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a. r.
NO 17
Judge Munger and Mrs. Munger,
who had been in town for a few days,
returned to Omaha this morning.
Mm. Harry Fleishman nnd littlo
daughter are visiting friends in Omaha,
having left for that city Saturday.
Mrs. W. K. Covillo accompanied her
son Dr. Covllle and wifo to Brownlec
Sunday, where she will remain several
Mrs. Joipph Spies left Sunday night
for Council Bluffs in response to a tele
gram that her son was very sick with
Rev. R. B. Favorite will Bpend part
of this week on his farm twenty-six
miles south of town superintending tho
boring of n well 260 foot deep.
Tho Baptist parsonage w.as recently
sold to C. H. Meek for $325. Mr. Meek
will move the building to a lot near the
corner of Tenth and Willow.
Minor Uinman went to Hastings Sat
urday night and returned Sunday with
a Chalmers touring car. Ho was tc--compnnied
on the trip by E. H. Evan's,
Loren Sturgei and Jim Clinton.
Last wtek Henry Schrieber purchased
twenty-eight head of fat cattle of J. C.
Wilson at an averago price of about $80
per head. They are now being slaugh
tered and sold at the Schrieber market.
Louis Tobin returned Saturday from
Denver, where for two weeks he had
been visiting relatives and transacting
business. He says Denver is at present
a very quiet city, trade being very slow.
Joo C. Piercy, formorly of this city,
has closed his legislative work at Car
son City, Nev., nnd returned to Tona--pah.
He says he very much enjoyed
his experience as a member of tho
Nevada legislature,
Judge Munger, Keith Neville, Henry
Rebhausen and A. P. Kelly returned
last night from Logan county where
they went Saturday for a duck hunt.
They had good shooting and brought
in a big bunch ot fowl.
About fifty men employed by tho
Union Pacific in the several depart
ments at Grand Island were dismissed
Friday. It is believed this reduction in
force is only temporary. Slack work is
given for the rason of he reduction.
The St. Patrick Day so:ial given by
tho Altar Society at the McCabo resi
dence Friday evening was largely at
tended. A nice lunch was served, Irish
melodies and recitations rendered and
altogether a vory enjoyable evening re
sulted. A lodge of Odd Fellows will be in
- Btituted at Brady April 12th. The re
galia and furniture for the hnll has been
ordered. It is expected there will bo a
class of fifty initiated. Tho work will be
put on by tho North Platte and Gothen
burg lodges.
Tho ElkB will initate a class of twenty
next Monday evening, nnd in addition
thero are about forty applications for
membership. When these are supplied
with antlers tho membership will exceed
250. When work on tho new home was
first begun the membership was about
one hundred.
The new appointees to the post
mastership and tho receivership
of the land office will ontcr
upon their duties April 1st. That date
is the beginning of a new quarter, and
tho transfer will bo accomplished with
less inconvenience than if made before
or after the quarter.
Wnnted Apprentice girls nt once.
Miss Wihttakrr.
A citizen who observes there being
no pretense nt enforcing the ordinance
prohibiting the riding of bicycles on
the sidewalks of our city, suggests why
not repeal the ordinance and force
pedestrians to take to the street thus
avoiding accidents to tho rider and tho
possible damage to his wheel.
Frank Meyers, who pleaded guilty
to horse Rtealing, whs sentenced Satur
day by Judge Grimes to one year in
the penitentiary, the sentence to date
from the dqy he was first placed in
jail. The judge suspended until the
next term of court seutence upon Mrs.
Fletcher who was found guilty of
Wo do our own diamond setting in
our own store. No danger of diamonds
being lost if left in our care for repairs
or re-setting. Dixon, Tho Jeweler.
Frank' Chorpcnning took Juliu3Hnh-
ler, Joe Fillion nnd this writer over the
south hills Sunday to demonstrate the
hill climbing ability of tho 1911 Buick
car. The machine climbed the ateep
hill south of the experimental station
on low gear without a stutter, and the
htll further south on high genr with
aso. 'I his mil 15UICK is n very eusy
riding car.
The continued dry weather is causing
Lincoln county farmers much concern ; in
fact they are becoming ajittlo despon
dentover tho outlook. Lastyearwas the
driest year this section has ever had,
tho precipitation amounting to but 10.7
inches, whjje the average far thirty-six
years past has been 18.63 inches. It
hardly seems likely, however, that this
year will prove as dry ns last.
Our repair department n one of the
best equipped in Nebraska and each
watch that goes through our hands is
given tho most careful attention.
Dixon, The Jeweler.
At tho annual banquet of the feder
ated stntes societies held at Los An
geles last Friday, tho following former
North Platto people wero present:
John Keith, Mrs. N. A. Beach, Miss
Ella Dllllon, Mrs. S. E. Douglas, Mary
Jones, Mr. and Mrs. N. P. Ogier, Mrs.
J. B. Jeter and two daughter, Miss
Etta Ormsby. Miss Clara Rankin, C. 0.
Palmer and Ella Hassinger.
Save Money On Buying Paint
We have a new line of paint made by Benjamin Moore
& Co,, of Chicago, that is equal to any make of paint on the
market same analysis, same wearing and covering- powers,
same guarantee.
Sunshine H'iriishes
for all inside work are thejaest. Makes old woodwork floors
or furniture look like new
is a flat, washable oil paint used as a wall finish. It is more
useful, more healthful and sanitary, more economical and,
with all these, more beautiful than wall paper, calcimine or
other paints,
Window Glass and Paint Brushes.
See Us for Your Wants.
The Episcopal Guild will meet with
Mrs. Geo. B. Dent Thursday afternoon
Asst. Supte. Nlland nnd Koth, of
Cheyenne, transacted railroad business
in town yesterday.
WantedAppronticQ girls at Mrs
G. S. HufTmans'.
The Ladies of tho Episcopal Guild will
hold an apton snlo and social nt the
Guild house May 4th.
Mr. and Mrs. Georgo Huzza, of Sid
ney, formerly of this city, left lost
week on a pleasure trip to California.
Horss Wnnted A few head to sum'
mor. Plonty graus and water. Thos; E,
Doolittle, North Platte.
It is understood that grading for tho
double track botween Julesburg and
Pine Bluffs will begin tho early part of
next month.
Lost or mislaid in North Platto Sat
unlay, u pocket book containing nine
dollars and n number of papers. Finder
roturn to Dan Carrigan, North Platte.
Carpets and Rugs at tho cutprico nt
Hub Clothing Dept.
Mr. and Mrs, G. F, Copper arrived
from Omaha Friday for a visit with
friends. Mr, Copper left yostordny for
Denver, leaving Mrs. Copper to sptnd
tills week in town.
The wrecking crew was sent to Lex
ington Friday to remove a broken drive
whefl'on u locomotive and the next day
was sent to the same place to clean up
a minor mishap.
J. E. Rodman is is in town mnkint?
preparations to plant 20,000 trees on
tho Union Pacific plantation cast of
town. Tho trees will be set out soon
after April 1st.
For Sale Fifty bushels Early Ohio
seed potatoes, and 100 bushels German
millet seed. Ono dollar per bushel for
each. Address Joe Pinion, HersheyNeb.,
or call nt his place half milo north of
Tho district superintendent of the
United States forest reserve, and the
superintendent of the Santa Fe road's
treo department will visit North Platte
about April 1st to inspect tho Union
Pacific's tree plantation and witness
the working of Rodman's tree planter,
For Sale Settings of thoroughbred
Barred Plymouth Rock Chickens. Fifty
cents a setting or $3.00 por 100. Albert
Hnspel, Route No. 1, North Platte.
Tho free lecture nt the Keith Friday
evening, March 24., to -be given by
Mr. Frank H. Leonard of Brooklyn,
N, Y., will glvo tho public an oppor
tunity to loam why there is all over tho
world such a rapid growth in Christian
Science, which is ono of the leading
subjects of tho present time. This Ice-
turo will answer questions that are
dally being asked regarding Christian
Science and its teachings.
Fire Department Favors City Hall.
At a general meeting of the Fire
Department held at the Court House
March 16th, to consider the proposition
of voting $15000.00 in City Bonds to
build a City hall and home for the Firo
Department, tho undersigned committee
were appointed to voico the sontiments
of the Fire Department.
Tho Fire Department are a unit for
the bonds and believe that they should
receive tho support of every public
spirited citizen.
There is not a town in the Stato half
tho size of North Platto that has not
a respectable City Hall and Homo for
tsFiro Department.
Such a building as can bo built with
the proceeds of tho proposed bonds will
afford plenty of room for the City Offices
and Firo Department for years to come.
Heretofore tho department has been
compelled to put up with a few old
shacks upon rented ground that aro a
disgrace to tho city. It is impossible
under such conditions to givo the City
that prompt service and firo protection
that the Interests of the City demand.
Besides, it is timo that tho city offices
were gathered into ono place where the
records could bo found and Where they
could be preserved in suitable fire proof
Tho Fire Department earnestly calls
upon tho good citizens of tho City to
oin with it in support of tho City Hall
Bond proposition.
Charles Sandall.
Theo. Lowe Jit.
Eaul W. Davis.
F. S, Russell.
First Door North of First Natn'l Bank, North Platte, Neb.
Ranch For Rent.
The Spear improved ranch of 2635
acres located 7 miles northeast of North
Platte, all fenced and cross fenced into
several large pastures. 2 wells and
windmills, five room good frame dwel
ling, plenty of stable room and chicken
house, about ICO acres in cultivation.
Possession given at once.
$500 in Cash for a Name.
& CO., Chicago, makers
of the Young- Men's Clothes
we sell, want a name or brand
for use in advertising them,
and announce a great Name
Contest with an offer of $500.
00 in cash for the right one:
Think of these clothes as
better In every respect than
any other clothing produced
for Young Men. Think of them
as more perfect in fit and tail
oring, with material of better
quality, yet lower in price
than other clothes. Consider
they are made by specialists
for Young Men. Understand
they have style, taste and dis
tinction no other make pos
sesses. Realize their fitness
and appropriateness for
Young Men make them most
rlnt? ei 1x1 CxiM.tHk
T7j-i.-: o... v ....L , . ., o..uU.u. ouycbt a name
ucriisuncr-ocein xoung mens v,iotnes worthy of these clothes.
Details and Conditions of the Great $500.00 Offer.
Some Name Will Positively Be Chosen from Those Submitted ia This Contest.
This offer, of Ederheimer, Stein &. Co. is optoi to all. Everyone is premitted to BUddcst as manv name
ns he or she wishes. '
Names should be short, catchy, easy to remember; and surest something of interest to Youni! Men
Avoid names now used by others to advertise clothing.
If the right name is suggested by only one person, he will receive $500.00; if by several, tho uriz e will
be equally divided. Handsome McFalinrt posters will be sentfrco by Ederheimer, Stein & Co to all who
suggest one or more names in this contest. ' v
Ederheimer, Stein & Co. make this great offer through their retail dealers, and require that all the
names be sent them through this store that sells clothing. Names sent to them direct will not be con
sidered. As we represent Ederheimer, Stein & Co., bring your list of names to this store for us to forward
Ederheimer; Stem & Co, will promptly acknowledge receipt by sending yoil'the beautiful McFall poofer1
Contest starts March 18; ends May 0, Nome or names of winners will be printed in Saturday Evening
Post of June 10. '
For More Details Read Announcements of Ederheimer, Stein & Co. in Tho Saturday Evenfni! Post of
March 18, April 8, April 29. b
J. B. McDONALD, The Home of Good Clothes
Booming Cody for Senator.
Word cornea from Tucson, Ariz.,
that Col, W. P. Cody has established
hit residence there and'thnt the peoplo
of that city propose to boom him as n
candidate for United Stntes senator
when that territory is admitted as a
state. It would certainly be fitting,
that Colonel Cody, the typical westerner,
round out his career by being the first
senator from a new otate. If . this
writtr lived in Arizona ha certainly
would push the Colonel's candidacy.
Nelson Again iu Trouble.
C. S. Nelson, who figured in shady
deals in regard to alfalfa meal millu nt
Horshey nnd York, nnd narrowly es
caped trouble at Scotts Bluffs is, ac
cording to a letter roccived in town, in
jail in Missouri. The nature of the
charge which resulted in his imprison
ment was not stated. Nelson holds &
membership card in n local fraternal
organization, and by UBlng it ns nn
identification succeeded in getting
caihed a bogus Kansas City draft for
$15.00, this In' tor transaction coming
to Itaht in n letter from a Missouri
lodge to the local lodge.
Nelson seems to be an all-around
rascal, the kind for which penitentiar
ies yearn.
P. E. 0, Entertain ifusbandi.
Members of Ak Chapter P. E. O.
were hostesses at n seven o'clock 'dinner
nt the Heeler rsidenco Friday evening
at which the 13, I. L'n, or husbands,
were tho guests. Occurring on St.
Patrick's day, tho home decorations
were along that lino and included sham
rocks, clay pipes, a blarney stone and
minitum (lags, the green alternating
with the chapter colors. , Tho tablo
decorations wero also suggestive of the
patron saint. Covers were laid for
thirty. Following tho dinner toasts
were responded to by Judgo Grimes
nnd Rev. Williams, and contests were
introduced ns entertaining features.
The day was the thirthleth wedding un
j niversary of Mr. and Mrs. Butler Bueh
I anan and they ware remembered with
; a cut glass basket and fern.
Dastardly Work.
The meanest, vilest nnd most das
tardly pieco of work thntliasbeen com
mitted in this section in years was en
acted nt tho Platte Valley school house
west of this city on Tnesday night of
last week, when tho bulldincr wis
broken into and about two hundred dol
lars-worth of property destroyed. A new
atlos costing $125 was soaked in Ink,
charts on the walls similarly treated,
desks und windowlights wero broken.
and ovory pieco of proporty tha. could
be multilatcd suffered the ravages of
the degenerates. Not content with this.
vomitings nnd excrements wore left on
the floor.
Tho matter was renortod to Sheriff
Miltonberpor, who found that Jim
Stlngley, of this city, had secured a
team nt Bowen's livery barn Tuesday
evening and returned it about two
o'clock the next morning, He also found
that Stinnley nnd Paul Dunont. the
latter also of this city, on tho same
evening had purchased a dozen bottles
of beer and two quarts of whisky at
Don's saloon. Further investigation
showed that the hoof murks of tho
horses tied ut the school house corres
ponded with the hoofs of tho Bowen
Acting upon this evidence the sheriff
'arrested Stlngley Friday evening, but
Dupont learning of his probabio arrest
skipped town. Lowell was sent out
nfter him, overtaking him nt Aurora
und returned Sunday night. With the
two men in this nefarious work is said
to have been two girls.
Tho two men wero arraigned in the
county court yesterday morning and
pleading guilty wero fined fifty dollars
cacii und costs,
Chickens Wanted.
Chickens wanted at Schrieber's meut
market. Will pay nine cents n pound
for ail kinds,
Hand Tailored Suits.
Havo you decided what color your
Spring Clothes nro to bo? Aro you going
to wear a brown, gruy, blue or tan?
Are yuu going to wear striped or plain?
Are you going to wonr Scotch or fancy
cheviot or worsted? It's immaterial to
us what material you prefer, because
our stock ia all-covering.
There is something which is of very
material interest to us, though, nnd ft
iu, nro you going to purchase your new
suit from usor someone also? If you seo
our clothes, we know of whom you'll
buy. Why not give us u chanco,
Onr time is yours.
trbi Hud Clothing Vevt.
Legaa County Women Balk.
A apocial from Qandy appearing In
yesterday's Bee said:
Encouraged by the recent decision of
Judgo Otto of Brule, who defined tho
rights of husband and wife relative to
work on the farm, Nebraska women
aro doclanng themself in no uncertain
manner. AH through this section of the
state tho women havo organized clubs
and determined that henceforth farm
work shall de done by the men, oise it
will go undone.
Not that in tho past Nebraska wo
men have done moro outside work than
the women of other statcB, but since
tho Otto decision they say that they are
going to look after the househouldduties,
and If jtho husbands cannot dp tho farm
work alone, thoy will have to hire men,
Within sixteen miles of this town tha
women, through an organizer, have ten
societies with an aggregate member
ship of 280. The women sign but one
pledge nnd that is that they will not
milk cows, feed cattle, work in the hay
and corn fields. They lay the law down
to their husbands, quoting from Jjiie
decision of Judgo Otto. ' .'
A Fine Hone For Sale.
Wo hnve the exclusivo agency of the
R. N. Lamb residence Dronertv on th
north eide for sale.
This property consists of two 6G foot
lots with nn 8 room modern dwelling
thnrcon, Including hot-water heat. Two
Btnall houses on the alley that rent for
$16.00 per month. Lots all filled and
curbing in. Tills property is situated
right in tho business section of the
north sld and the lots alone will be
worth more than tho price asked for
tho improved property in a shor ttime.
Mr. Lamb has In view another busi
ness proposition that he wishes to use
tho money in ght away, and has
pinced the vory low price of $4,700.00 on
this property. Seo us at once If inter
ested, Temple Real Estate & Ins. Agency.
For Trade.
1C0 acres of good land about 7 miles
south west of Paxton. 75 acres under
cultivation. Ail fenced. Will trade for
residence property In North Platte. See
Temple Real. Estate & Ins. Agency,

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