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IRA L. BARB, Publisher1. J
Considerable satisfaction will bo felt
by mankind generally at tho nrgumcnt
advanced by a married woman In a
suit Involving another woman that "a
husband in property to a wlfo and a
family, and to win him away is noth
ing short of stealing." So It Ib tho
husband and not tho wlfo that is tho
"human chattol." Tho admission con
troverts tho thoory upheld through
generations of feminist protest against
tho sorfdom imposed by man on his
domestic partner through unequal man
rlago laws, says tho Now York Herald,
Tho honest confession that tho con
trary is tho caso has been secured at
last, but at a cost to feminine con
sistency which may bo oxpoctod to
bring Us proper rcbuko from overy
woman's club In tho land. Tho fair
plaintiff to secure her own ends has
proved falso to ono of tho chorlshcd
principles of her sex. Dut tho truth
Is out. It Is man who is tho chattel,
possession of whom Is gained by tho
marrlago ceremony and tho right, title
and Intorcst to whom has beon estab
lished in suits for non-support or for
abandonment during marrlago as well
as in alimony proceedings afterward.
His etatv.s as matrimonial property
has to bo sure, long boon a matter
of court record.
Hero la high valotry and variety
with a vongeancol A roomclerk In
an uptown palaco hotel tells of a pal
ace revolution that doublo discounts a
Jerked-beef mutiny in Rio Janeiro,
ssyB tho Now York Press. He says:
"The valota and maids wo get hora
are far more difficult to deal with than
their masters and mistresses. Most
of them insist upon having rooms with
private baths and turn up their noses
at anything else. It has happened at
times that tho sorvantB rooms woro
all occuplod and we had to put a valet
or a maid into a room with a bath, a
regular guest room, charging tho reg
ular sorvant rato. Tho result Is that
every 'gentleman's gentleman' that
comes here now demands a 'bantu' as
his Inalienable right"
The coming generation, In our cities
at least, is likely to have a more live
ly appreciation of the value of fresh
air than the ono that lias proceded.
Within the past three years nearly
fifty cities have established opon-alr
eoliools for the benefit of tuberculous
children, says the Boston Transcript,
Providence began It and other mu
nicipalities have followed on, though
not all have developed the idea to the
same extent. Doston, for .lnstanco,
might profitably carry it farther than
she has. Pawtucket, R. I., not only
has a fine open-air school, but; pro
poses to have at least one open-air
room In ovory uchool building In tho
city, where delicate children can re
ceive the tonlo Influence which nature
bo bountifully provides.
A woman surgeon is attachetTto tho
WllllaraHburg hospital in Now York
city, having ben appointed because
she surpassed ail male contestants In
a competitive, examination. Bho had
beeu an ambulance surgeon only n
few hours when she had her first case.
It was cold and raw, and the experi
ence was anything but agreeablo, but
the lady doctor was equal to the omer
genoy and took excellent caro of the
patient. And she says she has learned
jiu-jitsu and Is not afraid of "drunks"
and D. T. victims. That energetic lady
appears to bo abundantly able to ac
complish what she wished without go
ing Into the suffragette business.
The Newfoundland government hai
refused permission to American fish
ermeii to bur herring for tho purpose
of lllllnar contracts. The request was
made because of a poor Reason which
prevented tho Americana from obtain
lnK what they wanted la tho waten
accessible to them under the torms ot
The Hague decision, Newfoundland.
Is within Its rights In taking such o
stand. Still. It la not Indicative of th
best or most neighborly temper, and
the action seems to show that the re
sult, of the fisheries arbitration hai
not been accepted In the proper frame
of mind.
A Jury in New Yqrk, In the caeo ot
a young wlfo Who had killed her hus
band, brought In a verdict ot man
slaughter only. Perhaps they felt that
In the summary taking off ot partners
sow- bo fashionable 1b domes tic cir
cles, the woman ought to have some
The United States says through one
e! Its eourta that the hen la not a
bird, but that as egg Is an egg In the
ihell or out of It. Now It remains to
be seen whether modern science will
.put Uaele Sam la the clasa ot nature
fakers or rank him ass an expert ob
fowl decisions.
"Woman wruk ill air narvaa hi talk.
tag too much," declare Vr. Enrico
SereAnl. Net to wenlloH the effect
the serves of ue peer aubmimm.
OH mothers used to spin tho
Oilr fathers used to mine,
And mako the jrnrmonta that they woro
For worlc and holidays.
Tho spinning wheel In dusty now,
Nor half as stout, I ween,
Aro coats and vwsts and breeches now
Wo mako 'em by machine
Liquid Foods.
Often tho liquid diet must be strict
ly maintained in food for tho inva
lid. A variety of liquid foods nro
nccossnry to know how to proparo to
avoid monotony.
Often tho person who objects to
milk will tnko nlbumenlzed milk, or
by giving It n llttlo spnrklo with
Apolllnarls water, It will bo taken
with enjoyment.
Barley water and rlco wntor aro
often given to reduco a laxative condi
tion, barloy water having tho pref
erence. Toast wator Is very beneficial In
pases ot nausea, and clam water may
ofton bo retained whon other foods
cannot bo retained In tho Btomnch,
Clam wator and cocoa nro also
used to Incrcnso a secretion of moth
er's milk. a
Oatmoal water in ofton given to
dyBncntlcs. It Is the old-fnshlonod
'drink for a hot summer day, ns it
may bo drunk with safety whero Ico
water would bo injurious.
The Juicos of fruits diluted with
cold or hot water aro often usod in
Ulnoss for n fovor patlont. Tho di
luted juices nro most beneflclnl, as. they
aro cooling and mildly stimulating.
Thoy aro valuable also, for tho salts
and acids they contain. Lemons nro
i fruit most commonly usod, aa thoy
nro always In tho market.
Boot ossenco is given when a con
densed form ot food la nccossnry. To
proparo n: wipo n nan pounu oi
round steak cut thrco-fourths of an
Inch thick, and placo It In a heated
broiler. Broil thrco mlnutoa over a
clear flro, turning ovory ten seconds
to prevent the escape ot tho juices.
Put on a hot plato and cut in half-
Inch pieces, gash the plocos sovornl
times on each sido, then squoczo
with a fruit press fo got all tho julco,
and turn Into a cup not In hot wntor.
Benson with salt. Uso enro that tho
uiccs do not get too hot or thoy will
T IS novor too lato to begin,
JKk History Ik full of men and
women who woro failures at fifty, and fa
mous nt aoventy.
Five Good Recipes.
Eon Relish. In a skillet try out two
bIIcoo of salt pork cut in cubes; In
tills brown a cupful of broad cut In
cubes. Add an oqual amount ot cold
potntoco cut In dlco and whon brown
ffdd two oggB slightly beaten. Heat
slowly, stirring until tho egg Is cooked.
This ninkoa a nice breakfast or sup
per dish.
Ponhoss. This dish Is much Hko
tho old-fashlonod scrapplo. Ubo a
ploco of pot roast uncooked, about
two pounds, Grind It flno through tho
moat chopper, add two quarts of water
nnd two cups ot corn meal stirred In,
and season with salt nnd poppor. Cook
slowly two hours. Pour out Into a
long tin to cool and ubo cut In sllcos
and tried brown, for broaktast.
Ena Dainty. To half a cup ot water
add the thlnly-parcd rinds ot an or-
ango and lemon. Allow thorn to re
.main for halt an hour. Squoexo tho
Juice ot an orange and lomon Into a
cup. fill it up with cold water, add to
It a tablespoonful ot gelatlno and stir
over the (Ire until quite hot, but not
boiling. Romcvo from fire nnd cool,
tlion add a woll-boatan egg. Pour Into
a mold and turn out whou set,
Concord Cream. This Is ono of tho
most attractive ot dessorts, aa It is,
whon nicely mado, ot a most charming
color: Mix a pint ot cream, a cup and
A half ot grapo Julco, a halt of a cup
of uugar aud lemon julco to taste,
The lomon juice brings out tho color
ot tho grapo as woll as tho flavor.
Froozo and servo In tall -glasses gar
nished with swootonod whipped
cream and chopped pistachio nuts.
Eggs, Waldorf Style. Arrango
poached eggo on buttered toast aud
surround with brown mushroom sauce
and place a broiled mushroom cap on
each ogg.
AY what you owo and you will
vArvotio would mend ono. all would bo
A Standard Bread.
A all over our country, In county
and state fairs, and In contests of
all kinds the women and girls are
bringing the work of their hands In
sewing and cookery to be Judged
we need to have & larger vision and
a better Idea of standards. The vast
majority ot women cook as their
mothers did before them and often
that knowledge is very limited aa
the exhibits at the fairs will attest
Take bread for example. The most
eoiBinon article ot food made la our
homes; hardly two women will agreo
as to a good loaf, so our contests aro
doing groat work In getting tho wom
en to hco a loaf of bread which In the
judgment of tho judge approaches) tho'
Ideal. It is most Important that tho
udgo should bo a qualified ono, as
otherwise alio may hnvo a wrong
Ono judges broad In much tho same!
way that grains nnd corn or stocks,
aro Judgod.
Tho shapely brown loaf, weighing
pound, haa a domo-shapod, wolt-l
roundod top nnd a rich brown crust
showing that it has beon woll baked.
Tho flavor should bo good, tho odor.
swcol and nutty, with novor an odor
of yeast and texturo ovon. Tho
pores in bread should novor bo larger
than n grain of wheat.
Very llttlo yeast should bo usod.
Tho kind Is Immaterial as "starter;"
homo-mndo yeast, dry or compressed,
all mako excellent bread when well
mixod. This and the kneading is tho
sccrot of flno-grnlned bread.
Broad should bo kneaded until It
fools springy nnd elastic under tho
hands; usually It takes about twonty
Thero Is a right way to knead bread,
and if It is not well kneaded tho re
sults will show It,
To knead bread uso tho palms ot
tho hands without a great deal of
forco. Aftor each prossuro turn tho
dough with . tho loft hnnd a quarter
way round. In this way tho yeast
plant nnd gases given off nro ovenly
A loaf should rnlso until It is doublo
Its bulk, nnd a pound loaf should
bako from forty-flvo to flfty-flve min
utes. !'S n Baying old nnd musty,
Yet it
. a ever now:
"Tin never troublo troublo
Till troublo troubles you.
Care of Milk, Cream and Sutter.
Thero nro two thlnns absolutely cs-
sontial in tho caro ot milk products,
and thoy nro both so Important that
It la hard to know which should come
first cleanllnosB nnd coolness.
Milk that Is cleanly milked into
sterilized palls and quickly cooled and
kopt from tho contamination of germB
in tho air will keep sweet for a long
Ono of our enterprising dairymen
sent a bottlo of milk to Paris at tho
tlmo of tho exposition. It mado tho
ournoy ovor nnd back, a trip of 28
days, and was still sweet. Thero wns
no preservative used, and tho only
precaution wns to havo tho dishes and
bottlo perfectly sterllo, cooling tho
milk at onco and keoplng it all tho
tlmo nt n low tomporaturo. This
socinB a good while to koop milk
sweet, but It shows what cleanliness
nnd n low tomporaturo can do with
Tho best motbod for keoplng milk
is to koop it from tho air, as many
bacteria got Into milk from tho air.
Tho bacteria in warm milk aro In
tho ldenl medium for growth and re
production. A varloty of bacteria re
produce by division, and a generation
ot bactorla may grow In 20 minutes.
As thousands ot bacteria can playhtdo
and seek through n noodle's oyo, ono
can npproclnto tho number contained
In a drop of milk. Thoy cannot grow
and multiply if tho milk is kopt cool.
In innking buttor ono of tho most'
common mlslnkoa Is tho keoplng of
tho crennr too long; such buttor lacks
tho good flavor which Is tho most do-
slrablo quality in butter.
Another mlstako often mado by
buttor makoro Is over-working ot but
ter. Aftor churning and tho buttor la
In lumps tho slzo ot kernels of corn,
drain oft tho butter milk and wash tho
buttor In good cold wntor to remove
tho buttor milk boforo It becomes
packed In a lump. It will need more
washing In tho butter bowl, but work
It as llttlo as posslblo. Overworked
buttor has no grain and is salvey In
appearance. Cut into tho buttor with
a knifo nnd break off n pioco. It it
breaks oft ltko broken steel It la of
good toxturo.
Beans at Their Beit.
No two cooka quite agree on tho
methods of making beans do their
boat, and when aftor petting "and coax
lug and nursing tho savory moss
woll oiled and mellowed with' bacon
boiled Into tho heart of It the proud
cook will ask, after dishing out a
quart or two for trial, "Woll, how do
you Uko my beana?" an If by no pos
sibility could thoy- be Uko any .other
beans cooked In the same way, but
must needs possess some special virtue
of which he alone Is master, wrltos
John Mulr In the Atlantic. Molasses,
sugar, or pepper may be used to give
desired flavors; or tho first water may
be poured oft aud a spoonful or two ot
ashoB or Boda added to dissolve or
soften tho skins more .fully, according
to various tastes and notions. But,
like casks ot wtno, no two potfuls are
exactly alike to every palate. Some
are supposed to be spoiled by the
moon, by some unlucky day, the beans
having been grown on soil not suit
able, or the whole year may be to'
blame as sot favorable for beana, etc.
Some Dress
LITTLE finishing touches mako tho
finished toilet and mark tho caro
that is beautiful. That bows ot
narrow volvot ribbon, or of folded
satin, finish tho center of larger bowB
of laco at tho throat. Flower forms
In Bhowor effoctB, Jlko that Bhown In
tho plcturo, mndo ot baby volvot rib
bon nnd satin ribbon, and nock bands
of black velvet Btudded with tiny
roses and forgot-mo-nots of narrow
ribbon havo proved fascinating addi
tions to tho chiffon blouses, now tho
Very small flowora mado of silk or
ribbon or motal tissues, or of all of
thom combined wero never bo fully
appreciated as thoy are right now.
They adorn neckwear and bodices nnd
millinery. Occasionally thoy appear
on, akirts. Nothing outvieo thom but
tho now bonded decorations. Small
bcada such ob tho Indians uso aro a
fcaturo of tho Benson. Fabrics aro
clovorly woven to look aa if.beadod
and ono must examine at closo range
to bo ablo to toll. Tho effects aro
very unusual.
It is not likely that tho corsage
bouquot will bo any less a tavorlto
for spring than It Is now. Tho most
llfe-llko artificial flowers, Bcontod Hko
those thoy represent in nature, bright
en up tho plainest tailor-made, or add
Made Up In Chinese Blue Face Cloth.
This Design Showa Up to
Chlncso bluo faco cloth Is selected
for uso hero; the skirt has a panel
takon down front and .continued
round sides and back In a doop band;
wldo military braid heads this, whllo
buttons aro sown at edgo of panel.
Tho coat Is cut and trimmed to
correspond, and tho sleeves aro cut in
with sldos; black rutin forma collar
Hat ot satin trimmed with a large
pink rose and follago,
Materials required: 6 yards cloth 48
inches wide, 2V4 yards braid, yard
satin, about a gross buttons, 6 yards
allk or satin for lining coat.
Quite simple la tho llttlo coat shown
here; it Is made up In bottle green
velveteen, Is single-breasted, taken up
nearly to neck, and has no collar; the
edges ot fronts are bound with Bilk
braid. Straight uffB are set to the
bishop sleeves, wnicn nave only a
Blight fullness.
Hat of velveteen to match, trimmed
with a wreata or rosea.
Materials required: 5 yards velve
teen 24 Inches wide, 4 buttons, V
yards braid, 2 yards sateen tor Using,
a final charm to tho fanciest spring
The midsummer faohlonB are- des
tined to bo most mldsummory. Slow
ly wo approach that which Is at onco
beautiful and comfortable And now
thnt Paris to turning out boldly a
corsolless gown, and a blfurcatod
skirt which aro taken seriously
enough to bo insistently reported, It
looks ns If a now order of things woro
Wo shall bo forced to glvo much
attontion to tho figure tho body
which la moro than raiment.
Waists of Foulard 811k Among tha
wow mings suggested for
v the 8oaaon.
Among tho novelties and new thlnai
suggested for spring aro waists of
foulard silk. Thoy aro made tip usual-i
ly ot sou spring colorings in tho new
nnd fashionable printed designs, and
frequently have tiny yokes of whlto
or delicately tinted laces or note with
wee undersIeoYos of tho same filmy
Lingerlo blouses will, of course.
havo their devoted admirers and fill
a conBtdorablo portion of our shirt
waist boxes. Marquisettes and volloa
nro often used In their making, as, ot
course, aro tho more familiar batistes
and lawns.
Tailored blouses often open down
tho Bldp, and hand ombroldered makos
thom a llttlo less sovero In. stylo, Cro
cheted buttons make delightful taston
lngs. With us still Is the wash-silk blouse
In tho well-romembored striped of-
focts, These may bo many colorB, nnd
the blouses nro usually rather tailored
In stylo.
For better wear thoro are still the
veiled chiffon nnd soft-silk blousos,
nnd our old friend, the Persian note,
crops out hero and thoro.
Novsl Collar.
The string tics which women art
wearing with their tailored shirtwaists
como In tho loveliest of colors. The
materials used are Innumerable, bul
all, of courso, havo tho silky finish,
A novel collar shows to good advan
tao a Btrlng tie ot clol bluo corded
silk. The high, straight, turn-down col,
lar fastens in front. Wtdo, vertical eye
let slits appear around the collar at
Intervals ot about two inches, and
through these Is run the tie, which la
knotted in front In four-ln-hand fash
ion. Blue to Violet.
To change the color of blue prints
to violet place them la a solution ot
household ammonia, one ounce to a
pint ot water. Do not wash the prints
after soaking them in the ammonia
solution. A stronger or weaker bath
may be used as the prints seem to
require. One can also get a. better
print from a thin negative by prist
lag through a sheet ef ground paper.
Kidney Treubte Caueeel Terrible
D. 0. Taylor, 705 . Central Ave.,
Wichita, Kan., nays: "For yenrs I
Buffered from kidney trouble and was
often confined to bod. On ono occa
sion while working
tho pain was so se
vere I wns hclples
and hnd to bo car
ried into tho house.
I found no relief
and was In terrible
shapo whon I be
gan taking Doan'a
Kidney PHIo. They cured mo com
pletely, no sign of kidney troublo hav
ing shown itsolf In years. ' I have
recommended Doan'a Kidney Fills to
at least ono hundred people."
Rcmombor tho name Doan'a.
For salo by all dealers. 50 cents a
box. Foster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
Bloom I'm glad I met your wifo,
She seemed to tako a fancy to me.
Gloom Did she? I wish you'd met
her sooner.
It will grow in your own garden.
Ripening hero in Wisconsin In 90
days. Splendid health coffee and cost
ing to grow about ono cent a pound.
A great rarity; a healthful drink.
Send us today 15 cents in Btamps
and wo will mall you package above
coffeo seed with full directions and
our mammoth Boed and plant cata
log free. Or Bond Us 31 cents and we
add 10 packages elegant flower and
unsurpassablo vcgotablo seeds, sufll
cicnt to grow bushes ot vogotablefl
and flowers. Or mako your romittanco
40 conta nnd wo add to all of nbovo 10
packages of wonderful farm seed spe
cialties and novoltlcs. John A. Salzor
Seed Co., 182 S. 8th St, La Crosse, Wta
"Thoro waB $105 ta tho left trou
Bero pocket," panted a whlto-faced
man as he all but fell Into the little
tailor's pressing and cleaning shop. '
The tailor glanced at tho oxched
citizen and wont on pushing tho
Aftor a mlnuto the now arrival got
his breath, but lost his tomper. "I
say thero was $105 In tho left trou
sers pocket," ho repeated, snaking his
"Veil, dldt I odt dew visn't?" tho
llttlo tailor asked. "Dere Iss do pants.
Mebby ho lss dero yedt," pointing to
a pair of trousers on a nail.
Tho left pocket gave up a roll ot
bills and a clgarotto caso, tho right
pockot a bunch of koya, penknlfo and)
a pound ot other Junk; tho right back
pocket a magazine pistol and a hand
kerchief, tho left back pocket a big
memorandum book and tho fob pocket
a watch with fob and charm attachod
and some bills tightly folded.
After tho nbsent-mlnded ono had
given tho tailor $5 for hla "honesty"
tho knight ot tho gooso soliloquized:
"Somo day dot feller ferglt hla bants."
Their wedding tour had ended, and
they entered their new homo to settle
down to what they iiopcd to bo ono long
uninterrupted blissful honeymoon.
But. alas! tho young bride's troublci
toon begin, when she tried to reduce the
coat of living with cheap big can baking
Sho soon discarded that all sho got
was a lot for her money, and it was not
alt baking powder, for tho bulk of It was
cheap materials which had no leavening
power. Such powders will not make light,
wholesome food. And becauso of tho ab
sence of leavening gas, It requires from
two or three times as much to raiso cakes
pr biscuits as it docs of Calumet Baking
Thus, eventually, tho actual cost to
you, of cheap baking powders, Is mora
than Calumet would be.
Chean baking powders often leave tha
bread bleached and acid, sometimes yel
low and alkaline, and often unpalatable.
They aro not always of uniform strength
and quality.
Now tho brldo burs Calumet the per.
fectlv wholesome baking powder, moder
r.",m PX1C. an( always uniform and re
liable. Calumet keeps indefinitely, makes
cooking easy, and la certainly tho most
economical after all.
I honor any man anywhere, who,
in the conscientious discharge of what
he believes to be his duty, dares to
stand alone. Charles Sumner.
Soro Throat is no trifling ailment. II
will sometimes carry infection to the en
tire system throunh the food vou' eat
Hamhns Wizard Oil cures Soro throat.
The entire object of true education
is to make people not moroly do the
right thing, but enjoy tho right thing.'
f 'JSP b VehiI' Bma,V BWoetea,
easy to take as candy, rem ate and Invl
orate stomach, liver and Wei. Da not
A Ind content botb crowa an
kingdom la. Robert Greene.
"tot -ama
.1 f., --'- Va

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