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The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, December 15, 1911, Image 8

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Dr. Evans, of Wallace, ia transacting
business In town this week.
Robert Roycr returned Wednesday
evening from a short visit in Omaha.
Mrs. Gus Chamberlain and sdn will
spend the holidays with local relatives.
Our Store is open ovenlngs until
after Xmas. Dixon, Tho Jeweler.
Mfs Myrtlo and Nellie Rhea will
spqnd the holidays with relatives in
Mrs. Oleson loft for Portland Wed
nesday after visiting Mr. and Mrs.
Itecon for somo time.
Mrs. Maurico Fowler will leave next
week for Boone, la., to upend tho hol
idays with relatives.
The J, S. Davis Co., has just sold a
new 1912 Model touring car to J. Craw
ford, of Cozad, Neb.
0. H. Thoclecko left Wednesday
for Grapd Island to attend tho Con
misflioners Convention.
Miss Helen Davidson and mother re
turned Wednesday from a short visit in
Northport with friends.
Miss Mao Hanlfin will ontertnin the
JoncS'Kroflbau bridal party at a six
o'lock dinnor Sunday evening.
In tho high school cadet drill held
Wednesday evening tho gold medal
was awarded to Victor Anderson.
Miss Kathleen Flynn has resigned
her position at the 10c storo and will
accept one at tho Tramp grocery.
Mrs. Elmer Durko will entertain
Nevita Club at a Christmas party
Wednesday afternoon, Dec. 20th.
A baby boy was born to Mr. and.
Mrs. Frank Ottman. at Green River,
Wednesday and died shortly afterbirth.
Mesdames T. M. Cohagen and Schatz
will entertain the Royal Neighbors at
K. P. hall Tuesday evening, Dec 10th.
Carl Errickson, or bloux talis, ar
rived Wednesday and has taken charga
ot the shoo department at The l,cauor.
Alta E. Morton of Nashvillo, Tenn and
Fred E. Johson of Tryon, wore married
Wednesday afternoon by County Judgo
Every case in our store is full of
special things for Xmas at special price.
Dixon, The Jeweler.
The M. B. A. social club heldauuppor
and dance in tho K. P. Hall Wednesday
evening, Tho attendance was larger
man usual.
Mis3ca Katlo Spies and Amy Lnntr-
fdrd have been ndded to tho forco of
saioaladicB nt tho Wilcox Doportment
The morriaga of Miss Matido Jones
itnd Etnil Ko'sbaU "will tako placo at
the home of tho brido'H parents on"
Misses Ironu Hubbard. Efflo Rodeers
Lenora Trout and Evaneellno B Unci v are
assisting in, tho ten cent store during
holiday ruth.
Miss Minnlo Seaman, who underwent
an operation for appendicitis at at
Luke's hospital a few days ago, ia get'
ting along nicely.
C. H. Walter came over from Wal.
lace Wednesday and left that evening
- iar urunu isiami to attenu tne uommis
sioners Convention.
Maurico Fowler will Icavo the first of
the week for Kotirney to look up a res
liienco as it Is his intention to - move
to that city lir tho Hear future
John Rufus, of Columbus, spent the
Hrst tho week in tbwn ahd whiio horo
purchased two cars oMiorsos of Mnur-
Ico' Fowler and W. II. Turpio,
A. G. Knopcl, of Chicago, secretary
or tno international k. it. x. w. u. a.,
snout Wednesdny In towri With Socro
tnry" D. A. Korr while wrouto wdst on
his annual trip ot inspection.
. 'Plenty ef nwaey en1 bawl fefeal
twits iQHRi.
Buchanan & Patterson
' Mary Ilnpsoil and Jossio. Lovell two
sixteen yonr old girls .'who ran away
from Goring Tuesday wore taken oft
fctn n No. 4 Unit ovoninc bv Oflico
Cotcs rind hold horo until tho follow
Irig'ovonlhft when the. former's father
Rev. Hopson arrived ahd look thorn
home, ...
".'Tho case dfArthhr'ir, Hosghmd vs
tho Alfalfa Milling ifio., which was
heard in tho district court this week
was decided Tuesday., in favor of tho
Slalntiff. Hoaglnnd was suing for
192.05 duo hm on a noto which ho
purchased of B, p.. Nelson a represen
tative of tho, 8nld'c'orp6'ratlt)i)'.
"Tke Newlyweds.,"
LcoHuyesand. Virginia Brmtn lm
porcomtte. "Th Nowlywods" in tho
"Newly weds and Thoir Buby", which
oomoa to tho Kolth Thontro next Tues
day evohlhg. ,
Mr. iluyos has succeeded bnyond nil
wxpoctations In making up a. faco nnt
urallv human in Us aspect so as to rc-
ucmblo tho chtsslc of tho McManus
hdro. Ilia song, "Jig Along Mr. Jig
ger," In which tho eight Pouter Pig
eons" ttssiBt, is ono of tho moat novel
Bpng numbors introduced for maim a
nay. i no iNurou, m vjiv ijrwi
Bcatrlco Flint, and tho Sister Impoi
sonatcd by Eualnlie Young, furnish
tofftnt tho feminiuu fun. Lach has
striking song ' number nnu in. her own
waya succeeds in delighting tho aud
ionco. , ,
An' original line of comedy Is con
trlbuted uy D. L. Don, da n bibulous
Gorman waiter, ono of ' tho Sensations
!of the Boaaon. ...
Tho femlnlno contingent Is, fresh and
fair to look upon and is , carefully as
sorted as to sizes. The chubby cherubs,
termed "Tho Eight Pigebns", who
make up tho infant class- are certainly
"chUV no other adjec,tlv 'will suffice
todescrlba them. The customea de
vised for the chorus are brilliant and
fetching, whllo the scenes, sin Ingen
iously noyol and beautiful. The company
numbers 150J people, tho half pf (course
bolng tho baby.
SJte&Mtla Bere Dw Far 01.
Tho stockholders In. Shalton oil well
at u mooting luHt wkc decided to re
sume drilling. Tho well) Which (snow
1,800 feofc deep, wlll'boaunk to a depth
'S.OOO'foot If oil1 Ih paying 'nuantitlos
is not found sooner, Tho machlnory is
Htlll there nd worK'wHU W&S AkArtoil at
(MiCC. w
Cimaiinimtrt' Trixt timet.
(Continued from Pago 4.)
Jos. Filllon. taking Jury to Inquest
A B Hoagland, taking jury to inquest
C J Bowcn, team road 349 5.00
C E Johnson, CDC offlco 2.75
Jos. Hershoy, mdso coutt house 1.00
J E Jeffrey, Btcol for drag 2.00
W T Green, repair of hydrants court
house 3.50
G T Field, coal for poor 10.70
I L Miltonbcrger, balance salary
April and May 40.80
i jjMiirontxjrger ooara prisoners iro.w
I L Miltonbcrzer. premium on surety
bond disallowed, county not liable,
C A Lowell, nromiam on surety bond
disallowed county not liable, 12. 50
County clerK instructed - to advertise
the poor farm for rent foryear 1912.
Adjourned to Dec. 11, lull.
December 11, 1911.
Board met pursuant to adiourmcnt
present Streitz, Roberts and county
The mlnutea of Dec. 2. 1911 so as to
connect Road 352 with Road 302 instead
of road No 319. The minutes of the
meoting of Aug. 23, 1911 are hereby
amended and tho County Treasurer is
authorized to sot asldo tho sum of
f 2,000 to pay juror fees.
xou are nereby autnonzcu to rciunu
to parties having paid their personal
tax prior to the timo that tho tax lists
for the year 1911 were corrected as to
levies in the school districts as follows 8.
37 and 55 and special levy for road Dist
No 4 which were illegally levied and
charge such transfer to tho above funds
taking receipts therefor.
Canvass of tho votes cast at tho
election of tho Platto Valley Irrigation
District The following votes were
District No 1. for 8. atrainst 2:
District No 2, for 15, against 3: Dis
trict No 3, for 10; against 1. Total
votes for 33; against 0.
Iho iollowinsr olTlcera were elected:
District No 3. asscsor. H. B. Hunirer-
ford 37, Henry Fuik 1. U-?il
District No 3, treasurer, John Lllcs
20, L. E Jones 9, G. L. Mudd 1, Chris
Koch 1.
District No 3. director: W. H.Jen
kins 4, C. R. Lawrence 4, J. R. White,
4. Tio voto for director decided by.
drawing long straw, C. R. Lawrence
chosen director. -nMM
District No 2, director, Chris Koch 12,
M. B. spurrier 5. J. W. LI lea 1.
Dlntrlrt No 1. tUrnptnr. W. H. f!nln K.
Henry Well 5. Tie voto for director
decided by drawing long straw. W. C.
Cole chosen director.
Now on this 11th day of cDccomber.
ion, tho samo tho socond Monday sue
cocding said olectlon tho county com
missioners of Lincoln county, Nobras
ka, convened and proceeded to canvass
the votes cast at an election hold Dec.
2, 1911, at which election was submit
ted tho aucstlon "Shall an Irrigation
District bo formed to bo named tho
Platto Valloy Irrigation District," and
said canvass proceeded, and said board
finds that there was cast in favor of
the formation of said Irrigation Dis
trict 33 votes, against tiro formation of
said Irrigation District 0 votes, nnd
that more than a majority of all votes
cast At said election, wsjre cast I.rrjga
tlon District, Yes, .t.
It is thoreforo orderod and adjuugec
by tho Board' that the Platto Valloi
Irrigation B-istrict be and tho same js
hereby declared duly' prganlzcd as an
Irrigation District, undor the name and
style of the Piatt? Valloy Irrigation
nto,!f n,1 tl.nl ant.l Aatn ia
posed of the lands herein after described
and its boundaries aro as follows:-
Beginning at the no cornurof the nw
qr of sac. 14, town 14, range 33; running
inenco west to tne nw corner ot tno
no cir of tno nw nr of Bald sec. 14
thenco south to lhe sw corner of said
no nr of tho nw or of said sec. 14
thence west to tho nw corner of the sw
nr of ha nw nr of said soctlon 14
thonco south on tho. sec. lino to the sw
cur. of tho said sec. 14: thenco west to
tho nw corner of tho no qr of tho no qr
oi sec. zz, town ii, range m; inenco
south to the bw corner of tho no or of
the nc qr of said sec. 22; thenco oant to
the so cornor of tho no qr of the no qr
of said sec. 22; thonco south' ort the
suction lino between sections '22 nnd 23
fc iL . . . 8 a 1 . nnl l !
i-oiin! bw corner oi section town it,
ranee 33: thenco west on tho section
line between sections 22 and 27 to tho
nw corner of sec. 27.. town 14. ramie 33
thence south on the west lino of said
sec. 27 to the sw corner of said sec. 27
thence eaBt on the Bouth line of sa
sec. 27 to the. north bank of tho South
Platte river: thence in an cuaterly
direction along the north bank of tho
south 1'iaiic river to where said north
bank intersects the oast lino of sec. 31
township 14, rango 31: thenco north on
the east line, of said sec. 31 to tho ne
cornor of said sec. 31: thenco east on
tho south sec lino of sections 29, 28 nnd
27 to tho so corner of said sec. 27:
thenco north to the no cornor of tho bo
qr of tho bo qr of -said sec. 27; thenco
oast on thoTouth line of thy n lif of the
8 hf of sec. 20 to tho east lino of Bald
sue, 20, town 14, range 81; thenco north
to tho no cornor of thd bo qr of Bntd
soc. 20; thenco wcBt on tho north line
of tho h hf of said sec. 20 to tho nw cor
of tho sw qr; thenco west on thi north
lino of tho so qr of sec. 27, town 14,
rango 111, to tho nw cornor of tho no
or ot tho bo iv of Bald bcc. 27: thenco
.north on tho east line of tho west half
bt tho no qr of uuid sec, 27 to tho pa
cornor of tho nw qr of tho no qr of said
sec, 27; thenco west along tho nor,th
lino of aaiu sec. zi to tno nw cornor
of Bald sec. 27; thenco north on tho
enst lino of sec. 21, town 14, range 31,
200 :rods: thenco east 80 r"ds. thenco
north 80 roads thence east 80 rods,
thonce south 120 rods to tho sw corner
of tho ne qr of said sec. 22; thenco east
to tne sa corner oi tne hw qr ot me ne
nr of sec. 22: thence north to tho no
corner of the nw qrpf the ne qr of said
sec, 22; thenco east en the section lino
to the Be corner of sec. 15. town 14.
range 81: thence south en the west lino
of sec. 23. town 14, range 31 to the aw
corner of the nw or ef said sec. 23:
thence east on the south line of said nw
nr to the ne cemer ef said nw nr of Bald
Bed. 23; thence north on the east lino of
said nw nr of said sec. 23 to the ne
cornor of said hw qr of said sec. 23;
thence north to the ne corner of the so
rir of- the sw nr of sec. 14. town 14.
range, 81; thence west on the north line
of the south hf of the aw nr of said bcc
14, to tho nw corner of tho aw qr of tho
sw qr or said set;, u; thence north on
the sec, line to the ne corner of tlq bo
nr of sec. 15. town 14. ranire 31: thenco
woat Up the'nortjf line of said, so qr of
thence, west 40 tods, thenco north 40
rods, thence west 80 rods, thenco north
40 rods to the ne corner of the nw qr
of the nw qr of said section 15, town
14, range 31; thence west oh the north
line of the said section to the nw corner
of said sec 15, thence west on the north
line of section 16, town 14, range 31, to
the nw corner of the ne qr of sakl sec.
16; thence north on the east line of the
sw qr of sec. 9, town 14, ranee SI, to
where, said line intersects the south
bank of the North Platte river; thence
west along the south bank of .the Nerth
Platte river to where sakl bank inter
sects the weet line of sakl sec: 9;
thence south on the west line ef said
section 9 to the ne comer of section 17,
town 14, range ai: tnence west along
the north line of (d section 17 to the
im wiubi nnu wm. . i umicv bvuuj
on the west line of said section 17 to'
the sw cerner of sakl section 17; thence
weston the north line of section 19 to
tho nw corner of sakl section 19; thence
north on the west line of section 18,
town 14; range 31, 40 rods; thence' east
100 rods, thence north 80 rods, thence
nw corner of sa4d see. 17; thenee south
east 80 rods, thence north 80 rods,
thence weet 80 rods, thence south 40
rod to the sw corner of the ne qr of
said section 18; thence west on the south
line of the nw qr of said section 18, to
thesw corner of said nw qr of said. sec.
18: thence north on the east lino of
section 13, town 14, range 32, to the
ne comer of said section 13: thonco
weston the north line of saldBection 13
to the nw comer
r of said section 13'
the west line of said
thence south on
section 13 to the sw corner of said sec
tion 13; thence weston the north line of
section 23 to the nw comer of the nc or
of thene qrpf said section 23, town, 14,
range 32; thence south on the west line
of the east hf of the ne qr of said sec
tion 23, to the sw comer of tho b qr of
tho noqr of said section 23; thence west
on the south line bf tho ne qr of said
section 23; to thesw comer of the ne or
of said section a thence north lzu
rods; thence weBt lCO rods to the west
line of said section 23; thence north 40
rods to thenw comer of said section 23;
then west on the north line of sections
22. 21, 20 and 19, town 14. range 82 and
on the north line of section 24, town 14,
rango 33 to the nw corner of said seer
tlon 24, town 14, range 33; thence north
40 rods; thence west 160 rods;
thence north on the east line
of the wst half of section 14.
town 14, range 33 to tho place of
beginning at the ne corner of the nw
or of section 14, town 14. ranee 83.
saia irneation district to include an
of the lands included within the
boundaries aforesaid, except the lands
hereinafter described, which are to bo
excluded from said district, viz: The
north hf of the bw qr section 26, town
14, Tango 81: all of section 28. town 14,
rango 31; tho sw or of tho sw qr of
section 21, town 14, rango 81, tho
north hf of section 29, town 14, range
81, and the south hnlf of section
zu, town, 14, rango si; all or sec
tion 30 and tho south half of section
19, all in town 14, ranee 31; the' south
nan oi section zi, town 14, rango 6z,
and all of the nw qr of said section 22,
town 14, rango 32, save and except the
following tracts of land:
A strip 40 rods wide north and tiouth
and 160 rods east and west, directly
south of the main irrleatinir canal:. and
n strip beginning on the west line of
said section 24 on the north bank of said
main Irrigating "canal, running 'thence
east ISO rods along said canal, lh'6nco
north 53J rods, thence west OflWds,
thence south 53 rods to tho phlco'of
beginning; all of section 20. town 14,
range 32,- the south half bf secion 23 nnd
the south hf of the se qr of tho riw qr
of said section 23 and tho south qr of
the sw qrof thenw or of the Bald section
23, town 14, range 32, and the se'qr of
section 22 nnd the east half of the sw
qr of section 22, and tho nw fjr of the
aw qrof section 22, and the south' half
of the Bouth half of tho no qr o'f said
section 22, town 14, range 32: the
no qr of section 28, the south onO'-half
and tho south half of the" Ww
qr of flection 28, all In town 14,'rartgo'
iiz; tno south hair ot section 20; the
south half of tho south half of the no qr
of Bald section 20 and tho south half of
tho nw qr of said section 20, all in town'
14, rango 32; the fractional Bouth half
of eection 30; tho oast half of tho ne qr
of said section 30; tho sw qr of tho ne
qr of said section 30; tho south half of
the nw qr of suid sdctlon 30, all in town
11, rango 32; tho south half of section
19, town 14, rango 32; tho se qr bf bcV
tlon f24, except 50 acres on north sido
thereof; tho south half of thd bw qr of
soctlon 24, and the south half of tho
north half of tho sw qr of said sectlbn
24, all In town 14, range '33; ' the north
half of tho no qr of section 20i and nw
qrof suction 26, and the fractional s6utll
hnlf of section .26 In town 14, raflgo 33
the sw qr and the so qrjof tho nw qr-of
section 14, township 14, rango 33, ahd
the se qr of so qr of Bection 23, town
14, range 33. ? '
Tho lands to' be included In said 'dis
trict aro moro particularly.described as
ioiiowb: " : j
The north hulf of tho se nr of section
4.U, .bliu llv III ui auuuuii U1U &UUU1
Vet. 1. n Ml, . ft f mnn.lnH OH. t...L.
half of the sw qr of soctlon 14: tK6 south
hnlf and the nw qr nnd tho west half of
tho noqr of section 27; the west half of
thene qr; tho north half of tlio no'qr of
thu nw or nnd tho north threo-fotirths
ot the west half of tho nw or. all In sec
uon-:; tno south naif and tho south
half of tho nw qr and tho nw ur of the
nw ur uuu mo anuin uuu oi lllO no qr
i ii. . . ...
.i ... 1 1 I. . i . .
oi iiiq nw qr, unci tno west nair or tho
sw qr of tho no qr in section 15: the sw
qr oi Bection u; an oi section lb: tno
M i - A . .
north half and the se qr; the oast half
of tho sw qr and the north lialf 06 tho
west hnlf of tho sw qr in section
21; nil of section 17; the nw In and
the no qrof section 20; and the south
half of section 29: the north ha f of sec
tlon 19; the south half of tho sw qr of
tno no qr and tho north half of tho
nw qr of the so qr and tho north
half of th sw qr and the north Tialf of
the south half of tho sw qr of bection
18, all In town 14, rango 81. And the
following lands In town 14, rattge 32";
All of section 13; all of thu ne qrof sec
tion 24; and also the following tract on
the nw qr of said section 24, beginning
mi tne weak una ui uucuon at at tne
north bank or the irrigating canal there
on, whence east 120 rods alone said canal.
thence north 53 rodo, thence west: lgu
rous. mence soutu ruty-tnreo and one'
third rods to the 'place of f be
ginning; being 40 acres. And nlstf the
following tract on the nw qr of section
21, a ploce of land directly BoutH of tbb
right-of-way of tho nialn canal thereon
160 rodn oast nnd west and 40 rods north
nnd. south being 40 acres; Also all of
oection' 25; tho Oust half of tK m act
tho south half of tho north half of the:
..... r. . 1. l ff r 1 1. - . - . i 1
ii w ii , iiu iii nun ui uiu bu qr OI 1110
nw or: tho north three-fourth of the sW
i of tho nw qr nil In section 3.
nw qr and the north hs f of thene qr
and the north half of the .outh half ef
the ne qr and tho sw qr of the sw qr.
all in section 22: all of section 27; all of
section 21; the north half of the nw qr
of section 28; the north half of the no
qr, the north half of the south half of
the ne qr, the north half of the nw qr,
all In section 20; all of section 29; we
north half of section 19; the nwqrof
the ne qr and the north half of the nw
ouarter of section 90. All of said last
described lands aforesaid being in town
14, range 32.
Alee the following described land
being In township 14, ranee 93: The
north half and the north h"lf of the
north half ef the sw qr of (teeth) 24,
and no'th 50 . acres of the s qr; the
north half and the fractional south half
norui nan nrra im iraeuviiat auuui jiau
of section 26r the neqrof the nw'qr, the
sw qr of the nwqr( the south half of the
south half of the se qr, of section 14;
all of seetion 23 except the se qr of the
ee qr; the south half of the ne qr of
section 26: the nenr of the ne qr of sec-
tion 22: all of section 27: Bald last de-
scribed lands being in town 14, ranee 33.
In addition the following described
tracts to be included In said district:
Commencing at tho southwest comer
of section 28, town 14, range 90, west
of the Cth P. Mv thence north on the
sertlon line 439 feet, thenco in a south
easterly direction to a point 210 feet
feet north of the southeast comer of the
nnnthwAHt mint- tar of Raid auction; thnnrn
Bouth on the half section lino to said
comer, thence west on section line to
place of beginning, excepting that por
tion of said tract of land described
herein, hereinbefore deeded to the North
Platte Cemetery and the City of North
rjaue, neDrasKa; una ueca oeing in'
tended to convey 131 acres, more or less,
Also tho north half of the northwest
quarter of the northeast quarter of sec-
It is further declared that tho follow
ing named persons wero elected to the
offices herein after named, to wit:
Director from Director Dist No. l,
W. C. Colo. H. B. Hungcrford. assessor:
John Liles, treasurer; Director from
Directors District No. 2 Chris Koch,
Director from District No. 3. C. R.
It is further ordered that a conv.
duly certified by the clerk be immediate
ly tiled for record in the otlico of the
county clerK of Lincoln county. Nebras
ka. the samo being tho count in which
all or said territory comprising the
Platto Valley irrigation District is sit
uated. A. F. Streitz
G. W. Roberts
County Commissioners.
Claim of A. W. Hoatson for brideo
work Sutherland allowed 19.25
Claim of A. W. Hoatson road work
Dist No 5 allowed 65.75
Whereupon the board adjourns until
Jan. 2, 1912. County Clerk.
to repair a leak, or to install or renov
ate your plumbing, shonld bo made
early as possible, 'if you want the work
completed by Christmas. Wo aro ex
ports on 'vory branch of
9 Good Plumbing. ,
Wo know our business thoroughly,
and wo can save you time',11' which is
money, if you sond for us to do your
plumbing work.
Shop Phone 369. Res. Phono 683
217 East Sixth Street.
Wing Hing,
New Laundry.
Ollenatela nulldlng, E. Olli
llaid Work a Specialty.
Physician and Surgeon.
Day nnd night calls promptly nnswered
Ulilce V, . Hospital, mono 642.
Merchant Tailor.
We have recently installed.a French
Dry Cleaner for Men s and Ladies
apparel oi an ciassess, ana we
guarantee satisfactory work. Wo
are also tailors and know how to
repair clothes.
Wo carry samples of-goods and
make clothes of all kinds to order.
insuring first-class workmanship
nnd perfect lit.
Notice for Publication.
Bcrlal No. Kill ,
r)M)rtmentot Ujo Tntorlor.
U,8, taniiomco at North VUtto. .Nob.
Doc. 8th. 1011.
MntVn IxYiuwAhi, fflvnn that Ilon'rr V
IllcUler. of Trrbn jNob.. whoon Fob; 1", 1WS
ln,ln IlnmniilAftd Kntrv No. SOltiT. Burial No,
Mill, for Eft. and EM of WK Soctlon
8. TnwiiHlilii. 1(1. North, ratiiro SO.
Went nt tho Hlxth principal tnorldlan
ht flluil nnllr.i nf Intniithin to malio final
ItvAviiD. nrnAf tt nntalllnh rlklni tn thn
land abovo dccrlled. boford the KeUtor
ana ltccelvor at-riorui t-iuuo nonrasna,
Uhtho.tOt! day-Of o). mi. .
Claimant, natnoa a wUnosscit iHyUl N,
Oa lundnr unit llnrrr K Calldudtir bf Ttyon.
Neb. Jacob Mojtot, wqttu riatte-XMeu
E mer M
Slay Hold or iMipjr.'
3. T, KfrHcBlter-
Gradate Noftkwettftra TJairerMtv.
A OSce overMcDosald State Bak
Sectors Ames k Aims,
PfeysicitM nil SwrgteMS,
Lffke over Stone Drug Co. 5e
Phflne I Office 273 X
. jReetdence 278 B
Office phone 241. Res. phone 217
Os(es9alhtc Physician.
North Platte, - - Nebraska.
McDonald Bank Building.
HomMpthlcPhyleln sndSurjeon
a 8peclal ttesllen elven to confine- S
mvmv ui wtimnmi unHffii,
Office Pbotie 1 , Ites. Plioao!283 m
Office McDonald Htato Bank Illd'e
5 e
6E0. D. DENT,
Office bVer McDonald Bank.
flt'fc'Jh.l-.ifiifc Jest's
Send Us Your Shipments of
Grain and Hay
Wo pay tho top market Threcou
pons free with returns on each car of
hay you ship us to handio for- your ac
count Fifteen coupons and $3.50 in
cash will secure for your homo an ele
gant a r r t ti wk.
riece ioyai ciue Dinner
. Set vorth $10.00.
Consitrn vour hav to us and nleaso
theladies and also get a good pneo for
your nay.
Our Motto: Fair treatment and
prompt remittances;
Sample of tho quality of these dishes
can do seen at tno otlico ot. tho em
Weekly Tribune.
The F. C. Ayres Mer. Co..
, 20th and Wazeo Streets,
Denver, Colorado.
To whom it may concern:
Notice Is hereby", given that the
Mayor and city council will hold
special meeting, beginning at tho hour
of 8:00 P. M., (Central Timo) Wednes
day, December20th, 1911, in the council
chamber for tho purpose of making as
sessments for tho cutting of weeds for
tho season of 1911 on "tho followinc de
scribed lota in tho city of North Platte,
Nebraska .
Lots"5, block 14, Miller's addition 1.00
Lot 6, block 14, Miller's addition 1.00
Lot 7,Jblock 14, filler's addition 1.00
otp.'blocK 14, Minor's addition 1,
' Lot -"bl6ckG'. Miller's addition 1.
Lot 5, block 10, Miller's addition 1.00
Lot 6, block 10, Miller's addition 1.00
Lot 7, block 10,. Miller's addition 1.00
Block 11, Miller's addition ........ 8.00
Lot 1-, block 16. Miller's addition 1.00
Lot 2, block 16, Miller's ndclitjon'1.00
Lot 7,' blpqk 10, North Platte Town
Lot Co's addition ...1.00
Lot Vhlock 10, North Platte Town
Lot Co's addition..., 1.00
Lot 9, block 10, North Platto Town
Lot Co's addition .v. .... .tl.00
Lot 10. .block 10. North Platto Town
Lot. Co's addition..,,.... 1.00
Lot 1, block 8, North' Platto Town
LotCo'n addition 1.00
Lot 2, block 8, North ' Platte Town
Lot Co's addition v, 1.00
. Lot 3, block 8, North" Platte Town
Lot Ca'siaddltion. ;.1.00
Lot 4, block 88, Original town of
North P atto 1.C0
Lot 1," block 122, Orlcrlnal town of
North V atto 1.00
Lot a, block r, .Original town of
North Plotto , 1.00
All. persons Interested will flo their
objections, If any they have, to tho as
sossing . of taxes. against .tho above do
senbeu nronertv on or beforo 5:00
o'clock P. M. (Central Time) December
iJUth. ivn.,
Charles P. Temple, City Clerk.
Borlal No. 03OI0.
Doiiartmeut of the Interior.
U. S. Land OtUco at North J'latto. Nnb.
; - . BeDUmbur . 1011.
Notlco Is boreby. glvon that Clarence I,
LowU. ot North i'latto. Neb., who. on Nov.
lMWUnaao homestoad entry No. Ssuci.aorlai
No.(001(V for 8MNWM. and NEXNwi.. BK
9K, BWMHEM of Beo. 10. Town 12. N. Rango
S3 W. ot the 6th PrlnclDal MnHdl.n. ),.
jiica nouco oi lnicniion to .niako unal 11 v
roar nroor. to catauiiMii riaini tn thn im
abovo (lcgjrlbnd. boforo the lletrUtor and Ho
colvor at North I'latto. Nebraska, on the 24th
da ot November, 191(.
Claimant names aa witnesses! Ilondorrson
J. HuhbPt, UershoivNeb.i'VHIIJam Faclta,
ntckena, Neb.1 l'aul Smith, ot North X'latto,
civav.ui if r.uuiinuiii, liaiuuoy, noo,
pa-fl J. E. Kvams.- Uciristor.
ooriat no. uwii
iini ;n. null
is uuruuy )(reu tna
i . -- -'
tiwen I.
JJQth. Hw. malo H . E. No, zbi, Borlal No
mA. for nt. an. aoM nWand no?i
SWlL Section tO. Tnwnsli n 11. nA.il.
wx 1 ( 1 . -1. ...( . k .
Haniro 80 'W. of tho 0th l'rlnili,l Mni.n.n
has tiled jiotlce ot intention to ruakp llnal live
ynariiruui m esiauusu Claim to the land
Pol war ' v "uu'
Ulaimiintiame..a8 wltnoiss; Uoward.films.
J, E.'Evaiis. Keiflater.
Cigars for Gifts.
Tha man twlin imnku .lnun.
nrvrtat tha cr'tft nf a linv nf.lin I.-
prefers such to some nicnac or gewgaw
that affords him no pleasure. Our.
cigars are appeciateti by all men who
knOW ft trmvi ctfay anil iha nrtu to'
moderate. Give him a box of our
cigars and he will feel satisfied..
West First
Phone 59fc.
AmnibiMBt t lie Articles btcar-
pwraAtM ef the American iBveet
nest mhI Trmt Cenpany el
Nerlk PlaKe, Nebraska.
meeting of the stockholders of the
Amprlcnn Tnvootmcnf on1 Tm.t
w vutuivuv avk Aauov
pany of North Platte, Nebraska, held
on October, 10, 191li the stockholders
days' notice of the proposed awehef
iiHsiiv io ensnge uio name or tne corpor
ation, tho same was acted upon and
the following is a true copy of the pro
ceedings of tho meeting fn reference
"It was moved and seconded that the
nnmn nf tho rnrnnntlnn ho Kliuntnul Kit
amending Articfo I of the Article of In-
corporauon toreau aa iouows:
'ine namo or this corporation shall
be American Investment nnd T.nan
All the stockholders being present,
and representing all the sto:k of the
rnrnnwitinn. havinor vntol tn fatm if
said amendment, . tho samo was do-
ciareti adopted.
We, John Bratt, President, and E.
of the American Investment and Trust
uompany, nereny certiry to tho abovo
as being a true and correct copy of the
nmr'pomncru nf aalrl mnntlnir In Mf...
once to said amendment.
John Bratt,
Corporate Soal President.
E. R. Goodman,
Secretary nnd Treasurer.
Kiihserihfid and awnm tn hnfnrn mn
this 4th day of December, 1911.
Notarial Seal Notary Public.
Mv r.nmmioflinn "no Nnlonr Pithlin nv.
pires June'18Ui, 1910.
John Franzen nnd Carolina Franzen.
hiB wife; Joseph L. Franzen and Pella
franzen, his wife; Amanda Peterson
and Johan Peterson, her huBband;
Bernard O. Franzen nnd Rosina Franzen,
his wife, and J. E. Richmond, defen
dants, will tako notlco that on tho 20th
day of November. 1911, tho plaintiff
filed her petition in tho District
Court of Lincoln county, Nebraska,
agninst said defendants, and each of
them, for tho purpose of having tho
title to tho Northwest 1 of Sec. 20, tp.
13, Rge. 34, quited in her as grantee of
John Franzen: that John Franzen ac
quired tho title to said property
through and by operation of said law
as tno noir ot Aciona u. Franzen, de
ceased, tho Bald Adenn Gr. Franzen, hav
ing made homestead entry of said land
but died before tho title to said real
estate was acquired in hor name and
tnnt tne patent thereon was made to
the heirs of Adena G. Franzen, deceased
and that tho said John Franzen, under
tho laws of tho stato of Nebraska, is
tho sole' and only, heir of the said
Adena G. Franzen,
You and each of. you nro required to
nnswer said petition on or before Mon
day, tho first day of January, 1912. '
Dated this 20th day of November,
1911. Muldqon &Ginus,
Attorney for PlaintifT, Sena Franzen
Notice to Bidders.
Sealed birfa will hn ruitrni nt- .1,..
olllce of tho county clerk of Lincoln
i;uuiii.y, iiuurubKu, on or uoioro Decem
ber 31, 1911, for records, blanks nnd
supplies estimated ns follows:
Class A books.
4-8 qr. plain records, loose leaf,
4-8 qr. printed page " records, loose
4-tax lists 1-4 qr., 2-4 qr., 1-3 qr
Tho abovo records to be made of tho
best linen ledger paper, full . bound,
extra ends bands and front.
6000 tax receipts in duplicate, or
triplicate. ,.
2 dozen chattlo (lies of 200 paces
each. ., ) .
4.1 flRKftRROr'n Iwilru
cloth bound per book. ' '
iu,uuu asessqr's schedules In dupli
cate. .
Poll books for 43. precincts (general
election). ,
election)08 fr 43 precincts Pr5nry
Class ii.
Whole sheet blanks per 100. .
Half Bheet blanks per 100.
Quarter sheet blanks per 100
Lnve opes, SJxCJ per 1,000.
Envelopes 4x9J per 1000.
Class C.
Sanford's, Carter's or Stafford writ
Incfluld per quart.
Spencerian, Glucinum or Telia pens
per gross. 0,13
Vanadium or; Falcoh pons per gross.
Velvet.pencilsrsequal,". rubber tips
per grpsg, , Mv J.,' .J; 5'
nn. Lm v-d WP,108 tovho flrst.class.
".conunisjJferaVo'faidicouhry ie
WlR teV ak oriBlds.
Km, Elliott. County Ch)fk .

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