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Btoto Hlstotlo&t Socletf
Hk Motth
eelto Wvibnm
No. 80
Mrs. Chas. Weir is spending the day
with friends in Grand Island.
Lost A small mesh bag. Leavo with
Dr. Harry Mitchell.
Gilbert Peters has accepted a position
working on the new round houso site.
C. T. Wholan left Saturday for
Omaha to transact business for a few
Wanted Compotent girl, best wages
paid. Mrs. W. H. McDonald, 407 W.
5th street.
Mrs. Andrew Liddell is visiting in
Grand Island, having gone down this
Dr. Pritchard left this morning for
Ogalalla to transact business for n
couple of days.
Miss Roberta Martin, of Lincoln, ar
Vrived last week and will mako an ex
tended visit with her uunt, Mrs. Fred
For Sale Hard coal burner, prac
tically new. Phono red 384. 80-2
Mis Glasgo, of Oklahoma, who has
been the guest of Mr. nnd Mrs. Juno
Ellis for a couplo of weoks, will leavo
tomorrow evening.
Tho Lutheran aid society will meet
Thursday afternoon at tho homo of
Mrs. Roy Surber, who wiirbo assisted
by Mesdames Bret and Weinberg.
Bring us your old razor blades and for
2J cents we will have them resharpened
as good as now.
Stone Drug Co.
Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Getty are en
joying a visit from tho former's sister,
Mrs. Dell I. Davis, formarly of this
city, who is now a resident of Loomis,
A Lincoln county teachers' associa
tion meeting will be held at Sutherland
on November 23rd. County Superinten
dent Cleo Chappeli is making out pro
grams which will be published later.
Weather forecast: Fair tonight and
"WflHnpnrlnv. nnt miiph pl-innr in turn.
perature. Maximum temperature yes
terday G3, a year ago'C3; minimum last
night 40, a year ago 30.
For Rent Four room house on E. 6th
St. Inquire at Dr. Quigley's.
The Catholic Girls club held a busi
ness meeting last evening at tho homb
of MiBs Lucy Dunn. After the meeting
the young ladies chaperoned by their
director Mrs. James Hart held a theatre
party at tho Pat Theatre.
The Lady Hustlers will give a social
dance at the -Masonic hall tomorrow
evening. This is the first of n series of
dancing parties the fladies will give on
alternate weeks during the winter sea
son. It goes without saying that these
functions will prove very enjoyable to
those who attend.
For RentMy west Front street
house of seven rooms. Inquire of W.
V. Hoagland. -
The pupils of the Nichols school held
a very creditablo entertainment Friday
evening, the program consisting of
twenty-ono numbers and included, vocal
and instrumental music, recitations and
dialogues. Tho attendance of patrons
and others was large and those appear
ing on the program were warmly ap
plauded for their efforts. Much credit
is due the teachers, Misses Nona John
son and Elsie Winterer, for the success
of the affair. A "basket supper was
held after the program, from which
nbout thirty dollars were realized.
Dr. W. J. Redfield was. called to
Sutherland yestorday on professional
R. L. Douglas was In Logon county
last week buying horses and mules. Ho
secured quite a number.
Wanted Girl for general housework.
Mrs. C. R. Osgood, Phono red 439. 80-2
Ed. Lusher formerly baker nt tho
Doolittlo bakery spent yestorday In
town while enrouto to Grand Island
from Lewellen.
Mrs. Geo. Manery nnd baby, of Kear
ney, came up yesterday to spend a
week with her narontu Mr. mirl Mm
A. Kunkel. south of town.
For coughB Red Spruco and Cherry is
tho safest.
Rincker Book & Dnua Co.
Blue B'ront
The Rebekah kensington will meet
FYhIav nftnrnnnn with Mra TTm-i.i
Johnson, 409 west 9th street. Business
luimpununco uemanas tne nttenaanco
ui mi memuera.
Many bets arc being made today on
the result of t.hn plpetinn Mnaf nf thn
wagers are. from $10 to $25, though
we understand there are several which
are in tho sum of $100 or over. It is
said one bet of $400 to $200 that Aid
rich would not carry the state has been
made in town.
Fred J. Warreri, socialist candidate
for concrrflss. mnrin nn nilHraao" f tV.-
Lloyd last evening to a larger audienco
than at any previous political meeting
held in North Platte. Mr. Warren made
an interesting address; he is a very
fluent speaker and a logical ressoner.
Ho will poll quite a heavy vote In
North Platto today. r
GirI Wanted
for general housework. Apply at onco
320 west Third street.
Positively your last chance
to see NAT C. GOODWIN the
world's most famous actor playing
"Fngin" in Charles Dickens master
In Five Big Reels.
If you have never seen Nat Good
win don't fail to see this wonderful
picture. The last night in your city.
uome eany anu get a goou seat.
Good misic.
Adults 15c. Children 10c.
Tho host protection von oijj hnvo Tot' your
family 1h A MANIC ACCOUNT. Tho hot protoa
tloti you oiui hnvo from orodltors or slalcnoss, or
hurdtimos, Is A MANIC A.CCOUNT. If you hnvo
not nny monoy In tho himlc, why not horln now?
A hniilc nocount will fortify your homo nfulnst
misfortune, nnd you will not hnvo to mortugo
It if unTortunnto oiroumntnnooH nrlso, hoonu&o
you will ho propnrctl with A MANIC ACCOUNT.
Do YOUTt hnnlcliifr with
The First National Bank,
Tho Lnrgo&t linnlc in "Wostorn Nohrnslc u.
Local and Personal.
Fred Rasmussen editor of tho Her
shey Times wa3 a visitor in town yes-
Miss Clara Hutchins left Sunday for
Michigan to mako her home with her
Miss Lillian Ritnor left this morning
for Omaha to attend tho Btato meeting
of teachers.
Mr. and Mrs. William Richards spent
Inst week with the formor's parents in
Mrs. Fred Elliott loft a few days ago
for Wisconsin to spend soveral weeks
with her son.
BBMrs. TottenhofT, of Spokane, Wash.,
is visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Totton
hoff of this city.
Thn rVthnlin lnilinn v!ll l.0,1 nn
chango at the Schatz department store
auiurauy, nov. loin.
Mrs. John Bonner left this morning
Schumann-Hclnk concert.
Tho Indian Card Club will be onter-
tninorl on Wp.ilnnqrlnu Mmr in of tl
home of Mrs. William Hawley.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Elliott nnd son
LaVerne visilfwl thn tntt'a etat
Mrs. Norman Edwards at Brady Sun-
Mififl MnV Rettn w)in linn linn.i n irnns
at tho Fonda homo for several months
left today for her homo jn Cedar
Rapids, la.
Miss Clara Kane left this morning for
Omaha and Lincolnto attend the state
teachers' convention and visit friends
for a week.
The M. M. M. club will bo enter
tained this nfternoon by Mrs. M. E.
Graham at hor homo in the Trustees'
The TTninn Pnrifir" nlinno nrn nlnoul on
near as "practical" today; the old men
are off duty and the newer ones are at
work so they say.
ChnS. P. TJnRq nf Omnlia ho. I.nnn
in town for a day or two visiting friends
and looking up business connected with
his mother's property.
All kinds nf fAnntr urrtflr nnA .4-tAMn
suitable for Xmas gifts will be on sale
oy me ueDeKan Kensington club at the
I. O. O. F. hall on December 17th.
Mrs. Arthur Ktflnrna nf Omnho
formerly Miss Evelyn Sandall of this
city, is expected shortly to visit her
mother. Mrs. John RnHmn fnr n xmmin
of weeks.
NeW Brown nkn'ns K- 'nay h .f
Greeson'R. - i
A numlior nf strilra limnlira u
reside in tho fourth ward woro arrested
oaiurtiay evening tor being drunk and
disorderly and causing a disturbance in
the neighborhood.
Edward Elliott, of Wisconsin, form-
Orlv Of lhlH nitv vioiforl Ilia nnrintol..t
week while enroute home from western
points wnero ho spent a month giving
uuucuiiunui lectures.
The Lndiea fimM nf tVio Pnl.nnnnl
church will hnlrl their nnniml' fmV n,l
supper in the parish house Tuesday,
Nov. 10th. A Iarin nHnnrtmnnf nf fnn
worn, unu aprons will De on sale.
Mrs. Edwina Schatz will leavo Thurs
day morning for Salt Lake City to visit
Mr. and Mrs. George Schatz. Mrs.
William Jefiers of Cnoyenno will ac
company her on tho trip.
Miss Margaret Ware and Mrs.
Schmidt of Blair, who had been tour
ing Colorado by auto arrived hero Inst
evoning to spend tho day with the
Misses Ottenstein before returning.
Friends in town received word last
evening of the death of Mrs. J. H. Mc
Connell who lived on a ranch nnnr
Hershey and was well llnown among
the local peoplo. She leavos a hus
band and two children to mourn hr
Local application for colds use A-thenca-ine.
50 cent bottles now 35 cents.
RiNCKer Book & Music Co.,
BIuo Front
Today is tho d ay, and the casting of
ballots began the moment tho polls
opened at eight o'clock. This presages
a big vote in tho town, and with the
activities of tho candidates for Inpnl
offices nnd supporters of the respective
presidential candidates, every posible
vote will be gotten out. It is genorally
conceded that Wilson will have a plural
ity In town, and also in tho county, this
being duo to tho division of tho republi
can voto, and that more republicans
wjll vote for Wilson than democrats
for Tatt or Roosevelt.
Rubber! Rubber! Goods.
A Inrirn flhinmpnf nf minMniAni w..i.
her goods new and fresh, at prices that
will please yqu.
KwcKEn Book & Dnua Co.
Blue Front.
Married at Grand Island.
Tho Grand Island Independent of yes
terday contained this item:
Alva H. Farrell and Miss Marion
Spicer, both of North Platto, secured a
llcenso nt tho county court nnd were
married nt 1 o'clock this nfternoon at
tho Baptist parsonage, Rev. Fowle of
ficiating, llio young people left nt
onco for a bridal tour of tho oast.
Lepers Pasi Through.
Locked in a bnggngo car on train
No. 15 Sunday night, but provided
with n stovo nnd plenty provisions,
were two men condemned to a living
death. They were victims of tho awful
leprosy. They were discovered some
where in tho AtlnnilV cnnhnltril ttoln.
and woro enroute to tho leper colony in
California, there to nwnit the nppronch
of death, the only rolense from tho
Car Movement.
During the month of October the
total nmnhnr nf mra ttii-mirrli tl. 1,.l
yards was 33,430, this including tho
........... ....u uutHuniK taio, 11113 la
an increase, in round numbers, of
5.000 more cars thnn urnrn lmnll..,l In
October, 1911. Certainly this is a
mum BaunuiiHury snowing.
Durintr Inst tiimiMi fUl nava nf otnk
wore unloaded and fed at tho local
yards. This, also, is nn increase over
ma sumo monui last year.
Over 20,000 cars of western fruit
passed through tho local yards so far
this soason, and it is still moving. That
is a wonderful showing.
Bring in your shoe slips dated Oct.
29th. Hub Shoe Dept.
The Tribnne's advertising columns
have been suffering a surfeit lately
almost too much to give the customary
resume of local matter and yet pot
enough to justify additional pages.
Perhaps, remembering conditions as
they existed in The Tribune ofiico in
1893-4-5-6, if Wilson is elected there
y.111 bo a paucity of advertising ex
cept foreclosure and sheriff sale
Miss Nina Brown left yesterday for
Oshkosh to spend n month or more.
Thn nnmA nlnnn In n minfatifnit fn iv
in tho purchase of an automobile, tfine
timnt nilf nf m imu urull hiiiin Gtiili-
baker if full investigation wore made,
ii iur ncotnur reason man tne i-ock
RtArinrr floor wMMi nfMAnto 4-nt-ninrv
turtle. The simplest, most perfect and
easiest operated car in existence. Sixty
years of business experience are behind
tho Studebaker car. The greatest car-
buildmg facilities in tho world are be
hind the Studebaker car. Once a Stude
baker owner always Studebaker en
thusiast. Ask tho man who owns one.
Phone Black 027. J. L. Burko,
Local Dealer.
Hot Water Bottles and
Syringes our Specialty.
Wo havo just received direct
from factory our new line. Note
our prices:
Rubber complexion brushes .25
Bulb syringes red rubber... $1.00
2-qt hot water bottle 75
3-qt hot-wator bottle.. 1.00
2-qt fountain rapid flow
syringo ,. .. .95
3-qt fountain syringo 1.15
2-qt combination syringa and
not water bottle 1.50
3-qt combination syringo and
whirlpool spray syringes,. 2.25
All rubuer goods are guaranteed
from one to throe years.
We carry extra tubes nnd
fittings for bottles nnd syringes.
For mail or express ndd 25c.
Stone Drug Co.,
Of the Best Quality.
Paine Fishburn
Granite Co.,
W. T. ALDEN, Salesman
A few choice young
Also a few Cows and
On Mil South o! th U. P. Depot.
Anniversary Sale
of Boys' Suits and Overcoats
. This week marks the first anniversary of our store
and to celebrate the event, we will offer a
Discount of 20 Percent
On Boys' Suits and Overcoats.
We carry an especially large and nice line of boys'
goods, and they become particulary attractive with
this discount of twenty percent. We invite parents to
examine our stock, feeling confident they will vbe
pleased with the quality, the variety nnd the prices
This 20 percent discount is offeredTbut for a short
period oi time; take advantage of the offer.
The Quality Place.
When theofllcere of this bank see a depositor mak
ing steady gains in his balances, our confidence in
him grows. r, '
When n depositor who has won our confidence re
quires money with which to.develop.hi3 business our
large resources enable us to give him all tho credit
his financial condition warrants.
The merchant, the manufacturer, the builder, the
farmer who does business at this bank," receives its
financial support when ho needs it.
We invite all who want the co-operation of n strong
resourceful bank to become depositors of tho
McDonald State Bank,
' ' r , ,. , ,-..
Our NEW MODERN GARAGE: is heated by
the American Ideal steam heating-system; .
We have a few vacant spaces. Storage
rates, $5.00 per month. This 'includes oiling and
filling customer's car.
See us at once and reserve your space.
J. S. Davis Auto Co.
Como in and Be
Water has fiositivclv nn offort nt,
jrjciiiti-dio K.UUF1NG
It Hliods tho wot jupt Ilka tho provorblul
diiqk m bnolc. On tho othor hand, wntor doonyn
.; i iT ."". Awn 1 it worm -vviiiio to Jiavo
n Toof whloli in ton yours will bo oa good aH it i
hitfi lHU f.V w-?rUl w?,Uo ,to "" " vin0
WOrtll a dozon nntinnmr -.wfa I... j...
o a auiplo. Ak for froo booklet doaoriblutf ARCOTILE.
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