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Semi -Weekly Tribune
Ira L. Bare, Editor and Pablisher.
One Year by Mall in ndvaace $1.2o
Ono Year by Carrier in advance .$1.50
Entored at North Platte, Nebraska, Post
ofllce as Second Class Matter.
- i i i i i
Tuesday, March 3, 19 4.
Railroad Notes
Thomas "Watts, formerly deputy
sheriff here wns visiting friends in the
city Sunday evening. Ho is now lo
cated nt Grand Island where he has a
position in tho secret service of the
Union Pacific.
Goo. R. Smith, late of this city, who
had been filling ths position of train
master at Sidney, has resigned, and
with his family left Jast week for
Denver where they will rriako their
future home.
Ben C. Davis, a Union Pacific fire
man out of this city, was quite seriously
injured last week at Julesburg, Colo.
Ho started to climb down from his
cngino to take on water and the steps
wero slippery and ho slipped off and
fell to trio ground, He strained his
thigh in some mannur that will necessi
tate his laying off for several days.
A. L. Parks, machinist helper at the
new round house, fell off one of the
boilers Friday morning and bruised his
heel very Beverly. Ho was working on
top of ono of tho boilers and slipped
and foil a distance qf about fifteen feet
to tho cement floor. All his weight
struck on his right foot and he was
fortunate in not being hurt much worse
than ho was. He will bo off for two or
thre weeks.
Fine Program for Teachen.
Tho program for tho teacheis which
will bo held on Saturday, March 14, has
boen prepared and shows a number of
interesting features.' This meeting
will bo tho annual meeting of tho Lin
coln county teachers and tho rural and
city teachers will meet together. It
will bo hold Saturday afternoon begin
ning at 2 o'clock in tho assembly room
of the high school. Tho program will
bo as follows: Music, N. P. II. S. Glee
Club; "Agriculture In tho Rural
Schools," SusIoSouderof Uignell; "Tho
Rural High School." Mildred Oleson of
Wellfleet and Loren Root of Horshoy;
"Co-operation Botweun tho Rural and
Town Schools," Supt. Ralph Campbell
of Maxwell mid Noll" Spencer of Wal
lace; Vocal Solo, Esther Antonides;
"Somo of "My Problems in Teaching,"
Elaio Johnson of North Plattoaud Mary
1 Abercombio of Brady. Election of
The committee having this in charge
is composed of Ftunk L. Smith, presi
dent; Bessie Smith secietary, and Miss
. Cleo R. Chappcll. countv sunerinten-
dent. They hnvo planned a fino pro
gram for the afternoon and will present
intori'sting us well os instructive num
bers. Tho first number by tho Glee
club will consist of several selections,
and the other numbers will bo of equal
Tho case of tho statu of Nebraska vs
J.Stovonswna culled in tho county
court for hearing yesterday but was
dismissed on payment of the co3ts. Mr.
Stcvoii3 was nm-etod several weeks
ago on complaint of tho Sutherland
etato bank chnrge'd with selling mort
gaged property. He uppearod before
tho county court and plended not guilty
and his hearing was set for yesterday.
In tho meantime ho bus boon held In
county jail and yesterday Ins fnthor
came in nnd paid tho costs and tho caso
was dismissed.
The literary dopaitment of the
Twentieth century club will meet this
afternoon with Mru. V. W. Gumming
on Last tilth atroet. Tho subject for
the afternoon will be music nnd the
Members of tho music department will
be guests.
Tho Ladios Auxiliary of tho Baptist
church will muut in church basenmnt
Friday p. m. in a business session. All
members are requested to bo present.
A ton cent lunch will bo nerved.
Minor Hinmnn and Max VonGoolz
returned yesterday from Omaha whoro
they spent several days looking after
business and attending tho automobile
Mr. nnd Mrs. C.J. Perkins returned
lust evening from Denver where they
liava been visiting several days.
For Sale Hnving dono with my
Herd Red Polled Bull, I now offer him
for Bale. Six years old weighs 1700 lbs
price $100. F. E. Payno ut Payne's
Dairy. Farm, 1 mllo south of U, P.
depot. tf
Remedies. Toilet Articles, Candies
No matter what
No matter whon
If you get Rexall
SCHILLER & CO,, Cor Gth and Dewey
A New
Is Now Being Prepared.
If you are going to have a telephone this year,
order it today and have it in the new book.
A Word to Advertisers.
We are obliged to increase the size of our di
rectory in order to make room for the many new
names which have been added lately. This will
create a limited amount ol advertising space which
is now for sale.
Only the Live Ones Get Space in the
Telephone Directory. Nuff Sed!
Nebraska Telephone Co.,
Mr. nnd Mrs. Frank Rork who have
been confined to the house for somo
time on account of sickness received an
immense bunch of carnations and ferns
leaves yesterday from their daughter
Hazel of Colorado Springs, Col.
Alfalfa, cane and millet seed at Her
hey's. 5th and Locust streets 8-4
Prof. Leonhardt, tho piano maker
and tunor, has had many complaints
from people who do not know him per
sonally, that other professed tuners,
have been representing themselves as
Mi1. Leonhaidt, ot as his successor, or
as his students. Prof. Leonhardt de
sires to say that men making these
claims aro impostors, and those who
employ those making such representa
tions do so ut their own risk.
Divorce was granted yesterday morn
ing in the district court to Carrie Eng
man from Charles L. Engmnm on the
grounds of inebriucy. In the petition
the plaintiff stated that they wero
married in Dawson county July 2(?,
1909, and that shortly after their mar
riage tho husband begun drinking and
is now a habitual diunkard. They have
two children, Carl aged four and
Marion aged thiue, and the mother gets
tho custody of both.
Notice to Property Holders.
Sewer taxes; Bewer lateral districts
G and H, aro now duo and pnyablo
ut tho office of tho city treasurer.
Tho taxes, Dist. G are $29.80 per lot
arid Dist. II, $33.00 por lot.
F. L. Mooney,
City Treahuror.
For Rent Two large front rooms for
lighthouse keeping. 514 East 3rd st.
We take pleasure in inviting
the trade to attend our
Displayed at
On this date we will be ready to show a carefully selected
line of Tailored and Ready-to-Wear Huts which are exclusive in
style nnd material. We invite inspection and will extend every
courtesy to our potions. Very truly youis,
North Platte's Exclusive Store.
Three Doors east o First National Bank.
me, farmer:
Why not he up to date
convenience as your
A small isolated light plant run hy your gasoline
engine is what you need. The elcctrie light is as far
ahead of the ordinary oil lamp as the oil lamp was
ahead' of the pine knot. When in town, call and let
its' explain this system.
"Anything Electrical."
Electrical Supply Co.,
217 East Gth Street.
W. T. Walker, one of the watchmen
at the ice houses, was sent to tho
Unjon Pacific hospital at Grand Island
Saturday to receive treatment for
exzema and other troubles. Ho has
been under medical care for somo time
nnd has been suffering for several
years. His condition was such that he
could not be successfully treated with
out being in a hospital and the attend
ing physician ordered him sent there at
once. Mr. Walker is an elderly man
and has been in the employ of the com
pany for a number of years.
There Are Oilier North Platte
Similarly Situated
Can there be any stionger proof of
fered than the evidence of North Platte,
residents? After you have read the
following, quietly answer the question.
Mr3. Christina Pickett. 318 E. B. SL,'
North Platte, Neb., says: "I have usgd
Doun's Kidney Pills, procured from
McDonoll & Graves' Drug store, (now
Schiller & Go's) and have found them
to bo just tho remedy I needed for
backache and other kidney disorders.
,Whenover I nra suffering from these
troubles. I take Doan's Kidney Pills
and they aive me relief. Others of my
family have taken Doan's Kidney
Pills' with lino results,"
Mrs, Pickett is .only one of many
North Plutto people who have grate
fully endorsed Doan's Kidney Pills. If
your back nchei if your kidneys
bother you, don't simply ask for a kid
ney remedy ask distinctly for Doan's
Kidney Pills, tho kind that Mrs.
Pickett hnd the remedy backed by
homo testimony. 50c all stores. Fnster
Milburn Co., Props.. Buffalo. N$w
York. "When Your Back is Lame,
Remember the Name."
have the
same lighting
city hrother.
Smoky, Smelly,
Greasy, Dirty, Dangerous
Why Use One?
Have Your House Wired.
North Platte Electric Co.
Platte Valley Creamery and Dairy Co.,
Makers of the Famous "Excello" Creamery Butter.
Order Milk, Cream and Butter at all first class groceries,
or phone plant No. 58 and have it delivered.
Highest Cash Price Paid for Milk and Cream.
Mutual Building and Loan Association
Assets December 1, 1913, $566,896.07
Paid up stock pays six per cent dividends and may be
cashed at any time on thirty days' notice.
Monthly savings, installment stock, pays eight per cent
Either stock may be subscribed for AT ANY TIME.
This Association is operated under state supervision and
the stock affords an Investment that cannot be excelled for
S. GOOZEF , Secretary.
Can bo Made By
Reading this Ad.
Ranges Cook Stoves $3.50 to $35
Bed-springs nnd Mattrossesjcpnit-
ploto $5.
Dressers and Commodes $5 to $15.
We f urnish a 5 room house for S75
Cash or payments, new sewing
machines to rent $1.50 pr month
sell at $20.
Furnished house and rooms for
rent. Top prices for metal, rub
ber and iron. '
Come and look the goods over.
000 Locust Street.
Bones and Scrap Iron.
We pay $10 per ton for Bones
and $3 to Sd per ton for scrap,
iron. We buy all kinds of junk
and hides and fur.
to us.
Bring them
Locks Livery Barn.
sue ai-Mmte SCSI's
birds and for domestic and
pet stock. Germozone Is,
beyond doubt, the most
ior in omcr
popular medicine for poul
try in the world today.
It Is so because it fits nine
out of ten' needs In poultry
disorders, except the need
for Insecticides. Tor roup,
canker, swelled eies or
head, running at eyes or
trnttrl). fhlrL-n m, ar.M
nead, bowl censlstnt. tllneu from ettlnj muttj or polled
loud, etc .youwon'trtjifllrylnaCfrmoiononiit Offrtat
valuf oi t prneatlre. bcld by leading dealer. In poultry
rerotdlca at so lenu. or loatpald (-urn Omaha Send to
GEO. H. LEE CO., Omaha, Ncd.
Sold bJUnckers Book & Drug Co,
Estray Notice.
Taken tin bv tho Knlsrriiir.r nn Ma
enclosed lands in Lincoln county, Ne
braska, on tho 25th day of September,
1913, n light red cow, vrhito hind feet,
white tail, small white spot in face,
branded two bar X, on right hip, ago 9
Owner will pleaso call, prove prop
erty, pay chhaages and take animal
away. T. F. ZlMMntMN'.
V Hf
T. C. PATTERSON, President
Plenty o Money to Loan
on Forms and Ranches.
Rates and Terms Rasona
ble. Buchanan & Patterson.
Dr. J, S: Twinem,
Homeopathic Physician and Surgeon.
Special Attention to Obstetrics
and Children's Diseases.
-'Phones, office 183, residence;283
Office in McDonald Bank Building.
Worth Platte, Nebraska.
Telephone Red 4 D05V. Dovcy St.
North IMa 'te, Nebraska.
3 Physician and Surcjeon,
if Office over McDonald Bank.
1 nuno Office ISO
I Phones - Residence 115
Office phone 241. Res. phone 217
L. C . DROS T,
Osteopathic Physician.
North Platte, - Nebraska.
McDonald Bank Building.
McCabe Building Rooms 8 nnd 9.
Doctors Ames & Ames, j
?i -
Vi Physicians nnd Surrjeons,
l ...... h
AiHim nits Ctnnn T"atin frt
. ) Office 273 K
Phones Reai,ience 273 t)
Di idfield tydnW,
Physicians and Surgeons.
JOE B. REUriELD. Physician.
Physicians & Surgeons
. Hospital . .
PHONE 012.
Olllce riione 410 Res. Blk 552
Bertha E. "Mangon, M D.
Physician and Surgeon
Deseanes of Women and Children .Specialty
New McCabe Blbff.
John S. Simms
Physician and Surgeon.
Office in Keith Theatre Building
Special Attention given to Obstetrics
nnd Diseases of Women
Omco209 PHONES Residence 33
Twentieth Century Club
Date of Meetings.
General meeting, second Tuesday In eneli month
at library building.
Civic Department, first and third Thursday
evenings of each month at library building.
Literary Department, on each alternate Tuesday
afternoon beginning January 20th.
Domestic Science Department, each alternate
Monday afternoon beginning January 26th.
Music Department, first and third Friday after
noon of each month.
ltlrMilfH.UmrttiwwlWmtW ay.
Signet Chapter O. E. 5.,
NO. 55-
Meets 2nd and 4th Thursday of every
month at Masonic Hall at 7:30 r. m.
irwmon ymmnmrtunm wnw im mwm
ifi i
o all Old
Bought and highest maVket
prices paid
Residence Red 636 Office 459
What is jnore comfortable or satis
factory than an evening at home sur
rounded by the family and with one otf
our hand-made pure leaf eijjnrs to
smoke? Our cigars have an established
reputation for their goodness.
Try them.
The Maker of Good Cigars.
Tho State of Nebraska, Lincoln county:
In the Matter of the Estate of Charles I Iddinss
I, John Grant, County Judge of Lincoln ccunty,
in tho State of Nebraska, hereby notify nil per
sons having claims and demands against the
rstato of tho said Charles P. Iddlngs, deceased,
that I ha e set and appointed the follow inir d c s
for tho reception, examination and adjustment
of na'd claims nnd demands as provided bv law, st
tho county court roam In the court houso in North
I'latte, Lincoln county, Nebraska, to-witi Tho
lstday of Apiil, 1914 ami the 2 day of Oct., 1914.
All persons so Interested In said estato will appear
at said time and place and duly present their said
claims and demands In tho niatmtr required by
Jaw, or show cause for not so doinjr. And in case
of any of said claims not bcliiK presented by tbe
2d day of October, 1914, the same shall bo forever
barred It Is further ordered that notice of said
claim days and notice to all persons havlnir claims
nualnst tho ostute of Bald Charles P hidings,
deceased, bo given by publication of this notice
for four succcss!e weeks In the North Tlatte
Tribune, s newbpupe1 printed and publish! in
said county of Lincoln.
In witness whereof I hao hereunto sot my
hand and oillcial seal this 26th day of February
ir.3-4 County Judge.
Serial No. 04777
United States Land Olllce
North Platte. Nebraska. Jan. 21. 1914.
Notice is hereby ulven'that Jicoli L. Harden of
North I'latte, Neb., who on "June 4th. 1010. made
homestead entry Strial No. 0-1777 for
SEW Section li. Township 12 N. llango 81.
W. of Gth Principal Mcrldan. has filed notlco
of intention to make final three ear proof, to
establish claim to tho land above descrllm!
r before the reuistcr and receiver at North Platte
Nebraska, on tho leth day of March
Claimant names as v. Itnessscs: Joseph Shaw,
William W. Hunter, James K, Crow and Francis
Montague all of North I'latte. Ncbr.
J27-6 J. E.Evans. Register.
In the Matttr of tha Adoptlon.ofAlbert Leroy,
a minor child.
All persons will take notlco that on the 19th day
of February, 1914, Mo.llo Nlckerson filed her peti
tion for the adoption of said Albert Leroy, and
that on the same day Pearl Lusk, parent of said
Albert Leroy, filed her relinquishment and con
sent to the proposed adoptilon of said Albert
Leroy by sold Molllo Nickerson. That said mat
ter will be hoard by the county court nt the
county court room in said county on the 2d day
of April. 1911, at tho hour of 9 o'clock, a. m 7at
which time and place objections to'aald ..roYioed
adoption will b heard. It Is further ordered that
service of this notlco bo had by publlcatlou of the
same once each week for four consecutive v.teks
In the Semi-Weekly Tribune, a newspaper printed
and published in said county
Witnci' my hand and official seal this 20th dav
of relrur.!- , 191 1 '
J " '
r, J .
--w,.wS aj..flwt ffri.-ta.-Mav

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