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VWkel Fri
No. 88
Willinm Nichols, of Grand Island, is
visiting Mr. nnd Mrs. W. A. Skinner.
Miss Irene McGcc tins been elected to
teach in the South Bluff school south of
the city.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Howard Lawhcari wore
visitors in Grand Island the first of this
Lost Pink silk bag between Fifth
and Ash and the Masonic hall. Return
to Miss Birge.
Attorney James Keefe left yesterday
afternoon for Julesburg to spend a few
days on legal business.
Rev. and Mrs. Bolinger, of Suther
ladd, arc guests of Rev. and Mrs. Chas.
B. Harman this week.
Mrs. Homer Handlov is assisting in
the Tramp dry goods department during
the illness of Miss Comfort Conway.
Mrs. John Munick, of Hooper, who
had been theiguest of her mother Mrs.
Charles Leirk for ten days left yester
day morning.
David L. Rice, of Elm Creek and
Salma Ncilson, of Montpelier, Ida.,
"Were quietly married Saturday evening
by Judge Grant.
The Ladies Guild of the Episcopal
church will meet Thursday afternoon
at the Guild house. Refreshments will
be Berved.
For Sale In front of court house on
Dee. 9th at 1:30 p. m. 7 room house on
9ch and Willow street, formerly the
Babbitt property. 88-2
In the distvict court yesterday Anna
N. Davis was granted a divorce from
Earl W. Davis on the grounds of non
support and desertion.
Mrs. John McEvoy and children, of
Denver, who were called hero last week
by the death of Mrs. P. H. McEvoy,
Avill return home this evening.
Owen W. Sprigg, of Kansas City and
Miss Mae Nolen were quietly married
Saturday evening by Rev. McDaid.
They will reside in Kansas City.
The first of a series of parties to be
given by the T. M. E. club recently
organized will be held at the home of
Miss Alma Waltemath Friday evening.
"Cody's Addition" only three bloclts
from the new U. P. round house, and
a continuation of the best resident sec
tion of the city.
A billiard tournament will be held at
the Elks' club room for ten days Le
ginning Friday evening. Twenty of
the best players of the club have entered.
On the grounds of cruelty and non
support Katherine Hutchins was granted
a divorce from Louis Hutchins in the
district conrt this week. They wero
married in this city in 1909.
Bratt & Goodman have a few extra
choice mortgage loans netting seven
and eight per cent, semi-annual inter
ests, the mortgages not taxable. Noth
ing safer for your idle money.
Take your picturo to C. M. Newton's
to bo framed.
Miss Anna Pielsticker, of Wallace, is
visiting her brother this week.
Miss Betty Ilinman spent Sunday
with Lexington friends.
Miss Ruby Manuel returned Sunday
evening from a short visit in Lexington.
Attorney George Gibbs is transacting
legal business in Sutherland today.
Attorney J. S. Hoagland is trying a
case in Julesburg this week.
Big line of useful presents for men
at Clabaugh's.
The Lady Forresters met Friday
evening nnd took in a class of new
Mrs. J. C. Fedorhoof returned this
morning from a short Visit in Omaha
with friends.
Messrs. Will and Peter Brosius, of
Gandy, are visiting with friends in town
this week.
Pictures framed on short notice at
C. M. Newton's.
Mr. and Mrs. Luther Tucker are the
proud parents of a baby boy which was
born to them yesterday.
Emjl Kosbau was reinstated as Union
Pacific switchman yesterday after
being out of service for eight months.
Money to loan, two to five years
time or out 'of our State Building and
Loan Association returnable same as
rent. Come and see. Bratt & Goodman.
Emma Alkiro was granted a divorce
from Simon Alkiro in the district court
yesterday on the grounds of cruelty
and non support. She was given the
custody of the six year old daughter.
Misses Beth Cunningham and Ger
trudo Baker returned to their schools
in Gothenburg Sunday evening, having
spont the week end with local friends
and relatives.
The best investment you can make
is to have your automobile oyerhauled.
Let us do it or you now. Until w
get into our now quarters which will bo
the most complete shop and nifty
garage between Omaha and Denver,
work will be done in private' garage in
west part of town near my home
work will be done by an expert of
some eleven year3 experience who
understands an automobile from A to
Z and satisfied vustomcrs will be our
best assets. Work fully guaranteed.
Tolephone Black G27 and wo will talk
it over with you.
J. L. Biiuke Auto Co.
For Sale.
One of the nice homes on West
Sixth street within six blocks of Post
office. Shade, southwest front and
ideal home. Can sell very cheap and
on easy terms.
One good house and lot on West
Eight street not far from the business
center and a nice convenient distance
from the new yards at a reasonable
figure. Bratt & Goodman.
dwtFIIMlMUilJl i'I i illnlli'lH y "
JSvory life 7ii.s Its Doaombor. JSvory man Is
looking forward to a conifortuhlo old ago; for
when tho STORMS Ol ADVISltSITY oome, wo
"iri.si to fool that wo aro In, out of ti'otthlo. Old
ago must ooino, and old ago -with adversity Is
a vary OfSMA fv J'UOSriSCT for anyono. If you
want to ho oomfortahly oarod for whon yon
grow old, hogln oaring for yourself now. Start
a bank aooount with us ArOW.
Do YOU1Z hanking with
The First National Bank,
Tho Largest Sank In Western Nebraska.
Local and Personal
Theodore Lowe went to Omaha last
evening to spend a week on business.
Oscar Sandall is spending this week
In Omaha, where he is transacting
Miss Bessio Williams whohad been in
charge of tho Hub mlllincryleft Sunday
for Grand Island.
J. W. Stuart, of Lexington, who
visited the Tighe family this week loft
for homo this morning.
Wm. Hawley left last evening to
spend a weok or longer hunting in tho
western part of the state.
Miss Rose Horan.of Omnha, returned
homo this morning, having visited Miss
Ethel Donegan for several days.
The city council will meet in regular
session this ovening, and will transact
business hirgely of a routine nature.
Mrs. Mnry O'Haro nnd daughter
Anna left yesterday for Omaha, where
they will spend a week or more on
Mrs. Alex Fenwick returned yester
day afternoon from Cheyenne where
she spont the past week with her
Lots in "Cody's Addition" will be
sold on easy terms. i
Tho Nevita club will meet tomorrow
afternoon with Mrs. W. P. Snyder.
Conveyances will bo in waiting at tho
home of Mrs. Geo. Vosceipka.
The Lutheran aid society will meet
Thursday afternoon with Mrs. T. V.
Austin, who will bo assisted by Mes
dames William and Charles Yost.
"Tho brilliant sparkling of real cut
glass is always a welcome sight in any
home." May we have the pleasure of
showing you some of our new designs.
Dixon, The Jewelor.
Tho aid society of tho Christian
church will meet with Mrs. Welch, 101
west Third street Wednesday after
noon. All members aro requested to
bo there at three o'clock.
Lewis Highsneider, formerly of this
city, who enmo last week to visit
friends and attend the K. C. cert
monies, returned to Boone this morn.
ing. . ,,
"Bought, and Paid For" will be the
attraction nt the Keith thi3 evening.
The play will be presented with tho
same cast that produced the show 47G
nights at one of the New York theatres.
Weather forecast: fair tonight and
Wednesday not much change jn tem
perature. Highest temperature yes
terday 39, a year ago 54; lowest term
porature last night 20, a year ago 20.
Buckskin Jim & Co., acrobats, wild
west vaudovilists and musical perform
ers will open a three-night engagement
at tho Keith Thursday evening as tho
as tho vaudeville feature of the picturo
"Cody's Addition" will have one of
the best sewer systems.
Tho ladies of tho Christian church
will hold an exchange and sale of doll
clothes at Schatz's storo Dec. 21at.
Special orders for doll clothes will be
given prompt attention. Phone black
437 or 357.
Mr. and Mrs. George LeDioyt enter
tained a number of their friends in
honor of their seventh wedding anniver
sary. Ten tables wero used in can!
games nnd a pleasant evening Bpent by
all, Nice refreshments were served.
Beginning at five o'clock this even
ing the Presbyterian ladies will conduct
a cafeteria in the parlor of the church.
The ladies have provided an excellent
menu, and in nddition will have on
sale fancy work and home-made con
fections. In Judge Grant's court Saturday tho
greater part of the day was occupied
in hearing tho case of Morrill againit
McKay in which the former sued to re
cover commission on a roal estate sale.
The Judge will hand down adeciiion
today. '"&
The social dance given in tho Lloyd
opera house last evening by tho K. C's.
was well attended, the floor being com
fortably filled with dancers and n large
number of onlookers occupied tho gal
lery. Stamps Orchestra furnished music
and the Altar Society ladies served
lunch between dances.
Miss Lizzie Brack'ett, for a number
of years n resident of this city, died at
Lamoni, la., the Intter part of last
week. Three weeks ago she was
taken to tho home of tho Latter Day
saints in tnat city where she was to
cared for, having become helpless
through tho loss of her eyesight. In
terment will bo mado in Lamoni.
You Know.
How you like your linon laundered.
Toll us and we will do it to suit you.
We use no chemicals, sew on buttons
and mend free of charge.
"Your Bosom Friend."
Phone 77.
Furniture Best Christmas Gifts.
It is the Kind that Endures.
J'fjHtlM.WWe 5
S&Htl li
Hoosier Cabinet
Cadillac Desk
$15.00 and Up.
Twin Pedestal Table
$15.00 and Up.
Gifts today must be gifts that endure gifts that are serviceable as well as
beautiful and attractive and donors are making just'such presents. Furniture is
popular for Christmas giving for the reason that it goes into the home to stay
and is appreciated, not simply for the moment but for years and always stands
as a reminder of the donor.
American people like beautiful
things, but they also like things
that are practical, andjurniture fur
nishes the thoughtful buyer an op
portunity to get just the serviceable
kind of presents that will please the
most. This store is showing a large
line of furniture. Gifts thnt will be
warmly received.
Dresser, and Dressing
ing Tables $9 and Up.
Music Cabinet
Quartered Oak
and Mahogony,
$10.50 and up
They are real,, and they are priced that everyone can find
just the gifts that you can afford to buy;- "" -
We invite you to visit this store and inspect our large stoEl?.' " You will
not be importuned to buy.
Fatal Accident.
James Moyer, a resident of Gothen
burg, but who hod spont the greater of
the summer and fall cutting nnd baling
hay on land owned by him near Key
stone, was instantly killod in tho west
yards about 8:30 Friday ovening. Moyer
and nn acquaintance named Hudson
took passage on freight No. G3 at Her
shoy for tho purpose of coming to North
Platte. The train arrived here shortly
after eight o'clock and pulled down tho
main line past the east switches of the
west yard, and began backing in on the
sidetrnck. Moysr nnd Hudson were
seated in the caboose, and tho conduc
tor romarked to thorn that they had
better tret oh" as tho train would not
run down to the dopof. Both men went
out on 'the rear platform of the caboose,
Moyer descending the north sido steps
and Hudson tho south sido. Tho Intter
concluded to tret olT on tho same side as
Moyerandgoingoverdlsmountedon that
sido. As he dismounted Moyer was
not in sight and Hudson concluded that
he, Moyer, had preceded him down the
track. Ho walked rapidly, but failed
to find him, and after reaching town
visited several rooming houses in search
of Mpyer but of no avail. Tho finding of
a mutilated body by an employe of the
company at 11:30 proved tho sequel to
Moyer's sudden disappearance, tho
mutilation being such as to to make the
body, unrecognizablo. Just how Moyer
fell beneath the wheels will never bo
known. He woro a heavy fur overcoat
nnd this may have hampered or tripped
him as he attempted to alight, or ho
may have come in contact with a switch
stand as he jumped, nnd was thrown
back under tho train. The ontire train
of cars nnd tho engine passed ovor tho
The remains wero token in charge by
PnrfinnT" Kfnlnnnv nnil lntnr UfflR Mantl.
fied by J. E. Smith, an employo of the
xsorin riaue inunury, who rccognizeu
the corpse as his uncle, James Mover.
The coroner's vordict attached no
blame to tho railroad company.
Col. W. F. Cody is going to give
away one of the choicest lots in
"Cody's Addition." watch for the plan
next week.
District Court Opens.
The Docombor term of district court
convened yesterday morning and will
have a steady grind until Christtr.ns.
Yesterday was devoted principally to a
call of the docket, and this morning tho
jury reported for service. There are
over 150 enses on tho docket, about
thirty of which will bo tried to a jury,
Incresed Postal Receipts.
Postmaster Davis says tho postal re
ceipts for last month show an increase
of thirty por cent over the receipts for
November of last year. That is cer
tainly a very gratifying growth, and in
a mnasuro represents the increase in
the business of thft town, postal re
ceipts being regarded ns ono of tho
indexes of the volume of trade of a
town or city.
Lets in "Cody's Addition" is 44x132
feet. You can buy one lot or a half
block. The half block will cost you
no more than a lot six blocks this side
of the addition.
Miss Hazel MinBhall, who is teaching
in Gothenburg, spont tho week end
with her parents in this city.
li i! ill I ililiMl.tltSil
LIT. f ' LrnPiAJ1 tri
St ,i ,11 UL T l V I
MT 1,1 'I dPf t I III
Thomns Duko loft Saturday for Omnha
o transact business for a fow days.
Mrs. Jamoa Fonda loft at noon yes
terday for Omaha to spend a few days.
First Class Cleaning and Pressing.
For first class cleaning and pressing
see the Lennox Tnilora and Clennors.
Just established, Corner Sixth and Lo
cust, upntuirs 1-2. Goods called for and
delivered. All work guaranteed. Phpne
G9. Mills & Levin, Props.
Myrtle and Vicinity,
Mrs. E. C. Allison loft Wednesday
for Omnha. ,
Robert Beattiu delivered hogs at
Stapleton Wednesday.
Miss fiorthn McMillcn visited, her
parents Saturday and Sunday.
Cearllo Gambrel is building a now
Mrs. George Richards was at North
Platto Tuesday having 'dental work
J. C. Askwig and wjfo wero North
Platto visitors Friday.
. Roland Bonttio, and W. M. Boskin
J.and party were guests?Sunday at tho
uuuerk Duniiic iiuiiil" ,i;fcv
Now is tho time to placo your
orders for Visiting Cards 'and
Monogrum Stationery
The? Jeweler.
To -Nig
Sqatters' Rights
Transgression of .Deacon
Jones $
5c and 10 c.

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