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Brief Mention of What Is Transpiring
In Various Sections of Our Own
and Foreign Countries
Because of other bills which had
Iho right-of-way, Senator Smith of
South Carolina postponed calling tip
hln cotton grading bill and gave no
tice that ho would ask for Its consid
eration later.
Hearings before the house Judiciary
on administration bills- to supplement
tho Sherman law were concluded
with tho appearance of Wlllard V.
King of the Columbia Knickerbocker
Trust Co. of New York, who opposed
tho interlocking directorate bill.
Representative Victor Murdock of
Kansas, leader of tho progressives In
tho house has announced that tho
progressives In congress are substan
tially a unit against President "Wilson's
plan of repealing tho exemption of
"oaBtwIse shipping from Panama canal
Members of tho houso who are ac
tively interested In trade unions have
made plans for a contest before tho
democratic houso caucus to force tho
Judiciary committee to Include in tho
administration antl-truut bills a provi
sion exempting labor unions from tho
operations of anti-trust laws.
Congressional hearings on the Michi
gan copper strike situation Will bo
resumed hero when John Mitchell will
testify. Tho committee considered
tho question of getting further ovl
dence on tho connection of John I).
Rockefeller with mining companies in
the Colorado coal fields, out no action
was taken.
All tho Indians In tho United States
would bo divided into two classes,
Koperate rolls of "competent Indians"
and 'non-competent Indians," under a
bill Just Introduced byllopresontatlvo
Konnp of Wisconsin. Tho measuro
would leave the classification to" a
commission of ten porsonB, Including
two of Indian blood.
Expulsion of Representative "McDor
mojtt of Illinois from tho house was
proposod when tho Judiciary commit
tee met and considered resolutions to
censure him and officers of tho Na
tional Association- of Manufacturers
for activity dlaclosod In tho lobby in
vestigation. Tho dobato over Includ
ing a provision of expulsion for the
congressman wns hot, but ended with
out action.
Debate on tho rivers and harbors
appropriation bill has been concluded
In tho house bringing to an ond iho
dclugo of tho political speeches and
discussions of the Mexican situation
and tho Panama canal tolls contro
versy, made In tho time nllowed for
general discussion of tho appropria
tion meauro. Dotallod consideration
of the bill was begun ami several pro
posed amendments wero voted down.
Consideration or tho hill to ropeal
tho toll exemption provision of the
Panama canal act will not bo under
taken by tho Benato committee on ln
torocoanlo canalB until lato noxt week,,
despite effortB of democratic senators
who favor tho repeal to hurry action.
hlB decision was roached by Sonator
O'Gorman, chairman of tho committee,
after an information conference with
members of tho committee and Repre
sentative Knowland of California, one
of the most aggressive of repeal op
ponents In the house.
In two opinions rendered tho Ore
on supreme court upheld the Oregon
minimum wage law and tho ten-hour
law, both passed by tho last legisla
ture. Six indictments wero returnod nt
Peoria against Nowton C. Doughtorty,
former superintendent of schopla of
Peoria, charging him with forgery of
school script.
An anonymous cash gift of $50,000
nan been received at Now York by
tho board of foreign mlBBlons of the
Methodist Episcopal church, to bo
added to the pormunont fund for tho
care of retired missionaries.
One Juror had been tentatively ac
cepted and two veniremen rejected
when the circuit court adjourned at
erre Huute, Ind., after tho first day
of tho trial of Mayor Donn M. Roberts,
charged with election frauds.
Miss Ellen Gates Starr, ono of tho
founders of Hull House and widely
known as a aettloment worker, was
placed on trial In Chicago oil tho
charge of resisting an officer. MI8B
Starr's arrest was ono of the Incidents
connected with a strike of waltreascs
at a Chicago retaurant.
Seven candidates for major and
eeventy-slx candidates for couucllmen
will seek nomination at tho local pri
mary election In St Paul. It Is St.
Paul's flrBt election under tho com
nleslon charter.
About 400 nrrcsts for counterfeiting
aro made in tho U. S. each year.
Gold filled teeth have been found In
the Jaws of skoletonn exhumed In
Ono factory In Ohio mukoa 3G0.000,
000 bungs yearly fron 10,000,000 feet
of popular and oak.
IndlctmentB were returned at Chi
cago against Henry -Slegel and Frank
S. Vogcl, department stores bankrupts.
Six Indictments in connection with
the blackmnlllug enscs which caused
terror for wealthy residents of Ogden,
Utah, Just fall have been reported by
the Ogden federaf grand Jury.
In a battle with a sheriff's posse
noar Shawnee, Okl., Joseph Patterson,
who, It Is charged, robbed tho State
bank of Nowelln, Okl., recently of $1,
200, waB shot and killed nnrfi Clar
ence Hawk, chief of -police of Shaw
noo, and Frank Tlmmona, a deputy
sheriff, were wounded.
It would be better to leave tho pres
ent anti-trust statute unchanged than
to risk losing tho advantage galnod
through yearH of judicial Interpreta
tion, In tho opinion of William II.
Taft, bb expressed In his closing lec
ture before tho lnw school of the Uni
versity of Minnesota at Minneapolis.
Holding that tho title of Indians to
tho submorged lands of Lako Michi
gan had never been recognized, and
further, that what rights they had had
wero relinquished when tho aborigines
voluntarily left the land, Federal
Judge Carpenter In Chicago, ruled ad
versely to Indian claims on llled-ln
land along tho lako front In Chicago
A Judgment for $75,000 Iiub been
filed In New York against John G. A.
Lelshmaii', nmbaBsador to Germany, In
favor of Raymond Pynohon & Co.,
Now York Bankers and brokers. The
amount was duo on a Judgment recov-.
ored In Alleghany county, Pennsylva
nia, for money loaned and stocks
bought and sold In New York City.
Among indictments returned by tho
federal grand Jury at Detroit, was ono
against Edward R. Klger, Alias R. E.
Jordan, who Is charged with operating
a wholesale mall order swindle In
Tronton, a suburb of Detroit. Klger
obtained orders for motoroycloB from
all parts of tho county, and it Is al
leged the orders wero not filled al
though payments wore often sent In
advance. Klger was held with ball
fixed at $25,000.
MIsb Ruth Agnes Bergatrom, 17,
yearB old, climbed 165 feet to the top
of tho dome on tho pavllllon of trans
portation on tho Snu Francisco exposi
tion grounds and unfurled a five-foot
Amorlcnn flag. This unique manner
of unfurling tho flag waB devised by
the structural Iron workers to Indicate
tho completion 6f the .highest point
of their 'work on tho fair grounds.
Miss Bergstrom was clad In a gymna
sium suit.
Some estimate of what the snow
storms of tho winter co tho city pf
Now York was had when the street
cleaning commission announced thut
$2,400,000 had been Bpont and that an
other $100,000 wpuld bo expended be
fort tho streets were In normal coidl
tlon. More than 5,000,00 ynrds of
snow wero removed. Thero were
eight storms In tho city during the
winter timl about thlrty-flvo Inches of
snow foil. Us total weight Is esti
mated at :i,000,000 tons.
Elghty-threo persons wero killed by
the earthquake which ocurrcd In tho
prefecture of Aklta, Island of Hondo
In Japan. Five hundred persons, were
Injured and muny are missing.
Tho Turkish government lias de
cided to admit women to tho' universi
ty, where Bpeclal lectures In hygiene,
domestic science and women's rights
will bo dollvcrcd for tholr benefit.
Announcement of the death In Mad
rid, Spain, of Adolph FrancU A. Dnnde
Her, ono of tho foremost authorities
on archeology In the United States, Ib
contained1 In a cable message Ho
waB 74 years old.
Senator Benito Vlllnnuova hna an
nounced Uint for personal reasons he
had decided definitely to decline tho
United States. He, had been selected
to carry out tho duty of thanking tho
United States government for Its par
ticipation In the Argentlno centen
nial. Tho Gorman crown prosecutor at
Borlln bus begun tho prosecution of
several faith heulera In connection
with tho death recently of two promin
ent actresses. Fran Nuscha Butze
and Fruu Von Arnauld Piorrlore of
tho Royal theater. Tho women Buff
erod from a chronic disease, and It Is
alleged, were Induced to dismiss theli
attending physician and submit to the
faith cure, with fatal results.
The famine district of Hokkulda, In
Japan, covers more than a million
acres which nro devoted to rice cul
ture and general farming; the loss
bus amounted to about $10,000,000 and
06,000 persons are In ueed of help,
Among the sliver masters of Shef
field, England, It is rather an estab
lishment practice to encourage the
employment of families. It Is more
tho rule than otherwise that u father
working In tho silver trade will ap
prentice his children to that trade as
tbey arrive at working age.
Postmasters Directed to Post Namei
of Those Willing to Supply
Produce Regularly.
Washington. Preliminary stepB
haVe been tafcen by the Postofllco de
partment to perfect Its plan for reduc
ing the cost of living by having tho
parcel post carry products of the farm
directly to the door of the consumer.
Ten cities have been selected to be
gin tho work establishing direct con
nections between producer and con
sumer. Postmaster General Burle
son having already Issued an order
permitting tho nee of crates und box
es for butter, eggs, poultry, vegetables
and fruit shipped by parcel )st,
Orders have gone to tho postmas
ters at Boston, Atlanta, St. Louis, San
Francisco, Baltimore, Detroit, La.
Crosse, Wis.; Lynn, Mass.; Rock Is
land, III., and Washington, D (.'., di
recting them "to receive tho names
of persons who are willing to Mipply
farm products In retail quantities by
parcel post.
.Printed lists of these names show
ing kind and quantity of commddlty
available, will be distributed Hinong
town and city patrons.
"By the use of the lists," First As
sistant Postmuster General Roper
said, "the city consumer will be able
to get In touch with a farmer who
will fill his weekly orders for butter
and eggs and other farm products.
The consumer will receive tho pro
duct fresh from the country and tho
personal relatlonshl established wlLl
no doubt tend to Improve the quality.
Tho farmer will be relieved of carry
ing hlB produce to market, as the ru
ral carrier will make dally collec
tions nt the farmer's door of these re
tall shipments to city consumers.
"Tho farmer may use inexpensive
hampors whoso value would not war
rant tholr return, or he may use tho
higher grade hampers, for which he
may Include an additional charge to
bo credited to the consumer upon the
return or the bumper by parcel post.
"The postmnster general believes
that this plan Is the one thing neces
sury to enable the people to enjoy tho
benefits of the parcel post."
C'ergyman Presides at Meeting.
London. Sylvia Pankhiirst, carried
on a stretcher and surrounded by
about 1,000 members of her East
End People's army, attempted to at
tend services In Westminister abbey.
Sho was unable to gain admission,
however, as every seat Imd been tak
en In view of tho fact that she had
announced her Intention to be pres
ent In tho abboy.
The militant suffragette and her
followers, however, held an open air
meeting In tho street In tho rear of
tho nbby. The vanguard of the East
End contingent was led by a Church
or England clergyman, IRev. Edmund
Willis, rector or a church In the Shad
well district. Clothed In full vest
montB, ho opened the street meeting
with prayer and preached a short
Dissolution Policy Raising Prices.
St. Paul, Minn. Tho government's
trust dissolution program is raising
Instead of loworlng the prices of com
modules affected, according to a
statement by Dr. Charles Tt. Van Hlse,
president of tho University of Wiscon
sin, in an addivss (o tho St. Paul
Association .of Commorce.
Ho said tho operation of tho Sher
mnn law was resulting In a policy of
onrorced compotlon wholly opposed
to conversation and destructive of
natural resources and wns producing
n lH-ofoundly Immoral situation.
Brigands Sack Eentlre Town.
Poking, China. Outrages by bri
gands in central Chlnn are aBsuming
alarming proportions. Several bands
associated with the noted outlaw,
White Wolfo, are ravaging sctions of
tho country, murdering and robbing
tho people and burning their prop
erty. The lntest exploit of tho bandits
was tho maBsaefo of ;t00 townsfolk
who wero resisting tlwlr entrance In
to an important market (own close to
Slung Yang Fu, province of Hupeh.
iSeventontha of tho town wus burr id
and the population rulnod financially
$50,000 Fire at Fort Dodge.
Fort Dodge, la. -FIro totally de
stroyed the planlus mill of the Fort
Dodge Manufacturing Co., with a to
tal Iobb of $50,000, partly covered by
Insurance The cause Is unknown.
Thousand at Dundajk.
Dundnlk, Ireland. Seven ofllcorB
and 450 men of tho Cornwall regi
ment have arrived hero from Dublin
nud are quartered In the royal field
artillery barracks, where thero al
ready was a force of olghtcon officers
and 500 men preparing for son Ice.
Bank Clerk Short $17,000.
St. Louis, Mo. A clork of tho Third
National bank of this city Is short
$17,000 in his accounts, according to
an announcement by F. o. Watts,
president of the bank.
Principal Engineer Gerbcr of tho
'nllwny commission's aluation de
partment has handed his resignation
to that body. It Is to take effect May 1.
Thnt the four normal schools of tho
state and tho university should bo
placed under the board of control Is
the belief of State Treasurer George
and Attorney General Martin.
Wahoo has withdrawn the applica
tion of that city for the state reformn
tory because the people of the town
are not united on the question and be
cause the commercial club has been
unable to decide on a location.
Taxpayers, either corporations or
persons, who fall tc give cdunty
boards of equalization full data on
their property values aro estopped
from raising later howls In district
court because of alleged overvalua
tions. The supreme court has ap
proved that Interpretation of the tax
The members of the state board of
control missed a chicken dinner that
had been prepared for them by the
commission at Superior, Wednesday,
by not showing up. The snow storm
was too bad for them to make the trip
across country In autos from Deshler
to Superior and they returned to Lin
coln. Claiming that the state hospital for
the insane Is not adequately provided
with fire fighting apparatus, Superin
tendent Williams, In a letter to Mayor
Zchrung, has asked that permission bo
granted the fire department of Lin
coln to respond at anj time to a call
for aid from the hospital. Tho Inst?
tutlon Is located outside of the city
Organization of a company of en
gineers for the national guard Is go
ing forward at a rapid pace, and. ac
cording to Col. H. F. Kramer, formerly
of the university cadets, there will bo
little trouble In getting the required
number of men. Assisting him aro
Carl J. Lord and C. K. Payne, former
officers In the cadet regiment at tho
Certification of the names of Ne
braska stock men who are on the ex
ecutive committee of the American
National Livestock association has
been received by the railway commis
sion. It Includes the names of A. R.
Modlscttc of Rushvllle, Robert Taylor
of Abbott. E. L. Burke of Omaha, A. II.
Metzger of Merrlnm and "W. G. Corn
stock of Ellsworth.
Removal or A. -H. Vlele of Norfolk
from the state normal board has been
naked of Governor Morehead by
George Blschel or Kearney. A petl
tlon filed by the complnlnant sets out
tnat contrary to law, Mr. Vlele's firm,
Hoffman & Vlele of Norfolk, has sold
under contract upward of $2,000 worth
of mattresses, chairs, linoleum and
rther furniture for use at the stale
normal schools
Members of the board of control aro
preparing to take their trip of Investi
gation to the twenty towns thnt desire
to obtain tho location of the new stato
reformatory. On the list of towns to
bo visited aro Superior, 'Humboldt,
Table Rock, Red Cloud, Alma. Hoi
drego, Minden, Wayne, Aurora, Colum
bus, Crete, Kearney, Loup City, NeUgh,
Plattsmouth. Ravenna, Roca, Tekamah,
Wahoo, West Lincoln. -
For years past earnings or the con
victs at the stato penitentiary have
gono Into the state treasury Instead
or Into tho Institutional cash runds, as
do similarly accruing sums or money
nt other state Institutions.. Tho board
or control has discovered the appar
ent Inconsistency and has asked the
attorney general to say whether or not
tho law allows the prison authorities
to have chnrge or the money thus
More than $87,000,000 separates the
railroad and stato onglneers on tho
valuation or tho properties of tho
poven railroads of themtute. according
to comparisons made by tho railway
commission. The difference exists on
tho reproduction value new of tho
various properties and though not as
wide on tho present valuos. Is never
theless potent enough to call for ex
tensive hearings should the matter
now become contested In the class
freight hearings.
Farmers In eastern England fre
quently have to contend with tho
drouth the same as the Xebroska
farmer. This was emphasized recent
ly when the owner of a largo estate
near Norfolk, England, ubked the
agricultural engineer nt tho Nebraska
university rnrm Tor Information re
garding silos. Root crops, upon which
lhe winter herds depend for feed, aro
frequently a complete failure on ac
count of the summer drouth. Silos
are wanted In that section to "make
possible the supply of succulent and
moro economical feed.
Nebraska Irrigatlonlfts and water
power Interests will bo represented at
the conference called by Secretary of
the Interior Lane for Denver. April 9.
Delegates named by Goernor More
head at the urgent request of the cab
inet official wore: C. H. Wright of
Scottsbluff, W. P. Devnnlt of Bayard,
J. F. Hanson of Fremont, 1. p. Beeler
and J, J. Hnlllgun of North Platte.
State Engineer D. D. Price and O. W.
Gardner of Goring.
Tho number of state banks now re
porting to the state banking board
ie 728
Chief Executive Tells Newepaper Men
of Washington How Difficult It la
for Him to ImaglneHlmself
Head of the Nation.
Washington, D. C. March 23. Tell
ing them In a frank, conversational way
how ho felt as president of tho United
States, Woodrow Wilson unbosomed
himself to the members of the; Na
tional Press club nt Washington Fri
day. Ho told how difficult It was for
him to Imagine himself as the chief
executive, with the formal amenities
of the position,' and how ho had strug
gled to be as free asthe ordinary In
dividual without the restraints ot his
it was an intimate picture or Wood
row Wilson tho man drawn by him
self, on tho occasion of the "house
warming" at tho Press club's new
Tho president did not Intend to
have his remarks reported, but later,
at the request of the club, the speech
was made public. .
Wilson, as He Sees Himself.
"I was Just thinking ot my sense of
confuBlon of Identity sometimes when
I read articles nbout myself," the
president said. "I have nover read
an article about myseir In which I
recognized myseir, and I have come to
have tho impression that I must be
some kind or a fraud, because I think
a great many or these articles are
written In absoluto good raith.
"I tromblo to think or tho variety
and falseness In the Impressions 1
make and It is being borne In on me
so that It may change my very dispo
sition that I am a cold and removed
person who has a thinking machine
Inside which ho adjusts to the cir
cumstances which he does not allow
to be moved by any winds of affec
tion or emotion of any kind but turns
like a cold searchlight on anything
that is prewented to his attention and
makes '., work.
Feels Responsibility Keenly.
"I am not aware of having any de
tachable apparatus inside of me. On
the contrary, if I were to Interpret my
self, I would say that my constant
embarrassment Is to retain the emo
tions that are inside of me.
"You may not believe It, but I some
times feel like a Are from a far from
extinct volcano, and. If the lava does
not seem to spill over it Is because
you aro not high enough to see into
tho busln and seo the caldron boil. Be
cause, truly, gentlemen, In tho posi
tion which I occupy thero is a sort of
1 do not know how else to express
It than to say passionate sense of
being connected with my fellow men
In a peculiar relationship of responsi
bility or office, but God knows there
aro enough things In this world that
need to be corrected.
Fear He'll Disappoint People.
"I have mixed first and last with
all sorts and conditions of men there
nro mighty few kindB of men that
have to be described to me, and there
are mighty few kinds of experiences
that have to be described to mt and
when I think of the number of men
who aro looking to me as the repre
sentative of a party, with tho hope
for all varieties of salvation from the
things they are struggling in the midst
or, It makes me tremble.
"It makes mo tremble not only with
a sense of my own Inadequacy and
weakness, but as If I were shaken by
the very things that are shaking
them, and If I seem circumspect It is
becauBo I am bo diligently trying not
to mako any colossal blunders.
"If you Just calculated" the number
of blunders a fellow can make In
24 hours U ho Is not cnrerul and If
he does not listen moro than, he talks,
you would see something 6f tho reel
ing that I have.
Always Eager to Get Advice.
" was amused the other day at a
remark that Senator Newlands made.
I had read him tho trust message that
I was to deliver to congress Bome ten
days before I delivered It, ond I never
stop 'doctoring' things of that kind
until tho day I have to deliver them.
"When ho heard It read to congress
ho said; 'I think It waB better 'than
it was when you read It to me.' I said:
'Senator, there Is ono thing which I do
not think you understand. I not only
ubo nil the brains I have, but all I can
borrow, aud I have borrowed a lot
sinco I read It to you first.'
Often Feels He's Masquerading.
"1 really feel sometimes as ir I were
mnsquerndlng when I catch a picture
or myBoir In some printed description.
"In between things that 1 have to do
as a public officer I never think or my
self as tho president of tho United
States, because I never have had any
His Father's Experiences.
The class had been exchanging pro
verbs. When the teacher began.
"Whero there's a will" Sammy In
terrupted eagerly. "Say, teacher, 1
Know dat Me f adder says It. 'Were
dor's a will dero's always a bunch or
poor relations. "
-When Love Is Young.
Bridegroom "Good-bye, darling. I
hate to leave you, but I simply must
run down and attend to the furnace."
senBO of being Identified with that
"I feel like n person nppolntcd for
a certain length of tlmo to administer
that office, and I feel JUBt as much out'
Bide of It at this moment as I did be
fore I wns elected to It. I feel Just as
much outBldo of It as I still feel out
side of tho government of tho United
"No man could Imagine himself tho
government of the United States; but
ho could understand that some part
of his fellow citizens had told him to
go und run a certain part of It tho best
hf know how.
"That would not mako him tho gov
ernment itself or tho thing itseir. It
would Just make him responsible for
running It the best ho know how.
Office So Great; Man So Small.
"Tho machine is so much greater
than himself, tho office is so much
greater than himself; tho offlco Is so
much greater than he can over be, and
tho most ho can do Is to look grave
enough and self-possesBed enough to
seem to fill It.
"I con hnrdly refrain every now and
again from tipping tho public the
wink, as much as to say, 'It 1b only
me that is Inside this thing. I know
thnt 1 will have to get out presently.
I know that then I will look Just my
own proper size, and that for the time
being tho proportions aro somewhat
refracted and misrepresented to tho
eyo by the largo thing I am Insldo of,
from which I am tipping you this
"For example, take matters of this
sort. I will not say whether it Is wIbo
or unwise; simple or grave, but cer
tain precedents havo been established
that In certain companies the presi
dent must leave tho room first and
people must give way to him. They
must not sit down if he is standing up.
Finds Customs Embarrassing.
"It Is a very uncomfortable thing to
havo to think of all tho other people
every time I got up and sit down, and"
all that sort of thing. So when I get
guests In my own houso and tho pub
He is shut out, I adjourn being pres
ident and take leave to be a gentle
man. If they draw back and Insist
upon my doing something first I firm
ly decline.
"There are blessed intervals when 1
forget by one meanB or another that
I am president of tho United States.
One means by which I forget is to get
a rattling good detective story, got
after some imaginary offender, and
chase him nil over preferably any
continent but this because tho vari
ous parts of this continent are becom
ing painfully suggestive to mo.
"The postoffices and many other
things which stir reminiscences have
'sicklied them o'er with a pale cast
of thought.' There are postofflceo to
which I wouldn't think of mailing a
letter, which I can't think ot without
trembling with tho knowledge of the
heartburnings of the struggle there
was In connection with getting some
body installed as postmaster.
Knows Little of Capital Sights.
"Nowylf 1 were free, I would come
not Infrequently up to these rooms.
You know I never was in Washington
but a very few hours until I came last
year and I never expect to seo the
inside of the public buildings in Wash
ington until my term Is over.
"Tho minute I turn up anywhere,
I am personally conducted to beat the
band. The curator, nnd tho assistant
curators, and every other blooming of
ficial turns up, and they show me so
much attention that 1 don't see the
building. 1 would have to say, 'Stand
aside nnd let me see what you are
showing me.'
"Some day, after I am through with
this office, I am going to come back
to Washington and see' it In the
meantime, I am In tho same category
as the National museum, tho monu
ment, the Smithsonian Institution, or
the Congressional library, and every
thing that comes down here has to
be shown tho president.
"If I only know an exhibition ap
pearance to assume apparently other
appearances that do not show what Is
going on inside I would like to have
It pointed out, so that I could practise
It before tho looking glass and see If
I could not look Uko tho monument
"Being regarded as a national ex
hiblt, It would bo much simpler than
being shaken hands with by the whole
United States.
Plain Citizen, His Ambition.
"It would bo a great pleasure if, un
served and unattended, I could bo
knocked around as I have been accus
tomed to bo knocked around all my
lire; if 1 could resort to any delightful
quarter, to any place in Washington
that I chose. I navo sometimes
thought of going to some costumcr
some theatrical costumer and buying
an assortment of beards, rouge, color
ing, and nil the known means of dis
guising myself, If It were not against
the law. You Bee, 1 havo a scruple
as president against breaking the law
and disguising one's self is against
the law.
"But U I could diBgulse myself and
not get caught I would go out, be a
free American citizen onco more, and
havo a Jolly time. 1 might then meet
Bomo or you gentlemen and actually
tell you what I really thought"
If Glasiea RtlrU
U two glasses aro wedged together
thoy can easily bo separated, says tho
Christian Science Monitor, by tapping
tho outer one around where thoy are
together with a third tumbler. This
nlBo applies to a glass stopper In a
glass bottle.
Old English Pack of Deerhounds.
founded In 1598, tho oldest pack of
deerhounds In England Is kenneled at
tho pfcturesquo old village or Dunster
Bomerset funster.
' -""

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