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No. 74
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Copyright, iQia. A. B. Kirschbaum Co.
Tho Episcopal guild will meet in tho
-parish house Thursday .afternoon.
Mrs. E. II. Plummerwentto Ogalalla
thi3 morning to spend a couple of days.
Little Winifred Miller, of Freomont,
is visiting her grandmother Mis. R. V.
W. T. Beery came up from Omaha
last night to transact business for the
Union Pacific.
Mr. and Mrs. N. E. Zehn, of Chap
pell, aie spending this week in town
with friend j;
Mrs. Al Tift returned yesterday
afternoon from an extended visit in
cities of Iowa. v-
Sigel Melton, of Wallace, spent the
latter part of last week in town trans
acting business.
Fred Hartman, of Washinton, D. C,
who visited his parents sinco Friday,
left this morning.
Mr. Gorman, Union Pacific secret
service agelit, is spending a few days
hero on business.
Ed D. Murphy, of Brady, transacted
business in town yesterday and , visited
with old-time friends. ' -
Miss Faye Carpenter, of Curtis, nr
arrived here thi3 morning to visit her
brother and other relatives.
Judge Grimes. Court Reporter Cary
and Attorney Wilcox left yesterday
for Chappell to hbld court.
The North Platte Esperanto Associa
tion will have its regular meeting to
morrow evening in the library rooms.
All are requested to attend.
The M. M. M. club wero pleasantly
entertained on Saturday afternoon by
Eva and Marie Hoagland. Various
games were played followed later by
a -nice lunch.
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Brooks returned
.yesterday morning from Gothenburg,
where they spent the latter part of last
week with the latter's mothor, Mrs.
Gene Combs, of Lincoln, who visited
his mother, Mrs. Combs, and sister
Mrs. Banks at the home of the latter
last week, left for Lincoln yesterday
Weather Forecast Fair tonight and
warmer Wednesday. Highest tempera
ture yesterday 74; n year ago 74.
Loweat temperature last night 3G; a
year ago 43.
Brail & Goodman write the best and .
cheapest fire and life insurance that is
written. See them.
Mis Helen Hoxie, of Ogalalla, who
recently becamo a resident of this city
has been appointed Assistant to Clerk
of the District Court Prossec and will
take up her duties this week.
Mrs. Moran and son, of Des Moines,
who visited in Denver last week, re
turned Saturday evening and will spend
a few days with Mr. and Mrs. P. A
Norton bofore returning home.
Fred J. Warren, of this city, socialist
candidate for congress, Is invading tho
nortnwent part of the state this week.
Ho speaks at Bridgepo.t tonight. Re
ports are that ho is having big audiences.
North Platte will be well represented
on the program of the state irrigation
convention at Bridgeport next week.
Local men who will make addresses are
J. J. Halligan, Judge Grimes, J. G.
Eeeler and Senator Hoagland.
bSsf iii
&i lillli.
oEpJ7l'- 1 Wsat-
v vo
Clothes for the Man Who
TMakes Every Dollar Count.
Qaid the Man who Makes Every Dollar Count: "When I was a boy I
invested my cents in sour balls because they lasted longer and satis
fied more than any other confection I could buy for same money."
"And when I became a man I invested my clothes-money in
Kirschbaum Suits and Overcoats following out precisely the same
There are no other clothes for the money that equal -
Kirschbaum Suits AH Wool and Hand-Tailored
$15, $20, $25.
Being strictly hand-tailored they have a refinement of finish an
ah- that sets them apart and makes- them preferred by the man of
Being built from guaranteed all-wool fabrics, that are shrunk and
reshrunk, these suits have the stability that appeals to the man who
makes his dollars count.
The Kirschbaum Guaranty (given with the suit) is this man's pro
tectionfor if any defects in cloth, any imperfection in tailoring, are
found, he can have his money returned or get a new suit.
Henry Ford Buys Heavy
It is of more than passing
Ford, maker of light automobiles, has purchased a big
sumptuous Minerva car that weighs over 4200 pounds, for
his own personal use and comfort. Horseress Age, Octo
ber A 2th, 1812. Adv.
The city council will meet in 'regular
session this evening. v
Attorney George Gibbs is transacting
business in Ogalalla today.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fiedericy havo
moved into the Walsh houso on east 4th
J. E. Sebastian left this morning for
points up the branch to spend ten days
on business.
A now steam table has been installed
in the Candy Kitchen from which they
win serve not luncnes uuringtne winter.
Mr and Mrs. A. S. James who had
been visiting friends in Denver for a
couple of weeks returned home on the
morning train.
Miss E. A. Berthe and W. A. Heoch,
of Hull, In., arrived this morning and
will visit the formers' nephew L. L.
Berthe for a few days while enroute to
The aid society of the Christian
church will meet with Mrs. Baker nt
home of Mrs. Frank Elliott, 121 West
3rd -t., Thur-fday afternoon of this
Deputy Sheriff Martin, of Frontier
County, 8 tent yesterday here, haying
come to arrest two men, Cox and
Wightman who were wanted on a charge
made by the International Commission
Co., of Omaha, for stealing cattle.
For Rent Furnished room at 310
West 8th street. 74-4
Mrs. S. A. Burr, and Mrs. Bessie
Norrissof Belfast, Ireland, who have
been visiting their brother Wm. Beatty,
of Brady, leave today for their home,
stopping enroute at Chicago to visit a
sister. Accompanied by Mr. and Mrs.
Beattyrthe ladies came up from Brady
yesterday and romained until today.
Although election is but three weeks
away, there is a$ hundred times
more interest taken in tho world-series
ball games than in politics. In Satur
day's game Boston won, yesterday
New York won, giving Boston three
games and New York two. If Boston
wins today the coveted honors go to
the bean eaters.
Dr.and Mrs. Walter Crook have
taken possession of their beautiful now
home on west 3rd street which was re
cently completed. The house com
prises eight large, well arranged rooms
and is built on the two story bungalow
order and tho interior furnishings are
of the latest design, making the home
one of the most convenient and beauti
ful in the city.
The OmBhn. R nf RnhinllVKnntainiiil
an article which stated that little Madge I
Short, of Gibbon, was rescued from
drowning last week, having wandered
away from homo and taken a boat on
the river losing control of tho oars. She
was found on a sand bnr after an eight
hour search. Tho child is ten years of
age and, formerly lived here with her
For Rent,
Houses, rooms, safe deposit boxes
and storage room.
Bratt & Goodman.
Car for His Own Use.
interest to note that Henry
To the Investor.
We have some first mortgage loans
of $200 and upwards, netting 7 per
cent to 8 per cent semi-annual interest.
This is a safe and good investment for
your idlcf money. See Bratt & Good
man. A nine pound boy was born Monday
to Mr. and Mrs. Olio Rasmussen.
Mrs. J. C. Calhoun has returned
from a visit with relatives in Omaha.
;.uThe J" D' club. wi" be entertained
1 hursday evening by Mrs. Russel
The Prcsbyteria'n aid society will
meet in tho church parlors Thursday
afternoon. J
HMr. Irving Van Doran came homo
bunday from Montana where she snent
several weeks.
Messers. Frjend, Day and Guilliame
will hold their weekly dunce at the
Lloyd Friday evening.
wi" W;ForSersn and Miss Maude
Wells of Upton, la., were guests of
Rev. Christie this week. ,
Frank Ktlllivnn Vine f... l r
Sstaploton where ho spent part of this
no iainuui iiuitung plants.
Mr and Mrs. Robert McMurray, of
Bradv. nrn viRitinfr kit.in..i.i..j'li...
a S i -.-if, mwi unugnibr virs.
Asa Snyder this week.
t iMr?' ?'nE- ,Smith nnd Miss Maxlne
Lloyd of Ogalalla, are spending this
week with their mother Mrs. P A
Mr. and Mrs. Warron Hogg havo
rented the Robinson house on the
corner of Dewey and Tenth streets
and will move m tomorrow.
E. C. Phillips, deputy grand master
workman of the A. O. U. W. addressed
the ooal lodge last evening. During
the lecture a number of pictures rela
tive to tho work of the order, wor
shown. '
A pleasing entertainment was held at
the Presbyterian church last evening
when Mrs. Grace Gearhart Morrison
gave a number of readings. The pro
gram was carefully selected and merited
a larger attendance.
Get rnlipf fpnm f.nm ..... t .
of A-tliL-nca-ino the new infiamation
Bjreumi iur mat nacKing cough or cold
on the chest.
Rinckek Book & Dkug Co.
Chicken crrowr-rs In li ..Dt ., i -
town are losing many fowls through I
tidepfed?tli0nB Sf d?a who enter thc
yards at night. Sunday night at the
Mrs. Anna Barker homo twenty1
Chickens wnrn L'illo.1 ...wl ..; A I
weeks ago Ray Langford lost nineteen
by tho same route. Othors have had
lesser numbers killed. Tho dogs do not
ElllinW0 e rfc Uif c,licken8; apparently ,
Killing them for the sport there is in it.
Money to Loan
to help youJ,uy, Luild or improve.
hither on one to five years' time or
payable monthly same as rent. ,
Bratt & Goodman.
Attempt to Kill Roosevelt.
Theodore Roosovelt. was shot and
slightly wounded last evening at
Milwnukoo by a man who fiml at him
whllo the Colonel was resting at n
hotel. It is said thnt the wound is onlv
slight. The colonel went on about Ins
business, declaring that ho was not
hurt. The assassin was captured hv
Henry F. Cochems. Colonel Rosevolt
began his speech at the Auditorium
abour 8:20.
.Various reports us to the nntui.-of
i the shooting nre afloat One storv
' says the bullet struck tho colonel in th(
left shoulder and another report has
it that thu shot penetrated the colon.-l -
' coHt in tho rogion of tho heart, but th
. bullet Was wnrdoil nflf hv ii Ininnh .,r
manuscript, whicli. tho colonel carried
in the inside pocketof his coat. '
The man who did the shooting refused
to give his linmo.
Ho had on his nerson n cnm-ilitn de
scription of tho colonel's itinerary,
which was written on the back of a
sheet of note paper taken from the Bis-
marke hotel nnd cafe at Nashville, Tenn.
Tho would bo assassin is five feet five
J inches in height, weighs J70 pounds,
light complexion, bald, dress medium.
He confessed to the police that ho
fired the shot and made the remark:
t "A man looking for a third term
ought to be shot."
Notice for Bids.
Notice is hereby given that bids will
bo received for the ninoty-ono unsold
residence lots in tho Trusteo's and
Riverdalo additions, until October 24th,
1912. The map showing all these lots
may bo obtained at tho office of Wm.
E. Shuman. where bids mny also bo
filed. Tho Trustee desires to sell all of
these lots in bulk to the highest biddor.'
Right roserved to reiect anv and nil
Was. Wm. E. Shuman. .
Julius Pizor returned this morning
from a business trip to Omaha and
Wanted girl for general housewtik.
310 West 2nd-St.
The Young Ladies Bridge club will
be entortainod Thursday ovening by
Misses Villa Whittakor nnd Mne
Walker at the homo of tho latter.
For Sale Good Doublo Harness, and
Saddle. Phone Black 229.
W. W. Scott, Sunday school mission
ary, returned last night from Des
Moines, where he was called to attend
thefuneral of an only brother.
Have you seen our new nnpkin mar
kers in sterling silver. Dixon,
,, The Jeweler
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Stamp left last
night for Rossvillo, III., to spend sev
oral weeks with relatives. .Enroute
they will visit in Kansas City nnd
Grandma Ell celebrated her oighty
sixth birth anniversary Snturday by in
viting a dozhn elderly ladies to spend
the afternoon with hor. Mrs. Chns. Ell
furnished tho guests with a nice lunch.
For Sale.
The nice Dill home at a sacrifice.
There is no better bargain than this.
See Bratt & Goodman, sole agents.
Let us show you the now Vacuum
Sweeper. If too busy just phone and
wo will give you demonstration at your
home. Scuatz
Girl Wanted
for general housework. Awilv nt oncn
320 west Third street.
Must Sell Quick.
ImnrOVed fi40 llC.rnS form find crrn-inrr
land, west of Stnnlntnn. will tnlrn Srt OK
per acre if sold before Oct. 20th. Will
tuuoiuui ijuuu cuy property as part
payment. O. II. Thodlecku.
To -Night
Springing a Surprise.
The Sand Storm.
Spring Log Driving, Maine.
Admission IOC
Telephone Hed 456 E05'4 Dcwoy St.
North I'latte, Nobraika.
Signet Chapter O. E. S.,
NO. 5.V
Meetf 2nd and 1th Thursduy of ovcry
month at Masonic Hall at 7:30 n. m.
S. ... .. . ... . . ..
IlaimvH btivii (ittitv fccquoiitly, ttimtifrh cro
ioshiics.s, noohlctttt imtf tunny othor untisus. Sup
pose your houso should bum, AVOUKM) IT JSUltJX
YOUU MOX15Y'. When there Is sueh n plnoo in
the community us tt hnnti, whoso business it is to
euro i'ov untl protect your money, why not put
it In the bnnlcV There it is sni'o from i'i're ori'rom
burrlnrs, or from your own extruvnfrnnoo.
Do VO&li hnnkimjwith
The First National Bank,
TJic Lnrixos? Hunk in Western Kehruslcn.
.PS . Wl' -l ' M- "
3 JB-j A'A
fc.T.Ta IT1 m VW
IS it.har. fcho LooK StaariijgT .eear (Tht only sole
kind) you can coimt'on it being a, , .
Phoire Black 627, J.- L. Burke
In snpnklnrr nf tlin trniiumpvlcnnn tlin
North River branelrthe BiiRepott
Blado rowa facetious and soy: The
practice of allowing pausungora on the
Union Pacific to get oil' trains to hunt
ducks, is appreciated to a certain oxtent
ny ine sportsmen, nut inuy complain
thnf. it tnlfps nn nmr fur tlin trnin tn
catch up to them nirnin, that it takes
an tne lun out o: tne Bport.
Twonty-llvo dollars toward is offered
for information leading to tho nrrest
nnd conviction of anyone entering the
high school building or molesting it by
being upon or within it nt unscmonablo
hours without the consent and per
mission of the Hoard of Education or
of the City Superintendent.
13. T. Tkami President
A. F. Stkritk, Secretary
Oct. 8, 1912.
The North Platte
School of Music
The University School of
Music, Lincoln, Nebraska
Mrs. Elizabeth Bonncr-Cramcr
All the principal branches of Ap
plied and Thooretical Music taught by
competent teachors.
AddreB8 all inquiries to 122 W. Front
street or phone BIuck 311.
Notice to Non-Resident Defendants.
NebraskaandKansns Farm Loan Com
pany, non-resident defendant, will take
notico that It has beon sued in the Dis
trict Couit of Lincoln county, Nebras
ka, by Jennie Haker, plaintifr, the ob
ject and prayer of which suit aro to
quiet and confirm title into plaintiff
against tho defendant to tho following
described lands situnto in Lincoln coun
ty, Nebraska, to-wit: Tho southwest
quarter (S W J) of Section thirty-four
(34), Township nine (9), north of Range
0 1!
3 Kji I
tiL4 Sf IS
twenty-eight (28) wont of tho Gth P.
M., and praya to havo cancelled and
reloaded that certain mortgage rnado
and executed by one Charles Tetjr to
said dofundant, which said mortgage
is recorded in Hook 10 of mortgages at
page 8(i of the mortgage records df
said Lincoln county, by reason of tho
pnyment of said mortgago and the run
ning of tho statute of limitation of tho
stuto of Nebraska against the same.
You aro required to nnswer said pe
tition on orbttorethe second -dav of
December, 1912, or decree will'b6 taken
against you as in said nction priyod.
Dated at North Platte, Neb,, Octo- .
her 14th. 1912. '
JENNIE UAKER, Plaintiff,
olC4 By E. H. Evans, hor Atty.
Notice to Non-Resident Defendants.
John Benton, Catherine Benton, his
wife, nnd McKinloy-Lnnning Loan and
Trust Compnny, n corpotation, will
take notice that they hnve beon sued
in tho District Court of Lincoln county.
Nebraska by Walter S. Goldsberrv.
plaintiff, the object and prayer of which
suit aro to quiet and confirm in plnin
t ff nnd against the defendants, the
title to tho following describod lands
situate in Lincoln county, Nebraska,
to-wit: The northeast quarter (ne) of
section eight (8), township twelve (12)
north of range twenty-nino (29) west
of tho 0th P. M., and to quiet title
against snid dufenduits by reason of
irregularities i appearing in tho record
of a certain forecloBunj suit begun by
one Carleton E. Mann against Die de
fendants to dtvent said defendants of
their right, title nnd interest in said
promisos, and to institute n new and
ndepondent title by adverse possession
in tho plaintiff by renson of tho con
tinuous, notorious, peaceablo, exclusive
and adverjo possession of said des
cribed promises by himnelf and his
grantors for more than ton years last
past claiming as ownors thereof and to
.ocltroi u certain mortgage hold by tho
McKinley-Lanning Loan & Trust
Compnny, a corpoiation, barred by
reason of thu running of the Statute
of Limitations against same.
You nnd each of you aro required to
answer said petition on or before the
2nd day of Docombur, 1912 or judg
ment will be taken against you as
n n .r ,-. . Plaintiff.
ByE. II. Evans and Hoagland. &
Hoagland, his attornoys. 016-4

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