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IHA L. BARE), Publlshor.
This world In divided between free
hlttcrs nnil bnt-cholturs, but to under
Htnnd tho simile you must bo a fan,
or at least liavo tho confldenco of n
fan who will land you through tho
door of wlfidom. Tho freo-hltter, be
It knownIs tho batsman of tho super
clllous oyo who begins Ills swing
nway back over his shoulder, brings
It round llko a yacht's boom gibing In
a strong wind nnd drives tho ball
over the left field fenco or misses
It. Ho la tho producer of homo rums
nnd throo-bnggorH nnd Is tho recipient
of ndulatlon nnd automobiles. IIo Ib
Speaker and JncltBon and Doylo and
the world famous Canoy. Tho bat
chokor Is different, says tho Now
Orleaus Thnus-Domocrat. Ho Is tho
man who slides his hand woll down
onto tho swell of tho bat, where, with
a longer leverage, ho can mako a
quick Jab at tho speeding sphere. Ho
Is content If ho scratches n sacrifice
or beats n bunt down to first. No
body loves him, but ho wins many a
ball game, though oven in tho midst
of victory ho fools that tho managor
has tho toboggan under lilm and is
only waiting for n bonohcad play to
touch tho trlggor and send him to tho
minor league. Tho free-hlttor also
reaches tho minors In duo time, but
ho does so with head orcct nnd chest
expanded, for tho free-hlttor Is such
by naturo and no rovorso can quell
him. Onco a free-hlttor always one,
Will tho applo over again bocomo
an articlo of common consumption?
Or will it remain iti tho luxury list,
somowhero, say, botwecn trullles and
bacon? Thoro havo boon no eating
apples within tho rnngo of any but
tho fattest pockotbook for many sea
tons, while tho character of tho plo
t pplo Is such as to require uncommon
aptltudo for tho composition of tho
crust to mako a plo fit to cat; or olso
tho cost of tho filling haB required
that tho pie must bo nearly all cruBt
A big crop Is now In prospect and
now orchards arc coming to frultago
ovorv, soason; bucIi Ib tho temptation
of tho Boarlng quotations, says tho
1'rovldonco Journal. At this Juncturo
ono of tho orators at an applo grow
ers' convention has tho norvo to pro
ppso nn advertising campaign, leat
i thoro bo overproduction. Doos not
thlB propooal mean that tho growers
nro dctormlned to maintain prices as
tho Bupply Increases? Something Ib
Bald about lnrtructlng women In tho
theory that oatlng npples beautifies
tho complexion. That ought to creato
a mnrkot, to bo suro. But thoro need
bo no fear of lack of domand. Ap
plea will nood no advertising If tho
prlco Is right And nny artifice cul-
I culnted to maintain high prices should
bo frowned ilpon by tho hard-prcascd
'Rocout Investigations Into tho hours
of work by ofllclnlB of tho Fronch de
partment of navigation havo brought
to light a record In government em
ployment In tho shnpo of an official
whoso' dally "houra of duty" amount
to exactly two minutes. This man
dwells at a placo on tho Bolglan fron
tier, and Ills nrduous laborn consist In
fetching from ono ofllco u list of tho
number of barges that havo entered
French territory tho provlous twonty.
four houra nnd handing tho said list
In at another ofllco. It tho position, bo
a sinecure, tho pay Is not high, tho
romunoratlon amounting a $1,40 a
A Connecticut man makcB tho an
nouncement thnt ho has boon living
for Bomo tlmo on 25 cents n week,
Ho admits, howovor, that ho has not
boon unlucky enough to havo nny tiro
Tho mouso, snyB n scientist, ponsoa
sea more oncrgy than a human bolng.
Ho Is wrong- Did ho never obscrvo
tho activity displayed by a normal
woman In cucnplng a mouso?
A Btonmcr haa just arrived In San
Francisco-whoao docking Bhould send
a thrill through tho fashionable foml
nlno world. It's enrgo Is $1,000,000
worth of ooalBklna.
Excessive) rending haa tho samo ef
fect ob tho opium habit, euya a fa
mous scientist. MuhI refer to cam
paign dopo.
Still, tho poraon who prophesied
thnt wnr would bo abolished because
It would become too deadly might
havo had tho aoroplano In mind.
Tho bnnann crop Is reported a fail
ure but ono can slip about as far on
pool from n poor bnnana as a good
It la now announced that Bneozlug
spreads tho mcaalos. Which, appa
rently, Is not a theory to bo snoezed
Tho chief Ingredient In Holland
patented rubber la ,oa fish. Prettj
flsby, nt thut. v
II 'I .. n2&f-nt n
ii w r - c ---
Returns to Church Money
I uueoo iu
NEW YORK In tho mall of Rev.
William n. Wallace, pastor of tho
BnptlBt Temple, Schormerhorn street
nnd Third avenue, there enmo recently
a lottor In a strango hand. Tho
writer had a story to toll which In
terested tho pastor greatly. Years
and years before ho had stolon sumo
monoy from tho Sunday Bchool fund of
tho church at tho tlmo It was on Nas
sau street. Now ho wanted to restore
Nearly forty years hnd elapsed slnco
tho writer, thon a 15-year-old boy, had
pilfered a small sum of monoy from
tho funds of tho church. Most of
thoao who attended tho church nt that
tlmo havo long been In their graves.
Dr. Wallace has been In charge only
two or throo years and thp Incident
was now to him. At tho regular
monthly meeting of tho board of dea-
A mnuiJki
l rtnlv rm?y.'Ws
Merchant Who Manages
PHILADELPHIA. Hero's another
wonder of tho world a blind man
nt Sixth and Chestnut streets who cap
tures thieves, detects counterfeit coins
and breaks up tho gangs thnt manu
facture nnd traffic In bogUB monoy.
BoBldca doing this, famous "Blind Al,"
who haa been In tho neighborhood for
many years, sells newspapers, candy
and fruity goes to mnrkot In crowded
Dock street all alono and never has
ho knocked a basket over. Ho shaves
hlniBelf and without a looking glass,
too; blacks his own boots, bowb his
own buttons on and Is always ready
with a cheery word for his multltuuo
of customers who buy at his stand
next to old Congress Hall at Chestnut
and Sixth.
"Oh, yea," snld ho, "Bomo people try
to cheat mo yot. but 1 usually catch
them; lvo caught 221 of them In tho
33 years 1'vo been blind. If thoy cheat
mo onco thoy usunlly como and try It
again, but 1 soon discover something
wrong nnd put Bomo of my 'trusties'
on tho watch and it's not long before
tho folks who pny for ono applo and
tako threo or for ono peanut bar and
tako two Hnd that they're caught them
solves." SAN FRANCISCO, CAL- Seventy
ilvo mules, comprising tho more
energetic part of a dolegatlon of threo
hundred of their kind that havo reach
ed San Francisco for tho purpoao of
nddlng glory and oirtcloncy to tho
United States urmy, uuddonly decided
not to enlist Ah a result squads of
cowboyB, platoonB of cavalrymon from
tho Presidio nnd deputies of tho So
ciety for tho Prevention of Cruelty to
Animals passed a wholo day galloping
madly through tho thoroughfares of
tho Mission district attempting to enp
turo the deserters.,
Tho threo bundled mules wore
shipped into tho city under consign
ment to tho army t authorities at tho
Presidio and were turned Into corrals
at Sixth and Berry strbots to await
tho coming of tho soldlors who wero
Mules Object- to
vr'' &
Wooing of Prehistoric' Age Wins a Fair Bride
CHICAGO. The cuvo man of nn con
ago, who did his wooing with a
club and won his brldo by stunning
her and dragging her to his lair by
tho hair, was relncnrnntod tho othor
night Into tho bolng of Domlnlck I
Provonzans, who, until tho change,
was a man of menknoss and tho
keeper of n Hhoo shop nt 2020 Uoscoo
Provonzans wooed but failed to win
Santa Donnndola, a 17-year-old Italian
girl who lived with her parents at
1110 Milton avenue yand dreamed
dreams of being courted by a prlnco.
What cared ho for tho sad-eyed
plcadlnga of Domlnlck? Huh I Hoi
husband must bo a man of during,
And tho othor night Domlnlck qual
ified. With tho spirit of hla cava
men nncoetora suddenly awakened, ho
viBltcd IiIb brotlntr-ln-law, Samuel dc
Paaquala, forced bin aid and then with
a brandished rovnlver grimly led tho
way to the homo of tho unsuspecting
Then with a rutvngo cry tho lovor
sprang toward his boloved, drovo a
handkerchief Into her mouth with ono
hnnd nnd with tho other lifted her
from tho doorstop and ran with her
down tho street
hwer f ITIF
r VJS. JL I, Jul
He Stole When a Boy
coiiu, hold' lust night, ho asked tho
mornbers of tho board If thoy rompm
bored anything about it, but nono did.
Dr. Wnllaco wroto his unknown cor
rcBpondont today that tho matter of
restitution was something which rest
ed with his own consclenco
"In tho days when tho church waB
on Nassau streot," explained Dr. Wal
lace tho other day, "a boy took a small
sum of monoy froiii tho Sunday school
funds. That was In 1873. Nothing
more wns hoard of It until five daya
ago, when I received a letter In which
I was informed that tho boy had slnco
grown to man's estnto; that his con
sclenco had troubled him and that he
wished to roturn tho amount that ho
had takon .!9 years ago. There Is a
powerful sermon In tho facts if they
are correctly told.
"I know nothing about tho theft or
how much it was. Tho man had no
fortune. He is n person of moderate
means, as I undorstnnd it, and simply
wanted to mako restitution of tho
amount mlBBing. Tho man has been
converted within tho last two or threo
years and his better naturo has moved
him to tako this stop. I wroto to him
this morning to act according to tho
light of his own conscience."
Well Without Eyesight
"Blind Al" has eyes In his fingers;
In the keen powers of smell ho has de
veloped and In tho redoubled acute
ness of his ears. By those "detectlvea"
ho has corralled 18 countorfcltors and
put the authorities on tho trnll of
threo banda who were making the
spurious coins.
"I can almost always tell If a per
son Is giving mo bad monoy," said ho.
"Tho coins are always greasy and usu
ally lighter than real qjnes; when 1 get
them I keep them to tako them out of
circulation' and then mako tho buyers
glvo me good money."
Every day ho flngerB nil tho fruit
with his brainy finger tips to tell If It
Is spftonlng and just whoro tho decay
ing spots are; then ho puts it horo or
thoro according to tho prlco to aak for
chanct trU5t mVQ&
cir rid of Mff Y&tibB
Service in Army and Desert
to bo sent for them. Thoy stood the
confinement without protest for a few
hours, but things wero not very lively
In tho neighborhood and, besides, tho
reception committee had deacrted
them and it didn't seem just right for
so many strangers In tho city to spend
their llrst night ponnod upin a cor
ral without a chanco to seo the slghtB.
It was somo tlmo after midnight
when tho fun started. A fow well di
rected blows from tho determined
hoofs, and a broach was mado In tho
fenco surrounding tho corral. Flvo
mlnutos hitor seventy-tlvo mules were
scampering at top speed through the
Mission, tho clatter of their throe
liundred hoofs startling householders
In quiet streets from their aleop and
bringing frightened fnceB to windows
of tho houaea thoy paasod. With utter
disregard of city ordinances, tho visi
tors trampled over gardens and lawns
and demolished everything In their
In tho courso or ten minutes tho
Society for tho Provontlon of Cruolty
to Animals received nine telephone
messages of cbmplalnt regarding tho
mules. Deputies woro tumbled out of
tholr beds and sent In pursuit.
now we
In his wnko camo tho faithful brother-in-law,
and in tho latter's came a
mob of howling witnesses of tho kid
naping. Do Pnsquala hold back tho mob un
til ho was beaten down, but tho lover
oscapod with his prize,
, Straight to tho shou storo rushed
Domlnlck. When tho door to tho
Bhop finally was brokon open by tho
police thoy found tho girl, still gagged
and now bound, lying on tho floor and
staring with wondor at tho threaten
ing fuco of tho man. Tho gng was ro
moved and thon u strango thing hap
pened, (
"1 lovo you!" she shouted. "I will
marry you tomorrow I I I didn't know
you wero llko this,"
So tho police released tho man and
tho girl wont to her homo to prepare
for the weddlug.
-OLX,fvJ-ib wSn I
fflM jJLi
if ( v7vr-nH( aiiv..
Copyright, 1912, by Underwood & Underwood, N. Y.
Tho model below Is tho Richolleu turban, named after Cardinal
Richelieu of Franco. It Is composed of red silk crown, denoting tho Car
dinal's color, puffed and bound with a gold embroidered band. The brim Is
slightly rolled on tho front and sides. Tho model above is wearing anoth
er stylo turban hat constructed of fur with a feather standing out at side
which will bo worn at social functions, bolng specially fitted to go with low
cut gowns and scarf drapery. Tho hat can bo pulled down over tho hair
to bo in stylo.
Now Bid Fair to Be More the Rage
Than They Have Been for
Some Tlm.e.
Tho material moat commented on
tit present is Dcotch plaid, which Is al
ways associated with autumn, says tho
Indianapolis Nows. Numbers of fash
ionable women aro orderiug two skirts
with the30 now plaid costumes. Tho
eeml-flttlng jacket covering tho hlpa
Is worn with a short skirt mado for
tho country. Tho material just touches
tho angles, "nd tho trimming consists
of a wide box plait, back and front.
Tho samo box plaits repeat them
selves on tho second skirt, ordered for
town wear. Below tho kneea starts
a flounco of tho plaid material with
narrow box plaits 'touching ono an
other. This flounco adds extra width
to tho now autumn skirts.
Strapa In plaid trim tho jacket at
tho back, starting at tho side beneath
a long, square Btocl bucklo. A couple
of rovers in surah widen as thoy cross
tho shoulders and form a hood ondng
in ?i point at tho waist. Ono largo
plaid button fastens the jacket 4below
the bust.
I v4 a C rp
Tho coiffure matters not nt all with
ono of these quaint now evening cnp3
which nro much tho fad for theater
wear. The cap Is made of pearl bead
ed gold net, which la mounted ovor
thin silk. Heavy pearl bead and tas
sol ornaraonta at tho sides drag tho
cap down over tho ears. Tho hair la
softly waved and drawn flufllly beyond
tho odxe of tho cap.
j n vt i
o z
i I
t u
Oriental Characters Are the Latest to
Be Used by Those Who Like
Girls who aro fond ol? needlework
will want to embroider themselves
two or more pairs of silk stockings
in the now fashionable Oriental de
signs. Select a good grade
lng woven with thread
any color you deslro;
sharp-pointed piece of
of silk stock
silk, black or
' thon with a
tailor's chalk
outllno a design representing some cu
rlouB Chinese or Japaneso symbol,
lettering or number.
These can be found in any Orientnl
shop or on a Chinese laundry check.
Thoy are not difficult to sketch, being
for tho most part broad lines crossing
each othor in a curious manner.
These should bo slightly padded
with very soft darning cotton, so that
tho center will be raised abovo tho
outer edge. Tho embroidery is then
dono in lino floss silk, using brilliant
red, green, yellow, purple and blue. All
colors rich in tone aro effective, and
occasionally threads of silver and gold
can bo introduced in tho embroidery.
Caro must be taken when applying
tho work to colored stockings that the
colors used in the embroidery harmo
nlzo with that of the stocking itself.
Any color or combination of colors
can bo used on black.
Tiny bends and small flowers aro
lovely when worked in rich Oriental
colors. For "ovnmple, a spray of wIb
taria is charming on violet silk stock
ings. Cherry blossoms on white or
green, Iris on blu6 or yellow, and the
flaming poppy on black.
When working, an eaay way to keep
the atocklng taut so tho embroidery
will lie smooth Ib to slip a china egg
or very smooth darning egg Into tho
stocking, then hold tho silk tightly
ovor that as you would for ordinary
darning. Tho embroidery' will then"
bo perfectly smooth when worn.
Tinting Lace.
A weak solution of permanganate of
potash will tint lacea that deep shade
of ecru so much used at present.
It must bo carefully dissolved, oth
erwise it will produco stains which
are impossible to remove.
Test tho dyo with a amall pleco of
muslin boforo dipping tho lace. If tho
color la too deop, dilute tho solution
until tho required huo Is obtained.
Never allow tho laco to remain in
tho dye; simply dip in and out again.
Tea or a solution of coffee Is excel
lent to tint laces. Tho hitter pro
duces tho fashionable string color.
Laco trimmings to match tho ma
terial of the frock aro much used this
With two or threo almplo colore
oven an amateur can produco good re
sults. French Raincoats.
Tho French raincoat Is nn excellent
ono to wear with flno gowns. It Is
mado of ruhherlzetl crepo dc chlno and
penu do solo. Those coats are excel
lent protectors, and yx?t nro so light
In weight that thoy will not leave their
Imprint on a beautiful gown.
Of Course
VWomon always succeed In civic nf
fc-a when thoy organize a broom
"Naturally, thoy mako a clean
LEWIS' Single Binder. trnhditGc mnny
etnokcrs prefer them to 10c cigars Adv.
Truth la stranger than fiction, and
equally dangerous.
when the appetite is
keen and your diges
tion perfect;
but what q (inference
when the stomach "goes
back" on you, when the
liver becomes lazy and
the bowels clogged. In
such cases you need
right away. It really does
the work. All Druggists.
The Original Price of a
Cash for Furs
Wa Want Ten Million Dollars' Worth of Furs
Yna cet blimcr Drlcar.llf.fnf trrnrllnrv ami
mora money 0 rotara Dial I ivhou jen thl n jroar
far to Fanateu Droo. A Co In 8t. Louis. The blKcctt
AmerlcHn.Unnfidlim nnd Koropeaa bu)or are repre.
J anted at onr larue rcguliir snips. Competition for
'tuiKten Furs Is fierce. Wo set tho blesest irlcfi.
J hut' why wo can pnj yoti more mouor for your for.
You deal direct wltbus. Nnngentatorplltryour profit!.
BigMoneylnTrapplag JeVSrn. teJ,SP.
S o u u ill Ten Million DollnrV worth of jut such furs.
H e want your iurs onyuiinc irom onosin up.
Uao Funsten Animal Bait
Qunrnntood to Increaao yourcatch or
moneybAclc. 91 cnn. Onomantnado
H.lSaCOclearprofltononecnn. Took
arnndPrUe.World'sFalr.lKN. Uwd
liv tho U. 8. Oorornment. lknd sure.
Wo ui&ko a different bnlt for eneh
Llnd ot animal. Btato kind wanted.
TrnnsfurnlshedatfactoryctHtt nlso
CDCr Bond forTruppcrV Guide, Bup. '"
"" ply Catalog and Gnmo Laws 8
dookb in one nixo rur aiariret uetortA.
ShiiplnRlaiii,ctc.' Allfrco. Wrltotoday.
Funsten Bros. A Co. 464 Funsten BUe St. Louis, MoJ
its tOav by service
L.C. Smith & Bros.
(Halt Bearing Lone Wearing)
In buying a typewriter you want a
satiifactory answer to three questiom:
What Hill it do forme?
Ho to b)etl Hill it do it?
How long Will it do it?
By answering these queries with the
needs of the typewriter owntr and user
in mind, the L.C. Smith 6t Bros. Type
writer Company has attained the front
rant in the typewriter field.
Some people think tliat a tvfmorittr h a I vfit
writtr and that is all ihero u tu it. Machines
may look alike but there is a lot of tliSaenco
in eiEcieacy.
The new Model Fire is built not only lor
straight cotrcsponbVnco but (or t&uuUUna, bill-
ins aod in fact for eveiy service Deeded in the
average buiioeas.
Ill ball bearings at all points where friction do.
velopes through action, permit close adjustment
and iiuuio correct aixt accurate typewniine.
WtweuJJhh tit tfortuntty U uV j.u
rtort mbout it
Wiit forfrt look of ournwiMeJd Ftvt
Mead Office f dc Domestic and Foreign Buudcm
SYKACUSC. N. Y.. l. b. A.
ifrancAsi r aVJ'nacrJtaCifKr
Omaha Branch, 1316 Far
uam Street, Omaha, Nub.
Blft'i i T TIIFiW' ' iH 'WW1 WiTI
Ksiiiffieia if
lis trifling. It is spreader
ovcr a number ol &?
years. Long after al
v the coot ifl' forgot- M
tcn tho rccolleo-J
&k tion of quality SU
" r o m a i n 8 . -jy
rrom the vmw7 tv. r
Best Stores Ufff. 1'
Evci7where(g 17J,f-ny'
"The Pen That Everybody Uses"
fi I Pays
btWBt Larr.
WB l
W World
era SHssi"
S It Wins I
(5' r

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