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life TOP T
B? The name on the box t
People jftdge jewelry largely by the name
on-the box- The right name enriches the
brightest jewel.
Beautiful as the Gorlmm Silverware pat
terns are, they are enhanced by having the
Gorham trade-mark on the back. It is a cer
'tificate of character that establishes quality.
The public knows the trade-mark has ahvays
stood for excellence. We are just in receipt
of a full dine of the beautiful Chautilla and
Plymouth.. ' f -
Lotus show yon some of these beautiful
DIXON, The Jeweler.
Dance Terminates
In Stabbing Affray
Thomas Guthcrless was seriously
stabbed Wednesdny evening nt tho
homo of Mrs. Day, 320 East Sixth
street, ns a result of remarks ho had
made in reforcnee to a Greeek laborer.
A danco was being held nt tho homo
by nclub known ns the Jolly Jinglers.
A largo attendance was out and every
thing went well until a late hour. '
At about midnight when goodfellow
ship was running n flood tide, Mr,
Gutherless made a remark about the
Greek and the Greek immediately
turned upon him and stabbed him be
fore ho could be stopped. It seems
that an American woman was in con
versation with tho Greek and that Mr.
Gutherless made the remark to the
woman that she should feel ashamed of
herself for associating with the Greek.
The Greek sprang upon him and stabbed
him and then ran away and has
not yet been located. As near as can
bo discovered the Greek Ms tho same
one that was arrested somo months
ago for pulling a gun on a man. At
that time, however, he was stopped
before he had had time to use the
Th officers are on the-lookoutfortho
man and Chief Frazier announces that
he will be seriously dealt with. They
are making a special attempt to do
away with all such rowdyism and to
rid the city of such caijousers. Careful
watch is being kept in all parts of tho
city for the man and his arrest will
only be a matter of days.
e a
m Graduate Dentist.
a c
Office over the McDonald J
aj State Bank. 9
o e
Local and Personal.
Mrs. J. C. Cristio is reported n
the sick list at her home on West
Fifth street.
Miss Lena Baskins, who was operated
upon at a local hospital recently, was
taken to her home Wednesday.
Mrs. A. B. Culton left this week for
Council Bluffs where she will visit for
some time with relatives nnd friends.
Mrs. Gus Chamberlain and littlo son
of Denver, arrived. in the cityJ Tuesday
evening for a visit with the former's
father, P. H. Sullivan, and her sistes
in this city.
Make that Easter Suit a Schoenburn
band'tailorcd suit, Call at the Wein
gand Store, The Quality Place.
D. JL Herbert, representing the
Felton Land company of Ogalnlln, was
in the city yesterday with a party of
men looking over somo Lincoln county
land with tho intention of investing.
They were also visitors at the land
office to attend the contest.
Men's Sewed Soles and Rubber
Heels $1.00, Women's Sewed Soles
and Rubber Heels 85c. fall Rubber
Heels 25c. Tekulve at Yellow Front.
Julius Pizer spent Wednesday in
Grand Island visiting his brother Jake,
who recently purchased a suit and cloak
store in that city. Mr. Pizer sajs
business in the Islnnd is brisk, and that
all tho mercantile houses are doing
good business.
Charles Lierk of the Lierk-Sandall
grocery store, is spending a few days
in Omaha looking after Borne business
matters. He is expected home today.
Mac Westfall arrived in the city the
first of the week from Lends, S. D.,
and will spend some time here visiting
friends. Ho was formerly proprietor
of the Crystal theatre at this place and
is now engaged in the picture show
business at Leads.
Don't fail to see the line of hats on
sale at The Leader. Friday and Satur
day, March 27 and 28. Some splendid
values, nothing oyer $5.
Mrs. Sailor, Milliner.
The work on the new building and
loan structure is progressing nicely and
the plastering is now being done. The
contract calls for the completion of the
building by June 1, but it will undoubt
ably be finished much before that time.
The work is under the t supervision of
Architect Bert M. Reynolds.
DondsEvery kuown kind, executed
while you wait. C. F. Temple
A very pleasant surprise party Tues
day evening at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. C. 0 Weingand in honor of their
s in Claude, Jr. The members of his
class in school were invited and the
evening wa delightfully spent. The
evening consisted of games and contests
and music and at a late hour refresh
ments were served.
Second hand stoves and ranges for
sale, rent or trade. Leave orders for
stove repairs. Peter McGovern, 1003
Locust, phone Black 390. 1 1-7
Instructions were ieceived at the
local postoffice Wednesday announcing
that C. D. Sackottof St. Paul, Minn.,
would arrive hero today and arrange
for the government typewriter and
stenocrapeor examinations to be given
here. The local force has been trying
for some time to get this done, but
have heretofore been unsuccessful.
The Mutual Building & Loan
Association Annual Meeting.
The annual meeting of the stock
holders of this association will be held
at the Court House on Saturday, March
28th, at eight o'clock for the purpose
of receiving the report of the officers
and the election of directors.
There will be a short address by the
president reviewing the growth of the
association and a report on the progress
of new building. Every stockholder
who can possibly do so ought to attend
this meeting.
Will Attend Banquet.
Louis Peterson, Fred Elliott, Fred
Frcdrickson, Jas. Flynn, Wm. Whit
lock. Chas. Pass and perhaps others.
will go to Omaha next Tuesday to at
tend tho banquet to be given to the
former Union Pacific employes who
are now on the pension. It is expected
that at least 200 of these former em
ployes will attend.
A' strictly hand-tailored suit for $15
and up. Lou Hill, representing the
Schoenbun Hand-Mado Tailoring will
be in the city today and tomorrow and
take orders at the Weingand Store,
The Quality Place.
Hi.. 22i
For the Unexpected,
Be Protected.
FIRE always comes as a shock.
Never welcome, never wanted it
always comes at tile unexpected
Upon the instant every effort is
to' save life,- then property.
But what about valuable papers,--the
ones usually hiflden or care
fully kept in out of the way
places. No one thinks of them
until the fire has wrought its
Keep your valuable papers in
our Safe Deposit Vault and don't
worry. Rent ordinary sized Box
for S a year.
Platte Valley State Bank,
Camtal $50,000
Copyrlf U 1 The H. Black Co.
A New Suit of Attractive Design
JJVERY line, of this Wooltex suit, No. '163, for young
women, expresses newness.' The short, loose-fitting
cutaway jacket has the straight line in the back that draws in
so stylishly at the bottom.' The skirt in peg-top effect, tunic
style, has inverted plait on bolh sides, the lines ol the skiit
harmonizing with those of the jacket. In many new materials,
this type of suit is priced at
Wilcox Department Store.
tore Qhttt Bell SSSotdtex
BmH Iklrt
A delightful surprise prty wast held
Tuesday evening at tho home o Mr.
and Mrs. Harry DeuBeary on Eighth
street, the occasion being Mr. Deu
Beary's birthday anniversary. A
number of the friends were invited in
and the evening was delightfully spent
with cards and gf.mes. At midnight a
dainty luncheon was served by the
hostess and the guests departed voting
Mrs. DeuBeary an entertaining hostess.
Mr. DeuBeary was the recipient of
many beautiful gifts. Tho prize win
ners in the contests were Mrs. John
Kolbo, first prize; Miss Ethel Wingot,
second and Henrv Schiltz, third.
vVord has been received here by Co.
Supt. Chappell announcing that the de
clamatory contest for tho West Central
district will be held Friday evening,
April 3rd, at Cozad. A large number
Qf the schools in this part of the state
have already signified their intention
of entering the contest and representa
tives will probably be sent from here.
The contest is usually held in connec
tion with the district teachers' associa
tion, but the associational meeting was
cancelled thi3 year on account of con
tagious diseases in Kearney where it
was to have been held.
An exciting basketball game occurred
Tuesday evening at the Lloyd opera
house when the Senior girls defeated
tho faculty team by a scoro of 5 to 4
Only twelve minute halves wero played
and masculine spectators were posi
tively forbidden to be present. The
lineup was, Seniors, Johnson and Hall j
forwards, Wellborn center, Don and j
Bundy guards, faculty, Mansfield and
Gantt forwards, Welsh center, Hanks
and Crandall guards.
Order a Domestic vacuum cleaner
before spring house cleaning time
Mrs. M. V. Mitchell, Phone Red 101.
Little Robert Davis, four-venr-old
6on of Postmaster and Mrs. E. S. Davis,
fell Tuesday evening from his tricycle
and broke both bones in his light arm.
He was riding along the walk in tront
of the house and his tricycle upset. His
right arm was caught under his body in
such way that bofli bones wero broken.
Medical attention was called at once
and tho" break reduced and the IHtle
boy is reported getting along nicoly.
Mr. and Mrt.. F. G. LttM will leave
today for a visit at Excelilor Springs
they aI1I lit joined by a number of
fru i at Lir, mi
Local and Personal
Miss Harriet Dixon hns taken a posi
tion in her father's jewelrp store in
place of Mike Ryan who resigned a
short time ago.
Choice resident lots in all parts of
the city. C. F. Temple.
Many attractive styles in charming
models for spring wear, just received
nt The lint Shop, S doors east of First
National bank.
Dave Day, who hod been located in
the northwest for six or eight months,
returned to town yesterday and will re
sumevork with Carson & Landgraf.
Dave says that North Platte is the best
town of its size in tho country and he
glad to get back.
The North Platte Laundrv. the Laun
dry of Quality. tf
t A dozen or more men living in the
north part of Keith county hnvo been
in town this w.eek as witnesses in the
'Hoagland vs Fuirchild contest nt tho U.
S. land oflice. This is the fourth day
of the hearing and it is probable that
the case will not bo completed to
morrow. O. O. D. Cleaners and Dyers. Next
door to the Uitner Hotel. tf
Chnrles Liston, of the Wallace vi
cinity, arrived in the city yesterday
and will visit friends for n short time.
Ho came over to meet Pat Sullivan,
iwho arrived from Seattle, Wash., nnd
Mr. Sullivan will return with him to his
home for a hhort visit.
Call on "Your Hosom Friend."
DIckcy's Sanitary Laundry
Dan Butlery of Omaha, district
deputy of B. P. O. Elks, was in the city
Monday1 evening and was entertained by
the local lodge. He was on an inspec
tion trip and pronounced the lodge here
one of tho boat in tho state. Mr. But
ler is connected with the city treasurer's
oflice in Omaha.
Gasoline nnd oil stoves cleaned and
repaired. Peter McGovern, 1005 Lo
cust street, phone black 390. 14-7
S. G. Wright, who travels out of
Brockton, Mass., for the Crawford shoo
company, nrrived in the citv yesterday
and will visit friends here for a few
days. Mr. Wright is well known here
and hab a host of friends. He was here
some time ago as a guest of the old
commercial club.
H. J. Roth, formerly of this city, but
now located at Carbondale, III,, nr
rived in the city yesterday and stopped
for a visit with friends. Ho is now in
the employ of the Illinois Central rail
road at Carbondale. Ho left yesterday
for the west where he will ppend some
time visiting nnd looking after business
matte ps.
A number of tho rmnbers of the
local lodge of I. 0. 0. F. went to Max
well Wednesday evi-ning to put on the
work of the order at that place. They
report an enjoyablo evening. The
following men nttended John Evans,
E. S. Davis, L. B. Dick, J. Guy
Swopc, James Small wood and S. W.
W P Snvder, superintendent at tho
experimental sub-station, received tho
plans and specifications for the new
dairy barn yesterday morning and will
ndvertibe for bids tho first of next
week. Tho estimated cost of the barn is
$10,000. Tho barn will bo started as
goon as possible and will bu finished
some time this summer. Mr. Snyder
will give the local contractors a chance
to bid on the building and hopes that
they will be able to got tho contract.
r , J- r: -a. i r 'i
Eggs For Setting
Single Comb, Rhode Inland Reds
Chicken. One of the nicest pens in tho
county Petting of fifteen $1. Per 100
$T Mr-. At'nes T Hoyer fllfl. Notth
A-lii. . St Pnoni R-d JIG.
He Has Sved
Thousands of Hogs
He Has Saved
Thousands of Sheep
Everywhere Farmers and Breeders Are Feeding
Tho Great p BTTflfiSnlrE,'T 7he Gresi
Worm 1 fl 35KW H I Uvo Siack
Destroyer feUik"" &) - -dj Conditioner
, m tfiTjB err.
Come in and let uo tell you about SAL-VET how it will rid
your stock of worms, put them In condition to better resist disease, make them
do better, thrlvo bettetfbe ready for market earlier. Let us tell you what It la
dotntr for othor farmers and how we Ruarantco what It will do for you.
It's STOCK INSURANCE to use this guaranteed worm
destrbyer. Worms are your greatest enemies, 'hey rob you while you steep
tliey ileal from you while you rln for greater ucceii. Act now: feed SAL-VET nnd
prevent the potilble lot of valuable stock and money. We guarantee every package
of SAL-VKT you buy.
If..mr.l(MnnllarirMit CnMitm. N C. Mv-"wm. thl 8AI VFT li th h.l
id! b.rpna Kit duubl It el.tra th worm, tram ill .tafk.. clvt tb.M vtl, aMath, Klmit
r.ttn Mtur UtM wty lcli pwd.r I b, . r irtM."
J M llodl...U.ri
K" rk rtf.dr I ' M.d! b.rpnd Kil dj
r. ftM ton. IwUnlflUIIMtutllu
Un lira Exclusive InOttia for BI,yKT In thlt locality. .We mi ou llm. trnubla
wo nra ""h"'" . ,nlA th,ra, t.gmu (a (ot tnt booklet! let ut prmo
lb at ou canoot aflord to bo KtUumt biirVtl a day looser. O)
Schiller & Co, Sale Agents.
C. T. Whclan loft yesterday ftr
Denver, where litf will transact bus'
ness for a couple of days.
For Sale Thoroughbred i lymouth
Rock eggs. Ono setting, 50c, 100 for
?3.00. Albert Hapel. North Platte. 19-4
Joe Pyzer, of Tryon, was in the city
yesterday looking after business mat
ters. Mr. Pyzer recently got the con
tract for carrying the Tryon mail from
here. He will begin his odhial duties
on July 1st.
Mrs. T. J. Foley, of Kansas City, is'
Mr. and Mrs. Ira L. Bate and
other friends In town having nr
rived last evening. Mr. and Mrs.
Foley will shortly leave for Boston,
where thoy will make their futuro home.
Lost-Roliekoh pin between Dr.
Lucns' oflico and the 000 block on West
Fourth street. Finder please return to
this oflice.
David Huntur, who operated a fruit
farm near Sutherland for a number of
of years, roturndd to this county with
his family yesterday and thoy will again
make their home here. He left last
summer for California with the inten
tion of making his home there, but
after a stay of a few months ho decided
that "Nebraska is still good enough for
him." He purchnsed a Ford car yes.
terdayand gnya that he will settle down
here and try and "take root."
Ask to see Rtgina Hats worn by
women of style. At Tb Hat Shop, 3
doors east of First National Bank.
Pat Sullivan, formerly a prominent
citizen of Lincoln county, nrrived in tho
ciiy yesterday from his homo in Seattle'
Wash , nnd will spend some time hero
vuitlng fi lends and acquaintances. Ho
waaa resident of this county for a
mimbor of yenrt., but left for the west
several years ago und has very good
success out In God's country.
Notice to Owners
of Automobile.
I wish to draw to the attention of
owners and drivers of autos in icgard
to the state law on speed which is reg
ulated at twelve miles per hour within
the city limits and t miles over cross
ings, As theie is a gc od deal of cnrelsa
driving done at the present time, I tako
this method of wnmingthohe who prac
tice ihis to adhere to the law, or I shall
be compelled to enforce it to the letter
John Fuazieu, Chief of Police.
For Rent
Town herd pasture. Living water
and good grass. Close in,
Bratt & Goodmau.
jpspjyflansam . uiu iiniwu-ajii
I affcESTCiiSaErrawJJHB
1 "TfthnsSz yA -
,& ?;
J V - V t
.flW. - . I
LM IA t QUU lur
fcn allbirts'lne
intuitu. urn
Inc birds, ptj'mi s,
chickens etc Bird
th a l t-inr mid birJa
that talk Jiru lion
bNM with the &amc
jtnti rl iJiirlui MR in I
lu an1, lit. tiHltl 1 liLI In
, 11 ajw. ' '. -V"
sUi1 1"" 'At"' '"J lm
f s i ' " (lulnl rtf tut flfft
illi Mire IhniM hhh
,;s i ivrffitrnatrilrtlly with
Hitflr tiMf (4 Viflt-e umi
CrmftMlnil rirtnt ftffclln ll) ti!i iil icn.i MMitfrie
IHMIIptilM iitf i b(H Of pMUWy NJi tM Ultl ll allllftitm
ffVrirtuum l M tty trtiMi.MitfWri.. m hi i.ltiv ful ami
GEO H LCe CO, Omaha Nee
I Sol J Ij Risk Mr- J'o k u DiuR (V
See ,
Jv F. Clahaugjh,
' .Room 4, McCabo Building'.
C. M. Newton has
Wall Paper for the Parlor.
Wall Paper lor tho Library.
Wall Paper for the Dining Room.
Wnll Paper for tho Bed Room.
Wnll Paper for the Hall.
Wall Paper for tho Bath Room.
Wall Paper for tho Kitchon.
C. ML Newton,
00 ( Dewey Street
10 I

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