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No. 8
rank Elliott returned last evening
from a short visit in Ogalalla.
E. A. Surbcr left this morning for
Sutherland to spend a week or longer
on business.
.Tho'D. of H. Social Club will meet
with Mrs. Tim Hanifin next Tuesday
.Miss Violet Brooks, of Gothenburg,
who has been visiting her aunt Mrs. E.
A. Surber will return home Monday.
Leslie Baskins camo up from the
state university Wednesday evening to
spend his holidayu with the homo folks.
"Bob" Waldo, who has been em
ployed in Cheyenne for a year past, ia
sponding this weok with town friends.
Earl Carlton, who has been conduct
ing a shoe repairing shop at Sidney for
some time, is spending this week in
Robert Sullivan roturned last evening
from Sidney where he had been working
for the tolephone company for several
Clyde Cummings and a party of young
folks camo up from Lexington hist
evening to attend the dance at the
Masonic hsvll.
Charles Hendy, Jr., of Denver, re
turned homo last eyening after visiting
his family whoare guests at the Bratt
"Your gift must give future satis
faction' as well as immediate pleasure."
Nothing more lasting than good jewelry.
Dixon, The Jeweler.
Miss Pearl Howland who has been
teaching at Keystone came down Wed
nesday visit her aunt Mrs. Albert
Lewis Highsnider, formerly of this
city, who has been employed in Omaha
for several weeks, is spending this
Aveek with town friends.
Mrs. George White and children, of
Sutherland.returned homathis morning
having been the jue'st of Mrs. White's
brother Will Hawley for a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. A. ,W. Archer will leave
,- about the first of the year for Paris,
where Mr. Archer will study architect
ure for a year or so. "Mr. Archer ex
pects to complete his work here about
Try an expert watchmaker if your
watch does not keep good time.
Clinton, The Bizzy Jeweler.
Proves a Fiasco.
The boxing exhibition at the Lloyd
last evoning between Smith of Sidney
andLange of Omaha proved a fiasco, due
to tho fact that the night before Smith,
while undor the influence of liquor,
went out joy riding, fell from the car
and Injured his hand and arm so bndly
that when he appeared in tho ring
he was unable to do much sparring. He
did not divulge his condition to the
promotors of the event until just before
entering the ring, and thoy, the prom
otors, announced that those of tho
audience who were not satisfied, would
have their admission fee refunded. A
few took advantage of this offer. The
promoters had hoped to give the pat
rons an evening of .clean sport, and
that the affair ended as it did was not
their fault. Had Smith been in con
dition it is probable that he would have
clearly outclassed Lange.
Owners of city property, lots or
houses, can find sale for same by list-
ins with us. Property priced right finds
ready sale. Buchanan & Patterion.
Henry Schrieber returned this morn
ing from a visit in eastern towns.
The Record Keeper of the L. 0. T.
M. will be at the Newton storo Satur
day. 'Mrs. W. H. Combs wont to Brady
yesterday to spond several days with
For Rent Two front rooms forlight
houso keeping. Inquire at 804 Dewey
or phono Red 240
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Tetro, of Brady,
were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Elliott yesterday.
Miss Rose Horn, of Omaha, is ex
pected tomorrow to visit Miss Ethel
Donegan for a weok.
George La Salle, cashier of the
Chappsl National bank, is visiting James
Sebastian this week.
Dell Bonner returned to tho State
University this morning after spending
a few days with the home folks.
Eben Warner, former" manager of the
telephone oflice. came down from Chad-
dron Wednesday evoning to spend a
few days on business.
You Know. "' ,
How you like your linen laundered.
Tell us and we will' do it to suit.' you.
We use no chemicals, sow on buttons
and mend free of charge.
"Your Bosom Friend."
Phone 77.
ShortOrders at Popular Prices.
25c Luncheon from 12 PL, to
1:30 p. m.
LS F. T. GARVIN, Prop.
L-f- "jl
SjSr-s- - ;
HS VWT? H iacdU5iA
Ornamental. Inexpensive.
Lasts for years. Easilymoved
from place to place.
For best results use
Perfection Oil.
writes us that he warms his
milk-wagon on cold days
with a Perfection Oil
Heater. -
k He m'aTcesrus bounds
in comfort. Zero weath
er doesn't bother him.
This milkman has
adapted this wonderful
little heater to his own
particular needs.
You may not drive a
milk-wagon, but there are
countless ways in which
one of these heaters would
be a convenience and
comfort to you in your
home. You can adapt it to
your own requirements.
At Dealers Everywhere
Chamber of Commerce Meeting
At a meeting of tho Board of Direc
tors of the Chamber of Commerco Wed
nesday evening, J. G. Beoler sumbitted
tho report of R. H.. Willis on "Estimate
of Cost of Reconstruction of Old South
Side Canal" which report was in de
tail showing cost of all items of tho
construction of a modern irrigation
canal, which when completed will place
25,000 acres under irrigation, Tho es
timated cost, allowing for nil contin
gencies and tho best of workmanship
and materials was under $100,000.00,
The report was, accepted and referred
back to the committee for their further
action toward placing the information
therein contained in the hands of the
property owners under said proposed
canal. The committee will prepare
this report for publication in full at a
later dato.
The good roads committee reported
the work being done through tho county
commissioners under the supervision of
County Roads Supervisor, Otto Thoe
lecke, on the three main roads to the
north, showing that the samo were
being hayed and clayed as fast as pos
sible and will soon be placed in the best
condition. '
A report was received from the Rail
road committee showing that they had
been unable to secure the relief re
quested from the company, in roferonce
to better train service, for the reasons
as stated by the company officials that
their present service on the branch was
being operated at a loss. The matter
was left in the hands of the committee
however for their further action looking
to the securing of relief from the pre
sent inadequate service.
M. E. Crosby, Secretary.
Defeats Cheyenne.
Eight hundred or a thousand people
assembled at the foot ball grounds
yesterday afternoon to see what had
been heralded as "tho" game of the
liason, tho Cheyenne warriors being
the opposing team. And it was "tho''
gamo, but only as it related to the
ecorc made by tho local eleven, the
vi si tots securing nine points while the
North Platte boys run up 110. As the
score Indicates, the game was not of
particular Interest, it was so "easy"
as to almost make it fa c ca). When
tho teams assembled on the Held the
visitors looked like sanitarium patients
as compared with heavy North Plotters,
but there was a chance that what tho
Choyennese lacked in "beof" might
be mado up in team work and srrmt
ing. This hope, however, was dissi
pated aftor the first two minutes of
play, during which the locals mado a
touch down and kicked goal. The only
gains made by tho visitors and they
were fewwore made by forward
passes, and the ficotness of foot of
one or two players. It was by this
method that thoy scored a goal kick,
tho other two points boing secured by
means of a "safety."
In general playing there was no com
parison in the work of the two teams,
tho locals outclassing tho visitors nt
evory point. Every North Platte player
showed up strong, and it is to bo re
gretted that the last game of the sea
son was with so weak a team.
The North Platto team ended tho
season without a defeat, nnd this too
after having played with all tho strong
teams of western Nebraska, thestrong
i a t an in Colorado and the supposed
champions of Wycminp.
Apparently the only high school team
in the state that might prove interest
ing for North P'atto would bo Omaha,
and efforts have been made to secure a
gamo with that team, but so far the
the efforts havo been futile.
James Morton returned Wednesday
from n short stay in Denvor.
Konnoth Basset, of 8idnoy, was a
guest at tho LoDoyt home yesterday.
Robert Armstrong, of Choyenno,
visited his family in this city yostorday.
Roland Banks, of Loxington, spent
Thanksgiving with his uncle W. T.
Banks and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fleishman ore
enjoying n visit from tho latters' sister
Miss Donovitch of Omaha who arrived
hero Wednesday.
Wanted Girl for general housework.
G02 West 4th. Phone 2&1. tf
Mrs. Harry Vincent, formerly of this
city, camo from Holdrego Wednesday
evening to spend a week with friends.
Federated Crafts' Dance.
The first annual ball to bo given by
the Federated Crafts was held at the
Lloyd opera house Wednesday evening.
Although the attendance was not as
largo as the affair deserved, yet the
number of dancers comfortably filled
the hall and enjoyed the fine program
of twenty-six dances. Prior to the
flrstwaltz a concert was given by the
Stamp Orchestra which received gener
ous applause from the spectators and
Dancing continued until midnight
when one hour intermission Was given
to partake of supper at various cafes
and the dancers returned to the hall to
complete the program. Tho dancing
cards were neatly covered and tho
order of dances arranged to suit al
present. The ball taken as a whole
was one of the social successes of the
Theatre Tuesday, Dec. 3rd,
WM.A. BRADY, Ltd. Presents the
Greatest Play of the Day
Paid For."
Direct From a Year's Run at William A. Brady's Play House, Now
YorkCiiy. It has the "Punch." Big. Throbbing, Real.
Prices SO Cents to $1.50.
"Bought and Paid For.".
Broadhursts social drama "Bought
and Paid For" will be given at the
Keith Tuesday evening by a first cfcss
Robert Stafford, n, powerful nnd
domineering financier, has married
Virginia Blake, a telephone girl. After
their marriage, Stafford begins coming
home drunk nt almost regular intervals,
and forcing upon his wife his drunken
attention. Virginia has borne it as long
as she could. On this particular night
no is uuusuauy ouensive. nicer cue
other members of the party family have
departed he beginB to make love abnox
iously. She" pleads with him, tries to
appeal to his madhood; escapes several
times from his embraces. But ho is
persistant. He follows her about the
room. At length he goes to the door
and orders champagne brought to tho
apartment with two glasses. Ho tries
to get his wife ta drink with him, but
she refuses. He becomes angry and lets
forth nn ucly stream of words, airain
he tries to catch her nnd force his dis
gusting kisFes upon her. She throws
him off, and tells him ho is robbing her
of her self-respect. He becomes ugly
nnd insulting. He tells her he has
bought and paid for her; that she was
nothing until he came-and lifted herout
of her poverty. Ho says ho hns given
her everything and that now she spurns
his affections; ho declares ho has a legal
right to her, and by sheer brute force
lie Holds ner in ins arms una kisses tier.
She tears away from him and rushes in
to her room locking the door. Inflamed
by his drunkon passion he snatches tho
heavy brass fire-tonga and crying in
blind frenpy that ho had a right to her,
ho crashes in the heavy wooden panel
of her door and forces his way into her
room .
Opposite Depot
i Hi
Dine here Today. This Cafe
is the one that will please
your fancy in cleanliness, good
food and service. Prices
and Saturday.
Thy Will be Done
Bob's Deception
The Bomerang
The Mathews Musical Trio,
in Musical Selections and
a Big Contortion Act.
10e and 15c
Comfort to California. I
"The brilliant sparkling of real cut
glass is always u welcome sight in any
home." ?.lay we have the pleasure of
showing you some of our new designs.
Dixon, The Jeweler.
Mrs. Matt Walsh and children, form
erly of this city who are now residents
of Bridgeport, nrrived a few days ago
to visit nor mother Mrs. Mary Baker.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Tollofsen, of
Sutherland, visited the latters' parents.
Mr. and Mjs. George Donehower yes
terday. Edward Mulcahy, who has been em
ployed in CI eyenne for several months,
pent Thanksgiving with the Murphy
For Sale In front of V. II . Sullivan's
second hand store on Saturday at 2 p.
m., all illy .household goods including
an upright organ, 2 iron beds, bed
springs, mattresses, sideboard, dressers,
commode, wash stand, range, dishos,
cooking utensils, dining room table and
chaira. V. D. Mathis.
trmm tt &
travel m
There are manyroutes'to select from, each having special fea
tures. Arrange your trip to California orpoints intermediate so
that you can go over one route and return by way of another,
traveling all the way over the lines of tho
Oiioe-Seethem Pacific
Every inch of main line is protected by Automatic
Electric Block Safety Stgnals
In addition, two-thirds of the distance to Ogden is double
tracked .
The above features-j-Automatic Electric Block Safety 'Signals
and heavy double track, together with its dustless gravel roadbed,
fast and splendid equipped electric lighted trains, direct, route and
excellent dining enrr havo given to these lines the title
See Denver. Ogden, Salt lake City nnd many other popular
tourist points enroute. '
For literature and further information relative to
fores, routes, etc., coll on or address
F. JB. BUIjXiARB Agent.
Scene from "Bought and Paid For" at the Keith Tuesday,
December 3d.
A Full Size SOc Box of
Make-Man Tonic Tablets
Arc you weak nnd nervous ? Do
ydu suffer from backaches, rheumati&m,
or kidney trouble? Are your stomach and (11
Restive organs Constantly getting out of whack,
so that you can't enjoy your meals any more?
Are you losing weight? Uo you sleep poorly? is
your body weak and crying lor Homething that la
lack Inn? What you most likely need Is more rich,
pure blood coursing through your veins, giving
life and vigor to your entire system. Your body l
famished. Your entire system (scrying fornour
lshment. What you need Is atonic, a health-giv.
Ing. pure-blood-making tonic Maht-ManTonic
Tabid they help mnko men and women
strong; they give new life, new strength, to Im
poverished, run-down, over-worked nervous sys
tems. In order that you and every one who does
not know theue wonderful health-giving, life
saving tablets, we make thlsunusualofier: Simply
cutout coupon, fill In your name and address
send no money just the coupon, and you will
receive absolutely free, our regular 50 cent box of
MakMan Tome Tabttt; Remember, send no
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own sake and those who love you, cut out this
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9 I have heter umm!
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Drug-gUt's Namo.... ........................ ..........
My Name
Sold and recommended in North Platte by Schiller & Co., Family
Druggists, first door north of First National Bank.

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