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IRA L. BARK, Publisher.
Homo and Foreign Intelligence Con
densed Into Two and Four
Line Paragraphs.
Political Notes.
President Taft doclured himself a
convert to Ilia budget system.
South Dakota republicans and
progreBBlvns may work In harmony.
Champ Clark opened the Kentucky
campaign with a Bpoech on tho tariff.
Governor JoluiHon Bald between
Taggart and Kenllng Indiana was boaa
ridden. RooBCVelt, prgroHBlve candidate for
president, spoke In Omaha on the
In bin apeech at Denver Roosevelt
replied to flvo questions put to him
by Bryan.
Mr. Dryan, in a speech at Boze
man, Montana, denounced tho Rooao
Volt ambition.
Governor Wllaoli has given his ap
proval to tho formation if a Wilson
republican loaguo
Tho high cost of living was declared
by Governor WIIhou at Columbus, O.,
to be tho real campaign issue.
Woodrow Wilson replied to tho
cbnrgo of Former Senator Bovorldgo
that bo was boBB-controlled.
Governor .Tohnaon made the pre
diction that President Taft will bo
third In 1l;e presidential race.
Through Ohio and Indiana, Govern
or Woodrow WIIbou did Impromptu
campaigning that was as vigorous as
It was unexpected.
Theodore Roosevelt mode a three
hours' stop In Lincoln In Ills trip ac
cross Nebraska and also a lengthy
talk at Omaha.
At Mitchell, S. D., a state conven
tion of republicans adopted resolu
tions In which Roosevelt and tho pro.
gresaivo candidates In South Dakota
wcro sovoroJy denounced.
A series of conferences to discuss
tho political situation In ench of tho
central states will bo held at the re
publican campaign headquarters In
Governor ThodaB R. Marshall of In
diana, tho democratic vlco presiden
tial candidate, uitido his first earn,
palgn speech In .Missouri in St. Jo
Jeph. General.
Governor Wilson Is to speak in
Omaha In tho afternoon of October
Tho Mexican government Is prepar
ing a mora vigorous campaign ngalnst
tho rebels.
EvatiBVllle, Ind., was selected ns thu
next meeting place of tho national
rural lottor carriers.
Georgo, Undorwood, an aviator, who
was Injured when his blplano turned
turtle during an oxhlbltlon flight at
Calloa, Mo., died from his Injuries.
Mm Mary Leigh, tho suffragotte,
wno released from an Irish prison on
nccouut of 111 health duo to her refusal
to-cat and having had to bo fed ford,
Claims for $3,000,000 resulting from
depredations on Ainorlcan proporty
in Mexico, havo been tiled against
tho Madoro. govornmont. Mooro aro
apt to come.
Formor Congressman .f. Adam
Bedo of Mlnnesotu, and John llarlau
of Chicago, following Theodore Roobc
volt through Arizona In tho Interest
of ProBldont Taft spoko In Tucson.
A portion of tho books nlul records
kept by Cornelius N, Bliss, ub treasu
rer of tho republican natlonul commit,
too in tho 1904 presidential campaign
probably havo been located,
Goyernor Woodrow WlUon struck
tho trail of Colonel Roosovolt for tho
first tlmo In Uio campaign whon ho
whlrlod through a program of Bpeech
os nnd receptions in Minneapolis and
BL Paul.
Hankora nro applying to tho Treas
ury department for drpnsltu of public
money to bo usod in connection with
financing tho big crops. Applicants,
It Is said, however, havo not yot rais
ed tho cry of stringency.
People 'crowded so at the funeral In
Chicago of tho white wife of Jack
Johnson, that tho police wcro called
to clear tho sidewalk In front of tho
house. Several thousand people were
In the street whon tho pollco arrived.
At Pittsburgh, Pa., two little girls
Kirls dreBsod to represent nngelB, were
hung suspended by ropes ovor an Im.
provlBcd altar at n churchfost, and
now tho fathers aro under arrest for
Dora Rodriguez, an 18-year-old Am.
ntordam girl, reached Washington, on
tho ,!nBt lop of her walk around tho
world, Sbo wnlks alone, carrying i
revolvor on lior hip. She says alio
wnB novor uccoted by any man, ex
cept in Now York.
Promotion for 13,000 railway postal
clerks on October 1 will bo provided
in orders Issued by Postmaster Gun
enil Hitchcock.
Two poreonB wero killed, two sor
lously hurt and several others slightly
injured whon a Union Paclflo train hit
a street car at a grado oroBsiug in
Colonel Roosevelt nccused Governor
Wilson of being a novice.
Farmers in the Houthwnst will no
ablo to Bhlp corn Into Movlcn treo of
duty until tho end of this year.
Governor Glasscock huB started his
Inquiry into strlko conditions In West
Eugene Chaflln, prohibition candi
dal for president, Invaded Delaware
on a speaking tour.
Mrs. Helen Pierce Gray was ar
rusted In Washington at the behest of
the Indian office.
Governor Wilson twitted Colonel
RooBovelt about the alleged growth
of trusts during his administration.
Tho Bale of the New York Press, a
morning newHpaper, by Henry L. Eln
stein, to Frank A. Munsey, s an
nounced. Forage poisoning, which has caused
heavy mortality among tho horsea
of Kansas and Nebraska, Is reported
prevalent In South Dakota.
Tho party of American geographers
touring the United States accompan
ied by members of the American geo
logical society, arrived at Sun Fran
cisco. Immediate withdrawal of tho armed
forces of tho United States now In
Nicaragua Is demanded in a circular
drawn up by resldonts of San Jose,
Conta Hicn.
Tho (Irst stono of a monument to
Victor Hugo was laid at Wateroo,
Iiolglum, on tho battlefield immortal
ized by tho French poet and novollst
In "Los MlBorables."
Oyster bods in Jamaica bay. Long
Island; and tho Potomac river, seventy-five
miles down from Washington,
aro endangered by typhoid germs, ac
cording to the secretary of agricul
ture .
Major General .Tamos Shipton,
CoaHt Artillery corps, now stationed
at Angel Island, Cal., was designated
military attacho of tho American le
gation at Buenos Ayre3. Argentine
Thirteen million bushelB of grain
received In thirteen business duys In
Minneapolis was the crop movement
which shuttered ull records after tho
railways had reported In 1,543 curs
of grain.
Arinod with a stout club Woldon B.
Cooke, an avlutor of Oakland, Cal.,
defended his wrecked aeroplano for
several hours in Chicago against a
crowd of soveral hundred souvenir
An amateur parachute Jumper was
killed at tho column of victory in Ber
lin. Ho was a paper hanger named
Blttnor, who climbed to tho nummit,
of tho column to experiment with a
Helf?luvented uppuratuB.
At Springfield, 111., tho early homo
of Abraham LInegIn, Governor Thom
as R. Marshall of Indiana declared
that the martyrod president was a de
mocrat at heart. His declaration
startled his nudience.
Tho postal authorities in Russia
have called a conference to formulate
regulations for government supervis
ion of wireloss stations nnd for tho
use of wireless telegraph on foreign
ships in Russian waters.
Fifteen Mexican rebels wero cap
tured on Amftrican territory thirty
miles southwost of Tucson, Ariz., by
deputy shoriffa. Tho rebols wero be
lieved to havo boon on thoir way to
Casa Grande to obtain ammunition.
Washington during all of this week
will bo tho health mecca of tho world.
Thoro havo guthorod from nil quar
ters of the globo thousands of experts
on health and vital statistics to at
tend tho fifteenth International Con
groBB on Hygieno and Demography.
Secretary MaoVeagh Is wrestling
with tho question or whether to admit
freo of duty food for usj on board
American Bhlps under the amend
mont to tho Panama canal act abol
ishing duty on all ship building ma
terial and equlpmont Imported Into
tho United States.
Plans for an advertising campaign
In bohnlf of tho Panama canal havo
boon formulated. Secretary of tho
Navy Meyer announced that with tho
crulso of the Atlantic floot to south
ern wators this winter, ho will arrango
tho sohcdulo so that all sailors and
pfllclals will visit tho canal.
Mrs. Helon Plorco Gray, known ns
a champion of Iudluns before con
gress, has been arrested on a charge
of concoallng public records. Mrs.
Gray admitsthat alio took tho Crow
trlbo allotment rolls, Involving lands
worth $100,000,000, becnuflo sho was
afraid they would bodoBtroyed.
Housewives of Philadelphia aro en
Joying tho lowest prices In produco
known thoro for years. Produco Is
abundant, cheap and of high quality.
Market exports declare tho potato
crop 1b larger than In ten yeura;
apples tho best aluco 189(i, and on
ions aro four times as plentiful as
over boforo.
At RIohmon, Va., Charles O. Berry,
president or the National Leaguo of
PostmnBters, In an address before the
convention urged an Increase of sal
aries In third and fourth class otll
cob. "The olllclal register." said
Berry, "shows that out of IU.S17 fourth
claaB olllces. 25,817 pay loss than $200
a year. In the Third district 6.1S8 pay
less than $100 per year, and in the
Eighth district. 905 puy less than $100
a year.
Nebraska building and loan asso
ciations havo $30,000,000 of tho poo
plo's money In their keeping
Hon. W. J. Bryan characterizes
RooBovelt ub a dangerous man.
President Taft celebrated his ritith
birthday by a visit to Aunt Bella Tor
rey. This weok Gov. Wilson will make
BpeuchcB in Iowa, South Dakota aud
Governor Wilson has called upon of.
fleers to investigate ulleged vlco In
Newark, N. J,
Statue Coot, All Told, 536.C0D, All of
Which Has Been Paid But
About $2,000.
Dr. Brostrom, atato veterlnarlun,
reports the horse disease spreading
to the north .part of tho state. Ho Is
of tho opinion that it la a bacterial
disease. Ho eayu there Is no doubt
that tho brnlu and spinal cord of
horses aro highly inflamed and he
pronounces it spiuul meningitis
though this condition can be pro
duced by at least three causes. Tho
government theory that it Is a fungus,
poison in thu pasturage or hay or
grain, Is not accepted by Dr. Bro
strom. Ho admits that tho germ may
bo found In grass or hay, but that
does not prove it to bo a fungus poi
Bon. Tho government's theory that
tho poison comes from a fungus
growth In pasture and its growth is
fostered in damp places Is not borne
out by tho fact that tho disease up
pours in both damp, low ground along
tho Missouri river and also In the dry
sand hill region whero grass is too
short and tho weather has been too
dry to promoto such growth. '
Dr. Davison and his assistants or
the government service are atlll in
vestigating In Nebraska and have
assigned to new Btatlona. One went
to Shelton, Elm Creek and Lexington,
another to York, Thayer, Brndshaw
und other towns in York county. An
other wont to Fremont and Dodge
county towns and another has been
sent to Beaver City, Wilsonvllle, Red
Cloud and Superior.
Accepts Lincoln Monument.
The board of public IiukIb and build
ings formally uccopted tho Lincoln
monument and returned a bond to
Daniel C. French, tho sculptor, to
gether with commendation of his
work nnd tho work of Mr. Bacon, tho
architect who designed tho architec
tural feature of tho monument. Mr.
French recoived $20,000 for tho sta
tue of Abraham Lincoln and subcon
tractors received various sums mak
ing a. total of $36,000 paid out by the
monument commission. The commis
sion has at its dispoaal $34,000, being
mado up of a stato appropriation of
$20,000, an appropriation by tho city
of Lincoln of $5,000 and private dona
tions amounting to $9,000, leaving a
balanco of $2,000 not provided for. It
Ib Bald private parties will subscrlbo
this sum and perhaps tho legislature
will be called upon to reimburse
Tho resolution adopted by Land
Commissioner E. B. Cowles, Secre
tary Addison Walte, Slate Treasurer
Walter A. George and Attorney Gen
eral Grant Martin, Is as follows:
"Resolved by the bourd of public
lauds and building that wo accept on
behalf of tho stato of Nebrasku, tho
statuo and monument on tho stato
houso groundB in memory of Abra
ham Lincoln, and commend the work
of Danlol Chester French, tho sculp
tor, for his excellent statue of the
martyred president, nnd commend nl
bo tho architectural design of tho ac
cessories by Mr. Bacon and tho secre
tary of thoboard, Ib boreby instruct
ed to forward to Mp. French, his bond
given to tho Btato for tho satisfactory
fulfillment of tho contract."
Bank Incorporated.
Tho Farmers' Stato bank of Tal
mago has been incorporated with u
capltul atock of $20,000. Tho ofllccrs
aro B. C. Marquurdt, president;
Adolph Rlttor, vice president; E. G.
Spencor, cashier.
Morrill to University,
rrof. Walter J. Morrill, for several
years In tho forest service of the
govornmont In Colorado, hn been
solected to head tho department of
forestry at tho stato university. Ho
nrrlved In Lincoln a few daB ago
and has been getting acquainted with
tho work hero preparatory to tho be
ginning of tho school year. Prof.
Morrill Is a graduate of the Maiuo
nnlverBlty and of tho forest school at
Cattle Also Dying.
Governor Aldrich received a mes
Bago from ox-Mayor McConaughay of
Holdrego saying that olght head of
cattto had died u fow miles from that
place with a disease which had ull
the symptoms of tho horse dlseaGO
that Is raging in Nobraska.
Suppressing the Horse Disease.
Peter Youngers of Geneva, accom
panied by Mr. Brown, called at tho
office of tho governor to ubIc for aid
In suppressing tho epizootic In Fill
more county. From forty to fifty
horaes have died dully ,
Care of Insane Patients.
, Douglas county is anxious for tho
Btato to tako care of inaauo patients
in that county who aro now kopt In
tho county hospital. Robert Smith,
clerk of tho county Insanity bourd,
has written Land Commissioner
Cowles that thirty four mon and nlno
tuen lusano woman aro in tho hospital
and recently several lusnno killed
thomselvcs. This self destruction,
tho clork suyB, waB simply bocauBo
tho county has no moaua to give them
proper caro. When now buildings
are ready patlentB will bo recoived.
Attorney General Says The State
Owea Nothing.
Deputy Attorney General George W.
Ayres Is prepared to go Into the su
premo court at tho next session to
combat the claim of Sam Patterson of
Arupuhoe. who sued the state tor
$0,000 salary alleged to be duo ' m
because Governor Shullenberer -a-pointed
him secretary of tho e .e
banking board when the former wus
in oflice. Because the new bunking
law was suspended by the circuit
court of the United States Mr. Pat
terson did not get to serve.
In thu district court of Lancaster
county the state won, and the suit
has been appealed by Patterson to the
supreme court. Basing Its argument
on tho admitted facts In tho cuse the
state contends:
First. Thut Edward Royso was
either the de facto or the de jure sec
retary of the state banking board
during ull the tlmo for which tho
plaintiff claims the emoluments of
that office.
Second. That having paid him tho
Balary of such office, the stato is not
compelled to pay same a second tlmo
to another.
Third. That Irrespective of tho pay
ment of the salary of said office to
said Royse, tho plaintiff, in view of
the peculiar wording of his appoint
ment and in view of the fact that he
performed none of tho duties of tho
office, is not entitled to recover com
pensation therefor.
Deputy Attorney General Ayres says
In his brief.
"It will be remembered that plain
tilt's cqmmlsslon fiom the governor
to hold the office of secretary of the
state banking board names no specific
date at which his term of office shall
commence nor how long it shall con
tinue. It merely states that ho Is
appointed to said office for the term
beginning from and after taking ef
fect of said act 1909 for such time as
ho shall satisfactorily perform all tho
duties imposed upon such officer by
law, not to exceed, however, n pe
riod of two years.
"Innsmuch ns the law to which ref
erence is made in the plaintiff's cer
tificate of appointment never became
effective, so far ob the carrying out
of its provisions was concerned, until
long niter the plaintiff haa withdrawn
his bond and virtually abandoned all
claim to tho office, and Inasmuch as
he never, even for an instant, per
formed any of the dnties of Buid of
fice, it is clear that he Is not enti
tled in any event to recover a salary
as such officer. To hold otherwiso
would he to hold that the law took
effect at a tlmo when all the officers
churged with its execution were en
joined by a court of competent Juris
diction from enforcing any of its pro
vislona and that tho plaintiff was per
forming all tho duties of said office
in a satisfactory manner when in
truth and in fact he was not perform
ing or even attempting to perform
any of them, being enjoined there
from by the order of a court of com
petent jurisdiction.
Employes' Company Appeals.
Tho National Employes' association
has appealed to the supreme court
from the district court 'of Lancaster
county. Tho association Insures Ub
policyholders against loss of work. As
this does not come under tho regular
Insurance law, tho auditor denied
thorn a license to do business in this
state Tho lower court sustained the
act of tho auditor.
Believes Worms the Cause.
Worms in lust year's corn crop are
belioved by ono Lincoln man who
owns a Inrgo number of valuable
horses to bo the cause of the disease
which Is carrying away so many
horses In the state. He has spent
more than a hundred dollars during
tho past year in having his corn care
fully sifted and tho ends of all tho
ears cut off before feeding the corn
to his horses.
August Weather.
August, according to tho report of
tho weather bureau, was a cool and
wot month. The mean temperature
wob a trifle over 71 dogrees and al
most a wholo degree less than tho
average acquired In tho thirty-seven
years that records have been kept. In
the southeastern portion of tho stato
the mean temperature rose ubovo the
normal, but this was offset in the
western part of tho Btute, whero tho
averago was two and three degrees
lower than tho thirty-seven-year aver
ago. Tho warmoBt period of tho
month was tho lust nlno days, when
In several parta of the stato the mer
cury mounted to tho 100-degreo mark.
Asks Release of Property.
A motion to hnvo the United StateB
marshal roleaso property belonging
to Campbell Bros.' circus on tho
ground that It Is still In the hands of
tho state courtB waB filed before
Judgo T. C. Mungor. Several days
ago an action was brought by a lith.
ographing company of Knnsas City to
collect a bill for $9,000 from the cir
cus. State University Filling Up.
If tho registration of students tho
llrst day at tho State university Is
any Indication of what tho attendance
will bo this year, tho record will bo
broken by a considorablo margin. Tho
llrst day's registration this year
shows tho healthy number of sovonty
two, whllb last year tho first day only
29G roglstorod. This year thoro nro
only four days for registration pur
poses, whllo laBt year llvo days woro
given to tho work, which may pos
sibly account for tho rush on at this
Fifteen Articles of Food and Coaf
Considered, Potatoes Being tho
Worst Offenders.
Washington Marked upward trend
of the cost of living la disclosed In tho
federal bureau of labor's report of nu
Investigation of prices for the last ten
years conducted In the Important In
dustrial centers of thirty-two states.
Fifteen most Important urtlclos of
food, as well as coal, comprising two
thirds of a worklngman's needs, wero
investigated. In many cities the in
vestigators gathered statements of
merchants on the cost of living and
specimens of these are published in
tho report.
On Juno 15, 1912, tho report shows,
fourteen of tho llfteen artices of food
were higher than a year before, ahd
ten had advanced in the last ten years
more than 50 per cent over the, aver
ago retail price for the ten-year pe
riod, 1890-1899.
During tho last decade prices of po
tatoes changed most and sugar tho
least. Their advances wero 1.9 and
8.5 per cent, respectively. During tho
last year bacon, which decreased Just
one-tenth of 1 per cent, wus the only
one of the llfteen principal articles of
food that showed a decline in price,
while nino of tho llfteon advanced
more than 10 per cent, varying from
2.4 per cent for milk to 18.6 for round
steak. Of the fifteen, only eggs, but
ter, milk and sugar were lower, but
tho prico of threo of these four is nor
mally lower during summers than
during winters.
Specimens of tho statements of
merchants in various cities, published
in tho report follow
Now York Meat3 In general aro so
high that if prices continue much
longer will bo obliged to closo up
business. Havo aready lost about
$200 since advance In prices.
Chicago Jobbing price on flour has
advanced 80 cents per barrel and un
less thoro Ib a decllno in tho near fu
ture retail prices will advance.
Boston First: Cheap Birlolns aro
so high and poor that I am not cut
ting any at present. Both grades of
cattle havo gono up and tho above
prices Just about let mo out without
profit. Second: Beef, especially on
cheaper cuts, 10 to 20 per cent higher.
Third: Tho high prico of meats is
causing ub to close our place of busi
ness on or about July 4. .
Salt Lake City: Everything seems
to bo at tho top, but nothing shows
any decline.
Ulster Unionists Will Rebel Against
Asquith-Redmond Bill.
London. On Saturday, September
28, unionists of tho northern counties
of Ireland propose to register their
formal defiance of home rule. Gather
ing In halls and market places, even
in churches, tho men of Ulster will
sign a covenant pledging themselves
novor to submit to any government
from Dublin, which may bo imposed
upon tho country by tho Asquith-Redmond
homo rue bill passed in tho
House of Commons. "Ulster day" is
the designation chosen for this re
markable political sacrament.
Allen Trial Soon On.
Roanoke, Va. Handcuffed and
guarded by ten detoctlves, Sidna Al
len and Wesley Edwurds, arrested a
week ago In Dos Moines to answer
for their part In the Carroll county
court hoiiBo murders, wero taken to
Hlllsvlllo Sunday. They will be ar
ralgned there Monday. It is probablo
a change of vonuo to Wythevllle will
bo ordored at tho request of tho com
monwealth. Face Severe Investigation.
Chicago. Chicago's pollco depart
ment is facing tho greatest upheaval
in its history as a result of tho scan
dal growing out of tho recent escape
of two Canadian bank robbers from
Lieutenant Burns in a Wabash uve
nuo saloon.
Believe Italian Has Leprosy.
Washington. The health author
ities of Spokane, WiibIi., havo appeal
ed to tho public health service to is
olate the family of Antonio Volcane,
an Italian, oni the ground thut Vol
cane nnd IiIb 11-year-old sou are suf.
ferlng from leprosy.
A Suffragette In Hospital.
Dulln. Mrs. Mary Leigh, tho suffra
gotte hunger-striker, was transferred
from her cell to the prison liospltal
dangerously ill us a result of forcible
School Boys on Strike.
Baltimore, Md, Because negroeB
woro given, thoir building and thoy
wore compelled to walk longer dis
tances to school, boys of school 91
went on Btrlke. Thoy marched to tho
city hall, told tho mayor about It and
Invaded school headquarters.
Killed By Bootleggers.
Coffeyvllle, Kas. Two officers were
killed nnd two wounded In an ambush
by bootleggors. Tho ofllclals in an auto
were patrollng roads over which lie
quor is Illegally carried.
Tho grand assessment roll of N
braska this year is $403,371,889.
Tho horso disease hao taken about
thirty heud In tho vicinity of Dunne
brog. Norman Parks of Custer county If
accused of burning property to col
lect Insurance.
Young men of Lincoln have formed
a Tuft club and will boost big Bill
to bcut the baud.
The slate university Ib expected
this year to break tho record in tho
mutter of attendance.
Douglas county pays F. O. Johnson
$5,397 to remove the old court house
and gives him the material therein.
Miss Elsa Huberlc of Nebraska
City and Miss Edna Flnley of Belle
vue, have gone to Porto Rico to en
gage In teaching.
Thomns Fred, an elghtoon-year old
employe of tho Kearney canning fac
tory, was killed on the railway cross
ing by a switch train.
Oliver Phillips, a Beatrice black
smith, attempted suicide in Omaha,
where he had gone to effect a recon
ciliation with his wife.
Authorities of Washington aro
atlrred up over the horse disease o
prevalent in Nebraska nnd will do
all posslblo toward stamping out the
Four young loafers In Omaha, nono
of them over 22, have been arrested
for holding up people at tho point of
the pistol. They'll have tlmo to think
it over in the bfg stone pen.
A Blair business man and his wife
have suddenly disappeared, which is
nil right with the exception that they
left a lot of unpaid bills that have
started creditors hot on their trail.
For the Nebraska Teachers' con
vention in Omaha on November 8, the
Mendelssohn choir secured through
tho publicity bureau will give a con
cert, with Marion Green, tho Chicago
baritone, as soloist.
Whllo William Delgan of Raymond
was driving homo from town with a
load of coal when one of tho horses
was suddenly stricken with cerebro
spinal moningiti8, falling to the
ground and ho was unable to get tho
animal to his home.
Dr. D. II. Udall, professor of veteri
nary medicine nt the New York state
veterinary college, affiliated with
Cornell university, arrived In Omaha
to conduct an investigation of tho
so-called horse meningitis epidemic
in Nebraska and Kansas. Ho was
brought to the statu by tho Union
Pacific railroad company.
Forty bushels of wheat, weighing
sLty-two pounds to tho bushel, is a
typical yield per aero In tho so-called
"dry-farming" area of western Ne
braska, according to H. W. Camp
bell, apostlo of dry farming, who is
in Omaha. "I don't like to call It dry
farming," said Mr. Campbell. "It isn't
dry farming. It Is merely sensible,
spientiflc farming. And it is getting
Edward Evans, a student of Sherl
dan, Wyo., committed suicide near
Nornlal. Leaping from the second
story window of his bedroom, Evans,
clad only in his night clothes, made
his way to the barn and thore finding
a short piece of rope, hung himself
from the rafters. His body was
found a short tlmo afterwards. Evans
was about 27 years of age. For sev
eral months the young man has been
affected with a peculiar mental dis
ease and has tried on several occa
sions to take his own life.
Citizens of Louisville, says a dis
patch from that town, are investigat
ing stories that a young man, 27
years of age, who has been watchman
for Hugh Murphy in the quarries, was
in reality a Mexican of high birth. He
disappeared three days ago and whon
he left It was said his real name was
Pedro Diaz. Living with him here
has been his brother, Joe, 12 years of
age, who not long ago ran away to
Des Moines and was brought back by
the brother. Pedro, it Is said, re
ceived a monthly draft of $100 from
Mexico and the boy ono for $50.
Fire destroyed the store In G ion
over at 3 o'clock In the morning, tho
building burning to the ground with
the entire stock of groceries. The
building belonged to tho Lang
Brothers nnd tho loss Is fully covered
by insurance.
A passenger coach filled with or
phans from an institution in New
York city arrived in Burwell. The lit
tle oneB, whoso ages range from two
months to threo years, were placed in
homes, in that vicinity. Tho orphans
wero in charge of several nurses
whllo muklng tho trip from the metro
polis of the country.
The loss of between thirty and for
ty head of mixed stock belonging to
J. H. Benny, Henry Hartman and Roy
Dolan, who reside in tho north part of
Stanton county, has been reported to
Albert Fickler, captain- of tho north
Nebraska live stock protective asso
ciation. Ho reported it to Sheriff
James R. Stucker, who occupies the
office of chief captain of tho associa
tion. The officers Immediately began
a thorough investigation. Tho trail
ended with tho recovory of twenty
tow head of tho stock taken allvo and
hides und brands for tho balance.
Cupid is a buBy body in these pros
perous Nobraska days. It is mar.
ring efro mone end of the state to the
other, with the big marital harvest
yet to come, ns the days grow colder
and the nights longer.
Tho water shortage problem which
has been vexing tho city of Weep
ing Water for u number of montliH
has been solved by tapping an arte
Blan wall, dug boiuo tlmo ago by the
Missouri Pacific, but now unused.
Tho well is 480 feet deep and from all
Indications will servo its purpose us
an emergency well for alf time to
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