.-
of the north part of the county each
bought a carload of feeders of Dan
Fowles last week, and will feed
them their surplus corn this winter.
The Chicago weather forecast
for North Platte and vicinitv is:
Fair to-night and Wednesday. The
maximum temperature yesterday
at North Platte was 89, minimum,
in past 24 hours 56, at 7 a. m. 56;
precipitation 00. For the same
time and period one year ago the
maximum temperature was 62 min
imum 34, at 7 a. m. 34, precipita
tion none.
Absolutely Pure.
Celebrated for its creat leaveninc? strength
and healtflfalness. Assures the food acalnst
alum and all forms of adulteration c'omaoa
o toe jeneap orauas v
Boy-u. bakisq Powdeb CO., Kew yors.
Flovd Hutchinson, an eighteen
year old boy living on Brady island
died Sunday from the effects of
blow on the head struck by John
Rawlins, the skull on the left side
being" fractured from the forehead
to the base of the brain.
As near as can be learned the
particlars of the affray are as fol
lows: Hutchinson and Rollins were
working in the hay-field for Mr.
Abercrombie. Friday night after
quiting work the two boys were
feeding the horses, and Rawlins
had a piece of board or scantling
which he had been using in driving
away a horse which persisted in
eating from the wrong trou
While looking- after the horses the
boys became involved in a quarrel.
Rawlins claims, we believe, that
Hutchinson slapped him in the face
and in self defense he had struck
Hutchinson with the board. There
was a third party present at the
time, but it being- dark he did not
see the fight, but distinctly heard
two blows struck.
Hutchinson was taken to Aber-
crombie's house in an unconscious
condition, and Dr. McCabe of this
city summoned. Accompanied by
vr. jves ue went aown ana upon
examination the physicians found
the left side of the skull badly frac
tured, one fracture running from
the forehead back to the lower part
of the head, and another from near
the top of the head down to the ear.
The scalp was bruised but little,
showing that the club used was
broad. The physicians at once con
cluded that there was little if any
show for the boy to recover. They,
however, trepanned the skull and
rendered such aid as was possible.
but the patient died about twelve
hours after, without regaining con
Sheriff Miller went down Sunday
night and placed Rawlins under ar
rest, and in the absence of Coroner
Doualdson. lm'panneled a jury and
held an inquest. All the testimony
that could be secured was taken and
the jury returned a verdict to the
effect that Floyd Hutchinson had
come 'to his death by blows from a
club or board in the hands of John
Rawlins was brought to town and
placed in jail and will probably
have a preliminary hearing tomor
row. He is onlv about seventeen
years of age and has resided near
Maxwell with his parents for about
a year.
Thieves again visited the ranch
of H. J. Hansen north of the river
last week and drove away four head
of heifers and broke the leir of
another. This is twelve or fifteen
head of stock Mr. Hansen has had
stolen during the past sixty days,
and it is getting to be a little
wearisome. He will probably in
crease his armory by the addition
of a long distance towling-piece
and keep a close lookout for the
R. A. McMurrav was out nn
the streets Saturday and yesterday.
His main trouble at present is a
dropsical swelling of the body, the
limbs and arms assuming nearly
twice their normal size during the
latter part of the day. His ap
petite is excellent, and he does not
suffer much pain.
Copperas 2 cents per pound at the
Wilcos Sept. Store.
M. C. Harrington informs us
that the burned buildings on Spruce
street will be removed at once, and
work commenced on a brick build
ing which will be ucd at a ware
house by Harrington & Tobin. Mr.
Harrington, says that the size of
the building has not yet been de
cided upon, but that the foundation
will be laid withinjthe. niixtjiiirt
A gramaphone furnishes music
while you eatat the Vienna restaur
ant. No extra charge for the con
cert. James Hopkins, of Wallace, had
several ribs broken last week
while having a friendly wrestle with
a comrade.
The North Platte contingent
at the state fair in Omaha returned
home Friday night. All who
tended seem to have enjoyed
rA caucus is hereby called for
the Third precinct. Lincoln county,
Nebraska, at the Third ward hose
house at 7:30 o'clock Thursday even
ing, September 30th, 1897, for the
purpose of selecting persons to be
voted for at the primary as dele
gates to the county convention and
transacting such other business as
may properly come up before the
caucus. R. A. McMurrary,
In accordance with the recommen
dation of the county central com
mittee, a republican primary for
the Third precinct, Lincoln county,
Nebraska, is hereby called to meet
in the Third ward hose house at five
to seven o'clock p. m. on Saturday,
October 2d, 1897, for the purpose
of nominating a precinct ticket,
selecting judges and clerks of elec
tion and electing five delegates to
the county convention which is to
meet in North Platte on Satur
day October 9th, 1897.
R. A. McMurray,
Commencing Sunday, June 13th, the
UNION PACIFIC will inaucurntfl
hrough, tourist car service to Portland.
Oregon and Washington noints vm
Union Pacific and Southern Pacific Ry's,
thereby giving passengers the benefit of
two tourist routes via Ogden to Port
land. This route will take them up throueh
the beauuiful Sacremeuto Valley, dis
closing all the notable features" along
the Shasta Route, from Sacremento.
For rates, time tables and full infor
mation, call on N. B. Olds.
Kducato Your ttowel "With Cascaret.
Candy Cathartic, cure constipation
forever. 10c. If C. C. C. fail, druggists
refund money.
No use worrying over what is
broken you can't mend it with
your sorrow. We can mend it with
a little application. We don't
charge much for this, and you wi
find it almost as good as n"
Probably you won't be abe V de
tect the break. v ' -
We do all fends of repairingand
all work warranted. All gods
sold.ft-graved free of charge.
Jeweler and Optician
I Farm Wagons I
1 rfo

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