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Iter Dnrltng.
Ills a!r Is red and tangled, and ho haa
a turned-up nose;
Ills voice la loud and Btrldcnt, and It nev
er gets repose;
Ills face Is full of freckles, and his ears
nrc shaped llko tins.
And a lurgo front tooth Is missing, as
you'll notlco when ho grins;
Ho Is lllcc a comic picture, from his toes
up to his head
But his mother calls him "darling" when
she tucks him Into bed.
It Is ho who marks tho carpet with tho
print of muddy boots;
And rejoices In a door-bull that Is pulled
out by tho roots.
Who whistles on his Angers till he almost
Bpllts your car,
And shocks tho various callers with
slang he chanced to hear.
IIo nils tho houso with tumult and tho
neighborhood with dread-
But his mother calls him "darling" when
sho tucks him Into bed.
Washington Star,
Growth of tho llumnn llnlr.
Somo very curious facts In regard to
tho growth of human hair havo Just
been published In thcDermatologlsches
Contralblatt, tho author of tho article
being J. Pohl. The general belief up
to tho present time has been that tho
hair on tho human head grows at tho
rato of about thlrty-threo mlllmcters
a month, but Herr Pohl says it Is not
moro than eleven mllimeters.
Ho further malntnlns that hair grows
more slowly after It is cut than at any
other time, and that several days will
elapso beforo it begins to grow at tho
normal rate. Furthermore, ho noticed
that hair after being cut does not grow
In a uniform manner. Tho reason is
'because hairs are not independent, co
to speak, but are clustered together in
little colonies, each of which contains
from two to four hnlr3. One of theso
hairs always grows faster than tho
others, but only for a certain time, for
beforo it has attained its full growth
the adjoining hair begins to sprout up,
and in this way tho hairs of each
colony successively attain their full
A curiouB fact in connection with
this altcrnato growth Is that nil the
hairs of a colony nevor fall out of the
head at tho same time. If It wero not
for this wise provision many persons
would havo llttlo bald spots on their
heads. Human hair is constantly fall
ing out, and tho only reason why Its
loss is not more apparent Is becauso in
each of the countless llttlo colonics
there Is at least ono sturdy hair left,
and all these comblno to overshadow
the baldness. Horr Pohl's Investiga
tions give the death blow to many old
tlmo theories in regard to hair, and
there is llttlo doubt that his studies in
this direction will prove of Interest and
value to many scientists.
Cleaning tho Copper.
Hero is a French recipe for clean
ing copper, which is a very good one,
Dissolve ono ounco of oxalic acid
over ono and a half pints of water, and
add to it from ono ounco to ono and
one-hnlf ounces of rottonstone; tio
pleco of woolen rag thickly round a
stick and soak it in this mixturo, being
careful previously to havo tho copper
as clean as boiling soap and water
can make. Tho metnl should bo per
fectly dry beforo tho oxalic acid Is ap
plied to It. This recipe, howovcr, re
quires caro In tho using, as oxalic acid
is not a thing to play with. Indian
brass Is best cleaned with very ilno
sifted brlckdust, moistened with lemon
Julco, or rubbed on with a cut lemon,
Gettlnir Into tlio "Smart Set."
Pconlo who co about and into bo
clctv tell mo that when a woman ar
dently desires to mako herself ono of
the favored few of tho smart set there
Is really nothing sho will Btop at, and
some of theso samo persons havo been
telling mo this story In Illustration of
what they suy: In high ofllclaldom Is
n little lady, dainty ns a spring crocus,
who was a member of the inner circle
long beforo sho became a part of olll
claldom. On ono of her Inst rccoptlon
days sho was chatting with two cabinet
women, when n servant announced tho
arrival of a woman who Is struggling
to get Into thlng3 ns never a social
climber struggled before. Tho hostess
kuew her by sight merely, nnd had
never so much as a bowing acquaint
ance with her, but olllclal peoplo aro
used to seeing strangers nt their recep
tions, and tho lady of tho house bowed
with hor usual graciousness. Tho
cllmbor's quick eyo took in the situa
tion. Sho saw tho two cabinet women,
and sho know they saw her. She rose
to tho occasion In masterly fashion.
"My dear Mrs. Blank," she said gnsta
Ingly, "I was so sorry not to havo been
t home when you called Friday. It
was so sweet of you to come bo soon,
and I do hope you'll coino very often,
Informally, that way."
For HoueUeepem.
Cleanliness, economy nud punctual
A placo for everything and every
thing in Uh place.
Push In tho dumpers In tho kitchen
range when but little lire- is required,
so aB to prevent unnecessary wusto of
Fill dirty saucepans with hot soda
water till thero Is tlmo to wash them;
this means a great saving of tlmo in
tho end.
Keep nil dry stores, such as rice,
sugar, carbonate of sodn, etc., in clean,
dry, covered tins and Jars, or dust and
insects will soon appear.
Burn all vegetable parings and
stallcs, fishbones, and such like refuse,
for if put In tho dust pan they speedily
decay and cause various ailments.
Whero gas stoves aro used, lowor
or turn out tho burners, as soon as
may bo; this will mako an enormous
difference In tho quarter's Ga3 bill.
Household Realm,
Dry Air In Hotiflet.
Observations by Mr. R. DeC. Ward
on tho relative humidity of tho air in
a room supplied with heat from a fur
nace. Indicate that tho atmosphere In
dwelling houses Is sometimes drier
than that of many desert regions,
liven tho mean rclativo humidity of
Death Valley, California, is but slight
ly lower than that of tho room In
which Mr. Wnrd's experiments wero
Veal or Lamb Kidney's. Wash and
remove tho skin from tho kidneys and
soak in cold salted water for sevoral
hours. Spilt open tho kidneys. Dip
in crumbs (dried bread crumbs), In
beaten egg, and then in crumbs again.
Fry in deep fat for fivo minutes or
sauto In a llttlo dripping for ten inln
utes. Servo with a brown sauce.
Raspberry Ico Cream. Two quarts
of borrics mashed and pressed in a
Jelly bag. Add to tho Julco ono pint
of sugar. Placo tho mashed berries In
ono pint of milk, scald, Btratn into tho
Julco. Add ono quart of cream, moro
sugar if necessary, and tho Juico of
ono lemon. Placo in freezer, pack and
Blackberry Sherbet. Ono tablo-
spoonful gclntlno soaked in two table-
spoonfuls of cold water till soft. Dls
solvo in ono half cup of boiling water,
strain. Add ono pint berry Juice, ono
pint sugar, ono scant pint water, Julco
of ono largo lemon. Household
United States courts In New Mexico
cost tho government about $75,000 a
A Charming
Mado of light beige mohair batlato
over bluo silk. Tho yoko Is
of deep cream laco and tho
folds below it; also tho under
sleeves nre of pale bluo crcpo do chine.
Tho panel down tho front of tho skirt
Is shirred at tho waist, and bordered
with a tlocp embroidery In belgo on
tho material.
In pink, with figures In Wedgwood
green and raised dots in black. Tho
drapery on the bodice Is of palo green
chiffon, with deep lace, and Is fastened
by a hugo rosotto of black panne, from
which falls n knotted scarf of tho
chiffon, trimmed with pink and green
silk fringe. Tho sleeves aro elbow
length, and aro finished with a turn
back cuff of panno velvet.
Hin III Sunplcloni.
"Do you believe In tho theory of ro-
incarnatlonY" nsked tho mystical
"Well," answered Mr. Cyrus Barker,
dyspeptically, "I don't suppose thero is
any way of getting positive proof. But
I will say that I'vo got neighbors who
remind mo of Herod nnd Caligula, and
Nero and Henry VIII. and Judgo Jef
freys and a lot moro of thoso old'
timers. Washington Star.
Ground of Ills Complnnt.
"This Is the third tlmo you havo
como to mo with a complaint about
tho coffee," said tho Btoward of the
steamer. "What's tho matter with It?
Isn't it strong enough?"
"Oh, yes, responded tho kicking pas
senger. "It's strong enough to do what
it ought to do walk up to tho cap
tain's ofllco and settle." Chhicago
In Duo Form.
"Mr. Novcrco." tho young woman
said. sunDrcsslng a yawn, "when tho
business of n meeting is ended what is
the parliamentary form for bringing
tho nroceedlnus to a closo7
"Somebody moves that tho meotlng
adjourn," replied tho young man, "and
then "
"Woll, If you'll move," sho Interrupt
ed, "wo'll adjourn." Chicago Tribune,
Must in FrocK
DrlgU ns n dream aro tho beautiful lilies
TImt so daintily lift their trumpets or
Among tho dark palms of tho Suwaneo
Svmbols of nnrllv wherever they grow
I nnd them abloom In Bunshlno and shnd-
In dense, tangled hummock, In grove,
atul In iflnn!
And down by tho stream that nows thro'
tho mendow.
They lift their whlto trumpets again
nnd again.
Hrrnlllnp- llin fnnHrnl Tnrllnn tradition!
"Tho Great Spirit camo to tills Bommuie
And itavo at creation a mighty magician,
That stretched o'er tho waters His mag
ical wand.
And up from tho wavelets, ndrlp nna
Sprang pannlonless spirits In garments
or snow:
They danced on the brink of tho mystical
And from their faint footsteps tho lilies
still grow."
I lovo them! O yes. I fondly artoio them!
ol for tliclr frenrnneo thai uuruens
tho air:
Hot for tho halo of mystery caBt o'er
When sculptur'd with angels and cher
ubs nt prayer:
Not for their thrilling my pulses with
Like quaffs from a goblet of tropica!
But for tho words of tho Wonderful
Who pondcr'd them well In his own Pal-
And now when I see them abloom In tho
The worda of my Savior comes sweetly
to me.
That He utters so gently: "Consider tho
How lovely they blostsom nil over tho
nnraptur'd. adoring. I list to tho story
That comes from ufar on tho wings ot
tho breeze:
"They toll not. they spin not; yot Solo
mon s glory
And splendor wero never so perfect as
-Hallto C. Young.
Tli Fori of I'n-hUtorlo Animal.
Visitors to museums of sclonco nro
always Interested In tho mounted skel
etons of gigantic extinct animals, but
they seldom apprcclato tho amount
of .study and skill required to properly
match the fossil bones togother. Evon
at tho best It seems probable that many
mistakes nro made, and extinct mon
sters mny sometimes bo caused to ns
sumo forms nnd attitudes unknown to
them In life. This is Indicated, not
only by the differences between tho
restorations mado by various natural
lsts, but by a recent remark of Prof.
H. C. Osbom, nn export In tho mount
Ing of fossil skeletons, that It wo had
had nothing but tho skeleton of tho
olephnnt to work upon, wo' should
probably huvo obtained a very faulty
conception of tho animal.
Tho Illustration shows a combination
knapsack, hammock nnd stormcoat for
tho uso of soldiers, tho Inventor bolng
Joseph Conley of Mound City, Mo. Tho
cont proper may bo of tho usual pat
tern, with eyelets around the lower
edge, through which n cord 1b threaded
to attuch tho skirt portion when
needed. This skirt is so mado that it
can bo folded up to form tho knnp-
sack, with straps to attach It to tho
shoulders In tho ordinary manner.
When It is desired to utlllzo tho devlco
for a hammock tho skirt is laced to
tho coat, nnd to each end ot tho long
garment Is attached a V-shaped sec
tion of cloth, having an cyclot In tho
point, through which a cord Is
threaded to suspend tho hammock
from Its supports. Theso end pieces
when not In uso can be folded up nnd
placed In ono of tho pockets, with
which tho gnrmont is provided.
Oil Iimtriid of Coal.
Scarcity and high prlco of coal In
Europe Is causing a great deal of at
tention to ho given to tho uso of pa
trolcum ns fuel. Richard Cucnthor,
consul-general of tho United States nt
Frankfort, Germany, sends to Wash
Ington an Interesting report on this
subject, oaya tho Argonaut.
After stating tho advantages In tho
uso ot petroleum ovor coal ns fuel, Mr.
Guonther says It Is claimed that pe
troleum and Its manufactures will soon
supersede to a great cxtont tho uso of
co for manufacturing purposes and
therefore tho supply ot tho oil becomes
of much Importance. Tho United
States and Russia produco between
them 120,000,000 barrels a year nnd
other contributions swell tho total
annual output to about 150,000,000 bar
rels. The production ot Russia is much
less now than it might be, owing to
lack of enterprise on tho part ftf tho
peoplo and Inadequate transportation
Theso cause tho price of Its oil to bo
higher hi Germany, wlhch adjoins
Russia, than that of tho American
product, which has to travol thousands
of miles. Mr. Ouonther declares that.
tho Increased demand will stlmulnto
tho exploitation ot the oil fields In tho
different lands. Railway companies
nro trying oll-Ilrcd locomotives nnd
one steamship line uses oil to Ilro tho
bailors of Its vessels. "Nothing," ho
says, "seems to stand In tho way of a
moro extensive uso ot oil for fuel ex
cept price."
This nppnrntus, which has Just been
completed for tho ordlnanco depart
ment of tho United States nnvy, de
termines Intervals of time to 100.000th
part of ono second, and Is used In tim
ing tho progress ot a projectile ulong
tho boro of tho gun beforo leaving tho
muzzle. Tho chronoscopo shown hero Is
tho first of the kind made In this coun
try, bolng a modification of tho chrono
scopo Invented by Captnln Schultz ot
J-rnnce. Jt consists esscntlnlly of a
revolving drum, upon whoso blnckencd
surfaco a vibrating' tuning fork traces
a curve, which curve Is divided Into
tlmo Intervals by nn electric spark,
which Is produced by breaking con
tact ns tho projectllo passes along tho
boro ot tho gun.
I'rrlalnliig tn Hrnltli.
In England n useful addition to tho
dietary of Invalids hns bcon mado In
tho uhapc of Siberian partridges, which
are killed when in prlmo condition nnd
conveyed frozen by sleigh, rail and
boat to London. Thoy are Bald to bo
remarkably tender nnd dellcnto eating.
Thero Is porhnps no more frequent
causo of troublo among workers than
that of eating whon ovor-tlred. They
return In tho cvonlng from their la
bors exhausted, and Hatter themBolvos
that a good meal will sot them up
again. Their hopes nro seldom real
ized, for their stomachs, llko tho rest
of their bodies, being thoroughly tired,
cannot do their work effectually, nnd
tho result Is an attack of Indigestion.
Of course when ono comes in from
the day's work a moal is necessary;
tho only thing to guard against Is tak
ing it when ono is too fatigued to
digest it. If, instead ot sitting down
ns soon as possiblo after entorlng the
houso to dinner or supper, tho weary
worker were first to tako a cup ot boot
tea, or even of weak tea, with n llttlo
pleco of bread nnd butter, which would
act as n stimulant, sho would, by tho
time sho had made her toilet for tho
ovenlng, bo sufficiently rested and re
freshed to cat a hearty meal with ben
And right hero comes a word as to
tho lmportanco ot dressing for the
evening. It Is not merely n habit ot
refinement, but it helps ono to over
come fatigue, to get rid of tho dust of
tho dny, nnd to put on fresh, cool gar
ments, Instead of thoso ono has worn
slnco morning, The donning ot somo
sorr or evening uress uo it only a
. . . .
well-worn silk hlouso has n tonic
effect on both mind and body, and
should by no menus bo omitted, oven
by tho weary business woman living
alono In a boarding houso.
IChotrliiil Mimln.
In tho German Annalen dor Physlk,
nn interesting ox porimunt witu a
vncuum tubo Is described by J. Stark.
When n continuous electric curront Is
sent through such a tubo, matters bo
lng bo ndjusted that tho curront la
only Just nblo to pass, tho current
becomes periodic, nnd thu cathode,
being set Into vibration, gives forth n
musical nolo. Tho 'vibrations nro
ascribed to tho periodical attractions
exercised by tho electric charges on tho
wails of tho tubo.
Temperature of Incumlrcrnt Ijiinpn.
Recent experiments by Monsieur
Janet show that tho tomporaturo of
tho carbon filament In an electric lamp
1b between 12,000 and 3,000 degrees
A IVv Venn Ileum.
Tho Wnyfaror, Plenso, can you holp
a poro man that can't git no work at
his trado?
Tho Philanthropist. And what Is
your trade, plcaso?
"Jt used to bo Btoalln' horses whon
they was horses for to bo stole." In
dianapolis Press,
Mutt IIo Horn Agnln-
Ono day a gentleman called nt tho
ofllco of a certain nowapaper, nnd said
to tho editor:
"Sir, It Is announced in your papor
that I am dead."
"Well," replied tho editor, "if it Is
In our papor It Is correct."
"It Is not correct, for hcrC'Iftm
alive," rejoined tho other.
"Woll, it enn't bo helped," said tho
"But I expect you to contradict It,"
said tho injured man.
"No, I can not do that," said tho
editor, "ns wo nevor contradict any
thing that appears In otr papor. I will
do anything I can do. To-morrow I
will put you In tho list of births."
London Spnro Moments.
Trouble In tlio Cnrarnn, ,
It was a hot day and tho elephant
was thirsty.
"I haven't had anything to drink to
day," ho said, turning to the camel. "I
am told you carry a supply for throo or
four days. Could you placo a few ot
your concealed water pouches nt my
disposal without too much inconven
"I don't havo to carry water for tho
elephant,' Irritably answered tho
enmel, humping Itself .along still faster.
"I am n part of tho show." Chicago
"You remind mo of a pago In n new
'Because I'm clovor?"
'No: I hnvo to turn you down so
often to keep you In your place."
Knrely llcmuiubrred Her.
"What has become," asked tho oc
casional guest, "of tho pretty blnck
oyod girl who used to wait nt that
tablo over In tho corncr7"
"What pretty blnck-oycd girl?" frig
idly Inquired tho young woman with
tho snub noso nud prominent chin.
"If I remember rightly sho had a
llttlo bit of n molo on ono check."
"Oh, that girl with tho blotch on hor
facel I think somebody married her."
Chicago Trlbuno.
Tlio Kniiin Old Waj.
CuriouB Old Lndy. How did
como to this, poor man?
Convict. I waB drove to It, lady.
Curious Old Lady. Wero you, really?
Convict. Yes, thoy brung mo In thu
Black Mnrla, aa usual. ColUor'n
Might Sharpen It.
'Ono ot tho notes in my cabinet on
gan Is a trlllo flat. I wonder Jt thou
Is any way to havo It fixed?"
'I should think a good organ grind
er might bo ablo to do something' with
it." Chicago Trlbuno.
HngireiMng tho Combination.
"What will you llko for dlnnor to
day, Henry?"
"Anything you please. I feel too
bluo to caro what I eat."
"You feel bluo and you look yellow.
I'll cook n mess of greens for you."
Chicago Trlbuno.
A Lightning Drulrojor.
"Your Charlie seems to bo nn actlvo
llttlo fellow, Mrs. Dobbs."
"Actlvo? I put a clean shirt waist
on him, and In llvo minutes ho makes
It look as if ho had worn it a week."
Indianapolis Journal.
Jack How do you
"Veto" dress?
Kthol "Voto" druss?
Jack Yes, tho governor
pass the bill for It,

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