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I'IMi'l VI
A Move in Droyfua Oaso that Practically
Insures Acquittal.
HeAiki William nml Humbert to Allow
BehwnrUkoppcn nnd Fnnlzzardl to At
tcnil IIU Itciifnt I Mkely tu He
Granted They Will 8wcnr thnt They
Never Had An? Kelntlou with Dreyfui
ROME, Sept. C (New York World
Cablegram.) It la understood tlmt the
Italian government will not ullow
Panizzardl to go to Rennes, but will
permit lilo cvldcnco to Do given the
French embassy at Rome.
RENNES, Sept. C. M. Laborl this
afternoon telegraphed personal appeals
to Emperor William and King Hum
bert to grant permission to Colonel
Schwartzkoppen and Colonel Panlz
znrdl, German and Italian military at
taches In Paris In 1S9 1, to coma to
Rcnncs to testify In the trial of Cap
tain Dreyfus. This Is the news of tho
day and tho chief topic of conversation
In tho cafes and among tho Journalists.
Tho appoals woro couched In eloquent
terms, Invoking tho assistance of their
majesties In the nnmo of Justlco and
humanity. They nro qulto supple
mentary to tho formal applications
that will bo mado by tho government
commissary, Major Carrlorc.
Tho demand of M. Laborl, that tho
court martial should Issuo processes
Hubjcct to tho approval of tho two sov
ereigns camo llko a thunderbolt today.
Tho step Is fraught with momentous
consequences, as it affords Emperor
William an opportunity to assumo hia
favorlto rolo of arbiter of tho destinies
of tho world. No ono will ho surprised
if Colonel Bchwartzkoppcn in tho name
of tho kaiser makes a declaration that
will practically decldo tho result of tho
Doth Schwartzkoppen and Panlzzar
dI must consult their respective sover
eigns before starting, but tho counsel
for Dreyfus fully expect them to come,
if they Camo at till, to bo in timo to
glvo their testimony Thursday, In
which caso tho trial would probably
conclude this week.
Tho nppcaranco of Colonels
Schwurtzkoppcn nnd Pantmrdl would
bo tho most BotiBatlonal as well as tho
most Important Incident of the ontlro
trial, Their depositions would bo a
formal and emphatic declaration that
they nover had any relations with tho
nccuscd and they would mako such n
Btatomcnt that tho court must order
an acquittal. Thoso who aro In tho
conftdonco of tho counsel entrusted
with tho defenso express a firm con
viction that Dreyfus will now bo ac
quitted. Novorthelcss, ono of tho most
prominent gonorals with whom tho
correspondent of tho Associated Press
conversed today declares hlmsoh
"qulto pleased with tho progress of tho
trial thus far," and confldcrit of n con
clusion "ontlroly satisfactory to tho
It la hearted this evening that tho
minister of war, General tho Marquis
do Qalllfot has sent orders to tho gen
erals and other military witnesses to
leave Rennes and return to their re
spective posts within two hours nftor
tho conclusion of tho depositions and
not to bo prosont dining the pleadings.
They will thus bo absent whon tho
verdict Is delivered. General Morclor,
being on tho retired list, Is not affected
by this order, but Goncrals Rogot,
Gonso and Do Dolsdoffro must go.
Thcso orders aro Intended not only to
avert a demonstration In favor of tho
generals, accompanied probably by so
rlous dlsordors, but also to prevent tho
moral effect of tholr presence In tho
court room whllo tho Judges nro delib
erating as to tholr verdict and perhaps
to prevent something oven worso than
moral Influence.
Fort Crook Mm (let Oritur.
Four captaluH nnd four lieutenants of
tho Fortieth volunteer Infantry, at
Fort Rlloy, Kas., havo been ordered
to Ban Francisco, to organize n battal
ion of tho regiment out of tho recruits
at tho "Presidio. Throo captains and
four lieutenants ut tho Thirty-ninth
infantry, from Fort Crook, Nob., have
been ordered to Vnncouvor barracks,
Wash,, to organize a- battalion from
tho recruits nt Vnncouvor.
Til Ik Over l'hlllpptiien.
retary Root nnd Prosldont Rchurman,
who accompanied thw presldenrto this
city, havo had a numbor of conferences
with tho president rolatlvo to tho Phil
ippines. It is understood that .thoy
wont over tho situation as It existed
when Mr. Schurmnn left tho archipel
ago nnd as it exists today. Plans for
tho future wcro hIho discussed, but
whether any dollnlto conclusion was
reached was not mudo known,
Hampton Guiillrmi ltcpcirt.
an Interview for tho Associated Press
today Rear Admiral Sampson confirm
ed tho report that ho had nuked to bo
rolioved of tho command of Iho North
Atlantic squadron nftor tho Dowoy ro
ception. Tho admiral Bald: "I soma
tlmo slnco asked Secretary Long to
relievo mo of tho command of tho
squadron after tho reception of Ad
miral Dowoy, but tho secrotnry has not
fixed a donnltn tlmo."
Fait Time Acronn Atlantic.
NEW YORK, Sopt. C Tho Nortn
German Lloyd steamer Kaiser Wll
helm Dor Grosuo arrived this morning
from Bremen, Southampton and Cher
bourg, nftor a record pnBsago of five
days, eighteen hours nud fifteen mln
utes, beating her best provlous west
ward Cherbourg passage by two hours
and llfty-threo minutes. Tho Kaiser
covered 'a dlstanco of 3,040 knots, nc
nn avcrago speed of 22.08 knots per
hour. This la over tho northerly, or
as It la called, tho short course, nnd
sno nas mauo less average speed than
on tho record trip which' was 22.31.
To He One of tlio Mont Noteworthy
KventM In HUttiry.
WASHINGTON, Sept. C.-Prepara-tlonB
for tho reception of Admiral
Dewey In this city aro rapidly assum
ing shape, and from tho program,
oven In Ho present incomplete condi
tion, the celebration will bo one of the
most noteworthy that has over oc
curred in Washington.
Tho admiral's reception hero will bo
largely In tho nnturo of nn official
function, as its central fenturo will bo
tho presentation of tho magnificent
sword voted to him by congress.
Tho celebration will tnk3 place oil
tho night of October 2 or 3. There will
bo an imposing parade, in which all
tho available naval and military forces
of tho United States, tho district na
tional guard, military bodies from
states throughout the union and many
organized civic bodies will participate.
There will bo n general Illumina
tion of tho city and tho procession will
bo reviewed by President McKInley
and Admiral Dewey. Tho governors
of all tho states and territories havo
hcKti Invited to bo present.
Tho presentation of tho invord will
tukc placo upon a stand erected nt tho
cast front of tho cupltol and it Is ba
llovcd that Admiral Dewey's homo,
which will bo purchased by popular
subscription, will bo formally present
ed to him at tho same time.
Induitrlnl CommUnlon Will lie Itcpro-
icnlcd by l'rofrinnr Jrnltun.
industrial commission reconvened to
day, but heard no wltncssos. Tho com
mission decided to nuthorlzo tho at
tendance of Prof. Jonltns and ono
member of each of Its Bubcommlsslons
nt tho trust confcrcnco of tho clvlo
federation to ho held In Chicago, bo
ginning on tho 13th Inst.
This decision was reached by tho
adoption of a resolution which also
amounted to Instructions to tho dele
gates. According to this resolution tho
nttondnnco is to bo "for tho purpose
of Booking information on tho trust
question, but not to bind this commis
sion as to any findings of tho confer
ence on Industrial, commercial, labor
nnd transportation combinations, and
is in no way to express any ofllclal
opinion of tho commission."
Mr. Rockefeller has Informed tho
commission that it will bo lmposslblo
for him to ho In nttendanco upon tho
committee during tho proscnt week.
It 1b expected that P. C. Doyle, editor
of tho Oil City Derrick, and D. A.
Matthews, manager of tho Standard Oil
company at Columbus, O., will bo heard
They Call on liny.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 6. Chief Jus
tlco Chambers of Samoa called at tho
stato department today and spentomo
tlmo In confcrcnco with Socrotary Hay
explaining tho situation In Samoa, as
ho loft It.
Dr. Bedloo, United States consul at
Canton, wns also a visitor at tho de
partment, Ho nrranged for a formal
Interview tomorrow, when ho will bo
heard In explanation of whatever rant-
tors may havo caused hla return to
tho United States.
Atohltiiiii Nnt'nnat Climcil.
KANSAS CITY, Mo., Sopt. C. A Star
special from Atchison, Kan., says:
Thoro was somo excitement yesterday
whon a notice was posted on tho door
of tho Atchison Nntlonnl bank, stating
that tho comptroller nnd closed tho
concern. Tho bnnk was organized
twenty years ago by Milton Dnrratt,
recently decensed. W. E. Guthrlo, at
torney for tho bank, In a statement
says tho falluro Is duo to bad invest
ments mado by Mr. Barratt.
limiting for llorao Thieve.
HOT SPRINGS, S. D., Sopt. C Sher
iffs Eastman of Fall River county and
Alnsloy of Custer county nro somewhat
south of Cheyenne, Wyo., In senrch of
four men who havo appropriated about
130 head of horses belonging to tho
Craven Dros. of this county and to
Henry Pllger and othors of Custer
county. Tho horses were taken up
from tho range near tho county Una
nnd near Wyoming, nnd woro not
missed for somo time.
Native Henuti for the Wnr.
MANILA, Sept. C Lieutenant Das-
ton of tho Fourth cavalry has organ
ized a band of 100 Mncabobo scouts,
who will operate under tho direction
of Major General Lnwton. All of them
wcro former Spanish volunteers, They
will be uniformed and will bo armed
with Krng-Jorgonsen rifles. Tho Mnc-
abobes will havo a flag-raising and
barbecuo on Friday next.
Nnnnlnli Ollloer. On Free.
MADRID. Sept. 6. Tho trlnl of Cop
tain Diaz Moron, who commanded tho
Spanish cruiser Cristobal Colon, at tho
battle or Santiago do (juua, ana Uon
oral Pareda, who was on board tho
Colon, on charges arising from tho
destruction of tho Spanish licet oft
Santiago on July 3 of last year, was
concluded yestordny. both tho accused
ofllcers being acquitted.
Dewey Mny Bonn lletlre,
GIBRALTAR, Sopt. C Admiral
Dewey today expressed a favorable
opinion ns to tho outcomo of thq war
In tho Philippines, saying that ho
hoped tho next dry season would seo
tho Insurrection quelled. Tho ndmlral
said ho did not oxpect' to go on Ben
service again, except in tho event of
war, and that ho will probnbly rotlro
under the regulations.
Tlilrtv-TMrd Onlrreil to Front.
WASHINGTON, D. 0.. Sept. 6. Tho
secretary of war has ordered tho
Thirty-third regiment of volunteers
from Fort Sam Houston, Tex., to Snn
Francisco for embarkation to tho Phil
ippines. Tho regiment Is commanded
by Colonel Hnro.
llrvan T.enve Von mle.
WAWONA, Cnl Sept. C William J.
Bryan nnd party loft tho Yoscmlto
vulloy yesterday and stnrted for San
Francisco, whore lie will arrive at
noon today. Mr. Bryan will deliver
an address at San Francisco todny and
after a tow days' rest at Lake Tnhoo,
will return to his Nebraska homo.
Belief that the Boers Will Soon Open
It In to Hurrnund nnd Capture Natal
Ilefore Ilrltlnli Troopi Can Arrive
Thirty Tlioniuud Hxpcrt Itlllemon In
Trnmvnnl nml 30,000 In Oraiijo Tree
Btato Will Take the Field.
LONDON, Sept. G. A dispatch from
Johannesburg to Router's Agency defi
nitely announces that tho reply of tho
Transvaal republic to tho Drltlsh com
munication withdraws tho franchlso
proposals and ngrecs In principle to a
conference nt Capetown.
M. Pukmnn, editor of tho Transvaal
Leader, has been released under C00
ball and tho charges against him havo
been reduced from trenson to violation
of tho press laws.
Tho afternoon papers tako tho view
that If tho foregoing dispatch Is cor
rect President Kruger's reply Is omin
ous, as It was palpably mado to gain
Sir Alfred MUncr's suggestion of a
further confcrcnco nt Capetown was
instigated with tho solo purpose of
considering details and for tho enforce
ment of tho concessions offered by tho
Boers. It these concessions aro with
drawn thoro can bo no object from n
British point of vlow for parleying
longer. Tho only Inference to bo drawn
Is that tho Boers havo taken Mr. Joseph
Chamberlain, tho secretary ot stato for
tho colonics, at his word in a broader
senso than ho Intended, and that they
now want to begin negotiations over
ngaln on an entirely now basis.
Tho secretary for tho colonies, Joseph
Chamberlain, arrived in London this
afternoon nnd at onco proceeded to the
foreign office. It Is understood thnt ho
will romaln hero until tho end of tho
Tho wnr office refuses to confirm the
rumor that n proclamation will bo
Issued calling out tho reserves.
Sept. C a. m. Amid tho crowd of
conflicting dispatches from South
Afrlcn regarding tho Bltuatlon, It Is
still lmposslblo to say exactly what
has happened. It seems ovtdont, how
ever, that President Krugcr nas with
drawn tho five-year franchlso, which
was dependent on Grent Britain's ac
ceptance; of Impossible conditions re
garding suzerainty and lino mado somo
sort of temporizing counter suggestions
regarding a conference.
Tho Standnrd and Diggers News
gives what purports to bo a report of
tho secret session of the volksrnad on
Saturday. According to this nccount
tho volksraad not only determined to
reject the fivo-year proposal, but stout
ly opposed President Krugcr visiting
Capetown nnd resolvod to mnko n
stand for 'tho abrogation' of England's
cuatm for suzerainty. Tho Boor organ
again asserts: 'Tho government, both
tho rnads and tho nurguors, icei mat
they havo offorcd all thoy Intend to
offer nnd aro now resolved to stand
or fall by this decision."
Boer statements of this kind, coupled
with tho arrests at Johannesburg.
speak louder than tho wriggling pre
tenses of Pretoria about arriving at an
understanding. Certainly, Mr. Monoy-
ponny nnd tho other refugoes will not
bo In n hurry to return to Johannes
burg on nccount of tho fine assurances
of tho state's attorney.
Chnrgril With Authcrnhlp of nn Artlrlo
Attacking McKlnley'H l'ol'ry.
NEW HAVEN. Conn.. Sopt. G. Pres
ident Arthur Ilndloy of Yalo today an
nounced IiIb Intention of rct'rlng from
the edltorlnl board of tho Yalo Review.
President Ilndloy has been from tho
establishment of tlio magnzina ono of
tho flvo editors nnd has been a con
stant contributor. In tho last number
of tho magazine, n sharp attack on
President McKlnlcy's policy In tho
Philippines appeared. President Ilnd
loy was for a tlmo rogardod as tho
writer, but ho quickly disclaimed tho
authorship of tho editorial, and has
now announced his intention of resign
ing from tho hoard. President Ilndloy
will retlro at tho closo of th" present
volume of tho magazine next February.
President Hadloy gives no formal reas
on In his announcement of his Inten
tion to retire.
Melkeljnlin Will Attend
WASHINGTON. D. C. Sent. 5. As-
slstnnt Secretnry Melklejohn ot tho
War department will lcavo horo to
morrow for Nebraska, whoro ho will
deliver a speech on tno 14th to tho
First Nebraska volunteers, recently
returned from Manila.
Convention Until l'onlpnurd.
CHICAGO, 111., Sept. 5. Tho annual
convention of tho Natlonnl Association
of Postmasters, Bet for October 10-14,
will bo held November 7 to 11, Inclu
sive at Washington. Tho postpone
mont was mndo at tho request of of
ficials who nro deslrlous ot attending
tho convention at Washington, as well
as tho corner stono laying of tho now
postofllco in Chicago.
Tako a Filipino Outpnnt.
MANILA, Sopt. 5, Flvo men of Col
onel Bell's regiment yesterday encoun
tered a rebol outpost near Porac and
in tho fighting which ensued ono Amer
ican was killed and another wounded.
Tho remainder drovo tho rebels from
their position nnd captured a bull cart
In which to romovo tho Injuicd.
McKInley Will F.ml lilt Trip nt Chicago,
Co m hie No Further.
WASHINGTON, D. C, Sep?.. 5. Sen
ator Carter ot Montana, who has Just
returned from a European trip, was at
tho White houso today, and, after a
ccuferonco with tho president, stated
that Mr. McKInley would bo compelled
to glvo up his contemplated trip
through tho west. Ho would attend tho
coromontcs attending tho laying ot tho
corner stono ot tho Chicago postofllco
building on October 1, but It was alto
gether Improbable that ho would get
further west than Chicago,
Senator Carter Dlicuticn the I'hlllpplne
WASHINGTON, Sept. 5. Senator
Cnrtcr of Montana, In nn Interview
with a Post reporter, Bald In his opin
ion the war In the Philippines would
be ended by Januury 1. Then ho said
would como tho question of the ftituro
disposition of the islands. Tho repub
lican party ho believed would scttlo
this question by insisting that tho re
tention of the Philippines was a mat
ter of business profit.
"This," ndded the senator, "Is ft
practical age. Wo arc going to deal
v.-1 th this question on tho basis of dol
lars and cents. If tho American people
believe that tho Philippines aro going
to help us they will never let tho isl
ands go. If, on tho other hand, they
find that tho Philippines nro a constant
drain and n small return you will find
tho verdict of the people to be ngalnst
permanent retention. Neither religion
nor sentiment will havo much lnflu
enco In determining tho verdict. Tho
Great question will bo, Will It pay? If
wo can show tho country that It will
I think tho American flag will nover
como down from tho Philippines."
"What sort of government should bo
"Three suggestion will undoubtedly
bo mndc. Tho first will bo to abandon
tho Islands entirely to the natives. I
do not believe this will meet tho ap
proval of tho American people.
"Tho second will bo to seize tho Isl
ands In n firm grasp, assuring tho peo
ple thnt we mean to glvo them a better
government than they could enjoy
under nny other flag or could create
for themselves, but that wo nro, tho
masters and propose to remain so,
"Then tho third proposition will bo
to throw a looso string n round tho peo
ple, holding their seaports nnd custom
houses with our navy, but allowing
them absolute freedom In their Inter
nal affairs. This freedom In my Judg
ment would soon becomo anarchy and
wo would have to rulo anyway, so I
should say that tho second proposition
Is tho ono that ought to ho adopted.
The firmer wo nro In our ndmlnlstra
tlon tho moro respect will thoso pcoplo
havo for us." ,
About 4,000 Troora Aro Scheduled to
I.envc F.arly Till Month,
SAN FRANCISCO, Sopt. 5. About
4.G00 troops nro scheduled to leave horo
for Manila botween September 12 nnd
15 on tho trnnBnorts Sherman, Grant
and Sheridan. Tho Thirty-first volun
teer Inrantry, recruited fiom Ohio,
Kentucky, Tennessee nnd West Vir
ginia, and tho Thirty-fourth voluntcor
Infantry from Colorado, Arizona, Now
Mexico, Indlnn Territory, Oklahoma
and Minnesota aro in camn awaiting
transportation, ns aro also somo 350
recruits for regular commands in tho
Tho Colorado men will bo mustered
out on September 8. Tho Idaho nnd.
North Dakota regiments will bo mus
tered out of tho servlco on September
French Troopi Hold In Itcudlncm for
Any Outbroak.
RENNES, Sept. 5. As tho end of tho
Dreyfus court-martial trial comes with
in sight tho French government is be
ginning to exhibit a fear that tho ver
dict may lead to troublo and orders
havo been given that two regiments of
Infantry nnd ono cavalry regiment al
ready within hall of Rcnncs hold them
selves ready to march on tho town on
tho first sight of disorder, to occupy
all strategical points. Tho local anti-
Dreyfusnrd organs by tholr antl-forelgn
articles havo already singled out for
eigners as enemies of tho country nnd
thoro Is llttlo doubt that foreign Jour
nnllBtB will bo tho first victims of a
mob, not so much Anglo-Saxons ns tho
Austro-Gorman and Russlnn Jows, who
form a mnjorlty of tho press repre
sentation ot their respectlvo countrlen.
Chicago llnti tho Itecord.
CHICAGO, Sept. G. Labor day in
Chicago was colcbrated by tho utnil
ntcd labor unions with a parado and
exercises nt Lincoln park. Tho parado
was tho largest ever given In Chicago
on Labor day, botwoen 25,000 nnd 30,
000 men, representing over forty trades
affiliated with tho Building nnd Trades
Council and Chicago Federation ot
Labor and a number of outside or
ganizations, marching through tho
business streets out to Lincoln park,
whero addresses woro mnde by Inter
state Commerce Commissioner W. J.
Calhoun, Judge Richard Yates of Jack
sonville, III,, Mayor Rose of Milwaukee
and others.
Wood Ooun to I'orto I'rldrlpo.
duel botween tho editors of tho Por
vcnlr and Cubnno Ltbro, which was to
havo taken placo yesterday morning,
did not transpire, both pnrtics having
been arrested. Tlio pugnacious Jour
nnllsts wero liberated nftor a short
dotentlon. General Leonard Wood,
commander of tho district of Santiago,
loft yesterday for Porto Principe, on
board tho steamer Mortera.
Inwn !') Foldlera' Fare.
DES MOINES, Ia Sept. 5. For sev
eral weeks a committee has been solic
iting signatures from members ot tho
legislature to a plcdgo In which tho
signers agroo to vote for nn appropria
tion of $40,000 to pay tho transportn
tlon of tho Fifty-first Iowa voluntoors
from Snn Francisco to tho stnto and
giving them a reception. Tho commit
too today announced that success Is
now assured.
Dewey I .audi at Glhralter.
GIBRALTER, Sopt. G. Tho United
States cruiser Olympla with Admiral
Dowoy on board which arrived hero nt
0:15 o'clock this morning fired tho us
ual saluto In honor of tho garrison
and tho complement was returned b '
the batteries on shore and tho Brltlsu
battleship Devastation.
Admiral Dewey Is slightly Indisposed
at present and intends to llvo ashoro
during his stay horo. Horatio L.
Sprnguo, United SUtea consul at Gi
braltar, a nold friend of Admiral Dew
ey, warmly welcomed him.
Look I.Ike Murder.
HASTINGS, Neb., Sept. G. Tho un
known woman who registered at tho
Llndell hotel ns Mrs. W. F. Leo and
who died of poison In the hotel at
Hnstlngs August 9, has been Identified
ns Miss Laura Leo French of Burling
ton, la., nnd It Is almost an assured
fact that tho girl did not commit sui
cide, but wns murdered. Tho police
havo been working night and day on
tho caso over slnco tho mysterious
woman died, but It was not until last
week that they were rewarded by hav
ing all doubts set aside as to tho Iden
tity of tho dead woman, for a brothor-in-law
of tho deceased, In company
with another relative, camo to Hast
ings nnd nftcr convincing tho authori
ties ot tho Identity of tho girl and tholr
relation to her, tho . rcmalnn wero
tnften up from tho potters' field nnd
shipped Friday night to Burlington,
where they havo been Interred.
Found Pond In n liner; r.
FAIRBURY, Neb., Sept. G. Al Light
body, n young farmer living a few
miles from tho city, was found dead
In his buggy. Ho was at a neighbor's
tho provlous evening, leaving there
about 8 o'clock and nt G o'clock next
morning his horse returned to tho
samo placo and stopped noar tho house.
Ltghtbody wns leaning back In tho
buggy with his shirt front covered with
blood nnd had ovldently been dead for
several hours. Ho had been pSylng
nttcntlon for somo tlmo to n young
woman, who was visiting nt tho houso
whoro ho called, but they had quar
reled for somo causo or other and his
visit was to effect a reconciliation, but
tho girl refused to renew her former
Drnth of n Flonrer.
COLUMBUS, Nob., Sent. G. Tho aged
widow of Robert Nicholson, commonly
known throughout tho western part of
Plntto county ns "Aunt Lucy," died
very suddenly nt her homo In tho
Wnttsvlllo neighborhood. Mr. nnd Mrs.
Nicholson woro among the cnrllest
pioneers of this county, locating their
homestead on tho snmo nectlon whero
she died over forty years ngo. Mrs.
Nicholson wns almost 80 years of ago
and her husband preceded hor a num
ber of years ago.
Hody Found liyllo'- aide.
HARVARD, Neb., Sept. G. A tele
gram was received from a Justlco of
tho pcaco at Agra, Kan., stating thnt
J. N. Rowo of this city had been found
dend by tho roadside, whero ho had
camped tho night before. Tho A. O.
U. W. lodge, of which ho was a mem
ber, took tho matter up and ordered
tho body shipped hero. Mr. Rowo wns
general agent of tho Semlnolo Indian
Medlclno compnny of Boono, In., and
traveled extensively with a team and
Newman Grove Welcome the Hoyn,
NEWMAN GROVE, Neb., Sept. 5.
Tho Military band and citizens turned
out generally to welcome tho soldier
boys of Company F, Flrat Nebraska
volunteers, at tho county seat, Madi
son. Tho band and tho residents ot
this place went out In tho country to
tho homo of Simon Stmonson of Com
pany K, organized at Columbus, who
went out to Manlln and was wounded
qulto seiiouBly In bnttlo nnd like many
othcro of tho "Fighting Flrat" saw
many hardships.
Work on the New Depot.
BEATRICE, Neb., Sept. G. Tho
Union Paclttc has set a forco of men
at work taking up tho sldo tracks
whero tho now depot Is to stand, a
gang of men following who began tho
excavation. One of tho men In chnrgo
of tho work says that Instead of send
ing In workmen, nil tho work on the
new building will bo done by local
men, Including tho bricklaying nnd
enrpenter work, nnd that union rages
will bo paid.
Drowned In n Mllldum.
FRANKLIN, Neb.. Sept. G. A boy
named Charllo Becker wns drowned
hero In tho Republican river. Ho wns
about 16 years old. Ho was with sev
eral other boys and went to the old
mill dam fishing and in attempting to
swim across n very iswlft and deep
channel ho went under and was in
tho water about fifteen minutes before
ho could bo found. They took n large
fish Belno nnd got him tho first trial,
but life was extinct.
Held on Chnrte of Murder.
ALBION, Neb,, Sept. 6. Word has
been received hero thnt tho Italian In
jured In the stubbing affray at Peters
burg July 25 died at St. Joseph, en
route to his home. Charles Conroy nnd
Michael Tlerney, tho participants, who
wero arrested, will bo up bofore Judge
Campbell for hearing on tho chnrgo of
murder In tho first degree
Fn'tnfflre Untitled.
HAYES CENTER, Neb., Sept. G.
Tho store building nnd postofllco wero
broken open and robbed by tho prying
open of ono of tho windows. About
?5 In change wns taken nnd tho money
order blnnk book waB found outs.'do
tho building. As yet thcro Is no cluo
to tho robbors.
Kiiunilern County Rollout Centun.
WAHOO, Nob., Sept. G, County Su
perintendent Galloway has now com
piled In his office the complete school
census ot Saunders county and which
shows the number of children of school
ngo to bo 8.043. Of this number 24
per cont did not attend school last
Hero Knrorted Home.
CREIOTON, Nob., Sopt. G. Tho
enterprising merchants of Crelghton
decorated their places of business with
countless numbers of flags and ynrds
ot bunting to honor the return of Pri
vate Albert Gilbert of tho First Ne
braska reglmont. An hour before train
tlmo tho ontlro population, together
with country folks, assembled at tho
depot to welcomo tho young soldier
homo, and amid the ringing o.' bolls,
tho firing of cannon nnd bratlng of
drums tho horo wns escorted to his
IllBgrftt nnd Hent of Alt.
OSCEOLA, Neb., Sept C Saturday
was tho day set apart by tho citizens
ot Osceola to glvo, tho soldiers
a warm reception. Thoy had been
giving them rccoptlons before, es
pecially the first Nebraska, but
this ono was for all tho soldiers of
tho latest war und so thoso ot tho
First, Socond nnd Third Nebraska of
tho county, wero nil present, besides
tho veterans of tho civil war. Thero
was hardly a residence or business
place in tho town but was decorated,
and tho court houso, both Inside nnd
out, was covered with bunting nnd
old glory wns everywhere. First tho
firing of a saluto lasting an hour, than
tho mttnln nt thn linnil. nlnirlni? nf Rnlns
prayer by Rev, A. J. Ross and an ad
dress of welcomo by Hon. E. L. King.
Tho young soldier boys occupied tho
stand nnd each ono wns called out for
remarks, nnd they did It In clas3
meeting stylo. Tho boys looked well
nnd Bpoko well. Somo of thorn said
thoy wont to the wnr for n picnic nnd
they had It from the tlmo they left
homo until they returned, nnd were
still having It. Tables were spread
on tho lawn around tho court houso to
sent two hundred, nnd thoy wcro filled
three times. It wns a big day for tho
boys and their friends, nnd everybody
wns happy. . u
Itodr Taken to Hnrllnatnn.
HASTING8, Neb., Sept. C Thero
wcro no now developments Monday In
tho Laura Leo French supposed sulctdo
case, tho officers who aro working on It
not having returned home. The gentle
men who claimed tho body wero H. L.
Gracsser of Crelghton, Neb., nnd O. T.
Ttlllnghouso of Chicago. Tho young
woman's rcmnlns wcro taken to Bur
lington for burial bcsldo thoso of her
L. H. Vollmer, n young man who
has been working patent right schemes
In this Bectlon for somo tlmo, wns ar
rested on complaint of tho bnnk nt
Fnlrfleld, Nob., on tho chnrgo of obtain
ing money on bogus checks or drafts.
It Is also claimed that ho has swindled
other banks nnd n number of farmers.
Tho young man's father Is n minister
of tho gospel and Is located at Charl
ton, la.
New Vrof. of Cliomlntry.
LINCOLN. Neb., Sept. C Dr. Samuel'
S. Avery of tho Stato university hns
been elected to tho chair of chomlstry
of tho University of Idaho. Dr. Avery
was graduated from the University or
Nebraska In 1892. Tho foMowlng year
ho was elected Instructor In tho chem
istry department In tho Boatrlco high
school. In 1894 ho prepared a thesis
on tho subject "Electrolytic Methods
for tho Determination of Iron," and
received his second collegiate degrco
from tho university. During tho two
following years ho studied In European
universities, receiving the degreo of
doctor of philosophy nt Heidelberg.
Since that tlmo ho has been acting as
adjunct professor of chemistry for tho
Nebraska university. Dr. Avery has
carried on an oxtcnslvo research in
organic arid annlytlcal chemistry, and
a number of his papers havo been pub
lished in chemical Journals.
Violation of T.lqnor Inw.
NEBRASKA CITY, Nob., 8ept. C.
W. J. Brunoll of Douglas, In this coun
ty, recently 'tiled n complaint In tho
county court against Thomas W. Short
for violating tho liquor law by selling
beer without a license In that town. A
warrant for his arrest was Issued by
Judge Joyce and Sheriff Brower camo
from DouglaB having in charge Short
and soven cases of beer. Short was
taken before Judgo Joyce and on his
motion tho enso was continued until
October 2. His bond for nppenrance
was fixed at $500 and Captain Logan
Engart became his security. Tho beer
Is stored In the basement of tho court
Wayne' New Church,
WAYNE, Neb., Sept. C Six hundred
peonlo attended the dedication services
of tho new First Presbyterian church
hero held under tho auspices of Rev.
D. C. Montgomery. Rev. W. G. Crnlg,
D. D., LL, D., of Chicago delivered tho
dedication sermon. The building Just
completed nt n cost of over StO.OOO is
ono of tho most beautiful structures of
northern Nebraska. Its foundation is
of red stone, tho roof Is slnto nnd tho
edifice Is heated by two largo furnaces
nnd lighted by electricity nnd has n
Beating capacity of 500.
Itecoptlnn nt HeWnrd.
SEWARD, Neb.. Sept. C Sevoral
thousand people from nil tho villages
and townships In tho county nssembled
hero to nttend tlio reception given the
heroic sons of this county who wero
members of tho "Fighting First." Tho
boys were tho center of attraction, nnd
were surrounded by crowds nil day
listening to their experiences In tho
Philippines. Tho boys nro nil gentle
manly fellows, nnd nro not given to
boasting ot the splendid record their
reglmont mado. They all show tholr
soldierly qualities and bearing in their
actions nnd conversation. They all
came homo In good health and feeling
flno, eKcept O. E. Humphrey, who was
wounded In tho shoulder tho day
Colonel Stotsenburg wns killed, and
wns not able to be out.
ITneimy About Corn Crop.
KEARNEY, Neb., Sept. C Farmers
throughout this section aro manifest
ing much uneasiness In roforenco to
tho corn crop. Tho hot sun has been
so Intense that tho grain Is cooking
and tho yield both ns to quantity nnd
quality will bo greatly reduced from
what has been expected. Tho berry
"In the milk" Is easily affected by th
Intense heat Tho acrcago this year
Is much larger than heretofore.
To He Ileburled Knit
PLATTSMOUTH, Neb., Sept. 6. Tho
body of Fred Logenhagen has been ex
humed nnd shipped to Catasuqua, Pa.
Previous to his death ho was employed
In tho Burlington shop. Tho body was
accompanied to tho train by tho Mod
ern Woodmen of Amorica.
Child Kiln Over hy Wncnn.
HUMBOLDT, Neb,, Sept. C.Tho 5-year-old
son of Joseph Moyor, n farmer
living south of town, fell from a loaded
wagon and tho wheels passed over tho

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