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The Last Shot
(Copyriuht. 1914. by Charles Saunter's Sons)
At their homo on the frontier between
fho !3rpwnn and Gray Marta dalland una
icr mother, entertaining Tolonol Wester.
InK of the Grays, km Captain Lnnstron,
tart Intelligence oincer of the Hrownn,
Injured by a fall In his aeroplane. Ten
Venn later WnsttfJInK. nominal vlco but
freal thief of Httiff. reinforces South I.a
fiTIr, meditate on war, and peculates on
the comparative iikps of hliiwlf and Mar
Jo, who In visiting In tho Or&y capital.
nVeatcrllnir calls on Marta. She tells him
kf her teaching children the follies of war
and martial patriotism, Imks him to pre
sent war while ho Is hlef of staff, and
predict that If he nukes war against the
(Browns ho will not win. On tho march
kith tho ttd of tho Browns Private Btran
ky, anarchist, derrloa war and played
out patriotism and Is placed under arrest.
Colonel tinnntroti overhearing, bogs him
pfr. Uin.itron call on Marta at her home,
fflo talks with Keller, the gardener. Marta
Itella Lanntron that she bollaves Keller to
Je r spy I.aiistron confesses It Is true.
1tinstron shows Marta a telaphono which
Feller has concealed In a secret passage
under the tower for use to benefit the
Browns In war emergencies. Lanstron de
clares his lovo for Marta, Weaterllng and
the Gray premier plan to use a trivial In
ternational affair to foment warlike pa
Jtlollsm In army and peoplo and strlko be
fore declaring war. Partow, Brown chief
of Htalf, and Lanstron, mudo vlco, discuss
the trnublo, and th Brown dofenaes. Par
low roveUUi his plans to Lanstron,
Now Dollarmo disponed his men In
pino buck or the rldgo of fresh earth
jthut they lmd dug la tho night, ready
!to rtmh to their placos when ho blew
the whlstla that hung from his neck,
but he did not allow them a glimpse
over tho creBt.
"I know that you are curious, but
powerful glasses aro watching for you
to show yourselves; and If a. battery
turned loose on us you'd understand,"
he explained.
Thus the hours woro on, and tho
church clock etrttck nine and ten.
"Never a movement down there!''
called tho sergeant from tho crest to
JDellarma. "Maybe this Is Just their
final bluff beforo they como to terms
about Bodlnpoo" -that stretch of Af
Hcan jubglo that seethed very far
away to them all.
"Let us hope sol" said Dollarmo
Choosing to go to town by the
castlo road rathor than down the ter
race to the mala pass road, Marta,
starting for tho regular Sunday ocr-
vlco of her school, as she emerged
from tho grounds, saw Follor, garden
shears In hand, a tlguro of stone
watching tho approach of soma flold
batteries. Tho quoHtlon of allowing
him to undertake his part as a spy
had drifted Into tho background of hor
mind under tho distressing and over-
Eirouont pressuro of the crisis. Ho wae
o remain until there was war. She
(was almost past him beforo ho real
ized hor presence, which, ho acknowl
edged by a startled movement and a
etop forward as ho took off his hat
Bho paused. His oyos wore glowing
lilto coulo under a blower as he'lopked
at her and again at the batteries,
teeming to Include hor with tho guns
i the Bpoll of his forvld abstraction.
"Frontier closed last ulght to pro
tent intelligence about our 'prepara
tions leaking out Lanny's plan all
allvo tho guna coming," ho said, his
shoulders stiffening, hla chin drawing
In, his features resolute and beaming
with tho ardor of youth In action
''troops moving hero and thoro to their
filaces engineers preparing tho de
ensea automatics at critical points
with tho Infantry Hold-wires laid
flold-tolophones set up tho wlreloBS
spitting the caissons full planes and
dirigibles ready search-lights In po
listened, spread and lncrcasod In vol
ume "Go on on to tho end of tho oath!
It will take only a moment," said
Marta resolutoly. "It isn't much, but
It's tho best wo can dot"
Thoro tho torrent of his broken sen
tences was chocked. A shadow passed
In front of him. Ho came out of his
trance of Imageries of actlvltlea, so
Vividly clear to his military mind, to
Ceallzu tbut Marta was abruptly leav
ag. "MIbb Galland!" ho callod Argently.
"Firing may commonco at any mln
Bt. You mtiflt not go Into town!"
"But I muHtl" sho declared, speak
ing over ker shoulder while sho
Easficd. It was clour that no warnlug
rould provall against hor detour.'., ,cd
"Then I shall go with you!" ho said,
iturting toward hor with a light step,
"It is not necessary, thank you!"
uo answered, mora coldly than sho
had over apokon to him. This had a
magically quick effect ou his atti
tude. "I beg your pardonl I forgot!" ho
explained In hla old man's voice, hla
bead sinking, his shoulders drooping
In tho humility of a servant who rec
ognizes that ho has been proporly re
buked for presumption. "Not n gun
ner any more I'm a spy!" ho thought,
as ho shuttled off without looking
toward tho butteries again, though tho
music of whoela aud hoots wao now
close by.
Marta had a gltmpeo of him as she
turned awny. "Ho is what ho Is bo
cause of the army; a victim of a cult,
E habit," Bho was thlnklug. "Had ho
oen In any other calling his fine qual
ities might havo boon of service to tho
world and ho would havo been happy,"
A company 'of Infantry rostlng
,- among .their ataukod rlllos changed
the color of tho square In tho dletunce
from the gray pavement to tho brown
of a mass of uniforms. In the mlddlo
of tho main Btroot a mnor of tho brl
gado staff, with a number of Junior
officers and orderlies, was ovldcntly
waiting on somo signal. Sentries woro
posted at regular intervals along tho
curb, Tho peoplo In tho houses and
Bhops from time to tlmo stopped pack
ing up their effecta long enough to go
to tho doors und look up and down
apprehensively, asking bootloss, ner
vous questions.
"Aro they coming yet?"
"Do you think they will como?"
"Aro you suro It's going to bo war7"
"Will they shell the town?"
"There'll bo tlmo enough f6r you
to get nwayl" shouted tho' major. "All
wo know Is what Is written In our In
structions, and wo shall act on them
when the thing starts. Then wo are
In command. Meanwhile, get ready!"
Then tho major becamo awaro of a
young woman who was going In tho
wrong direction. Hor cheeks wero
flushed from her rapid walk, her lips
wero parted, showing firm, whlto
teeth, and hor black eyes woro re
garding him In a blazo of satire or
amusement; an emotion, whatever It
was, that thoroughly centered his at
tention. "Mademolsello, I am Very sorry, but
unless you live In this direction," ho
snld very politely, "you may not go any
farther. Until wo havo other orders
or they attack every one Is supposed
to remain In Ills house or his place of
"This Is my place of business!"
Marta answered, for Bho was already
opposite a small, disused chapel which
was her schoolroom, where a half
dozen of tho faithful children were
gatherod around tho masculine Impor
tance of Jncky Worthor, ono of the
older boys.
"Then you aro Miss Galland!" said
tho major, enlightened. His smile had
an appreciation of tho Irony of her oc
cupation at that moment. "Your chil
dren aro very loyal. They would not
tell mo where thoy lived, bo wo had
to let them Btay thero."
"Those who havo homes," she said,
Identifying each ono of tho faithful
with a glance, "havo so many broth
ers and sisters that they will hardly
bo missed from tho flock. Others
havo no homes at loast not much of a
ono" hero hor temper rose again
"taxes being so high in order that you
may organize murder nnd tho destruc
tion of property."
"Now roally, Miss Galland," ho be
gan solicitously, "I have been assigned
to movo tho civil population in caso of
attack. Your children ought "
"Aftor Bchool! You havo your duty
this morning and I have mine!" Marta
Interrupted plensantly, and turned
toward tho chapel.
"Thoy aro putting sharpshooters In
tho church tower to get tho noro
planes, arid thoro are lots.ot-tho llttlo
guns that flro bullots sVfaat "you can!t
count 'om and little spring wagons
with dynamlto to blow things up
and " Jncky Worther ran on In a
series of vocal explosions as Marta
opened tho door to lot tho children
go In.
"Yet you came!" said Mnrta with a
hand caressingly on his shoulder.
"It looks pretty had for peace, but
wo camo," answered Jacky, round
eyed, In loyalty. "We'd como right
through . bullots 'causo wo said wo
would lr wo wasn't sick, and we wasn't
"My sovon disciples Bovon!" ex
claimed Marta as sho counted them.
"And you need not sit on tho regular
seats, but around me on tho platform.
It will bo more Intimate."
"That's grand!" como In chorus.
Thoy did not bother about chairs, but
seated themselves ou tho floor around
Martn's skirts.
Tho church clock boomed out Ub do-
liberate strokes through ten, tho hour
set for tho lesson, and all countod
them ono two throe. Mnrta was
thinking what a dismal llttlo effort
theirs was, and yet sho wns very hap
py, tremblingly nappy in ner abstrac
tion and excitement, that they had not
wnlted for her at the door of tho
chapol In vain.
Sho announced that there would bo
no tulk tide morning; they would only
say their oath. Repeating lu concort
tho plodgo to tho hoys nnd girls of
other lands, tho childish voices pecu
liarly swoet and harmonlouB In con
trast to- tho raucouB and unovon
sounds of foreboding from the street,
thoy camo In duo courso to ho words
of tho concession that tho oath mudo
to militancy:
"It an enemy tries to tako my
"Children I" Marta Interrupted
with a sonao of wondor and shock.
They paused and looked at her qucs
tlonlngly. "I had almost forgotten
that part!" sho breathed confuacdly.
"That'B tho part that makes all
wo'ro doing against tho Grays rlghtl"
put in Jacky Worthor promptly.
"An I wroto It for you! 'I shall ap
poal to his Bonso of Juatlco and reason
with him "
Jaws dropped nnd eyes bulgod, for
above tho sounds of tho stroet roso
from tho distance tho unmistakable
crackling of rifle flro which, as thoy
Tho Baptism of Fire.
All tho landscape In front of Fra
casBo's company Beemed to havo been
desortod; no moving figures were any
where in eight; no sign of tho enemy's
Faintly tho town clock was heard
striking the hour. From eight to nlno
and nine to ten Fracasso's men wait
ed; waited until the machine was
ready and Wosterllng should throw In
tho clutch; waited until tho troopB
wero In place for tho first movo before
he hurled his battalions forward.
Thoy did not know how tho captain at
their back received hl3 orders; thoy
only heard tho noto of tho whistle,
with a command familiar to a trained
InBtlnct on tho edgo of anticipation. It
released a spring In their nerve-centers.
They responded na tho wheels
respond when tho throttle Is opened.
Jumping to their feet they broke Into
a run, bodies bent, headd down, like
the peppered sllhouotto that faced
Westorllng's desk. What they had
dono repeatedly In drills and maneu
vers thoy were now doing in war, me
chanically as marionettes,
"Como on! Tho bullet Is not mado
that can get me! Como on!" cried tho
giant Eugeno Aronson.
Nearly all folt tho exhilaration of
movement in company. Then came
the sound that generations had drilled
for without hearing; tho sound that
eumtnons tho Imagination of man in
tho thought of how ho will feel and
act when ho hears It; the sound that
Is ovorywhero like the song snatches
of bees driven whizzing through tho
"That'B It! We're under Are! We're
under flro I" flashed a crooked light
ning recognition of tho sound through
overy brain.
Thoro was no sign of tho enemy;
no telling where the bullets came
Whlsh-whlsh! Th-lpp-whlng! Tho
rofraln gripped Peterkln's Imagination
with nn unseen hand. He seemed to
bo suffocating. He wanted to throw
hlmeclf down and hold his hands in
front of his head. While Pilzer and
Aronson were not thinking, only run
ning, Petorkln was thinking with the
rapidity of a man falling from a high
building. Ho was certain only that
ho was bound to strike ground.
"An Inch is as good as a mile!" He
recollected tho captain's teaching.
"Only ono of a thousand bullets fired
In war over kills a man" but ho was
certain that ho had heard a million
already. Ho looked around to And
that ho was still keeping up with Eu
geno ,nnd felt the thrill of tho bravery
of fellowship at sight of tho giant's
flushed, confident face reveling in tho
spirit of a charge. And then, Just
- ii iff r .
5i5S- v i I ' -
mFf w
r. j
fM ' '-. - f.
WisL0- y' v
g- fc
od men!" ho shouted at tho top of his
Tho colonel of tho 128th had not
lookod for lmmediato resistance. Ho
had told Fracasso's mon to occupy tho
knoll expeditiously. But by tho com
mon impulse of military trnlnlng, no
lesfl than In answer to the whistle's
call, In faco of tho withering flro they
dropped to earth at tho baBo of a
knoll, where Hugo throw hlmsolf
down nt full length in hla place In lino
next to Peterkin.
"Flro polntblank at tho creBt in
front of you! I saw a couple of men
standing up there!" called Fracasse.
"Flro fast! That's tho way to keep
down their flro polntblank, 1 tell you!
You'ro firing Into tho sky! I want to
gee moro dust kicked up. Fire fasti
We'll havo them out of thero soon!
They'ro only nn outpoBt.'
Hugo was firing vnguely, llko a man
in a dream. Pllzor was shooting to
kill. His eyo had tho steely gleam
of his riflo sight and tho liver patch
on his cheek was a deeper hue as ho
sought to avengo Eugeno's death.
Drowned by1 tho racket of their own
flro, not even Peterkin was hearing
tho whish-whish of tho bullets from
Dellarme's company now. He did not
know that tho blacksmith's son, who
wna the fourth man from him, lay with
his chin on his rifle stock and a tiny
trickle of blood from a hole in his
forehead running down tho bridge of
his nose.
Young Dellarme, new to his cap
tain's rank, watching the plain
through his glasses, saw tho move
ment of mounted officers to the rear
of tho 128th as a reason for summon
ing his men..
"Creep up! Don't show yoursolvcs!
Creep up carefully carefully!" ho
kept repeating as they crawled for
ward on their stomachs, "And no ono
is to flro until the command comes."
Hugging tho cover of the rldgo of
fresh earth which thoy had thrown up
tho previous night, they watched tho
white posts. Stransky, who had been
rumlnatlvely silent ail the morning,
was in his place, but ho was not look
ing at tho enemy. Cautiously, to avoid
a reprimand, he raised his head to en
able him to glance along the line. All
the faces seemed drawn and claylsh.
"Thoy don't want to flght! They'ro
Just hero because they're ordered hero
and haven't the character to defy au
thority," ho thought. "Tho leaven is
working! My tlmo Is coming!"
For Dellarme tho minute had como
when all his training was to bo put to
a test. The figures on tho other side of
tho whlto posts wero rising. He wub to
provo by tho way he directed a com
pany of Infantry In action whether or
not ho was worthy of hla captain's
rank. Ho smiled cheerily. In order
that ho might watch how each man
used his rifle, he drew back of tho line
his slim body erect as ho rested on
one knee, his head level with the
other heads while ho fingered his
whistle. The Instant that Eugeno
Aronson aprnng over the white post
a blast from tho whlstlo bdgan tho
It was a signal, too, for Stransky
to play the part he had planned; to
mako the speech of his life. His six
feet of stature shot to Us feet with
a Jack-in-the-box abruptness, under
Pilzer Was Shooting to
then, Eugeno convulsively threw up
his arms, dropped his rifle, and
whirled on hla heol. As ho wont down
his hand clutched at his loft breast
and camo away red and dripping.
After ono wild backward glance, Pe
terkin plunged ahead.
"Eugeno!" Hugo Mallln had stopped
and bent ovor Eugeno In tho supreme
Instinct of that terrible aocond, sup
porting hlB comrado's head.
"Tho bullet Is notmade " Eugene
whispered, tho ruling passion strong
to the luBt. A flicker of tho eyelids, a
gurgle In the throat, and ho wns dead,
"Hero, you aro not going to got out
thlB way!" Fracasso shouted, In tho
Irritation of hatUo, slapping Hugo with
his sword. "Go on! That's hospital
corps work."
Hugo had a gltmpso of tho captain's
rigid features and a last ono of Eu
gene's, white and etlll and yet as If
he wore about to speak his favorite
boast; then ho hurried on, hla aldo
glanco showing other prosorato forms.
Ono form a few yards away half roso
to call "Hospital!" and fell back,
struck mortally by a socond bullet.
"That's what you got If you forget
Instructions," said Fracasso with no
senso of brutality, only professional
oxaaporatlon. Keep down, you wound-
tho impulse of a mighty and reckless
passion. ,,
"Men, stop flring!" he howled thun
derously. "Stop firing on your broth
ers! Like you, they are only the
pawns of' tho ruling class', who keep
us all pawns in order that they may
havo champagne and caviare. Com
rades, I'll lead you! Comrades, we'll
tako a white flag and go down to meet
our comrades and we'll find that they
think aa wo dot I'll lead you!"
Tho appeal was drowned in tho
cracking of the rifles working as regu
larly na punchlng-machlnea in a fac
tory. Every soldier waB aeelng only
his sight and tho running figures un
der it. Mechanically and automatical
ly, training had been projected Into
action, anticipation Into realization, A
spectator might as well havo called to
a man In a hundred-yard dnsh to stop
running, to an oarsman In a race to
Jump out of his shell,
Tho company sergeant sprang for
Stransky with an oath. But Stransky
was In no mood to submit. He felled
the sergeant with a blow and, reck-
lossly defiant, stared at Dellarme,
while tho men, steadily flring. wero
still oblivious of tho scene. The ser
geant, stunned, rose to his knees and
reached for his rovolver. Dellarme,
bent ovor to keep his head below tho
crest, had already drawn his as ho
hastened toward them.
"Will you get down? Will you tnko
your place with your rifle?" demanded
Stransky laughed thunderously in
scorn. Ho was handsome, titanic, and
barbaric, with his huga shoulders
stretching hla blouse, which fell loose
ly around his narrow hips, while tho
list that had felled the sergeant was
still clenched.
"No'" said Stransky. "You won't
kill much If you kill mo and you'd kill
less It you shot yourself! God Al
mighty! Do you think I'm afraid? Me
His eyes In a bloodshot glare, as
uncompromising as those of a bull In
nn arena watching tho noxt movo of
the rod capo of the matador, regarded
Dollarmo, who hesitated In admiration
of the picture of human force beforo
him, But tho old sorgeant, smarting
under tho Insult of the blow, hla snnd
stono features mottled with red
patchos, had no compunctions of this
order. Ho was ready to act as execu
tioner. "If you don't want to shef. I can!
An example tho law! re's no
othor way of dealing with him! Give
tho word!" ho said to Dollarms.
Stransky laughed, now In strident
cynicism. Dellnrmo still hesitated,
recollecting Lanstron's romark. Ho
pictured Stransky in a last stand In u
redoubt, and ovqry soldier was as
precious to him as a plcco of gold to
a miser.
"Ono ought to be enough to kill mo
If you'ro going to do it to slow music,''
said Stransky. "You might ns well
kill mo as tho poor fools that your
poor fools nro trying to"
Another breath finished the speech;
a breath released from a ball that
seemed to havo como straight from
hell. The flro control officer of a regi
ment of Gray artillery on tho plain,
scanning the landscape for tho origin
of tho rifle-flro which was leaving
many fnllen in tho wako of tho charge
of the Gray infantry, had seen a flguro
on the knoll. "How kind! Thank
you!" his thought Bpoke faster than
words. No need of rangcflndlng!
Tho rango to every possible battery
or Infantry position around La Tlr
was already marked on hla map. Ho
passed the word to his guns.
Tho burst of their first shrapnel
shell blinded nil three actors in tho
sceno on the crest of tho knoll with
its enr-splltting crack and thb force of
its concussion threw Stransky down
bcBldo tho sergeant. Dellarme, as his
vision cleared, had Just time to see
Stransky'Jerk Ills hand up to his tem
ple, whore there was a red spot, be
foro another shell burst, a llttlo to
uio rear, ,'inis was Harmless, as a
shrapnel's shower of fragments and
bullets carry forward from the point
of explosion. But tho noxt burst In
front of tho line. Tho doctor's period
of Idleness was over. One map's riflo
Bhot up as his spine was broken by a
Jagged piece Of Bhrapnel Jacket. Now
there wero too many shells to watch
them individually.
"It's all right all right, men!" Del
larme called again, nsaumlng his
cheery smile. "It takes a lot of shrap
nel to kill anybody. Our batteries will
soon answer!"
Ills voice was unheard, yet Its spir
it was felt. The men knew through
their training that thero was no use
of dodging and that their best protec
tion was an accurate Are of their own.
Stransky had half risen, a now kind
of savagdry dawning on his features
aB ho regained his wits. With in
serted eyes ho regarded tho red enda
of his Angers, hold In line with tho
bridge of his nose. He felt of jtho
wound again, now that he was less
dizzy. It was only a scratch and he
hnd been knocked down like a beef in
an abattoir by an unseen enemy, on
whom he could not lay hands! Deaf
cningly, the shrapnel Jackets con
tinued to crack with "ukung-s-sh
ukung-s-sh" as tho swift breath of the
shrapnel missiles spread. The guns
of one battery of that Gray regiment
of artillery, each flring six 14-pound
Bhella a mlnuto methodically, every
shell loaded with nearly two hundred
projectiles, woro giving their undivid
ed attention to tho knoll.
How long could his company endure
this? Dollarmo might well ask. He
knew that ho would not be expected
to withdraw yet. With a senso of re
lief ho saw Fracasso's men drop for
cover at tho base of tho knoll and
then, expectation fulfilled, ho realized
that rifle-fire flow reinforced tho eno
my'a shell fire. His duty was to re
main while he could hold hla men,
and a feeling toward them such as he
had never felt before, which was love,
sprang full-fledged into his heart as he
saw how steadily they kept up their
Stransky eager In response to a
new passion, sprang forward Into
place and picked up his rifle.
"If you will not havo it my way,
tako it yours!" said tho best shot In
tho company, as ho began flring with
resolute coolness.
"They have a lot of men down," said
Dellarme, his glasses showing tho
many prostrate figures on tho wheat
stubble, "Steady! steady! Wo havo
plenty of batteries back in the hills.
Ono will bo In action soon."
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Stop having a bowel wash-day. Let
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Old Lady, Filled Up With "Car-
trldges," Was In Natural Fear
of an Explosion.
A robust old woman in tho moun
tains of north Georgia was ill for tho
first tlmo In her life and a doptor was
sent for. Partly by persuasion and
partly by force, tho physician induced
his patient to swallow somo big qui
nlno capsules a simple enough opera
tion, which, however, scared tho old
woman almost to death. She was
s$on able to sit up aud her daughter
thought she would glvo the conva
lescent a treat. S.ho took hor moth
er's corncon plpo from the "shelf" oi
mantel, filled It with tobacco, nnd
picking up a live coal between two
sticks, started wi?k it toward tho bed.
"Ma," Bho said, brightly, "Jea' look
what I got fer ye."
"Git away from inc. Sary," she
screamed in terror. "Tako away dat
flro! Take hit away! Don't yer know
I's done plum filled up wl' cartridges?"
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Man of Prominence Had Two, and
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I heard a prominent Cambridge man
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of his life yesterday, says a corre
spondent of tho Boston Journal. But
the tension In each caso was differ
"I doubt if I ever Bhall forget either
occasion." he said, reflectively. "They
wero big moments.
"Tho first was when I was In col
lege. I was captain of the baseball
team that year. We camo to the end
of the ninth. We needed one run to
tie the score nnd another to win tho
game. 'Two men down nnd two on
the sacks when I came to bat. And
for onco In my career I did 1L I
lined out a three-bagger, right ovor
tho railroad track. When I felt It go
well, that was ono occasion.
"And tho other." Ho chuckled, but
a slow flush crept over hla cheeks.
"It was thirty years ago. soon after I
left college I went over to aeo a girl
I thought waa pretty nice and to meet
her folks for the first time, I went
on a Sunday. All tho mon were away.
And they had duck for dinner." He
stopped. "Ever carve a duck?" ho
asked meaningly. "No, neither had I
before. Nor have I since." His blush
deepened. "I never even wont to see
that girl again," ho added plaintively.
Eattng meat regularly eventually
products kidney trouble in somo form
o other, says a well-known authority,
becauso the uric acid in meat excites
tho kidneys, they become overworked;
get sluggish; clog up and causo all
sorts of distress, particularly backache
and misery In tho kidney region; rheu
matic twinges, severe headaches, acid
Btomach, constipation, torpid liver,
sleeplessness, bladder and urinary ir
ritation, t
Tho moment your back hurts or kid
neys aren't acting right, or if bladdoi
bothers you, get about tour ounces ol
Jad Salts from any good pharmacy;
take a tablespoonful in a glass of
water before breakfast for a fow days
and your kidneys will then act fine.
This famous salts is mado from the
acid of grapes and lemon Juice, com
bined with llthla, and baa been used
for genoratlona o flush clogged kid
neya and stimulate .hem to normal
activity: also to neutralize tho acids in
tho urina so It no longer Irritates, thus
ending bladder disorders.
Jad SaltB cannot Injure anyone;
makes a delightful effervescent llthla
water drink which millions of men and
women take now and then to keep the
kidneys and urinary organs clean, thus
avoiding serious kidney disease. Adv
No Room for a Third.
Ex-President Taft was on one occa
slon in coneultatlon with Senator Pen
roao of Pennaylvnnla. Now, aa every
body knowa, Mr. Taft la gigantic and
the senator is taller and weighs more
than any other member of tho senate
While the two were In earnest con
versatlon an nggresslvo polltlotan en
deavored to enter tho room, but an
alert secretary politely Interfered.
"What aro they doing In thero?"
asked the politician, inquisitively.
This pertinent question nettled the
secretary and he answered tersely:
"Holding a mass meeting, I presume."
Should Tarry.
"Tho Cllmblys tell mo thoy aro go
ing to move Into a better neighbor
hood." "That's queer."
"Why so?"
"They haven't made good yet In the
neighborhood they're leaving."
Ono Viewpoint.
Hemmandbaw Kangaroo farming Is
a very Important Industry In Australia.
Mrs. Hemmandhaw Fancy hoeing
a kangaroo. Youagstown Telegram.
voim own dkdooist win. tklt. yoc
Try Marino Kja llmJy for lt1, Weak. Water
Kica ana Urariu ated Bjilld: No Huiartlne
fun KtS comfort. , Wrlto 'lor Hook of j ;o Ty,
IiT mail Kreo. Murine Wje ltcmety Co.. Culeunu
Usually the neighbors think tho sad
look on a married woman's faco la
duo to the actlona of her husband.
Every woman' pride, beautiful, clrar
white clothes. l)se Red Cross Ball Blue.
All grocer. Adv.
' Tho average hoarding house chicken
Is a great help to the dentist.
And behind the wnr clouds tho guar
are still booming.

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