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Semi -Weekly Tribune
Ira L. Bare, Editor and Publinlicr.
One Year by Mail in nilvanco $1.25
Ono Year by Carrier in udvnnco $1.60
Kntorod at North Platte, Nebraska, Post
ofilco ns Second Class Matter.
FRIDAY, APRIL 14. 1011.
Thsro aro now four political parties
In congress republicans and progressive
republicans, democrats and reactionary
democrats. With each at loggerheads,
tli a interests of tho country will be sub
servient to tho political pleasures of tho
warring factions. Littla legislation may
therefore be expected.
Tho late legislature appropriated flvo
million dollars, which seems like a large
mm, butas Nebraska increases in great
ncss Its needs are greater. Among the
new Items of expenses were $100,000 for
tho southwestern agricultural school,
$100,000 for new buildings for the In
sane hospital at Lincoln, f.170,000 for
buildings for the university, $100,000 for
n state medical college nt Omaha, $72,
000 for weak school districts.
Winter wheat on April 1, showed an
avcrugo condition of 83.3 per cent of a
normal against 80.8 n year ngo, 82.8 in
1909, and 8G.9 tho ten-year average,
according to the April crop report of
tho Department of Agriculture Issued
at Tuesday, Tho advance In condi
tion from December 1, 1910, to April 1,
1011, was 0.8 points as compared with
an average decline In tho last ten years
of 4.4 points. Tho condition in Nebraska
is reported at 8G.
The legislature appropriated $SO,000
for tho establishment of a tuberculoids
hospital at soma point in western Ne
braska. Unquestionably the best Bite
for this institution Is at North Platte,
because hern is found an altitude and
climate that retards tho progress of
that disease. An ideal location would
bo on the bench land south of tho
river. If North Platte desires such an
institution tho citizens should lose no
timo in inaugurating n campaign to
land it.
"Made in Nebraska" should be tho
slogan of Nebraska people, declares tho
World-Herald, and we believe t!mt ninety-nine
per cent of the people of tho
state will agree with that sentiment. It
Is just as easy to UBk for Nebraska
made goods and there will ho both satis
faction and profit after we havo tried it
a while. "All It requires," says tho
World 'Herald, "is a little moro thought
fulness, a littlo moro enlightened solf
Intorest, and a little moro of the Ne
braska spirit." Stand up for your own
town first, for Nobrnska next, and the
outsldo world as a last resort. Kear
ney Hub.
Evory now and then Incidents trans
pire to show that railroads are not al
togather heartless orsouless, Wednes
day a lady with a nix months old child
got on Union Pacific train No.
After IB. at tho "depot in Omnha
getting in the car she decided
8ho wanted Borne fruit, and loavlng
the child In care of n lady passenger
wont to tho station lunch countor.
Whilo there the train pulled out, Bepa
rating mothor and child. Then matters
"picked up" so far as the mothor was
concerned, and oho becamo fruntje.
The result was that train No. 15 on
whicji thq baby was a passenger was
held at Grand Island for two.houra until
tho arrival of train No. 5 on which the
mother arrived.
Railroad Laws Pasted.
Moro than ono hundred measures
wero introduced in tho legislature
afTectlng railroads and trunsportution,
of theso fifteen passed, and of these
fifteen tho most important wero:
Allowing cities of second class and
villoges to require tho lighting of rail
read tracks at streot crossings. Tho
railway commission to pass on enforce
ment. Giving tho state railway commission
jurisdiction In complaints under the
demurrnga laws.
To compel railway companies to
maintain stock sheds at loading yards.
To bo enforced by rullway commission.
Requiring railroads to furniBh watch
men over freight and giving railway
commission jurisdiction Will effect
transportation of coal more than other
classes of freight. This udds to and en
largos the ecopo of an existing law.
Requiring standard caboose cars, with
certain exceptions, on nil rnllrpnds of
the stuto by the yenr 1015. This bill was
urged by thu representatives of tho
trainmen's organizations.
Animals injured by traliiH must bo
cared for by railway nmployes.
Employers must givo servico letters
to employes when they quit the service
setting forth tho reasons for servoring
relation of employer and employed.
Railway trainmen's bill. Limits tho
number of hours of continuous duty to
sixteen for trainmen and nine hours for
dispatchers and operators. Similar to
thts national law now In forqe,
Railrohdt to ho required to ran pas
senger earn for caretakers of livestock
r to provide cabooses with chair Boats
of sufficient number to accommodate
atoek shippers.
Herd Reducing Sale.
It is not at all probable that we will make a public
sale this year and in view of the fact that we must re
duce our herd to make room for our spring- croo of
calves, we are offering" a number of
Bulls, Cows and Heifers,
at private sale (for a few weeks only), at prices that
have never been heard of before for the class of stock
we are offering; , '
- ! '
Bulls of serviceable aje, cows with calf and
heifers old enough to breech , Come- early and get the
pick of the Jot.
Don't ask for prices until you have seen the stuff.
North Platte, Nebraska.
Easter at the Lutheran Church.
In the morning at 10 o'clock the
Lord's Supper will be celebrnted nnd
new members received. In addition to
the regular ordor of worship and the
communion servico and congregationnl
singing thero will be an anthem by the
choir "Rejoice tho Lord 1b King" and n
duet by Mrs. Dill nnd Mrs. Huffman,
"Easter Alleluia." Tho offering will
be for benevolence.
At the Sunday school hour thore will
be a special Easter Day sorvlce, "Allvo
for Evermore, " consisting of respon
sivo readings, recitations and songs,
the music assisted by the orchestra.
The Lenten Dally offering envelopes
will bo received. The parents and
friends of the Sunday school nro espec
ially invited to attend this service, too.
Tho ovening servico at 7:30. Tho can
tata by tho choir "Tho Easter Angols"
will furnish tho chief part of tho ser
vice. The cantata begins with an intro
ductory organ prelude. The text of tho
service in brief outline is as follows:
"The Angel Guards' In baritone solo
by Mr. Yost and women's chorus. Tho
tho "Angels atGethsemnno" presented
In contralto solo by Miss Richards nnd
the chorus. Tho Saviour Suffers on tho
Cross and the soprano solo by Mrs. Dill
nnd chorus sing of "The Wondering
Angels" amazed at tho wondrous
tragedy on Golgotha. Tho effect of this
nccno on the compiler Inspires the use
of "Rock of Ages" sung in alto and
baritone duet by Mrs. Huffman and Mr.
YoBt. The impression of "Tho Angels of
the Resurrection" io arranged to be
presented in tenor solo by Mr, Moon nnd
choruB. "The Victory is Won," chorus.
Tho proof of the victory is his nsccn
slon Into the presence of the Father, ar
ranged under the topic "Thou art Gone
up on High," baritone boIo by Mr. Yost
and chorus. Since ho is gone into the
eternal Holy of Holies there is promised
and expected "Joy in the Mansions of
Light," contralto soloby Mrs, Huffman
and women's chorus. Tho voice from
the throne appears in "The Angels
doratlon" in the final chorus.
There Will be severnl musical numbers
by the orchestra. The evening services
will bo used and tho usual number of
songs by tho congregation.
Files Motion in Federal Court.
The Lincoln Journal of Tuesday con
tained tho following'! torn:
Tho defendants in' the case of Fnlr
bnnkb Morso & Compuny against S. P.
Strlkor nnd the Horshoy Alfalfa MlUimr
company of Horshey, Neb., filed n
motion in tho fedoral court yestorday
afternoon asking tho court to renulro
the plaintiffs to stato in their petition
whethor tho contruct for machinery
Which tho nlalntiffd claim tho dofund.
ants nro indebted to them for wus
made orally or in writing and if in
writing to require that a codv of the
contrcat bo Included in tho potition.
Thoy further ask in the motion thnt
tiio potition include an itemized state
ment of tho account with tho Horshoy
Milling company. The plaintiff's peti
tion, which wns filed Bomo time ngo,
ullogcs thnt tho defendants owe tho
plaintiffs $4,000 for machinery Installed
in tho Horshoy mill,
Congressman Kinkaid has been ap
pointed chairman of tho house com
mittee on Irrigation of arid lands, u
committee that is now considered a very
importnnt one in view of the millions
the government is spending in its recla
mation projects in the western statos.
Tho Building and Loan association
is making several loans to home
builders in the Tuy!orndditU,n. Get a
lot while you can. Thero are only a few
eft. See P., li. Roid, agent McDonald
bank bttildinff.
Why Is It
Our business on UNION FLOUR is
increasing every month? There's a
reason for it. It is because every
sack is made of the choicest selec
tions of wheat by expert methods.
We do not grind this flour ourselves
but it is ground for us under special
contract that if must olwoys.grade
right up to the mark. Try a sack.
If not satisfied we will take it back.
Price of 48-pound sock $1.40.
Witox Oepai'tiiiiiiif Store.
Save Your Suits.
Wouldn't you like to wear that per
fectly good lust spring's suit ognin?
And wouldn't you wear it If you could
shorten tho jacket to conform to tho
present Btylo. If you haven't tho timo
to do It, or if you don't know how, just
send It to us. We nro doing n great
deal of this kind of work this spring, as
well as cleaning, dyeing, pressing nnd
ndding now collars nnd cuffs. A few
such changes will imnrovo your old
suit so that you will nctually enjoy
Tho French Dty Clenning nnd Press
ing Place.
A. MGEL, The Little Tailor.
223 E. Cth St. Pione 182
I Physician, Surgeon, Optician.
I 'District Surgeon U. P. R. R.
I Hersiiey, Neuraska.
Uncle Sam Stands First,
Undo Sam, in his suit of stars and
stripes, stands first among nil nations,
and in this elevnted position he la like
Our cigars tho equal of nny and sur-
fiasseu by none. We have been mak
ng clgarSsjn North Platte for over a
quortor of a century. If wo did not
make good cignra wo would have been
out of business years ago for no one
would buy our cigars if they wore not
good. Isn't this true?
Similea, Similibuj, CuraatHs
A like remedy will cure a like
disease ns a remedy which has
the same symptoms, or produces
the same in tho well, will cure
those In the sick, and with na
ture's help will cure quicker than
nny other, nnd with leas expense
to the human economy. This
system of medicine has at its
command ahotWng'in thu realm
of cure, such as electricity in any
form, the Vibrator, Massage,
Hyrothcrafcntics. Therefore tho
correctness of choosing this line
of treatment, rather thnn whims
with a single borrowed idea.
For out of town patients and all
those interested: rooms furnished
when desired, for confinement,
medical and the necessary surgi
cal ctiF.es. Trained nurses in
Dr. J. S. Twinem,
Medical and Surgical Pgticioner
Physician and Surgeon,
Ofilco over McDonnld Bank.
4 PhoncH I Office 130
Uioncs Residenco 115
Physician and Surgeon.
Dny and night calls promptly answered
Ofilce P. S. Hospital. Phono 642.
Surgeon, Physician, Consultant.
Ofilce Physicians and Surgeons Hospita
Phones: Office G12, Residence 644.
Olllcoi Hotel Tlmmcnnatie
Special attention given diseases of
women and emergency surgery.
Doclors Ames & Ames,
f- uubiuu HIIIU3 W HI1IC9,
rt . . l
; Physicians and Surgeons, jj
Office over Stono Drug Co. 0
c Phones l Ofilce 273 g
J i,lones j Residence 273 :j
' Merchant Tailor.
Wc hnvo recently installed a French
Dry Cleaner for Men's and Ladies'
i ii i
uppurei oi au ciassess, and we
guarantee satisfactory work. We
are also tailors and know how to
repair clothes. .
We carry samples of goods and
make clothes of all kinds to order,
insuring first-class workmanship
and perfect fit.
Go to
Furniture Repairing
and Cabinet Work
Also Wood Turning, Picture Framing
Room Moulding, and Window
Screens a Specially.
Shop 107 East Fifth.
of tho Supervising Architect, Washing
ton, D. C. March 21. 1911. SEAIEn
PROPOSALS will bo received nt this
ofilco until 3 o'clock P. M. on tho 2nd
dny of May, 1011, and then opened, for
the construction (includlg plumbing,
gas piping, heating apparatus, electric
conduits and wiring), of the U. S. Post
KA, in accordance with tho drawings
and specification, copies of which mny
bu obtained from thn rnatmiinn r
site ut North Platte, Nebr , or nt this
oiuco nt uie discretion or tlio Super
vising Architect.
Jamks Knox Taylor,
Sunervising Architect.
Tho StMoof NcbrasUi. I HM ' i
Lincoln County. I8
In tho Couuty Court..
In tlio matter of tho estate of John II.
Johnson, deceased To thu creditor, helm.
?ii?tg,iS5:,nu,re,,,ca in 11,0 U8U,
, lAlipiz is?
OoltitTM as Administratrix of Halt! estate and
t is ordered that tho same stand for liarli ur
tho 2d day of May. A- I), ion. bo-
(Jr.t.,Vi.c.T.1 at U, of 0 o'clock a. m..
at which timo any person Interested mar ap
pear and I except to and contest tlio same. And
notice of this proceeding U ordered glvon
tef.bl mW,".!1 V H,lcC0!,,f,lv .SU0 '
mhlUhed in Said y In'oHo OTalrof
Witness my hand and thoseatof tlio county
court at( North l'latto this 10th day of April
aliA John Ouart, County Judr
Homeopathic Phyilelan end Surgeon
Special attention givca to conflno- 2
m menw and children's diseases. Z
Office Phono 183 Uos. Phono 283
Offlco McDonald Stato Hank Hld'ir
ttsaai asaaaa
Mtato of Nebraska, Lincoln County, Ss.
In Din tnntfflp nf thn not 1 1.. i i i
Alyoa, deceased.
On rcadln and flltn the petition of .Tames
Altn n..i.lni. . a . I . . . . - t i . . .
.ui, mu iikuur nuininisira
tlojti of tho estato of Iturrdell Arloa,
deceased, may be waived In Lincoln Country.
m vruviuvu uy section OSU3-3-4,
rt ii(.,uii-n ui Jfvu, n in IJOrOUy
ordered: That Mar 1. at 0 o'clock a
n.,said twitltlon will bo hoard at which timo
iTviavun iiiiviuncu in saiu osLato may ap
pear Iwforo tho county court of said county
tlpner should not bo (framed, and recular
administration of said estate waived, and
decrco of heirship entered. This ordor to bo
iiiimcuiur six uttes"iTO issuen in tno iNortti
l'latto Tribune, a. seml-weokly nowspapor.
published In Lincoln County, Nebraska.
juii" uiiAriT. uounty juuro.
Notice is herein' irlven Ihit hv vMimnr.n
order Issued to mo 1 tho District Court of
j.incom county, neorasua. in an action
wherein I red Hund Is plaintiff and Paul D
Ilund. Anna Hund and tho Onion Paclllc
Railroad company arn defendants, I will on
tho ethdayof May. loll, at tho hour of 1
o'clock p. m. at tho oast front door of tho
Court IIoubo In tho city of North l'latto,
Lincoln county. Nebraska, sell at public
auction to the highest bidder upon tho foll
owing terras to wit! One-fourth cash, on
fourth In ono rear, ono-fourth In two years
and one-fourth In threo years af tor salo. with
tho option of tho purchaser to pay all cash
or to pay In full at, any time, with Rood and
8U indent surcltlcs for deferred payments,
said paymonts to draw Interest at tho rato of
six per cent per annum payable annually,
tho following deicrlbcd real estate towit!
All of Section Si. In Township 11. North of
Ranee si west of tho 0th P. M. In Lincoln
county. Nebraska
Dated this 1st da) of April, 1011.
Oka K. Kmku. Ilofcrco.
Ptateof Nobraska, Lincoln County. 8S.
In the County Court, April 8d, 1011.
. In tho matter of tho estato of Catherine
Drown, deceased.
. On roadlnirand flllmr tho potition of Annie
II. Rrown. praylnir that tho Instrument, filed
on tho 21th day of March, 11)11. and purport
ing to bo tho last will and testament of tho
said deceased, may bo proved, approvod,
probated, allowed and and rocorded as tho
lan will and testament of tho said Catherine
Drown, deceased, and that tho execution of
said instrument may bo committed and .ho
administration of said estato may bo granted
to Mlnnln Powers as executrix
Ordered. That April 2ltb. 1011, at 0 o'clock
a. m.. Is assigned for hearing said petition
when all porsonslntorested In said matter
may appoar ntr flTcounty .court to bo hol-l In
and for said county, and show cause why
tho prayor of petitioner should not be
granted. This notico to bo published three
consecuttvo wookn In tho Peml Weekly Tri
bune prior to said dato and bearing.
a4-8 John GnAT County Judgo
Serial No oim.
Department of tho Inferior
U. S, jCand Ofllco at North l'latto. Nob.
t . , . . Map 7th. 1911.
Notico Is heroby glvon that Maybell G.
McNool. of North Platto. Nebraska, who on
J!ay .JM.1' Jm'. lrai10 Homestead entry
No. 19S87. Borlal No. 01917. for south half,
northeast quarter and south half northwest
Quarter of soctlon 34, township 10. north
Meridian, has tiled notico of Intention to
iiiuku uiiui uu juar prooi. io cataullsn
claim to tho land abovo described, tieforc
tho Register and Rocolvcr at North Platte,
Nobraska, on Ithc loth day of Jlay. mi.
Claimant names as witnesses: David
Macombor. James ltechan, W. W. Groves, all
0S5F.th l'""'. Nob., Waltor Reauchamp.
of Sutherland, Nob.
mio-fl J. E. Evans. Register.
Notice of Formation of Lateral
Sewer District.
To nil persons interested:
Notice is hereby given that on the
lGth day of March, 1911, there was
filed with the city council of North
Platte, Nebraska, a petition praying
that n lateral sower district bo
formed from tho following described
blockB, to wit: Blocks 1, 8, 9, und 16
or reniston s Audition to North Platte,
Lincoln county, Nebraska.
Said lateral sewer to be constructed
of ten-Inch sewer pipe with proper
hush lunKB, nmn-noies nna appliances,
commencing nt center lino of the nlloy
running through said Block 1, intersect
ing with the main sewer on East "A"
street, extending thence southerlv in
the center of Baid alley, through tho
uuove uescriDeu property to tno north
line of East "E" street.
That tho council has set said matter
ror hearing on the 18th day of April,
1911, at 8:00 o'clock p. in., (Official
Time) at the ofilce of the city council
in the court house of said city. All
parties interested are hereby notified
to be present at the above named timn
and place, and show cause, if any, why
said lateral district should not bo
formed as prayed, and special assess
ments thereafter levied as provided by
law, upon tho real estate constituting
suid district for tho construction and
maintenance of tho same.
Dated this 28th day of March, 1911.
Tuos. C. Patterson, Mnyor.
Attest: Ciias. F. Temple City Clerk.
Notice of Formation of Lateral
Sewer District.
To all persons interested:
Notico is hereby given thnt on the
2l8t day of March, 1911, there was
filed with the City Council of North
Platto, Nebraska, a potition praying
that a lateral sewer district be formed
from tho following described blocks, to
wit: Blocks 94 nnd 95 of the original
town, and BlockB 2, 8, 4, 5, 6 and 7,
excepting lots 1 and 2 and 6 nnd 7 of
Baid Blocks 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, of North
Platte Town Lot Company's Addition
to the said City of North Platte, Lin
coln County, Nebrnskn.
Said lateral sewer to be constructed
of ten inch sowar pipe with proper
uusn lanKS, man-noies, ana appliances,
commencing nt center line of the alley
running through said Block 95. where the
same joins the preeent lateral now in
District "N," extending thenco west
erly in tho center of said alley, through
the above discribed property to the east
line of Madison Avenue.
That the Council has sat said matter
lor hearing on the loth day of April,
1911, at 8:00 o'clock P. M,, (Olllclal
Time) at the offlc of the City Council
in thn court house of said city. All par
ties interested are hereby notified to be
present at tho aboved named time und
plnce, and show cause, if any, why Baid
lateral district should not bo formed as
prayed, and.speclal assessments there
after levied as provided by law, upon
tho real estato constituting said district
for the construction and maintenance
of the same.
Dated this 28th day of March, 1911.
WtirtCf C DinxnnnriAkt Iff
i aishj v- i ni i uivoun aitiYur
Attest: Chsw. F. Temple, City Clerk.
Legal Notice,
All persons nre hereby warned not to
trespass en that tract of land in sec
tion 28, formerly a part of tho Isaac
Dillon property part lying west of tho
county road and extending from the
North Platte Iliver to corporation line
of tho city of North Platte. Tres
passers will be liable to prosecution.
Norh Platte. March 6th.
W. W. Biroe, Agent.
In tlio countr court of Lincoln rnnnt v. Ne
. In tho matter of tho estato of Ida IV
Mitchell, deceased.
,On reading nnd flllngtho verified petition of
1'loydT, Mitchell, praying that tho regular
adtnlnlf ration of said estnln tin ilUtn-n.nl
with and that tho court render final decreo
naming tho solo heirs at law of tho said Ida
F. Mitchell, deceased, as provided by
Heel lonrf .VMS. (1201. 6205 and fiSOO of Cob-
ney s Annotated Htatuto of tho Stato of
Nobraska. for tho year 1001).
Ordered. That. Arll ssil,. toil, nt
o'clock a.m. Is, assigned forbearing snld
petition when all persons interested In said
matter may appear at a county court,
to bo held In and for said county
and show cause. If any thero be, why tho
prayer of tho petlonor should not bu granted.
Dated at North Pintle. Nnlirnab ti.iu :u.t
day of March, mil.
a- John On a nt. County Judgo.
r , . I'frOAL NOTICE.
In Tho District Court of Lincoln County.
Nehraska -
In the matter of tho Application of John
Gaedke. Guardian of Eggert Martens, an In
competent Iperson. for leavo to sell real
On reading and tiling tho petition duly
vcrllled by John Gaedko. Guardian of tho
person nnd estate of Eggert Martons. an In
competent for license to sell tho following
de-crlln'd r;al estato 'o-witt Tho Southeast
Quarter (HEW) of tlio Northeast Quarter
(NEU) tho East Half (EH) of the Southeast
rJ'.'1' Rnd. u, Southwest Quarter
(SWM)of tho Southeast Quarter (SEW) of
Section Twenty-threo (23), Township Ten 110)
North, Range Thlrtr-ono (31) west of tho 0th
1' M. In Ltncoln County, Nebraska, for the
piirposo of raising funds for tl.o maintenance
of said Eggert Martons. '
And It appearing from tho said potition that
tho said real estato constat, of a nuarter sec
Ion of and In Lincoln County, Nebraska,
from which tho lncomo durlved does not
exceed $3.00 per year;
It Is i therefore ordered that tho next of kin
of said Eggert Martens, and all persons Inter
ested In said otato appear boforo mo at
Chambers In tho Court House In tho City of
North raltto. Nobraska, on tho -'1st doy of
April, 1911. at 0 o'clock a. m.. to show cause
If any thero bo. why lliono should not bo
granted to said John Gaedke. guardian,
to sell said real estate for tho pur
poes above sot forth.
It Is further ordered that a copy of this
ordor bo personally served on ail persons
Interested In said estato at least fourteen
days beforu tho dato sot for the hearing, and
published once each week for four successlvo
weeks, In tho North I'ltvtto Tribune, printed
and published In said County of Ltncoln.
Dated at Chamters In snld Lincoln County,
this l"th day of March, Mill.
, , . , H, M. Giiimrs,
mSM Judgo of tho District Court.
In the County Court of Lincoln county, No
braska. Mar. 17th, lull.
In the. matter of the estato of Mary E.
Dudlny, deceased.
Notico Is horoby given, that tho creditors
of said deceased will meet tho Administrator
of said estato, boforo tho County Judgo of
Lincoln county, Nobraska. at the county
court room In snld county, on tho 18th day of
April, IUU. and on tho 18th day of October.
1911, at B o'clock a. m. each day. for tho pur
poso of presenting thelrclalms for oxamlnn
tlon. adjustment and allowance Six months
aro allowed for creditors to present their
claims and ono year for tho Administrator to
settle said estato, from the 14th day of
Mar,. 1911. This notico to bo published for
eight successlvo issues In tho North l'latto
l'latto Tribune a legal nowspapor published
In said county prior to Apr. 18th. ltril,
mir-fl JOHN GRANT.Connty Judge
Serial No. 0281(1.
Department of tho Interior,
U. S. Land OIUco at North I'latte. Nob.
. . N"0'1 8-1U11'
Notico Is horoby glvon that George J Long
ot North l'latto. Neb.. wb. on April 21. WOO.
mado homestead entry No. JIHi'J, serial No.
IMiaW. for southwest quarter. Sec 20. Twp. 14,
N It. 29. W of tho 6th Principal Morldlnn. lias
llled notico of lntfcntlon to mhke Until flvo
year proof, to establish claim io tho land
nlKivo described, trcforo thu Regis' ur and Re
ceiver nt North l'latto, Nebraska, on tho tlth
day of Mny, 1911.
Claimant names as witnesses: Georgo
Kopf. Oeorgo Patterson. Cii'U Kchlck and
Fred "Imams, all of N&an' VlSXtnh.
ni7-0 JjlJ. Evans. Register.
Notice for Publication.
Berlal No. OlMO-05008.
Department Of tho Interior.
U. 8. Laud OIUco t North Platto. Neb.
. Mar. 7th. 1911.
Notico Is horoby givnn that Chris Schlck.of
North Platto, Nob., who on May 2?, 1901,
mado Homestead Entry No. Mm, Serlol No.
01W0. for 8V4 NEW. and 84 NWI4. nnd on
JunoSOth, 1901, nindo Homestead Entry No.
awn. Sorlnl No, OSOOO. for Nli NWM. NK NEK
andSM. all In 8octlon. 20, Township, II. N .
rango 29. W of tho sixth principal meridian
has tiled notico of intention to make final
live year proof, to establish claim to tho
land ahovo described, boforo tho Rcglstor
and Receiver at North Plat to Nebraska,
on tho Uth day of May, 1911.
Claimant names as witnesses: Lorcn
Purdy, Jess Long, Samuel Hawkins, Frank
Steel all of North Platte Nobraska.
mlU-n j. n. Kvanh. Register.
Serial No. 04551.
Notico for Publication-Isolated Tract.
Public Land Sale. .
Department ot tho Interior,
U. S. Land Otlico at North Platte, Nob
, . . March s, .1911
Notico Is horoby given that, as directed by
tho Commissioner of the General Land Ofllco
undor provisions of Act of Congress ap
proved Juno 27th. 1900, (31 Stats., 517), we will
otter at public sale, to tho highest bidder, at
ten o'clock a. m.. on tho Sth day of May,
1911. at till" otllce tho following-described
land: EH of SEM of Soctlon 0, township 15, N..
Rangoao. w of uth Principal Meridian.
Any persons claiming adversely tho abovo
described lands aro advised to lllo, their
claims or objections on or boforo tho timo
designated for rtxlo. J, E. Kvanr
m- Register.
In the District Court of the Thirteenth
Judicial District in and for Lincoln County.
Thomas Cooper. Plalntllf,
Charles Francis. Mao Richardson, Loulso
Richardson and Margaret Richardson, Defendants-
. Charles Francis. Mao Richardson, Loulso
Richardson and Margaret lllchardson.ilefen
ddants. will tnko notico that on the 27th, day
of March 1911. Thomas Cooper.plalntlir herein
Hied his petition In tho District Court of Lin
coln County. Nobraska, against said defen
dants , the obji cl and pray it of which aro to so
euro thu cancellation or a deed purporting to
havo been executed by Aloxandor Richardson
Deceased, and pretending to convey an un
divided ono halt Interest to William II.
Rlchnrdsou. deceased to SEJ( N WW and lots
3. 4 and 5, Township 10 north of Range Twenty-six
west, Uth, I. M and to havo tho title
of said Premises fiuletcd in this plalntllf.
You nro required to answor snld petition on
or before tho 8th day of May, 1911.
Dated Match 27th 1911.
Thomas Coot-Kit. Plaintiff
Ily Geo. E. French. Attorney
Stato ot Nobraska. Ltncoln County, ss.
In tho county court.
,.In, tho, ,na,,r, of D'o estato of Jatrw
M- Ray, deceased.
On roadlng and llllng tho potition of Ralph
Hay praying that regular administration of
said estato may bo waived as provided by
Sections 5203-4. Oobboy's Statute of 1W
Ordered, That April 24. lull, at 0 o'clock
In tho forenoon. Is assigned for hearing said
petition wlion all persons Interested In said
i01hte,'lnrJ'in,D,M!ar. ?l a county court to bo
hold In and for said county and show cauwi
granted0 prBycr of PMloiier should not bo
This order to bo printed for six successlvo
issues in tho North Platto Trlbuno. a legal
newspaper imbllshod In Lincoln Ccuntr
Nebraska, prior to A;irll22. 1911 UIr
mts- Jctim ottJtsT. Ctfintr Jrnim?,

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