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Ebon So Miss Antique is going to
got married at last. Who Is the lucky
Flo Tho clergyman. Ho's going to
get pnld for it arid assumes no rtv
I took about G boxos of Doddo Kid
ney Pills for Heart Trouble from
which I had suffered for G years. I
had dizzy spells, my eyes puffed,
my bream was
short and I had
chills and back
ache. I took tho
pills about a year
ago and havo had
no return of tho
palpitations. Am
now 63 years old,
ablo to do lots of
manual labor, am
and weigh about
Judgo Miller,
well nnd hearty
200 pounds. I feel very grateful that
I found Dodds Kidney Pills and you
may publish this letter if you wish. I
am serving my third term as Probato
Judgo of Gray Co. Yours truly,
PHILIP MILLER, Cimarron, Kan.
Correspond with Judgo Miller about
this wonderful remedy.
Dodds Kidney Pills, 60c. per box at
your dealer or Dodds Medicine Co.,
Buffalo, N. Y. Writo for Household
'Hints, also music of National Anthem
(English and German words) and re
cipes for dainty dishes. All 3 sent free.
A Tender Point.
""What got you into trouble with
this policeman?" demanded tho Novr
York Judgo.
' "Just trying to ask him n civil ques
tlon, your honor," said tho visitor,
"nothing more."
"What was that question?"
"I just asked him when tho next
official murder would bo dragged off."
"Ho says she mado his llfo a Sa
hara." "Maybo that's why ho has such a
terriblo thirst."
Dr. Tierce's Plensant Tcllels first put up
40 years ago. Tboy reguluto and lnvlgorato
stomach, liver and bowels. Sugar-coaled
tiny granules. Adv.
Mixed Up Teirns.
"Are you going to show nim up?"
"I will, if it comes to a show-down."
Ilr uslnsr Colo's Cnrbollaalve. It la a most
effective remedy. All drugcists. 25 and 50c. Adv.
Many a boy has acquired some very
good habits by not following! in thi
footsteps of his father.
Don't buy water (or billing. Liquid blue
f iltnoH nil wnter. Uuv Hod Cross Hall
Dlue, tho bluo that's all blue. Adv.
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nent investment.
The Experience of Two Girls
Here Related For The
Benefit of Others.
Rochester, N. Y. "I havo a daugh
ter 13 years old who has always been
very healthy until recently when she
complained of dizziness and cramps every
month, so bad tha I would have to keep
her home from school and put her to bed
to get relief.
"After giving her only two bottles ot
Lydia E. Pinkham'a Vegetable Com
pound sho is now enjoying tho best of
health. I cannot praiso your Compound
too highly. I want every good mother
to read what your medicine has dono for
my child." Mrs. Richard N. Duniiam,
811 Exchange St, Rochester, N.Y.
Stoutsville, Ohio. "I Buffered from
headaches, backache and was very irreg
ular. A friend ad
vised mo to take
Lydia E. Pinkham'a
Vegetable Com
pound, and before I
had taken tho whole
of two bottlos I
found relief. I nm
only sixteen years
old, but I have bet-
f a nnnttn fnnn fr
i ?J l jj. two or three years.
i cannot express my
thanks for what Lydia E. Pinkham'a
Vegetablo Compound has dono for me.
I had taken other medicines but did not
find relief." Miss Cora B. Fosnaugu,
Stoutevillo, Ohio, R.P.D., No. L
Hundreds of such letters from moth
ers expressing their gratitude for what
Lydia E. Pinkham'a ' Vegetablo Com
pound has accomplished for their daugh
ters havo been received by tho Lydia E.
PinkhamMedicino Company, Lynn, Mass.
Second Foot In Standard Unit for
Flowing Water InMost of Irrigat
ing States In West.
Reforlng to tho units of water meas
urement tho following Is, !h part, tho
definitions given by Prof. W. H. OHn,
director of agricultural extension,
Idaho university.
"Tho miners' Inch Is our oldest
unit nnd was first used by tho placer
'Tin second foot or cubic foot per
second is tho unit of volumo used for
gauging rivers nnd measuring tho flow
of dltchos and irrigating canals. It
It flows over n wolr, ono socond of
time, it Is called a second foot, or
cubic foot per second. A cubic foot
of wntor in Colorado la 3S.4 stntuto
(miner's) Inches; in Cnllfornin and
Montnnn, 40; In Arizona, Idaho,
Nevada and Utah, CO statute or minor's
"An acre foot Is the amount of wntoi
necessary to covor an aero of land ono
foot or twelve lnchos doop. It is tho
unit usod for measuring Btorago or
reservoir water. A second foot of wa
ter running constantly twenty-four
hours and twelve minutes delivers two
aero foot, or sufficient water to cover
im ncro of ground with wnter two feet
Jeep. 'Thorefore, ono twenty-fourth of
a second foot, flowing for ono day.
would approximate an Inch of rain.
"Tho simplest unit of measuro 1b
tho aero foot. Tinio does not enter
into this, for it 1b simply a unit of
volume. Second foot is tho standard
unit for flowing water in most of tho
western states and tho measure of
tho flow renders time an .essential
"A weir Is a measuring device for
determining the How of water In a
given tlmo for n definite distance. It
can only properly be used for struc
tures designed to permit vnter to flow
over the crest with a good fall on the
down-stream side. The,, weir Is used
In Australia, India. Italy, Canada,
Mexico and practically all irrigation
districts of tho United States. An
engineer, Ccsaro Cippolottl, In charge
of an Italian irrigation company, pre
pared a weir which was so formed
that the area of same should Increase,
by an amount proportionate to the
depth of the weir, and balance the
loss due to contraction. This weir
was trapezoidal In form, made of cut
stono, tho crests and sides with iron
plates, permanent measuring devices'
which will do. duty for 'generations.
This is tho form of trapezoidal weir
which engineers know as tho Clppo
lettl. It is preferred by state en
gineers, who stato that when this
form is placed with care it is rellablo
within ono per cent of error. Dams,
when so designed as to causo the wa
ters to flow over their crests, can be
termed weirs."
Tho method of distributing wnter
for Irrigation and tho duties of the
olllclais who supervise this phase of
the practice Is clearly outlined by
Professor Olin In tho .following lan
guage: "Most of the state engineers have
found it advantageous to dlvldo the
stato into water divisions, the bound
ary of which shall be determined by
dralnago lines. Each division has its
division engineer, who Is, by vlrtuo of
his position, a deputy stato engineer,
efficient. For each of these districts
In such a manner ns shall make tho
distribution of irrigation water most
efficient. Kos ench of tneso districts
Is a 'water commissioner. He has
direct charge of regulating headgates
so that the water shall bo equitably
distributed among those having water
Plghts for same,
rtitni. ....... .. I 1 . ...
""" wmiuia ,ii ruijuiruu in in-
Btall measuring devices and tho state
has stream gnugings mado so the
water commissioner may know tho
amount of water he has for his dis
trict distribution. The commissioner
closes all gates according to decreed
rights, In times of shortage, and it
Is criminal offense In practically all
states to ehango u lieadgato when
once set by tho water commissioner.
"Tho commissioner Is further charg
ed with the duty of reporting statisti
cal data' regarding irrigation, In his
district, on streams, reservoirs, ditches
and crops grown. The various water
companies of a district have a wntor
superintendent. Ho lias porsonal
supervision of all the main ditches
or laterals which load to tho Irrigated
lands of all patrons of his company.
It is h'ls business to look after tho
maintenance, repair and cleaning of
said canals and ditches, so that In
tho lr.'lgati;ig season they shall bo
I carriers of water with least waBto
trom loss and seepage possible. To
distribute or measure to individual
users, lie employs water measures,
commonly known as 'ditch riders.'
Each user has measured out to him
his amount of .water, at tho headgato
of tho lateral which controls the Irri
gation of ills lnnd, by tho ditch rider.
The ditch rldor. in turn, recoives his
water from tho district water com
missioner, who turns It from tho
source stream."
Use Large Plpeo.
One thing that every fanner should
remomber, und that is, when wuter Is
forced through u pipe, the faster it
travels, tho greater the loss In fric
tion. This loss Is equivalent to in
creasing tho pumping head, henco it
Is hotter to use large pipes instend of
small ones; it Is also best to havo d.b
few turns or elbows as possible and
It is simply a question which must
bo decided for each individual plant
as to what, sized pipe will be most
economical. The larger tho pipe the
more it costs, and yet with largo pipo
tho engine may be smaller nnd less
fuel required to pump the required
isiount of water,
An Old-Time
Dun t( Ihr Moodr BiU Inilitutt.
TEXT-'VAnd nil tho neoplo wont tlielr
way to out, ami to drink, nntl to send
portion, nnd to msljo Kt mirth, t
cnuxe thoy lutil undeiatood tliu words that
were declared unto them "- Nolteimnli
Our forefathers
before all elso
"""T ' ;? wore religious. Re
ligion uopnrniuu
them from the fa
therland and all
that It means, to
fnco tneso "bleak
New KtiRlauil
shores." Tho voy
age of tho May
flower was ns
sacred ns Israel's
croESlng tho Ked
sea. The clearing
of tho forests, the
building of the
huts, tho treaties
with the Indians,
tho clU "ompuctB with ono an
other, were all, In a way, acts
of worship. Thanksgiving day In
its conception, and Its inception,
and its observance 300 years ago was
only loss holy than tho Sabbath. A
ball game on Thanksgiving day! As
soon turn uway from .Tuhovuh and bow
down to I3nal and Ashtnroth!
Ye Olden Times.
Read tho sermons preached on,
Thanksgiving day in "ye olden times,"
and compare them with tho political
harangues of today. Shades of Incronso
and Cotton Mather! They believed in
God then. They believed lie gave seed
time and harvest, and they had u god
ly fear of that Judgment upon sin
which might withhold tho blessing
once, just once and then?
It will uot do to say that tho former
days were better than these. They
were not in some things. They burned
tnllow candles then, and wore poke
bonnets; now wo havo tho Merry Wid
ow hat and the arc light. They walked
on .earth then, and Bntlcd on tho sea;
now wo navigate the air, and know
the mysteries of tho submarine. But
the presenco of God was potent to our
fathers, and now well, wo'ro not so
sure about it.
Let us go back to Bethel. Whyi
should not Thanksgiving day be made
a revival day? Not a day of gloom, not
tho sourness of tho Puritan, but his
gladness, for ho had gladness, a real
gladness, the gladness that comea
from an enlightened recognition ofliln
bounty who Is tho author and giver of
every good and perfect gift, tho glad
ness that comes from a willing aedlcn1
tlon of ourselves to his holy service.
Post-Ilabylonlan Judnh affords a
I good typo of the observance of
"Thanksgiving day. You will find tho
story in tho eighth of Nehomlah.
Laughter for Tears.
The people were gathered In a great
open air meeting, and Kzra read tho
I Word of God to them, while their oth
er religious teachers and civil gov
ernors explained Its sonse. At first
they were afraid, and wero moved to
tears, for conviction of sin had gripped
them; but thoy wero exhorted to
laugh instead of weep, for It was a
holy day unto tho Lord their God.
"Go your wny," said Nehomlah, "ent
the fat, and drink the sweet, and send
portions unto them for whom nothing
is prepnred. for this day is holy unto
our Lord; neither bo ye sorry, for the
Joy of the Lord 1b your strongth.';
This tenches us that there is such
a thing ns holy mirth, a Joyous festiv
ity unto tho Lord. Indeed, this was
tho prevailing idea of all tho Mosaic
feasts, 'which were social as well as
religious occasions of the highest Joy.
It teaches us again that holy mirth
Is accompanied by benevolence and
love. What constnnt provision Is mado
for tho poor in nil tho Old Testament
legislation? Nohemlah was tcacbins
nothing now when ho said: "Send por
tlons unto them for whom nothing Is
prepared." God'B idea ot ropontancc
Is, among other things, "to Judgo the
fatherless, to relievo tho oppressed,
and to plead for tho widow."
It teaches us In the third place tha'
the mirth wlilch breeds banevolenro
Is Inspired not by material prosperity
but by the knowledge of the word o'
tho Lord. There was material pro-,
perity In post-lCdenlc times, but it led
not to mirthfulnoBs, nui love, but to
Jealousy and murder. Cain wait pros
porous, but ho killed his brother
Thero was material prosperity in Hi"
dayB beforo tho flood, for men oro
eating and drinking, marrying and gU
ing in marriage, but God saw th.it
"every imagination of tho thoughts '
man's hoart v.nn only ovll continually '
(GcnehlB 0:5). There was matonai
prosperity after tho flood, for in-n
built cltioa and erected empires, but
thoy forgot God until ho scatter, d
them to tho four corners of tho eartu.
Oh, what good news God hns to pour
Into our sad and heavy hearts out of
his precious word, If wo will listen to
It! Lot us gather mound that word
on this Thanksgiving day! Let It tuki
tho plnco which other things havo
usurped of lato. Closed oyes will bo
opened by it, darkness will give place
to light, and tho garment of praise
will bo donned Instead of tho spirit of
Peoplo who tlvo In glass Iioubob
should draw down the blind nti well au
sot throv BtoiH'B Mrs, NovhiHon
Tho tendency of advancing ycnrB to
restrict activity and oxorciso Is re
sponsible for tho constipated condition
of moat elderly people. Tho wenr of
years Impairs tho action of tho bow
els nnd tho digestive organs aro moro
eensitlvo to tho dofhnnds upon thorn
and robol moro quickly. Cathartics
and purgatlvoa aro violent and dras
tic In their action nnd should not bo
used to corroct constipation. A mild,
yet positively cffoctlvo remedy, and
ono that is recommended by physi
cians as well as by thousands who
havo used it, la tho compound of slm
plo laxatlvo herbs with pepsin pro
scribed by Dr. W. P. Caldwell oyer
thirty years ngo and now sold by drug
glstB everywhere undor tho namo of
Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin. Dr.
Caldwell wants cvoryono troubled with
constipation to try Syrup Pepsin nnd
will sond n trial bottle, freo of charge,
to all who wrlto for It. Address Dr.
W. 11. Caldwell, 203 West St., Monti
cello, 111. Adv.
Dunn How palo and careworn Mrs.
Drown looks!
Gunn Yes, eIio has on her Lenten
759 Iloach Avo., Indianapolis, Ind.
"At first I noticed small eruptions on
my faco. Tho troublo bogan as n rash.
It looked like rod pimples. In a fow
days they spread to my arms and back.
Thoy itched and burned bo badly that
I scratched them and of courso tho re
sult was blood and matter. Tho erup
tions festered, broko, opened nnd dried
up, leaving tho skin dry and scaly. I
spent many nleoplcsa nights, my back,
arms and faco burning nnd itching;
sleep was purely and simply out of
tho question. Tho troublo also caused
disfigurement. My clothing irritated
tho breaking out.
"By this tlmo I hnd used several
well-known remedies without success.
Tho troublo continued. Then I began
to uso tho samplo of Cutlcurn Soap
and Ointment. Vlthln seven or eight
days I noticed gratifying results. I
purchased a full-sized cako of Cutl
curn Soap and a box of Cutlcurn Oint
ment nnd In about eighteen or twenty
days my euro wns complete." (Signed)
Miss Kathcrino McCalllstor, Apr. 12,
Cuticura Sonp and Oljitment sold
throughout tho world. Samplo of each
freo with 32-p. 8kln Book. Address
post-card "Cuticura, Dept. L, Boston."
Rather Mixed.
"Ho's dead In earnest"
"Yes. I've noticed ho's n .live one "
Your Dealer Sells Double Guaranteed Hardware
Your Dealer will replace
any hardware .bearing a
Double Guarantee Tag
that you buy that is not
satisfactory. The Dou
ble Guarantee Tag bears
the name of the Manu
facturer and WRIGHT
It is only placed on the
Best Factory Brands.
Color more coeds r'shterandfastercoloratlianornrotlierdyf. One 10c packape colon all fibers. Thcydyclncoldwatcrbttterthanshyotnerdyc. Yailcaa
dye any garment -vilhout nppinc apart, Wnte (or free booklet- How to Dye, Bleach and Mix Colors. MONROE DRUG COMPANY, Qulncy. III.
Calumet Ends "Dad Luck."
Remember whon you were, a youngster,
wlmt a trial linking day wnsT If Mather
wns lucky, ovory thing went llnely hut If
bIio hnd "bad luck" her cakes nnd her
plea nnd her lirend wero (allures. Her
Rucress In bilking seemed to depend al
most altogether on "luck."
Nowudnya thore's no stirh thing no
"hnkliiK lurk." At lenst, not In the kitch
ens of tho up-to-duto cooks. Simply bo
caimn Calumet Unking Powder lms amnnh-
o(i Hint oiu tinio men. it litis mono unit
ing surn of success. It lms made Inex- I
perlonced cooks nblo to bnko perfectly, '
nnd day nfter dny It Is snving liundreda
of ilnllnra' worth of tlmo nnd materials' by
dolng Rny with costly failures. .
Calumet linking Powder H the purest I
linking powder mnilp nml gunrnntccd not
onlv to HH pure, hut to stny puro In tho
CAN and In tho MAKING. Cnlumet hns
twice been nfllclally Judged thi MOST
unions; powuer mnuo rocoiving tnt wnii
ost awards nt the World's Pure Food Kt
jioMtloim In CIiIcuko (1007) nnd In Purls
(1912). Adv.
"Thrifty habits aro your friends."
"Yos, I supposo n man nowadays is
known by tho bank accounts ho
Uplift Thoorlst How does tho psy
chological dramn go in this town?
Dlunt Managor It goes broko.
Mrs. Window's Ponttilni; flyrup for Children
tcrtlilni;, noftenn the kuuih, reduces lnflatmun-tlun.nllaj-H
pain, cu rc wind eol lc,20on buttle Ut,
As a girl grows older sho becomos
wiser und quita wearing so many pins
in tho vicinity of her waist lino.
(CotivrlKht 1912 by tho ToniUvos Co )
Heart Weakness is caused by Tired
Blood which lacka tho nocoasary pow
er and energy to produco propor mus
cular heart action, causing Palpita
tion, Shortness of Breath, Poor Circu
lation, Irregular Beats, Cold Hands
and Foet, Fulntlng, Dizzy Spells, otc.
-arAMBTflwro Thoso 8yinnt0,n3
.TOMbT-VES of 1Icart Wcnk-
TIRED BLOOD ing that tho
heart Is not rccolving sufllclent nour
ishment. Wo can secure tho bcBt re
sults, meeting tho demand for tonltlzod
blood, by a treatment of Tonltlvcs,
taken regularly until the symptomB
described have entirely disapponrod.
75c. per box of dealorB or by mall.
Tho Tonltlvcs Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
Faultless Starch Twia Dolls
Misi Lilly Whltn mo Mill Phoeto Prima.
It you will o-o tbo beit ctaroh mads both of theso
r doll", encli 121-3 Inches hlgn and roady to ent oat
and tntr, villi bo sent to anyaddien. poitpnld. euro.
celptotslxf ran tsotlOcentranltlccaHtArch package,
or IbcIvo f roatn ot 6 cent ranltlew Btareh (MckniOJi
nnd Beeats In stamps to eorer otsso and pnrMnir.
)r olthiTiloll ulll bo sent on rocolptot tnroolUoens
rents or f 1 1 & cent t routs and eont In itampn. Oat
out this ad. It will bo accoptud In plooo of on 10
a, S aMt . finis vh A sal II
. vuub iruuv ur vvw u uviit iiuum uuii uuv u w
' bo ttcotiptouylth each application m
Can You Proparo
or uirastor ino lAAiucifmiarf
Stcurinff th (Vm ta ns thlnr, prtparlnc It for
tb Tsxldcrmlit Is another. Bnd ma your addrvaamnd
a 40-pasa Fltld Uulda; aj mlna of tnlormatlon fur
pcrt.m.n. It tella how In skin a larca or small ani
mal, a bird, a Kama head, a flat) or r ptlla and how to
prcparn for ahlpntonl Contalna alao ID eaqulalta lllua
tratlons of euparblr mountad apclmana. It's tha bis
cast, moat InatructWo book a nportuman CVnil sot for
NOTHING Write today to Americas ablest inaa ta'
his Una address your letter to
C. N. Aulabaugh,- Taxidermist
1020 Farnam Omaha, Nab.
gJAKfwafrl --" -'- --y .
For Best Results Ship to
Omaha Live Sleek Oosnmission Go.
When buying a Screw Driver, why not get the best ? Stanley
"Hurwood" Screw Drivers have Blade, Shank and Head lit ono
piece of special steel. So constructed that it is impossible for
Shank to turn in Handle (sec sectional cut) . Handles arc stained
black, also fluted, which insures a secure grip.
Manufactured by
New Brjtain.Conn.U.SA.
Ft? I
"Double Guaranteed Quality Hardware Tag" attached to Barber
Braces Doubly insures them to users.
Tor Hand Quick
Quiet, Light Running
'Sunny Monday'
Built to make soiled
clothes clean and the'
do it.
Insist on getting
Sunny Monday
Its Double Guarantee
Tag insures your satisfaction.
those bearing
Freo llomostonds
In ttio tion HltrPU of
Manlmlm, MnVntcho
wan nml Alt'ctm ihi-ro
aro ttmusnmtR ot Krea
llurneMcndN loft, which
tntlio man mnklnu entry
In 3 yenrs lltno will be
north from tM toKO per
ncro. Thrno lands are
trnll nrfiinfrd to craln
Branini; ana cnuio railing.
In mnny ease tho railways In
Uinnda have been built In ad
vance, of si'lllenienl, and In a
bliort tlmo tlirrti villi not bo
n-ltlomho need bo moro tban
ten or twelve miles from a. lino
of railway Hallway Itatcs aro
rrciilalctf by UoTeiDmtnt Cora
mission. Soelnt Conditions
Tho American Betllcrtintbome
In Western Canada, llolsnola
Mraiiiior In a strange land, bnv
Iiik nearly n million of tils own
people alrrudy settled there, if
you deslro to Snow yt!i the eon
ftltlon of tho rnrmdlanBetllor Is
prosperous wrlto nnd send for
literature, rates, etc., to
Boo nulldiim, oinaho. Nab.
Canadian Oovernment Acent, or
a.iurevs mtpcriiiiriiiii'iii. n
lltlllllgniuon, imit, i
If you feel "nut of sotts' "run down"or"cot tbo
nrltnformy b'ltMllxxilc. IiIhUioiuom Instructive
uu-dleal bunk ever written. IttelH all about tliesa
diseases nnd tbo rnmnrkablocu revolt ectedhrtlioNoir
nmt you enn dccldo for yonrsel tit Ills tho remedy for
your ailment. Ilont sond a coot. It's i aliiolulalr
KltKM. No "follow-up 'circulars. Ur.l.oCloroMou.
Cu.,lliitorstock ltd., llutnpsteud, l.., .(.
For HIv M mi I1i. It In tvortti 110k cony tn any ma
Intenillntr to tnrrnt ny inoniT.liowovcriiniMI. who h&a
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twrrnonth, hill who hint Imrne'. the art ot InTfatlnff
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th(imaefl. It rerr1a the enormoua proilt txrUT
koaniihoirmw to mk the Mm profit It explains
ei.OOOKrovcn tnfetooo. Totntrotlucanty iiintniitn.' rlt
no now Mine tut tttlx months, Mwolatcly ri(I2I&
ILL BARBER. rub..R.490, 26 W.JciioBlTd.aicuotIX
OlrstiMt nil twaaunt Ui tula
l-romcXti a laxurUnt Rro-ntli.
Norer Falls to llostors Orsy
Urtr to ita Youthful Color.
rrcreius nir muinir.
MV mut t v nt lrngy1tt.
.Thompson's wasrS-ajsa
im c
Your Came, Fish
'f -' -r J.-ts-- J-Tyrg
HerlbOT Braces
COMPANY, have been leaders
for 45 years and aro still holding
For Power
Strong. Sate,
Simple, Snoody
the Double Guarantee Tag
mmafV.'KiyJviMri; VMMMH
rA l-v. iJ
WtiiiSiYfcis- i r

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