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NO. 13.
Are now located in the Foley block and invite the ntteti:
tion of buyers to their stock of Fresh Staple and Fancy
Groceries, Flour, Queensware, Ktc. Though quoting no
prices in this ad, they guarantee as low prices as any
firm in town, insure first quality goods and prompt de
livery, and solicit trial orders from those who are not al
ready customers. Special attention is called to the
Sleepy Eye Flour
which is sold on the following broad guarantee Have a
sack sent home and if it is not the finest you have ever
used, your money will be cheerfully refunded and you
may keep the flour.
Dwinell & Wright's Hightirade Coffee,
(Boston roasted) a superior brand of coffee for custom
ers who like the best; and none is better or gives more
general satisfaction than this brand.
Queensware and Glassware....
A well selected stock, embracing dinner sets and odd
pieces, neat and attractive ware.
A Share of your Patronage Solicited.
ZLcuoaubex, Coal
Yards and Elevators at.
North Platte, Neb.,
Sutherland, Neb.,
Julesburg, Colorado.
Manufacturer of -HIGH
Order by telephone from Newton's Book Store.
From the Estate of
School Lauds Subject to Loaso.
Treasurer Scharmann lias been
notified by the commissioner of
public landn and buildings that the
ollowing school lands in Lincoln
county arc subject to lease; Sec
tion 1G, town 14, ranee 28 west,
valued at one dollar per acre; north-
cast qr section 10, town 14, range
29, valued at one dollar per ncrc;
northeast qr aud cast hf of west hf
of section 16, town 16, ranue 29,
valued at $1.50 per acre; south hf
southwest qr section 36, town 16,
range 29, valued at $1.50 per acre;
south hf of south hf section 36,
town 13, range 30, valued at $1.25
per acre; northwest qr section 36,
town 15, range 30, valued at 75
cents per acre; northwest qr and
west hf of southwest qr southeast
qr of southwest qr and south hf
of southeast qr section 36. town 12,
range 31, valued at one dollar per
acre; cast hf section 36, town 13,
range 35, valued at $1.50; south hf
section 36. town 12, range 34, valued
at 75 cents per acre; section 16,
range 34, valued at 75 cents per
acre; aud southwest qr section 36,
town 16 range 34, valued at 75 cents
per acre.
A Strong- Bon thorn Flay.
The -'Knobs o' Tennessee" deals
with the moonshiners and the
troubles that arc continually oc
curring' between them and the gov
ernment officials. Joe Preston is a
leader among these men, yet men
tally not of that character. A
pleasing love story runs through
the play in which Preston and
Madeline Bailey, the cultured
daughter of a wealthy resident of
Nashville, are the principals. There
are many romantic and pauictic
scenes as well as thrilling ones,
and the author has provided ample
comedy. At the end of the second
act Harry Preston's mother shoots
him just as he is being taken to
prison, to save him from hanging.
This scene is well worked and never
fails to win the audience. A novel
feature of a later scene is the intro
duction of President McKinlcy in
his private office. Preston and his
son appear to plead for a pardon
for the latter and his mother, which
is granted. Tlie play was a pro
nounced hit last season aud is ad
tnitted by those who have seen it
again this season to be far superior
in every way to last year's produc
tion. It will be seen at the opera
house Friday evening, March 16th
400 Head of Horses
Work Horses, Driving Horses, Saddle Horses, Brood
Mares, Colts, Fillies, Stallions, and Shetland
and Wales Ponies.
Holstein and Jersey Milch Cows,
Heifers, Steers, Calves and Bulls.
I ocated at North Platte and Pawnee Ranch must he sold at
once. The above property will be offered at PRIVATIv
SALE to the people of North Platte and vicinity for a short
time only. What is not sold here will be shipped away and
disposed of in other markets.
It is well known that for the Inst quarter of a century M.
C. Keith has been buying and breeding some of the very best
bloodliness in both horses and cattle, which could be secured
in the United States. With his keen inctinct and game judg
ment, no animal was too good or high priced for li is Pawnee
Ranch, and the records of Paddy, 2:11 tf; Edith Wilks 2:13;
Tessie Wilks 2:22 ; Keith's Darknight 2:26, and others
which were uevciopea, snuws wmi uk uiuiuugm; ui.uv.awwv
.t. t j:..i,c;.,oc: iTtirimihtnrilv there are manv others
llll! IMlUWIfe uuamv, w. , , , , ,1 1
equally as fast and some faster, if trained and developed, and 7
will be worth ten times the price asked for them now. 1 he 9f
estate will sell them as they are, and if you want great bar- 9f
gains in good horses, call at once on g
Over City Pharmacy, NORTH PLATTE, NEB,
District Court.
The .March term of the district
court opened Monday morning with
Judge II. M. Sullivan on the bench.
The first case that came up for trial
was the well known case of the T.
C. Austin Mfg Co. vs. W. M. Hin-
man. The evidence in the case
waR submitted to the jury on Mon
day aud the arguments were made
Tuesday morning. It went to the
jury in the afternoon and they
brought in a verdict in the evening
in favor of the plaintiff awarding a
ludirment of 84. This case may
be taken to the supreme court. The
next case was Jas. P. Egan vs. B.
Beer which was tried Wednesday.
The case is a contest over the
ownership of a section of railroad
land, A verdict was rendered
Wednesday evening in favor of the
plaintiff and awarded him $120
rental for the land. The case will
also probably be appealed to the
supreme court. During Monday D.
A. Bauer, who uau given bonus lor
the appearance ol Lewis Wooarull
at this term of court, wns instructed
to brincr him into court but as
neither of them appeared the bond
was declared forfeited.
Yesterday morninir the court
was occupied with the cases of the
State vs Chas, Blakcslec aud the
State vs P. L Disbro. The form
cr plead entity to the charge o
breaking into a Union Pacific box
car on the niirht of December
fourth and was sentenced to one
year in the penitentiary and to pay
the costs of the prosecution, uts
brn plead guilty to a cliarire o
petit larcency and was sentenced lo
i. i A
icn uiy in Jim, 10 pay uic
of prosecution and make restitution
to tlie Union Pacitic ol twenty uoi
lars, the value of the goods which
were taken from the car. Both men
were let off rather easily because
of the fact that they turned state'
evidence. After the verdicts were
rendered in these cases the jury
men were discharged and the
court has since been occupied
hearinc cnuity cafcst mdtidns
iT. aT JTa A T A A T A T T iTi T jTV Tt A T T A K K iK T A d
f V " 1 ,f V " 1 " 1 " 1 V V V V 1 " V V V l h-1 m '1 ", V V 1 V "f " 1 1 " V " 1 '1 "! ll V " 1 " 1 V
If You are Looking
For a modern, clean, up-to-dato Grocery Store, go to HARRING
TON & TOBIN'S new building east of the First National Bank
where you will ?eo the finest and neatest store in all Western Ne
braska. Plenty of room, no crowding like in the old narrow storo.
Great Reduction in Prices.
As we are not paying rent, and have otherwise reduced expenses,
we propose to sell goods at the VERY LOWEST CASH PRICES
prevailing. Take notice of the following prices and comparo them
with the prices you arc paying elsewhere if you do not now buy
from us.
Apple Butter Ileinzs 12c per lb
Bromnugcloti .... 15c a pkg
Buckwheat Flour New York. . rlc per lb
Bakers Chocolate 18c a cake, 2 for 35c
Coffee in bulk .... . 10c a lb
Battle Ax Tobacco 35c a plug
Canned Milk, ISagle brand 2 for 35c
Bird Seed 7c a lb
Com Meal, white or yellow 25c a bag
Canned Corn High grade 8c a can
Canned Tomatoes High grade... 10c a can
Canned Peas High grade 12Jc a can
CurrcntB 1 lb packages 10c a p'k'ge
Catsup Snyder's high grade.. .25c a bottle
Durham Tobacco 55c a lb
ICpps Cocoa yi lb cans.. 25c
Elastic Starch 8c
French Peas 12c a can
Gran Pa's Wonder Soap, large size 8c
Grape Nuts 15c
Hominy Flake 5c a lb
Star Tobacco .45c a lb
Horse Shoe Tobacco 45c a lb
Horse Radish Home made. . . . 10c a -bottle
Honey in Comb.r , ..15c a lb
Kingsford Corn Starch 8c a lb
Kingbtords Gloss Starch 8c a lb
Lewis Lye 8c a can
Lye Merry War 7c a can
Lye Champion Cc a can
Lexington Patent Flour $1.00 a sack
Lexington Crystal Flour. .. - 90c a sack
Macaroni Domestic 12jfc a lb
Macaroni Imported 17c a lb
Maple Syrup In bulk ..75c a gal
Maple Sugar 12c a lb
Mince Meat Hcinzs 12c a lb
Mushrooms French 25c a can
North Platte Patent Flour $1.00 a nack
North Platte Gold Crown Flour. .90c a sack
Noodles 12c a p'k'ge
Oat Meal, high grade 8 lbs lor 25c
On Time Yeast 2 pkgs for 5c
Pilsbury's Best Flour .$1.15 a sack
PicklcB Sweet and Mixed 20c a qt
Pickles -Sour 35c a gal
Postum Cereal Large package 25c
Pillsburys Oats Finest on earth 12c
Quaker Oats 12c
Quail Oats 8c
Raisins , 8c u lb
Rice The uijst 3 lbs for 25c
Sapolio 8c
Saucr Krout Hcinzs. s 10c a qt
Soap-Nuggett..., 40 bars for $1.00
Soap White Russian 7 bars for 25c
Vcrmecilla..... 12c a p'k'ge
Vitos Pillsburya 2 p'k'gcs for 25c
Vinegar, Heinz's '. 25c a gal
Whole Wheat Shrcded Biscuit, ,15c a p'k'ge
Wheat Cream of 15c a p'k'ge
Yeast Foam .' 2 pkgs for 5c
All above goods guaranteed of the very
best quality aud fresh stock.
In the rear of the storo wo have a counter containing some rxoods that
were slightly damaged by smoke in our recent lire which wo aro selling
considerably below cost. Ask for the fire sale counter and get a great ben-
efit on goods that are strictly first-class except that labels on cans and 1
packages are slightly blackened by smoke.
Harrington & Tobin.
A T T ! mt iT A r 'fm ar iTi Ti tTt iTi iTi iTi iTt A A iTi iTt m'T iTi iTV. Am Jl 4 A JTk mTt afTk jjk
r V v f4f 9V lV fV '1 V V 'V 'V ,4l rF fV V l4f 'J-1 !r 9V ,f V " 1 V lV V V " v V V V V V V V V V V
Miss Stella Goodwin expects to
leave Sunday for White Salmon,
Wasli., to openu several months
with her Bister.
W. A. Paxton, of Omaha, was
looking after his interests in this
section a few dayB ago.
W. H. aullivan lias ocen at lib
erty. Iowa, this week attending a
public sale ot bliorMtorn cattle.
Mrs. Mattie Terry returned Mon
day evening from an extended visit
in iieiviucrc una stale, biic was
accompanied home by her little
daughter I2dua who had been with
her grandparents at mat place lor
several months.
N. B. Spurrici has returned from
a business trip to Omaha and Iowa.
Billy Dowhowcr ItaB returned
frcm his home down southeast aud
is working for W. O. Thompson.
Johnny Holtgren, of Ilcrshey. is
having a run of typhoid fever at
tli i a time.
Rev. Randolph, who has been on
this circuit for the past three years,
preached his farewell sermon to a
1 .. .1 In...... r.t ITnnl... IX'.L.no
day evening. While here he made
many friends who regret his depart
ure. He has been transferred to
the Bcrtratid circuit and Rev.
Dcrrybcry, of Oandy. has been
assigned to this circuit.
The people at Hershey are much
elated over the recent report that
the U. P. will construct a line from
that place up the north river this
II. W. Brown, of the county 6eat,
was up to Nichols on business the
first of this week.
Chas. Toillion lias recently pur
chased the Winter's farm.
W. T. Miller has moved to the
Paxton farm recently vacated by O.
H. IOyerly. His little daughter is
seriously ill at this, time.
II. Newberry and family have
moved back to their ranch in Mc
Pl.ersoii county and Geo. Refior and
family now have charge of their
Several farmers west of Nichols
arc at present patronizintr the
Sutherland skimming station.
lv. 1. beebercer was down the
line on business this week.
O. H. Kyerly has moved to the
arm that he purchased of Xavicr
Toillion last fall. Mr. Toillion
will remain in a part of the resi
dence until the weather will permit
of his moving to his future home at
Local sports are at tnis time
bagging wild ducks in large num
bers. They arc quite plentiful in
this section for this time of year.
L. lJ. Kroim, ot isgucrl. vvyo.,
visited friends in the valley recently.
Will l uukliouscr and Jake Delay
will depart for Sacramento, Cal.,
the first ol the coming week. Their
families will still remain in' this
country for a time at least.
mown & Hackney nave tncir new
grocery store at Hershey running
in lull blast at tins time.
Remember the meeting at the
Nichols school house tomorrow
(Saturday) evcuinir to consider the
advisability of'crectiug a separator
station at that place tins Spring.
ivvcrbouy invited to come out.
"With one bottlo ot Hokkh' Oliorry
lo'.mli Hvtmp in v coukii anil soronoBH
ontiroly disnnpoiirod" Ernest Whipple-,
Diivonport, iowa. Uimrnntooei to euro
nil throat and Iuul' troubles. Has uovor
fallod. Try it. A. F. Stroitz.
John W. Schadt, of Fremont, has
succeeded in making a syrup from
sugar beets which it Is thought
will prove to be a ttrong competitor
for cane aud other syrups, He has
been familiar with the beet sugar
business for a number of years and
has been experimenting for some
time with beet sucar syrups. Tlie
difficulty heretofore has been to ob
tnin n Kvrun without nnv mineral
salts in it, the salts making it unfit
r . I '
lor cuoidiig purubuu.
The proposition to levy a tax for
building a court uouse at uraiui
Island Was defeated by quite a large
Mrs. Chas. Abel, who was quite
well known in North Pla'te, died
very suddenly at Brady Wednesday
afternoon. Her home is about
eighteen miles north of Brady near
Willard and she had been in Brady
shopping. Her death occurred
shortly after she had left the town
and was almost instantaneous her
companion in the wagon not realiz-
1.- . ,t LM
nig uiai sue wns even in uuiu bub
was dead. The. remains were at
once taken back to Brady, The
physician decided tliat Her death
was due to heart disease from
which she had been a sufferer lor a
number of years.
An utlnuk vviih rouontly tniulo on O.
F. Collior, ot Chorokoo,Iowa, that nonrly
proved fatal. It enmo through his kid
neys. His back got bo Inino ho could
not stoop without groat pain, nor sit in
u chair oxcopt propped by ouhIiiodb. No
romody Jiolpod him until ho tnod Eloo
trio Hitters which ofTootod auoh n won
derful uhnngo that ho writos ho feels
1 ko a now mnn. 'Una mnrvolous inoili-
cino cures backnoho and kidnoy troublo.
nuriilos the blood anil builua up your
health. Only COu n bottlo at StreiU's
drug atoro.
A Valuablo Little Book of Interest
to All Women Bont Freo.
Evory woman loclcs forward with feel
lngs of Joy Indescribnblo to the
ono Krent event In her llfo, com
pnrod with which nil others polo into in
Blpnlflcnnco. How proud bIio will feel
when her babo ncstfeB on hor breast
how sweet tho name of "Mother !" And
yet, her cnticipation of tliis ovent is
clouded with dread of tho pain and dan
cer of tho ordenl, bo that it Is itnnossi
blo to uvoid tho feeling of foreboding
which creeps over her. Tho danger
and sufforing attendant upon being a
mother can no entirely iirovcnted, so
that tho coming ot tho littlo stranger
need notbo looked fnrwurd to with fear.
Every woman who reads thU, can obtain
frcoa valuable littlo Iwok entitled "lio
foro llaby is Born." by ponding hor ad
dress to tho llrndflulu Regulator Co.,
Atlanta Gu. This hook contains price-
I loss information for ull women, nd no
dcmurrcYs etc.
. larru in me vancy. .
WHU .w mm u. V4

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