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Her Cl
A Story of Old.
New York
Olio ovenlng, something moro than
100 yoarg ago, a gentleman nml n lady
were strolling on tho Battery In tbo
city of Now York. At that time tho
residential area bordering the park,
which inherits its name from tho old
New Amsterdam fort located on tho
ground, was a very different section
from what It Is now. Today It Is In
tersected by elevated railroads, and
tho loungers there are chiefly emi
grants or persons out of employment
Then In the houses bordering upon tho
park lived tho most aristocratic fami
lies of old New York.
The gentleman mentioned was tall,
dignified and wore tho costume of tho
times, a beaver hat, ruilled shirt front
bluo coat with brass buttons nnd n
llarlug skirt; his pantaloons, as they
were then called, tight except where
thoy covered his boots. Tho lady wore
tho bonnet of the period, skirt a la
dlrectolrc, her shoulders covered with
a laco shawl. Sho was a descendant
of ono of the original Dutch settlers
and a widow.
"I am going to ask you onco more,
Mrs. Van Zandt, and for the last time,"
said tho man, with that dignified court
liness 'which has now passed Into
oblivion, "to mako mo happy. You
may remember that n year ago, on this
very spot I asked you to honor mo
by becoming my wife. You told mo
that you lived and would live only for
your son. Slnco then you havo treated
mo, If not as a lover, at least as a
dear friend. It is this that has em
boldened mo to ask you to reconsider
your refusal and confer upon me tho
greatest happiness a woman can bo
stow upon a man."
Having mado this stilted proposal,
ho waited for a reply. In accordance
with the custom of those times tho
lady's band rested on his arm. Ho felt
her hand tremble. After a few mo
ments of silence sho said:
"I trust Mr. Travers, that you will
not think me Insensible of tho honor
you would confer upon me; an honor.
I must admit of which I am scarcely
worthy. But if my sou required my
undivided attention a year ago ho
needs it still more now. Since you aro
my very dear friend, I will confide In
you that ho has become Involved has
Involved mo in a gambling debt. This
Major Tllford, who has recently como
to Now York, and who has secured
social recognition by some of our best
families, has succeeded in winning
from Frank at cards some $4,000."
"The rascal!" muttered Mr. Travers.
"I havo drawn my check for tho
amount nnd Frank will tomorrow pay
the indebtedness. Ho has given mo
his solemn promise never again to play
at cards for money. But I know I
shall have trouble In keeping him
from tho temptation. Now you can un
derstand -why ho needs ray first con
, sldcratlon."
Tho lovers were silent for a time.
They -vverc standing on tho southern
most part of tho Battery looking
down the bay. A few ships were at
anchor, while one was coming under
full sail through tho Narrows, tho
setting sun gliding her canvas. Present
ly Mr. Travers said:
"Will you permit mo to hand your
check to Major Tllford. madam?"
"With what object?"
"Tf mnv hn hotter flint vour son
should have nothing more to do with
the man."
"Perhaps you are right I shall con
sider myself under a deep obligation
to you. my dear Mr. Travers, If you
will act In tho matter for me."
"On tho contrary. I feel highly
honored by your confidence."
They returned to Mrs. Van Zandt's
home, a modest two story brick build
lug, In placo of which a modern sky
scraper now stands, and Mrs. Van
Zandt took from a lady's mahogany
-writing desk with claw feet a check
and handed It to Mr. Travers. He
bent and kissed tho hand from which
ho received It nnd, carefully avoiding
turning his back to its owner, with
drew. That samo evening a party of gentle
men wero supping nt Frounces tavern,
among their number Major Tllford.
Mr. Travers entered tho dining room
nnd, taking a seat, called for wine.
Then ho -wrote on tho back of ono of
his visiting cards a request for a few
words In prlvnto with Major Tllford
and sent tho card to that gentleman.
Tho latter arose and. going to tho tablo
whero Mr. Travers sat, bowed and said:
, "1 am nt your service, sir."
, "I am commissioned to hnnd you a
check for money taken from a boy
In his teens, who should have been
protected Instead of swindled by you."
ETo handed Tllford Mrs. Van Zandt's
check, but tho hitter drew back. He
had no sense of honor, but could not
tell to what this matter might lend.
Ho assumed a sense of honor he did
not feel.
"Are you nwaro. sir," ho said, "that
this Is an Insult no gentleman can
brook 7 Wero It not for the prejudice
against tho code engendered by tho re
cent affair between Mr. Ilnmllton and
Mr. Burr you should answer for It on
the field of honor."
"The prejudice against dueling you
speak of arises from n murder, not an
affair of honor. I havo no fear of los-
H lll-l UX'fr'lmMSJUJUJ'"'
ll,-, l ' I'' ( I M ll 11 1.1' fVl-"
V ll'l ' it
"J'u' it (,. -i" I -ii il si-iiil a friend
t you."
"One moment, sir. Tb lady whose
son you have swindled mt 'not be
brought Into this affair, nnd it It to
your Intorest, sir. thnt Its real cause
should be concealed, lletnni to yoar
friends. Presently I will arise to leave
tho room. Plnco your foot In such po
sition that I may trip on It I will re
taliate by drawing my glovo ucrosH
your face. You can then send your
friend to mo without tho true cause
of tho difference between us being
"As you like, sir. Meanwhllo you
may keep tho check. If you k. mo
you mny return It to tho lady who
wrote It. If I kill you"-
"You can tako such action concern
ing It as you see fit If you chooso now
to decline it nnd will glvo mo u receipt
for the amount of its faco this affair
need go no further."
Tllford made no reply to this for
awhile, no was turning tho matter
over in his mind. There wcro rensons
why ho should rccedo from tho posi
tion in which ho stood, but ho did not
wish to give up tho plunder, nnd ho
might possibly retain it without dam
ago to his reputation. Travers was not
known as a lighter, while Tllford came
from tho south, whoro dueling was
qulto common, and ho was an expert
with both sword and pistol.
"No, sir," ho said at last "You havo
Insulted me, accused me, and my honor
must bo vindicated."
With that ho turned and went back
to his companions.
Nothing of tho conversation had been
heard by them, and when Travers
aroso and walked toward tho desk to
pay his reckoning no ono was awaro
that a pantomime was to bo enacted.
As ho was walking leisurely past tho
tablo where his adversary sat tho lat
ter put out his foot and Travers stum
bled against it
"You did that on purpose, sir," ho
"As you ploaso to consider it sir."
Travers drew n glovo from a pocket
nnd struck Tllford with it lightly on
the cheek. Then ho passed in tho
samo leisurely manner out of tho din
ing room.
When Tllford's second returned to
him with Travers' reply to his chal
lenge, tho southerner knit his brows.
By assenting to bis enemy's plnn ho
had given Travers tho chanco of placo
and weapons. Tho conditions named
by tho latter wcro pistols, in a dark
room, each party to bo supplied with
an unlimited number of weapons.
This placed them on an equality, and
Tllford lost tho advantage of his skill
nnd reputation as a duelist
Tllford was an impostor and a swin
dler. Ho had forged letters of intro
duction nnd had played young Vnn
Zandt with marked cards. Believing
that his true character would soon
como out, he desired, if possible, to get
the money on Mrs. Vnn Zandt's check
and disappear. But In playing a gen
tleman's gnmo ho had left tho check
with Travers. He sent word to his
adversary that ho would apologize for
tripping him nnd tako Mrs. Van
Zandt's check to her nnd tear it to
pieces in her presence If this would bo
ngreeablo to Mr. Travers.
Travers was unwilling to trust him
with tho check so long ns It was good
at tho bank, but ho took sufficient
time to go there and request that It
should not bo paid If presented. Then
ho sent it to Tllford, stating thnt his
proposed terms were accepted, But be
fore Tllford had timo to try to get tho
check cashed Travers went to the
bank and was there In concealment
when Tllford hurried in nnd present
ed tho check. Travers confronted him.
"You scoundrel!" ho said. "Sign a
receipt for tho amount you claim from
young Van Zandt and give It to me.
with this check, or go to jail."
Tllford threw up the game and
i agreed to the conditions.
When the
receipt had been drawn and signed
and the check returned ho was per
mitted to leave tho bank and the city
and was never seen In Now Yorlc
I again.
Tho same evening Mr. Travers was
announced In -tho drawing room of
Mrs. Van Zandt.
"Have you paid my son's Indebted
ness?" sho asked.
"I have, madam. There is tho re
ceipt." lie handed it to her. She cast her
eyes over It and was folding It when
ho handed her her check. Sho looked
at it. surprised, then nt him for an ex
planation. "There was no legitimate debt." ho
said, "duo from your son to this man
Tllford. who was an impostor nnd a
swindler. Ho returned your check nnd
tilgned a receipt for tho amount ho had
claimed in preference to going to Jail."
"How did you prove him such?"
"I gavo him my opinion of ono -who
would tako money in such fashion
from n minor. Ho still pretended to bo
a gentleman and agreed to surrender
tho check to you In person. Instead of
doing so, ho presented It nt tho bank.
I had taken tho precaution to stop
payment on tho check and was at tho
bank to recelvo tho rascal when ho
enmo to draw tho money. I gavo him
his choice between exposure nnd Its
consequences nnd giving me. for you.
these two papers."
Mrs. Van Zandt's eyes wero dimmed
with tears. Sho yearned to throw her
self into her lover's nrms, but those
wero times of great formality.
"Mr. Travers." sho said, as soon ns
sho could control her voice, "it seems,
sir, that my son's Interests nro safer In
your hands than In mine."
With great composure he encircled
her waist and took her hand; then ho
drew her to him and kissed her.
"Ah, mndnm, you have made mo tho
happiest of men!"
An Attack Thnt Wholly Demoralized
the Partisan Rangers.
Colonel .lohn S. Mosby. commander
of the Partisan raujretN, who gave
such dashing service In the noutliern
cause, told of an amusing Incident la
which he figured.
In the summer of 1S04 when Cleneral
Phil Sheridan was In the valley or tho
Shenandoah he found htuwolf much
harassed by Mosuy, who was continu
ally cutting off his supply trains. An
army cannot light on an emptf stom
ach, and Mosby know It Ono bright
morning Mosby heard that a long sup
ply train was winding Its way down
tho valley. By noon tho rangers In
their gray uniforms wcro gathered at
tho forks of tho valley pike, watching
for tho head of tho wagon train to ap
pear. Presently a cloud of dust was scon
rising far up tho road, and ns tho wind
blow It aside the Coufedorntcs caught
sight of n lino of men in bluo escorting
n enravan of lumbering wagons drawn
by mules. Instantly Mosby gave tho
order to run a little howitzer up on tho
sldo of a hill and uullmbcr it As soon
ns tho gun had opened flro tho rest of
tho men wero to mako a cavalry chnrgo
and throw tho train Into confusion.
Tho rangers Jerked tho gun into po
sition nnd began to swab It out Sud
denly tho man with tho swab gave a
shrill yell, seized tho seat of his panta
loons nnd fled down tho hill and out
Into tho road. Almost in tho samo
moment the other man at tho gun
abandoned it Ho seemed to, bo fight
ing at tho air as ho disappeared over
a stouo wall.
Tho sutler's wagons woro creeping
nearer, and Mosby did not know whnt
to think of such extraordinary conduct
Ho ordered four moro men to tho gun,
but hardly hnd thoy reached it when
they, too, yelled, began to boat tho air
madly with their hats and took to
Spurring his horso over tho stono
wall, Mosby rodo toward tho gun, but
his stay was Bhort Tho howitzer otood
Just over a hornets' nest, and those
busy insects wcro resenting tho intru
sion. They had repelled tho Invaders
on foot, and now they swarmed on
Mosby's horso till the maddened ani
mal tore off down tho pike on a run.
Then thoy turned their attention to
the rest of tho troop.
Their attack was so vicious that tho
rangers gnvo up any idea of standing
by tho gun. Thoy scattered far nnd
wide, nnd It was an hour before thoy
returned. When thoy did tho wagon
train had safely vanished in tho dis
tance. So tho hornets saved the day
for Sheridan. Youth's Companion.
Whero Science Fails.
Science has wrought many achieve
ments, but It has not cleared up u sin
glo elemental mystery, and It has cre
ated a thousand lesser mysteries that
never wcro Imagined until science
enmo. Sclenco has demonstrated thnt
this oak of a world used to bo an
acorn, but how that acorn enmo Into
existence or whence It obtained tho
latent elements that now havo become
an oak science has not suggested. Scl
enco has mado It possible for a manu
facturer to cut down three trees in
his forest nt 7:35 In tho morning, to
havo thorn mado Into paper at 0:34 and
to havo them selling on the street as
nowspapers at 10:25, but whether the
manufacturer himself Is n brain that
has n mind or Is a mind that has a
brain sclenco cannot oven guess. At
lantic Monthly.
Iron Mold Stains.
Iron mold stains spreod in m.y fabric
they como In contact with i..- 'o wash.
To remove them stretch tho stained
part over a bnsln nearly full of boiling
water, so that the steam may pene
trate tho fabric, and apply with a
feather a fcaspoonful of salt dissolved
In a dessertspoonful of lemon Juice.
When the marks disappear dip the ma
terial well into the hot water, after
ward rinsing very thoroughly in cold
Proved It Was Simple.
In a registration booth In San Fran
cisco an old colored woman had Just
finished registering for tho first llmo.
"Am you shore," sho asked the clerk,
"dat I's done all I has to do?"
"Quito sure." replied the clerk: "you
see, It's very simple."
"I's ought to knowed it." said the
old woman. "If those fool men folks
been doln It nil deso yenrs I might 'a'
knowed It was a powerful simple proc
ess." Life.
Ho Plagued Him.
Tho catcher was hnvlng an argument
with tho umpire.
"I'll fix you so you won't bo an epi
demic any longer!" threatened tho um
pire, beginning to loso his temper.
"What do you mean by I won't bo
an epidemic any longer?" asked tho
"I'll send you to tho bench," return
ed tho umpire, "nnd then you won't bo
'ptchln'." Pittsburg Press.
"I'll havo to arrest you,
said tho
Tho man who wns having trouble
with his wife throw both arms around
tho officer nnd exclaimed:
"This Isn't nny arrest This Is a res
cue." Washington Star.
A Failure.
First Small Boy Is your sister any
good nt playing bnll? Second Small
Hoy Naw. She can't throw anything
but a fit or catch anything but a bean.
New Yorlc Times.
Asia contains more than hnlf of the
people In tho world.
DflT mwme the njT
lA1 House ofGoodShowlAI
When in Norlfi PIillo.
Motion Pictures. Huns Every
Night. Matitn'H Saturday After
noon at 2:30 O'clock.
If you have n iood work
ing knowledge of Shorthand,
Bookkeeping, Business Prac
tice, etc. such as taught in our
school, we can place you with
the big business houses at a
good salary hi a short time.
Get into action today and
know more about our school
by addressing the
Hastings, Nebraska.
For Thirty or
more Years.
Wo have been mnking, repairing
cleaning, nnd altering clothes fot
tno people of North Platte, Wo
haveaimod to give satisfaction, and
wo guess wo havo been successful,
else tho people would not now pnt
ronze us. Give us a chanco to do
your work .
Entrance north of tho Nynl drug store.
Hoffs an d Cattle
Bought nnd highest market
prices paid
Residence Red G3G Ofllco 459
Established in 1871.
Contractor and Builder.
Shop Corner Cth nnd Vino Streets
R. D. Thomson.
Department of tho Interior, U. S. Land Ofilce,
North Platte, Nebraska. Nov. 17, 1013.
To Robert F. Campbell, address unknown,
You aro hereby notified that John E. Koontz,
who gives North Platte, Nebraska, as liltt post
ollico address, did on Oct. 26, 1912. file . In this
ofilco his duly coruboratcd npplicntion to contest
nnd secure tho cancellation of your homestead
entry No. 21155, serial No. 0893. mado September
G, liXVi, for tho whole of section 22, township
12. rnngo 33, west of tho Sixth Principal Meri
dian, and as grounds for his contest ho nllcgcs
that George M. Campbell, tho original entrymen,
was divorced f rom his wlfo when bo mado tho
abovo entry and that ho died about n year subse
quent to entry nnd prior to making final proof,
leaving as his only heir Robert F. Campbell, then
n minor but now of age; that said Robert l'
Campcll has never mado his rcsldcnco upon said
land and has never cultivated tho samo and has
abandoned tho samo for moro than three years
lust past.
You are, therefore, further notified that tho
said allegations will bo taken as confessed, and
your said entry will bo cancelled without further
right to bo heard, either I before this olfici)
or on appeal, if you fall to fllo In this olllcu
within twenty days after tho fourth publication of
this notice, ns shown below, your answer, under
oath, specifically responding to these allegations
of contest, together with duo proof tbutyou
havo served a copy of your nnswer on said con
testant either In person or by registered mall.
You should stato In your answer tho numu of
the postolllco to which you ileslro f uturo notice to
bo sent to you.
n28-4 IilA L. IlAllR, Receiver.
Published in Semi-Weekly Tribute: Date of
first week's publication November 18 and Nov.
21.1013, dates of second week's publication Nov.
25 and Nov. 28, 101,1; dates of third week's pul
llcatlon Dec. 2. and Dec. E. 1013; dates of fourth
week's publication December 0 and Dec. 12, 1013.
Tho Stato of Nebraska, Lincoln county, bo..
In tho County Court.
In tho Matter of tho Estate of Luther
O. Fnrrington, deceased.
On reading nnd filing tho petition of Edwnrd
R. Goodman praying that administration of said
estate may bo granted to himself as administrator,
with tho will annexed, tho executrix of said
cstato having departed this llfo beforo said estate
wns fullv nrohutod. nnd thelcforo it is
Ordered, That Dec. 0th, 1013, nt 0 o'clock a
m. is assigned for hearing Bald petition when all
persons Interested in said matter may appear nt a
county court to bo held In nnd for said county and
show cause why tho prayer of petitioner should
not bo granted; nnd that notice of the pendency
of said petition nnd tho hearing thereof ho given
to all persons interested in said matter by pub
lishing & conv of this order In tho North Platte
Tribune n semi-weekly newspaper printed In said
county, for threo succusslvo weeks, prior to said
day of hearing.
Dated November 14. 1913.
nl8-3 County Judge
In tho county court.
In the matter of tho estate of Hattio Farrlng
on, deceased.
On reading and filing the petition of Edward
R. Goodman, praying that the Instrument filed on
the 17th day of November, 1913, and purporting
to be last will and testament of tho said do
ccasod, may bo proved, approved, probated, al
lowed nnd recorded as tho last will nnd!tcstamcnt
of tho said Hattio Farrington, deceased, and that
tho execution of sald instrument may bo com
mitted and tho administration of said estate may
be granted to himself as executor.
Ordered, that Dec, 9th. 1013. at 9 o'clock a. m..
in the forenoon Is assigned for hearing saldpetl
tlon when all persons interested in said matter
may appear In tho county court to bo held In
nnd for said county und show cause why the
prayer of the petitioner should not Ikj granted
This order to bo printed for threco successive
weeks In tho North Platto Tribune, n legal semi
weekly newspaper published in Lincoln county
Nebraska prior In Dec. 0th. 1013.
D18-3 JOHN GRANT, County Judge.
Serial No. 01200
DEPAUTMKNT op the interior.
United Statu Land Olllce
At North Platto, Nebraska, Nov. lGth, 1013.
Notlco is hereby given that Samuel Young
of Somerset. Neb., who on Apr. 2nd. 1008. mado
homestead entry. No. 23922, Serial No. 0126(1 for
EK Section 2R. Township UN. Range 31.
W. of Cth Principal Merldan. has filed notlco
of Intention to make final five year proof, to
establish claim to tho land abovo described
licforo tho register and receiver at North Platto'
Nebraska, on tho 12th day of January
Claimant names as wltnessscs: George Ilur
mood, J. E. Lawyer. Frank Wilson, nil of Somer
set. Neb.. O. E. Elder, of North Platte. Nebr.
nl8-G J. E. Evans. Register.
( T
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surgical attention Riven obstetrical cases.
Ofllco Phono 183 Kos. Phono 283
Ofllco McDonald Stato Dank IlldV
Dr. D. C. Crocker.
Osteopathic Physician
Office Phono 410 Res. Illk 552
Bertha E.Ma ngon.M.D.
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Now McCabo Blbg.
Physicion and Surrjcon, 1
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Phono 70
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f Residence 273
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North Platte. Phono 30.
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Physicians and Surgeons.
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Physicians & Surgeons
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Ofllco phono 241. Res. phono 217
Osteopathic Physician.
North Platte, - - Nebraska.
McDonald Bank Building.
ivwiwiwiwowwxwjiwwmwMnwwif m
Signet Chapter O. E. S., f
NO. 35
Meets 2nd and 4th Thursday of every
month at Masonic Hall nt 7:30 d. m.
Tho Stnto of Nebraska, Lincoln County, 83.
In tho County Court.
In the matter of tho citato of William
Shrcar, Sr deceased.
On rending nnd filing tho petition of Lester
Walker, praying that administration of said
cstato may l granted to himself as admin
istrator. Ordered, That Dec. 2nd. 1013, at 9 o'clock a. m.
Is assigned for hearing said petition, when
all persons Interested In said matter may appear
at n county court to to held In and for said
county, and show causo why prayer of petitioner
should not bo granted; and that notice of tho
pendency of said petition nnd tho hearing
thereof bo given to all persons Interested In said
matter by publishing a copy of this order In tho
North l'latte Trlbuno n legal semi-weekly nows
paper printed in said county for three successive
weeks, prior to said day of hearing,
Dated Nov. 8, 1013.
nll.3 JOHN ORANT, County Judge.
In tho county court of Lincoln county, Ne
braska, October 28th, 1013.
In tho matter of the cstato of Patrick Ruddy
Notlco U hereby given, that tho creditors of
said deceased will meat tho administrator of said
estate, beforo tho county judgo of Lincoln county,
Nebraska, nt tho county court room. In said county,
on tho 2nd day of December 1013, and on the 2nd
day of Juno 11)14, nt 9 o'clock n, m., each day, for
tho purposo of presenting their claims for exam
ination, adjustment and allowance. Six months
aro allowed for creditors to present their claims
and ono year for tho administrator to sottlo said
estate, from tho 28th day of October, 1013. A
copy of this order to bo published In tho North
Platto Tribune, a legal semi-weekly newspaper
printed in said county for four aucccsslvo weeks
prior to Dec 2nd, 1913.
County Judgo.
Serial No. 04G43,
Department of tho Interior.
U. S. Land Olllce at North Platte. Neb.
October ID, 1913.
NOTICE Is hereby given thnt Clarenca O.
Wills. of WolMeet, Neb.. who, on
Mnrch 3. 1010, mado II. E. No. 04&I3, for
thoWK. ofNWWnnd WHSWM, of Section 32.
Township 11, North, Range 29, West of tho Ctli
Principal Mcridan, has filed notice of Intention
to mnko final threo year proof, to establish
claim to tho land above described, beforo tho
register nnd receiver, nt North Platte, Neb., on
tho 12th day of December, 1013.
Claimant names ns witnesses; Charles Gerkln,
Orrln Itacon, John Cooper and Ernest Fletcher,
nil of Wellilect, Neb.
o21-0 J. E EVANS. Register.
Serial No. 04599
Department of tho Interior.
U. S. Land Ofilco nt North Platte, Nebr.
Sept, 21. 1013.
Notlco Is hereby given that Henry P. Hansen,
of North Platte, Nebr., who, on February 9,
1910. mado Homestead Entry No.
04500, for NV!(, NM of NEW, Section
32, twp. IB, N. rgo. 30, West of tho Gth Principal
Meridian, has filed notlco of intention to mako
finnl threo year proof, to ostabllsh claim to tho
land above described, beforo tho register and
receiver, nt North Platte, Nebr., on tho 19th
day of Novembcr,1013.
Claimant nnmes as witnesses; R. G. Par
melee, Julius Mogensen, F. Hansen, Charles
Russell, all of North Platte, Nebr,
S30-C J. E. Evan, Register.
lly virtuo of an order of salo issued from the
district court of Lincoln county, Nebraska,
upon a decreo of foreclosuro rendered In said
court wherein Tho Mutual llulldlng nnd Loan
Association n corporntlon is pin I nt I If, nnd
William II. Ilarraclough. ct nl aro defendants,
nnd to mo directed, I will on tho 20th day of
November 1913, at 2 o'clock, p. m..nt tho cast front
door of tho court house In North l'latte, Lincoln
county, Ncbraskn, sell at public auction to tho
highest bidder for rash to satisfy said
decree, interest nnd costs, tho following
described property to-wlt: Lot six (0) in
Illock Forty-one (41) of tho original town now
city of North Platte, Lincoln county, Nebraska.
Dated North Platto, Neb.. October 27th. 1013.
o28-C A. J.SAUOIIUKY, Sheriff.
In tho district court of Lincoln county, Nebraska
William Huxoll, PnlntlfT, )
Cnrollno E. Tcllts. Emma
York. Harry York. Tilllo Hux
oll, Anna Jung, Martin Jung.
Kiln '. lluxoll, Mai Inn Huxoll,
Frederick Huxoll and Ella F,
lluxoll, guardian of Marian I
Huxoll and Frederick Huxoll, I
minors, I
Defendants )
Notlco Is hereby given thnt In pursuanco of a
Decroo nnd Order of tho Judgo of tho District
Court of Lincoln county, Nebraska, mado on tho
10th day of Nov., 1013, tho undersigned referee,
duly appointed In said causa nnd after having
taken the oath prescribed by law, and giving
bond In tho sum and manner with sureties as
provided by law, nnd approved by tho court and
by II. M. Grimes, Judgo of said court. I, John
Grant, tho said referee, will olTer at public auction
at tho cast front door of tho court house In said
county of Lincoln, Stato of Nebraska; to tho
highest bidder, for cash, tho following described
property which wns ordered to bo sold by said
decree of said court to-wlt: Tho south half (SM)
of the northwest quarter (NWJ4) and lota (3) nnd
(4), of section two (2), township thirteen (13),
north of range thttty-thrco (33) west of tho Sixth
princlpnl, meridian in Lincoln county, Nebraska.
Said salo will bo held end said property sold as
aforesaid at 2 o'clock, p. m. central standard tlmo
on Saturday tho 20th day of December, 1013, and
said salo will bo held open for a period of ono
hour from nnd after tho said itmo of 2 o'clock, p.
ni. on sold dnto.
Dated this 18th day of November. 1913.
nI8- John Grant. Referee.
Notice for Publication.
James S. Gilbert, non-resident defen
dant, will take notice on tho day of
October, 1913, Roy Haney, I. D. Mc
Knightnnd C. E. Ilaney filed their pe
tion in the district court of Lincoln
county, Nobrnska, the object and prayer
or wnicn are 10 nave a certain sherllt's
deed to Ei NWJ and WJ of NE1 of
Soc 35, T 10 N, It 32 W, dated August
29th, 1912, and recorded in the ofilco of
the county clerk of Lincoln county, No
brnilcn on tho 7th day of Septembor,
1912, in Book A-ll,,at page 631 can
celled and annulled and sot aside; also
the proceedings and decree had in and
about and upon which said deed was
based cantelled and set nside, and for
uch other nnd further relief as may bo
just and equitable.
You are required to answer said pe
tition on or before Monday the lit day
of Decembor, 1913.
Datod this 23rd day of October, 1913.
Hoy IIaney, I. D. McKnight
and C. E. HANEY.
By Muldoon & Gibbs, their attorneys.

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