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A Colonial
Not the Thanksgiving the Puritans ob
served, with their wild turkey and simple
appointments, but a modern day of thank
fulness and feasting, enhanced by a table
setting of Colonial Silver, so much in
vogue at the present time.
The Importance of having one' table appoint
ment in thorough keeping with the dinner served,
thould not be overlooked.
A Pretty Table KJUJSXSaS &$
The simplicity of outline and the refinement of decoration, found inthe
new Colonial designs of Silver, so fittingly mark an occasion of this kind.
, Handsome. Hollow Ware; a complete service of Spoons, Forks and
Fancy Serving Pieces; a good set of Carvers; with pretty Cut Glassware
all tend to make the day one of the happy events of the year.
W Supply AH Your Needs
in these lines, at the lowest prices consistent with
?" :ood merchandise,, and will appreciate call
rom you to look them over, at your convenience.
U. P. Wntch inspector.
9 9
Graduate Dcnlist. 2
s e
Office over the McDonald
9 State Bank. e
o e
9 x
Local and Personal.
Robert Welsh and family, of Brady,
arc spending this week with the Welsh
family here.
Mrs. P. A. Norton will leave this
week for Denver to visit Mr. and Mrs.
P. J. Norton.
Mrs. Frank Winkleman returned
Saturday evening from a week's visit
in Stip'eton.
W. L. Hart and William Denckson,
of Cozad, were business visitors in
town yesterday.
Col. W. F. Cody will leaye. today for
Nuw York after a two weeks visit with
his wife and daughter.
James Harding and daughter Mary, of
Brady, came up yesterday to spend a
few days with town friends. ,1
Mrs. Ralph Chamberlain returned
Sunday from Omaha where she spent
the greater paatof last week.
Barney O'Neil, Jr., of Cheyenne, is
expected tomorrow to spend Thanks
giving with the Flynn family.
Miss Myrtle" Harris returned to Goth
enburg Sunday evening after a short
visit with Miss Isabell Skinner.
Miss Alice Wilcox is expected to
morrow evening from Kearney to spend
the week end with her parents.
Miss Katherine Johnson will go to
Bartley, Nebr., tomorrow to spend
Thanksgiving with her sister.
Mrs. H. M. Madison, of St. Louis, is
expected the first of next week to visit
her sister, Airs. Charles Herrod.
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Peale left yes
terday afternoon for Denver to visit
their children for a week or longer.
Mrs. Fred C. Letts left Sunday
night for a few days visit in Denver.
An eight pound baby boy was born
to Mr. and Mrs. James Norton at Den
ver Sunday.
Miss Mae Marovish left yosterday
morning for Sutherland to visit her
mother this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Ji P. Cnry returned
yesterday morning from a brief visit
with Omaha friends.
Robert Weeks returned the latter
part of lastweek from Grand Island,
where he-visifed,relntives.
Mr. and Mrs. Victor VonGoetz w'll
eave tomrb, tl for Omaha to spend
Thanksgiving with their daughters.
Miss W?JJurned to Gothenburg
yesterday after having visited " Mrs.
Geo. T Field for several days.
Mrs. Joseph Murphy returned Satur
day evening from a short visit in
Wlsnerwirh Miss Mary Carroll.
Fred H. Thompson returned Friday
evening from Omaha where he attended
a special meeting of the Shriners.
Miss IsabelloDoran returned to Kear
ney yesterday morning having spent tbe
week end with her parents in this city.
Floyd PasSihore'wh'o lias been confiriSb!
to the house for several weeks with a
broken limb was ablo to be out Satur
day. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Davis who re
sided here for a year past left Saturday
afternoon for Gothenburg to make their
G. E. Baker, of the Singer Sewing
Machine Co., of Grand Island, left Sat
urday after spending thiee weeks with
James G. Leonard.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Carroll returned
Saturday evening from McCook where
they were called last week by the illness
of the former's brother.
Mrs. Martin Jung and children, of
Palmer, arrived the last of the week
to visit her sisters Mrs. Harry York
and Miss Tillie Huxoll.
Harry Cramer, who has been em
ployed in Carpenter, Wyo., for several
weeks, came Sunday to visit Mrs.
Cramer for several days.
" -" ry- -..-
V '- cjtjX
rfsiAA':.ii .-?
The man wltlj a hlr int turlcoy has a TJTAJXJvS
GTVIJXG DTXXISJZ onoa a your. Tho mini with a
lilfr Tilt ItlllllC llCCOUllt hllS II ZTlllllllCHirlvlllir dlllttor
JSVS-WV OAV. ThnnlcHHlvlutr Is lit tha heart, mid
knowing that yon tiro ooml'ortahly fixed makes
a roal thanksgiving. Our hank Is a sale place to
put your mouoy. Wo will trout you courteously
and holp you with udvloo. Conio to our hank and
consult us.
Uo 1'OUli hanking with
The First National Bank,
Tho Iurgost Jiimlc la Western 2?o1)riiHku.
Local and Personal.
W. T. Banks left this morning for
Lexington to spend a couple of days on
Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Wholnn, who
were married nt Kearney Thursday
morning, arrived home unday evening.
Roy Parker, formerly of this city,
came down from Billings, Mont., Sun
day to spend n week visiting town
Charles A. Howo returned to
Oshkosh Saturday morning after spend
ing two weeks in town taking treat
ment. The Ladies ( Missionary society of
tho Presbyterian church will meet at
tho church study Friday nfternoon nt
3 o'clock.
Howard Meeker, of Lewellen,' who
was recently a patient at St. Luke's
hospital, returned home yesterday
Mrs. Young and daughter Miss Libbie,
of Hastings, are expected tomorrow to
spend Thanksgiving week with Mr. and
Mrs. Carl Simons.
Mrs. Grieson and daughter Elsie,
left yesterday morning for Edgemont,
S. D., after spending two months with
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Grcison.
Misses Marjory Den, Grace Casey,
Carrio Marti, Ida Carroll and Marie
Bowen spent Sunday with friends in
Miss Mayme Doyle returned to
Schuyler the. first of this week after an
extended visit with her sister Mrs.
James Guynam.
Aff anrt Mn fjamm Wnm nrl rlnimU.
tcr Margaret who been the guests of
town frionds for a week, returned to
Blair this morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Wy'man re
turned Sunday afternoon from Council
Bluifs and Omaha, where they visited
friends for ten days.
Mrs. L. L. Bdtler and daughter
Amanda are expected tomorrow to
spend thp Thanksgiving holidays with
the Gantt and Clinton f imilies.
A splendid bargain in a new sixteen
dollar rug 10 by 12 ft, will sell for $10
if taken this week. The last house on
South Willow street No 15.
ReK C. b'. Chapman will deliver the
address before the Elk's lodge nt Hast
ings next Sunday on Jhe occasion of
the annual memorial service. . ,
William Dunn, of Wood River, is ex
pected the latter part "bf this week to
visit his brother Francis Dunn and at
tend the Knights of Columbus banquet
Miss Edna Weinhober, of Chicago, is
visiting Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Rincker
while enroute home from Colorado
where she spent a month with relatives.
Among those who will be initiated in
to the Knights of Columbus next Sun
day will be a delegation of sixteen
Sidney residents who will arrive Satur
day night.
W. D. Oldham, of Kearney, one of
the recognized democratic orators of the
state, will be one of the speakers at
the democratic bannuet to be held at
the Masonic hall in this city on Thurs
day evening of next week.
The Trovillo family entertained a
score of 16caf young people at a dance
at their home west of town hist even
ing. A couple of hours were spent in
dancing and at midnight a nicely pre
pared supper was served after wiich
dancing continued a couple of hours.
Misses Josephine and Anna O'Hare,
Barbara' McGuire, Florenco Stack,
Marie Stack and. Mrs. Omar Huff will
entertain the Catholic Girls club at a
theatre party at tho Pat on Thanks
giving evening. Lunch will be served
nt the O'Hare home.
Mrs. Francis Hocrrr. nf T.na Amrolno
who had been visiting Mr. and Mrs!
warren tlogg tor several weeks, left
last evening for Phoenix, Arizona,
to spend several weeks before return
ing to her home in California.
Forty-five county teachers attended
the teachers' association meeting at
Sutherland tho latter part of Inst week.
F. T. Smith, of Brady was elocted
president and Miss Lillian Ritner of
this CitV Secretarv. A rorontinn vana
given for the visiting teachers Satur
ay evening by the Sutherland faculty.
The next meeting will be held at Brady
Decembec ,14th.
You Know.
How you like your linen laundered.
Tell us and we will do it to suit you.
We use no chemicals, sew on buttonB
and mend free of charge.
"Your Bosom Friend."
Phone 77.
"Honey Boy Ministrels."
Minstrelsy on a mammoth scale will
be presented by an all-star cast when
George Eyans and his "Honey Boy"
Minstrels, the most stupendous and
best organization of its kind in the
world, appears at the Keith theatre on
Wednesday night, December 4th.
Although this troupe of minstrel celeb
rities has been touring tho country for
tho past six years, it required many
months of zealous endeavor and contin
ued correspondence with the New York
booking otlice of Klaw & Erlanger by
Manager Chas. H. Stamp to secure ft
for North Platto Since he has beon
successful in bringing this monppoly of
minstrel favorites here, Manager Stamp
thinks it is .fitting that a brief sketch of
its history should befrlvon the theatrical
clientele of North Platte. It follows:
Cohan nd Harris originated thu
"Honey Boy" Evans, the vaudevillian
and little minstrel luminary, although
his support-included most of tho satel
lites of tho. world of blackface. After
it successfully traveled the pathway of
popularity and prosperity for three
successivo years under the direction of
Cohan and Harris, tho company was
bought by "Honey Boy." Under his
direction it continued its triumphant
march which this year leads among
other places to North Platte.
Julian Eltinge, tho famous imperson
ator of tho gentler sex, rose to stardom
from its ranks, now being featured with
the "The Fascinating Widow." His
loss at first seemed ineparablo, hut his
nlactt na hpi.n ciineotnllw mi,..! i
his departure by Charles Hilliard. a
Kiuuuoie oi aouin Carolina who will be
eeen here with the "Honey Boy" Min
strels in tho role of an alluring, fash
ionably-govnd octoroon beauty.
E"-ygryr" fc ifd IMiitTBsWTTri
' The tame price the world over "
are equal to the best $20.00 to $25.00
grades you can buy anywhere from anybody. ,
Why not keep in your own pocket that $3.00 to $8.00
difference in cold cash and still be as well dressed ?
STYLEPLUS fabrics are all pure
wool, or wool and silk these with the canvas,
the haircloth and the tape, which make up the frame-work
of the garment, are thoroughly shrunk, insuring STYLE
PLUS CLOTHES to hold their shape and stay stylish.
Every STYLEPLUS coat is hand
tailored the felling of the linings, the making
of the buttonholes, all those features which really give
character, neatness and distinction to a garment, are done by
hand, by workmen of skill and long experience.
STYLEPLUS styles are the very
latest approved fashions snappy styles for
young men, conservative effects for men of maturer years
styles to suit every age, patterns to please every fancy.
Should any STYLEPLUS garment
fail to give satisfactory service, bring it back
and we will exchange it for a new STYLEPLUS garment,
without you paying a single additional penny.
No other store in town sells STYLE-
( PLUS CLOTHES we are the exclusive
Star Cloth!
hi u
ing House. I
T- 1!" 1 ! II !!! I II Ifc I li J riTJ " --J-HM li,. .-.
Hone to Have Sujrar Factory .
Th nuonlo of Oakosh. Nob., aro
looking forward to prospects for u beet
sugar factory in that vicinity. Says the
Oshkosh Herald :" The posibilities of a
sugar bee); factory being located in
Oshkosh jg very'promising. It haa long
been assured that another factory
would bo located in tha North Platto
valley, and everything is shaping rapidly
towards that end, Henry T. Oxnard,
president of tho largest boet sugar
refining company in tho United States
which owns tho scotto liiult laccory,
recently gave out in an 'interview that
there would bo another beet sugar
factory in the North Platte valley soon
and that it would not be the rumored
independent factory at Bridgeport.
For Sale.
Nearly new 8-room house, water and
sewerage connections. Easy payment
on pjirt of purchase price. For partic
ulars inquire of C. P. Martin, 802 East
Sixth street, North Platte. 86-4
(Decrease in Nebraska Cattle.
An;pxhausti ve investigation conducted
by state lnhor commissioner Guye dis
cloaqs' tha r'net that there has been a
lulling off of 17 per cent in the milch
cows of the stnte during the past five
years. Furthermore tncro has been a
a reduction of mora than !35 per cent in
tho number of "other" cattlo in tho
state!. This is ono of the small reasons
for increased prices in dressed meat
and shows that in the lack of attention
to tho industry Nebrnskans have shared
some of tho blame for tho leap in meat
In 1908 there were in the state .r:54,
GKi milch cows and 1,(583,930 other
initio, In 1912 there aro 413,018 of tho
former and 1.092,083 of the latter.
The decrease in cattle in Lincoln
county alone during tho past five years
has been over 20,000 head.
Thousands'' of acres of grazing land in
Lincoln county now practically un
touched by cattle does not augur well
for our future prosperity.
Edgar Reigll, of Paxton was a visitor
in tho city this week.
Rcy. McDnid will lenve tomorrow for
a short visit in Omaha.
Mrs. Elmer Helgeson has returned
from n visit in Omaha.
P. H. Lonergan returned today from
a short visit in Denver on business.
Frank Foster visited relatives in
Gothenburg tho first of this week.
William Walters loft last evening for
Idaho to spend a week on business.
Grant Hughes returned Sunday even
ing from n business visit in Ogalalln.
Money to Loan.
on fumituie.pianos or any thing of good
value on your plain note if steadily em
ployed; pay back in amall weekly or
monthly payments. Mrs. H. F. Wilcox
son C10 East 4th St. Ofilco in residence,
hours 9 a. m. to 4 p. m.
Countv Surveyor Roy Cochran and
deputy Charles McNamara left yester
day morning for points in western Ne
braska expecting io be absent hoveral
Mrs. J. O. Wilmcth and Howard
Wllrm'th, of Moorefleld, wi re among
the visitors in lown yesterday.
Harley Greeson left today for Lin
coln to attend tho wedding of a friend.
For Rent Two largo furnished
rooms, 821 So Pino street. ' 8G-2
Mrs. E J. VanDorhoof will entertain
the Indian card club Friday afternoon.
Mesdamcs Will Poworsand Al Drown
left Sunday morning for Omaha to
spend a week. '
Richard Cox purchased a $1, 000 piano
and piano player nt the Schatz furni
ture store Saturday.
Tho Girls Friendly Society will bo en
tertained this evening ut the home of
Miss Grace Payne.
4 fX !, M'i.u T " Y. ' W r-&7fc-HV.i. '-
.,,. ' L T7Xi
zTt- - - v ww ;,
George Evans, the "Honey Boy" With his "Honey
Boy" Minstrels, at the Keith Wed., Dec. 4.

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