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NORTH PLATTE, NEB., MAY 23, 191 3.
No. 35
Factories 9.
Capacity 20,000 pairs per day.
Floor space occupied 16 acres.
Number machinos-3,500.
"Weekly pay roil ?G0,000 to $70,000.
Tho hldas from 1,000 cattlo are used
eyery day.
700,000 calfskins are Usod every year.
WALK-OVER Shoes are sold the world
These shoo must be good or they never
would have bedomo so popular.
Wilcox Department Store.
Local and Personal
Rev. C. H. Miller left this morning
for Kearney to spend a week on church
Mrs. W. L. Richards left this morn
ing for Kearnoy and Grand Island tq
visit relatives.
The B. P. O. E. Will give a card
party and dance at their hall Wednes
day evening, May 28th.
Mrs. Oscar Noala and baby of
Kearney who were guest of Mr. and
Mrs. W. T. Banks this week loft last
Dr. and Mrs. H. Brock have return
ed tho'former from tho State Dental
meeting in Omaha and the latter from
nn extended stay in Fairbury with
Weather' forecast: Fair and warmer
tonight, Saturday probably increasing
cloudiness. Moderate winds. Highest
temperature yesterday 72, a year ago
77; lowest last night 43, a yoar ago 53.
At the meeting of the city council
Tuesday ovening Miss Annio Kramph,
E. F. Soeberger and Butler Buchanan
were ro-appointed members of the
Eublic library board. These members
avo taken commendable interest in
the institution, and their re-appointment
means a continuation, of that
personal interest.
All trimmed hats at half price at
Parlor Millinery until June 1st. 35-3
It is very probably that the city hoso
houses in the First and Third wards
will bo moved to the city l.ot on west
Front street. This will obviate paying
rent for the ground on which tho nouses
nro located. It is probable that If even
this action is not voluntarily, .Jflken tho
city would soon be given notice 'to va
cate the lot on which tho Third ward
hose house is located.
Joe Glasor has been employod as
superintendent of the park. in the First
ward and will look after tho trees re
cently planted. Last year the park
received but little attention, and as a
result the showing made was not very
favorable. Mr. Glaaer's engagement
is for one month; if good results are
apparent his term of service may bo
At a special meeting of the city
council yesterday afternoon the Union
Pacific was granted tho privilege of lay
ing a sewer main on west Seventh
street from tho new round house to a
point opposite the lower, ice houses, a
distance of about 1,000 feet. At this
point the new sewer pipe will connect
with a main alroady laid. West
Seventh street has never been improved
so far as the roadway is concerned, and
as the company guarantees to leave the
street in as good condition after tho
main is laid as it is now, no objection
could be found to the request.
Program for Memorial
Day Exercises
At 7 a. m. Col. Ruddy with a detail
of vctorans of the Civil and Spanish
wars will go to the south sido cemotey
and decorate the gravos with duo cere
mony. 9:30 a. m. tho Post and Corps will
procoed to tho North Platte cemetery,
strew flowors on tho gravos all com
rades and will have ritual sorvice at
the Grand Army plot. In this work it
is earnestly hoped that our people will
join. Clean tho lot, spend an hour in
sweet memory of our departed loved
ones, that loying kindness, charity and
good will may enter our daily life.
2:30 The public are invited to attond
at the Keith opera house.
Prayer -
Greeting Song (original)
Lincoln Gettysburg address, Cotherino
Song by Prof. Garliih and School
Reading by Edward Thompson
Song by School Children
Oration, Judge Hoagland
Song, Sword of Bunker Hill, by Miss
Song by Lincoln High School, The
Blue and the Gray
Song, Tenting on tho Old Camp
Grounds, with camp scene
By Order of the Committee.
The Good Roads Spirit.
Qn June 9. probably 5 000 men with
teams, traction engines, scrapors, road
drags and all other necessary parapher
nalia, will simultaneously bo at work on
the highway between Norfolk, Neb.,
and White River, S. Dak., a distance of
nearly 250 miles. Tho most of this
routo is in naturally good condition,
having boeh evidently intended by the
Almighty especially for automobile
travel, and tho work of tho "crows"
will be devoted to tho few places where
it is needed, tho idea being to mako
the entire routo as nearly a perfoct
boulevard as possible. Culverts and
bridges will bo placed in where necess
ary, "high centers" will be eliminated,
grades will bo widened and "chuck
holes" abolished. The work is in charge
of tho leading businoss men in each
community, a "boss" having been
selected in each town through which
the routo is to pass, whose duty it is to
organize nn army with which to make
the road perfect in his district on that
All trimmed hats at half price at
Parlor Millinery until June 1st. 35-3
The Knights of Columbus banquet
and meeting which was to be held at
Alliance Sunday has been postponed
indofinitoly on accoust of tho small pox
epidemic.. A number of tho local
council had planned to attend.
North Platte Will Have
a Big Celebration.
The directors of tho Chambor of,
Commorco elected at tho meeting hold
Thursday ovening of last week hold a I
meeting last night and ro-clected tho
officers of the past year. These aro E,
P. Seobergor president. M J. Forbes)
vice-president and E. H. Evans treas
urer. M. E. Crosby was re-appointed-secretary
at a salary of fifty dollars per
Tho former commltteo which had set
cured data concerning the mode and cost
of instatting tho electrolier system of
street lighting and which has served its
purpose, was discharged and a hew"
committee with J. B. McDonald as
chairman was appointed to proceed with
the work of socuring from property
qwners and tenants the amount necos
sary to install the system. Practically
all tho owners and many of the tenants
have agreed to donate tneirsharo of tho
cost; in fact the installation of the
system is practically assured.
The directors voted in favor of a'
Fourth of July celebration and
appointed a committee on arrangements,
of which C. O. Weingand is chairman.
The Chambor of Commorco will assist
in financing the cost of celebrating.
Initial steps toward having a big fes
tival during the fall season was also
takon, the Idea being to inaugurate n
festiynl ovent that will be a permanent
foature each fall. A commltteo was
appointed to effect a pormanont organ
ization for this purpose. One feature
of the initial festival will bo an aero
plane flight.
Major Lillie, of the Wild West Show,
who contemplates bringing a herd of
150 buffaloes from Pawnee City, Okla.,
and placing thorn on tho formor Cody
ranch, was assured the hearty co-operation
of the Chamber of Commerco. It
is believed that the presortce of this
herd of the now almost extinct buffalo
will prove nn attraction for North
Platto. A pasture extending along the
railroad the full length of the ranch
will bo fenoed, thus affording to train
passengers a full view of the hard. Tho
buffaloes will bo brought here in July.
A commltteo of five was appointed
to arranco for the entertainment and
banquet to the delegates to tho conven
tion of-tho Nebraska league, of build
ing and loan associations which meets
in this city June 4th.
Othor features pertaining to tho for
ward movement jn North Platte .was
discussed, and the meeting as a whole,
was full of the boosting spirit.
Tho Yeomnn Ball Team won In the
game with tho High School yesterday
yascoreofl2 to 1. Tho batteries
for tho High School wore Jonos, and
Clabaugh and for the Yeoman yero
H. S. Husband and Miller. Jones struck
out fifteen men and Husband struck out
twelve. Three hits were mado off
Jones und nine off tho high school
pitcher. Tho feature of tho game was
the triple play in the fifth inning by the
Dr. Saddler, of Horslioy, has just
purchased a gray model 30 Buick road
ster of the J. S. Davis Auto Co. The
doctor has been driving a Buick car
for twp years.
E. It,-Davis left this morning for
Co'ntral' City to bo present at the dedi
cation Of the new court houso.
be sure to see us about our lots in
the Dolson addition. Located just
north of new. ronnd house! Ideal loca
tion for round house and shop men. If
you are interested as an investor and
want your money to make you 'better
than good interest, or if you are work
ing for the company and your work
takes you to the new round house be
sure to look into this proposition.
C. F, Temple.
Used Piano Sale
We have on hand the following pianos which have
been rented out and are slightly used. We offer
them at the following low prices, terms and easy
payments to suit.
1 $250.00 Piano, Sale Price
1 $328.00 Piano, Sale Price
1 $325.00 Piano, Sale Price
1 $375.00 Piano, Sole Price
We have an expert tuner. Leave orders here
Opportunity of the Season
Your Unrestricted Choice df Any Suit in the Store at
We are determined not to carry over one Single Suit, and in order to mako
them move quickly we have divided our entire stock of
Suits Into Two Lots
LOT h All Suits formerly sold at from
$15.00 tO $18.50 V8ur choice
LOT 2. All Suits that formerly sold at from
$20.00 to $27.50 '
td R(
H v m - aw vm- m'L m
Jjr m W TLFr I
x Av 1
1 AA
"1 I B I II 1 I
Remember everything
New in this New Store
not a garment in the house two months old
-, ' :
Come early and buy buy your suit at nearfy half price
,5 while they last.
North Platte's Exclusive Women's Store
Buick Runs 24 Miles on Gallon of
In Boston tho orher day,"a delegation
of newspapor mon took it upon them
selves in the interests of cl,enn journal
ism, to probe into tho claims made by
tho'IJuiok Motor Company that thoy
could make 24 miles on a gallon of gaso
line. Tho delegation consisted of J. J.
McNamara, of the Post, John E.
Mahoney. of the American, J. S.
Muiphy, of the Herald, nnd T. S.
Parker, of the Christian Scienco
Tho gasolino was purchased at an in
dependent garage, and hydrometer test
showed it to bo of 63 grade. Tho only
wny in which tho Buick difforod from
the' standard model was in tho quart
gasolino tank installed on tho dash
board. Disconnections wore made be
tween tho standard gas tank and the
For a great Dart of the distance
covered, the routo lead into the face of
a stiff wind, but by the time the Inst
drop was gone and tho car coughed to a
stand still, the spcedometor registered
12.2 miles, or 24,4 miles to the gallon.
"With the price of gasoline goingup ns
It Is," says "Trainload" Collins, general
sales manager, "thsso tests aro or in
teresting significance. The Uulck always
gives a man a long run for his money."
All trimmed bats at half price at
Parlor Millinery until June 1st. 35-3
Mrs. W. T. Banks is enioyincr a visit
from her aunt Mrs. Auble of Rising
City. s '
Furnished rooms for light house
keeping. 521 E 3rd stroet.
Miss Marie Martini will go to Omaha
Monday to visit frionda nnd relatives.
Mrs. Jacob Meyers went to Coiad
this morning to visit her daughtor.
Tho Twentieth Century club will bo
entertained by Mrs. Perry Buchanan
Tuesday of next week.
Mrs. William Malonoy, Sr., roturned
last ovening from Kearney whore Hho1
visited friends for a week.
Howard Miles, of Paigton spoilt .tho
fore part of this wook In towtyon busi
ness. j -t
M. K. Barnum. at ono timb district
foreman for the Union Pacific at this
terminal, has resigned as general sup
erintondent of motive power of the
Illinois Ccntrnl, w.hlch ho hjul' hcl(J for
three years. BnrnuhyfeslgnH in order
to engage in other work.
Cure for Stomach Diiordesr.
Disorders of tho stotnnch may fc
avoided by the use of Chamberlain's
Tablots. Many vorv romarknble cures
have boon affectod by those tablets.
Sold by all dealers.
Office phone 241. Res. phono 217
Osteopathic Physician.
North PJatto, - - Nebraskn. "
McDonald Bank Building. . ;
Detroit Kerosene Engine
exhibition on corner opposite new postoffice at
.- " - - K ".?
North Platte,, Nebraska
Most Prompt and Effectual Cure for
Bad Colds.
When you have a bad cold you want
a remedy that will not only glvo rolief,
but effect a nrornnt and permanent
cure, a remedy that is pleasant to take,
a remedy that contains nothing injur
ious. Chamberlains'! Cough Remedy
meets nil theso reoulrcments. It acts
on naturo's plan, rollovos the lungs,
aids expectoration, opens the gocre
tions and restores tho system to a
healthy condition. This remedy has a
world wide sale and use, and can
always be depended upon. Sold by all
CSbS t
IL. iBjl flSKftPtoHifcwt.?!jSlSt Bm MffN ft fc"w SHBSBB?BB-nB I
Prices, Catalogue( Specifications and Instructions for digging wells,
upon request,

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