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IIIA L. DARE), Publisher.
Home and Foreign .Intelligence Con
denied Into Two and Four
Line Paragraphs.
Political Notes.
Governor Hadloy announced no
jrould support President Taft.
Tho only hope for Taft electors In
California Is to win tbelr caso In
Winston Churchill was nominated
for governor by Now Hampshire pro.
A call for further contributions has
been made by tho domocratlc national
Colonol Roosovclt told a Now Or
leans crowd tho progressive party has
como to stay.
Governor Johnson concluded his
Now England tour, and will next In
vado New York. "
Governor Marshall complained that
RooBovelt did nothing for tho people
while In tho whlto house.
Tuminany Leader Murphy Is thought
to be getting roady. to dump Governor
Dlx and turn to a now man.
Taft doctors nro shut off absolute
ly from tho ballot In California by a
decision of tho supremo court.
Mr. Roosevelt says It Is difficult to
draw a distinction between tho repub
lican and democratic parties.
In a sweeping denial of charges
against him, Roosevelt said ho novor
askod a penny for his campaign.
Governor Wilson, at IndlanapollB,
delivered a direct attack on tho ad
ministrations of Taft and Roosovclt.
Governor Johnson accused Wood
row Wilson of having radically
changed hla viows on union labor.
Governor McGovorn of Wisconsin
Issued a statement in which ho an
nounced that tho howuld voto for tho
Roosevelt -and Johnson presidential
dec torn on Novomber 5.
Governor Woodrow Wilson waB tho
contrnl figure in tho Now Jorsoy dem
ocrats otato convention at which a
stato platform was adopted and cnndl
datos for presidential electors nomin
ated. AdvlooB received by Secretary of
Otato Frank C. .Jordan stated, that
necessary signatures to petitions for
placing Roosovclt electors on the No
vcmbor ballot had been obtained in
tho various countlos of Cullfornla.
Electoral candidates on tho Penn
sylvania republican stato ticket fa.
vorablo to Roosovclt and Johnson will
placo their withdrawals from tho tick
et in tho hands of II. D. W. English
of Pittsburgh to fllo on October 0.
Wlllinm Allen Whlto, national pro.
grossivo committeeman of Kansas,
tiled with tho secrotury of ntato tho
resignations from tho republican
ticket of sovon of tho eight presiden
tial doctors, who wore chosen at tho
recent primary pledged to voto for
Colonol Roosevelt. Dorsoy Green of
ICansaB City, Kan., rofuscd to resign.
Congressman Dartholdt roplicd
sharply to charges of Roouovolt.
A Rio Janioro loan of $15,000,000
at 5 per cent 1b shortly to bo floated.
Thoro has boon no actual declara
tion tot war thus far In tho Balkans.
Governor Wilson twitted Colonol
Roosevelt about tho alleged growth
of trusts during his administration.
Tho human race' has not kept paco
with cattlo and hogs according to a
speaker attho conservation congress.
Bevoro earthquakes havo boon con
tinuously roglstorod by tho solsmo
graphic instruments in tho Berlin ob
servatories, Every union teamster in Dos Moines
Is likely to bo culled on strlko, ac
cording to an announcement made by
I T. McArthur, organizer, botore a
meeting of the teamsters' union.
A roferondum on tho grouping of
all Chicago's disorderly resorts into
one district loomod as a possibility in
tho opinion of Mayor Harrison, as tho
rosult of the investigation into Vlco
Natiou-wldo standardization of ef
forts to save bableB was consldorcd
at tho annual mooting of tho Ameri
can Association for tho Study and
Prevention of Infant Mortality, which
opened In Cleveland.
Tho entire robol army at Jinatope,
Nicaragua, about twenty miles south
of Managua, was captured with all
Its ammunition, arms and nrtlllory
aftor a four hours' battlo with gov
ernment troopB.
An explosion fund was Bot asldo by
tho Iron-workers' union according to
Prosecutor Mlllor nt Indianapolis,
Peace botwocn Italy and Turkey
was signed at Ouchy, Switzerland, ac
cordlngcording to a nows ugcuoy dls
patch received horo from Paris.
P. Warren, aged 30, was sentenced
t Dea Moines to twenty years in tho
state prison. Warren attacked a 0.
year-old girl. -
A state conforenco of loaders of the
woman . suffrage cause, was held In
Cloyeland, O., at which It was decldod
to held a state convention in Colum
bus la'te la November.
Central American countries resent
intcrferenco of tho United States.
Roosevelt failed 40 appeal to tho
voters of eastern Tennessee.
Ono man was killed and others
wounded as a result of strlko troubles
at AugUHta, Ga.
Ono of tho alleged Canadian bank
robbern was caught at SL Louis.
Fourteen lives wero lost in the
sinking of a British submarine.
A meeting of protest against homo
rulo In Ireland was held at Belfast.
Tho financial showing of tho govern
ment for the now quarter is satisfac
tory. Mexico Is not to conflno the instruc
tions of its army to Germany military
Colonel Roosevelt wound up his
transcontinental tour with a speech at
Raleigh, N. C.
Four masked men held up a Kansas
City Southern train near tho town of
Poteau, Okl.
Many woro killed or injured In a
wreck on tho Now Haven road at
Westport Conn.
A statewide conference of leaders of
tho woman's suffrage cause was held
at Cleveland, O.
Wilson says ho wants progresslvo
nominated In New York but docs not
name his choice.
Mrs. Helen Pierce Gray was ar
rested In Washington at tho behest of
the Indian office.
Lieut. Donald H. Morrison was killed
and eight Injured by an explosion on
tho destroyer Walko.
Deposits in Nebraska stato banks
now exceed $85,000,000, tho highest
in tho history of tho stato.
Four people woro killed and flvo in
jured when an automobile was struck
by a train near Pittsburgh.
W. B. Townloy of Chicago was
chosen president of tho underwriters
association of tho northwest.
Dr. Wiley, In a speech at Terro
Haute, Ind., attacked tho administra
tions of Roosevelt and TafL
Tho Central Fuel Oil company, an
oil-producing company in Oklahoma,
was adjudged a bankrupt.
Tho failure of Blair Brothers, mem
bers of tho New York consolidated
stock exchange, was announced.
Tho slego of Managua cost tho
lives of a hundred and thlrty-slx wo
men and a thousand soldiers.
Twelvo thousand toxtllo operatives
are affected by a strlko at Lawrenco,
Mass., and mill' may shut down.
Turkey Is bristling up under tho
throat of war, and thoro woro scenes
of oxcitombnt at Constantinople
Ton por cent of our population was
declared by tho congress of byglono
and demography to bo dofoctlvo.
Prohibition and its effect on tho ci
gar trado will bo investigated by tho
clgarmnkors' union of Amorlca.
Russia has' suggested tho advisabili
ty of a joint demand upon China for
payment of tho boxer indemnity.
J. P. Morgan, tho financier, camo in
for scathing denunciation In William
J. Bryan's trip across Central Kansas.
Tho stato convention of tho nation
al progrcBslvo party of Michigan
named a tlckot from secretary of
stato to Justices of tho aupromo court
Dr. Georgo H. Knight of Salisbury,
republican cnndldato for congress
from tho Fifth district, fell dead on
tho stago of Roberts hall, in Lake
vllle, Conn.
Govornor Colquitt was advised by
tho stato department that permission
for tho crossing of Toxas soil by Mex
ican fodorals entraining at Marathon,
Tex., had been suspended.
Navy department officials bollovo
that tho crutsor Cincinnati, of tho
Asiatic, fleet, ordered to Foo Chow,
has gono Uiero In response to a call
for protection of Americans.
F. S. Pmolffcr, a Tnft ropubllcan
eloctor In tho Second Missouri dis
trict, sont his resignation to tho sec
retary of stato. Ho is tho Blxth Taft
olector to resign In Missouri.
ThrcatB to sacrifice European lives
at Foo Chow hnvo been uttered by
General Pung unless his demands
for 450,000 tads (about $315,000)
from tho authorities aro acceded to.
Georgo F. Consldlneo, proprietor of
the Hotel Metropolo, sccno of tho
murdor of Herman Rosenthal, tho
gambler, tiled a schedulo in bankrupt
cy, Ho gives liabilities of $258,098 and
assets of $6,242.
Attorney General U. S. Webb of
California handod down a ruling that
but ono sot of presidential electors
cdn go on tho Novomber ballot as ro
publlcan electors thoso chosen by
tho majority of tho Sacramonto con
vention and pledged to Roosovoit and
Tho fact that tho contract for a
Chinese loan of $50,000,000 has fallen
to a private syndicate In London In
dopently of tho six great powers,
who wero negotiating for a $300,000,
000 loan, has caused as much amuse
ment to tho "city as surprise Tho
powers in queBtlon ar Great Britain,
Franco, Germany, tho United States,
RuBBla and Japan.
Prof. Willis Mooro, woather expert,
discussed the cause of floods at tho
conservation congress.
Plerpont Morgan, proving a willing
wltnoss, told of his contributions to
tho ropubllcan campaign fund.
Former Mayor Soldoll of Mllwaukco
spoke to Lincoln socialists.
U. S. Sonator Burton of Kansas
spoke to Lincoln (Nob,) republicans.
Govornor Johnson mado two speech
es In Buffalo, ono at tho Broadway
arsenal and another at a Polish hall.
Governor Wilson commended tho
action of tho Now York Btato domo
cratlo convention In naming Con
gressman Sulzor for govornor.
Mayor HnrrUon of Chicago Issued
a statomont that a systematic cam
paign against vlco conditions In tho
city, was about to be begun under bis
J. iupfirvlslon by tho'pollco.
State University Heavy Drawer o"n
Investment Fund Other Stato
Capital Matters.
Stato Trensuror Georgo Issued a
statement of tho condition of tho
state treasury for tho month ondlng
September SO, says tho Lincoln Jour
nal. The condition of the treasury
is not fluttering, but it is believed tho
remittances from county treasurers
during tho next month or two will bo
sufficient to replenish the general
fund and to keep enough Investment
funds on hand to care for stato war
rants. Tho general fund is now practical
ly cxhaustod, there being only $108.83
in that fund. As there Is not enough
in the general fund to cash stato war
rants of any magnitude, the stato
treasurer Is obliged to uso invest
ment funds, which aro available for
that purpose Ho has a total of $105,
044.18 in tho Investment funds with
which to buy state warrants after tho
general fund Is exhausted.
During the month of September
tho state treasury received leBB than
$7,000 from county treasurers. Last
year during the same period it ro
colved $105,000. Treasurer Georgo
accounts for this falling off by the
fa'ct that county treasurers made
largo remittances to him in July.
Tho state university is a heavy
drawer on tho investment funds be
cause it can spend any portion of its
1 mill lovy beforo the money is In
tho stato treasury. This Is done ac
cording to a decision of tho supremo
court. The university can issue war
rants on tho levy not yet collected
and If thoro is no monoy in the per
manent university fund, tho fund to
which tho 1 mill lovy Ib paid, tho
Btato treasurer must buy the "war
rants so Issued with investment
funds. This reduces tho Investment
funds which tho treasurer may need
to keop stato warrants at par. If ho
runs out of both general funds and
investment funds ho Is unnblo to pay
cash for state warrants and tho war
rants must bo sold by tho ownerB to
At present the state has $147,164.35
Invested In university warrants,
which represent money expended by
tho university beforo its 1 mill tax
was collected and in tho state treas
ury. Tho Btnte troasurer within tho past
week had to uso $38,872.54 of invest
ment funds to buy stato warrants be
causo there wob no monoy in tho gen
eral fund. Ho carries thoso warrants
as cash, aftor tho old established cus
tom. Thoso warrants wore issued to
pay for construction work on twouni
vorslty buildings nnd two buildings at
tho Lincoln asylum. Had It not been
for thoso warrants for pay of now
buildings tho general fund would not
now bo exhausted.
Tho total balance In all funds for
August nnd September waff as fol
lows: August 31, 1012, $080,098.99;
September 30, 1912, $573,643.19. Sep
tember flguroB aro made up as fol
lows: CttBh on hand, $07637.25; cash
on depoBlt, $529,133.40; goneral fund
warrants on hand, $38,872.54; total,
Price of Apples.
With Jonathans and Grimes' Golden
loading, apples aro now wholesaling
for from $2.50 to $4 for a barrel con
taining threo bushels. Jobbors bo
llovo that Nebraska raised a crop of
about tho samo bIzo as last year,
Supreme Court Fees.
Clerk II. C. Lindsay of tho supreme
court haB reported to tho governor
tho recolpt of foes amounting to $1,
167,55 for tho threo months ending
Octobor 1. Of that amount $92.40
was fees received from tho West
Publishing company for copleB of su
premo court opinions. Tho balanco
was for court costs, bar registrations
nnd $144.20 from tho Stato Bar com.
Importation of Absinth Forbidden.
Under a provision of tho pure food
nnd drug act the Importation of ab
sinth Into this country, nnd tho traf
fic In absinth or abBlnth-bearlng
liquors botweon tho states, 1b now
forbidden, that part of tho foderal
statutes taking effect October 1.
Knowing that tho law was to go into
effect on October 1 saloon koopora
ovor tho country havo In many cases
laid In a supply of tho liquor, nnd un
dor tho law this can bo sold within
tho state in which It now Is locuted.
After tho supply Is exhausted thoro
will bo n ban on tho absinth drinks,
except whoro It is manufactured.
Epidemic Still In Evidence.
No now cases of tho horso opldemlo
havo been reported In Lancaster
county for a number of days, accord
ing to word received from various
parts of tho county, says tho Lincoln
Journal. Cyrus Black of Hickman
eald that thero aro no cases at pres
ent In tho southern part of the
county. Ho estimated tho number of
deaths duo to tho disease- in that sec
tion at twelve. No now cases have
beon reported in tho Oak creok val.
loy, according to Dr. W. A. Thomas
of Raymond.
Inspecting Officer of Regular Army
Makes Report.
Adjutant General E. M. Phelps has
received a letter from Captain Rob
ert W. Kerr of tho medical depart
ment of the United States army, who
acts as the inspecting officer of tho
regulu army, In which ho glvos tho
hospital corps of tho fobrnska Euartl
a boost and glvos Major Birkner, who
has chargo of tho medical corps, an
especially good recommendation. In
speaking of Major Birkner ho says:
"Ono of the best militia officers
that I havo served with." Ho reports
tho major excellent in his knowledgo
of field service, professional qualifica
tion and zeal, and very good in his
knowledgo of army regulations, manu
al of tho medical department, knowl
edge of blank forms and internal ad
ministration of sanitary organiza
tions. Of tho other ofllcors, Captain Jo
fepb R. Cameron, Captain Ernest J.
C. Sward. Captain Georgo E. Spear,
First Lieutenant John I. McGirr and
First Lloutonant Frank L. Borglum,
tho Iiitpector says:
"The abovo four medical ofllcors
have a limited knowledge of army
regulations, manual of medical de
partment, field BorvIce,regulatlons,
blank forms and lnternnladmlnistra
lion of sanitary organizations. Thoy
aro qualified for tho service, and it
would be of great help to Uiem if, in
tho coming year, they could camp
with a field hospital of tho regular
Th enlisted mon arc marked "ex
cellent" In soldierly appearance,
school of tho detachment, manual of
the litter and manual of tho loaded
litter, knowledgo of equitation, very
good In boarer work without litter
and In practical and theoretical first
aid. Tho noncommissioned ofllcors
aro marked "very efficient" in leader
ship and efficiency. Tho corps took
chargo of litter squads on ono gen
eral field maneuver at the Grand Is
land' camp.
The Inspector further Bays: This
detachment of tho hospital corps is
nn orderly body of men, prompt at
formations and froo from tho ubo of
intoxicants in camp."
In regard to the efficiency of tho
corps for field service. Increasing its
personnel to war strength and allow
ing ono month for training in a con
centration camp, tho inspector says:
"Tho enlisted personnel with ono
month's training would bo a most ef-1
flclont organization."
Ho considers tho weakest features
of tho organization its lack of field
work and small attendance at camp.
Tho most encouraging features, ho
says, aro tho attitude of tho men to
wards Instruction nnd tho efficiency
of Major BIrker aa a medical officer.
Tho inspector says ho waB informed
that part of Ui!b field hospital camped
at Pole Mountain, Wyoming, during
a part of the tlmo army maneuvers
wero held thoro.
The New Postofflce Law.
Postmaster Slzer has sent to the
newspapers of Lincoln a letter set
ting forth the provisions of tho act of
August 24, 1912, whereby tho papers
are required to file with tho post
offlco department sworn statements
concerning their management and
circulation. In caso any paper falls
to comply with tho new law It will bo
denlod tho privileges of the mails. By
the provisions of tho act the editor,
publisher, business manager, maga
zine, periodical or other publication
entered as second class mall at tho
postofflce, except religious, fraternal,
temperance, scientific and other sim
ilar publications, is required to file
with the local office not later than
April 1 nnd Octobor 1 of each year
two sworn statements setting forth
tho names nnd postoffico addresses
of tho editor, managing editor, pub
lisher, business mnnagerand owners,
and, If owned by a corporation, the
names of porsons owning 1 por cent
or more of tho stock or other securi
ties. Criticises Court's 'Work.
Paul Slogler, Just liberated from
tho penitentiary after a term of threo
yearB, wanted Attorney General Mar
tin to call tho supreme court together
to hear what ho had to say regarding
tho conviction of prisoners. When
Mr. Martin said he could not do this
Slegler consented to outline his
thorles to tho attorney "goneral. Ho
snld tho theory upon which most men
woro convicted of various crimes was
all wrong, Indefensible nnd unjust 4n
every way.
Paying for Man Hunt.
Lancaster county b up to tho pro
posltlcn of paying tho oxpenses In
curred In the hunt after Gray, Morloy
and Dowd, tho men who escaped from
tho penltontlnry last winter after
killing somo of the officials. The
commissioners havo cut out some of
tho claims entirely and havo lopped
off about half of others, and In con
sequenco thoro Is dissatisfaction
amonx those who Joined in tho hunt
Soonci than seo some of the mon en
tirely lose out on the deal, Shoriff
Hyer3 paid them himself.
. Candidates Under Wire.
Notices from legislative candidates
who forgot to sign statement No. 1
of tho primary law rolatlvo to sena
torial candidates nro coming Into tho
offlco of Secretary of Stato Walt
quit lively, and tho question has
been raised as to tholr right to got in
nt thiB time. Howover, Mr, Wait has
rulod that they can make good any
tlmo beforo tho official ballot Is pre.
pared, Mr. Walt Is already prepar
ing tho copy of tho ballot, which
must be roady for'tho printer twenty
five days beforo the election.
Democratic Leaders Agree Upon How
to Handel Rocky Mountain
States in Campaign.
Lincoln. Governor Woordow Wil
son, presidential nomlneo of tho do
mocratlc party, and William Jennings
Bryan, threo times domocratlc candi
date for tho samo office, had a heart
to heart talk hero Sunday on tho po
litical situation throughout the coun
try. Both unhesitatingly predicted a
democratic victory.
In the radiant sun parlor of Fair
vlow, Mr. Bryan's home, tho veteran
campaigner and tho newcomer In na
tional politics sat for hours, discuss
ing tho progress of tho campaign, but
with particular reference to the
Rockmy mountain states, where Mr.
Bryan had just completed a six
weeks' tour.
"Wo did not havo tlmo to go into
the matter very thoroughly," Bald tho
governor. "We sat up lato last night
and agreed upon a mothod of hand
ling tho mountain states. That Is as
far as wo got."
Tho governor did not think It would
be possible for him to go to the Paci
fic coast.
"Wo aro keoplng open the last two
and a half weeks of tho campaign,
however," ho Bald, "and I do not
know yet what use tho campaign
committeo will make of thorn. I set
out to mako trips in the campaign,
but tho local committees havo been
making tours out of them.1'
The govornor was delighted with
hiB reception in Nebraska.
"I think the demonstration in Lin
coln was yory rembarkable, Indeed,"
ho said. "I havo had a splondld time,
especially with Mnr Bryan."
Tho candidate again spoke proudly
of the fact that his "lucky number"
followed him In Lincoln. Ho occu
pied room No. 113 at a hotel which Is
on Thirteenth street, and delivered 'a
spoech at tho Auditorium, which Is
also on Thirteenth street, besides
making thirteen speeches in Ne
braska. Tho governor and his host, Mr.
Bryan, went together to the Westmin
ster Presbyterian church, where Mr.
Bryan Is an elder. After the services
the congregation gathered around tho
tow men and an informal reception
When tho nows paper correspond
ents called at Falrview, Mr. Bryan
and tho nOmineo wero being photo
graphed together.
"Theso men," said tho governor, In
troducing the correspondents by
name," have been my companions
throughout tho campaign."
"I enly had four -with mo when I
ran for office and you soem to havo a
baker's dozen," remarked Mr. Bryan.
"Apparently It takes more of them
to watch me," said the governor with
a laugh, as ho walked away'seomlng
ly happy that the nowspaper men
were concentrating their attention on
Mr. Bryan. "They'll comparo news
with yon after while," called Mr.
Bryan after him.
Mr. Bryan said ho watched the gov
ornor closoly in his live speeches hero
and sized him up as n "first-rate cam
paigner, who adapts himself admir
ably to his crowds."
"I wouldn't concede any of tho
ve8tom states to either Taft or
Roosevelt," Mr. Bryan said, speaking
of tho westorn situation." "I wouldn't
pick out any stato and concede it to
either Taft or Roosevelt, not oven Ca
lifornia. I put Roosevelt and Taft In
tho same class. They may tlo for
second place. Governor Wilson is
gaining strength so rapidly from both
sides that ho is certain of oloctlon by
n overwhelming voto.
Buys Refuge for Birds.
New York. A gift of $150,000 by
Mrs. Russell Sago In behalf of tho
birds of North America was announc
ed. Mrs. Sage has spent approxi
mately this sum In tho purchase of
Marsh Island, southwest of New Or
leans, with tho Intention of dedicat
ing it In perpetuity as a refuge for
wild birds.
Jewels of Great Value Stolen.
Chicago. Tho hotel apartments oof
Colonel James Hamilton Lewis, demo
cratic candidato for United States
ssonator, wero robbed hero Sunday.
The police have been notified that
jewols to tho value of between $5,000
and $10,000 were stolen.
Rurales Suffer a Defeat
Mexico City. A band of rebels de
feated 200 rurales In northern Zacat
ecs, near Juarez, killing twenty-two
and capturing fourteen, according to
advices received horo.
Glven Eight-Year- Sentence.
Cherokee, Ia E. P. Hessenlus, a
wealthy farmer, convicted of murder
ing his wife, was given an eight-year
sentence and fined $100. His motion
for ft now trial was denied. Hla at
torneys served notlqe of nn nppeat,
with bond of $25,000.
Woman Progressive to Speak.
Omaha, Jano Addams, head of
Hull houBe, Chicago, and prominent
bull moosetto, may speak in Omaha,
October 23, on her tour in tho inter
ests of the progressive candidates.
Govornor Aldrlch, Congressman
Norris nnd others nro making nggres
slvo political campaigns.
It is Bald that tho horso disease,,
now rapidly dylflg out, killed In th
neighborhood of 5,000 animals In Ne
braska. Attendance at the Soward county
fair was greatly cut down by unfav
orable weather. There was a good
display of products of tho soil.
The Wymore volunteer fire depart
ment haB decided to glvo a three
days' fair in November to raise funds
toward tho construction of n new fire
Tho German. American association
of Seward county hold Its annual pic
nic in "Seward. An Interesting pro
gram had been arranged and was
fully carried out.
Lylo E. Bugbeo of Lincoln, aged 17
years, ovorcomo by gas, was found un
conscious In a bathtub. After working
over hla apparently lifeless form for
two hours ho regained consciousness
and will fully recover.
Petitions havo boen circulated
through Box Butto. county asking tho
Board of Commissioners to hold a spe
cial election to submit to the voters a
proposition to bond the county for $76,
000 to build a now courthouse.
The Woodmen of tho World now
bulldlng at Omaha, a skyscraper, was
dedicated last week. Thousands of
members of tho order from various
sectldns of the country woro present
to participate in the ceremonies.
Tho enrollment of tho Crete High y
school is the largest this year that it
has ever been in tho history of tho
town. A largo number of pupllB from
other towns ore taking advantage of
Crete's good schools and are" enrolled
as students.
The secretary of state broke all
records during September by collect
ing $19,070.35 from corporations. Tho'
money was paid to tho secretary of
Btato under the law which imposes
an annual occupation 'tax upon nil
corporations doing business in tho
state. Tho total collections of tho
tecretary of state for the month ag
gregated $20,582.95.
TJie population of the state peni
tentiary has decreased to 334. Lib
eration of prisoners on parole and
by pardon and tho dlschargo of pris
oners by reason of the expiration of
sentence nnd tho lack of commit
ment of prisoners by the courts dur
ing the summer vacation are" reasons
given for tho decrease. During the
past year or two the number of pris
oners haB averaged about 450. Sep
tember 1 there were 405 convicts in1
the penitentiary, according to the ro-j
port of Warden S. M. Mellck, filed;
with, tho governor.
Dr. H. C. House, director of the May
festival for tho Peru Normal, has mado
public tbo fact that a contract has
been made with Herbert- Witherspoon
to sing the solo parts In "The Mo Blah,"
which will be given by the State Nor
mal Choral society May 2& Regis
trar Overhalt reports that all organi
zations of the Stato Normal, with one
exception, are out of debt and havo
good balances en hand to further
their work the coming year. -
Marvin Igou, the 11-year-old son of
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Igou of Seward,'
was the victim of n very serious acci
dent. As he was driving a herd of
cattle to pasture the horse ho was rid
ing became unmanageable and ran
away with him, dragging him In tho
stirrups for some distance. Ho was
picked up unconsicous and taken to
tho hospital nnd his Injuries may be
The Women's Relief Corps of Repub
lican City has established a regular
carnation day, which occurs tri-annual-ly,
September 27. Tho day this year
was observed as usu.il; a carnation
was pinned on tho coat lapel of each -soldier
present, a fine program render
ed and refreshments served. Another
occasion was a golden wedding, Sep
tember 21. Mr. nnd Mrs. Frear, highly
respected resident, celebrated this
Notice has been posted of the sale
of 1,100 acres of land on the Omaha
and Winnebago Indian reservation In
Thurston county, Nebraska, on No.
vember25, at 2:45 p. m at tho Win
nebngo'agency offices at Winnebago.
This sale Is dlfforont from any that
havo been held In tho past as all tho
land will be sold nt auction to tho
highest bidder, U10 only requirements
being that the regulations governing
tho sale shall bo compiled with.
Secretary Marshail of the Lancaster
County Horticultural society says that
tho midwinter meeting of the society
bids fair to bo something altogether
wonderful in the apple display alono.
Already over 100 boxes have boon re
ceived and letters have been fclso re
ceived showing that there will be sovj
oral hundred more boxes on exhibition
when tho meotlng Is held tho third
week In January. "Tho apple crop is
an excellent ono thlB year," said tho
secretary, "and we aro not afraid to
meet any state in tho union In a com
parison of applea. Somehow our cli
mate is peculiarly adapted to raising
apples and the flavor cannot bo dupli
cated by any other applo growing
After twenty-four days of freedom
Thomas Gleason of Alton, 111., was ar
rested In Lincoln and held until offi
cers can arrive from Leavenworth,
Knn., to take him back to face tho
chargo of desertion from tho nrmy.
At tho bond election for the Kear
ney.Bdolt railroad, held In Franklin
township, Franklin countyr tho bonds
carried by a vote of 54 for to 9 against.
In Macon township the bonds carried
by 55 for to 15 against. In Hlldrpth tho
bonds wero defeated, ,90 to 54. This
will probably mean that tho now lino
will run from Kearney to Mlnden and
then direct to Franklin.
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