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Smooth jSijranty&fts
"YbijrjR. money is Secure:
A ban leer in Ohio Is responsible for the
statement, that if all the money talcen out of
his community by smooth strangers and "Gct-IZlch-Quiclc"
sclnomos had remained at home, it
'xy.ou.ld pilcc every road in the county m
"Why do you not put your money safely in
your home banlc, where it will help you and
everybody else in your community, and whore
you can got it when you want it.
Uo YOUR banking with US.
The First National Bank,
Tiie Lurrre&t Unnlc in Western 2VeZivisc.
wn ntiwkktMttf tf Ffrf
tJOw MrpMMMM k
wfejM rr m m m
J. F. Clabaugh returned Sunday night
irom Chicago where ho transacted
Rev. George F. Williams addressed
.the special Easter meeting of the "Y."
M. C. A. Sunday afternoon.
C. P. Howard, who has been ill for
some time went to Omaha for treat
ment the lat of the week.
The Philathea club will meet in the
parlors of the Presbyterian church on
Friday evening of this week.
Tim Keliher, daughter Edwina and
-son Marcel went to Cheyenne Sunday
to visit relatives for a few days.
Mrs. Geo. Kanouff, of Grand Island,
-who has been the guest of her mother
Mrs. Nichols, returned home today.
A fine assortment of fancy silk waists,
tailored waists and plain serviceable
shirts. E. T. Tramp.
C. T. Whelan concluded life was too
.slow without an automobile, so invested
in a 1912 model Buick yesterday after
noon. Miss Hazel Minshall returned to the
Kearney Normal last night, having
spent her Easter holidays with the
home folks.
Edward Stark and Edith Morrison,
both of Sidney, .were united in marriage
on Easter morning by Rev. Geo. F.
Williams at the manse.
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Dolson have
sent out cards reading "The latch
string will be on the outside for you
Tuesday evening, April 9th, at eight
Own"! desiring to sell moderate
priced cottages can find purchasers by
listing their property with Buchanan &
Mrs. Isaac Dillion and Mrs. L. W.
Wnker and little daughter left "this
morning for Ravenna to attend the
Dillion-McCready wedding which occurs
tomorrow evening.
Rev. Fr. McDaid went to Gandv last
night to conduct the funeral of Mrs.
John Brosjus who died at her home
near that village Sunday morning. The
deceased was well known in northern
Lincoln and Logan county, and highly
esteemed by all.
Shoes Cash
Believing that advertisement is the sure
road leading to a successful business, call
at The Hub Shoe Department, and investi
gate our "Cash Prize Offer" to be given
away every month.
The Hub Shoe Department
W. J. Landgraf was taken ill last
Charles Lierk was an Easter visitor
in Mpxwell.
Charles Stamp spent yasterday in
Maxwell on business.
Lon Graves came down from Denver
this morning to .transact business.
Mr. and Mrs. Orin Brown, of North
port, are visiting relatives in town this
Mr. and Mrs, T. T. Marcott, of Brady,
oame up today to visit their daughter
Miss Nora.
Mrs. H. H. Fitch, of Cleveland, who
had been visiting hei parents Mr. and
Mrs. Shaw, left today for Farnam.
D. Boggs and Wesley Rice, of Lew
ellen, who have been visiting in town,
left for eastern points this rnorning.
The Rebekah ladies will serve a 12
o'clock dinner at the K. P. hall Tues
day to which the public is invited.
E. W. Mann went to Omaha last
evening to attend a meeting of the
agents of the New York Life Insur
ance Co.
English serge, a cotton suiting with
all the appearances of the wool serge,
cream color with the black pekin stripe,
only 15 cents per yd. E. T. Tramp.
The Lutheran Brotherhood was post
poned for one week and will meet with
Prof. Wm. Ebright, 102 So. Locust
St., next Monday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Stitzinger, of New
Castle, Pa., visited the McMicheal
family the first of the week while en
route home from the coast.
writes the best and cheapest fire,
lightning and hail insurance; loan
money on real estate; care for property;
collect rents; store goods and merchan
dise; rent safe deposit boxes. See
In I House of Good Shows lH I
When in North Plafie.
Motion Pictures. Runs Every
Night. Matinee Saturday After
noon at 2:30 O'clock.
Prize, Shoes
Local and Personal.
Mrs. George Trexler -pleasantly en
tertained the Coterie club on Saturday
afternoon at a kensington. Delicate
refreshments were served.
All persons having donations for the
Episcopal supper Thursday will please
leave the same with Mrs. Geo. Finn or
Mrs. W. II. C. Woodhurst.
Step into our dry goods department
and secure one of our Pictorial Review
fashion sheet. Free. E. T. TRAMP.
Misses Josie Q'Htirc nnd Gertrudo
Walker loft this morning for Gandy to
attend the funeral of the late Mrs.
B rosins.
W. B. Howard, of Omaha, candidate
for the republican nomination for State
Auditor, left Sunday after visiting his
brother C. P. Howard for several days.
Sterling muslin underwear. All
grades. Best prices. E. T. Tramp.
Miss Gertrude Dill, formerly of this
city but late of Chicago, was taken ill
last week with appendicitis. An oper
ation was performed Friday and at last
reports she was resting nicely.
Found Sunday morning near the
Streitz residence a lady's kid glove.
Owner call at this office, pay for this
notice and receive glove.
The officers of the B. P. 0. Elks,
who were elected in March were in
stalled last evening, and following this
ceremony a lunch was served in the
dining hall.
Albert Schatz displayed two hundred
and ten chicks in the Ginn, White &
Schatz window Saturday. They were
hatched from an incubator setting of
two hundred and seventy eggs.
Pictorial Review pattterns for sale.
E. T. Tramp.
The Club Nevita will meet tomorrow
afternoon with Mrs. W. P. Snyder at
the experimental farm and all members
are expected to meet at the residence
of Mrs. Geo. Schatz at one thirty.
Weather forecast: Fair tonight and
Wednesday, small temperature changes..
Maximum temperature yesterday 70;
ono year ago 61. Minimum temperm
ture this morning 27; one year ago 35.
Fit, comfort, service and wearincr
Qualities, are to be found in The Hen-
uursun corset. cj. i. litAMf.
Isaac Harvey Hecht filed a position
in the district court yesterday asking a
divorce from Fanny J. Hecht, whom he
married in Hall county Feb. 6th, 1910.
He charges the defendant with cruelty
and deceit.
Word was received in the citv this
morning of the death of John Conway
ui ouuiuimuu, who was Known oyv
many of the local people. Death was
duo to drospy. Mr. Conway was step
father to Art Yates. ;
Send your worn-out carpets to the;
uiucuiu ivug luciory, Liincoin, neo.
They will mako them into rugs nnd'p'ay
the freight both, ways for the regular
price. This offer is made rather than
putting a solicitor in the territory.
Write for price-list and shipping tags.
Lovers of billiards were treated to a
fine exhibition of the game last evening
at the Elks' home, when Marcus Gotten
and Jake Schaeffor played a 200 point
18-2 game and later made fancy shots
that seemed almost incredible. In the
200 noint crama Cotton won Hv ton
points. Young Shaeffer is a fcon of '
jane snaeiter, tne iormor billiard pre
mier of the country.
On the occasion of the appearance of
the Field minstrels at the Keith theatre
on Wednesday evening of next week
tne curtain will raise nromntlv at eieht
o'clock. This is done in order that the
performance may close earlier and at
tendants have nn opportunity to visit
the Elks' carnival. Practically all the
Field minstrels will attend the carnival
and they will give a program of music.
Fire last night practically destroyed
the residence property on east Front
street owned by Dan Murphy and oc
cupied by Greek laborers. The alarm
was sent in while the firemen's dance
was in progress, and as tho burning
house is only a block from the opera
house, the alarm caused some conster
nation among the dancers. Many of
the firemen left the hall and assisted
nt the fire, which gained considerable
headway before the water was turned
on. Dan Murphy, the owner of the
property, is an inmate of a state
Chickens For Sale.
4 Rhode Island Roosters, 1 dozen
Bnrred Rock hens, 1 dozen white Rock
hens. Experiment Station Phone 499.
To -Night
Great Diamond Robbery.
Thru Darkened Vales.
How Motion nictures are
Made and shown.
Dick and Inez Bellarre.
A novelty musical sketch.
"The Try out".
Senator LaFollette Tonight.
Senator LaFollette will address n
meeting Kearney nt 1:30 this nfternoon j
nnd will roach North Platte on tho local (
which arrives this evening at seven I
o'clock. Ho will mako nn address at
the Keith theatre at eight o'clock. '
Signs Statement No. 1.
Harry P. Stevens, candidate for the
republican nomination for representa
tive, has signed Statement No. 1,
whereby he pledges himself to support,
if elected, the people's choice for
United States senator. In other words
he will c'iist his vote in the legislature
lor the republican senntonal candidate
receiving the greatest number of votes
nt the April primary.
Notice to Water Consumers.
Bills for water for the quarter com
mencing April 1st. 1912, are now boin g
made up and will be mailed to the con
sumers within tho next few days.
Kindly bring your bill with you whon
you come to settle, as wo have no
Dills arc payable nt the office of tho
watorcommissionerin the Keith theatre
Hrrshuy S. Welch,
Water Commissioner.
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin, of Cincinnati,
were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Dixon yesterday.
The Kings Dnughtcrs of tho Chris
tian church were tho guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Albert Allen Friday evening.
Tho Eastern Star will have initiatory
ceremonies at Masonic hall Thursday
cvoning, following which lunch will be
The case of Thomas Yonda against
the Royal Neighbors for the recovery
of money duo on a policy held by his
late wife is being tried in the district
court this week.
James O'Neill, of New York, and
Miss Esther Rowland, of this city,
were quietly married at the Rowland
residence last evening and left for
Omaha where they will reside.
A Full Section.
For Sale A full section, also a quar
ter 8 miles north of Hershey. Owner
lives in the east and must sell quick.
Inquire W. L. Selby, 1603 Farnam St.,
Omaha, Nebr. 21-2
Preserving Eggs.
The following method of preserving
"ggs is taken from Farmer's Bulletin
No. 273, U. S. Dept. of Agriculturo: If.
enables farmers, poultry men and con
sumers to put away eggs in summer,
when they are plentiful and cheap, and
presorve them until the winter season,
when thoy are scarce and high in price.
The wnter glass method is used, n ten
per cent solution keeping eggs for eight
months in prime condition.
The cost of preserving eggs in a ten
per, cent water glass solution, exclusiyo
of the containers, is less than one cent
per dozen.
Water glass can bo obtainad of
Schiller & Co., Family Drnggists, North
Platte, Nebraska, at ten cents per pound
and a pound of it properly diluted to
make a ten per cent solution, will be
enough to cover twelve to fifteen dozen
Stone jars ,aro the beBt to keep the
eggs in, as you can cover it tightly, pre
venting evaporation and eggs will not
absorb any odors from them.
Use only perfectly fresh eggs ns stale
eggs will not. keep by nny method of
preservation. Uean tne stone jars
thoroughly by scalding. Prepare the
solution, using water thot has been
first boiled then cooled to ordinary
temperature. To each pound of wator
glabs use ten pounds of water. Pack
the eggs in the Jar and pour the liquid
over them, covering the eggs complete
ly. Do not wash the eggs before
packing them, as this may injure their
keeping qualities.by removing a natural
protective coating on the outside of the
Keep tho eggs packed in 'this manner
in a cool, dry place, such ns a dry cool
Each day's gathering of eggs may be
packed immediately after gathering by
placing them in the j'ar and pouring
over them just enough of the solution
to cover tnem. Tins is better than to
hold tho eggs for several days at tho
risk of their becoming stale in order to
have a sufficient number to fill the
entire jar.
The Rexall Drug Store, Strcitz's old
corner, Edgar Schiller, Manager.
Tho Nyol Drug Store, McCabe's old
stand, Chas. Tighe, Manager.
Drugs, Medicines, Pains, Oils and
Window Glass.
Frozen from water pumped from
n good depth, nnd tho lake hns
been re-cemented thus insuring
tho. best and purest ice possibly
to obtain. .
Price SO Cents
Per 100 Lbs.
Wo solicit your orders und insure
prompt delivery.
It is not a "toss-up" when you buy our shbes,
but a certainty that you will get shoes which possess
style, which wear well and which will keep you away
from the corn doctor.
The makers of the shoes we handle tell us to
standbehind every pair we sell. So youcan be sure
that your feet will be pleased to have our shoes.
We shall be pleased to have your shoebusiness.
Everthing For Men.
North Platte, Nebraska,
Local and Personal
Mr. nnd Mrs. Cy FoK,'f' Garfield,
spent the last of the week with friends
in town.
Miss Fnyo Carpenter, of Curtis,
visited friends in the city the last of
the week.
Art Yates, of Sutherland, was among
tho visitors in tho city yesterday, en
route to Omaha.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence McGeo, of
Sutherland, aro visiting friends in the
city this week.
Claude Carpenter and father, of
Curtis, camo up Sunday night to visit
Lawrence Carpenter.
C. C. Siver nnd Amos Aloxnnder, of
Garfield, spent the last of the week in
in town on business.
Farmers bring in your plows early
and avoid tho rush. I havo tho best
disc sharpener made. I sharpen them
without cracking or chipping.
City Blacksmith Shop,
J. E. Jeffries, Prop.
Stop to Consider When Buying Dry
Goods that Quality Means Durability?
Everything we show you you can rely on their
giving1 you entire satisfaction.
We have made careful selections. Bought only
the best merchandise. Have only the best to sell.
Did you know our entire line of spring goods is
new? It is?
Our entire stock is new. Can you really afford to
buy goods that you don't know whether they are old
or not, when you have the opportunity of buying new,
clean goods at less money? A great many assortments
can only be called such, because tbey are four or five
years left overs. Just a few articles bought" each year
to freshen up the stock. If you want old goods don't
come here. We haven't any. But, if you want new.
goods, come here, it will save you time and money by
doing so.
Our shoes wear veil
and make the foot
look ne&t ead trim.
They arc comfort
shoes too.
. ..
Myrtle and Vicinity.
Miss Margaret Robinson, who litis
been staying with her uncle Will Bjck
loy and attending school, returned homo
Tuesday. Sho was accompanied by her
grandmother, who will make an exten
ded visit with relatives in Keya Paha
Mrs. Mario Thompson, who taught in
district C3, loft for hqmo Wednesday.
Will Sivits returned from Buffalo
county Saturday.
Ralph Merritt and Bisters Goldio and
Hazel spont Sunday at tho Wright
MrB. W. H. Burns is spending the
week in North Platte.
Bert Brunk and mother spent Sunday
at E. Wright's.
Miss Libcrtina Soderman roturned to
her homo near Bigncll. Sho was ac
companied by little Marion Richards.
a reu ratman was a North i'latte
visitor Thursday and Friday.
John Abornathy left for North PJatto
jra ujji v
Dry Goods Department.
10c. and 15c.

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