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Semi -Weekly Tribune
Ira L. Bare, Editor and Publisher.
Ons Year by Mail In advance $1.25
One Year by Carrier In advance $1.50
Entered at North Platte, Nebraska, Po3t
oflico aa Second Class Matter.
TUESDAY, NOV. 26. 1912.
Vote on Congressman.
The fmnl count of tlio vote on con
gressman in this district gives Kinkaid
a plurality of 0,230. Tho voto received
by each candidate was: Kinkaid 24,700,
Taylor 18,630, Armstrong 4,997, Wunen
3,788, Stebbins 84.
Good Potato Yield.
John McConncl, of Somerset, who
wasin town Saturdry, informed us that
ho recently shipped n carload of potatoes
to JEairbury, for which he received
forty cents par bushel on track at Som
erset.' Mr. McConnel says his yield
was fully 200 bushels per acre, unu tho
planting wns done after June 20th, He
expects to plant fifteen or twenty acres
to potatoes next season.
Much Soft Corn.
There is a large amount of soft corn
in Lincoln county, somo of it is so soft
that tho water enn be wrung from it.
A continuation of tho present mild and
sunshiny wenthur will probably help
dry it out, though somo believe that a
good freeze is needed to harden it
This soft corn, if not moldy, is more
readily oaten by cattle than hard corn,
and the amount of protein is nearly as
Hay Prices Low.
A number of cars of hay were )ur
chaBod last week by u local buyor at
seven dollars per ton on track, and
oven this prico was greater than the
prevailing prices at Denver or Omaha
would warrant This hay was shipped
tp points in southeastern Nebraska,
with instructions to the station agents
to scll it. Tho shipper has not
yet recoived his returns so he doos
not .know whether ho will come out
"whole" on tho shipment. It has been
two years since hay dropped to the
seven dollar notch.
Gelling Ready for Parcels Post.
Postmaster Davis has begun making
arrangements for the increased business
which will follow tho inauguration of
thpharccls post servico on January 1st.
It is anticipated Hint this service will
largely incrousc tho work of thp cur
riers, ns nil packages will bo delivered
to consignoro on the city routes; in
fact it is belived that the parcels Will
bo so many In numbers that it will be
necessary to mako the delivery by
wagon or motor car. Packages up to
eleven pounds in weight and seventy
two Inches in length' nnd girth com
bined, can bo sent through the malls.
Four or flvo audi packages would make
a good lOud for a carrier.
It is probable that tho big increnso
' under tho parcels post will be on the
rural routes, nnd in some instances
those carriers will need n furm wagon
to transport tho parcels.
- ' ', .it: i:,,:,1. ,
Chamber of Commerce.
Tho resolution passed by tho Chnmbe.r
xof Commerco at n rucutit meeting rela
tive to tho betterjng of train servico
on tho North rivor branch nnd west on
tho main lino to Julosburg wna nubmit
tod to President A. L. Mohler nnd by
him referred diroctH.oGenerol Manager,
Charles Wnro for nttcntion .
As local secrotary I am in receipt of
a letter from Mr. Wnro stating that
tho present branch line sorvicodocs not
pay nnd that tho pntrons of tho com
pany can not "consistently expect them
to provide additional sorvfeo so long ns
thoro ia not sufficient business to make
. tho presont service remunerative." Thu
same argumonUs urged with reference
to the additional service on tho main
lino west, stating further that to extend
N tho Borvica Of tho evening Omaha local
on west to Julcsburg and back in tho
, morning, without disturbing Its prosont
nrrlving nnd lenving tlmo in North
Platto, would make its timo of arrival
and departure at Julesburg nt such un
reasonable hours that it would not be
nt ull attractive,
Mr. Mohler and Mr. Ware both tnk
this matter up from tho Btnnd point of
'present business and this is not a true
test It would seem to mo, but rather
that' a forecast of tho futuro business
undor tho accommodations asked for
should bo considered in determining the
advisability of tho change Taking into
consideration tho present attitude of the
compnny in regnrd to this matter it
would soom that tho loast that thoy
could do, would be to give tho requested
servico u test trial for a month or two
and if -found not justifiable from the
standpoint of financial returns nnd in.
creased business, their patrons would
' doubtless be consistent in reference to
rurtneringthelr demands In the matter.
This would appear to bo tho only solu
tion of the question at this time,
M. E. Crosby,
i Secretary.
On Friday night. Nov. 29th, there is
to be a box social held nt tho Walker
school, the proceeds from which are to
be used for a very noble purpose; the
benefit of the Sunday school which is
conducted there by the Episcopal church
in town. Mr. Morgan, Bishop ueecher's
missionary, will hnvo charge of tho af
fair on Friday night nnd asks for the
hearty and liberal support of all. In
order to increaso tho attendance at his
Mission services ho has decided to
change tho houra at tho school from
ten a. m. toonop. in., to tako effect
noxt Sunday, It being tho first Sunday
In December. Until further notjee tho
Sunday school will be held at" one
o'clock and the evening service at two
" o'clock. All are welcomo and every
one Is Invitod. Don't forgot ths box
social, Friday, Nov. a)tli. A gomitime
ia assured to all who attend
IV. .v.
Grand Island subscribed $70,000 for. n
Y. M. C. A. builfling, tho canvas' hav
ing neon comploted in four days. That's
tho booster spirit that makes cities of
Woman Suffrage Next.
That a suffrage campaign is impend
ing In Nebraska is plain to every per
son who keeps his eyes and ears open.
For fifty years the nucstion has been
considered in Nebraska. Demand for
recognition of women has been more or
less intermittent. Once a constitutional
umendment extending the frnnchiso to
them was submitted to tho people and
Recent victories for universal suf
frage In four states havo given a new
Impetus to the propaganda. Adoption
of the initiative and referendum in tho
state gives convenient machinery to be
employed in testing once moro public
sent ment on this nucstion. Next month
a stnte suffrage meeting will be held at
Omaha and it is a foregone conclusion
that at that meeting n campaign ror
suflrago will begin.
The time is rine for the movement.
Nebraska citizenship is made up of the
most intelligent and liberal people of
nnv in the world. Here tho principles
of justice and democracy can bo better
established than elsewhere. Why not
votes for womrn7 Fremont Tribune.
"It may not diminish tho president
elect's confidenco in his political destiny
o reflect that he has received a mandate
from lesH than half of tho voters of the
country, but it ought to. mako him
prudent about attempting to reverse
settled national policies approved at
many elections nnd still adhered to by
the majority of tho electorate. The
vote cast for the two protection candi
dates for president ought to counsel ex
treme moderation on his part as n
smasher of tariffs." New York Tri
bune. '
Mrs. Brunce Johnson, of Ogalalla,
spent the week end with local friends.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Williom Storcr went to
Hastings the last of last week to spend
the winter.
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Engloa left yes
tcoday morning for a brief visit with
Omaha friends.
Myrtle and Vicinity,
A youngman of tho regulation weight
arrived at the home of Wm. Pittman
last Wednesday. Mother and son are
doing fine and ill is wearing the smile,
that won't come off.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bicklcv were
North Platte visitors Wednesday.
Mrs. F. D. Tatman loft for Minden,
Nebr., Saturday to visit her parents.
Mcsdames O. Martin and A. Cham
bers, of North Platto, were tho guests
of Wm. Pittman this woek.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Richards gave u
pleasant dancing party Friday night.
Oldest Bank in Lincoln County
State Bank
North Platte, Nebr.
CAPITAL STOCK $100,000.00
Wo Solicit Your Buolnsss.
House of Good Show!
When in Norlh Plaile.
Motion Pictures. Runs Every
Night. Mntlnce Saturday After
noon at 2:30 O'clock.
Homeopathic 1'hyilcUn and Surgeon
Hospital acccmmodatlons. Medical anil
surgical nttcntion given obstetrical cases.
Ollli-o Phono 183 Utvj. Phono 2M
Oillco McDonald State ltanlc lllcl'tr
..rr. ...... ... ..... ......
... ... . . .-... &
Doctors Ames & Ames,
X ,...,., c
C(Wna nuaK Ctnnn Tmifv Pi
- wiiivw wfu uvunu wiujj vw
8 BS
Dine here Today. This Cafe
is the one that will please
your fancy in cleanliness, good
food and service. Prices
Opposite Depot
Union Realty and Investment Company.
Paid lip Capital $50,000. Surplus 50,000.00.
T. C. PATTERSON, President,
First Mortgages on Real Estate Bought, Sold and Negotiated.
This company is prepared to loon money of investors on first mort
gages on real estate, amply secured and drawing eight per cent semi
annual interest. Money ao invested will bo exempt from taxation.
Have You Plumbing Troubles?
Is there need for repairs every few
days? Is your bathroom modern nnd
luxuriantly comfortable? Aro the
kitchen arrangements convonient nnd
sanitary? If not,
Send For Our Plumber.
Not only are wo experts at repair
work, but there will be little need for
repairs if we install your plumbing.
You'll be surprised atour fair estimates
if you "talk price." with us. '- ,
Shop Phone 09. Res. Phono 083
Corner Sixth nnd Locust.
Feels Like a Millionaire.
The man who smokes Schmalzried'a
cigars is a happy, contented fellow,
one of those who may have but a few
dollars in his pocket yet feels as rich as a
millionaire. A good smoke always
brings good feeling, honce there's a
reason for buying Schmalzried-made
The Maker of Good Cigars.
Z Physician and Surrjcon,
Office over McDonald Bank.- y
31 pwo I Office 130
t Phones Re8idence 11B
Auction of School Lands.
Notice is hereby given that on the
23d dny of Dec. 1912, at 1 o'clock , p
m., at the office of the County Treas
urer of Lincoln County, the Commis
sioner of Public Lands and buildings,
or his authorized representative, will
offer for lease at public auction nil
educational land3 within said county
upon which forfeiture of contracts has
been declared ns follows:
NJS Wi 16-14-33 J. L. Case.,
SI 16-10-33 T. T. Padgett.
SJ S W J 3G-1C-29 S. B. Callender.
Lot Ono 16-14-34 John Bratt. .
All 10-9-32 James Doyle.
All 3G-9-32 James Doyle. . .
S E 1 N El 36-16-34 Lvdia A. Cb-Hns.
E. B. Cowles, Commissioner of Public
Lands and Buildings.
Dated Nov. 12, 1912.
n the county court In and for Lincoln county,
In tho matter of the estate of Andrew W. Fran
cisco, deceased, ,.
Btato of Nebraska, county of Ltncoln.'Vs.
To all persons Interested In the cutato of
Andrew W. Kranclsco, deceased.
Whereas Andrew W.Francisco Jr. has filed in my
oflice an instrument purporting to be tho last
will and testament of Andrew W. Francisco,
deceased, late of l.os Anirclcs county, California,
together with a certificate of the probtito court
In and for said county of l.os AnKvles, state of
California, and a petition praying to have tho
some admitted to probate, which will and testa
ment relato to both real and personal property.
It is therefore ordered that the 17th day of
December, 1012, nt 0 o'clock, a' m., at my oljlco In
said county, be fixed as tho time and place sot for
proving said will, at which time and place, you
and all concerned may appear and contest tho
probato of the same.
It la further ordered that said petitioner1 (rive
notice to all persons Interested In said estate of
the pendency of said petition, and of tho time
nnd place set for hearing of said petition. And by
cnusing a copy of this order to bo publishtd In
tho North Platto Tribune, a legal weekly news
paper published In North Platte, Lincoln county,
Nebraskn, and of general circulation In Enid
county for three successlvo weeks previous to the
day set for hearing, viz: December 17th, 1912.
In witness whereof I havo hereunto set mv
hand nnd afllxed tho oillclal seal this ICth day of
November, lull:.
n29-3 John Grant, County Judge.
B. BUCHANAN, Sec'y and Treas.
Dt JjedfiBld qedfield,
Physicians and Surgeons.
JOG B. REDF1ELD, Physician.
Physicians & Surgeons
, . Hospital . .
The North Platte
School of Music
The University School of
Music, Lincoln, Nebraska
Elizabeth Bonncr-Cramer
All the principal branches of Ap
plied and Theoretical Music taught by
competent teachers. , 1V '
Addre3s all inquiries to 122 W. Front
street or phone BlacK 341.
Telephone Red 456 605V4 Dewey St.
North Platte. Nebraska.
Signet Chapter O.E. S.,
NO. 55
Meets 2nd and 4th Thursday of every
month at Masonic Hall at 7:30 p. m.
$5 Per Acre.
This is the Cheap Land Man.
Havo a Talk With Me.
Fifty full uect Ion a thrown on tho market
by this bit; cattlo company reducing their
ranite. From $5 to $7 per acre. I will sell
you 640 acres for $1,000 cash, balance five
years at 6 per cent Interest, I can locate
you from 9 to 16 miles from Brady, Nebr.,
nnd only 23 miles east cf North Prattc,
in thn best corn, wheat, rye and oats belt,
and lots of grass. Start in cattlo do not
pay high rent get a .home of your own.
This opportunity knocks at your door but
Main Omce-G. A. WEST, Secy and Treas,
Ity Exchange Bldg, Milwuukee.SWis.
General Manager's OHlco-W. P, BRYAN,
Gothenburg, Neb.
Local Salesman's Office
C. B. Schleicher
Brady, Neb.
Notice. ;pM
To Whom It Mny Concern:- $y
Notice Is hereby given that tho nlayor nnd city
council will hold a special meeting.. beginnuiK at
tho hour of S:00 p. m., (central Mmo)' Tuesday,
December 10th, 1912, in the lecture room of tho
library building for tho nuniose of maklnir as
sessments for tho cutting of weeds for.tho season
of 1012 on the following dcscribecl'lotd In tho city
of North Platte, Nebraska:- '-'
The cost of cutting each piece, set ppposltc each
parcel. ""
Im13, niock 9, MlUcr's Addition, $1.0J
Lot i. Block 9. Miller's Addition, S1.00
Lot 5. 1!lock 6, Miller's Addition, 1.00
Lot C, Ulock 6, Miller's -Addltlonh.(K) '
It 1, niock 16. Miller's Addltlon?r.O0,
It2, Ulock 10, Miller's Addltlbn;il,0fl
Lot 5. Ulock II, Miller's Addition; 1.00
Ixt G. Block 14. Miller's Addition, 1.00
Lot 7. Block 14. Miller's AddlUon, l.QQ
I.ot 8. Block 14, Miller's Additlonri.W
It 1, Block 3, Sopth Psrk AddltlonVM)
It 2, Block 3, South Park Addition, 1,00
Lot 3, Block 3, South Park Addition. 1.00
Lot 4. Block 3, South Park Addition, 1.00
Lot E, Block 3, South Park Addition, l.OO
Ixit 6. Block 3. South Park Addition. 1.00
Lot 2, Block 11, South Park Addition. 1.00
Lot 3, Block 11, South Park Addition, 1.00
ImI 4, Block 11, South Park Addition 1.00
N-M of W of B1H 8, South Park Addition 2.00
Lot 7. Block 4, Trustee's Addition, J.IXI
Lot 8, Block 4, Trustee's Acklltlonl.W
Lot 1, Block 8, Tnisteo's Addition, 1.00
Lot 2, Block 8. Tnisteo's AUdltion. l.OO
Lot 11. Block 8, Trustee's Addition, 1.00
Lot 12, Block 8, Trusteo's Addition, 1.00
Lot 3. Block 3. Trustee's Addition, 1.00
Lot 4, Block 3. Trustee's Addition, 1,00
Lot 8. Block 3. Trustee's Addition. 1.00
Ixt 1, Block 9, Trusteo's Addition,. 1.00
Lot 2, Block 9, Trustee's Addition, 1.00
Lot 3, Block 9, Trusteo's Addition, 1.00
Lot 7, Block 10, No. Platte Town Lot Co's Ad
dition, 1.00 .'
Lot 8, Block 10, No. Platto Town Lot Co's Ad
dition, 1.00
Lot 9. Block 10, No. Platte, Town Lot Co's Ad
dltion, 1.00
Ix)t 10, Block 10, No. Platto Town Lot Co's Ad
dltion, 1.00
Lot 4, Block C, North Platto Town Lot Co's Ad
dition, 1.00
Lot 8. Block C, North Platto Town Lot Co's Ad
dition, 1.00
Lot 0, Block C, No. Platte Town Lot Co's Ad
dlUon, 1.00 ,.
tat 4. Block 7, No. PiatteTown Lot Co's Ad
dition, 1.00
Lot 6. Block 7, North Platto Town Lot Co's Ad
dlUon, 1.00
Lot 7, Block 3, Taylor's Addition, 1.00
Lot 8, Block 3, Taylor's Addition, 1.00
tat 1, Ulock 8. Taylor's Addition. 1XO
tat 3, Block 7, Hlnman's Second Addition, 1.00
Lot 4, Block 7, Hlnman's Second Audition, 1,00
tat 1. Block 122, Original town, 1.00 ' '
tat 1, Block 189, Orltrinal town. 1,00
tat 2, Block 189, Original town, llor
tat 5, Block 84, Original town. 1,00
tat 6, Block 84. Original town. 1)00 ,
Lots. Ulock 160, Original town. 1.00
tat 4, Ulock 88, Original town. 1.00
tat 3. Ulock 83. Original town, 1.00 -tat
7, Block 15S, Original town, 1,00
tat 8, niock 183, Original town, 1.00
tat 1. Block 108, Original town, 1.00
tat 2, niock 108, Original town, l.OO
tat 3, Block 108, Original town, 1.00
tat 6. Ulock 108. Original town, 1.00
tat 7, Block 108, Original town, IMJ "
tat 8, Block 108, Original town, 1.00 .
tat 7, Block 161, Original town, 1,00
tat 1, Block 101, Original town, 1.00
tat 4. Block 120, Original town, 1.00
tat 6, Block 141, Original town, 1.00
tat 2, Block 88, Original town, 1.00
tat 3, Block 88, Original, town, 1.00
iaii 4, uiock 68, Original town, l.uu
All person interested will Die their objections,
if any thoy jave. to the assessing of taxes against
tho auuvp described property on or before 6:00
o'clock p, m., (central time) December 10th, 1912.
CHAS. V. TEMPLK. City Clerk.
Estray Notice.
Taken up on my premises 8 miles
northwest of North Platte, Nob., tho
following described cattle towit: one
black three year old hoifor and two
red yearling heifers, No brands or
other marks on same.
C. P. Howard.
Hot Water Bottles and
Syringes our Specialty.
Wo hove ju"t received direct
from factory our new line. Note
our prices:
Rubber complexion brushes .25
Bulb syringes red rubber.. .$1.00
2-qt hot water bottle 75
3-qt hot-water bottle 1.00
2-qt fountain rapid ilow
.syringe 95
3-qt fountain syringe 1.15
2-qt combination syringj and
hot water bottle 1.60
3-qt combination syringe nnd
whirlpool spray syringes. . 2.25
All rubber goods an? guaranteed
from one to three years.
We carry extra tubes and
fittings for bottles and syringes.
For mail or express ndd 2oc.
""PHONE 28.
Stone Drug Co.,
Office phone 241. Res. phone 217
Osteopathic Physician.
North Platte, - - Nebraska.
McDonald Bank Building.
A few choice young
Also a few Cows and
One Nile South of the U. P. Depot.
Of the Best Quality.
Paine Fishburn
Granite Co.,
W. T. ALDEN, Salesman
.The Old Reliable
When your clothes need pressing,
cleaningand repairing, let tho Old Re
liable Tailor do it and do it right. We
have been doing this work in North
Platto for thirty yenrs, know how to
do jt and do it the .way it should be
That means satisfaction to you.
Entrance .north of the jNyal drug store.
Jakob Jakobsen, defendant, will take
notice chat.on tiie Kith day of October,
1912, Inter-State Live Stock Commis
sion Company, a corporation, plaintiff
herein, filed Its petition in the district
court of Lincoln county, Nebraska,
against said defendant, the object and
prayer of which are to recover judg
ment for $1600.00 on a note dated Apl.
26, 1912, for $3000.00 payable six
months after date to the plaintiff and
signed by the defendant Jakob Jakob
sen, on which note there would be
$1500.00 due October 2C, 1912, and for
costs of suit; affiant further says that
plaintiff has caused writs of attach
ment to issue in said action to the sher
iffs of Lincoln and Perkins counties,
Nebraska, and under said writ of at
tachment the sheriff of Lincoln county,
Nebraska, seized the following property
ofl the defendant to-wit: 1 spotted
pony, 1 set of single harness. 1 single
seated buggy, 1 black bull, 1 black.cow
and one red cow: and the sheriff' gf'
Perkins county, Nebraska.Vbaa seized
the following property of the defendant
to-wit: 5 black and white spotted
calves, 3 red calves, 1 white faced year
ling bull and 1 roan bull with lump on
You are required to answer said peti
tion on or before the 23rd day of De
cember, 1912.
Inteh-State Live Stock Commis-
mission Company, a Corporation,
By Wilcox, Halligan & Mothersead.
n82-4 Its Attorneys.
Serial No. 02H5.
Department of tho Interior.
U. S. Land Olllce at North Platte. Nebr.
Oct. 16, 1912.
Notice is hereby given that John F. Illn
man, of North Platte, Nobrtwho, on July 14,
1901, made II. E. entry No. 20365. Serial No.
02145, fpr NHSWW.NK SEW. NEW Section
32, twp. 12. N. rge. 31. west of the 6th Principal
Meridian, has filed notice of Intention to make
final live year proof, to establish claim to the
land above described, beforo the register and
receiver, at North Platto, Nebr., on the 12th
day of Doc. 1912.
Claimant names as witnesses: Arthur Con
nor. Curt lllnman; Thomas Rogan, Carl Ilrocder,
all of North Platte. Nebr.
o29-6 J. E. Evans Register.
Notice Is hereby given that on tho
3rd. day of December, 1912, a special
election will be held in the School Dis
trict of the City of North Plntte, in the
County of Lincoln, in the State of Ne
braska; the polling places to bo as
follows: For that portion of said Dis
trict north of the tracks of tho Union
Pacific Railroad Company, at the Hose
House in the Fourth Ward in the City
of North Plntte, Lincoln County, Ne
braska; for that portion of snid District
south of the tracks of tho Union Pacific
Railroad Company and west of Dewey
Street and public road No. G which is a
continuation of Dewey street, at the
Hose llouso in the Third Ward of said
City of North Platto; nnd for that por
tion of said District south of the tracks
of the Union Pacific Railroad Company
and east of said Dewey street and pub
lic road No. G, the same being a contin
uation of Dewey street, at tho Hose
House in the First Ward in the City of
North Platto. t
At which said election the following
proposition will be submitted to the
voters of said School District:
"Shall tho School Districtof tho City
of North Platte, in the County of Lin
coln, in tho State of Nebraska, issue its
negotiable bonds in tho sum of $20,000,
00, in denominations $1,000.00 onch
uateti on tno m. uay ot April, 1913,
bearing intorest nt tne rato of 6 per
cent por annum, payable semi-annunlly,
principal and interest payable at the
fiscal agency of tha State of Nebraska
in tne wty ot jjjew- York, and payable
a3 follows, to wit: In twenty years
from the data therof, but may be paid
ut nnv time after ten vears from tho
dato thereof at the option of the Board
oi fcancation ot saut, s.cnool District.
Said bonds to be issued for the pur
pose of erecting nnd furnishing one
eight-room school building in the First
Ward of the City of North Platte, Ne
braska on block 168 in said ward.
And shall the Board of Education of
the School District of the City of North
Platte, in the County of Lincoln, in the
State of Nebraskn, be authorized to
cause to be levied and collected a tax
annually in an amount sufficient to pay
the interest and principal of said bonds,
at the same mature, in addition to the
taxes now authorized to be levied by
law on all property within tho said
School District.
The ballots to be used atsaid election
shall have printed thereon:
"For issuing $20,000.00 of tho bonds
of the school district of the city of
North Platte, in the county of Lincoln,
in tho state of Nebraska, for tho pur
pose of erecting and furnishing one
eight-room school building on block 168
in the First ward of the city of North
Platte, Nebraska, in said district. Said
bonds to be negotiable in form and to
bear interest at the rate of five per
cent per annum, payable semi-annually,
principal and interest payable at the
fiscal agency of the state of Nebraska.
in the city of New York and which said
bonds shall be due as follows: In twenty
years from the date thereof, but may
be paid at any time after ten years
from the date thereof, at the option of
the Board of Education of said school
district; and for levying and collecting
a tax annually in an amount sufficient
to pay the "interest and principal of said
bonds, as the same mature, in addition
to the taxes now authorized to be levied
by law, on all property within tho said
school district."
'Against issuing $20,000.00 of the
bonds of tho school district of the city
of North Platte, in the county of Lin
coln, in the state of Nebraska, for the
purpose of erecting and furnishing one
eight, room school building on block 168
in the First ward, of the city 6f North
Platte, Nebraskn, within said district."
Said bonds to be negdtiable in form
nnd to bear interest at the rate of five
per cent per annum payable
emi-annually, principal and inter
est navable at the fiscal nirpnpv nf t.hn
state of Nebraska in the city of New
York and which said bonds snail be due
as .follows: In twenty years from the
date, thereof but may bo paid at
any time after ten years from the date
thereof, at the option of the
board of education of Raid school dis
trict; and against levying and collecting
a tnx annually, in an amount sufficient
to pay the interest and principal of
said bonds, an-the same mature, in ad
dition to the taxes, now authorized by
law, on all property within the said
school district."
Those voting in favor of said propo
sition shall mark their ballots with an
"X" after the paragraph beginning
"For issuing $20,000.00 of the bonds of
the school district of the city of North
Platte in the cpunty of Lincoln, in tho
state of Nebraska.
Those yoting against said proposition
shall mark their ballots with nn "X"
after the paragraph beginning
"Against issuing $20,000.00 of the
bonds of the school district of the city
of North Platte, in the county of
Lincoln, in the state of Nebraska."
Said election to be open at (8) eight
o'clock a. m. nnd contiune open until
(G) six o'clock p. m'. central time on
said date.
Dated this 21st day of October 1912.
By order of the board ' of education,
E. T; '.Tramp, President.
A. F.Streitz, Secretary.
SerUl No. 03782.
Department ot the Interior.
IT. 8. Land OOtco at North Platte. Neb.
. Oct. 11th. 1812.
Notice lshbre.br given that Alexander M.
Oreeofjr. ot Somerset, Nob., who. on Mar.
19th. 1W. WaV II. E. No. 23S83. Serial
No. 037H2, for wK of so4, Hec 18. Township 11.
north. Itansre30. W.. tb Principal Meridian,
has filed notice of Intention to make final
three year proof, to establish claim to the
land above described, before Register and
Receiver, at North Platte. Neb., on tho 11th
day of Dec. 1912.
Claimant names as witnesses: Ed. Wilson,
of North I'lattt, Nebr, George V Miller, of
Pomerbot. Nebr . Amanda Kunkle and Grant
Trlbtile. of North Platto. Nebr-
oU-0 J. E. Evans. Register.
State of Nebraska, Lincoln County, S. S,
In the County Court, October 25, 1912.
In the Matter of tho Estate of John
Franzen, deceased.
On reading and filing the petition of Charley
Holm, praying that the Instrument filed on the
25th day of October. 1912. and purporting to be
the last will and testament of the said deceased,
may be proved, approved, probated allowed and
recorded as the last will nnd testament of the
saldMohn Franzen, deceased, and that the exe
cution of said instrument may bo committed and
the administration of said estate may be granted
to himself as executor.
Ordered. That Nov. 19th. 1912, at 0 o'clock a.
m. Is assigned for hearing said petition when all
persons Interested in said matter may appear at a
county court to be held in and for sad county and
show cause why the prayer of petitioner should
not bo granted. A copy of this order to be pub
lished In the North Platte Tribune, a legal semi
weekly newspaper for three successive weeks
prior to said date of hearing,
2y- , County Judge.

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