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Tho largest proportion of suicides
in European countries is to bo found
In Germany.
Red Cro(i Ball Blue will wnah double as
mnny clothes a nny other blue. Don't
put your money Into any other. Adv.
A bachelor guesses that most of the
women haters aro married men.
Twenty-one New Animal?
hWT ASHINQTON Twcnty-ono now
W animals have Just arrived at tho
National Zoological park In Washing
ton from Glea, Egypt, where they
were purchased by W. H. Mack
bourne, from Captain Stanloy Flower,
director of tho Government Zoological
The shipment includes thrco Ara
bian camels, two elephants of tho
form that occurs In tho Sudan region,
thrco Ilamadryas baboons, two chee
tahs, thrco lemurs, threo. Circassian
goats and throo Arabian, one Korln
nnd one dorcas gazelles. Nearly all
are representatives of species not bo
foro included in tho Washington zoo,
and tho cheetahs will bo tho only nnl
malB of this sort in the park.
Thoro is at present only ono olo
phnnt, a mnlo from India, and as ho
Js soino forty or fifty years old, tho
two now members of this family,
which nro practically babies, will be
valuable accessions. One of tho ele
phants Is about four years old and
Eleven Dogs and a Crow
WHEN tho flro boll sounds and tho
engines and trucks go dashing
up tho street, nearly always thoro will
bo soon, running nnd barking beforo
tho steeds, a playful and Intelligent
Thoro aro 11 such mascots in the
local flro department, and thoy aro
just nbout as proud as can bo; for In
n day or two Trx Collector Rogers will
issuo to thorn, without cost, bright,
now, glittering tags, Theso dogs aro
tho most Intelligent and best trained
canines In tho city. Thoy nro faith
ful to their masters, and, needless to
say, tho flromen lovo thorn.
There nro Tom, and Rags, nnd Doll,
nnd Noll, and Jack, and Toddy, and
llubhlbs, nnd Nig, and Bllllktn, and
Nell, and Mlnnlo. Among tho most
Interesting of theso is Jack, a black-nnd-whlto
bulldog, bolonglng to En
glno Company No. 7, In It street North
west, botweon Ninth and Tonth
streets. And Jack has a companion
a black oho, nnd a very strango ono,
too a crow, named Jerry.
Now, somo persons would naturally
concludo that thoro was not much
pcaco In a placo whero n crow nnd a
bulldog woro put together that Is,
not until after como feathors had
como out nnd somo crow had disap
peared but such Is not tho cbbo at
No. 7. Jack and Jerry aro tho beat
Takes His Vacation in
Jthis IS Tffi
GREEN ribbon of grass edges each
aldo of a doublo car track up
Capitol hill way. Thoro aro big, leafy
trees that mako shady spots for chil
dren to play under, and always near
ly nlwnys thoro is n breczo.
Every morning a man comes with a
splint rockor and n plpo and props
lilmself under a tree. Ho gots thoro
nbout tho tlmo tho birds aro awako
and stays until a small boy comes nnd
takos him away. That moaiiB break
fast As noon as that Is dono with tho
mnn la back under a trco with o morn
ing paper. And there, In tho comfy
coolncBS of crash trousers and a china
Bilk Bhlrt with no collar and a leather
thong bolt to keep hlmsolf together,
ho amokea nnd rondB and talks with
whoovor happens along, until the
small boy who bossoB him shows up
nt lunch tlmo nnd pilots tho way to
homo across tho streot. All afternoon,
This Limestone Lion Has
IT Is surprising how many anlmnU
you may discover it you hunt
them among tho cornices and balus
trades of Washington Iiourcb,
A limestone Hon snarls at you from
tho front of 1832 I street. It Is a big
threo-Btory nnd basement Iioubo. The
porch entrance nnd tho Hrst Btory aro
of llmefctono and tho higher stories
of red brick, with limestone courses.
On tho east side of tho front a bay
window starts from tho top of the,
basoment nnd extends up two stories.
Much of this bay window rests on
tho lion's back. Perhaps that la why
ho appears so florco, for tho window
is an overload for a lion, moro re
nowned as a beast of heraldry than as
a beast of burden. That bay window
would bo moro than a load for a
mule, though brick makers and atouo
dealers too often show a disposition
to mako a mule haul enough brick and
stono tu ono load to build such n bay
window. Tho lion rusts his front paws
for the Washington Zoo
stands five feet six inches, whllo tho
other, tho fcmnle, is six months
younger and is only about four and
one-half feet in height. It is esti
mated that they weigh nbout 700 and
900 pounds respectively, and yet tho
malo oven will look llko a pygmy be
side tho solo representative In the
park, which weighs In the neighbor
hood of 11,000 pounds African ele
phants nro usually priced by dealers
at from $3,500 to $.r..000 each, but
theso cost considerably loss, having
been bought from tho government at
Arrangements for tho housing of
the new nrrlvnls has been under way
for somo timo at tho Zoological Park.
Mr, Wackbourno, bond keeper of
for somo time at tho Zoological park,
made a special trip abroad for the
purchaso of theso nnlmalc, ay all
his charges are in good health, having
proved good sailors en voyago.
Prom Iioston the animals wero
shipped, all of them bored In strong
crates, except tho camels, which wero
forwarded Ioobc, in stock cars, to
Tho now additions will bring tho
total number of animals or individ
uals in the park to about 1,G00, a
slight lncreaso over tho number at
this time last year, although the total
number vnrles annually through the"
death list of tho lnmatos.
Special Pets of Firemen
of friends, nnd play with each other
day after day without ever getting
Into u scrap.
Jerry was presented to tho flremon
about a month ngo by a frlond, and is
now possibly thrco months old. Tho
crow's wings wero clipped at firbi, but
now It Ib unnecessary, for Jerry loves
his homo, nnd has no Intention of leav
ing unexpectedly. Tho bird does Just
about as It pleases; tiles around the
neighborhood, Btruts proudly up tho
street, makes visits to tho neighbors,
and plnys with pigeons, cats, and dogs.
Dut alas! with all its precoclousnoss,
tho bird Is a kloptomanlac. Tho other
day ono of tho flremon took off his
collar and necktlo and laid thorn on tho
window sill. Jerry came along, grab
bed tho gaudy tlo, and soared skyward.
Tho flrotnan haB boon looking for tho
nockwoar ovor slnco. Nearly every
dny tho crow goes on plundering ox.
pedltlons In tho neighborhood, solz
lug any edibles ho can lay claw to.
Rocker on Capitol
until dinner, tho man reads magazlnos
nnd Btnokes and dozes, nnd moves his
chair to a frosh Bhado-apot whenover
tho aun gota nround to him, and, onco
in awhile, takes looks at tho grass and
whlto clovor and dropped oak leaves
through a magnifying Ions.
In tho ovonlng ho comes back to tho
troos with a coat ovor his shirt ami a
collar and tlo. And a cigar. Later
on, his wlfo and tho small boy como
over for a visit and tho neighbors
drift out with chairs and camp Btools,
wnllo odds and ends of chlldron play
all around. Aftor thoy hnvo laughed
and chattered tho clock around to bod
tlmo, tho wlfo and small son nnd tho
neighbors nnd tho babies drift bnck
to whero thoy camo from, but tho man
stays on and on until ho has tho
night to hlmsolf. Tho sky full of stars
and tho bits of cool breozes, and the
allonce, and tho darkncBB strenked
now and then with whizzing cars.
What about It? Oh, nothing, only
Tho mnn Is taking his two-wook va
cation with pay. lloforo this, ho has
always gono to Atlantic City nnd como
homo broke, nnd ao dead tired from
ovorstronuous efforts to enjoy hhnBolf
thnt he couldn't get In working trim
for a month. This year ho figured that
what ho most wanted was a rest. You
can't got rest nt a Boashoro resort.
a 24-Hour Steady Job
on the stono side of tho ontranco
Tho writer has soon that overload
ed Hon many times and always ox
tends IiIb sympathy to him, Ho scorns
always to say that It Is bad enough
for a self-respecting Hon to bo cooped
up In a zoo as an oxhlblt for weak
mortuls to gaze on, but to have a
steady Job, twenty-tour hours a day,
holding up a atone bay window and
without oven a ohauoa that come
moiiBO may gnaw him loose, 1b a
worao futo.
''-'fait "HT '""7W -' r-h' - 'rfSStr il' K !' - ,
Mr. nnd Mrs, Walter Ilayward Gr
club, Staten Island, on their 7,000-mllo
suffragettcB. Their routo will bo up th
Ashtabula, then to Dnuvcr canal and
Cairo. Up tho Mississippi to St. Lout
i.iong the coast to St. Jamos City, Fla.,
Bonvllle. Tho routo homo will bo along
Delawaro and Rarltan rivors to Now
Germany Shocked at Deteriora
tion of Public Taste.
People Are Tiring of the Diet of Ideal
lam Portrayed on Stage and In
Music Prefer the Movies
Americans Blamed.
Berlin. Tastes change. Tho "mov
ies" havo grand opera, classic and
heavy drama on tho run In Germany,
tho homo of grand opera and tho Intel
lectual stage. Privy councilors, "high
brow" professorB with long beards
and much learning, great musicians,
famod composers and playwrights
"thundor" in vain in tho dally press
against tho "deterioration of taste of
tho opera and theater going public."
Learned psychological dissertations
aro being written, seeking to explain
tho "lnexpllcnblo preference of tho Ger
mans for 'movies,' 'operettas and
'trashy light stuff' to 'grand operas and
classic dramas."
Figures talk. Thoy tell tho story
of a new bent and change in the Ger
man character. Moro than a dozen
theaters have failed, no less than
eight of them In Berlin, slnco Bprlng.
Their places havo been taken by elab
orate "movies." From many German
cltieB comes tho wall that tho "mov
ies" aro crowding the legitimate drama
and grand opera to tho wall.
Tho Germans, at least that portion
which comes under thq "peepul," want
to bo amused. And a goodly portion
of thoso who consider themselves
abovo tho "peepul" also seem to bo tir
ing of tho diet of Intellcctuallsm, ideal
ism and muslclsm, portrayed and
sung on the stage for years.
Tho Gorman Is getting less seri
ous. In tho gnyety ef Berlin, Munich
nnd other cltlos which are imitat
ing thoso he has discovered thnt in
"lotting go" of himself ho has a lot
of fun now to him. He Is acquiring
a tasto for what tho bespectacled pro
fossors characterize as "ovanescent
trash." Ho wants to bo nmused He
Is tired of being edified. And ho
doesn't glvo a rap about tho psychol
ogy of what is causing tho change In
his mind and churacter. Ho wants
amuBomont, not knowledge and ho
goes whero he gots It. That placo
seems to bo tho "movies."
Intellectual Germany affects to be
moro or less shocked nt this tendency
to bo less sorlouB-mlndcd. It 1b ar
gued that this "deterioration" does not
arguo well for tho futuro of tho na
tion. "Doplornblo Americanization of
tho Gorman stago," 1b what aomo writ
ers characterize It.
Tho thoatrlcal mnnagers havo de
clared war on tho "movies " At a con
ference attended by representatives
of practically all tho important the
aters nnd operas In tho emplro It waa
doclded that hereafter no nctor, act
ress or slngor may act for tho "mov
ies," undor penalty of Immediate dis
missal. Hut that has not Increased
tho box otllco receipts of tho theaters.
An "American Invasion" of tho mo
tion picture theater field Itself Ib tak
ing placo. Two Now York men, A. H
Wood nnd F. J. QoldBoll, havo opened
eight In Rorllu In tho last throo
mouths, nnd oxpect to havo moro than
a scoro In operation throughout Ger
many by fall. Sovoral of tho bankrupt
theaters woro bought and turned Into
"movloB." Thoy also built a now ono
adjoining tho Amorlcan church a
boautlful unlquo structuro entirely
wlndowless, which had a tremendous
run olnco It was oponod, desplto tho
high ndmlsslon, ranging from 25 cents
to $1.00. Thnt circuit Is strengthen
tng Us drawing powor by adding va
riety artists to tho "movies," which
Ib an Innovation In Gormany.
Tho sovoral varloty shows In Ber
lin nro high priced, and tho ordinary
eon in tholr unslnkable Canoo "Whlto water," starting from tho Clifton Boat
canoo trip, flying tho suffragetto flag presented to them by tho Staten Island '
o Hudson nnd through tho Erie canal to Buffalo, through Lako Erlo to
Rochester, Pa. From there they will go up the Ohio to Plttaburgh, then to
s, down tho Mississippi to New Orleans, across the Gulf of Mexico and
through tho Everglades to Palm Beach and through the Indian river to Jack
tho Atlantic coast to Chesapeake bay and Washington, then by way of the
York bay.
working man cannot afford to pay the
admission, ranging from 75 cents to
$2.50. Tho Americans seem to havo
sensed this craving for amusement of
this class and are catering to tho
common people with popular prices.
On tho wholo, admission to "mov
ies" In tho big German cities is high
er than in tho United States. Nickel
sIiowb aro rare. Tho prico does not
fall much below 12 cents. In Ber
lin children under ten aro prohibited
from seeing only such "movies" as
aro expressly approved by tho police
censors for children. Under no cir
cumstances may children remain after
nine o'clock at night.
Fond as the QermanB aro of good
music, there is hardly a grand opera
house In tho emplro that pays run
ning expenses.
Morgan Belmont Will Wed Margaret
Andrews, It Is Said, In So
cial Circles.
New York. Vincent Asto, who fell
heir to ?80,000,000. has been beaten
In lovo by Morgan Belmont, son of
August Belmont. Tho possibility of
an early announcement of tho engage
ment of young Belmont and Miss Mar
garet Andrews, daughter of Paul An
drews of Newport, is being discussed
by society gossips. They are seen
together frequently yachting and
motoring as well as at dances.
Astor Is reported to havo been n
suitor of Miss Andrews. Beforo his
departure for Europe last year, it was
rcmored that his engagement to Miss
Vincent Astor.
Andrews would be announced follow
ing her dobut. At Newport ho gavo
almost cxciuslvo attention to MIbs
Andrews. Now, however, his placo
Booms to be taken by Belmont.
Miss Androws la eighteen years old
and was known ns tho daintiest of
last season's dobutnntes. She im
personated Elsie Janis at the "Mother
Goose ball" given recently by Mrs.
Stuyvesant Fish
rodents m
Scotchman Harnessed Mice and
Made Them Spin.
Profits Were Three Cents a Week
Wonderful Scheme That Failed
Because of the Death of
Its Projector.
Edinburgh, Scotland. To an ingeni
ous Scotchman goes tho credit of be
ing tho first person to harness a
mouso and make him a money earning
factor. Ho was David Hutton, a na
tive of Dunfermline, and his unexpect
ed dgath alone prevented him from
carrying out his experiments on a
much larger scalo.
Hutton erected a small mill at Dun
fermline In 1S20 and began tho spin
ning of thread. Just how ho made uso
of the small rodents is set forth In a
pamphlet called "Curiosity Coffee
"In tho summer of 1S12," ho wrote,
"I had occasion to bo In Perth, and
when Inspecting the toys and trinkets
that wero manufactured by tho French
prisoners in tho depot thero my atten
tion was involuntarily attracted by a
littlo toy houso with a wheel in the
gablo of It that was running rapidly
around, Impelled by the gravity of a
common houso mouso.
"For ono shilling I purchased tho
house, mouse and wheel. Inclosing it
In a handkerchief, on my Journey
homeward I was compelled to contom-i
plato its favorito amusement.
"But how to apply half ounce power
(which is the weight of a mouso) to a
useful purpose wbb the difficulty. At
length tho manufacture of sewing!
thread seemed tho most practicable."
Though Mr. Hutton proved that an
ordinary mouso would average a run
of ten and a half miles a day, ho had
ono mouso which rnn tho remarkable
distanco of 18 miles in that time.
A half-penny's worth of oatmeal was
sufficient for Its food for 35 days, dur
ing which tlmo It ran 362 miles. He
kept two mlco constantly engaged In
tho making of sowing thread for moro
than a year.
This thread mill was soon construct
ed that tho mouao was ablo to twist
twlno nnd reol from 100 to 200 threads
a day, Sundays not excepted. To per
form thlB task it had to run ten nnd
a half miles a day, which It did with
porfect easo every other day.
On tho hnlf-ponny's worth of oat
meal, which laBted for five weekB. ono
of theso littlo mlco mado 3,350 threads
25 Inches long, nnd as a penny was
paid to women for every hank mado
In tho ordinary way, the mouso nt that
rate earned 18 cents ovory six weeks.
Allowing for bonrd and for machin
ery thero waB a clear yearly profit
from each mouso of $1.50.
It was Mr. Hutton's intention to ap
ply for the loan of tho Dumforllno
cathedral, which was empty, whero he
planned to sot up 10,000 niouBo mills
and still leavo room for tho keepers
and several hundreds of spectators;
but thlB wonderful project wnB never
carried out becauso of tho Inventor's
sudden death.
Water Is Struck by Lightning and
Acts as Conductor of Death Bolt
to Fowls.
Wilmington, Del. Lightning struck
a pond in which eight ducks wero
swimming and killed them all.
Tho ducks wero not struck, but tho
water being highly charged with elec
tricity, thoy woro electroucuted. Six
died Instantly and two lingered until
A half dozen ducks that wero on
the bunk escaped injury.
You're Safe"
so lojig as you keep
the Stomach, Liver and
Bowels working regu
larly and when the first
sign of weakness ap
pears be sure to take
promptly. It will help
you keep the appetite
normal, digestion per
fect and liver and
bowels active. Try it.
Revolt Suppressed.
Sho waB giving orders at express
rate, for they wore married; and he,
as a rule the most meek and sub
missive of men, waB, llko tho pro
verbial worm, beginning to turn.
"Do you think," ho inquired, "that
you rule tho wholo of tho universe?
"No," sho snapped; "but I rule the
first letter of it."
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottlo oC
CASTORIA, a Bafe and euro remedy for
imams ana cmiuren, ana see that It
na cmiuren, ana see that it v
or Over 30 Years. H
Bears tho
Signature i
In Uso For Over 30 Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria.
Weary Listener.
"You can't answer my arguments,"
triumphantly exclaimed the man of ag
gressive loquacity. "No," replied tho
sarcastic person; "I haven't a chance. )
I can't stay awako long enough."
Summer Annoyances
such as prickly heat, ivy poisoning,
insect bites and offensive perspiration
are quickly relieved by applying.
Tyreo's Antiseptic Powder. 25c. at
druggists or write J. S. Tyreo, Wash
ington, D. C, for free sample. Adv.
Woman's Idea.
"What possessed you to buy those
worthless stocks?"
"Because they were so low thej
looked to me like splendid bargains."
Does your back ache constantly? Do
you have sharp twinges when stooping or
lifting? Do you feel all used up as if
you could just go no further?
Kidney weakness brings great discom
fort. What with backache, headache,
dizziness and urinary disturbances it is
no wonder one feels all used up.
Doan's Kidney Pills have cured thou
sands of just such cases. It's the best
recommended special kidney remedy.
A South Dakota Case
Ray H. Chose.
Alexandria, S. O ,
aya: "Pains In
my back nearly
bent me double.
My system was
tilled with uric
acid. My appetite
left me and I lost
weight. The ltld
ney oecrotlons
were scanty nnd
tilled with white,
ratty-llkc sub
stances Doun's
Kidney Tills help
ed me from tho
tlrst and continued
uso cured me. Tho
cure has been per
"Krerv Picture
jiu oiory.
Get Doan's at Any Store. EOc Box
Uncle Sam's last big land
openinR 1, 345,000 acrcsof rich
prairie land thrown open to white
settlers. 8,406 homestead of 160 acres
each aro waiting. Iocated In Northeast
ern Montana, just north of the Missouri
River, on the main line of the Great
Northern Railway. Rich, randy, loam
soil capable of raising 20 to 30 bushels of
wheat and 40 to 60 bushels of oats per acre.
RegUter at
Gloijovr, Harre or Great Fills, Montana
Daily Sept. 1 to 20 ioduiire
Drawing at Glaigcw Stpt. 23
This land ) been appraltrt at 2 W to 17.00
pcracrv Can bo taken up under United States
lloniotead lawi.
rnrC lUuitrattilmaD-foldtrand full Inform.
riYLtL, ttion about thU bin land onrnlnu nil!
be u-nt free If you wrllo at once,
Bend a postal
Immigration Agent
Dept. O00O
Great Northern Ry.
i k
.swssrt&SAxrsr J"srr'- - - i

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