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Is Peruna a Laxative?
I am In ro
cclpt of a letter
from a median
Ic who Ib at tho
head of a pros
porouu house
bold. Poruna
has boon used
In bis family
for a good
many years. Ho
writes as fol
lows: "As you know,
wo bavo used
Peruna In our
homo for a num
bor of years.
S. B. Hartman, M. D. iit,i i,..i.i.t
medlclno In catarrhal conditions,
coughs, colds and grip, and many oth
er ailments to which tho family is
subject, nut sinco tho chango in the
formula of Poruna I do not find It
qulto as useful to myself. My bowels
nro naturally very active. I cannot'
tako a cathartic of any sort. It does
mo Injury to do so. Tho old Poruna
contained no cathartic ingredient
and wbb thoreforo a very useful medi
cine to mo. Hut I notlco thnt tho
now Poruna has a slight laxative ac
tion, which almost makes It pro
hibitory for me to U30. I was won
dprlnj If thoro was not Borne way In
which I could obtain tho old Peruna
bb you used to mako it."
To this letter I inado tho following
roply: "Yes, tho now Peruna docB
contain n laxntlvo element. You
should thoreforo tako tho old Peruna
(Ka-tar-no) which has no laxatlvo
nuallty. While prescribing tho old
Peruna I found It qulto necessary fre
quently to prescribe tho laxatlvo Man
ulln in connection with it. Thoreforo
Manalln was combined with Peruna,
in order to meet those casos that re
quire a laxatlvo. But In case no
laxatlvo Is required tho objection ta
tho now Peruna you speak of arises.
Many of tho pooplo who used to tako
tho old Peruna found difficulty In tak
ing tho now Poruna. To meet thoso
cases I am having manufactured tho
old Peruna under tho namo of Katar
no, and If you nro anxious to get tho
?ld Peruna exactly as It used to bo
made you can do so."
Pe-ru-na, Man-a-lln and La-cu-pla
manufactured by the Pe-ru-na com
pany, Columbus, Ohio. Sold at all
yrug stores.
SPECIAL NOTICE: Jinny persons Inquire
f)r The Old-time Peruna. They want the
rerunn that their Fnlhera nnd Mothers used
1 1 take. The old Peruna Is now called Kn
i....v. At mil uniKKin, ur urikicr IIUCH UUI
it J'onr driiujlnt or denier does not
rnllltnllllR. Ohfn. nml thpv will
'nlmntkn. nkln .., .Vj.a I I I 1.11 . l
about It.
juu nil
Make the Liver
Do its Duty
Nine times in ten when tho liver is
right the stomach 'and bowels are right
gentlybutfirmly com
pel a lazy aver to
do its duty.
Cures Con
rftipation, Jiv
and Distress After Eating.
Genuine must bear Signature
More Exact.
"I'm afraldy Jukes Is a regulnr
"Oh, no. Jukes Is a vory Irregular
Water in bluing ii adulteration. Glaps nnd
wnter r..ies liquid blue costly. Huy Red
Cross Ball IJlue, makes clothes whiter than
snow. Adv.
You can always get a lot for your
money if you patronize a real cstato
Cole's Carbollsalvo stops Itching and makes
the skin smooth. All druggists. 23 and 50c. Adv.
And a tricky mnn, liko a worn-out
deck of cards. Is hard to deal with.
Are Richest In Curative Qualities
$65 to $200
A Month. T.enrti n new irrralnit.
Sovun Weeks. Wa liiiveJnbsfnrtlirno
tiuuilroil muu beforo Oluy 1st, 1013.
W. N. U., OMAHA, NO. 47-1912.
Nebraska Directory
Moslicr-Lampman Business College
Oneor thelroUlnKKchooUottlio United State. Write
today for our tpeclal raoner-iavlDK oiler. Mention
this iupor. nosmu Ltnriiu, uxuu, MiiKisiii
CURED In a- few days
without pain or a but-
gical operation. No pay until cured. Write
UK. WIIAY, 307 line liltl?., Omaha, lieu.
lha. Nebraska
Rooms from 81.00 up single, 75 cents up double
Cox- Jones -Vcn Alstine Co.
The UU Ilellable Corapinr of South Omaha and
Donrer. YV1C will gl yuur corulyntnenu the brut
of attention una null tnem for hliilieal prices, nr
All your order for Feeder with best cIiim of
stock si market price. UIV1S US A TJUAl..
TPJ rnninil Positions iraarantred 70
I H M.linUU lrUo Union i'uclflcsn
III rllnWr 11 Illinois Cnml niUtim
IbLlaUlini II If jou gain your Inilntr
In ourschooL l'racllroon r.illnmj wlrea. Adarei
I'osUIods unaranteed 7011
no ana
lIUYMiM L'til.I.KdK,
Is now located at 22IH SOUTH
10th 8TREET, nenr Karnam. Vltilt
our new Htora when InQtmibii. Fine
AvKortinrnt of Gifts for Christinas.
Jackson-Signall Company
jmrr&mmr bivck
JkVW3 SBfl 1.1.9.
mB irPr.
THOUGH tho work of tho Bulgarian armleB haB bocn more spectacular in tho war with Turkey, tho Greeks hao
been doing thoir part very offcctlvoly. Our Illustration la from a photograph of a Turkish frontier station
destroyed by Greek troops.
Indian Queen Hopes to Marry
Outside Race.
Juanlta Ta-Ta-Ma, Esteemed the
Richest Red Madden in Okla
homa, Qwns Valuable Oil
Sapulpa, Okla. Juanlta Ta-ta-ma,
"Queen of tho Uchees," Is declared to
bo tho richest Indian girl In Okla
homa. Tho queen Is 17 years old, a
suffragist and bclloves that "lino
feathers mako fine birds." She-Is rais
ing peacocks for tho markqt. Her
peacock ranch, situated six miles
southwest of Sapulpa, Is a llttlo gold
mine. Several, malo birds aro valued
at $200 each.
Juanlta lives with her father, but
hopes Bomo day to marry a whlto man
and loam to drlvo an automobile,
dress liko her palofaco sisters and
tako an octlvo part in woman's battles
for equal rights. Sbo was crowned
"queen" of tho Ucheu IndlanB at a re
cent corn danco near this city. Her
string of beads, consisting of 125 elk
teoth, Is valued at $10,000.
The Indian queen owns a quarter
section of land In the heart of tho oil
district, and her royalties from oil aro
said to amount to sevornl thousand
dollars every month. Ono of tho larg
est oil veils over discovered was drill
ed oniher nllotment recently, which
adds $250 a day to her Income. Twen
ty million cubic fpet of natural gas Is
drawn from this well each day, and
exports predict It will coijtlnuo to sup
ply that amoutn for tho next ten
Her allotment was selected by her
through mlstako. Her father, at the
tlmo allotments woro being made, in
tended to file on a tract adjoining his
own, but tho description given to tho
allotlng agent was for a tract six
miles distant, which has proved to bo
worth more.
"My peacock ranch Is merely a
hobby," said Queen Juanlta, "although
it promises to be a prolltablo Indus
try. Tho peacocks are great weather
prophets. Ono of my prlzo birdH fore
tolls a storm with accuracy. I value
him at $2G0.
"Would I marry? Certainly. I hope
somo day to marry a white man, pro
vided my ideal comes along. Ho must
bo an educated gentleman of 'the high
est order, a strict prohibitionist and
Schooner Reaches a California Port
With the Blubber Dangling From
Its Rigging.
Snn Francisco, Cal. Of all fish
yarns brought to this port recontly,
tho ono brought In by tho coasting
schooner James II. Bruce Is a prlzo
winner. Moreover, It is truo. and
thore Is further ovidenco than the
more word of the Jolly sen dogs that
their ship ran into and killed a huge
whale. Portion, of tho carcass of tho
unfortunato mammal woro still visible
on the forecastle and headgear of the
schooner when alio camo In the other
dny. Hugo pieces of blubber dangled
from tho stays and parts of tho fore
Captain Roslch and his crew explain
that tho strange Incident occurred tho
other night, when tho schooner was
off Point Reyes. leaden with a cargo
of lumber from Port Gamble, tho wind
jammer wbb sailing along at a llvoly
clip, with a fresh broezo aBtern, when
.suddenly a shock ran through the ves
sel. Tho Impact was not sharp or
heavy enough to liavo been caused
by collision with another craft, and
tho crew wns beginning to bellovo
that It had passed over a submarine
disturbance, when tho lookout cumo
dashing nft over the dock load to glvo
them tho surprising nows that tho
ship had struck a whalo.
"He must havo been sleeping," said
fcs" &
totnl nbstalner of tobacco. Ho must
lovo outdoor sports, be a good wing
shot, handy with tho lariat and own a
big automobile.
"Ho need not bo rich In dollars and
cents, but wealthy In thoso things
which go to mako for real happiness.
With such a man I could llvo content."
London Authority Tells Doctors Virus
Produces Scarlet Fever and
Philadelphia. Dr. Charles Crelgh
ton of London, formerly professor of
medlclno In Edinburgh, startlodi the
Pennsylvania Vaccination board, In
session horo, with tho opinion that
vaccination was to blamo for tho
spread of many epidemics.
"You will find," said Dr. Crclghton.
"that measles and scnrlet fever have
spread to a great extent sinco small
pox has boon on the wano. I do not
bollovo that vaccination Is. necessary
Income Exceeds $30,000,000
and Js Growing Rapidly.
Rebuke for Treasurer Emperor An
gry at Baron Menchlkoff
for His "Undignified
St. Petersburg. While Kussla Is a
frequent and largo borrower among
tho nntlons of the enrth, Emperor
Nicholas, according to a statement
presented to his majesty by tho impe
rial treasurer general, Is tho richest
man in tho world. The statement Is
couched in fanciful language, but tho
facts which It recites aro said by St.
Petorsburg bankers to bo boyond dls
puto. "Your majesty," says Baron Menchl
koff, "need have no fear of over com
ing to suffer tho stings of poverty.
Financially you are solvency Itself.
With one hand you could buy out tho
American multimillionaires, Rockefel
ler and Morgan, and still hnve sufll
clout in the other to talk business!
with Baron Rothschild. Or, If you
prefer, you can take over tho Kruppa,
tho lookout, "or maybe he waB dtid.
I saw tho big outline of the niamal
and n second lntor tho bow had tut
him through, tho pieces floating away
In tho darkness."
Widow and Her Daughter Become
Brides on Same Day at
Wilmington, Dol. An elopement of
mother nnd dnughter, tho most singu
lar In "the history of this Gretna
Green, occurred rodontly. Mrs Mln
nlo C. Scott, aged Jhlrty-nlno, a wid
ow of Trenton, N. J., Is tho mothor.
She was married to Isaac Holt. Miss
Elizabeth Scott, aged nineteen, Is tho
daughter. Sho was wedded to Harry
Tho two couples met on Maikot
"What aro you doing here, dnar?"
asked tho nstonlshed mothor.
"Why, what nro you doing horo,
dear mamma?" queried tho equally
surprised daughter.
Tho mother was tho first to rogaln
her composure. "Wo huvo Just been
married," sho said.
"And so linvd we," answerod tho
TJio two wedded couples returned
to Tronton.
unsuwooD & wuckmi)
unless an epidemic of smallpox Is
prevalent. To vacclnnto ovory child
beforo ho goes to school is a crlmo,
and should bo stopped.
"Tho virus thnt Is UHod Is certainly
open to question. Children novor be
foro hnd tho measles or tho scarlet
fever aB thoy do today, and why? Sim
ply because tho contamination of their
blood with tho serum of tho calf has
rendered them susceptible to these
diseases which they used to bo abln
to throw off. Now th6y aro weakened
by inoculation with vaccine virus."
Mnny medical men who heard him
wero astounded, and thoyquostloned
tho eminent British authority. The
commission has aBked Dr. Crclghton
to submit somo of his proofs, and ho
will bo requested to appear beforo
tho board at another hearing next
Bees Chase Him to Death,
York, Pa. Georgo Prey, aged sixty
eight was hiving a swarm of bees on
tho farm of his brothor In Lower
Windsor towshlp, whon tho limectB at
tacked htm. Prey ran at full speed to
escapo their stings, but about 3,200
foot away ho fell dead from over
exertion. although I would not recommend tho
The pzar is vory angry with Baron
Menchlkoff and his playful ways, and
rebuked him soundly for Indulging In
"fluch undignified comparisons."
The czar's civil list amountB to
nenrly two millions sterling, Including
tho nmounts paid to tho grand duken,
nnd of this sum more than a million
Is available for his own prlvnto pur
poses. Then"ho owns lands In Russia
In Europo which cover an area equnl
to that of the wholo of Nevada, of
which tho revenues roach tho vast
sum of $20,000,000 a year, of which
$5,000,000 is paid to tho grand ducal
families. The czar's lands In Siberia
bring him In nnothor $7,CO0,O00, al
though they nro at present largely un
developed. Altogether, Including In
terest on savings, tho czar's Income
oxceods $30,000,000, nnd Is Increasing
rapidly. Ho sots aside each year a
large sum for each of his four daugh
ters, so thnt If any ono of tho roynl
princes contracts a marriage in thnt
quarter ho will do extremely well
from a worldly point of view though,
of course, tho oxnet disposition of tho
cznr's huge fortuno is known only to
himself and his financial adviser.
Late Melton Prior, the Artist Corre
spondent, Kept Sir Evelyn Wood's
Quip Out of Book.
London. The reminiscences of tho
lato Molton Prior, tho artist war cor
respondent, Just published, do not con
tain, for obvious reasons, perhaps tho
best story told of that irreprosslble
little man.
At a dinner given to Mr. Prior, tho
chairman, 8Ir Evolyn Wood, who was
Heated next to tho guest of tho eve
ning, commoncud his speech thusly:
"Our honored guest, Mr. Prior, has
been In 21 cngagomontB." Prior,
prompting, "Twenty-two, my lord, 22."
Sir Evelyn continued, "In 22 engage
ments, and lie tins nevor soon a shot
Heat From Automobile Headlight
Causes Fatal Injury to a
Hammond, Ind. A poculinr nccl
dont will coBt twolvo-yenr-old Parker
Tipton, n newsboy of Madison coun
ty, his Hfo. Parker bought llvo ccnta'
worth of gunpowder nnd put It In his
pocket. Whllo ho wub warming his
hands In front of n powerful head
light on an automobile tho heat from
tho light convorgod on tho, powder and
it exploded. The hoy was so burned
tliut ho cannot llvo.
It was a happy opocch, that on that
beautiful October day, tho Duko of
Connaught, Governor-General of Can
ada, mado nt Macleod, Albcrtn. It
was an opportuno epoech, henrtful
nnd resonant with good fellowship.
And, ns It was specially intended for
Amcrlcnn ears, tho nudlonco, com
prised lnrgoly of bo many Amorican
eottlorB In Cnnndn, tho tlmo nnd placo
could not havo been better chosen.
It was In roply to nn address of wol
como tondorod to him at tho pretty
city of Mncleod, with tho foothills of
tho Rockies as n sotting, nnd tho
great wheat fields botween, and in
fact nil around tho plnco ns tho fore
ground, that Ilia Highness, truo to tho
best lntorests of tho country nnd to
thoso of tho Americans who chooso
to mako Canada their homo, said in
"I am well awaro that among thoso
whom I nm now addressing, thoro nro
n very great proportion who woro not
born under tho British flag. Most of
these will havo realized by now that
rcsldenco undor that flag Implies no
disabilities. All wo ask is that tho
laws of Canada Bhould bo obeyed.
"With this provision ovory ono 1b
frco to como and go, to marry, to llvo
nnd to dlo no soems best to him, and
aa it plenses Providence
"Wo bring no prossuro to bear on
nnyono to adopt tho Canadian nation
ality, for wo do not vnluo cltizonBhlp
which is obtained undor compulsion.
"Our Amorican cousins nro wolcomo
from over tho border. Thrico wo wol
como our Canadian nnd British broth
ers, who return to tho Union Jack, aft
er living under tho Stars and StrlpcB.
"History la ropcatlng itself. For
mnny yonrs hundreds of young Brit
ishers havo sought fortuno In tho
western States. Tlmo hnB brought
about n chango, and tho tldo has set
In tho other direction, bringing across
tho frontier numbers of our neighbors
to whom wo nro glad to roturn hoa
pltalltloB. "Ono of tho chlof dispensers of such
hospitality in proportion to its popu
lation has, na wo havo said, changed
its character from an Important cat-
'tlo town to a thriving wheat producing
"What it has lost from tho pictur
esque point of vlow, It has galnod in
tho material side, and I wish, In con
clusion, to express tho bopo that tho
prosperity which has evinced Itself
hero for tho past ten yearq, may con
tinue unabated In tho future."
Thero Is no reason why at a hun
dred places on this educatlvo, Instruct
ive and Interesting trip of Ills Royal
Highness ho might not havo oxprosB
cd himself In tho samo terms, and on
each occasion, addressed largo gather
ings of Americana who nro now set
tled on tho prnlrioB of Western Cana
da. Advertisement.
Her Name Was Not Polly Ticks.
During tho Into campaign an Illinois
candidate for tho loglslnturo was driv
ing through tho country, seeking votes
nmoug tho farmers, when ho mot a
young man In farmor's garb, walking
by tho roadside.
Having in mind a prospoctlvo voto,
ho stopped his horso, nnd saluting him
in a fumlllar manner, inquired:
"Aro you paying nny attention to
politics nowadays?"
Tho young man stopped, looked at
him suspiciously, and drawled out:
"No, strangor; that don't happen to
bo my gal's namo; but of It wub, 1
wouldn't think It was any of your
durned business."
This onded tho lntorvlow aa woll as
tho prospect
In New York.
First Prison Ofllcial We'll have to
Btop giving permits to pcoplo to go in
nnd seo tho prisoners.
Second Prison Ofllcial Why so?
First Prison Ofllcial Too much con
fusion. Thoy koop gottlng in tho way
of tho follows who aro escaping.
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully overy bottlo eft
CASTORIA, a onfo and suro remedy for
Infanta and children, and seo that It
Benrn thn
signature or. iaOTUU
jn uso J'or ovor 30 Yenrs.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Caatoria
His Authority.
"I thought you told mo that man
wns a golden-mouthed spoakor."
"Well, I had It from his dontlsL"
Reverse Proceeding.
"Did you find Mabel in, aftor all,
whon you callod?"
"Yea; that's how I found her ouL"
If a man and wlfo aro ono it is be
causo they aro tied for first placo.
3 7b Women
Do Not Delay
If you are convinced thnt
your dckncBs Is bocause of
Bomo derangement 6r dis
cos o distinctly feminine,
you ought at onco bring
to your aid
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
3 It acts diroctly on the P
5 organs affected unci tones 5
a mo enuro system.
S Ask Your pruugut
Bjrf 3il Coach Srrap. Tuim Good. Vm ffij
Kjj la tiin. Sold tjr I)rurxlU. A
Patience is
o Virtue!
Bo Impatient -with UnclCncliet I
Too patiently do
many women en
duro backache,
languor, dizziness
and urinary ills,
thinking them part
of woman's lot.
Often it Ss only
weak kidneys and
Doan's Kidney
Pills would euro
the case.
Mr. II. J. I.lnnolmr, SOS Madison St.,
St Chrirlrs, M6., sayi; "I was liiKrrnbla
from backache, pnlns In my hrntl ami
illTtlnms My notituwark won n Imrrirn.
Dunn's Kidney I'llla stopped tilt-no trou
lilra nnd removed annoyances from tho
kidney secretions. I have much to bo
grateful for."
Get Doan's at Any Drag; Sloro, BOe Box
FOSTER.MILBURN CO., Buffalo. New York
Committee Made No Mistake When
They Looked for Almost Inevit
able Comment.
A comnilttco of investigating scien
tists approached a lady.
"Madam," said Professor Prowlns,
tho spokesman, offering her a magnifi
cent chrysanthemum of raro and love
ly huo. "Madam, permit mo to pre
sent this flower to you as a token of
our high regard."
Sho claspcd tho splendid blossom In
her lily whlto hand.
Breathlessly tho committeo waited
her roply.
"How benutiful It 1st sho answered.
"What an oxquiBlto ahado of purplol
I should lovo to havo a dress of that
Doctor ProwInB noddod knowingly
to tho committeo, as It to Bay, "I told
you so." ,
Tho committeo winked ,to tho pro
fessor and whispered, "You win."
Farms for Children.
Pcrhnpa tho smnllost fnrms In th
world, each four by eight foot, havo
boon dovlscd by MrB. Honry Parsons
for tho International Children's School
Farm loaguo, and demonstrated In
Now York. Each child bocomon ownor
of his diminutive farm, In which ha
works, grows and harvests Bovon dif
ferent kinds of vegetables, nnd theso
aro horno by him in triumph to his
family. About each farm Is an 18-lnch
path,' which ho keeps In ordor; under
his Instructor It becomes a Uny ob
ject lesson in good roads.
Diana of the Air.
Tho bcnuilful and nthlotlc Elennora
Sears, at a luncheon at Sherry's, said
of aviation:
"I liko tho blplano woll enough, and.
tho monoplano I nm simply head over
hoola in lovo with."
To thlB romark ono of Miss Sears'
many unsuccessful suitors answered,
"Ah, anothor caso of man being sup
planted by machinery!"
Any candidate can got tho woman
voto by running on a platform de
manding less courting and mbro mar
Peoplo will cicourago your fads as
long as you aro willing to squander
your monoy on thorn.
Often Mako the 8taunchest Converts,
Tho man who scoffs at an ldoa or
doctrino which ho docs not fully un
derstand hns at least tho courago to
show whero ho stands.
Tho gospol of Health has many con
verts who formerly laughed at tho
idea that coffeo and ten, for example,
ovor hurt nnyono. Upon looking into
tho mattor seriously, of ton at tho Bug
gcstlon of a friend, such persons
havo found that Poslum and a friend's
advice havo boon thoir salvation.
"My sistor was employed In nn east
ern city whoro sho had to do calculat
ing," wrltos an Okla. girl, "Sho Buf
fered with headacho until sho was al
most unfitted for duty.
"Her landlady persuaded her to quit
coffeo and ubo Postum and in a fow
dayB Bho waa ontlroly frco from hond
ncho." (Tea Is Just ns Injurious ns
coffeo becauso it contains caffeine, tho
camo drug found in coffeo.") "Sho told
her employor about it, and on trying
it, ho had tho snmo experience,
"My father and I havo both Buffered
much from norvouB headacho alnco I
can remember, but wo scoffed at tho
idea advanced by my Bister, that cof.
fco was tho causo of our trouble.
"Howovor, wo finally quit coffeo and
began using Postum. Pnthor haa had
but ono headacho now in four yoars,
duo to n Bovero cold, and I havo lost
my headaches and sour stomach,
which I am now convinced came from
"A cup of good, hqt Postum Jb sat
isfying to mo whon I do not euro to
oat n monl. Circumstances cnused
mo to locato In n new country nnd 1
fearod I would not bo ablo to got mj
favorlto drink, Postum, but I wan
rolloved to find that a full supply Is
kept hero with n hoavy demand foi
it." Namo given by Postum Co.,
liattlo Crook, Mich.
Rend "Tho Road to Wollvillo," In
pkgs. "Thoro's n reason:"
Kver- rem! tho nbiivn letter! A nrrr
one niipoiirx from time to time. They
nrt- Kriiulne. true, and full of humnu
tiitert'Mt. Adv.
Pklar TtOt fjEw
a Stem" J&f. J

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