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IRA L. BAIU3, Publlshor.
Among tho sons of men thero Ib
Aono who really knows a great city
except tho man who has boon a re
porter In It Ho has sounded its
depths. Ho has come to know tho
liouso of.crlmo, tho houso of worship.
nd tho houso of festival. Ho Is fa
miliar with tho church and with tho
nothcr world. Ho has seen tho great
er and tho lessor wheels of admlnlB
tratlvo machinery In motion. Ho has
learned how to reach that supremo po
tentate, Uio pollco sergeant, behind
his desk, and how to unravol and knit
togother tho varying tales of bystand
ers. Tho streets of tho city aro known
lo him, barod In gray morn, when tho
vast commissary of a great city Is
converging .on tho markets, thronged
by tho rising and ebbing tides of
those who go to Uielr work and re
turn from It Jostling In tho crowded
hours, suddenly empty In mid ovo as
Iho tltlo sweep strips tho estuary of
Its water and full again whon tho tho
ators empty, writes Talcott Williams
In tho Columbia Quarterly. Ho knows
the otroetB of danger full of nows, and
tho streets of safety full of newspa
per rendoro, comfort clogged. Ho
cotncB to havo an Instlnot as to tho
trail of news, and ho discovers, ns
perhaps no other man does, how often
tho Intelligent, tho educated, tho well
bred, and tho advantaged aro dull and
hackneyed by a safo llfo, and how keen
and swift and quick comes to bo tho
great guerrilla hordo that knowB tho
street as Its hunting ground and wins
by wit and not by work.
Each year somo porson of good In
ientlons comeB forward with tho sue
jcBtlon that tho clocks bo act an hour
ihend In tho summertime Tho ob
ject is to haul peoplo out of bed whllo'
'ho day la young so they will havo a
ahanco to got their work well along In'
iho cool of tho morning. But every
hot spell demonstrates afresh tlmt
tuch a schemo Ib a delusion and a
inaro. On a hot night you never got)
3ff soundly to sleep until nftor mUM
night, says tho Kansas City Star. It's
too uncomfortable In tho early part;
of tho night. Often you aro up nnd,
Sown trying to cool off until well to
ward morning About five o'clock thq
morning chill gets In Its work and,
you aro having your best sloop. To
chop that off soonor than need bo by
in artificial tlnio schemo ought to
1 rkh wrm )
r M Ik W .4 jW '
I f....al.B.a.H.aaK3llEm
rauso a revolt Talk about It's bolng
nnra 10 goi up cany in com wcamori;
It's a lot harder to got up early when,
It's hot at least, It Booms that wayi
until winter goto around again.
The Death
of Christ
Dtf rtlor fl Bibk- Coune tl Ihe Moody
Dibte Itutitule, Chicico
Photograph by Underwood & Underwood, N. Y.
Brocadcn aro tho fashion again, and wonderful effects in color and de
sign will bo worn thla winter. Tho model Is of flame color and gold, show
ing a graceful draping of tho material. Tho brocade sccma to start from
tho center front of tho waist line and winds nround tho figure, ending In a
long pointed train, showing tho selvago of tho material on one side.
Pollcomon In WoBt Philadelphia,
who escaped electrocution tho other
night consldor thomsolvos exceedingly
fortunate In Bomo way a pollco tolo
phono wlro had become heavily charg
ed by a feed wlro. Ono patrolman
Was killed by a shock which ho roi
calved upon Inserting tho key into tho
patrol box. Another was knockod un
conscious. A sergeant answering thq
telophano calla at tho station house,
was thrown acrosB tho room. Many
on the circuit who received only slight
shockB attrlbuto their Immunity to the
circumstance that they had on rubber
boots. It was a vory serious situation,
And HluDtratus what may happen at
any Umu when an uninsulated electric
wlro carrying a heavy current crosses
telephone wiro, Hence tho neces
sity for vigilance In tho observance
of precautions which will provent that
dangerous mischance
The Boy Scout movomont Is nour
ishing In other countries than tho
United States and Great Britain. It is
on a Btroug footing in Donraark,
where both tho Crown Prlnco Frodorili
and his brother, Prlnco Knud, aro tnk
Ing part In tho training. Tho yauns
princes nssoclato with tholr fellow
scouts on terms of perfect equality.
Thin Is a good preparation for future
usefulness on tho throne of a demo
cratic country liko Denmark for dora
ocratio Denmark Is, although ruled by
' a king.
2fiyr B
mmPmA 7
111 ", 'WJKM
Ai -; ' 'H
A ft n;-m
TEXT-llom. 5.6-11.
Thero Is no pro
founder Scripture
in tho New Testa
ment than this
ono, dealing ns It
does with tho
deepest truth of
Christianity tho
death of Christ.
I. This text speaks
to ua of some ono
who died. It might
seem at first
Bight ns though
there wcro noth
ing extraordinary
in such a state
ment, for all men
die. Yet it Is extraordinary when wo
consider tho person, character and
history of tho ono who died. Ho was
God and man, dlvlno and human, Cre
ator and creature His life was abso
lutely flawlesa. If Enoch and Elijah
left this world without passing
through death, might not Christ havo
dono likewise?
Further, this death Is extraordinary
when wo consider that Christ could
have avoided It. Ho knew all about
the plots and plans that wero laid
for hlH arrest and death. Ho could
have foiled them. Legions of angels
were at his disposal. But ho submit
ted to thlB death; therefore his sacri
fice was a willing, voluntary sacrifice.
We must remember, too, that it was
no ordinary death, for otherB havo
suffered as tragic and Ignominious
deaths as this. It was extraordinary,
however, because of Its relation to
mankind and because of tho person of
the one who died. Jesus himself said
that hlB death was a ransom for all
men; the apostleB claimed that he
died tho just for the unjust and for
the slna of tho world. This could not
bo said of the death of any other per
con In tho world. Paul had seen Ste
phen dlo a martyr'B death, but ho did
not associate forgiveness of sin with
Stephen's death; yet this la what is
claimed for tho death of Christ.
II. Tho peoplo for whom Christ
died. They are described aa sinners,
ungodly, enemies. These terms aro
all-inclusive, descriptive enough to
take In all the fallen and sinning ones
of men. Speaking broadly, this text
asserts that Jesus Christ died for the
wholo human race of sinners.
It is hore Bnld that ho died for
them, and by this is meant that ho
died In their stead and In their be
half. Some one may say "I did npt
neod any one to dlo for me." But
we know so little as to whnt wua
necessary to bo dono In our behalf;
wo arc so ignorant concerning thesq
things; our own reason can be trust
ed so little; that It is bettor for us to
believe what Josub and the Apostles
say with reference to the necessity of
Christ's death,
Tho death of Christ postulates that
something infinite needed to bo dono
for us. Had thero been no dark, diro
need, God would not havo made the
sacrifice of his son. It Ib clear from
our text that Christ died to do for us
Peculiar Shade of Green Ib Called
"Absinthe" by Those Who Havo
Designed It.
A peculiar greenish yellow shade,
not ollvo and not tan, Is now much
fancied for formal afternoon frocks
for bridge, reception or luncheon
wenr. A costume of this sort has just
been finished for a brldo of tho month.
Abslntho chiffon velvet Is the 'mate
rial and tho suit Includes a graceful
draped skirt and the most coquettish
of coats, short enough at tho front to
roveal tho black Batln draped glrdlo
but falling at tho back in long talis
to tho knee. Those tails Blopo grad
ually from tho doublo-brensted front
and giro tho coat a graceful cutaway
efTect, viewed from tho sldo. Enor
mouB revcra of tho velvet aro gath
ered at tho top Into turnover Robes
plerro collar of black velvet and
hang to tho waistline over tho coat
front. Tho revora and collar open in
n dnnn V
Tho skirt has a wldo front and what wo, because wo were weak and
Dacrc paneia Hanging penuouy
straight, tho aides being caught up
below tho hips Into a soft transverse
drapery. To match this nbslntho yel
vot costumo there aro patent leather
boots with buttoned tops of pale tan
cloth and vory curved French heels,
and a hat of cream whlto moiro Bilk
banded with mink and having ono
green and ono gold quill.
KSfcjA wto
"Real Fisherman's Luck
for Duke's Mixture Smokers"
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combination for the angler and here's the way ypu cSa
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member of tho family. Pipes, cigarette cases, catcher's glavi$.
cameras, waicucs, louct nrircics, cic.
Thcso handsome prc&ents cost you
nothing not one cent. They simply
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Remember you still get tho same
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trom FOUR ROSES (tOotin douoJt
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coupons tssucxibyus.
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St. LouIs.Mo.
Can b bandlod tott easily. TlKiiurttMTieiircd.riiyflallouicraln
Bme "table, no matter LowcipoonVkeK from Maying ttio dl
easT by uIns Hl-OHNB MQ.WD UlSTEHimi CUSkTVUvo on
tbo toofrae.or lu food. Acts on Uie blood andoipela germs of
all forms of distemper. Best remedy erer known for marcs In foaL
One iMJttlo guaranteed to care una rate, paand II a bottlet and
110 down of drusBlstK and hamom dealers, or mux nprcw paid by
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hnrM rcmodv In ezlBtcnoo twelTQvaarB.
SPOHM MEDICAL, cbatdculiUaDiiDutciliildtktib C08ti0nrtd,US.A
Just Like Other Men.
Most surgeons simply go way up In
the air when ono ot tho worl'd's greal
ones is stricken. When Sir FrederJ
Treves was callcil to operate on Kina
Edward ho split him open aa non
chalantly ns if tho Wng had been an
apple or a watermelon. Now York
Plncapplo Is Rood for Indigestion,
tho julco containing a digestivo iluld
similar to pepsin.
If you wish to preserve your teeth
,-..., ..,- . ..., ,. .1, take all medicines containing nclds
".-! !-j!s?2 - - "ssi; Tjn .a wa
'A pair ot valuablo opera glassos,
Host 23 years ago, havo JuBt been re
stored to tho owner by tho finder
whoso consclonco urged tholr return.
Evidently, tbo speed mania oC tho ag
1ms not as yet attectod the operation!
ot tho average consclonco.
For purposes of fancy bnlls. tho mod.
era society woman loves to tog up In
fashions of a bygono day. llut
wouldn't sho raiso an awful holler II
she had to wear thorn all tho tlmoT
a band of cmbroldory on not
Tho plain Magyar bodice Is ot tho
eamo; over this nt top ot Bleovos and
sldo Is gray silk spotted ninon of a
lighter shade, which is continued down
eldes of skirt In panlor effect, tho
edges being finished with insertion;
tho samo insertion outlines tho "V" at
neck, which Ib filled in with pleco
laco; buttons trim tho front.
Materials required: Four and one
halt yards taffetas 42 Inches wldo,
throo yards nluon 40 iuches wldo, ten
buttons, about eight yards Insertion
two yards wide, trimming for skirt,
one-fourth yard laco 18 Inches wide.
Tbo receipt of two contB tor tho con
science fund in Washington has been
regardod in quite a humorous light
but if all wero to act under tho sense
of obligation to the govornment bIiowd
by tho Boeder of this infinitesimal con
trlbutlou, tho fund might bo big
nough to build a dreadnought
partB rubbed Into tho eyobrows will
stlmulato tholr growth.
For a greasy, oily skin, put somo
astringent, a llttlo alcohol or toilet
vinegar, into tho wash water.
Honey Is excellent In nearly all
throat and lung affections. For a
sharp tickling throat cough a tea
spoonful taken overy few moments
will quickly allay tho Irritation.
Tho habit of biting tho nails may bo
conquered by will power In an older
person, but with children cut tho nails'
very close and dip tho ends of tho
fingers In qulnluo or a llttlo extract
ot quassia.
A detectlvo who climbed two hun
dred feet in tho air to arrest a steeple
Jack ought to rise rapidly lu his chou
en profession.
Fashionable Drown.
Tho return to favor which yellow
has been enjoying of Iato ban boon
confirmed for tho autumn, and among
tho now tlntB which will b plucod
high on tho list of fnuhlonnblo colors
burnt orange nppeorB. It Is already
bolng exploited largely In Paris, and
with It ulso Bulimur and umber. In
addition thero aro chartreuso.tholovo
ly limpid yellow ot tho cordial; flame
yellow, whoso intensity makes it be
coming only to certain complexions,
and canary, another vivid liuo. Urown.
lu overy graduation is raised to a
pinnacle ot modtehnesa, and cigar
amalgamated with bluck will bo oeen
Instead of tho nlmost Inevitable mag
pie combination, which will, however,
be modish also.
Tea Gown Reminders.
Tho flowered Bilks can bo utilized)
with groat charm for making tho neg
Ugeo, but care should be taken to pro.,
euro thoso that do not crush.
Chnrmouso, crope do chlno, or vollo
of a .plain and delicate coloring is a(
aatlsfactory cholco. Two or oven
throo nmtqrlalB may bo blended in
ono toilette
Then thoro Is chiffon to remember.
Ono delightful jnodol is raado ot roso'
petal pink chiffon over a looso under'
robo of silk of tho Bame tone. Tho
robo Is quite without trimming, aavo
for tiny flowerets mndo ot tho chiffon
bordering tho turned back fronts ot
tho outer droBS, which lookB very
much llko a cont with n train.
without strength, could not do for
ourselves, .
III. Tho purpose ot Christ's death.
NFlrst, wo are justified by his death.
The atonement provides tho ground
upon whioh a righteous God can pre-,
nounco a repcntnnt sinner innocent,
free, and treat him accordingly. This"
means that whon u man acknowledges
tho claims of Jesus Christ, and sub
mits himself to him as his personal
savior, tho guilt and penalty of his
nln aro removed forever. Wo may not
understand or reallzo how this fact
becomes a fact and yet we may real
lzo It Is a fact. Thousands UBe elec
tricity every day who do not under
stand it. So wo are told what is a
great mystery that because Christ
died we who bellovo in him do re
colve absolution for our Bins.
Second. We are reconciled to God
through tho death of Christ. Sin is
a barrier botweon God and man.
There can bo fellowship between God
and man only ns thiH barrier 13 re
moved. Even tho love of God cannot
remove thlB barrier apart from tho
sacrifice of Christ. Again, wo aro not
saved by understanding, but believ
ing this great truth. Men may bask
In tho rays of tho Bprlng sunshine, and
yet bo ignorant of nstronomy. All
onemlty existing between God and tho
Blnnor la removed by reason of tho
denth of Christ. Ily believing in
Christ the sinner who is an cnomy of
God becomes u friend of God.
Third Wo aro saved from wrath
through Christ' death. Tho modern
mind reJectH tho idea of wrath alto
gether and says it exists only In tho
minds of theologians. According to
tho scriptures, howovor, there Is a
wrath ot God as well as a love ot God.
Lovo and wrath aro not Incompatible
terms. God cannot overlook the
wickedness ot men; nnd since It Is
practically Impossible to separate
hotween the man and tho sin that
ho cherishes, pain, wrath and anguish
must bo vUlted on the sinner. Tho
death of Josub Christ removes thlB
wrath nnd tho believer In him passes
nut ot death into lifo, tho penalty of
the second death or the wrath of God
shall not fall on him.
House Plans Important.
The care In the homo and all other
forma of household work are greatly
facilitated by right planning and the
use of suitable materials for the
construction and furnishing of tho
home. An adequate and convenient
water supply and other conveniences
aro essential, not only for comfort
and for saving labor, but al3o from
tho standpoint Df home hygiene.
An Underworld.
"You say you saw -New York's un
derworld?" eaid tho horrified relative
"Oh, yes," replied Mrs. McGudley.
"And I consider it very neat and In
teresting. I think every largo city
ought to havo a subway system."
Another Investigation.
"Daughter, I kearrt auspicious sound
on the veranda last evening."
"Yes, mother."
"Was that young m-n Kissing yon
or swatting luoKqultoos?"
Constipation causes aud nKgravates many
rerlous diseases. It Is thoroughly cured by
Dr. Plerco's Pleasant Pellets. Tho favorite
family laxative. Adv.
Quite So.
"What is tho latest thing In fashion
ablo weddings?"
"Very often it is the bride."
A volco used too much In scolding
is not good to sing with.
Paradoxical WUsfortunc.
"There is nothing In- tbla place but
soft drinks."
"Just my hard luck.
Cole's Carbollsalvo Htopa tho ptn Irmtantlr.
Only a: lawyer or a detective can
mind his own business when he pries
Into other people's.
Political arguments lono us
friends than they gain votes.
rU f
For Backache, Rheumatism, Kidneys and JJiadder u
RFr.flllKr oontain no habit tormimo drugs I,
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Bmlrn ot ordinary alioct, name am tho man' mhoos.
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f'uaiia trt
3MFEU VSmmb.j VT
NS,. ..! ..it J
Tfral NS, J ttmwk
fi-J Beat Coach firm p. TwIm Oood, Ch BSi
PJI la Una. Bold br PracK'. Ktl
A Wntonn,ftolmoti'Wub.
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m vm. ruerououi.
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, arwtwqnr watti

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