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A Colosiia
- vl
Not the Thanksgiving the Puritans ob
served, with their wild tui'key and simple
appointments, but a modern day of thank
fulness and feasting, enhanced by a tabic
setting of Colonial Silver, so much in
vogue at the present time.
The importance of having one's table appoint
ments in thorough keeping with the dinner served,
should not be overlooked.
A jPretty Table Pleasures of The Day
The simplicity of outline and the refinement of decoration, found in the
new Colonial designs of Silver, so fittingly mark an occasion of this kind.
Handsome Hollow Ware; a complete service of Spoons, Forks and
Fancy Serving Pieces; a good set of Carvers; with pretty Cut Glassware
all tend to make the day one of the happy events of the year.
We Supply All Your Needs
in these lines, at the lowest prices consistent with
good merchandise, and will appreciate a call
from you to look them over, at your convenience.
U. P. Watch Inspector.
Graduate Dcntisl.
Office over the McDonald
Stato Bank.
O rnl- ..- tl.n ILTrtAnM
Local and Personal.
Tom Hagerty, of Denver, came down
Wednesday to visit his brother Pat
Hagerty for several weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Cottrell have as
their guest Miss Wiseman, of Cozad,
who arrived Tuesday evening.
Mrs. M. E. Crosby and son left Wed
nesday morning for Sutherland to visit
relatives for a week or longer.
Mrs. Charles Dill is expected todny
from Chicago to spend the winter in
this city for the benefit of her' health.
W. W. Stebbins, of Gothenbuig,
state representative from Dawbon
county, spent Wednesday here on busi
ness. Mr. and Mrs. Mike McCullough, of
Maxwell, were in town Tuesday while
onroute to California to spend the
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Buchfinck will
leave the first of next week for Grand
Island to spend Thanksgiving 'with the
letter's parents.
Beginning Friday, Nov. 23rd all
trimmed millinery will be sold at great
ly reduced prices.
Wilcox Millinery Dopt.
Mrs. James McMicheal and daughter
Mrs. Wm. Baldock left Wednesday
morning for Council Bluffs and Omaha
to spend a week.
J. S. Johnson returned to Kearney
Wednesday after spending several days
here looking after his interests in the
Johnson Cash Store.
The Knights of Columbus are planning
to hold a dance on December 2nd at the
Lloyd for the candidates who will bo
taken in at a special meeting on Dec.
Miss Janet McDonald entertained a
nnmber of young friends at a dinner
party the latter part of last week in
honor of Miss Olive McKnight of Lex
ington. rnn Sirnciriii. of Portsmouth, la., is
expected the first of next week to spend
a couple of weeks with Mr. and Mrs.
Verne Mann. Mr. Scroggin spent lost
summer in this city.
James Waro and danghter Miss
Margaret, of Blair, arrived Wednesday
morning to visit friends for a few days,
and attended the Elk's dancing party
Wednesday evening.
Prof. F. E. Barber formerly principal
of the local scl'ools visited friends in
town this week while enroute west
from Kearney where he was called two
weeks ago by the illness of his mother.
Mr. Barber holds a position in one of
the colleges near Long Beach, Cal.
Senator Hoagland will move his
family to Lincoln during the legislative
session. He has leased a furnished
house near the state house. The child
ren will attend the public school in
Mrs. Mary Elder was injured in a
fall at the residenco of Mr. and Mrs.
r v r.wior the first of this week.
While decending the stairs she lost her
V i o It A '1r- Itta liAnfl nnl
fnntinf? and fell striking her head and
shoulder against the walls. bhe was
taken to the P. & S. hospital where
she will be confined to her room for
sevearl days
William Homer, of Wallace, is spend
ing this week in town on business.
Attorney Albert Muldoon spent sev
eral days in Sidney this week on busi
ness. Mrs. R. S. Baker will return to
Omaha today, having visited her son
Richards for several days.
Miss Myrtle Richards will return to
day from Lamoni, la., where she spent
the past two weeks.
Philip Dents, who had been seriously
ill for several days with appendicitis, is
reported to be much improved today.
Sam Smith, of Omaha, who spent tho
iirst week demonstrating Chopic gaso
line engines left yesterday for Lexing
ton. Miss Comfort Conway, saleslady in
the Tramp dry goods, has been off duty
for a week being ill with congestion of
the lungs.
For Rent Lanre front bedroom,
electric light and stove. Mrs. J L. Lou
don, 109 West 1st St. 84-2
Mrs. Orra Deford who submitted to
an operation for appendicitis at Physi
cians and Surgeons hospital Inst week
is reported to be improving rapidly.
D. W. Smith, chairman of the pro
tective board of the B. of L. F. &' E.,
spent Tuesday in town while enrouto to
Council Bluffs from a business trip in
tho west.
Mrs. Gertrude Bartlett, of Lincoln,
visited in town a short time Wednes
day while enroute to Colorado Springs.
Mrs. Bartlett is a cousin of Mrs. W.
W. 'Cummings, of this city.
The chief of the fire department has
been directed by the city council to
make an inspection of business houses
and ascertain the condition of flues
and other appurtenances that might
figure in the origination of a fire.
All trimmed hats at half price, 20 per
cent discount on plumes, fancy feathers
and ribbons at tho Maloney and Lintz
Millinery. 84-3
At the meeting of the city council
Tuesday evening the committee on
ordinances was instructed to draft an
ordinance extending tho city limits,
which will include the new addition
which has just been platted by Colonel
Members of the local Yeoman wil
hold a burlesque social at the hall Tues
day evening of next week. Each
member is to attend arrayed in burles
que costume; if ho or she fails so to
do, they will be fined. An interesting
program has been planned and refresh
ments will be served.
Durintr moultintr season you can mako
your hens lay by feeding Lee's Egg
Maker, for sale by the .Nyal nnu Kexall
drug stores. 84-5
Postmaster E. S. Davis gave a series
of lectures to the students of tho fifth,
sixth, seventh and eight grades this
week faking as his subjoct the Postal
Savings and Post Office work in general.
He instructed tho members of these
grades in regard to addressing Xmas
packages and wrapping articles to go
through the mail safely during the
holiday rush.
Friends in the city received word tho
first of the weak that John Ell and
Miss Tina Guthardt, both of this city,
were married Saturday evening at
Bridgeport. For some time Mr. Ell has
been employed as conductor between
Gcnng and Bridgeport and the bride
was employed in this city at the See
berger home. They will make their
homo for tho present in Bridgeport.
Our November UndorspHiiiij; Sale closoa Ssilunbiy. W list 11
below that you should be sure and take advantage .f. We have
great many new lots in the. last Few days and you will be sure lo
thing you will want even if you have boon-in and .bought before
take advantage of the savings we odor you.
Come and
our, a
Swifts Premium Hams
per lb
White Laundry Soap 7
bars for
Corn Flakes 4 pkgs. ...
Pink Salmon per can . . .
Standard Tomatoes per
Calumet Baking Powder
1 lb can
Dry Goods.
Children Underwear fleece lined
heavy pants and vests
all sizes each
Childrens Hose several odd lots
thrown together all at
one price
Macaroni 4 lbs
Union Flour per sack J)laZU
Wo will only sell one sack of this flour
to a customer at this prico. This is the
highest grade flour sold in North Platte
and we mako this for advertising the qual
ity of it.
Gauntet Gloves, lined leather
or girls school wear.
suitable for either boys 'yfl
a B M f
One lot Mens Shirts large size
only includes both white and
colored shirts worth from 50c
to $1.00 all at one
Mens Neckties pretty
pattern 25c quality. .
Mens Work Shoes good service
able work shoes in good last
regular 3.00
Ladies Shoes One Lot ladies
fine shoes on narrow lasts
these shoes are worth 3.00 to
35 a pair but all
go at
C!hilrirfn5 Shrfj ci? 1 1 1.
to 2 on) stylish
lasts ,
Lace Curtains.
We have put out several new
lots of this line and are showing
them in our south window.
Don t overlook these there
all prices from 1. 19
Local and Personal.
Mrs. Mike Hayes has returned from
a week's visit in Omaha.
Offiers I. E. Trout transacted busi
ness in Maxwell yesterday.
Rev. P. McDaid left Wednesday
evening for Kearney to spend a few
Mrs. W. S. Dolson left last evening
for Omaha to visit her sons for a
Miss Clara Baker returned yesterday
from Wellflcet where she spent a week
with her sister.
Mrs. Emma Pulver left yesterday
morning for Grand Island to spend a
couple of days.
Mrs. William Shohoney left Wednes
day evening for Denver to spend a
couple of weeks.
M. A. Garwood returned yesterday
from Philips where he spent a week
with his parents.
Mrs. Fred Elliott returned tho first
of the week from an extended visit in
Madison, Wis., and Omahn.
Harry Sukrow and Minnie Geise,
both "of Maxwell, were granted license
to wed by Judge Grant yestorday.
Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Starr and Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Powell, of Lincoln,
visited Mr. and Mrs. Clark Buchanan.
Mrs. Alonza Lee. of Paxton, formerly
Miss Alice Brown of this city is spend
ing this week with town friends.
Miss Esther Antonides returned Wed
nesday to her school at Hershey after
being ill with lagrippo for several
Miss Ina Young, who had been mak
ing her home with her aunt Mrs. Wm.
Thayer, left for Peoria, 111., last even
ing to remain indefinitely.
Magazines mako nico Christmas
gifts. I have a comploto list and cin
save you money on club orders. Mrs.
M. V. Mitchell, phone red 101.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Weir returned
the first of tho week from Sterling
where they were called by the death of
Mrs. Weir's father last week.
How about a fine carving set for the
Thanksgiving turkoy. We have tho
finest line in our city. See our show
windows. Dixon, The Jeweler.
J. T. Murphy foremon of tho B. & B.
department fell twenty feot from tho
coal shutes yesterday morning bruising
his shoulders and hip. He will be unable
to work for several days.
W. B. McNeel, of Itosednle precinct,
was in town yesterday circulating a
petition for appointment as postmaster.
Mr. McNeel is one of tho old-time de
mocrats of tho county and probably
fools that he is as much entitled to' a
pieco of "political pie" as any of tho
other follows who are likely to be appli
cants for tho position.
Elks' Dancing Pally.
Tho most brilliant social function of
the fall season was the reception and
danco hold Wednesday evening by the
B. P. O. E. at their homo on '1th and
Dewoy streets. The spacious rooms of
the homo were decorated with potted
plants, largo chrysantheums and
Streamers of the Elk colors, several
bundled additional lights in purple and
whitjO wero used in beautifying tho in
terior of the building.
An informal reception was hold early
in the evening nfter which the Elks
and their ladies were entertained with
Music for thisocenssion was furnished
by the Stamp Orchestra which rendered
a program of tho popular selections of
the day.
During the evening puncli was served
by a number of young ladies and later
a banquet was served on elaborately
decorated tables in the dining room
where tho ladies were presented with
pink and white roses as favors.
The committee in charge wero highly
complimented upon tho features of
entertainment which they had provided
and the enjoyable manner in which the
program was carried out.
Baptist Church.
Tho fust service last Sunday was
the bible school at 10 11. m. The in
terest of the past two months was
more than maintained. Tho attendance
exceeded Hint of a year ago, which
wji9 then fioight good, by forty-two.
Justice can not possibly be done
those who arc coming until tho now
building is occupied, which may bo in
about a month.
All the services of tho day had their
equal sharo of interest. The morning
sorvico was well nttended, and tho
evening evangelistic meeting lind a
specially finp audience. Those present
had the pleasure of witnessing a beauti
ful baptismal scone. Tho young
people's meeting in charge of Mrs. John
Mnng had a good rosponso on tho topic
"Mistakes wo often make." Next Sun-
to I day all tho usual services will occur
except that tho evening service will bo
rendered by tho Sunday school. Chis
will be a program on our country in
connection with home mission week.
The morning message will be a special
theme "Our country's dobt to Christ."
All are welcome.
Had you evor considered that the
silver your grandmother owned is one
of the few heir looms that romain in
your own family. Don't you think tho
purchase of some real good silver
would be wise, it would bo handed down
to your children and bo a treasured heir
loom to them as well as a fgreat joy
to your family. Wo have tho new colon
ial designs. Dixon, Tho Jeweler.
For Sale.
Pure bred Duroc Jersey Hogs, both
sexes all eligible to registry, prices
" 1.1, thmitrA of or nddrPBB.
Blankenburg, Bros. North Platte, Nebr. 1-9.
First Class Cleaning and Pressing.
For first class cleaning and pressing
see the Lennox Tailors and Cleaners.
Just established, Corner Sixth and Lo
cust, upstairs 1-2. Goods called for and
delivered. All work guaranteed. Phono
M I - II Ml
,J '5''ei
Ftw flfh fn nm M
jl L I'll Bill j!is8JJi
Under date of Nov. lGth in Saturday
Evening Post read the $20,000.00 an
nouncement of tho Studebaker car.
The greatest announcement that ever
came down the pike.
Phone 027, J. L. Burke, Agt.
Teachers' Association.
Following is the program of the Lincoln
county tenchers' association to bo held
at tho high school building at Suther
land, Neb., Saturday, Nov. 23. 1912, be
ginning at 1:00 p. m.. Mountain timo:
Music Sutherland Chorus.
Vocal Solo Lorotta Murphy.
Why the courso of study is not fol
lowed mco carefully Blanche Cox.
Discussion Mabol Sawyer, Mildred
How the course of study may be fol
lowed moro closely Supt. Wilson Tout.
Discussion Nonn Johnson, Mao Spen
ct r.
Dramatization of Hiawatha .Suther
land primary room.
Teaching primary numbers ns out
lined by tho course of study Bess Liv
ingston. Discussion Kato Conneally, Irene
Vocal Solo Miss Jessie Davis.
Chorus Sutherland School.
Business meeting.
At 8:00 p. m. a rocoption will be
given by the Sutherland teachers to the
visiting teahcrs.
Visitors are welcome.
Cli:o R. Chaitki.l,
County Supt.
r v
"Reserve Two Chairs?9'
"Yes, We'll Make Room for You."
Often the restaurant keeper
finds himself Blunt on supplies.
He has not overstocked with
perishable goods for he knows
he can order quickly by telephone.
Everybody eats at the res
taurant occasionally, and all
of us have been turned away
because every available seat
was taken. A telephone call
would save such a predicament
Telephone Convenience for Exceeds Its Cost.
Nebraska Telephone Co
Bell Telephone Lines Reach Nearly
Edward and Martin McEvoy, of
Omaha, nro spending this week with
P. II. McEvoy and family.
Martin McLane has returned from a
visit with relatives in Cozad.
Proof Against tlio Hottest Sun
TliixiHitliiilt Hnturntutl mntorlnl of which PEICULKSS
Ih matin ulixorliH tho lionl timl kcniiH It out of tlio huiiHit.
A I no it koeua (lis Iat in wliun tho wintry wiiuU ure
J.iihh oxpoiiHi), imiro yiMirHof wmir HiiiriiliMoIiitoHntlHtiio-(iiin-tluit'N
wlmt riCKUi.KSH HOOKING will liinnii io
you. All Hint in iiuotmnnry to luy it Ih to unroll, nail niul
commit itnt tlin lnp. WnfiirniHli tho iiiiIIh nuilotimont froo.
Hunimiihur, I'KKIU.KHH in tlio luiHt loollnd known unil
thn 0110 linokuil liy tlio ntrondunt diiiiruiitiiit. Coma in unci
nt i (i Hiiiniilo, AImo link for froo booklet iluMoribln
AHCO'i'Il.K orriiiiiimitiil roofing.
Sold By
American hoofing ca

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