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Hull's Detachable Umbrellas are the most practical
made. The materiuls used are the best. The styles
are the latest, the prices are low as good quality
will permit. We have them for both ladies and
gentlemen in prices from $2.50 up. You can only
get the best by insisting on a Hull. f j
DIXON, The Jeweler.
Graduato Northwestern University. L
Office over McDonald State Bank r
J. A. Fuller left last night for Pasa
dena, Cal., to which point his family
went last fall.
Alex Meston is home from Lincoln
frhera ho attended the convention of
tho state laundrvmen.
Juat receired some new diamonds at
very attractive prices.
Dixon, Tho Jeweler.
The members of tho W. C. T. U.
will meet with Mrs. Stebbins Tuesday
afternoon, March 14th, from three to
Tho county commissioners devoted
yesterday to the transaction of routine
business and are In session today. Tho
full proceedings will be published
.Weather forecast: Probably cloudy to
nigiit and Saturday. Minimum temper
ature yesterday 64; one year ago 37.
Maximum temperature this morning 3G;
one year ago 24.
Have you Been the new mesh hags at
Dixon's? They are guaranteed not to
break and aro-of most artistic styles.
Miss Kate Clark will remain in the
county judge's office for a time and as
sist Judge Grant in catching up with
tho businass which during Judge Elder's
illness ran behind.
Wo learn that P. W. Sitton, upon ar
riving at Chicago, found his wife in n
rather critical condition, and that he
will take her south in o.rder to escape
damp, cold weather. New Orleans will
bo theirbjoctive point.
Graduale Dcnlisl.
over tho McDonald
Stato Bank.
E. S. Davis Gets Postmastership.
A telegram received by E. S. Davis
last evening from Congressman Kinkaid
stated that tho President had signed
Mr. Davis' commission as postmaster
at North-Platte.
This settlesrtCHrUest over the post
mastership that find been in progress
for mdre.thnn a year, lur which at no
time was acrimonious botween the con
testants. Mr. Davis had an unusually
strong lino of endorsements, not only
from local people, but throughout the
state. Ho is well qualified to fill thu
position and wo feel certain will make
a good record. Mr. Davis will assume
the duties of the. office not later than
April 1st. i
Shop and Road Newa. I
.Hrffr- 1'
Lylo Milliken succeeds S. B. Moore
as office engineer on tho corps of Union"
Pacific engineers stationed in this city.
Ono hundred and fifty Japs aro oc
cupying bunk cars at Pnxton-rSady to
begin-work' on tho double track. Tho
steel and tics aro strung from Suther
land to Julcsburg;
Supt. H. J Roth, of Cheyenne, ac
companied the Lovett special to this
terminal yesterday morning. Engineo
Ell brought tho train down from Sid
ney and Engineer Austin niado tho run
to Grand Island.
Two work trains are now in service
hauling sand from 0' Fallon to fill in
the now yards nt tho western limits of
the city,, One train tics up at night at
O'Fallon the other at this terminal,
tho two nltcrnntlng In the lay-over.
A, rumor comes fiom Chcyenno to
tho effect" that Geonro Smith now fraln-
"rhaster (or rather Asst. Supt.) nt
that terminal, will sent go to tho
Illinois Central, a position having been
tendered him by Genl. Manager Park.
A special train bearing eastward
President Lovett, of the Union Pacific,
passed through at eight o'clock yester
day morning. Accompanying Mr.
Lovett were Julius Krutchsnitts, direc
tor of oporntion and mnintonnnco and
General Manngor Mohler.
) Tho Brotherhood of Locomotive En
gineers has just completed an unusual
enterprise in tho city of Cleveland. It
consists of a thirteen story office build
ing coating about $1,000,000, erected
wholly as an investment rather than as
n national headquarters. Eyery mom
bcr of the brotherhood has an equnl In
terest in the structure. It is said to
be the only building erected on this
plan by a labor organization in tho
It is said by railroad men that the
fast running record of 19 minutes be
tween Central City and Grand Island
was eclipsed today by No. 11 which
made the new record of twenty-two
miles in 18 minutes fiat. Tho train con
sisted of Engine to. 168, and seven
cars. Engineer Frank Schmidt, famil
iarly known among his fellows ris
"Bootslcnther," was at the throttle.
Datectivo Gormnn sat in the fireman's
seat and says his experience bororcd on
the thrilling. "158" is n Baldwin Simple
of tho Atlantic typo. Grand Island In
New Seven Room Bungalow
For Sale.
We will offer to our friends and patrons the following goods, at prices less
than they were ever sold. Steel Enameled Ware, white inside, speckled blue and
white outside, Stew Pans, Kettles, Coffee Pots, Tea Kettles, Dish Pans, etc., while
they last 25c. Long Handled Shovels and Spades, regular price 75c, our price 35c.
Long D Handle Shovels ahd Spades, regular price 75c, our price 35c. Long Handled
Manure Forks, four tine, regular price 85c our price 50c.
. ' I , .
We will giv a special discount of 5 per
cent on all Stoves and Ranges, including
the Great Majestic.
Just received
a car load of
new and up-to-date
ture which we
will include
in this sale at
ten per cent
'Don't lose
the oppor
tune t y of
getting the
Free or
White sew
ing machine
at a dis
count of 20
Special discount
of 10 per cent
on nut entire
line of Baby
Buggies, Go
Carts, and
Oriole Baskets,
1 fi'W .
Will Bring Body Here;
John E. Evans received the following
telogrnm this morning from Ralph Ray,
of Amarillo, Texas:
'Telegram from Hot Springs an
nounces death of father; will bring body
to North Plntto as soon as I cap reach
there. Father wished to bo burled at Ft.
McPherson. Make tho necessary arrangements."
One of as modern and as finely fin
ished throughout home as thereis in
the City, with sidewalks in and
lot filled. This is the Basta
. Bungalow on east Fourth
St., only six blocks from
the high school.
If you contemplate purchasing a pinno seo us before buying, special discount of 20 percent
This includes tho Kimball pianos. . '
If you cannot come yourself send the children, they will get tho snmo attention as' yourself.
Special articles nt 5c and lOcvfor tho little ones. Watch our windows the balance of this week and
see the goods we will put on sale Saturday. Come early as the goods we will offer will not last long
at the prices asked.
It is sometimes difficult to
. t 1 e
secure a suitaoie waisc ior
common wear at a reasonable
price. We believe we have
Dr. D. T. Quigloy returned Inst night trading and buying of material that ho solved that problem lor you
from Lincoln, where he spent a couple Is doing, tho material and labor was S(3ason. We are showing
!L"ni!T oru, TctlonJ Price. lon th?n tho bui,?ine c?.uld b Ginghams.- Satteens, India
........ w... .. WilOtlUVlW .W U.V. ... .WU..
On account of Mr. Basta
good deal of the work on this building
at odd times when he and his men
could not work nt anything else and on
account of tho large amount ot. con
trive vou cood terms.
See us about tins at nnco.
for indigent people. The stato medical
association suggested the bill and are
working earnestly for Its passage. Dr.
Quigloy says there does not seem to be
A metal ceiling is being placad in tho much opposition to the passage of the
room occupied by Schiller & C6. measure. The bill provides for tho erec-
mi.. r. j it ...in i,i,i tta tion of tho hosnital at Somo nolnt wast
xiie lire uauui luiuut ui huiu i . . - i -
. , ' , of thn nlntv.nlnth mBrlfliTirtnr n nninf. morning aosiroyeu ino lomsen lumoer
twcniy-iounn annum ouu u. eve... """ I '7.r:;;j yard, tho enrnenter shop of Shnne &
ine of Easter Monday. April 17th, at " u "uu. rc 0, and tnol, ar nessshooof Mr. Strineer.
- .... 11 r 1 1 r . 11 1 m 1 1 . . . .
ho T.W,1 nnr hnnii. Tickets w be ociwoen vozaa una uoinenourg. 1110 Pract cr v tho entire stock of tho lum-
on sale In a few dayH and should find a oxact location the hospital is left t0 ber yard was burned. Tho origin of the
ready sale among o'ur citizens. the discretion ot the board .( public SpnulTtarTnecenXdfXrnnK
luuuo uiiu uuiiuiiih.
Temple Real Estate & Ins. Agency,
1 and 2 McDonald Block.
Fire at Sutherland.
Fire at Sutherland enrly yesterday
Li nent. Linen finished Indian
Head Muslins, etc., at 75c
each. See samples in our
south window,
Wircox Department Store
Our spring lino of ladies hand bags
excell in quality and cost no more than
those of less stylish designs, let us
save vou somo money and help you to
tho very best.
Dixon, The Jeweler.
njj 1 J- . tt7 j. s. D. Westrall coea to Kearnoy mon-
one-half business owned by Wefltf nil and Hendy.
, 1
Underiuear at
-w -wt -w -v1 m "
price. JJK&UJbK r uo. uo.
A Greek was arrasted at tho post
W. H. Ryan.returned Tuosday from office yestorday by a g6vernment of
Excalsior Sonhes. where h had been
Btaving for several weeks. We regret
to learn that a consultation of physi
cians resulted in giving him no encour
agement. His trouble is tuberculosis of
tho kidneys.
C. O. Weingand left last night for
RnsRville. to attend the funeral of his
brother Frank. He did not leave with
tho others yesterday morning because
of contemplated operation upon one of
sons, but later it was decided to post
pono tho operation.
Wanted Apprentice girls at once.
The relatives of the lato Judge Elder
ficlal and placed in jail. The fellow
is charged with obtaining, while in
Kansas City, a registered letter ad'
dressed to another party and pocketing
thu money, lie was traceu to this city,
and by means of a decoy letter, re
questing him to call at tho registry
window, ho was apprehended,
For Rent Tho Charley Bretemltz
ranch, ten miles north of town, 640
acres all under fenco; twenty ncres
cultivated. For furher particulars call
at ranch.
Bids onCOO.QOO. cubic yards of earth
work out of Broken Bow west to Arnold,
Gandy and Tryon on tho new proposed
rni rnnil. (irnrlintr to actunllv bGinn in
next ninety days. Call and boo, or wrlto
stating whero your outfits are at present
and size, to
Nebraska Central & Western Ity.,
Broken Bow or Arnold Neb.
We have for Sale the IHupfer place
. .... ... t
on tne norm side, consisting or one
express thejr sincere appreciation of b,ock of j $;x r(Jom h()USC good
tho assistance given them by tho peo- 1 1 1
pie, and members of lodges, during tho hay barn, chicken house and chicken
illness and at the funeral or tne juage, yaras, gooa ceiiar. iwo 101s wun iruu
1 m f II .. I m . . m M
and for the floral tributes. incseKinuiy xtts and four lots in with altalla.
acts so generously extended will ever Y , f . . ,s .
a . 1. 1
tuo remeinuBicu.
See our nowbrillianthat pins. GOc up.
Dixon, The Jeweler.
Justice Sullivan united in marriage
last evening Roy V. Gaunt and Miss
Grace Jensen, tho ceremony occurring
r- thA nnrriA nr inn iiriiiLi 11 uiuinai uii 1 AM
"k" "m Io , price ot J.buuu.uu and can
WIv Aiuru oncok. io 1 Tl i I
r r , on mntiu vnnm n CaSV ICIII1S. IUC liuuiutuiciu oiuiic
well known blacksmith of this city, are worth $3,000.00,
Tho brido is known to a number of local TEMPLE REAL ESTATE & INS. AGY,
rffl'M ' ' 1 1 & 2 McDonald Block.
First National Bank.
of North Platte, Nebraska.
Capitaland Surplus $140,000.
E. F. SECBERGER, Vice-President,
M. KEITH NEVILLE, Vlce-PresNenl,
F. L. NOONEY, Cashier.
Helen Burhnm in "Tho Barrier" at
the Keith Monday evening, March 20th.
And Saturday.
Children's Underwear
We are showing a line of
children's muslin underwear
that will help you out on your
snrirur cp.winfr. Nn use to sit
MOVING PICTURES: at a machine all day when
"Jean Goes Fishing" "The you can buy child's drawers at
of alfalfa hay cut off these four lots, Signet Ring. io, l2lA, 15, and 20 cents
This block of ground is on the Dillon pair, child s combination skirts
ridge, being the finest soil in the VAUDEVILLE: nnd waists, some with ging-
country. The musical Pearsons. 20 ham sk,It.s. ?r 23 and So cents
w- k... m. t vM-vinu, . . r . , cacn. uiuiaren s ana misses
j ..II muslin sKirts irom 2 s to oc
aim can oen uu 1 .1 . . . 1 ". .. - - . . " .
comcuy, me mosi original An trimmed either With tUCKS
comedy in vaudville. or embroidery.
10 and 15 Cents. IWilcox Department Store
t. f . WATTS,
"Up to his old tricks." Crying more sales and getting better
prices than ever before. Adviso with mo before claiming
your dates. My terms arc in keeping with my work.
"Crowded Lungs"
at school produces poor health. Ia
your boy or girl sitting straight at
their desk. If not a CORSET BRACE
will correct this evil and is com
fortable to wear.
Wo do nil kinds of cleaning, pressing,
dyoInR nnd repalrinc for ladies' and
gents. Wo call and deliver the goods
A. SIGEL, The Little Tailor,
223 E. h St. Phone 182,
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