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TI rV lzL 'L-i1 ' ,' . 42-4L ffi
S&S '. KMJwfflhl
W(1fftl?WW"7H III ' ''' f v '
Ocorjfa I'erclvnl Algernon .Tones, vice
president ot the Metropolitan Oriental
Hub company of Now York, thlritlhK for
nurmnro, l In Cnlro on n biwlnesfl trip.
Iloruro Itynnno arrives at the liotiil In
Cairo with a carefully rim riled bundle.
Itymine nnlh'Jnnos the famous holy Yhl
oidat rilK which ho admits havltiR stolen
from a iirmlia nt IlaRdRd Jones meets
Mnjor riillnlian nnd later In Introduced to
Korliino Chodsoyo by n woman to whom
iio hud lonnert 1G0 pounds at Monte C'uilo
Homo tnontlia previously, find who turns
nnd who turnti
put to iio Furtuno't moiner joih-h uik
Mrs Chndoyn nnd Fortuno to n polo
jtanie Fortune returns to .lone 'M0
money borrowed by hor mother Mr
ChmlKoyn appeiirs to bo enKnKed In some
mysterious enterprise unknown to tho
riuiii;htor. ItyaiuiB Intrusts Jones In the
Utilied Itotnnnro and Adventuio coni
piny, n concent which for a price will
urraiiKo any Id ml of nn ndventurn to or
der Mrs Chedsoye, her brother Major
L'lilliiliaii, Wallace and Ityatino, as Urn
United llnmnnco and Adventure company,
plan u rlflky enterprise Involving Jones
Ilyiitino makes known to Mrn Clieiljpve
hl Intention to nmrYy Fortune. Mr.
Chedsoye declares alio will not permit It
I'larm nro laid to prevunt .Tonoi opIUnK
for homo, rtyanno steals Jones' letters
Rnd catilo dispatches. Ho wires nsent In
tew Vork, In JonrH nainn, thnt he Is
rontlim houtse In Now York to somn
m-i .. ..!. -. Jt I.......... .. Ilin twill-
carpet,' Is oa Ryiinne'n trail Itynnno
V'rJ W2X & '.!. ...Tofhu .
purchuso of the mi?
CHAPTER IX.(Contlnued.)
"Ten years ago," abstractedly.
"Whnt a lot of things may happen In
ten yearsl Deaths, births, marriages,"
Iio wont on j "tho sunning out of King
doms and tepubllcs; wars, panics,
famine; honor to some and dishonor
to others. It hind of makes a follow
Grind his teeth, little girl; it kind of
makes him shut his fists nnd long to
run a muck."
"Why should n strong, intelligent
man, such as you are, think Uko thnt?
You aro resourceful and unafraid.
Why should you talk like that? You
aro young, too. Why?"
Ho stopped and looked full Into her
eyes. "Do you really wish to know?"
"Had I bettor?" with a wisdom be
yond hor years.
"No, you had bettor not. I'm not n
fiood man, Fortuno, aB crlterlons go.
I'vo slipped hero nnd there; I've gam
bled and drunk nnd squandered my
tlmo. Why, In my youth I wnB as
model a boy as ever was Pcrclvul.
Whore tho divarication took place I
can't nay. Thcro's always two forks
in tho road, Fortune, and many of uu
tnko the wrong one. It'a easier going.
Kino excuse; oh? Some persons would
call mo nsncoundicl, n black-leg; in
homo ways, yes. But In the days to
como I want you always to remember
the two untnrnlshod spots upon my
fihlold of honor: I have never client
sd a man, at cards nor run nwny with
Ills wlfo. Tho devil must give me
thciio merits, however painful it may
be to him. Ten years ago, only a
doendo; good Lord! It's llko a hun
dred years ngo, sometimes."
Fortune breathed with difficulty.
Never before had ho taken hor Into
his confldcuco to such extent. She
ctfsaycd to Bpcak; tho old terror
ivoomcd fairly to smother hor. It was
not what ho hnd told hor, but what
sho wished to but dared not nslc. Sue
was llko Bluebeard's wlfo, only sho
had not tho moru'l courngo to opon tho
door of tho grisly closet. . . . Hor
mother, hor undo; whnt of thorn, ah,
what ot them? The etooked Btrcet
vanished; tlio roar dwindled away;
eho was alono, all, all alono.
"I bupposo I ought not to lmvo told
you," ho said troubled at tho misery
Jio saw gathered In her oyos and
"vaguely conscious or what had written
It there. "Your mother and undo
Uiavo been very kind to me. They
lenow. loss of mo thun you do. I have
1ocn to them a kind of orrand-boy; n
'happy-go-lucky follow, who cheered
them when they hnd tho doldrums."
With forced choerfulness ho ngnln
took hor hnnd nnd snuggled It under
'Ilia arm, giving It a friendly ronssur
4ng pnt. "I'll not apeak to you of
love, child, but a hair of your head
Is moro pteclous to mo than all Midas'
gold, Whenever I'vo thought of you,
I've tried to bo good. Honestly."
"And can't you go back to tho be
ttlnutng and start nnow7" tremulously.
"Can any ono go bnck? The moving
linger writes. An hour Is a tcnlhln
thlug when you look to see what can
happen In It. Hut, como; sermons!
I'd far rather boo you emllo. Won't
Sho tried to, but to him It was sad
dor than hor tears would have boon.
For an hour they walked through
tho dim and musty strcots. Ho exert
ed himself to amuse her and fairly
nuooooded. llut novor did tho unac
'countable fear, that prosnge of misfor
tune, sloop In hor heart. And at laBt,
jwhon ho took her to hor carriage and
bade hor good-by till dinner, a half
formed Idea begun to grow In her
(brain; to save Mr Jones without bo
Graying Ryanno.
Tho Inttor'a carriage whb at tho oth
er end of tho bazaars; so ho strode
..ii..i., 1 1. ...... ..1. . .... ...i..i.. .1
E'U1IU1JIJ' lUIUUhU W1U IUDC1, tuuuiy VI-
bowlng those who got In hla way. An
occusloual curse was flung nftor him;
but his height, his breadth of shoul
der, hla lowering face, precluded any
thing moro active. Tho MoslemB had
a deal of faith tin tho olllcuoy of
curses; so tho jostled onos rested up
on tho promise of Ihcso, satisfied Hint
directly, or In tho near future, Allah
would blast tlio unbelieving dog 1" "Is
What cleverness the inotber and
acnllnwag of an uiiclo had shown to
lmvo kept the child In Ignorance all
those yearHl That she saw darkly, as
through a fog, lie was perfectly sure.
Soonor or later tho storm would burst
upon hor Innocent bead, and then God
alone knew what would become of
bor. Ob, damn tho selfish, sordid
world' At that Instant a great long
ing rolled over him to cut loose from
all those evil webs, to begin anew
somewhere, oven 'if that somewhere
woio but a wilderness, a cloailng In a
This moment flashed and was gono.
Next, he rcvlowed with chagrin and Ir
ritation tho folly of his ultimatum of
tho preceding night. He had had not
tho slightest Bcmblanco of a plan In
bis head. Sifted down, ho saw his
Hauige and senseless humor and tho
doslio to stir Up discord. Gloconda
was right. Fortune was above them
all, In feeling, In Instinct, in loyalty.
"What right had he, rolsteror by night
"' " was. Prcdaceous outlaw, what
right had ho to look upon Fortuno us
his own? Harm her! He would have
lopped off his right hnnd'flrst.
Woll, ho had but little time, and
I'erclvnl Algernon called for prompt
action. Tho young fool wnB smitten
with Fortuno. Any ono could nco that.
As ho shouldered his pathway to tho
carriage, his eycaBeelng but not vis
ualizing objects, throo brown men
glided In between him and the carriage-step.
Mahomed Laughs.
The drawing back of Ryanne'a pow
erful arm was produced by tho stimu
lus of Bcl'f-prcsorvatlon; but almost
Instantly thought dominated Impulse,
nnd all Indications of belligerency dis
appeared. Tho arm sank, relaxed. It
was not possible nor politic that Ma-homcd-El-Gobel
mount to tako repris
al in this congested quarter. It would
have gained him no advantage what
ever. And Ilyanne's perception of tho
exact situntlon enabled him to smilo
with the cool effrontery of a mnn In
ured to sudden dangers.
"Well, well I So you huvo found
your way to Cairo, Mahomed?"
"Yes, effendl," returned Mahomed,
with n smllo that answered Hyaline's
In thought nnd expression, tho only
porcelvnblo difference being In the ac
centuated whiteness of his flue teeth.
"Yes, I have found you."
"And you have been looking for
Uynnnc, with nn airy gesture, signi
fied thnt ho wished to enter his car
riage. Mahomed, with a movement
equally light, implied his determina
tion to stand IiIb ground.
"In n moment, cffondl," ho said
Mahomed spoke English more or
less fluently. His career of forty-odd
voars had been most colorful. Qjice a
young sheik of tho desert, of ample
following, a series of tribal wars left
him unattached, a wanderer without
tent, vllluge or onion-patch. Ho had
llrst appeared In Cairo. Horo ho had
of necessity picked up a few words of
English; nnd from 11 laborer In tho cot
ton Holds ho was eventually graduated
to tho envied position of drugomnn or
guide. Ho tired of this, bolng nomadic
by Instinct nnd inclination. Ho tried
his hnnd at rugs in Smyrna, failed, and
found himself stranded in Constanti
nople, lie drifted, became a steve
dore, a hotel portor, burying his prldo
till that moment w,hen he could, In
dignity and security, resurrect It. For
tune, hanging lire, relented upon his
appointment as cavnss or messenger
to tho British Consulnte. After n
tlmo, ho becumo whnt ho considered
prosperous; nnd llko nil fanatic pa
gans of his faith, proposed to recon
struct his religious life by a pilgrim
age to Holy Mecca. Whllo there, ho
had porformed a considerable service
In, behalf of the fututo Pasha of Hag-
dad, who thereafter. gnvo him u place
In his retinue.
Mahomed was not only .proud but
wise; nnd a Borlcs of events, sequences
of his own shrewdness, pushed htm
forward till ho became In deod, it not
in fact, tho Pasha's right-hand man In
Bagdad. That quaint city, removed ns
It Is from the ordinary highways of
tho Orient, Is still to most of us nn
echo remote nnd mysterious; and the
present Pasha enjoys groat privileges,
over property, ovor llfo and death;
and It Is not enlarging upon fact to
say that when ho dcoms It necessary
to lop oft n head, ho dooa so, without
consulting his master In Constanti
nople. It Is nil In tho business of n
day. Next to his celebrated pearls and
rose-diamonds, tho Pasha held as his
most preclouB treasure, tho Holy
Yhlordes. And for us loss Mnhomod
know that hlB own head rested but In
bccurely upon his lean nock. That his
star was still In ascondnncy ho be
lieved. Tho Pnshn would not bo in
Bagdad for many weeks. Tho revolu
tion In Constantinople, the bucccsb of
tho Young Turk party, made tho
Pashn's future lncumboncx n matter of
conjecturo Whllo ho pulled thoso
-oho jn&h on mt box -.
iUvistraiions hy M.G.Frwfe:re
wires familiar to tho politician, Ma
homed set out bravely to recover the
stolon rug. Ho was pioparod to pro
ceed to any length to regain It, oven
to tho horrlblo (to his Oriental mind)
necessity of buying It. Ho retained
hla travel-worn garments circumspect,
ly, for none would belicvo that his
burnouso was well lined with English
"Well?" said Ryanno, whirling his
cane. Ho was by no means nt ease.
There was going to bo trouble some
whero nlong the road.
"I have como for the Yhlordes, ef
fendl." "Tho rug? That's too bad. I haven't
"Who haB?" Ono fenr besot Mahom
ed's heart; this dog, whom ho cnlled
effondl, might huvo bold It, since that
nnist have been tho ultlmato purpose
of tho theft. And If ho had sold It
to ono w'ho had left Egypt . . . Ma
homed's nock grew cold. "Who has
It, effcndl? Is tho man still In Cairo?"
"Yes. If you and your two friends
will come with mo to tho English-Bar,
I'll explain many things to you," as
sured Itynnno, beginning, as ho be
lieved, to see his wuy forwnrd. "Don't
be nfratd. I'm not setting any trap for
you. I'll tell you truthfully that I
didn't expect to see you so soon. If
you'll como along I'll do the best I can
to straighten out the matter. What do
you say7"
Mahomed eyed him with keen dis
trust. This white man was as strong
in cunning as ho was In flesh. He had
hud practical demonstrations. Still,
whatever road led to tho recovery of
tho rug must needs be traveled. His
arm, though it still reposed in a sling
was not totally helpless. It stood
three to ono, then. Iio spoko briefly
to his companions, over whom ho
seemed to have some authority. Thcs
two Inventoried tho smooth-faced Fer
lnghl. One replied. Mahomed ap
proved. Three to one, and In theso
streets many to call upon, In case of
open hostilities. Tho English-Bar Ma
homed know tolerably woll. Ho had
known It In the lawless nnd reveling
"I Have Como for
eighties. It would cortalnly bo neu
tral ground, since tho proprietor was a
Greek. With a dignified sweep of his
hand, ho signed for Ryanne to get Into
the carriage Uyanno did so, relieved.
Ho was certain1 that ho could bring
Mnhomod round to n rensonnblo vlow
of tho nffnlr. Ho wns even willing to
give him n Httlo money. Tho three
Arabs climbed In beside him, and tho
Journey to tho hostelry wns mndo
without talk. Ryanno pretended to bo
vastly IntoreBtcd In tho turmoil
through which tho carriage rolled, now
Bwlftly, now hesitant, now at n 6tnnd
still, nnd ngnln tortuouBly. Onco Mn
homod felt beneath his burnouso for
his money; nnd onco Ryanno, in tho
protenso ot seeking n cigar, folt for
al fill
if III P
a s
his. They wero rather upon even
terms in tho adjudication of each oth
er'b character.
The English-Bar wub not tho most
inviting place. Sober, Ryanno hnd
never darkened Its doors Tho odor
of garlic prevailed over tho lesser
smells of bad cooking. It was lighted
only from tho street, by two windows
and a door that bwuiik opon all the
days In the year Tho windows were
generally half obscured by bills an
nouncing boxing-mutches, wrestling
bouts nnd tho lithographs ot cheap
theaters. Tho walls were decorated
in a manner to please tho Inherent
Anglo-Saxon taste for strong men, fast
hot ses, and plnk-tlghted Venusos. A
few Iron-topped tables lltterc'd both
room nnd sidewalk, and hero were
men of a dozen nationalities, sipping
coffee, drinking beer, or solemnly
watching tho water-bubbles in their
Sheeshas, or pipes.
A curious phase of this class of under-world
Is -that no one' is curious.
Stt angers aro novor questioned except
when they invite attention, whlclAhey
seldom do. So, when Itynnno and his
quasl-companlons entered, there wasn't
the slightest agitation. A blowsy bar
maid stood behind the bar, polishing
ho copper spigots. Ryanno throw her
a greeting, to wntcn sue respumieiyi
with n smirk thnt onco bpon a time
had been a smllo. Ho, being mastet
of ceremAlos, selected n tablojn tho
corner. The four snt down, nnd Kyanne
plunged Intrepidly into tho business
under hnnd. To mnko a tool of Ma
homed, If not an ally, toward this he
directed his effort. Half a dozen times,
Mahomed dropped a word in Arabic to
tho other two, who understood little or
no English.
"So, you see, Mahomed, that's tho
way tho matter stands. I'm not bo
much to blamo ns you think. Hero
this man Jones has me In a vise. If I
do not get this bit of carpe"t, off I go,
into the dark, Into nothing. I handled
you roughly, I know. But could I help
it? It was my throat or yours. You're
no chicken. You nnd that other chap
made things exciting."
Mahomed accepted this compliment
the Yhiordei, Effendl."
to his prowess In silence. Indeed, ho
gazed dreamily ovor Ryanno's head.
Tho other fellow wouldn't troublo any
one again. To Mahomed It had not
been tho battle, man to man; It had
been tho guilo and trickery leading
up to It. Ho hnd been bested at his
own game, duplicity, and that irked
him. Death, he, as his kind, looked
upon with Oriental passivity. Ah,
welll The gumo was to havo a sec
ond Inning, nnd ho proposod to piny
It In strictly Orlontnl ways.
"How much did ho glvo you for It?"
Tho expression upon Ryanno's faco
would havo deceived any ono but Ma
homed. "Glvo for Ul" Indignantly.
"Why, that's tho wholo troublo. All
my troublo, all tho hard work, and
not a plaster, not a plastor! Cnn't you
understand, I hnd to da it?"
"Is ho going to sell It?"
"Sell it? Not ho! He's n collector,
nnd -crazy over the thing."
Mnhdrncd nodded. Ho knew some
thing of tho hnblts of collectors. "Is
he still In Cnlro, and whero may ho
be found?"
Ryanno began to believe thnt tho
gnmo was going nlong famously; itn
homed was sure of It.
'Ho Is George P. A. Jones, of Morti
mer '& Jones, rich rug dealers' of Now
York. Money no object."
Though his face did not show it, Ma
homed was Elngularly depressed by
this nows. If this man Jones had
money, of what uso was his little pack
et of notes?
"I must have thnt rug, effendl.
There nro two rensons; It Is holy, and
tho loss of It means my bend."
"Good ilddnnce!" thought Ryanne, a
sympathetic look upon his fnco.
"What have you to suggest in tho
way of a plan?" asked Mahomed.
Ryanno felt a tingle of Jubilation.
He saw nothing but plain-sailing into
port. But Mahomed had arranged to
guide his cruft Into the whirlpool. Un
to himself ho kept up a ceaseless re
iteration of "Patience, patience, pa
tience!" Said Ryanne: "You do not caro how
you get the rug, so long as j ou do got
"No, effendl." Mahomed smiled.
' "A Httlo rough work wouldn't dis
turb you?"
"No, It would not."
"Well, then, listen to mo. Suppose
you arrange to take my friend Jones
into tho desert for a Httlo trip. Be
his dragoman for a while, jilii&fact,
kidnap him, abduct him, stealjhlm.
You can hold him in ransom fcfo'tho
rug ana a nice Httlo sum olLpcy
"Can they do such things theseTdays
In Calro7" "
"Why not?"
"Truly, why not?" Mahomed sat
thoughtfully studying the outrageous
prints on tho cracked walls. Had he
dared ho would havo laughed. And
he had thought this dog cunning be
yond all his kind! "I agree. But tho
arrangements I must leave to you.
Bring him here at nine o'clock to
night," he continued, leaning ncross
tho table Impressively, "and I will
glvo you ono hundred pounds Eng
Ryanne quickly assumed tho expres-'
slon needed to meet such splendid
newB. "I say, Mahomed, that Is pretty
square, after what has passod between
"It Is nothing," gallantly.
If Ryanne laughed In his sloove, Ma
homed certainly found ample room In
his for such silent and figurative cach
Innatlons. He knew very well that
Ryanno had received a goodly sum for
his adventure. No man took his life
In his hand to cancel an obligation
which was not based upon disinterest
ed friendship; and already tho man
had disavowed any such quality. Also,
ho had not been a seller of rugs him
self, or gunrdlan of tho Yhlordes all
thoso years, without having had some
contact with collectors. Why, If there
wub ono person dear at this moment
to Mahom'"' El-Gebel's heart, It was
this man sitting opposite. And ho
wanted hlra fur moro engerly thnn the
rug; only, the rug must be regained,
for Its loss wns a pnssport Into para
dlso; and ho wasn't quite prepared to
bo received by tho hourls.
"Mr. Jones, then, shall bo hero
promptly at nine," declared Ryanno,
beckoning the but maid. "What will
you have?"
Mahomed shook' his bend. Ills two
companions, gathering tho significance
of tho gesture, likewise declined.
"A smoke, then?"
A smiling negative.
"Beware of the Greek bearing gifts,"
laughed Ryanno. "All right. You
won't mind If I huvo a beer to the suc
cess of tho venture?"
"No effendl."
Rjnnno drank the lukewarm bev
erage, whllo Mahomed toyed with his
turquolso ring, that sacred badge of an
honorablo pilgrimage, to Holy Mecca.
"Tho young lady, enenul; she was
very pretty. Your sister?" casually In
quired Mahomed.
"Oh, no. Sho Is a young ludy I met
at tho hotel tho other day."
Tho liar! thought tho Moslem, as ho
recalled the light in Ryanne'a eyes
nnd the tenderness of his smllos. Ap
parently, however, Mahomed loBt In
torcst directly. "At nlno o'clock to
night, then, this collector will arrive
to become my guest?"
"By hook or crook," was tho an
swer. "I'll have him here. Cash upon
delivery, as they say."
"Cash upon delivery," Mahomed re
peated, tho phrase being familiar to
his tongue.
"Frankly, I want this man out or the
way for a while."
"Yes. I want a Httlo rovengo for tho
way ho has treated me,"
"So It Is rovengo?" softly. Traitor
ous to both sides.
"And when I get him hero?"
"Loavo the rest to mo.".
"Good. I'm off, then. Take him to
Bagdad. It will be an experleuco for
him. But when you got him there,
keep nn eye out for tho Shah Abbas In
tho Pasha's work-room."
Tho nffalr had gono so smoothly
that Ryanno's usunl keenness fell be
low tho mark; fatuity was the word.
Thero had been so many twists to tho
morning that his abiding distrust of
every ono became, for tho tlmo bolng.
edgeless. Tho trick of purloining tho
cable had keyed him high; the subse
quent meeting of Fortune had de
pressed him. And besides, ho was too
anxious to bo rid of Jones to consider
tho possibilities of Mahomed's state
of mind.
Ho got up, paid his score, turned n
Jest for (ho amusoment of tho bar
maid, and went out to his carriage.
His deduction still fallow, ho rodo
away. Lord! how easy It had been
Not a hitch anywhere. And hero, for
days, ho had Imagined all sorts of
things, and his dreams, a jumble of
dungeons, of tortures. He understood.
Tho old rascal's own head hung In tho
balance. That's what saved him. To
Mahomed the rug was tho paramount
feature; revenge (and he knew that
Mahomed was longing madly, fiercely
for It) must wait. And when Mahom
ed turned his attention to this phase,
why, ho, Ryanne, would bo at tho oth
er sldo of tho Atlantic. It was very
hard not to drop off at Shcpheard's
and confide tho whole droll conspiracy
to a bottlo with a green and gilded
neck. But, no; he had had no sleep
tho night before; wine and want ot
rest would leave him witless when tho
tlmo camo to seo that Perclval was
safely stowed nwny. A fine Joko, n
monstrous fine joke! By-by, Perclvnl,
old chnp; plensnnt journey. Tho Unit
ed Rorannce and Adventure compnny
gives you this Httlo romnnco upon np
provnl. If you do not llko It, roturn
It ... if you can!
Mahomed sat perfectly still In hla
chair. His two companions watched
him carefully. The mask had fallen,
and their master's faco wns not pleas
nnt to see. Suddenly ho lnughed. The
bnrmnld stopped nt her work. She
hnd somewhere heard laughter llko
that. It gave her a shiver. Whete
had she heard It? Yes, that was It. A
man who had played tho dovll In an
opora called Fawst or something like
that. Would she over see dear old
foggy London again? With a vain sigh
she went on rinsing tho glasses and
When Georgo rolled out of bed it
was eleven. Ho bathed and dressed,
absolutely content, regrotless of the
morning hours ho had wasted. Truth
to tell, he hadn't enjoyed sleep sc
thoroughry in weeks. He set to work,
ridding tho room ot its clutter ol
books and clothes and what-nota
Might as well get the bulk of his pack
ing out of tho way while he thought
of it.
Why had ho been In such a dreadful
hurry to pull out? Cairo was just now
the most delightful place ho knew of.
To leavo behind tho blue skies and
warm sunshine, and to face instead
tho biting winds and northern snows,
rather dispirited him. Ho paused, a
pair of trousers dangling from hl
hand. Pshaw! Why not admit 11
frankly and honestly? Wherever Fop
tuno Chedsoye was or might be, there
was tno ueiecmoio eouuiiy. xm
hadn't thought to ask her when she
was to leave, nor whither she was tc
go. Tho abruptness with which she
had left him tho night before puzzled
rather than disturbed him. Oh, woll;
this old planet was neither so deor.
nor so round as It had onco been
What with steamships and railroads
the so-called four ends wero drawn
closely together. Ho would ask het
casually, us If It did not particularly
matter. In Naples It would bo an easy
matter to change hla booking to New
York. From Naples to Mentono was
only a question of a fow hours.
"I doesn't seem possible, Georgo,
old boy, does It? But It's true; and
there's no uso trying to fool yoursell
that It isn't. Fortuno Chedsoye; it
will bo. a shame to add Jones to it;
but I'm golng to try."
He pressed down the last book, tho
last oollar, the Inst pair of shoes, and
snt upon tho lid of tho trunk. H
growled n little. Tho lock was always
bothering him. It was wonderful how
many things a chap could take out ol
a trunk and how plagued few he could
put back. It did not seem to relieve
the pressure If ho added a steamer
trunk horo or a suit-case thero; there
was always Just so much thero wasn't
any room for, Truly, It needed a worn
an's hand to pack a trunk. Howevoi
his mother In tho old school-days had
got all his belongings into ono trunk
was still an unsolved mystery.
Object to Large Hats In Church.
Tho' ecclesiastical authorities at
Forst, near tho Sllestan frontier, havo
taken action against women who per
sist In wearing largo hats In church.
Thoy complnin that they are n source
of Inconvenience during communion,
as tho priest has to stoop too much,
Tho women havo been lnvitod to wenr
hats with narrow Urims when they
como to church.

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