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Picture Gallery for Church Bazaar.
Will you kindly glvo mo suggestions
tor a picture gallery to havo a church
"bazaar; also a ltat of subjects, aB
Bonaparto crossing tho Rhino, etc.?
M. O.
I think you can comptlo a very Inter
esting gnllery from tho suggestions
bolow; tho refreshment limit may also
aid vou:
'Tho Forolgner" A llttlo Japancso
"Plck-WIck Papers" A toothpick, n
lamp wick and somo paper, wrapped
up In a shoo box.
"Along tho Lino" Two clothes' pins
in JTcandy box.
"When Knighthood Was in Flower"
A 'nightcap wrapped In a flowered
"A Pleasant Reflection" A small
looking glass in a pill bow
"A Place for Reflection" A small
"Darkest Africa" A negro doll.
"Sweet Sixteen" Sixteen bon bona.
"In Silk Attiro" A small doll
dressed In silk.
"Nothing But Loaves" A tablet of
writing paper.
"Lovers" Two spoons.
"An Absorbing Subject" A blotter.
"Tho Homo of Burns" A toy flat
iron. "Common Senso" A few pennies.
"A Woman's Weapon" A toy
"Things That End in Smoko"
Cigars. N
This way of serving refreshments
will causo much merriment. Have a
.paper bag for each one which contains
,two sandwiches, a coo'rfoy, a sugared
doughnut done up In waxed paper, and
a banana; coffco to bo passed on a
tray In tin cups.
Entertainment for Bachelor Girls.
I am to bo married in April and
must pay tho penalty by giving somo
oort of a party to ten girls who belong
to our "Single Blessedness" club. Tell
mo what to do. I have received al
ready many wedding gifts and am in
tho houBO "wo" aro to occupy. SUB.
i I should conduct tho affair with tho
Idea that your former club fellows were
"green" with envy and consumed with
Jealously; therefore, keep tho color
schcrao yellow and green. Decorate
tho tablo with steel knitting needles
stacked liko bayonets, tied with green
and yellow baby ribbon. If you can
get black cat candy boxes use them
for favors with tho name card tied
around tho neck. Appropriate lamp
shades may bo mado of transparent
paper with cats cut out and pasted on.
For tho table centorpieco have a pretty
brass teakettle filled with flowers. Of
fr your guests a cup of tea for con
solation as soon as they arrive. Then
Evening Gown of Embroidered
Ivory Satin Richly Adorned
fiEraflSiiiHRSiHf HS
i lMmmlMn T (vKTWw IwWtMMw.mJilHW i-fov,, Mb
A gown of embroidered Ivory satin
Toyal blus valvet Tho glrdlo la laced
servo tho nicest supper you nro capable
of, with all your dainty wedding gifts
I art suro your company will really bo
inclinod to lot tho llttlo demons, "en
vy" and "Jealousy," creop In Just a
woo bit, for In her heart of hoarts I
think ovory woman loves a homo and
tho protection of n good man's naino.
To Celebrate a March Birthday.
Mother's natal day comes tho last of
March; pleaso glvo mo IdeaB for
entertainment, flffwors (for tho
month), tablo decorations, etc.
Violots aro appropriate to this
month, and It would bo lovely to have
a bunch for each guest. Then for oth
er decorations use nny of tho spring
blossoms in pots or arranged in flow
er holders; all of tho bulb flowers aro
especially effectlvo used In this way.
Ask tho guests to bring their work
and also ask them to tell stories of
their grandchildren, taking it for
granted that most of thorn may claim
these wonderful adjuncts to eternal
youth, for what grandmother does not
llvo over her own nnd her children's
lives In tho weo mortals who again
bring back tho bygone days with bo
much sweetness? Most women play
cards, and If your guests are among
tho number I would nrrnngo for sev
eral rubbers with perhaps favors for
all and no prizes.
If you like, uso this appropriate
verso on tho place cards, or you could
lmvo It on tho Invitations:
In March the earliest bluebird came
And caroled from tho orchard trco
His llttlo tremulous songs to mo,
And called upon tho summer's namo,
And made old summers in my honrt
All sweet with flowers and sun again.
William Dean Howolls.
An Entertaining Problem.
I have several young men friends
whom I would llko to ask to dinner.
Do you think it would bo wise to nsk
them all at tho namo time, nnd invite
other girls for tho different fellows, or
would you nsk thorn at dlfferont times?
It would save much time and troublo
to have them all together. Pleaso. glvo
mo your advice. What would bo tho
proper hour? Do you think Sunday
evening would bo as suitable as any
other? Many, many thanks. Vexed.
Personally, I think It Is a fine thing
to ask young men to a Sunday evening
meal, especially if they aro not for
tunate enough to bo in homes of their
families, and I am suro it would add
interest to ask tho girls. How would
you llko asking two couples for Sun
day nights until you havo them all In
vited? Sunday ovening teas or sup
pers may bo very informal and enjoy
able. Rose's Queries
Pleaso tell mo the name of a good
book of etiquette. I'm placed In an
awkward position and will greatly ap
preciate your help. I mot a young
lady this summer who afterwards
called on me. I returned tho call, then
reived an invitation to her wedding.
Of course, I will send a present, but
shall I call again beforo this takes
place? Rose.
In answer to your first question, I
must sak you to send mo a self-addressed
stamped envelope, as I cannot
glvo names or addresses In tho depart
ment. You need mako no call until
after tho wedding, when a call will bo
duo her mother or whoever Issued tho
invitation, and a call upon the bride
on her at-homo day.
with chiffon coraago and tunic of
with broad velvet ribbon ending In
Teach tho colt tcywnlk.
Corn needs a mellow Boll.
Order the gardon seed now.
Uso caro In selecting brood sows.
Dirty eggs should nevor bo market
Horres will bo high for at least an
other year.
i ,
Much of the milk sold- In cities is
two nnd three dnys old
Weeds are' Just as subject to disease
as aro cultivated plants.
The flesh of very young anlmnln fre
quently lncks flavor and Is watery.
So far as c"an bo dono, select the
largest and best sows for breeders.
Fnrmers should be thinking about
getting Bccd for next season's plant
ing. To have horses of endurance 'give
tho colts a chanco to develop their
King nnd Mlnnotonka, Ironclad rasp
berries aro good red varieties for gen
eral planting.
Soil Infections aro tho hardest to
control and crop rotation alono can
accomplish It.
Tho time Is past whon tho prosper
ous farmer can afford to Ignore tho
valuo of straw.
Three feeds of milk a day for tho
now calf aro better than tho same
amount In two feeds.
Feed tho chicken flock on puro and
wholesome food and provide puro wa
ter in clean utensils.
Tho best trees will not stand neg
lect, while tho poor trees will rospond
readily to good treatment.
Observo with caro and noto as a
first point that a cow should havo a
large and ample-sized body.
An old unlmal properly fattened and
in good health would bo preferablo to
a young ono in poor condition.
Tho Plymouth Rocks, Wynndottcs,
Rhode Islnnd Reds and Orpingtons are
recommended for milk feeding.
Remove tho male birds from tho
dock Immediately after tho breeding
season and market no fertllo eggs.
It takes a mellow soil to grow corn,
and you can mako tho soil mellow
beforo planting tlmo by plowing now.
For quick fnttenlng of poultry noth.
ing heats a mash of cornmoal and
milk, fed warm about threo tlmeb a
Pullets, commencing to lay, produce
small eggs at first and old hens at the
moulting tlmo nro prone to do like
wise. For tho amount of monoy Invested
In the poultry business. It pays a
larger profit than any other farm spe
cialty. Care of tho hogs does not mean
feeding alono, but giving them at
tention necessary to keep thorn in
good health.
Good looking fruit on top of tho
basket will get you new cuBtomqi-H,
but only honest quality lower down
will keep them.
A small flock of vigorous sheep on
tho fnrm If given good care cannot
help but yield good returns for tho
money Invested,
Tho fllze of tho udder isn't always
a suro Indication of tho cow'b milk
giving capacity. Tho quality Is of
moro importance.
Cut tho branches closo to Hip larg
er oneR or main truiiK, and cover tho
fresh wound with whlto loud and oil
to keep out tho air.
A profitable ci;op cannot bo grown
on land deficient In humus, which Is
tho same thing as rotted sod or rottod
manure, with fertilizer alono.
Tho yards and sleeping quarters
must bo kopt dry and clean, as im
pure air and dampness arc two things
that a sheep cannot euduro.
It behooves tho farmer to study his
soils carefully and keep closo watch
or diseases which mny bo lying
dormant there, to spray his fruit trco3
and apply tho knlfo when necessary,
nnd to got rid of his weeds of all
:LX 1(11
Handle eggs with caro.
Vetch enriches tho soil.
Keep only puro bred stock.
Trees need much cultivation.
For milk production bran bentB corn
Wild onts ofton transmit smut to
tho oat fields.
Just now the silo 1b cortnlnly prov
ing Itself a friond In ncod.
No other class of meat Is so subject
to improvement as mutton.
No animal on tho farm should auffor
from hunger, thirst or cold.
Tho great ohjoctlon to vetch hay Is
tho difficulty In curing It properly.
First-class -inunt cannot he obtained
from nnlmals that aro poor in flesh.
The cnlf stall should bo plentifully
supplied with good clean dry bedding.
To successfully combat disease, It Is
esBontlnl to know tho sources of Infec
tion. Tho cow that Is a poralstont milker
Is tho ono that should be kopt Intho
A l'ttlo cayenne pepper In tho mash
will warm tho hens up and help euro'
Until tho trees begin to shndo tho
ground ihoy should bo cultivated fre
quently. If the asparagus patch was not cov
ered with manuro In tho Tall, bettor
do It now.
With good caro, good stock looks
hotter, does bettor, and pays hotter
than scrubs.
Scraps saved at butchering time
mako a lino egg stimulating feed In
cold weather.
Lumber and straw properly used
will furnlBh warmth cheaper than
high-priced feeds.
Learn to distinguish between a new
laid egg and a stale egg; a frosh ogg
and a storage egg.
A largo part of tho food for poultry
should bo grain bccnuBO they aro
natural gralu eaters.
Barbed wlro fcnceB aro not worth
whllo If you can't keep them woll
stretched and stapled.
If you want to bo really up to date,
sweep down tho veiling of your Bta
bios and whitewash them.
Soft coal or conl cinders aro rel
lshcd by pigs and hogs becauso of tho
mineral matter they contain.
The choice pure bred calf would bo
a splendid nnd most appropriate gift
for either tho boy or tho girl.
Get tho corn and Kafllr fodder fed
out soon. It is of greater feeding vnluo
now than It will bo next spring.
i If your Bwcot corn seed Is mixed
with field corn, belter feed It to tho
chickens and buy new next spring.
Feed only ob much cnbbago as tho
chickens will eat up Immediately;
wilted, half rotten cabbage is harmful.
A snu?;, clean, dry, well lighted poul
try house goes a long way toward
making tho flock pay dividends in win-
Sorghum Beeds ground havo been
found to bo worth about 10 per cent
less than corn for milk-making pur
poses. Good breeding nnd good feeding nro
so closely related that thoy must go
together; ono is useless without tho
No plant or trco Ib fit for setting
out unloBB it has mado a normal,
healthy growth. Neither oxtremo is
Tor Bets onion sood should bo sown
In early spring, at about tho time when
seed is sown In tho open field for fall
or dry onions
Unless the garden is on high ground
It will be time well spent to put in a
fow drainage ditches and so havo an
earlier ganhvn.
It does not require nny grdat abil
ity at figures to show thnt there Is a
groat waBte In selling hogs when thoy
aro but half fed
Frequently good heifer cnlves- can
bo bought from men who keep family
cows in town and havo no facllltlun
for raising tho calves.
A hog fed on com nlono from tho
tlmo It Is weaned from tho sow until
butchered at eighteen months old sel
dom pays for his keep,
For tho retail town trndo milk-fed
chickens bring a higher prico nnd aro
always In greater demand than thoso
fattoned on any other ration.
Success In dairy farming deponds as
much upon good common sonso as
upon anything else. But this Is not
enough. Thero must bo good Btock
nnd good feed upon which to exor
cise it
; Mimawiiiai
Colony House
uy w r. an-nnnT)
Special farrowing pons aro provided
only when many breeding sowb nro
kopt, but where there Is to bo a
removal from tho ordinary quarters
to n special placo It should bo dono in
good time, bo that tho sow may
become thoroughly accustomed to her
now surroundings.
Thero Is considerable dlffcronco of
opinion as to why sowb kill and cat
their young, and no doubt the causey
aro as diverse as tho theories ad
vanced to account for it. Ono of them,
howover, nnd not tho least common,
Ib Insufficient space.
A bow, whon sho Hcb down In closo
quarters, is apt to catch nn unfortu
nate youngster between her carcass
nnd tho wall against which sho gen
erally plncoa her back when suckling
hor pigs.
Tho fnrrowlng-pen should, of
course, bo regulated to somo extent
by the stzo of tho breed kopt, but
gonornlly tho spaco allowed Is too
heavy sows with hardly room to turn
around in tho diminutive apartments
that, previous to farrowing, eorvod
them ns sleeping quarters.
Small breeds should bo allowed a
spaco of not leas thnn eight feet by
eight feet, increasing In tho enso of
tho larger broods up to 12 foot by
8 feet, or 12 feot by 10 foot; and to
prevent tho young pigs from being
Mortgage Lifter.
crushed against tho wall( it is a good
plan to fix a strong rail around each
Bldo of tho farrowing place, at a
height of from Beven to nine Inches
from tho floor, and a similar dlstanco
from tho wall.
This will prevent tho sow flounder
ing down with her back ngalnst tho
Bldo of tho pen and provides a retugo
for tho youngstora who can got undor
tho projection.
It Ib a great mlstako to provldo tho
farrowing sow with a largo quantity
of bedding. Undor ordlnnry circum
stances thoro Is no hotter bedding
mntorlal for plga, than good whoat
straw, but for tho farrqwlng bow a
modorato quantity of short stuff is
prefcinblo to tho long materials In
which tho pigs aro apt to get tangled
and unable to cscapo quickly out of
tho way of a clumsy mother.
Tho quostion whother at farrowing.
timo tho sow should bo loft to her
own devices, or assisted in any way
in taking chargo of tho pigs uqtll tho
birth is complete is much debated by
pig breeders. Sho should certainly bo
In many cases tho sow farrowB dur
ing tho night und is found with her
pigs all right and comfortnblo In tho
morning, but it Is not always so, and
Grinding Will Not Pay Unless
. Animals Have Poor Teeth
One Combination.
If corn must bo fed to tho horses,
grinding It will not pay, unless tho
horses have poor tooth, In which caso
It might bo advisable. Feeding tho
ear or spoiled corn would bo tho moro
dealrablo method of feeding.
Crushed corn and cobmoal Is not no
good bocauso of tho cost of crushing,
and tho nmount of food valuo secured
from tho cob la so sinnll thnt It does
not make up for tho energy required
to digest so much crudo flbor.
A combination of corn, bran and a
llttlo oilmen! mako a good summer
ration for horses. Feeding a 1,000
pound horse about 10 pounds of corn
and .'! poundn of bran per day would
ho equivalent to 11 pounds of oats, al
though it fontnln a llttlo moro carbo
hydrates and los3 protein, thus mak
ing a llttlo wider ration. A small
nmount of oil meal would offset this,
however. '
iT1Ja;S.y m'fYi T'lfir"
WSWt?l5L'tfLVV .Tx jJWEYJS5!1
v"-"irCVHK"Wii.Ii''-' . ."Tl.f j! . --ty)R.rUU.tl3HVH
for Brood Sows.
not a fow sacrificed sows are tho
result of a want of a capable atten
dant. If tho bow hns farrowed nil right,
sho should bo fed in such tho same
wny as during tho closing days of
gestation. It Is a groat mlstako to
'Teed for milk" boforo farrowing, and
equnlly nn orror to begin to stuff tho
bow with heating or milk producing
food immediately nftcrward.
Tho Inexperienced breeder thinks ho
must brace up his sow with plonty
of good food to meet tho domnnd on
her8V8tcm und produce plonty ol
milk on which tho piga can grow and
In theory this sounds woll, but
oxporlonco goes to Bhow that it is a
poor sort of bow, and ono that should
not havo been bred from, that does
not, at tho sari, produco enough milk
for her pigs without any extra or
special feeding.
,Tho tlmo for this Is later on whon
tho pigs nro growing1 and requlro a
lnrgo quantity of rich milk to satisfy
their requirements, and in providing
which, It not nsBlBtod by better food,
tho sow Is dragged down In condi
tion. To commence this high feeding
directly tho pigs are born is nut only
unnecessary, and therefore wasteful,
but It is Injurious. It reully defeats
tho object In view, for It ovofstimu
latcs tho mllk-glandB and Inflames tho
udder; whllo tho effect ou tho llttlo
pigs is to sicken thorn and causo
scouring nnd liver derangement, to
which young pigs aro prono.
Tho majority of cases of so-called
mllk-fover In bows, In which tho socro
tion disappears altogether and leaves
tho youngsters practically motherless,
aro duo to high or overfeeding prior
to, and Immediately after farrowing.
Tho diet of tho Buckling bow should
bo gradually increased In quantity nnd
richness, nnd as tho pigs grow, a llttlo
meal composed of wheat, barloy, or
aots may bo added to tho shorts and
bran, which Ib about tho best diet at
this porlod, and tho number of timos
of feeding incrensed.
An Important feature In tho suc
cessful management of tho bow and
litter is to get tho youngsters to feed
aa early ob posslblo. This payB In two
ways it Baves some of tho drag on
tho sow, and It gets tho pigs fit to
wean earlier, releasing tho sow from
hor maternal duties.
Morcovor, when tho pigs arc re
moved from tho bow, which Is gen
erally a fortnight too Boon, they aro
much better fit to do without her
milk, and also much less liablo to tho
convulslvo attacks so common In
newly weaned pigs, whoso stomachs
nro unaccustomed to deal with tho
coarse food often too plentifully sup
plied to them.
Indigestion, ooiiBtipntlon nnd "fits"
aro very intimately connected, and ail
nro duo to lmpropor feeding.
Tho best way to teach young plga
to eat Is to provide a run or "creep"
into an adjoining pen to which tho
tow cannot obtain access, or to feed
them whllo she is turned out to get
somo exorciso.
While Friction and Pressure Con
tine There Can Be No Per
manent Healing.
Tho axiom in medicine, "Remove
tho causo nnd tho effect will cease,"
Soro shoulders nnd bncks aro duo to
two causes, friction and pressure, and
while these continuo In operation
thoro enn bo no suro or permanent
That tho sore heas up pretty well
whon tho animal la not at work
(doubtless it would heal completely If
tho rest wns long enough), and
breaks out again whon tho maro U
put to work, tays Horso Journal, Is
oloqiiont of something being wrong
with tho fit of tho collar.
Thero nro occasionally met with
animals, especially thoso out of con
dition, with skins so tender that they
aro only kopt at work with tho great
est difficulty, and for thoso It Is some
times necessary to find other work,
or special monnB of draught In tho
shape of breast harnosa.

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