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n M
a young cpuple to the altar one
of tho most important things
needed ia tho wooding ring. It
is the symbol of union 'and hap
piness. Our seamless wedding
rings will met every rquire
ment. They are especially mado
for us and the makers as well as
ourselves guarantee their quality.
Jeweler and Optician
Wo want your repair work.
Local and Personal
Cof Supt. Clco Chappell is spending
this week in Dickens on school business.
Thomas McDermott, of Farnam, is
spending a fow days in town on busi
ness. Mrs. B P Sailor left a few days ago
for Elm Creek to spend a wck visiting
her family.
Miss Graco Cokcr returned to Suth
arland Tuesday after a short visit with
town friends.
P. L. Harper, S. W. Swanson, Guy
Fear and James Howe of Wallace aro
spending sevoral days in town.
C. S. Clinton who has been spending
two weeks in Chicago. And othe
eastern points, will return teday.
E. M. Banta, of Omaha, came a
few days ago to accept a position as
day clerk at tho Pacific hotel.
Frank Baldwin left a fow days ago
for Kansas City and other eastern
towns to spend a couple of weeks.
Miss Mablo Ogle, of Ogalalla, came
tho first of this woek to visit her sister
Mrs. Luther Tucker for a few days.
James Campbell, and mother Mrs.
Mary Campbell from Dickens, are
visiting in town on business this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Whitehead returned
Tuesday evening from tho eastern part
of this state where thoy visited friends.
Messrs. Homer and Robert Hall, of
Salina, Kan., who wore guests of the
Bonner family for a woek, left Tues
day evening.
Walter SamueUon, formerly of the
local express office, began work as
baggageman on the branch line Wed
nesday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Lemuel Toolo, who
wore married at Kearney Tuesday havo
returned to this city and began house
keeping; at 510 E. 4th street.
William J. Lake and Miss Minnie A.
Armstrong, both of Ogalalla, wore"
quietly married in this city Tuesday
afternoou by Rev! B. A. Cram.
Miss Margaret Ware, of Blair, who
Bpent a couple of weeks jwith Misses
Ida and Gcnoviova 3 'Ottonstdln, re
turned homo the first of this weak.
Miss Fayo Stephans, of Sutherland,
who rendered a violin solo at tho
Empress Tueseay ovening, returned
home Weunosuay. VVhilo here she was
the guest of her
Irono vonTrot.
music teacher Miss
A baby boy was born tho early part
of this week to Dr. and Mrs. L. C.
Misses Mabel and Essie Wessburg,
who visitod in Omaha last week, have
returned home.
Mrs. Eckstino, of Sterling, who was
to guest of Miss Cre Dienerlast week,
has roturncd home.
Dr. N. McCabe who was called to
Grand Island professionally the first of
this week, has returned.
F. C. Piolsticker returned Tuesday
ovening from Omaha where he spent
several days.
Dr. Charles Parks left Tuesday
evening for Spokane to spend several
weeks on business matters.
Frank Lovcn, of tho Lcador clothing
department, left Tuosday for Denver to
spend several days on business.
Mrs. Sarah Holdon Jeft Wednesday
morning for Paxton to visit her sistor
Mrs. Arthur Hartwig for a fow days.
W. W. Burr and W. P. Snyder, of
tho experimental sub-station, went to
Lexington Wednesday morning to at
tend the county fair.
Dr. A. J. Ames who has been prac
tising in Potter for several months,
came Monday to visit his family and
returned Wednesday morning.
Mr. and MrB. Guy Robinson who had
been visiting the latter's mother Mrs.
John Day, will go to Portland Sunday
afternoon where they will ongage in
moving picture business.
A large prairie firo in tho vicinity of
Dickons, caused by the lightning Sun
day evening destroyod almost all of tho
hay which tho farmers had stacked.
Tho loss to many of tho farmers who
had a largo quantity is a very heavy one.
Entries of produce and stock for tho
Lincoln county fair aro coming genor
ouily and tho officers feel nssursd that
tho exhibit will be a creditablo ono.
Tho attention of tho ladies of tho county
is especially called to tho following
classes on which prizes aro being of
fored: Household products, consisting
butter, bread, cakes, and pies, pre
serves, jollies, jams, canned fruits,
pickles sour and sweet. To tho fine
art departmont'conslsting of oil, water
color, pastel and crayon paintings
physography, professional and amature
photography. Prizos aro also offered
for all classes of needlework and for
house plants' and cut flowers.' Let
each lady make entry of some articioin
tho above classes.
Local and Personal.
Earl Carpenter left Wednesday
evening for Sheridan whero he will
spend several weeks.
Mrs. Nels Hammer has returned
from Sidney where she visited her
daughter last week.
Ernest Garnoll, of Sutton, came here
recently to accept a position in the
Gilbert barber shop.
Mack McCoy who held a position as1
day clerk at the Union Pacific hotel for
a couple of years was transferred to
Laramie tne hrst ot this weeK.
Mrssrs. Roy Cockran and Charles
McNamara havo moved their office
from the Waltemath building to tho
second floor of the McCabe building.
The meat firm of Gaunt & Smith on
North Locust street dissolved partner
ship the first of this waek. Mr. Gaunt's
.interests were purchased by J. A.
Walter Kocken has begun the erec
tion of another bungalow on east Third
street just west of the one he now owns
and occupied by Messrs. McGovern.
Sturges and Fristo. Ho is building it
for renting purposes.
The annarratus for the bowline allev
that will be opened in the LeMaster
building on east bixth street was re
ceived and unloaded yesterday and will
bo placed in position today and tomor
row. The extension of the sewer between
Fifth and Sixth streets has been about
completed. The tile is laid, the trench
covered and the man holes are being
put in. ine extension runs two blocks
west of Washington avenue, and its
full length is five blocks.
Some idoa of the wealth of the upper
iNortn riatto valley can be gained trom
the statement that from Bridgeport
west to tho Wyoming state line 300,000
tons of alfalfa have been eut this year,
and in the same soction there are 20,000
acres of sugar beets.
Tho Scientific American says that in
case of a collision the "smashing"
energy of an automobile running at
forty miles an hour is sixteen times
greater than is that of a car running
ten miles an hour. This is a point not
generally understood by automobile
The Grand Island sugar factory will
open the campaign October 5th. Field
samples of beets for testing will be
taken next week. The yield of beets in
the Grand Island section is away below
tho average, but west of North Platte
tho tonnage per acre Will bo unusually
In connection with the fall festival
the ladies of the local lodges are ar
ranging for n grand floral parade.
Prizes of $30.00, $20.00 and $10.00 are
being offernd, nnd those in charge
give the assurance that this will bo ono
of the most gorgeous affairs that has
been attomptod in North Platte.
If that idle momcy is not earning
7 and 8 per cent semi-annually inter
est in first mortgage loans, bated on
not to exceed 50 per cent value pnd
backed by good, responsible parties,
s'ee Bratt & Goodman.
This is a copy of our Rexall Store advertisement in this week's September 13 Saturday
" l , Evening Post" Read it and profit by it.
jl Oil
No. 1
0F tho months, and oftentime years, devoted to painstaking, conscientious testing and proving
VJ by actual use of every formula for any Rexall Toilet Preparation before that formula was
finally adopted as worthy; r
Of the exact, earnest care used in selecting-.cach ingredient, and the rigid testing for purity and
strength before it could become a part of the preparation; .
Of the miarantee on each Rexall 'loilet m-ftnnrntirin tlmi if if 1C ..ni .,', c.,i..r..t: ; ..
.way, "we want you fogo back to the store where you bought it and get your money; it belongs
7t(fyou and wo want you to have it;" and, -- D
J J ' ,5 , , v
,And if You Saw-
Tho sanitary, airy, sun-lighted, shiningly-clean laboratories jn which Rexall -Toilet preparations
-are made: the white-capped; white-aproned, wholesomely clean young women who put them up and
iAnd if Yon Realised
That the co-operation in buying, manufacturing and selling of more than 7,000 Rexall Stores
one leading drug store in each important city and town in the United States, Canada and Great
JJntam-mukcs it possible to reduce to a minimum the cost to you of the finished product;
Then You Would Believe-
That it is an Advan- Trll TOILET
tage for You to Buy lwXd.11 Preparations.
They are listed here t very low prices for goods of high quality. They are:
Rnvnll Rlinvlnrf T.nllnn O 1)701 or. Kft
Uexall Toilet Cream.., !. '.'. '.'. .'.'.', .7.7 '..'. 25c Rexall Cold Groom. !? a? m o m-
Itcxall Camphorated Cold Cream.. i. 25o
(Also Roxnl Theatrical Cold Cream prepared especially
for tho profession in i lb. and 1 lb. iiuantUfesV)
Root lathor-mnklng, soothing; soap, In three forms to
glvo tho discriminating shaver his choico:
Rexall Shaving Powdor "5C
n Shaving Stick , ".22c
Rexall Shaving Cream 25c
Rexall Roso Water and Glycerine, 25c
Rexall Cream of Almonds 3fic
Rexall Violet Talcum Powder 25c
Roxall Toilot Soap, 10c a cako , 3 for 25c
Fragrant and sanitary preparations tor tho tooth, In
whichever form you prefer,
Rexall Antiseptic Tooth Powdor 25c
Rpxall Tooth Wash 256
Rexall Tooth Paste 25c
) m
"Tcxall Toilet Goods Week" begins today at all the REXALL STORES.
In the Saturday Evening Post
on Oct. 11 will be printed 'Rex
'alt Ad-Vantage No. 2," on Vio
let Duke Perfumes and Toilet
These Goods are Sold only at
Newest Fashions are Here
Apparel such as you will wish to own. Exclusive
Novelty styles are given equal prominence with
the distinctive plainer garments. New models
are sent to us each day from the Eastern mar
kets, so that our assortment is forever fresh and
, delightful. '
Every Lady in North Platte and Vicinity
is cordially invited to come to this store and
view the array of Women's Outer Garments.
Spread before you, You will find each and every
one, not only beautiful, but practical as well, and
of course, moderately priced.
Remember, everything new at the
New Store
SBSSMl 5fiSl 1 Hferifll fcjfcg mmeSi 1
Some Happenings
22 Years Ago
T. Q. Thackor sold his drug store to
Dr. N. McCabe in order that he might
accept the position of government
sugar inspector.
Mrs. J. (J. J'erguson was killed by
the accidental discharge of a gun in
the hands of her husband. In company
with Mr. and Mrs. McGee, Mr. and
Mrs. Ferguson had gone to Plant pre
cinct to hunt prairie chickens. .
The Besack livery barn on Front
street burned to the ground. A valuable
Btallion, five mules and sixteen horse3
were burned to death, and a lot of
harness and other property destroyed.
The fire occurred about nine o'clock' in
the evening, and originated from an ex
plosion of 'a lantern in the hay mow.
Final arrangements were being made
for the soldiers' reunion. Threo hun
dred and fifty tents had been erected
and from 5,000 to 8,000 visitors were
expected. The camp, named Logan,
was situated north of the present ice
houses, and woa lighted with arc lights.
J. B. McDonald, J . G. Beelei and
Butler Buchanan went to the state fair
with the Lincoln county exhibit, which
the Bee pionounced ono of the most
attractive on the fair grounds.
Here's a railroad story: Andy Stru
thers left his engine standing at Jules
burg station while he went to tho tele
graph station for orders. Tho fireman
in the cab was told by a brakeman that
there wero several cars to bo switched,
which work could be done while the
engineer and conductor were getting
their orders. Tho fireman accordingly
opened the throttle and pulled out of
the yard not only out of the ynrd but
nine miles down tho track. Struthers
comingout of tho office and seeing his
engine gone, telegraphed to Ogalalla
and Big Springs to hold trains No. 1 and
21, which were about du and thus
avoid a collision. Tho supposition is
thnt immediately after opening the
throttle the fireman had dropped to
sleep and did not wake until the engine
had traneied the nine miles. Tho fire
man left for Pocatollo the next day.
The Knights of Pythias lodge gave a
banquet and among the speakers were
W. T. Wilcox, Satnl. Goozeo and Wm.
Whitlock, the latter responding to tho
toast "Our Bald-headed Knights."
A westem Nebraska resident an
nounced that he had discovered a pro
cess for melting the sand hills into glass
of suitable shape for building material.
Later it was fouud thut the discoverer
was in need of a room in tho insane
The peoplo of tho town wero talking
bonds as n bonus for the building of
tho Du'uth & Pueblo railroad which wns
to traverso the county from tho north
east to the southwest corner. At tho
election which followed North Platte
cast abut thirteen hundred votes in
favor of tho bonds and none against. In
these days tho voters are not so unan
miously In favorof bonds.
Mose McFarland, at one time in charge
of tho local ynrds, was visiting friends
in town. .
Engineer Pat McGruw was married
to Miss Hilda Stark.
(Owing to protests filed by young
ladies, mention of births twenty-two
years ago will in tho future be omitted,
ns wo havo no desiro to give away the
nge of tho dear girls.)
'...' ' .
" Of course you want the best fire,
lightning, tornado and cyclone insur-
We write it at lowest rates.
Bratt & Goodman.
Roy Mehlmann Married,
Roy Mehlmann left the first of this
week for Creston, la., whero ho was
married at noon Wednesday to Mirs
Barbara BarrowclifT. After a honey
moon trip thru oastorn cities thoy will
reside here. Mr. Mehlmann is a prom
ising young man and has a large circle
of friends who wish him happiness with
the lady of his choice and will welcome
her to our city.
Soon to be Married.
The North Platte and Lincoln county
friends of T. T. Keliher, now living in
Chicago, will bo interested in knowing
that he will be married September 24th
to Miss Nell Kennedy, of that city.
The bride is a sister of n former priest
of St. Patrick's parish of this citv. has
visited here a number of times, and js-i
known to many of our people.
Elks Will Hold Picnic.
The local lodge of Elks will hold a
stag picnic Sunday at the ranch of Col.
Wm. Beattv two miles east of Brady.
The trip will be made in automobiles.
Twenty cars will go from North" Platte,
several from Hershey and Sutherland,
a number will come up from Gothen
burg, and the members ot the lodge
living at Maxwell and Brady will be
present. It is expected that more than
one hundred will bo present. The at
tendants will be limited to members of
the order.
Insures a Good Exhibit.
The committee in charge of the far
mers' institute at Hershey has kindly
consented to bring to the North Platto
fall festival next week the exhibit of
produce that has been prepared for the
institute. This exhibit is said to be a
very fine one, and will add much to the
display at the fall festival.
Several scouts will be sent out in the
country north and south tomorrow to
gather up farm produce worthy of ex
hibition at the festival, these samples
being in addition to those many far
mers hnvf nvnmiapfl tn hrino- Alfn.
gether tho display of farm produce at
the fair promises to be a most worthy
one, notwithstanding the extremely
dry season.
Creamery Machinery Arrives.
The machinery for the North Platte
creamery arrived the earlv part of the
week and is being installed in the
cement blok1 building on north Locust
street.1 Tho plant will have a capacity
of 3,000 pounds of butter per day, but
it is not expected to run the plant at
its full capacity at the beginning, "as it
will not be possible to secure the neces
sary cream.
The proprietors believe that thoy will
be able to offer a little better price for
cream than has been paid in the past,
and that this will tend to increase tho
proluction of cream in the country trib
utary to North Platte.
Mrs. Calvin Lowell of East St Louis,
who hod been visiting her parents Mr.
nnd Mrs. I. L. Miltonberger for soyeral
weeks was called back Wednesday by
the illnoss of a relative.
Mrs. Kvlo D. Small and children, of
Jlnrvoy, 111., former rosidonts here, re
1 turnod homo this morning aftr a
month's visit with hor parents Mr. and
Mrs. Victor VonGoetz.
Arthur VanDoran left the early part
of this week for Grand Island whore
ho has accepted empjoyjnojnt.
tm arDAy
Sf N ffl BKKBJ8
Horn Impoi'tants
it is to 3ive the
little folks Just the
Riht kind offood
for breakfast,
lunch and dinner-lorYourConsiderdtion
We Offer:
Kellogg's a Toasted Wheat
Wedding Breakfast Coffee.
BohemianRipe Olives.
Emry's Deviled Sardines.
Walker's ChiIiCon Carne.
Camphell's Vegtable Soup.
Jello Assorted Flavors.
PrincessACod Fish.
Imported Mushrooms.
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