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Semi -Weekly Tribune
Ira L. Bare, Editor and Publisher.
Ono Year by Mail in advance $1.20
One Yoar by Carrier in advance $1.60
Entered at North Platte, Nebraska, Post
ofllco as Socond Class Matter.
I herewith announce my candi
dacy for county commissioner on tho
republican tiqkot and ask tho support
of nil citizens and pledgo to conduct
the county affairs in nn economical
and business way if elected.
I heroby-nnnounco my candidacy for
the office of county attornfy.Jupon the
republican ticket. Thanking my
friendB for their interest in nominating
me, I pledge myself if ro-olbctod,
to enforce the laws justly and with the
the Idast expense possible to Lincoln
county. Geo, E. French.
Frank Armstrong, bull moose candi
date for congress, spunt yoaterday af
ternoon in town, and was taken around
to meet the folks by Ed Vandoihoof.
In choosing a successor to Congress
man Kinknid republicans will dumnnd n
man who is a republican and one who
stands on the republican platform. They
will havo no uso for one of those fellows
who wanted u third man nominated in
order to defeat Kinkaid and elect the
democratic candidate.
Colonol Bryan says tho tho tariff has
.corrupted tho nation; n score of years
ago ho was equally confident that it was
tho gold standard that caused all the
trouble. The progress of the country
durjng tho past sixteen years has de
monstrated tha.t tho Colonel was wrong
on his gold-standard views; is it not
possible that he is mistaken in his views
on the tariff?
Tho trial of the dynamiters at In
dianapolis has brought out the fact that
following tho destruction of tho L03
Angeles Times building, it whs proposed
to blow up tho locks of tho Pnmimn
canal. MeMnnigle was tho man selected
for the job, but ho refused to undertake
it. Evidently tho dynnmiting gang was
throttled at an appurturo time.
No less an influential paper thnn The
New Yoik Times, which is fighting for
the election of Wood row Wilson for
president says that the support of old
and young republicans is .swinging to
President Tnfl Hero is the Times'
statement: "The vitality of the repub
lican party is reasserting itself in tho
return to the support of Mr. Tnft of
many old and yourlg , republicans, who
havo for a time been victimized by the
third-term imposturo. They hnvo been
admirers of Mr. Roosevelt; for one
renson or another thov were dissatisfied
with Mr. Taft. But the course of the
progressive campaign, the shiftiness,
the violence, tho extreme radicalism of
Mr. Roosevelt, havo opened their eyes.
They see that tho path they havo taken
in following him leads nowhore. They
have examined with growing incredulity,
and with a disfavor that has become in
dignation, his assertion that tho repub
lican party h dead. Thoy recognize
their mistake, and all over tho country
thoy nro hastening to recover their
standing as republicans."
zrrrr- -,- ,
Revival Notci.
The Evnngollstic meetings nt the
Cluifltinn church continue with 11 grow
ing interest Splendid uudiencos are re
ported from night to night. Evnngo
llst Knowles has his lantern installed
and tho illustrated songs by Mr. Under
wood are a foaturo of tho meeting and
thoroughly enjoyod. Nothing but com
mendation is heard on every hand for
Mr. Knowloa m 11 clear forcoablo
speaker. Many nro heard to say thnt
tho sermons are tho best thoy ever
heard. Tho souting capacity of the
house is gonorally taxed. Last night
tho sermon on Pilate and Jesus was ex
ceptionally strong and was an urgent
appeal to the world that "What will
you do with Josus" must bo answered
by every ono, shall ho bo crucified or
accepted, The speaker mado It plain
that thoro can ba'no neutral ground, wo
nro eithor for or against him.
Tonight "Tho Story of Jonah nndthe
Big Fish" will bo nnapplicablo sermon.
. Illustrated Bong oach night, by Prof.
Underwood. Much individual interest
in being seen in tho audiences evory
1 ovoning. Saturday evening subject,
"Tho Mathomntics of Christianty."
1 "
s Mission Work in India.
Mrs. Bandy, n'roturned missionary
.-from India, will spenk at thu Presby
terian church next Sunday evening,
Oct. 18, at 8:00.
Mrs. Bandy is ono of tho ablest
speakers in the field. Tho mombeis of
other churches and all those intuitu tod
in mlRsions.aro cordially invited.
M. E. Church Notes.
Mrs, Bess Genrhart Morrison, of
national reputation will giyo hor Vntei1
talnment in sacred readings Sundny
evening at the M. E. church.
Sunday school 0:45 a. m., preaching
11 n. in., Epworth league 0:30 p. m.
B. A. Cham, Pastor.
J, S. Johnson propriator of tho John
son Cush Store enmo up fmm Koarnsy
on business the first of this woek.
J. W. Mo Custor, of Ognlnlla.- camo
down Tuesday to attend tho K. C. card
party and dance.
School Notes.
The need for additional school ac
commodations wrts never more npparent
than nt present. With the high require
ments of tho courso of study it is gen
erally conceded that 40 pupils is as
many as ono teacher can well hnndle.
More than that means less work with
tho individual pupils as well as less
time for the recitations and conse
quently poor preparation for tho work
of tho advanced grades. Wo havo
twelvo rooms with over forty pupila
in attendance, and four rooms with
ovor fifty pupils enrolled. Additional
school rooms or buildings must bo se
cured before another year if tho North
Plntte City Schools nro to keep up in
the march of progress.
Everett Bnkowell of Gandy entered
school this week. He is a graduate of
the common schools of Logan county
nnd entered our high school as a full
Mid-torrn reports were sent to all
pupils on Wednesday of this week.
Parents should require their children to
bring these reports home and allow in
spection. If the the teacher has marked
the failings of' the child the parents
could holp by investigating the cause
and putting a stop to it. Frequent
visits to tho school would holp where
there seems to bo poor progress
After you drive a Studebakcr you
would have no "other automobile if for
no other renson than the lock steering
gear system. It is irreversible which
means that the front wheels are locked
by tho steering wheel and no shock or
blow from the road can movo them.
Thus tho only way in which tho direc
tion of the wheels can be altered is by
the intent of the driver so it is not nec
essary for him to rapidly hold the
steering wheel. This eliminates any
chanco of accidents due to tho wheels
being turned one way or the other by
rough places in the road. J. L. BURKE,
phono black 727 Local Dealer.
Mr. Townsend, of Omaha, Union
Pacific inspector spent the first of tho
week hero inspecting the site for tho
new terminnl.
Patrick and Martin Scott, of Brule,
came down Wednosday to attend tho
Knights of Columbus smoker.
Mcsdamcs Thyre and Engles, of
Hampt'n, are guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Simon this week.
Messrs. Brosius, of Gandy, were
among the out of town people at tho
K. C. dance Tuesday.
Phil Pizer returned to Ognlnlla last
night, having transacted business here
for several days.
Coming to
North Platte.
German and English Spec
ial ts will be at the
Monday, October 14th,
Remarkable Success of These Talent
ed Physicians in the Treatment
of Chronic Diseases.
The German and English ISpecinliste,
licensed by tho Statu of Nebraska, for
tho treatmont of doformities nnd all
norvous and chronic diseases of J'men,
women and children, offer to nil Jwho
call on this tiip, consultation, examin
ation, advice freo, makingo chnrge
whatovor, except the ccstof medicines.
All that Ih asked in return for these
valuable services is that every person
treated will stnte the result obtained to
their friends nnd thus prove to the sick
and afflicted in ovory city and locality,
that at last treatments havo been dis
covered that are reasonable, sure and
certain in their effect.
These doctors aro considorcdby many
among America's lending stomach and
ncrvo specialists and are experts in tho
treatmont of chronic disonscs, nnd so
grea and wonderful has been the results
that in many casus it is hard Indeed to
find tho dividing lino between skill and
Disenso of tho stomach, intestines,
liver, blood, skin, nerves, henrt, spleen,
kidneys or bladder, rheumatism sciatica,
dlabotis, bed-wetting, leg ulcers, weak
lungs nnd those nillicted with loiSo--
standing, deep-seated chronic diseases,
thrtt havo bnflled ;tho skill of tho fam
ily physicians, should not fail to call.
11 you are irounioti wun piles you
should bo sure to call. Don't wait for
moro serious complications to toll you
of tho dangers of this cruel disease,
net now. The German nnd English
Doctors hnvo cured cuses whore other
doctors, medicines and operations hnvo
utterly fnilod. A cure in tho most
severe case is practically certain.
According to tiieir system no more
operatioiiB for appendicitis, gallstones,
tumors, goiter or certain forms of can
cor. Thoy were among tho first in
America to earn tho nnmo of "Blood
less Surgeons." by doing away with tho
knifo, with biood and with all pain.
If you hnvo kidney orblndder trouble
bring n two ounce bottlo of your urlno.
DotifiH'sa often has been cured in
sixty days.
REMEMBER this free OFFER is for
this trip only.
Married ladlon must come with their
husbands and minora with thelr'opronts.
"ij' r -imfiTL"THitr-ir?rc7VF'Tr"sFriJirt' -jf--. -. tt:
From the 'Chlcrgo Inter Ocean.
Lifelong and lcjyal Republicans
..;: r:""a""-
KCDUDilcan nariy.
The American neonle will not
of a man who. in a spirit of revenue, would wreck the Republican
jf party because it refused hima presidential nomination. , -
The country does not want for president a, man who eagerly
J grasps at every wild and radical theory merely to gain votes. $
sps at every wnu ana ruuitui mcuiy uiciciy iu k"' vuics.
Honest men will not support a candidate who instituted dishonest j
tests to help hfs nomination and who accepts money for hisxam- J
r ... ' tt - 1 Pl.I ...! J! r
r contests
paign from the Harvester and btcel trust directors.
Thousands of Republicans do not believe that inen of unblemished
" character who disagree with Roosevelt are thieves and liars. k
'. Right-thinking people cannot trust a canaidatc who violates his
- solemn pledges. .,""
npmtlilirnns. are hecitininir to icalize that the onlv possible effect
T . ..
of his candidacy mav be the election of Wilson, and they arc not
$'. willing to bring upon the country the disaster of a Democratic admirr- jj
istration merely to gratify one man's hatred or ambition.
The people will not Mexicanize the United States by electing to -jc
I', the presidency a man who declares that he sees no" objection to any
number o terms provided there is a recall. That 's, if again made X
'" president he would expect to remain in that office until the people -ft
'. drove him out. What Washington would not cake, what Grant could f
- not get, Roosevelt shall not have. jJ
' -irk-lck-fcltlt-kicHck-ktrk-k k VVrTWryrryblr5U
r i
Scene from Act 2. The WoK Keith Theatre Tuesday,
Oct, 15.,
Union Realty and Investment Company.
Paid up Capital $50,000. Surplus 50,000.00...
T. C. PATTERSON, President, B. BUCHANAN, Scc'y and Trcas.
First Mortgages on Real Estate Bought, Sold and Negotiated.
This company is prepared to loan money of investors on first mort
gages on renl ostato, amply 3ocured nnd drawing eight per cent semi
annual interest. Money so invested
Wo have a cure for rupture without resorting to tho danger, pain and
discomfort of u surgical operation. Wo nro tho only raputnblo physicians
in this lino of work, who will take such cases upon a guarantee to cure,
or make no charge. You may dsposit tho monoy in the bank in your
own name and when you aro well you instruct the bank to pay us". Wo
hnvo adopted this method bocausoso many havo beon swindled by quacks
and fakirs. Not one of them will allow tho patient to put tho monoy in
tho bank and pay when a cure hat been made. When taking our treat
ment patients must como to our odioo once a weHk thoy can return homo
tho same dny attend to their business or occupation without loss of time.
In order to givo tho people of this vicinity nn opportunity to take our
treatment without tho expense of going to Omaha, one of us will bo in
Norih Platte overy Thursday. Write to or call on
Horn Olllc. 300, D. llld, Omaha, N.b.
will not follow him out of the
Kratify the disappointed ambitidn i:
. at a a -J
will be exempt from taxution.
Ifot.l Tlmm.rman, North Piatt., Nib.
it - . .-. Mil. . ,.
are a small item, bflt upon the proper
insertion of the right quality kind, in
needed places, depends much of
Your Plumbing.
For sntisfuctory fixtures, satisfactory
work, and real satisfaction in plumb
ing, see us first and get our estimntes.
Shop Phone G9. Res. Phone 083
Corner blxth nnd Dowey.
Bugicide for bed bugs tho best
insect destroyer known. V. large
bottle for 26c.
Dry Cleans for cleaning silk
and delfeate fabrics. 25 and 50c
a box.
Chinnmel furniture polish, a
full & pt for 25c.
Chinamol varnish fi0c a can up
to 3. GO. Covers scrathes.
Insect powder. For lice on
chickens, 10, 15 and 25c cans.
Lee's lice killer 35c qt. Lee's
insect powder 25c can.
Remember wo will deliver any
thing you need in our line.
Stone Drug Co.,
Did you get a box of our 25c In
itial Stationery. Usually sells for
50 cents.
Office phono 241. Res. phone 21J7
Osteopathic Physician.
North Platte, - - Nebraska.
McDonald Bank Building.
Homeopathic Physician and Surgeon
IUwpital accommodations. Medical and
Bureical attention given obstetrical crises.
OI)lct I'liono 1H3 He. Phono 283
Olllcu McDonald Statu Hank Hid V
8f ooGt Buseooao
Telephone Ited 15G 505M Dowey St.
North Platte, Nebraska.
w". km km. Aftpu m ki.'win-t i
I Signet Chapter O. E. 5.,
NO. 55
Meets 2nd and 4th Thursday of every i
month at Masonic Hull at 7.30 p. m. I
We make a specialty of
Dairy Products and can
furnish the best in large
or small quantities direct
from our own Dairy Farm
evory morning,
Phone your ordr in
and it will he delivered.
Doolittle Bakery.
Feels Like a Millionaire.
The man who smokes Schmnlzried's
cigars is a happy, contented follow,
one of thoso'who may have but a few
dollars in his pocket yet feels as rich as a
millionaire A good smoko always
brings good feeling, hence there's a
reason for buying Schmalzried-made
The Maker of Good Cigars.
In ' House of Good ShowlH I
When in Norlh Plalie.
Motion Pictures. Runs Every
Night. Mntineo Saturday After
noon at 2:30 O'clock.
Di edfield Redfield,
Physicians and Surgeons.
JOE B. UEDFIELD, Physician.
Physicians & Surgeons
, . Hospital . .
PHONE 042. ,
Doctors Ames & Ames,
Physicians and Surgeons, J?
Oflice over Stone Drug Co.
Pl,nAQ lOffico273 y.
Illone9 Residence 273 ;5
The Old Reliable
When your clothes need pressing,
cleaning nnd repairing, let the Old Re
liable Tailor do it and do it right. We
have been doing this work in North
Platte for thirty years, know how to
do it nnd do it the way it should be
That means satisfaction to you.
Entrance north of the Nyal drug store.
Dy virtue of an order of sale issued from the
district court of Lincoln county, Nebraska,
upon a decree of foreclosure rendered in said
court wherein Charles E. Gibson is plaintiff
and Sanford It. Itazoe et al nro defend
ant, and to me directed, I will on the 29th day of
Oct., 1912, at 2 o'clock, p. m., at tho east front
door of tho court house in North Platte, Lincoln
county, Nebraska, sell at public auction to the
highest bidder for cash to satisfy said
decre,. interest and costs, the following
described property to-wit: The east half
(eVi) and the southwest quarter (awl)) of sec
tion thirty K(30), township eleven (11)
ranee thirty-two (32) west of the 6th P.
M., in Lincoln county, Nebraska.
Dated North Platte, Neb., Sept. 23rd, 1912.
s23- A. J. Salisbury, Sheriff.
Herlal No. 03217.
United States Land Onico.
At North IMatto. Nubraska, Sept. 18. litis.
Notice Is hiTohy Bivon that Ituport
'ichwaltter of North Plattu Neb., who on
March 2. 1P07. made homestead entry No
an). SrrlU No. 03217 for tho north half of
tli- northwest quartet and southwest quarter
of northwest quarter, north half of northeast
quartet. Houthoast quarter of northeast .
quarter and cant half southoast, quarter of
Section 2, Town lrt N., Kanife 0 V of tho
flth Principal Meridian, lias filed notlcoof In
tention to make Hnal flvo year
proof to establish claim to tho land above
described, 1 oforo tho register and receiver
at North Platte. Nebraska, on the 21st rt-ay
of Novi mber. 1U12.
Claimant names as witnesses; Chris
Johnson, Krank Hood. A 1). Allen and "Will
L Hiit-s all of North Platte Neb,
h--G John E. Evans Koiristor.
Serial No. 0675.
Department of the Interior.
U. S. Land Oflice at North Plntte, Nebr.
Aug 20, 1912.
Notice is hereby given that Coital S.
Dethcl, of North Plutto, Nebr., who, on Oct. 23,
1908, made II. E. entry No. 0675, for NE H, Stc.
32. twp. 12. N. rge. 30, west of tho 6th Principal
Meridian, has filed notico of intention to make
final three yoar proof, to establish claim to the
land above described, before the register and
receiver, at North Platte, Nebr., on tho 22nd
day of Oct. 1912.
Claimant nnmes as witnesses: William W.
Hunter, Arthur J. Connor, George B. SingTe,
Francis Montague, nil of North Platte, Nebr.
a30-6 J. E. Elans, Register.
Sheriff's Sale.
By vlrtuo of an order of salo Issued from tho
district court of Lincoln county, Nebraska, upon
a degree of foreclosure rendered In said court
wherein Frank It. Elliott is plalntifr, and Albert
Dobie, et al are defendants, and to me directed I
will on the 13th day of November, 1912, at 2
o'clock p. m at the cast front door of the court
house In North Platte, Lincoln county, Ne
braska, sell at public auction to the highest
bidder for cash, to satisfy said decree, Interests
and costs, the following described property,
to-wit: southwest quarter (swW) sectjon thirty,
four (34) township sixteen (16) range twenty
nine (29) west of the 6th P, M. in Lincoln county
Dated North Platte, Neb.. Oct. 7. 1912.
In the matter of the estate of Edward Blankcn
"burg, deceased.
In the county court of Lincoln county, Ne
braska, September 12th, 1912.
Notice is hereby given, that the creditors of
said deceased will meet the administratrix of said
estate, before the county judge of Lincoln county,
Nebraska, at the county court room, in said coun
ty, on the 15th day of October. 1912, and on tho
15th day of April, 1913, at 9 o'clock a. m. each day,
for the purpose of presenting their claims for
examination, adjustment and allowance. Six
months are allowed for creditors to present their
claims, and one year for the administrator to
settle said estate, from the 12th day of September.
1912. A copy of this order to published in the
North Platte Tribune, a semi-weekly newspapor,
published In said county for four successive
weeks prior to said date.
17-4 JOHN GRANT. County Judge.
In the matter of the estate of Jacob Meyer,
deceased. "
In tho county court of Lincoln county, Ne
braska. Sept. 17. 1912.
Notice is hereby given, that the creditors of
said deceased will meet the administrator of said
estate, before the county judge of Lincoln county.
Nebraska, at the county court room, in said
county, on tho 29th day of Oct., 1912, and on the
29th day of April, 1913, at 9 o'clock a m. each day,
for tho purpose of presenting their claims for
examination, adjustment and allowance. Six
months are allowed for crtdltors to present their
claims and one year for the administrator to
settle said estate, from the 24th day of Sept.
1912. A copy of this order to be published in the
North Platte Tribune, a legal semi-weekly news
paper published in said county for four successive
weeks prior to said date of hearing.
ol-4 JOHN GRANT, County Judge.
Notice Is hereby given thnt by vlrtuo of an
order of salo issued from the District Court of
Lincoln county, Nebraska, upon a decree of
foreclosure rendered in said court wherein LUcy
A, Morgan is planltitf, and Mary Herzog et al
aro defendants. nnd to me directed,
I will on the 2nd day of "November, 1912, at
two o clock, p. m., at the east front door of the
court houso of said county, in the city of North
Platte, Nebraska, sell at public auction, to tho
highest bidder for cash, to satisfy snld decree,
interest and costs, the following described
property, to-wit:
North-west quarter (nwM) section twenty
seven (27) In township nine (9), north rang
thirty-four (31). west of tho 6th P.M.Lincoln
county, Nebraska.
Dated at North VlaU-. eb., Sept. 28, 1912,
ol-S A '. Salisbury, Sherlfi. "

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