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ANNIE 0. KKAMPIl, City Editoh.
TUESDAY, NOV. 3.1899.
Joseph Uoncgan went to Omaha
Oil bltsiuCBS.
II. F. Jeffrey lias rcturucd from
the Wyoming division.
Russell Fowles, of Maxwell is
transacting business in town today.
Geo. 10. French returned this
morning from a short stay m
Miss Kale Gilman returned to
day to Buchanan where she is
teaching school.
Hear Mackic sing "Johnny got
the one I wanted" and "The rats
have got him now." Opera house
Nov. 7th.
Mrs. R. Sperry, who has been
spending several months here, re
turned to her home in Pueblo Sun
day night.
Mrs. W. U. Millard and Mrs. R.
W. Baxter spent yesterday in town
having come up from Omaha in
Supt. Baxter's car 013.
Cadet Peters, one of the Salvation
Army officers, left this morning for
Fremont where she expects to be
stationed for several months,
Clarence Alexander, who has
been working during the summer
with the Dillon-Patterson outfit in
Wyoming, has returned home.
' Capt. Walker and Lieut. Smith
of the the local Salvation Army
corps went to Omaha Sunday nignt
to spend a few days at head
Ben Wilson and his fa mil' re
turned this morning from a five
months visit in Ohio. They will
leave this afternoon for their home
in Logan county.
II. V. Ilillikcr returned Saturday
morning from Evanston and is still
here awaiting further instructions
from Union Pacific headquarters as
to where he will be transferred.
The engineers who have recently
gone from here to the Wyoming
division find that life is not all a
bed of roses there and some of them
are very anxious to return.
Pillsbury's Best flour is the
best Minnesota flour told in
the west. $1.15.
Harrington & Tobin.
It is believed that the total vote
cast in the county today will reach
2.300. One year ago the total was
1,834. The vote in the city will
probably reach 700.
If J. II. Fonda can make a satis
factory sale ot his residence Ik
will erect a larirer house next
spring. He is offering his proper
tyata very reasonable figure.
Several carloads of Wyoming
cattle belonging to Mr. Stacknev
have been in the yards here for sev
eral days awaiting a purchaser.
If thev are not sold here they will
be shipped into South Omaha.
Loose hay and baled hay
always for sale.
Harrington & Tobin.
In connection with their fair,
to be held on the 21st iust., the
ladies' of the Presbyterian church
will serve a six o'clock dinner.
Roast turkey will figure on the
menu cards.
James M. Kay, Lawyer.
A. D. Orr has leased the Feder
hof farm west of town and will
move out there soon after the first
of January. lie expects to farm a
large portion of the land but will
also devote considerable time to
dairy work.
We are pleased to announce ilia
Dr. Seymour, Omaha's leading
optician, will visit North Platte
Nov. 14, for one day only. At th
Hotel Neville.
Lovejand & Beer have disposed
of a number of head of cattle to
Geo. W. Long and Peter Mylander,
They expect several more car load
in to-day from the west and they
will place them on the market a
Received our fall supply o
the celebratod Olub House
brand of canned goods.
Harrington & Tobin.
A. W. Plumer, of Maxwell, is
transacting business in town today.
Frank Bacon went to Gothen
burg this morning to exercise his
right of suffrage.
C. P. Davis, who has been keep-
ing time lor one ot tue outn-.s
working at Sherman Hill, came
down last night.
The weather today is all that
could be desired and will go far to
ward getting out a big vote in the
country precincts.
North Platte is proving itself to
be a winter resort of the finest
kind. Observer Picrcy keeps turn
ing out a brand of pleasant weather
which can't be beaten anywhere.
)tnt riouRsT
Washburn's Superlative ?1.1
North Platte Best 1.00
Noath Platte Gold Crown 90
Schuyler Snow Flake 1.00
bcuuyler buudancc vu
Whole wheat Hour 10 lb sacks. .25
Sheep shipments which have been
so heavy all fall arc beginning to
show a gradual decrease. Neither
the trainmen nor the stockyards
men are very sorrv as sheep arc
ery hard animals to handle.
Jas. Borden, one ol the mail car
riers between isortn Jiatte and
Gaudy, has decided that working
for Uncle Sam in the star route
business is too much like starving
to death and has thrown up his
There was considerable hustling
by commercial pilgrims who live in
Nebraska and who were transact-
ng business here this morning to
get through and catch trains which
would get them home in time to
Pints por doe 35c.
Quarts por ilos 40c.
Half Gallon per doa OOc.
Wilcox Department Storo.
Another train crew was taken off
the Third district this morning.
That leaves only seventeen crews
on that district. This action was
rendered necessary by the need of
extra men, so many of the regular
crews beingoff on account of illness.
Special sale on carpets and dress
goods at Rennic's.
Chicago forecast for North Platte
and vicinity: Fair to-night and
Wednesday. The maximum tem
perature yesterday was 60. The
minimum this morning was 24. A
year ago the maximum was GO the
ininimnm was 32,
Our people can afford to
buy the celebrated Pillsbury's
Best Minnesota nour at only
$1.15 a sack.
Harrington & Tobin.
The boileruiakcrs in the Union
Pacific fchops at Cheyenne went on
strike yesterday, but returned to
work again with the understanding
that a conference would be arranged
for Saturday between the officials
and the men and some adjustment
of their differences would be effected,
ft is rumored that the machinists
there are quite likely to go out on
The second and last of the enter
tainments to be given under the
auspices of theRebekahs was given
at the opera house last night by W,
F. Wcntworth. The entertain
ment was very fair, but the audi
ence was small, untortunateiy
the society's receipts from both en
terlainments were less than the ex
puuditures and it will be compelled
to to stand a loss of nearly fifteen
A train load of soldiers belonging
to the Forty-second Infantry was
ditched a short distance from Castle
Rock, on the Wyoming division
Saturday. The engine was the
only part of the train which re
maitied on the track. Althougl
quite a number of the soldiers were
more or less bruised no fatal results
are anticipated. The accident was
caused by the coupling pin between
the road engine and helper jumping
Miikos tho blood mire, ronovntos tl
ontiro BVBtom.ijivon nowhfonnd Btrcniitl
Ueggs' Ulood I'urldor. "It ourod mo
ot a loug-Btanding mid uhronio caeu ot
fistula, It. A. JJontly, Hummit, Florida
Aunuoreod by pnymolans. Uuakantki:
not to fait. Try it. A F. StroiU.
to :
Makes the food more delicious and wholesome
Climax Liquid Stove Polish Large bottle 10c
Stove Pipe Damper 10c
Common Stove pipe Elbows 10c
Adjustable Stove pipe Elbows 15c
12 Ouart Galvanized Pails 20c
6-4 Zinc Oilcloth Binding 18c
6-4 Brass Oilcloth Binding 25c
No 8 Galvanized Wash Boiler 03c
Galvanized Half Bushel(with bale) 40c
Jappanncd Half Bushel (with bale) 30c
14 in. Wagon Box Strap Bolts per set.. COc
End Gate Rods (each) 10c
Shot 2 lbs. for 15c
Powder per lb 30c
12 Gauge Rival Empty Shells per 100. .. 60c
10 Gauge Rival Empty Shells per 100... 65c
12 Gauge Loaded Shells per box 45c
10 Gauge Loaded Shells per box 50c
12 Gauge Smokeless Loaded Shells
per box 60c
Kerosene Oil per gallon 16c
Diamond C Soap 9 bars for 25c
Salt per barrel SI. 55
Table Salt, 2 sreks for 05c
Gothenburg Fancy Patent Flour prsackSl. 00
25 lbs Corn Meal 25c
Tapicca per lb 05c
Sago per lb 05c
Pearl Barley per lb 05c
Wheatcl per pkg 12c
Baker's Chocolate 18c, 2 cakes for 35c
Star Tobacco per lb 45c
Horse Shoe Tobacco, per lb 45c
Standard Navy Tobacco, per lb 35c
All Wool Dress Flannel (double width)
per yard 25c
Cotton Plaid Dress Goods per yard 10c
Fine Plain Henrietta per yard 43C
All Wol Covert Cloth per yard 50c
Black Dress Goods per yard.. .. 15c to $2.00
Good Quality Plaids 30c to$1.25
Fleece Lined Cotton Dress Goods . . 7c to 10c
Good Apron Ginghams per yard 05c
Lining Cambric all colors per yard 04c
Kearney Home Muslin per yard 04c
Table Oil cloth (all colors) per yard.. .. 15c
Canton Flannels per yard.. .. 5c, 8c, 9c, 121
Outing Flannels per yard 5c, 7c, 8c, 10c
Ladies Good Quality. ...Vests or Pants 25c
Ladies Fine Quality.. . .Vests or Pants 50c
Ladies Heavy Fleece Lined Vest or Pants50c
Ladies All Wool Vests or Pants 1.00
Mens Fleece Lined Underwear per suit 70c
Mens Fleece Lined Underwear per suit 1.00
Mens All Wool Underwear pr garment 1,00
Mens Extra Quality All Wool under
wear per garment 1.25 and 1.50
Ladies Union Suits from 50c to 1.35
Mens Union Suits from 1.00 to 2.75
Ladies Wool Mittens per pair 10c
Ladies Wool MitteiiB per pair. 15c, 25c, 50c
Ladies Silk Mittens 50c, 70c, 75c, $100
Mens' Leather Covered Mittens 25c
Mens' Good Quality Leather Mittens... 50c
Mens' Good Quality Mittens.. 50c and $1.00
Velveteen Skirt Binding per yard 3c
Waterproof Skirt Binding per yard. ... 8c
Baby Ribbon per yard lc
Satin Baby Ribbon pcryard ljc
50 ydCorticclli Sewing Silk per apool.. 4c
Thread 3 spools for 10c
Imported Saxony per skein 7c
Black German Knittiug yarn per skein 15c
2 quart Fountain Syringe 55c
2 quart Fountain Syringe (gurantccd).. 75c
2 quart Combination Hot Water Bottle
and Syringe (gtiarntccd) $1.25
Alarm Clocks 85c
Vaseline per bottle 5c
Cotton Sweaters each 50c
Wool Mixed Sweaters each.. 75c
Wool Mixed Sweaters 75c and $1.00
Fine Wool Sweaters $1.50
Cotton Blankets per pair 37c
Cotton Blankets per pair. 50c, 75c, $1, $1.50
Wool Blankets per pair $3.00
Extra Quality Wool Blankets. .. $4 to $5.00,
Bed Comforts each $1, 1.50, 1.75, 2,00
Goods marked iu plain figures and sold at One Price for Cash Only.
School Board Mooting.
The school board held its regular
monthly meeting at the superin
tendent's oflke last night. On
tccount of the defective light in the
morning it was decided oest 10
change the hours of school in the
igh school building during the
winter months. School will be
called iu the morning at half past
ine and will be let out at twelve
'clock. The afternoon session
will commence at a quarter after
one and will last until four o'clock.
There will be no recesses. On
Thanksgiving Day school will be iu
session from nine until half past
en and it is expected that the var-
iovs rooms will nave exercises ap
propriate to the day.
It was decided to advertise at
once lor tlie liigu ocnooi oonut.
ind the secretary was instructed to
prepare the necessary auverusc-
Architect Grant was present and
went over with the board the plans
ind specifications of the proposed
buildingexplaining to the members
every minutest detail, rue ooaro
entered into a formal contract with
Mr. Grant for plans and specifica
tions, and as they are almost com
peted, bids for the construction
of the building will soon be advci-
The new building is to be built
mmediately in front of and adjoin
ng the present one. The ell of the
present building which contains
only halls and stairways, will be
torn down and a temporary stair
way will be built at the rear of the
building to be used until the new
buildinir is completed. By follow
ing out this plan school will not be
nteriered with during the construe
tion of the new building and at the
same time the portion of the old
structure which is good will be
tor use in the future as reel
tation or lecture rooms. The new
edifice will contain thirteen rooms
besides the superintendent's, jani
tor's and fuel rooms. The superin
dent will have a suite of three
rooms, and there will be a fuel and
boiler room and also a dark room
to be used for chemical experiments,
rherc will be enough rooms to ac
commodate all of the pupils who
are now attending school iu the
high school building, all of those
attending the Unitarian hall and
the Baptist church and about 200
The ladies' guild will meet Fri
day afternoon at the home of Mrs
Milton Doolittlc.
"It luis bucomo a housoliold modioino
with iib wo cannot got along without
it," uritofl Mrs. It. It. Wilson, Gordon
Ark., ot Hoggs' Chorry Cough Syrup,
tho guaranteod romedy for coughs, coliU
la grippo, consumption and nil bronchia
(UloollonB. Nevor rails. A. u . uiroilz
X Railroad Notes. S
Wm. Schroeder, John Wolbach,
S. C. Marks, Jno. Hamilton have
been added to the laborer's gang.
The shopmen were granted two
hours this morning iu which to vote
and did not go to work until ten
The new U. P. "passing track"
at Lexington, which is three-
quarters of a mile long, was com
pleted last week.
Engine No. 1813 will follow the
new order ot things and have a
traight slack substituted for its
iamond stack.
A gang of laborers is at work
putting in a new and longer siding
t Spuds to accommodate the
lenghty trains now handled.
Thos. Lynch, of Willow, was
tiled at Dana, Wyo., last week iu
wreck. He was fireman on the
ngine and was making his first
The brakenien on trains No, 1
nd No. 101 now play the part of
engine herder as they have to take
the engines of their trains to the
round house.
Heavy steel is being substituted
for the light steel in a number of
the tracks in the yards. This
change is necessitated by the large
unount of switching which has to
be done at this point.
The split trick in the telegraph
office has been dispensed with.
Operator Roberts, who has been
working that trick, will go to Jules-
burg where he will work as night
Engine No. 832 came up Friday
night from Omaha where it was
overhauled. An extension front
and straight stack were part of its
improvements and it makes a very
trim lookinir engine. It was sent
to Cheyenne and will be used be
tween Cheyenne and Denver.
The shopmen commenced work
ng on an eight hour per day
schedule again yesterday but as
they work all day Saturday they
will put in forty-tight hours
week, only one hour less per week
than here to fore. The Hours are
from eight until live willi an hour
for dinner.
Engine No. 841 has come up frein
Omaha and been put into passenger
service on the Third district
Engine No. 1437 has also been sen
up from the First district. The
addition of these two engines to th
list of available passenger engines
on the Second and Third district
is quite a relief as the shortage o
nassenirer engines has caused con
siderablc inconvenience and som
losa of time.
Supt. Baxter was iu town yester
day on Union Pacific business.
L. R. Bickford was over from
Wallace yesterday transacting legal
Win. E. Bomberg, of Tcrrc Haute,
was recently added to the force of
Union Pacific boilcrmakers.
Carl Pierce's health has unproved
to such an extent that he has been
able to resume his regular run on
The Union Pacific has decided to
make a northern terminal at Sioux
City. The office force there will
soon be housed in new and com
modious quarters.
Engine No. 1437, which has just
come up from Omaha, is up with an
lectric head-light which throwB a
ery brilliant light and causes some
f the natives to wonder if its a
comet that's coming.
Vic Anderson made a short trip
own the road Saturday, leaving
here on train No. 6 and returning
u the afternoon. He expected to
go to Ciranil island to worn out
was recalled here and is again at
IiIb station in the dispatcher's ofiicc.
Dr. Seymour will be pleased to
meet all those suffering from de
fective sight at the Neville
Nov. 14th.
One Joyous Occasion.
Tuesday, Nov. 7.
The Iloytonian Comedian,
Jas. B. Mackie,
Supportod by charming LOUISE SAN
1' OKI) and a host ot protty girls and
ploosing comodianB, prosoating
tho undoniablo fnrco-como
dy duccobs,
Cellar Door.
Itoploto with ovorythlng now and
palatable PriccH 75, CO and 25o.
Boats now on salo at Stamps.
Hoggs' Gorman Salvo, tho famous pilo
euro, promptly ouroa Hkln dieoasos, eoroa
ulcors and wounds. A ouakantkkii
humuiiv that hus novor failod; bowaro of
countorfoltH. "1 havo unod it for piles
and found it tho boit" Hilda Hamilton
Ottuinwa, Iowa. A. V. Stroitz.
The preliminary work on the site
of the new icehouse is almost com
peted and the house will soon be
ooming up as a windbreak to the
residents of Front street.
Will pay tho highest mar
ket price prevailing for alfal-
a seed. Send samples and
ask prices,
Harrington & Tobin
This is the day when the male
portion of the population enjoy the
luxuries ot a free ride and have all
their good characteristics eulogized
by the candidate who is anxious to
have them put a little cross opposite
his name.
Cures coughs, colds, croup, whooping
cough, la grippo, pnoumonla and con
Biiinntlon Hoggs' Chorry Cough byrup
"Host dootorH In tho otato told mo I had
consumptions two bottles Hoggs' Chorry
Coul'Ii Svrui) ourod mo." Wm. Whit
Held, Lincoln, Nob. A. I'1. Stroitz.
Tin; Chicago Times-Herald is
gratified at the threat of the demo
cratic leaders to hold the the na
tional convention ot 1VUU in some
other city besides Chicago. "Th
irreat lire of 1871," it says, "waB
blessing to Chicago compared with
the bale! ill eltect ol coupling it
name with the Bryan platform o
18. Chicago hoped the next time
the national democracy adopts
platform of populism and repudi
tion it will hold its convention l
another city."
A hnlf section ot land near Her-
shey, most of it in crops and alfal-
ta, with lour water rights in tue
North Platte ditch. For further
nformation address W. O. Thomp
son, IlerBhey, Neb., or A. J. Eaton,
Caton, Colo.
2.50 S2M
--cY 51-1
... j-if 1 1 ii ii .ii
It will pay you to examine tho W. ;
I Douglas shoes, and see fori
yourself that they are just as
good In every way as those for ,
which you havo been paying ,
$5 to $7. For style, com
fort, and service, they .
cannot he surpassed
by custom-mado

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