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IRA L. DARE, Publisher
Secret Service Duties.
It falls to the lot of the secret sorv-
rv inn tn rnfirf Inn nornn fir fhn
hln illvlstlnn nftor thn trittrndv nt. llllff.'L-
:, and in addition to this tho snfoly
rs from nhrond Is Intrusted to tho
nrtrimi ifpinnn unnrv r r I'rnaain
I'rinco Fushlmi of Japan, tho crown
prlnco of Slam, tho crown prlnco of
Sweden, tho duko of Abruzzl, nnd
many others of lessor nolo havo boon
carefully protected from annoyanco
whllo guests of tho nation, nnd In no
Instance has thero occurred tho slight
est incident to mnr tho pleasure nnd
tranquility of their visit. For moro
than ten years tho morlt systom has
prevailed in tho nervico, which Is
n strictly nonpartisan, non-political op
ganlzntlon. "Pulls" nro unknown and
unrecognized; every man Is measured
nnd rowarded according to his otllclon-
IV 1111(1 KIIUWH 1 1 111 L 111H IIUU1IUUI1 111 UIU
. i i 1 1. ..i i.i . . . i it.... i.. . i .
Korvlco depends wholly upon thn char
acter and quality of his work. Ho
.... .... Ml. .It... 1..
W11BH.B 111) I1II1U lllllim 1111 lllllllUlllU III
nolp lilm hold his Job, nnd being rrco
from obligations nnd ontnnglomontH,
in nblo to duvoto his whole time and
energy to tho Impartial discharge nf
hln duties. To UiIh unhampered atten
tion to tho work of suppressing coun
terfeiting says a wrltor in tho National
Magazine, I nttributo tho fact that to
day tho proportion of counterfoil'
notes in circulation is nbouo one to
100,000; that is to say, Unit for ench
hnlf-mllllon of gonulno currency in cir
culation thero nro nbout live dollars in
counterfeit notes; and for each f 100,
000 dollars in gold and silver in clrcu-
Inflnn tlirirn lu n f t'tfln nn.liif- ittrnn itnl.
uib iii ciiuiiiurii:ii cum. yin ui miiuu
would suggest that tho htiRlncns of
counterfeiting is not overwhelmingly
uttrnctlvo as a ilnnnclal proposition.
A man never knows when he Is cov
ering up his tracks; ho novcr knows
t. i ... . i .
now lung uiuy win Biuy covered ur
who will get on his trail, says tho Dal-
tlmoro Sun. Up In Cannda, whoro
thoy aro digging for tho now Toronto
wntor works, tho digger,!) found in tho
blue clay 70 foot bolow tho water lino
tho footprints of a gentleman who had
tramped around that wny somo yoara
ago. Tho goologlHts dhtagrco as to tho
exact tlnio, somo holding that tho
freshness of tlio footprints indicates
that it was only C0.000 years ngo, while
others bollove that tho too-uall prints
indlcato thut it tun been nbout 100,000
years since tho gontlemnn paBscd that
way. Not that thin slight discrepancy
mattora to tho gontlemnn or to us; for
nobody had to nit on tho fence there
nnd wait for him C0.000 years, oven if
ho did happen to bo Into.
Sir Robert Hnrt, for many years in
spector general of Chlnoso customs,
has mndo a striking suggestion as to
ihn nnuulhlii fittiit-n rf P.lilnn Thn
world haB long wondered what would
happen if that groat country of 400,
000,000 people should nwnko to its full
power and stand up like a giant among
nations. Sir Hobort'a idea Is reassur
ing. Tho Chlnnmau is n lover of
peace. China would turn round to the
rest of the world nnd any, "Gentlemen,
thero miiBt bo no moro fighting." Tho
strongest nation would becomo a bene
ficent policeman, keeping us little fol
lows in ordor. Sir Robort says that It
is n curious stntomout, but not no un
rennonnblo as It seems to those who do
tint r r rir fMi I ti n
What boy born during tho current
year will bo tho Abraham Lincoln or
tho CbarloB Darwin of tho century?
Both Darwin and Lincoln woro born on
Fobruary 12, 1809. Tho same year
snw tho birth of Ollvor Wendell
Holmes, Edgar Allan Poo, Alfred Ten
nyson, Ellzaboth Barrett Drowning ami
Folix Mondolssolm-llnrtholdy, to Bay
nothing of scores of men famous lu
othor branches of lenrnlng.
A Pennsylvania banker who robbed
depositors of more than $2,000,000 has
boon sentenced to 15 years lu the
penitentiary. Our dispatch does not
Bay whether ho is to bo assigned to tho
bookkeeping department or Ib to look
nftor tho feeding of the wnrden's wife's
Tho gypaleB aro nearer to tho nnl
mals than nny rnco known to us In
Europe. They havo tho lawlessness,
tho abandonment, tho natural physical
graco in form and gosturo of animals;
only a stealthy and wary something In
their oyes makes them human.
Whllo admiring tho fertility of re
uourco dlsplayod by tho pollcoman who
climbod aboard n stroet car and thus
wus nblo to enpturo a thlof who was
running nwny with u laundry wagon,
very experienced crook will condemn
tho thief for his stupidity lu not dur
ing down a uido stroet.
Castro finds Ufa so pleasant in Ber
lin that ho apparently has no desire to
rush back to Venezuela. Perhaps tho
Berlin hotolkocper has not as yet pre
.sited his bill.
"Vanishing Fleets." a story of "what
inIkIiI have happened," opeim In Wash
Inglon with tin- United Mtatcn anil .Inpiin
on tho vorjfp nf wnr. Cluy I Miller. sec
retary of thu HrtllHlt einlmwwy, and Mis
N'crinn IIoihtih, ehli-f aide or Inventor
Hohci-t. are Introduced iim lovers. At the
mom IniipiHirtuno iniiinutit Japan declare
war. ,1m pun token thn Philippine. The
entire country In In h Mate uf turmoil be
rinmc of the Kovmtinienl'M IndlffcrHneu;
(luy Miller start for KriKlnnd with
erel inewtHRe Uud Ih compelled In leave
Norinn Hobert. .who with mllltnry of
lliem itl'io leaven WiiHhlnKton on mys
ttrlou expedition for un Inolnted point on
the I'lorMu count, flawnll In captured hy
the Ja. All portM arc rloMNl. .lap lleet
Ih funt HppronchlnK western coast of Amer
lea. HieKo, Japanese spy. discovers sccrnt
preparations lor war. I In follow unto
eurryhiK presidential tahlnet. He un
earths source of ureal mystery lunl flee.
iiiuitnurlliK: "Tho gods xhvh Nippon.
FIcclliK to 1'nelllc. ( oiihI, HIoko la allot
down JilHt as Jonrnny to uet awful newH
to Japan neiiiM aucucssfiil. Jaiian an
nounces Intention to attack seaport.
Toklo loarna of inlMMltiK Japanese lleet
ntnl wholo world heroine convinced that
United HtiiteM lian Home, powerful wnr
agency. ICnKland decides to annd a tleet
lo American watetM an a Canadian pro
.tertlnn iiKiltmt what tho llrltlHh Hiippotie
la u terrible Mihimirlnc lllllla. Illlller In
nliio went to Canada to attempt to force
IiIh way throtlKh American 1 1 new with a
lliesmiKe to the pi'eHldent III order Hint
protection for the lleel may he aaRurecl.
.Inpnn appenlK to llrltaln for aid. llrltlHh
Meet departa, amid tnlHKlvliiKH of I'iikIIhIi.
fleet myMterloiiMly dlHatipttara, a Hallor
jilclted up on a raft hcliiK tho only evi
dence of the Iohh. Powum In-Kin to fear
for their unffcty.
Darred by Bayonets.
Hosted by hla acu voyngo, and glow
Ing with a determination to win his
wny ticross tho border, but with no
definite Idea as to what method ho
should pursue, Guy Hllllor lauded In
Montreal. Ills first effort wns to gain
what details ho could ns to tho nature
of tho embargo which had been placed
on travelers between tho two coun
tries, nftor which ho lost no time In
personally studying tho habits of the
border camps. Long roHldonco In
America hail lessened the broadness
of his A's1, and with a llttlo practice his
H'h wcro almost those of tho aver
ago Now Yorkor.
Tho monger Information ho suc
ceeded in gathering wus not alto
gether trustworthy, ns ho was soon to
learn. Ho had been told that certain
Americans, In Cannda at tho time tho
lino of blue was drawn, woro per
mitted to paasund thus regain their
homes, and on this ho based his llrst
sally. Thero was no trouble whntever
In gnlnlng tho encampments nor In
Interviewing tho olIlcorH In command
of that section of tho defeuso. A
Binnrt-nppearlng sontry passed him
over to tho guardianship of n soldier
off duty, who conducted him to one of
tho regulation touts which dotted tho
hlllsldo back of the Hue.
On tho ordorly'ii presenting his card,
a voice from within hnlled: "Como
lu!" nnd ho entered tho llttlo limine of
canvas to find three olllcors engaged
lu somo game of cards which ho did
not understand.
"What can I do for you?" tho com
mnndor Inquired, rising from his camp
stool and still holding tho visitor's
card In his hand.
"I am anxious to croas tho lino," 1111
Her replied.
Tho officer laughed and shook his
head. "I'm Borry, sir, but wo havo
had as high as 100 applications of this
nature In ono day, and my onlors for
bid my uccedlng to nny such re
"But you pass Americans, do you
Agnln tho ofllcer smiled tolerantly,
replying with good nature: "Not un
der conditions llko these. Wo havo no
choice In tho matter. If you nro an
American, I thoroughly appreciate
your anxiety to go home; but I cannot
help you."
It began to look losn easy. "Is thoro
no way at all?" iiBkod Hllllor.
"My doar sir," the otneor answered
"tho prophet Moses leading his band
across the Bed sen had an easier till
than you could make through our
For a moment tho courier lost pa
tlence, and thon as a last resort ho do
elded to make a clean breast of his
errand. "Colonel," ho Buld, "1 am not
an American; I am thu socrotary of
tho British embassy In Washington
or was up to tho timo of this war,
I comn as u special messenger from
my country, hearing Important ills
pntchos, which I am to deliver only
Into tho hands of his excellency, tho
president of tho Unltod States. Tho
accomplishment of my mission mny
hnvo a grave hearing on this conlllct
nnd It poBslbly may prevent blood
Tho colonel turned to ono sldo ami
throw down tho playing cards which
ho had been holding before making
any reply, His companions looked
highly Interested; but their faces gave
no hope.
"Mr. Hllllor, thoro havo beon at
least 20 men before me with similar
Important messages, muny of whom
have como direct from othor foreign
powers. Tho llrat of thoao I took from
them and sunt forward by special
couriers of my own. In ench case 1
was given a reprimand. Como here,'
ho suld, und preceded Hllllor out Into
tho open, whoro n bulletin board was
nnllod ngnlust a tree. In tho very
center of a collection of orders pasted
thereon was one which rend:
'General Order No. 27,007: Order
No. It.OOi, which was delivered to all
ofHcers, bulletined and read io all
men, permltB of no modification what
ever. It rend: 'No man shall pass
through tho lines, cither In or out,
and under no cltcuuiRtnncc.il shall nny
ommunlcnllon bo passed, either In or
out, Have on tho written permit duly
sealed and sinned' by tho president of
the United States.'"
"Is that emphatic onough?" he
asked, turning to Illlller, who ro-
luctantly admitted that It allowed of
no misinterpretation.
"But," said the lattor half Jokingly,
'suppose I muko a run for it?"
. "In that easo. Mr. Hllllor," tho ofll
cer answered gravely, "my men would
unhosllatlnRly drill you full of boles,
nnd I should bo sorry to sco a man
whom I take to bo a gentloman makn
such an attempt. This may look llko
play; but undornonth gloved hands
nlong this border lire tho claws of war.
Don't, please, niako mo unshonth
Tho secretary, baffled, declined tho
profier of a drink, and was promptly
escorted back ncross tho Canadian
lines; but on tho way ho mado now
plnns. He was only rebuffed by his
first failure, and with doggednoss ho
set IiIb Jaws and sworo that by somo
means or other ho would go to Wash
ington. Time wus becoming moro and
more valuable, so much of It had been
He Swam to tho Point
expended In his first Inquiries nnd
overtures. Ho would now bo driven to
stualth and dlsgulso.
Ho rotutnod to tho city, bought a
shabby stilt of clothes from n second
hand dealer, checked his luggage In
tho hotel, put tho precious dispatches
In a pocket within his shirt, nnd called
for an automobile Tho mnchlno car
ried lilm rapidly down n woll-rollod
road till night fell, when ho paid tho
chauffeur, und nn an additional pro
caution for tho sako of uccrccy walked
ahead till satisfied that he bad put
ninny miles between himself and any
one who might havo obsorvod his com
ing. Ho had seen enough during tho day
to bo convinced that under ordinary
clrcumstnncos It would bo Impossible
to pnsa tho sentries, whose boats wore
exceptionally short, and who formed
almost a continuous lino ns far ns ho
had been ublo to obsorvo. Ills In
quiries had elicited tho information
that somewhere lu tho vicinity n small
river flowod between tho two coun
tries, nnd he purposed using this tribu
tary of tho St. Lawrence us a means
to gain the othor country. Ills plan
was rendered moro tonablo because
tho moon, being lu tho full, favored
him. Tho night Itself seemed most
propitious, ns from tho wost a dark
bank of clouds was slowly coming for
ward, promising to lend obscurity at a
time when it should be most nocded.
Cnutlously ho prococded along tho
river bank, gaining a position in as
closo proximity to tho moving sentiios
as ho dared, then slipped off his cloth
ing, secured It into a bundlo, and
awaited tfco momont of darkness.
At tho very instant when the edge
of the cloud began creeping across the
' - - - - - - i 1 1 i r iTnln 1 1 i i i - r ' rr" rl1, -
moon ho lowered himself quietly Into
tho water and began swimming to
ward tho boundary line. In his days
at Oxford ho had been an athlote of
note, and In nil his later years had
malntnlnod oxcellont physical condi
tion, nnd wag thoroughly at homo in
the water. Ho swam with a low
stroke, catching broath from the cor
net of his mouth as ho turned his face
sldewlsc, and oxposlng us llttlo of
himself to vlow ns possible. Tho bun
dle of clothing lashed to his shoulders
proved something of an impediment,
but not sufficient to stay his progross.
Tho current caught him now and then,
throwing lilm out of his courso, and
when ho discovered this lo bo tho case
ho was almost against a bank. There
after he lifted his head at intervals,
In order that ho might romaln in the
center of tho stream. Ho surmised
that ho was nosrlug tho linn of son
tries, and clovatctl his chin for an
other glance, when a sudden blinding
flash of light smote him In tho eyes,
causing him Instinctively to duck his
homl. When ho came up for air after
swimming for somo distance under
water, the light was still on him, and
n drawling voice hailed lilm from the
"Strnnger, when you get tired of
swimming you might come in. I guess
you'd bettor, becnuse thcro'n four or
live men up beyond mo might tako
you for a duck, and thoy'ro all pot
His chnnco was lost. Ho wondered
why ho had not thought of search
lights, and realized that nothing but
the brilliance of tho night hud pre
vented their employment nt an earlier
hour. Fairly gritting his teeth in
anger, ho swam to the point where tho
soldier stood, and crawled out upon
tho beach, seating himself until ho
could fully recover from his effort
nnd rogaln his breath. A tall, lean
man, whose color emblems showed
hlin to bo from Missouri, stood above
Whero tho Soldier Stood.
him, whllo farther back nnd nt a
higher point tho buzzing of the cnl
clums and tho long restless ray of
light showed tho location of this
senrchor of tho night. Beneath it bo
cbuld dimly discern tho towor-llko
structuro on which It wus mounted
"You'd bettor got your clothos on,'
suggested tho sentry; "or, if you want
to, I'll call one of tho other boyB and
get him to lend you n fow dry duds
Sorry wo couldn't hnvo used tho lights
a llttlo sooner and saved you the
trouble of swimming up this far and
gottln' nil wet; but tho boss is a llttlo
shy on carbons now, 30 ho thought
ho'd mako the moon work for nn hour
or two this ovcnlng."
Hllllor, discomfited, started to don
his wet clothing: but tho guard In
sistcd In homely phrnso that he'd bo a
heap sight hotter oft and run no risk
of catching his death of cold If ho
would Just lot one of tho boys loan
lilm somo clothes for u llttlo while
and to this ho finally assented. This
luflnlto politeness nud good humor,
contlng Inflexibility, wns a little try
"You socni to koop a pretty good
watch along this bordor," ho growled
"Yes, fair to mlddlin'," tho sontry
said, with a chuoklo. "Wo'vo beon
oxpcctlng you all day long. Ia fact, 1
suppose you'ro being expected from
hero cloar through to Vnncouvor
You'ro tho Englishman that's hanker
Ing to go to Washington."
Hllllor turned toward him in nmazo
mont. What perfection of espionage
was this? "For Heaven's eako, man!
ho asked his captor In surprlso, "how
do you do it?"
Watch that streak of light for a
minute," tho sentry answered, and
ns it leveled its ray along the lino he
snw hero and there field booths with
double lines of wire entering nnd
omcrglng from them. "One's tele
graph and telephone, nnd tho other a
this frenk thing that shows men's pho
tographs. Yes," ho concluded, "your
picturo taken in live different posi
tions has been In thoro slnco you first
tried to cross the line today, and
anyway if you'd got past us follows,
you'd havo boon picked up boforo you
got very far into tho Interior."
Hllllor sat stupoflcd. "Has anybody
over really got across this line?"
"Yes, threo or four of thorn, hero
and there, mostly out wost where tho
hills Is rougher; but they all got gath
ered in sooner or later. Ono of 'em
who tried It was a Jap, and the boys
accidentally shot lilm. Another fol
low was an Engllshmnn, who mado It
over from Canada Into Dotrolt, so I've
"What happened to him?" Hllllor
nsked, suspecting that this was the
first bonror of tho messago who had
preceded him.
"They didn't want to turn him loose,
because ho know too much; so they
decided ho was a vag, and run him In
till tho war is over."
Hllllor knew now what had been his
predecessor's fate, but mado no roply.
Ills informant after a pause con
tinued: "There's boon only one ac
cident besides that which happened to
tho .lap, and that wns n poor devil that
undortook to go over in ono of these
nowfanglcd airships. Ho certainly
got his tiro punctured all right, and
camo down mighty BUddcn." Tho sol
dler stopped for a moment and heaved
a long sigh, and then concluded in a
softer voice: "I was awfully sorry
for that follow. Ho wa'n't no spy nor
nothing llko that, but Just a young
newspaper chap doing the best he
knew how to get tho goods. Ho wn3
done for when the boys picked him up.
Tho colonel felt about us sorry as any
body else, and got npeclal permission
from tho Canadian government to send
a squad back with him as a guard of
By this timo Hilller had donned tho
dry garments that had been provided,
nnd stood nwaltlng tho further instruc
tions of his captor. "Well, what am 1
to do?" ho Inquired, seeing that tho
man stood motionless.
"Oh, you can go back across tho
lino, or If you want to ono of the boys
will find a place for you to bunk till
morning. You sec, you're kind of a
distinguished gueat. We all had or
ders to treat you nicely, and tho colo
nel will havo a machine hero to tako
you back wherever you want to go to
Baflled by vigllnnco nnd overcome
by courtesy tho secretary, after bid
ding his captor good-by, retired for the
night to a camp cot In the quarters of
a lieutenant of infantry. It was long bo
foro ho succumbed to a slcop of utter
exhaustion. He was awakoncd by a
buglo call In tho morning, and found
his host shaving himself beforo a
small mirror suspended from tho tent
"Good morning, Mr. Illlller," tho
officer said. "Not quite as pleasant
quarters as the secretary of tho Brit
ish embassy Is entitled to, and not
many conveniences; but you'ro wcl
come to my razor If you'll wait a min
ute." Hilller sat up, rubbing his eyes.
Nealty stretched out on a camp r.tool
beforo him wcro hl3 shabby clothes
Improved by washing, not only dry but
pressed. Ho stared at thorn in sur
prise, whllo tho ofllcer laughingly con
"Yes, tc did tho best wo could for
thorn; but 1 don't think you mado a
friend of my orderly, ns ho swoars ho
ha3 worked on them all night long,
nnd has roquestcd a day's lcavo on
tho strength of It."
Thanking tho ofllcer for his hospl
tality, Hilller slowly garbe'd himself
and stopped through tho tent fly. Be
low him and stretching away as far as
tho oyo could discern wcro gray
brown ombankmcnts, one line within
tho othor, nnd excavated with military
"Intrenchmonts," camo a volco be
hind him, observing his curious In
spection. "Wo have to keep tho boyB
busy, and bosidos tho government
didn't want to tako nny chances. Thoso
pits stretch across this continent
now, and thoro won't be any trouble
for a good many years to como for
people to toll Just whero tho border Is
located. Llko 'em?" ho concluded,
"No. I can't say that I do," Hilller
responded with equal good nature;
"but thoy look business like."
"Oh. thcy'ro tho goods suro enough,"
his Informant continued; "but that
Isn't nil. Seo that little mound over
there?" and ho pointed a bnro brown
arm over his guest's shoulder. Hll
llor nodded assent and looked Inquir
ingly nt his companion. "Behind that
thoro's a brace of Catling guns. Got
them too every little ways. Novor
had to fire 'em yet. and hope wo novci
will. But you nover can tell. Same
work's been dono along tho Mexican
bordor lino; but It's easier to guard.
This war certainly has educated a
lot of fellows; so that when It's over
thoro'll be plonty of mon can show
callouses that woro novor decorated
with 'cm beforo. This country's bot
tled up now as tight as If the Lord
Almighty had sot a can over it," and
ho laughed at his own Joko.
Pollto Chinese Children.
While very young tho llttlo Chinese
Is taught "manners," how to como
Into a room, to bow very low to par
ents or thoso older than hlmsolf
even till his head nearly touches tho
floor and to "chin-chin." This Is
their polite greeting, which takes th
form of our hand-shaking.
Tho experience of tho Bisser Bron.
in Western Canada is similar to that
reported to cvory agent of tho Cana
dian Government, whoso advertise
ment appears elsewhere:
"Wheatwyn, Sask., Nov. Cth, 1908.
"To tho Commissioner of Immigra
tion, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Dear Sir:
I, in company with my brother nnd
other relations, arrived in this coun
try in tho spring of 1803. At tho timo
wo got off tho train at Wolscloy, Sask.,
wo had only a fow dollars, not enough
to start farming on our own account,
bo wo wcro compelled to work out for
a considerable timo in order to mako
sufficient money to ennblo us to es
tablish oursolves. When wo thought
we had enough money to start with, I
nnd my brother took up ono quarter
Bectlon (100 acres) land each in the
Loon Creek district. In 1900 wo moved
on our homesteads with ono tenm of
horses and ono walking plow. Whllo
I was engaged with tho work in the
field, my brother built n shuck nnd
barn of logs, which wo have hauled
during tho timo wo woro not ablo to
work In the field. Wo wcro certainly
working very hard, but I am glad to
Bay that wo mado our fortuno In this
country. To-day wo do not need to
work so hard ns wo used to, as wo
havo thrco men hired steady for
whom wo pay 30.00 to $10.00 a month,
besides board and lodging during tho
summer time! I am also glad to tell
you that to-day wo aro owners of a.
section and three-quarters of tho best
land, with first class buildings thereon,
besides having all the necessary ma
chinery. Wo always do our own
threshing, for wo havo a 22 horse
power threshing outfit.
"Our success In farming in this
country also enabled us to get rid of a
number of horses of less value, and
instead wo bought 10 pure-bred mares,
representing a valuo In tho neighbor
hood of ?5,000.
"Regarding raising grain, which is
tho main factor in our district, I am
proud to say that wo havo always
had good success. Wo havo raised
wheat as high as 35 bushels to tho
aero; and this year, although wo ouf
forcd from lack of sufficient rain, our
wheat went 27 bushels to tho acre,
and wo had 900 acres In crop. Wo
havo broken this year about 100 acres
now land, and by next year wo will
havo about 1,110 acres In crop. For
ono carload of wheat which wo havo
shipped a fow weeks ago wo got a
prlco of 97 cents per bushel, nnd it
graded as No. 2 Northern, although wo
havo a quantity of wheat which will
surely go as No. 1 Northern. During
tho bIx years wo havo been farming
for ourselves wo havo never had ono
frost around hero, so that wo always
had a good crop.
"I, for myself, feel compelled to say
that our Great West la tho land whoro
a person who is willing to work and
trun his hands to anything, can mako
a fortuno, and a comfortablo living.
Our country Is a thoroughly freo conn-.
try, and wo have a good Government:
and, as long as wo havo good crops,
and a good Government, wo nro satis
fled, and I think that is all wo want.
"Yours vory truly,
"P. O. Wheatwyn, Sask.."
Showing the Right Spirit.
A llttlo boy had beon naughty ut
dinner, and had boon sent away from
tho tablo Just as his favorite dessert
cabinet pudding with butter and
sugar sauce was being served. About
nine o'clock that evening, when tho
other children had gono to bed and
his parents wero alono In tho Bitting
room, a tear-stained llttlo faco and a
whlto-robcd flguro appeared at tho
"Mamma," it said, bravely, between
sobs, "you told mo novcr to go to
sleep whon anything wrong hnd beon
dono until it was all fixed by right,
so I camo down to toll you that that
that I forglvo you and papa for
what you did to mo at tho dinner
Trof. Munyon has generously placed
his Cold Curo with druggists through
out tho United States and has author
ized them to sell it for tho Binall sum
of 25 cts. a bottle. lie Bays these
pollots contain 110 opium, morphine, cc
cnlno or other harmful drugs, and ho
guarantees that they will relievo tho
head, throat and lungs almost imme
diately. Ho gives U1I3 guarantco with
each bottle of his medicine: "if y0H
buy my Cold Curo nnd It docs not glvo
perfect satisfaction, I will refund your
money." Prof. Munyon has Just Issued
a Magazine-Almanac, which will bo
sent freo to any person who nddressos
Tho Munyon Company, Philadelphia.
Tho chronic borrower depends for
spending toonoy on his friends, and
snys: "Why If thoy didn't lend It. the
chumps would only go nnd spend it."
Tho Herb laxative, Garfield Tea, nidn
Nature in maintaining tho guncral well-be-ins
of the body: it corrects constipation,
purifies tho blood, brings health.
Occasionally a woman goes to
church for tho purposo of ascertaining
how many of her neighbors don't.
. JJiM' OSC "imoMO QWNINl'"
oT.r 10 Cur. n CoU In ono lr. 5fco. orla
The first time a girl Is engaged sho
Imagines that she Is as Important aa
tho herolno in a novel.
Lewis-Single Binder Cigar has n rich
Peoria, IlT dM,er r riS!
The highwayman has a low way 0f
doing thlnri. OI

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