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The Semi-Weekly Tribune.
JIIA I.. IIAUK, I'roprlrtor.
Several cnscB of yellow fever tiro re
ported at Pannmn.
Nebraska's First regiment will ar
rive homo about the 30th Inst.
Michigan republican!) IriHlst that ox
Sccrotary Alger Is not out of politico.
The Haiti more & Ohio will operate
tho West Virginia & Pittsburg after
September 1.
Major Russell Harrison, Htrlckcn
with yellow fever In the south, Ih Kald
to bo Improving.
General Koca, president of tho Ar
gentine republic, linn returned home
from IiIh vIbH to Brazil.
Two negroes at Springfield, 0., worn
hilled by oltlccrH whllo rolntlng nircst
on a harncBH Btcnllng charge.
W. J. Iloga'., InillanapollH, has been
made tralllc manager of the now Unit
ed Parcel Forwarding company.
Consul General Stowe, at Capetown,
nayH that American goods are In use
on ovcry hand In the Transvaal.
Opinions differ as to what the Judg
ment of tho Dreyfus tribunal will be.
Many think It will be against tho ac
cused. Tho Hrowors' association of Milwau
kee, has donated $1,000 to tho Dewoy
fund and $500 to the Porto Illco nif
forcrs. Spanish nteamcr Alphor.co XIII. ban
left Havana for Spain with 432 Span
lards, being taken homo at Spain's
The soft coal trust In tho Pittsburg
district ' being engineered by Mooro
& Schley, New York. Capital will bo
President Arthur, of the locomotlvo
engineers, and oflliinls of tho Dig Pour
conferred. It Is believed a settlement
may bo roachd.
Major General Nelson A. Miles, com
manding general of tho army, Is going
to tho Philippines. Ho will start tho
latter part of October.
Governor Tanner, of Illinois, np
polncd fifty delegates to the National
Farmers' Congress, which moots Sep
tember 5 to 8 In Doston, Muss.
Batteries A and II, Utah artillery,
arrived In Salt Lako from San Fran
cisco. Tho soldiers wore given a
hearty welcomo nt tho dcrot.
Tho barn on tho Horace Oreeloy es
tate at Chappaqua, N. Y was partly
burned. Tho blnzo Is bollovcd to have
boon tho work of an Incendiary.
Sidney IJryant, tho United States
inarlno who was taken 111 with yellow
fover at tho naval hospital In I la ana
a fow days ago, Is doad.
Tho Democratic national commit teo
Is considering tho advisability of hold
ing tho domocrntlu national conven
tion two or threo months earlier than
la former yearn.
Among tho contributions for tho
Porto Ulco storm HUffererH recolvd
nt tho war department wcro from
Presldont McKlnloy, $250; Vlco Presi
dent Hobart, S2C0.
A Harvard profcBsor Is preparing to
raise tho largest telescope In tho world
at Kingstown, Jnmulca, to observe tho
now planet, which passes tho earth
eighteen months hence.
T. W. Howory, a patlont In tho In
eano asylum at St. .loueph, Mo., walked
tip to John Hutchcr, anu'.lior patlont,
and struck lilm a blow on tho point of
tho Jaw that killed him.
Mark Twain, who is at prosont living
at Sana, Middle Sweden, was Invited
by tho Danish Authors' rocloty to a
feast In one of tho lino beech forests
in tho neighborhood of Copenhagen.
Tho monthly Htatomont of the collec
tions of Internal Vf.'cnuo shows i.hat
dining tho month of July tho total col
lections woro $28,012,287, a net lunreaso
ns compared with July, 18U8,- of $20,
802. Tho Hank of Spain's report for tho
weak ended tho 19th, shows tho follow
ing: Gold In bnnd, unchu.igod; silver
In hand, Increase, 725,000 pescas;
notes In circulation, decrease, 2,0:19,000
Congressman David II. Henderson,
republican eh ilea for speaker of tho
houso of representatives, refuses to
unnnunco what policy ho will pursue.
Ho remarked that tho next congress
will have Its hands iiill.
Governor Taunor, of Illinois, Issued
a warrant mi tho requisition of tho
governor of Kuuhiis for tho surrender
of Harry Howard, who Is wanted In
Ford county, Kan., for robbing a pout
olllce. In tho riots In Tlohenita growing out
of tho raco dllllmiltlos between tho
Czechs and Germans, tho gendarmes
Minrged a mob with drawn Hwords,
killing four and wnundlnc a number.
Tho troop3 llimlly restored order.
Secrotary Hoot bus signed tho order
for tho Cuban census. Tho order ap
points Lieutenant Colouol Joseph P.
Sanger dhcetor of tho consus and Vic
tor II. Olmsted assistant director. Tho
census Is to Xio completed ly or boforo
November 30,
The situation along tho Ynqul nvor,
from Mcdauo to Torln, has now
reached Us most critical period. Tho
Indians havo commenced their nss
ago to tho Pltaya and Ilacatoto. Tho
main body of tho warriors nro reported
to bo In tho vicinity south of Haeuni,
while tho remainder of thoiu nro scat
tered throughout tho woods as far
down tho river nB Medano In nmnll
bands, numbering from four to llvo to
Colorado Is hnvlng troublo raising
tho funds noccHsardy to bring Its regi
ment homo from San Francisco.
Yellow fever has appeared In Tn
pana, state of Oaxara, Mexico, clouo to
tho boundary of tho stitto of Chiapas.
Several deaths havo occurred.
A m OB Allon, Speaker Thomas n.
Heed'H prlvato secretary, says Mr.
Heed's resignation will bo sent to tho
govornor of Malno In n fow daya.
At tho festival of St. Joachln tho
Popo granted an uinrlonco of ovor nn
hour to 300 persons, nil of whom wcro
presented, In addition to nlxteen car
dinals and many other prelates.
Witnesses Produco To3timony in Opposi
tion to Droyfus.
Trim Character of Tiilnliriircr Itevralcd
Under 111 Ascrimlvii lliiml The,
Wounded C'oti nxnl Alinimt Itccovered
No New 1'iivt Agnlnvt tho Accucd
llrmiRlit Out.
RENNES, Aug. 21. Tho session ot
tho court yesterday wiib comparatively
uneventful. The depositions wro not
productive of nny rcaly thrilling Inci
dents. The systematic production of
the lllmsleBt trash, which tho prose
cution deems profitable to Inflict, on
tho Judges, and which the latter accept
itB evidence, was proceeded with. Huch
of tho ridiculous testimony of tho
morning was devoted to an attempt to
blast Dreyfus' prlvato character,
though when Mnltres liborl and De
innnge had finished with tho witnesses
their bubbles of title-tattle were badly
Much of tho tlmo was occupied read
ing tho testimony of Estcrhazy and
Mile. Pays before tho court of cassa
tion, during which mnny of the uudl
cuce left tho court.
M. Laborl again distinguished him
self by laying hear the weak points of
evidence. Ho wns less fierce, however,
than ycBtordny, though quite aggres
sive enough to arouse tho Intent hos
tility of tho Judges, which showed It
self In various llttlo ways.
M. Laborl Is no favorite cither with
Major Carrlere, tho government's com
missioner, and tho latter makes no se
rious effort to conceal his feelings to
ward tho lawyer.
M. Laborl boro llttlo traces of the ef
fects of tho outrage on him. Ho rose,
sat down and moved his body and limits
nparehtly without much dllllculty.
Only, occasionally, he put his hands to
his back, as though suffering pain. His
wlfo followed his every movement
through a gold and tortolseshell lorg
nette. Madumo Ilejanc, tho actress, was
again an Interested spectator In court
today, especially when M. Laborl was
on his feet and his volco was vibrating
through tho hall. Her eyes watched
his mobile features, ncrotiB which flit
ted ever-changing expressions of Indig
nation, anger or satisfaction, with tho
keen Interest which spectators In n
theater follow her own notions. During
sonio ot tho depositions M. Laborl op
pcared very nervous. Ho wiib unablo
to remain still a moment, twitching his
lingers and slinking tho papers In his
hands. Tho counsel wiib almost too
Impatient to wait until tho witnesses
concluded their testimony. The only
dangerous opponent of Dreyfus totlay
was General Gonsc, who mounted tho
stage with n quick step and apparently
light heart but ho left It badly
mauled by M. Laborl.
General Goncs began by declaring ho
came to defend his honor against
thoso "drlvolllng" agaliiBt him. Hut
when his cross-oxamlnntlon was fin
ished ho returned to his sent discom
fited, for M. Laborl had driven him into
a corner In tho uttempts of tho general
staff to shield Estorhuzy and had
shown that tho general staff, for which
Gonso wits responsible, bad engineered
Entorhuzy's escape from Justice.
Tho conlldent tones of tho general
had by then dwindled Into tho prover
bial still small voice, and his defiant
tone had changed Into tho abashed air
of a school boy caught telling a llo.
Tho day proved certainly a poor ono
for tho goncral staff. Two good sam
ples of tho men put up to supply Drey
fus' prlvato character woro tho third
and fourth witnesses.
First, Major du Chatolet repeated an
alleged conversation with Dreyfus re
garding a woman In whose houso
Dreyfus Is alleged to havo gambled
and lost money. Hut when cross-ox-arnlned
Du Chatolot's memory failed
him entirely especially when naked
tho nnmo of tho woman and the street
sho resided In, nnd tho sum Dreyfus
Hhlp Aviilliihlc, o Curry NimvIt Ornuu
Irnl ItrglmiMiM to Manila.
WASHINGTON, D. C Aug. 21. The
quartermaster's department of tho
army, which Is employing ovory
means at Its disposal for tho trans
portation of troops to tho Philippines,
has propared tho llrst statement on tho
"The following ships will bo avail
able to curry tho llrst ten regiments
nnd recruits to Manila, getting thoiu
there about tho llrst of November:
Pueblo, Warren, Columbia, Charles
Nelson. Sherman, Ilolglan King, Han
cock, Grant, Tacoma. Sheridan, Glon
agle, Pennsylvania, Valoncla and Zeu
landln, with probably two or threo ad
ditional chartered vessels.
"Tho above will not Interfere with
getting tho last ton regiments to Ma
nila by tho lntter part of Decombor.
Tho quartermaster's department hits
In addition to tho above ships for tho
purposo of carrying tho second ton
regiments, tho following: City of
Para, Tartar, Ohio, Newport, Indiana,
Morgan City, Senator, City of Sydnoy,
St. Paul, Pueblo, from San Francisco,
and tho Thomas, Logan and Meade,
from Now York."
ruiuloa Totuporarlljr llrllevrd
KANSAS CITY, Mo., Aug. 21. A
letter to tho Star, dated Manila, July
10, says: General Frederick Funston
haa been temporarily removed from
duty nt San Fernando, nnd will go to
tho Second reserve hospital to receive
treatment necessitated by tho reopen
ing of a wound Incurred while In tho
Cubnn nrmy. It Is thought that Gen
eral FuitBton will not again return
to nctlvo duty, as his torm of sorvlco
will oxplro September 2, and ho has
requested and boon granted permis
sion to return to tho United Stntes
with the Knnsns regiment.
Verj I.lttle U (liven Out, However, of
A l mini trillion' Iiircn.
WASHINGTON, Aug. 2l.-Sccrolr.ry
of War Hoot returned to tho iiy to
night from his visit to the president at
Lake Champlaln. Ho went nt onco to
his apartments nt tho Aillngton lintel
ami during tho evening spent Bomo
tlmo with General Corbln and A'.'.Ing
Secretnry Mclklejohn. The secretary
was rotlccnt In Hpenklng for publica
tion of his conference with the presi
dent. The matters dlBcus'ed, ho said,
were such ub would ordinary bo taken
up at n cabinet meeting nnd Involved
no great departures from tho policy al
ready In force respecting tho Philip
pines. That tho campaign in tho Philip
pines Is to bo pushed vigorously nnd
promptly Is evident from n remark tho
secretary made to tho reporters. He
wns determined, ho sold, that every
man belonging to tho twenty logl
ments of volunteers now being recruit
ed shnll eat his ChrlBtmns dinner In
that country. This statement wns
brought out by u reference to tho pub
llHhed report of theBo reglmcntB woro
to bo hold in tho United Stntes as a
reserve force.
Regarding tho reports that General
Wesley Merrltt, who has also been nt
Lako Champlaln In conference with
tho president nnd his war secretary,
Is to Biicceed General Otis In command
of tho troops In the Phlpipplnoa, Sec
retary Hoot wob non-committal. Ho
ovnded all questions on tills point and
declined to mnko any positive Htato
mont whatever In regard to tho sub
ject. Tho secietary'H attention was called
to reports of fresh propositus for
treating with a view to peaceful set
tlement of the war In the Philippines.
Ho had not heard olllclallly of these,
although ho expressed himself ns be
ing glad If such a solution of tho dlfll
cultlen could bo brought about.
Tho conditions In Porto Rico nr re
ceiving tho careful attention of tho
president and the Wnr department offl
clnlu and every effort Is bolng put for
ward to relieve tho suffering caused
by tho hurricane. Tho secretary is
gratllled at tho responses that havo
been made to tho appcale for assist
anco and noted the fact that apnroxl
matcly $10,000 or $50,000 In money ha?
been raised to this end.
Hi'lionllng HU Men anil lllmicir for Itt-
ccpllon lit Now York
NICI3, Aug. 24. Admiral Dowey and
tho officers and men of tho Olympln,
now at Vlllcfranche, near here, aro al
ready anticipating their New York re
ception and aro propnralng for their
part In it. Tho udralrnl has received
permission from tho nuthorltlcH to
land tho Olympln bnttallon nt Vlllo
franeho for drill purposes during tho
remainder of the cruiser's stay there.
M. Grand, prefect of tho Alpes-Ma-rltlmes,
visited Admiral Dswcy today.
Tho former expressed tho plcasuro of
tho French government at tho admi
ral's visit, adding his assurances of
personal admiration.
It Is expccteil that Admiral Dewoy
will come to Nlco tomorrow nnd re
turn tho prefect's and other ofllclal
tlncrr.uit WlthdmuN,
LOUISVILLE, Ky Aug. 21. Rev. ID.
O. Guerrant of Jessamlno county, who
was nominated by tho antl-Gocbel
democratic convention at Lexington
last week for superintendent of public
Instruction, today announced his with
drawal from tho ticket. Rov. E O.
Ovortitreot, of Taylorsvlllo, has boon
chosen by tho utato commltteo to tiko
his place. Mr. Guerrant gives ns his
rcuHon for withdrawing tho criticism
to which ho has been subjreted by rer
tnln newspapers. Ho makes public a
sharp letter of reply to tho attacks.
I'll J I UK HIT tli llrHl N.'lirnxlui.
SAN FRANPIRPn Amr . vdr.
lay was a busy day for tho NobrnskniiB.
ino rorenoon wnn occupied In packing
and sending away personal baggage.
In some companies privates mndo tho
non-commissioned olllcerd wait on
table at breakfast, tho lust meal fur
nished by the government.
Tho regiment begun getting pn'd at
1 o'clock. It required threo paymas
ters until ti o'clock to pay tho 8&0 men
tho $110,000 duo tho regiment. Tho
regiment stnrts for homo Friday.
Ciiltlliot Will Not ltil;u.
RERUN, Aug. 21. It Is under
stood that as a re3Ult of tho council
the cabinet will romnln In olllce and
there will be no dissolution. It la
possible, however, that tho minister
of the Interior, Duron von dor Hoist,
will bo replaced, ho having bungled
souio Instructions from the emperor
regarding tho votej on tho canal bill
In a manner Irritating to tho con
servative patty.
Tho Death In Culm.
WASHINGTON, Aug. 21. Gcnernl
Hrooke has Informed the wnr depart
ment of tho death of Prlvato John
Rarforty, Company K, Second Infantry,
nt Clenfouegos, of typhoid fover, and
tho death of Salvndo GUI, quurtor
mnstor'a employe, nt Santiago, of
strangulated hernia.
.Inne Moick tlm rr llureau.
CHICAGO, 111., Aug. 21. Tho
Chronicle says: Senator Jones, chair
man ot the democratic national com
mittee, has closed the Di'iln incident
by ordorlng tho removal of tho r.rcss
bureau to Washington mil authoriz
ing the selection by cx-Onvernor Stono
of Missouri of a now editor.
Slili tio Down In it Klorm.
CHICAGO, Aug. 21. A rpeclnl to tho
Trlbuno from Norfolk, Vn., says: Fur
ther dotttlhi of tho terrific storm that
raged In tho vicinity of Copo Hnttorus
havo been received. In addition to tho
vcbeoIb nlready reported wrecked aro
tho following: Schooner Aaron Rep
hard, llvo lost, threo saved; bark
unknown, crew fourteen, all lost; Dia
mond Shoals lightship, crow of twenty
three, nil saved; unknown steamship,
whoso cargo hau washed ashore, crow
of about twenty-live, nil loet; thro big
up, crows probably uggregRtlng thirty,
schooners In tho surf, now breaking
unheard ot.
it i rr
Tho Threo Conventions in Omaha Work in
f, I., Teeter nnd IMnoit Itlcli for Urgent
of the State, Unltemarjr Teit of tho
riRtform Upon Which tho fusion
Form Will do llttnrn tho 1'rojilo for
Supremo Judge
SILAS A. HOLCOMH, Populist, of
Custer County
Democrat, of Douglas County
Silver Republican, of Lancaster
OMAHA, Aug. 23. Tho populist con
vention wns called to order at 2:20
o'clock by J. N. GafTln, chairman of tho
state committee.
A committee on credentials was ap
pointed, consisting of E. O. Kretslngcr
of Gago, Charles Ncrones of Sarpy,
Uolso of Otoe, J. L. Dalbey of Richard
son nnd II. Cohon of Douglas.
Tho chair announced that no creden
tials had been received from tho fol
lowing counties: Manner, Dlnlnc, Box
Butto, Chose, Cheyenne, Deuel, Gnr
flcld. Grant, Hooker, Kimball, Logan,
McPherson, Rock, Scotts Bluffs, Sioux,
Thomas nnd Wheeler.
A motion by C. W. Stewart of Platto
county authorized tho chair to appoint
a commltteo on resolutions, consisting
of two from each congresslonni district
nnd one from the state nt large.
On proceeding to nominations names
wero selected as above given.
Tho people's Independent party of
Nebraska In itn tenth nnnunl state
convention assembled, adopts tho fol
lowing declaration of principles:
First We nfflrm our dototlon to the
natlonnl plntform of 1809 and to overy
plank therein contained.
Second Wo dcclnro tho Monroe
doctrine to bo tho doctrine of national
solf-prcscrvatlon and that safety lr to
be found nlone in avoiding tho quick
Bands of Imperialism and tho dan
gerous waters of militarism. And wo
opposo nil foreign political alliance
nnd all interference in European nnd
Asiatic politics.
Third "Wo hold theso truths to bo
self-ovldcnt: Thnt nil men aro crented
equal anil that they aro endowed by
their Creator with certain Inalienable
rights; among these arc life, liberty
and tho pursuit of happiness." And
"that to secure these rights govern
ments aro instituted among men do
Thing their Just powers from tho con
sent of tho governed."
Fourth Wo condemn tho ndminla
trntlvo policy which has converted a
war for humanity Into a war of con
quest. Wo bollovo that tho Filipinos
should have received tho samo treat
ment ns the Cuban and that as tho
Cubans wero assured of ultlmato lndo
pendonco nnd protection bo tho Fili
pinos should havo been assured In tho
beginning of our nation's intention to
givo them Independence ob soon aa a
lished and protection from outsldo In
terference Such assurance should
boklven now.
Fifth Wo condemn the republican
natlonnl admlnlatrftlon for Its com
plicity with unlawful combinations
which have lncrensed nearly n hun
dred per cent within tho last threo
years as a result of its falluro to
enact and enforco laws in tho Inter
ests of tho people.
Sixth In dealing with trusts and
corporations having n monopoly of
public necessaries wo claim that tho
law ot tho land requires that they
shall servo tho public for reasonable
compensation nnd In the nbsenco of
nny legislation upon tho question of
what Is reasonable tho Judiciary may
determine the questlon.Tho trust dan
ger of this country is so uppalllng that
tho ovlls thoreof must bo combntted
by every branch of tho government.
Wo demand Judges who will obey tho
law that rests tho Judiciary with Jur
isdiction to protect tho peoplo from
tinrcasonnblo and opprcssivo prices
for tho necessities of lite.
Seventh Wo doebirn th fit tfm rn.
publican party has needlessly Increased
wie rnio oi taxation; tnnt It Is guilty
of needlessly cnuslng nn annual deficit
In tho current revenues of tho govern
ment by useless and prodlgnl expen
ditures ot tho peoplo's money, to bo
mndo good by additional taxation, or
tho Issuance of additional Interest
bearing bonds; nnd that Its attempts
to rotlro the greenbacks nnd turn ovor
tho Issuing power of pnpor money to
prlvato corporations Is n shameless
and Inoxcusnblo surrender to tho
money power.
Eighth Wo henrtlly endorse nil ef
forts of organized labor to better Its
condition nnd wo bollove that all class
es of citizens and all legltlmnto enter
prises should receive tho protection of
tho laws and that all attempts to co
orco honest lnbor by Injunction or by
tho use of tho military Is a violation
of tho constitution nnd the established
rights of American citizens.
Ninth Municipal ownership of pub
lic utilities Is a public necessity.
Tenth Tho history of tho throe
splendid mllltnry organizations fur
nished by Nobrnskn In tho Spanish
American war Is tho Just prldo and
glory of overy citizen nnd for their
bravery, valor and devotion to duty
wo offer tho henrtfclt grntltudo of tho
patriotic peoplo of tho stato.
Eloventh Wo most henrtlly com
mend tho nhlo, patriotic and conserv
atlvo administration of Governor
Poynter, nnd his ofllclnl associates and
wo congratulate the peoplo of tho
Btato on his success In securing free
transportation for tho gallant First
Nebraska to their respective homes.
ltclcniitlin of CoiiKrriiMiiiiii Itiil.
AUGUSTA, Mo., Aug. 23. Tho resig
nation of Thomas U. Reed as congress
man In tho First Malno district was
received by Governor Powers todny.
Tho resignation Is to tnko offct Sep
tember 4, and It has been adopted
by Governor Powers.
CotmnUtloiicr l'owilcrly Order Deporta
tion of Mr. Todd.
WASHINGTON, D. C, Aug. 23. A
case of personal Interest In connec
tion with Immigration matters has
been settled by Commissioner Powder
ly. It Is thnt of Mrs. L. M. To.ld. n
Hrlttflh subject, who ts now In the San
Francisco pest house, suffering trom
leprosy. Sho contracted the disease
In 1892 while working as ri nurse In
the Snn Francisco pest house. Somo
of her washing went to lepers to bo
dono nnd a Chlneso leper used to bring
coal for her. Thirteen months after
this, while In Sun Francisco, Btiapl
clous spots appenixa on ht-r left leg.
After contracting tho disease eho
went to tho Hawaiian islands and re
mained there until November 8, 1898,
when sho loft to attempt to reach tho
Unltod Stntes. She took passago at
Honolulu on the steamship City of Rio
Japan. From Japan sho shipped by
uio unnauiun steamship lino to Vic
toria, 11. C, then coming across tho
border of tho United States, reaching
San Francisco December 12, avoiding
tho marine hospital oxrmlnntlon at
that point. Her condition and tho
Btory of her case wcro discovered by
tho Immigrant Inspector at San Fran
cisco. Ho took tho matter up, with
tho result that a special made a new
examination of tho woman, finding
thnt sho 1b badly disease,.
Commissioner Powderly has ordered
that Mrs. Todd, who Is a widow, bo
sent back to tho Hawaiian Islnnds and
confined In the leper colony there. Ho
hiiB given tho caso much study, with
u vlow of finding If sho could bo turned
over to tho British orCnnndlan author
ities, but ho does not dcslro to sond
her Into British territory nnd put inno
cent peoplo in dangor.
In this connection Commissioner
Powderly says that tho loper colony
In the Hawaiian Islands is not closely
guarded and tho situation Is somewhat
dangerous. Ho has no power to Bend
Immigrant Inspectors there nnd says
the wholo matter will havo to bo regu
lated by congress. There la no placo
to keep her In this country.
Immlgrnnt Inspectors sent out by
Commissioner Powderly havo recently
reported It as their belief that a colony
of lepers oxIstB on tho border of Can
ada and this country In tho northern
part of Washington. They do not llvo
together, ns that would attract atten
tion and caiiBo them to bo separated,
but they llvo in the snmo neighbor
hood and hnve nn association for mu
tual defenso and protection.
Oen. Dyrenforth I'rotrntn Aculmt Work
on IVnuton Clulnm,
DES MOINES, la., Aug. 23. The na
tional encampment of the Union Vet
erans' union formally opened Its ces
sion today with 1,000 in nttendpneo.
This forenoon tho address of welcomo
wns given by Secretnry ot State Bob
son, acting for Governor Qhnw, who
was out of tho city. Ganernl Dyren
forth, commander- In-chief, respond
ed. Mayor MacVIcar, on behalf of
Des Moines, then epoko and Depart
ment Commander Lnngstnff, of Du
buque, responded.
This evening a great parade was
given by tho orgunlzntlona of veterans
headed by tho national officers ot tho
Goncral Dyrenforth In his nnnunl
report declared that pension claims
on fllo nt Washington nro Ignored In
order to cause delays and keep tho
pension appropriation from reaching
about tho $110,000,000 mark annually.
Ho denounced tho policy bitterly, nnd
called on nil members of the older
to ttso their Influenco to secure fairer
treatment for tho soldiers.
The Sliojtlnc of Tom Itjiin Iiurriism the
Ktrnlned ItelittloiiH llutwaen Them.
CHADRON, Neb.. Aug. 23. Tho
shooting of Tom Ryan on Monday by
young George Coll, creates another
very wide gap In the already strained
relations existing between the cattlo
and sheep men of this section. Nu
morous unpleasant meetings had taken
placo between Ryan and Coll. Tho
murdered makes tho nssortlon that
Ryan had made an attempt on his life,
only a fow weeks ago, a pistol shot
barely missing him. Tho Coll family
havo a very unsavory reputation, and
It Is only about a year since a 10-ycar-old
brother of Coll In a moment of
wretchedness ended his miserable ex
istence by hanging himself with a rope.
Thcro being no witnesses to the mur
der, tho natural assumption Is that
young Coll will never bo convicted of
tho murder of Ryan. The murdered
man leaves a wlfo and three small
children to mourn his untimely death.
Captain Fisher and Postmaster Ecklea
havo been retained by Coll to defend
IHntrllititluR liinrn.
field cornets nro busy distributing
rillcs nnd ammunition to tho burghers.
Tho exodus ot minors continues.
Tho government of tho Transvaal
has received a communication from tho
governor of Lourenzo Marques rclatlvo
to tho stoppage of arms thero. to tho
effect thnt Portugal's obligations to all
nations, including Grent Britain, In
cluded tho enforcement of tho Transvaal-Portuguese
treaty, and ns an un
satisfactory explanation existed as to
tho transportation of arms they wero
stopped at Delagoa bay. and until tho
terms of tho treaty aro compiled with
but no doubt the mutter will be ar
ranged satisfactorily. The Transvnal
government regards tho communica
tion as "extremely vague."
Wl I Welcome Voluntorrn.
WASHINGTON, Aug. 23. Acting
Secretnry Allen today telegraphed
Mayor Phclan of San Francisco say
ing thnt tho Navy dopnriment would
bo glad to co-oporato with tho San
Francisco authorities In tho welcomo
It Is proposed to give tho returning
soldiers on tho Sherman. To that end
orders havo been Issued to tho com
mander of tho battleship Iowa to tiro a
salute on tho arrival of tho transport
and nil tho sailors and marines of tho
ships nt Snn Francisco will tako rart
lu the parade and demonstration.
Drouth Doe Mitch Damn bp.
EDGAR, Neb., Aug. 21. The drouth
Is doing very destructive work with
the corn crop, pactures and hay crop
In this part of Nebraska. Tho corn
crop will bo very small In comparison
with what was expected six weeks ago.
Plowing for fall wheat Is also difficult,
is tho ground Is very dry.
. 5
Thrown l'rom n Hond Wiiroii.
ANSLEY, Neb., Aug. 21. Mrs, Brad
ford House, an old lndy living in North
Ansley, was thrown from a road wagon
nt tho houso of her son-in-law, Thomas
McOowan, ten mlleg northeast of Ans
ley, and hnd her left arm broken above
tho elbow. She Is well up In years
nnd quite fleshy, which makes tho
wound serious.
IlurKlnr Openitn In York.
YORK, Neb., Aug. 21. Sunday even
ing O. Frold's boot and shoe store on
tho north Bldo of tho court house
squaro was entered by burglars, who
hacked their way through the rear
door. The store was completely ran
sacked, but the stock Is too largo to
admit of any estimate as to tho amount
of goods Btolen. Tho police have hopes
of eventually Jailing the thloves.
Accepts Traction Cotnpiiny'A Offer.
LINCOLN, Neb., Aug. 24. At a
meeting of tho city council tho offer
of tho Lincoln Trnctlon company to
settle tho street railway tax caso for
$03,000 cash was accepted by a vote
of 11 to 3. The caso is now ponding
In tho supremo court and tho total
amount claimed by tho city Is $102,000.
Tho mayor will approvo the settlement,
which 1b generally believed to bo a
good thing.
IIortlciiltiirlMM Won't Meet.
OMAHA, Neb., Aug. 21. Tho direc
tors of tho Stato Board of Horticul
ture met at the Bnrknr li
the availability of $2,C00 appropriation
voted by tho last lcglslatrre to the so
ciety. State Auditor
refused to honor the vouchers ngulnst
wns innii, tno directors decided to tem
porarily call off the meeting of the
Society that lvns tn lin Iin1,l ii,,,l ,
Immediate attempts will be made to
arrange for an exhibit.
Kxplonlon nt Table Hock.
TABLE ROCK, Nob., Aug. 24. Tho
gasoline engine used by tho Table
Rock Clav comnnnv nvnlmlnd
lng ten gallons of burning oil In every
uirecwon. i no only man near tho
engine was Chnrles Kid
saturated with tho burning oil ,nnd
muiiuu on wio run ror town, which
was a half mile illntn Tit. Tin U'na mnf
on tho road by persons who wero hur
rying to uio scene, nnd the Arc wns
extinguished only nfter he had bee'.
fenrfllllv Inirnpd. Tn ihn
ono of tho principal buildings of tho
company caught fire and burned down,
Involving a loss of $3,000, with no in
surance. Kcd Mi-d'h I'otroiv.
The Omaha Indian nnnunl celebration
being hold hero, nnd more commonly
Known ns tno "lieu mnn's pow-wow,"
was ono contlnunl round of feasting
and danclntr. Th PV ronrndnppd nnn
of their primitive war dances. Old
warriors, survivors of the Sioux strug
gles, took part In tho affair; the exhib
ition wnn wild nnd fnoolimtliwr v,..i..
men with nothing but breechcloth on,
a profusion of feathers on their heads,
uoitics highly decorated with bright
colors, entered Into the spirit of the
war dunce, nr "TTn.liiH-W no u i
called, with such enthusiasm they
wero ready to faint away with ex
haustion. Condltloni Aro l'Honililc.
coln, Aug. 24. The past week has been
warm, with heavy showers In tho
northern counties and only light, scat
tered showers elsewhere. The average
dally excess In temperature has been
between two and threo degrees. Tho
maximum temperatures havo generally
oeen auout yu degrees.
The rainfall of tho week has been
very heavy In tho northern counties,
ranging from two to slightly more
tnun three Inches In parts of Box
Butte, Cherry, Rock, Cedar nnd Dokota
counties. Only light, scattered show
ers occurred In central and southern
counties, the nmount of rainfall being
generally less than a quarter of an
Inch. Conditions generally aro quite
I'milNlied for llriitiil Crime.
FALLS CITY, Neb.. Aug. 24 A
young mnn nnmed Geoigo WiiEon,
working for Louthnlr Schenhelt, com
mitted crlmlnnl nssault on tho llttlo
4-yenr-oId girl of Albert Hurchard. In
less thnn twenty minutes after occur
rence of the crime. Pollcomnn Camden
found tho man. Ho nrrefited him and
took him before tho little child, who
identified him nt once, as did also tho
child b mother. Wilson has been
lodged In jnll and nn examination by
Dr. Wiser revealed the fact that thcro
was no doubt of his guilt. At 1 o'clock
In tho morning a crowd of about 300
surrounded tho Jnll and demanded Wil
son. They wero refused, nnd nt once
proceeded to break down tno door. Af
ter gaining ndmlttnnco they Improvised
a table and proceeded to perforin a
surgical operation on tho prlsonor.
nfter which they turned him over to
the proper authorities and quietly and
orderly dispersed.
Aneited on a Kerloiu Charge.
BEATRICE, Neb., Aug. 24. Thomas
Cox, who was recently shot and pain
fully wounded on tho fnrm of W. S.
Locke, Bouth of town, whllo, It Is as
serted, ho was undertaking to rnld a
melon patch, has sworn out a com
plaint chnrging Locko with shooting
with Intent to kill. Locke wns arrested
nnd the hearing was called In Justice's
court. By ngreement of nttornoys tho
hearing was contlnuer uutll September
20 In order thnt Important wltncssor
now absent may be summoned.

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